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By W. E. B.

'Seeh ye out of the book of the Lord and read."вАФ Isaiah xxxiv: 18.

(Presentation Edition)


Chicago : New York : Toronto

Fleming H. Revell

London &nd Edinburgh

524 Lissner Building

The Bible House

Los Angeles,

r if



[y.}K AHO


1917 L4


nr^HE free distribution to Theological
students and Missionaries of this
presentation edition of ** Jesus is Coming'*
has been made possible by some of our
Lord's stewards, under a conscious appre-
ciation of the importance of the subject
and the potent signs of the times; and
tpith prayerful commendation of its care-
ful perusal.

An acknoTvledgment of its receipt, and
especiall]; of its being of any helpfulness
to the reader, sent to the following ad-
dress, will be appreciated.


524 Lissner Building,
Los Angeles.

Copyright 1908, Fleming H. Revell Company


Montrose, Penna.

The booh, "Jesus is Coming," by W. E. B., was the
first booK that made the coming of Jesus Christ & liv-
ing reality to me. I had already become convinced
that our Lord's coming would be before the millennium,
having reached that conclusion in studying the worKs
of the Danish theologian, Martensen, but it was merely
a theological conception until I read the booK "Jesus
is Coming." It was this that first brought me to definite con-
victions and made the doctrine not only clear, but very pre-
cious. It is one of the booKs that has had a decidedly form-
ative influence on my life and teaching. I always recommend
it to those who are beginning the study of the subject.
I hope that it may be as much blessed to others as it has
been to me.


Lvangelist and Hon. Supt. Moody Bible Institute.

Winona LaRe, Indiana.

A number of years ago I had placed in my hands the
little booR, "Jesus is Coming," by W. E. B. Prior to that time
I had no defined method of Bible study, and I confess with
shame that I had very little passion for Bible reading and for
the winning of souls.

This booR completely revolutionized my thinRing,gave
me a new conception of Christ and a new understanding of
what it meant to worR for Him. I most cordially commend
it to Christian worRers everywhere.


Evangelist and Corresponding Secretary

The General Assembly Committee on Evangelistic WorK.

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