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1869. , \


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The books described in the following Catalogue comprise a pri-
vate Library, tbe collection of wbicb bas been tbe amusement of the
owner, occupying mucb of bis time for several years past.

It will be noticed tbat tbe Library is almost wbolly composed of
*' Americana," scarcely any of tbe works bear a foreign imprint,
and most of tbose which do, relate to America.

A few specialties have claimed particular attention, in the forma-
tion of tbe Catalogue. Some of them have been grouped together,
while others have been widely scattered and are thus liable to escape
notice. Of the former, the most prominent are Local Histories,
works relating to Washington, Memorials of Lincoln, books on the
Rebellion, the works of the Mathers, American Trials, and books
relating to the Indians, Of the latter, Masonic Works, School
Books, books on Witchcraft and Spiritualism, and kindred subjects,
Execution Discourses, and works on Suicide, and Pre-existence, may
be particularly specified.

The departments of Revolutionary Pamphlets, of works relating
to paper money of the period of the Revolution, and works by the
early New England Divines, are all well represented.

Several rare imprints will be observed — including Benjamin
Franklin, Franklin and Hall, James Franklin, Widow Franklin,
and Christopher Sower.

In apology for the fact that many of the books are in boards, or
in sheets, I have to say that my preference has always been to use
the limited ineans at my command in the purchase of other books,
rather than in binding those already in possession.

The books are generally in good condition, unless otherwise stated ;

some imperfections of unimportant books may not have been noted,
and on the other hand no attempt has been made to describe par-
ticularly the condition of a great majority of the books, which are
in the finest possible order.

Collations are given of a few, and I have aimed to call attention
to all defects in valuable works.

Objections may, and no doubt will be made, to the use of the
words scarce and rare. I have to say, if the terms are offensively
prominent, it is the fault of the books, for which the compiler is not
answerable. The words are not used for the purpose of enhancing
the value of the books. No one is better aware than the writer that
rarity and value are not synonymous, and that simple rarity does
not necessarily make a book either valuable or desirable. In illus-
tration of this remark, it may be observed that numbers 465 and
1170 both deserve the epithet of rare, both being probably uniq.ue ;
but while I should estimate the former at its cost, say five cents, I
should not consider five hundred dollars as misspent in the purchase
of the latter, a work so rare that it has not been seen or known
since the days of Cotton Mather, — the copy here offered being
probably the very one to which he refers in his Life of Eliot.

Nowork has been received from any other collection for this sale.
The Catalogue is what it purports to be, that of a private collection
strictly ; further, it comprises the entire collection, with the sole
exception of presentation books, a few duplicates, and a few trifles
too unimportant to deserve a place.

It is, of course, quite unnecessary to call the attention of collec-
tors to the rarities contained in the 'Catalogue ; but a list will be
found on the third page of the cover, comprising a few of the more
prominent volumes of this description. A great number equally
rare and quito as important are necessarily omitted.

For the faults in the arrangement and style of the Catalogue, I
must plead my total inexperience in such matters. Desiring to class
certain specialties together, I have at times sacrificed somewhat of
system, and the fact that a number of books were entirely over-
looked till many pages of the Catalogue were printed, com-



' pelled me to deviate from proper rules of arrangement, and finally
to group numerous titles under " Addenda," as the only alternative
to their omission.

The arrangement of Local History, under the names of places, is
perhaps an innovation, but seems enough more convenient to war-
rant the change.

Had I lived in New York, where I could have submitted the man-
uscript to competent bibliographers, I should without doubt have
been spared the mortification of falling into numerous errors ; but
residing in a rural district, this advantage was denied me.

In conclusion, I would say I have done the best I could, and I
trust to the kindness of friends to excuse both redundancies and
omissions, feeling assured that the appeal will not be made in vain
to those who know the disadvantages under which the manuscript
has been prepared, those disadvantages being in part an almost to-
tal inability to write, on account of partial blindness, and a business
requiring attention so constantly, as to leave, for a work of this
kind, scarcely any time, except such as is taken from those hours of
night usually given to repose.


T A LO G U £.


\ ^^y' 1 Abbot (Abiel). History of Andover, from its settle-
^ menttol829. 12mo, doth. Andover, 1829.

2 Abbot (Eev. J. E.) Sermons, with a Memoir. By Henry-

Ware, Jr. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1829.

3 Abbott (Jacob). The Corner Stone. 12mo, doth.

Boston, 1834.

4 Abbott. The Way to do Good. 12mo, doth.

Boston, 1836.

5 Abbott (J. S. C.) The Young Astronomer. 12m.o, boards.

New York, 1846.

6 Abercrombie (John). The Harmony of Christian Faith

and Christian Character. 16mo, doth.

New York, 1839.

7 Abercrombie. Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Pow-

ers. 24mo, doth. New York, 1839.

8 Abercrombie. The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings.

ISmo, doth. New York, 1833.

9 Abrege Des Revolutions de L'Angien Gouvernement

Frangois, etc. 24mo, calf, gilt. Paris, 1800.

10 Abridgement (An) of Mr. Locke's Essay concerning Hu-

man Understanding. 12m.o, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1822.

11 AccoMPAJsriMENT (An) to Mitchell's Reference and Distance

Map of the United States. 8vo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, 1836.

12 Account of the Loss of the Lady Hobart Packet on an

Island of Ice in the Atlantic Ocean. Plate. 12mo.

London, s.a.

13 Account of the Wonderful Preservation of the Crew of

the Sloop Nelly and Betty. Plate. 12mo. pp. 36.

London, s.a.

14 Account (An) of the Funeral Honors bestowed on the

Remains of Capt. Lawrence and Lieut. Ludlow, with the
Eulogy pronounced at Salem, on the occasion, by Hon.
Joseph Story. An Account of the Engagement between
the Chesapeake and Shannon, with documents relative
to the same, and Biographical and Poetical Notices.
8vo, pp. 64, rough edges. Scarce. Boston, 1813.

15 Account of the Life and Writings of Thomas Sprat, D. D.

With a true copy of his Last Will and Testament. 8vo ,
pp. 14-12. ' London, 1715.

16 Account (An) of the Proceedings at the Dinner given

by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans connected
with the Great Exhibition at the London Coffee House,
Ludgate Hill, on the 27th October, 1851. 8vo, cloth, gilt
edges. London, William Pickering, mdcccli.

17 Account (An) of Knoepfel's Schoharie Cave, Schoharie

Co., N. Y. With the History of its Discovery, Subter-
ranean Lake, Minerals and Natural Curiosities. Illus-
trated with Engravings. 8vo, pp. 1 6. - New York, 1 853.

18 Account (An) of the Boston Female Asylum. 8vo, pp. 28.

Boston, 1803.

19 Account (An) of the Imprisonment and Sufferings of

Robert Fuller of Cambridge, who, while peaceably, and
quietly, and rationally, in possession of his own house,
was seized and detained in the M'Lean Asylum for the
Insane at Charlestown, Mass., for 65 days. 8vo, pp 30.

Boston, 1833.

20 Account (An) of the Great Earthquake in the Wes-

tern States, particularly on the Mississippi River, Dec.
16—23, 1811. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut. Scarce.

Newbury port, 1812.

21 Account (An) of the Life and Travels in the Work of

the Ministry of John Fothergill. To which are added.

Divers Epistles to Friends in Great Brittain and Amer-
ica. Small 8vo, sheep.

Pliiladelpliia, James Chattin, 1754.

Chattin's imprint is rare.

22 Account (An) of a Journey to Niagara, Montreal and

Quebec, in 1765, or "'Tis Eighty Years Since." 8vo,
pp. 20. New York, 1846.

23 Account (An) of the Manners of the German Inhabitants

of Pennsylvania. 8vo, pp. 90. s.l.s.a.

24 Account (An) of Abimelech Coody, and other celebrated,

Writers of New York, in a Letter from a Traveller to
his Friend in ;-^outh Carolina. Svo, pp. 16. s.l. [1815.]

25 Account (An) of all the Pictures exhibited in the British

Institution from 1813 to 1823, belonging to the No-
bility and Gentry of England. 12mo, cloth.

London, 1824.

26 Account (An) of some of the most celebrated Battles,

Sieges, and Sea-fights recorded in History. 24mo, sheep.

Watertown, 1839.

27 Account (An) of Louisiana. 8vo, pp. 50.

Philadelphia, 1803.

28 Account (An) of Denmark, as it was in the Year 1692.

Svo, calf. London, 1694.

29 Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia,

for the Sessions 1861-62-63-64. With Journal of
the General Convention, and Legislative Documents.
6 Vols. 8vo, half hound. 1861-64.

A scarce and valuable Series ; a history of Legislation in Virginia, during
the late War.

30 Act (An) for Regulating and Governing the Militia of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 8vo, pp. 84.

Boston, 1793.

31 Acts (The) of the Elders, commonly called the Book of

Abraham. To which is appended a chapter from the
Book of Religious Errors, with Notes of Explanation,
calculated for the Meridian of Rhode Island, but will


answer for the New England States. Written by him-
self. Engraving. 8vo, cloth. Published for the pur-
chaser. Boston, 1846.

32 Adams (Alex. LL. D.) The Rudiments of Latin and En-

glish Grammar, designed to facilitate the study of both
languages, by connecting them together. 1 2mo, scarce.

Boston, 1799.

33 Adams. Roman Antiquities. 8y o, sheej). New York, 1823.

34 Adams (Amos, A. M.) The Expediency and Utility of

War, in the present State of Things considered. A
Discourse before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery
Company, at Boston, June 4th, 1759, In the Audience
of His Excellency the Governor, His Honor the Lieu-
tenant-Governor, and the Honourable His Majesty's
Council of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. 8vo,
pp. 32, Boston, mdcclix.

35 Adams. ■ Sermon delivered at Roxbury, Oct. 25, 1759,

on the general Thanksgiving for the success of His
Majesty's Arms, " More particularly in the Reduction of
Quebec, the Capitol of Canada." 8vo, pp. 29. Scarce.

Boston, 1759.

36 Adams. A Sermon upon the Death of Mrs. Lucy Dudley,

relict of the late Honourable Paul Dudley, Esq., who
died Oct. 24, 1756, set. 72. Preached at Roxbury,
Oct. 31, 1756. 8vo, pp. 26. Scarce. Boston, 1756.

37 Adams. Sermon at the Ordination of Samuel Kingsbury

at Edgartown, on Martha's-Vineyard, Nov. 25, 1761.
8vo, pp. 43. Boston, New England, 1762.

38 Adams. Sermon at the Ordination of Mr, John Wyeth,

Gloucester, Feb. 5, 1766. 8vo, pp. 45.

Boston, New England, 1766.

39 Adams. The Only Hope and Refuge of Sinners. A Ser-

mon at Roxbury, Feb. 22, 1767. 8vo, pp. 32.

Boston, N. E., mdcclxvii.


40 Adams. Sermon at the Ordination of the Revd. Mr, Jona-

than Moore, Rochester. Sept. 25, 1760. 8vo, pp. 38.

Boston, New England, 1768.

41 Adams (Eliphalet M. A.) A Discourse showing that so

long as there is any prospect of a Sinful People's yield-
ing good Fruit hereafter, there is hope that they may
be Spared, and there is room for Intercession to be
made on that Account. As it was delivered at Hart-
ford, May 10, 1733, the day for the Election of the
Grovernor there. Small 8vo, pp. 79, rough edges. Scarce.

New London, F. Green, 1734.

42 Adams (F. C.) Manuel Pereira, or The Sovereign Rule of

South Carolina. With views of Southern Laws, Life
and Hospitality. 12 mo, pp. 304.

Washington, D. C. 1853.

\/ 43 Adams (Hannah). An Alphabetical Compendium of the

various Sects which have appeared in the World from

K j^ the beginning of the Christian Era, to the present day,

V- with an Appendix, containing a brief Account of the

different Schemes of Religion now embraced among

Mankind. 8vo, calf. Boston, mdcclxxxiv.

\/ 44 Adams. A Narrative of the Controversy between the Rev.

A).:^r-' Jedediah Morse, D.D., and the Author. 8vo, pp. 31-3.

Vo^ -42. unait. Boston, 1814.

45 Adams. Letters on the Gospels. 24mo, half morocco.

Cambridge, 1826.

46 Adams. History of New England. I'ivno, loards.

Boston, 1807.

47 Adams (John, LL. D.) A Defense of the Constitutions of

Government of the United States of America. 8vo, calj
gilt. London, mdcclzxxvii.

48 Adams (John Q.) Poems of Religion and Society. 12mo,

cloth. New York, 1850.

49 Adams The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe.

Parts. 12mo, sheep. Buffalo, 1850.


50 Adams. Oration at Newburyport, July 4th, 1837. Auto-

graph of the Author. 8vo,pp. 68, Newburyport, (1837.)

51 Adams. Report on "Weights and Measures, December,

1819. 8vo, boards. Washington,. 1821.

52 Adams (Joseph). Search the Scriptures. "Written in sup-

port of the Religion brought by our forefathers, the
Pilgrims, who landed in Plymouth, Mass., more than
two hundred years ago. 8vo, pp. 19.

City of Roxbury, 1846.

53 Adams (Nehemiah, D. D.) A Sabbath Discourse on the

Death of Hon. Rufus Choate. 16mo, cloth.

Boston, 1859.

54 Adams. Sermon to the Bowdoin Street Society, Boston,

on closing their House of Worship, 1862. 8vo,pp. 32.

Boston, 1862.

55 Addison (Joseph). The Evidences of the Christian Re-

ligion. 12mo, sheejj. Glasgow, mdccxlv.

Autograph of J. Warren.

56 Addison. Evidences of the Christian Religion. 12mo,

sheej). Boston, 1795.

57 Addington (Stephen). The Christian Minister's Reasons

for Baptizing Infants, and for Administering the Ordi-
nance by Sprinkling or Pouring of Water. 12mo, boards
uncut. . Boston, 1818.

58 Address (An) to the Inhabitants of the Province of the

Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, more especially To
the Inhabitants of Boston. Occasioned by the late II-
^\/ legal and Unwarrantable attack upon their Liberties,

and the unhappy Confusion and Disorders consequent
thereon. By a Lover of his Country. 4to, pp. 8-, uncut.
Boston, Printed and sold by Rogers & Fowle, in Queen

Street, (1747.)

Fine copy of a very rare pamphlet, relating to the proceedings of an
English Press Gang, in the Town of Boston.


59 Address (An) to a Provincial Bashaw. By a Son of Lib-

erty. 4to. Rare. Printed in (the Tyranic Administra-
tion of St. Francisco,) (Boston,) 1769.

By the Bashaw is meant Gov. Bernard.

60 Address (An) to the Judges on being called up for judge-

ment^ May 30, 1799. 12mo, pp. 34. uncut.

London, 1799.

61 Address (An) to the People of Great Britain on the Pro-

priety of Abstaining from West-India Sugar and Rum.
12mo, pp. 12, uncut. Scarce,

Boston, Samuel Hall, 1792.

62 Address (An) of the Convention for Framing a new Con-

stitution of Government for the State of Massachusetts
Bay to their Constituents. 8vo, pp. 1^, uncut. Rare.


63 Address and Reasons of Dissent of the Minority of the

Convention of the State of Pennsylvania. 12mo, pp. 126


64 Address of Memucan Hunt to the People of Texas, So

liciting the payment of his claims against the State
8vo, pp. 84. Galveston, 1851

65 Address of the General Committee of Republican Young

Men of the City and County of New York to their
constituents and to the Republican Young Men of the
State of New York. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1808.

66 Adet (P. A.) Notes from Citizen Adet, Minister Pleni-

potentiary of the French Republic near the United
States of America. To the Secretary of State of the
United States. 8vo, pp. 95. Philadelphia, 1796.

67 Admirable (The). Travels of Messieurs Thomas Jen-

kins and David Lowellin, Through the Unknown Tracts
of Africa, With the Manner how Lowellin lived eight
Years on an Uninhabited Spot, and having sustained
many dangerous Attacks from the wild Beasts and Sav-
ages, returned safe to London in September, 1791, af-
ter having been eleven Years in these extensive Regions.
Engraving. 8vo, pp. 40, uncut. London, 1792.


68 Advice to a Young Christian, By a Village Pastor. 24mo.

hoards, uncut. New York, 1831.

69 Adventures of Captain James Thompson in the Northern

Circars of India. Plate. 12mo. London, s.a.

70 Adventures (The) of Signor Gaudentio di Lucca, being

the substance of his Examination before the Fathers of
the Inquisition at Bologna in Italy, giving an account of
an Unknown Country in the Midst of the Deserts of
Africa. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. Baltimore, 1800.

71 Adventures (The) of the three Australian Travellers

(Capt. J. Reid and his companions Cooper and Parker),
In Search of the Marvelous ; giving a Graphic Account
of the Discovery, Capture and Semi- Civilization of the
Wild Australian Children, Homio and Jola. 8vo, pp. 15.

New York, 1864.

72 Adventures (The) of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, in England.

2 vols, in one 12mo, half calf. New York, 1828.

73 Adventures (The) of A. Salmon in the River Dee. By a

Friend of the Family. Plates. 12mo, pp. 104, uncut.
London, Wm. Pickering, 1853^

74 Adventures (The) of Uncle Sam in Search after his Lost

Honor. By Frederick Augustus Fidfaddy, Esq. 12mo,
hoards, uncut. Middletown, 1816.

xy 75 Adventures (The) of Ebenezer Fox in the Revolutionary
^li^ War. Illustrated by Elegant Engravings, 24mo, c/o^A.

^^ Boston, 1847.

76 Adventures (The) of Lucy Brewer, alias Louisa Baker,
Who after living three years a distinguished member of
an Immoral Society of her Sex in Boston, became dis-
gusted with the Sisterhood, and garbed as a Male, en.
tered as a Marine on board the Frigate Constitution,
where she faithfully served in that capacity during three
years of our late contest with Great Britain, and from
which she was honorably discharged without a discovery
of her sex being made. 8vo, pp. 30. Incomplete. Rare.

Boston, 1815.


77 Adventures of British Seamen in the Southern Ocean.

24mo, cloth, imcut. Edinburgh; 1827.

78 Affairs at Fort Chartres, 1768-1781. 4to, pp. 12.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

Edition 50 copies.

79 Affecting (An) History of the Captivity and Sufferings

of Mrs. Mary Yelnet, An Italian Lady, Who was Seven
Years a Slave in Tripoli. Written by Herself. 1 2mo,
hoards. Boston, s.a.

80 Affecting (The) Narrative and Surprising Adventures of

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Plate. 12mo, pp.
36. Edinburgh, s.a.

81 Affecting (The) History of Tom Bragwell, an Unhappy

Young Man, and The Cases of the Three Young Men
Who were executed at Edinburgh a few years ago,
12ino, pp. 200, uncut. Haddington, 1821.

82 Agassiz (Louis). Comparative Embryology. Numerous

Engravings. 8vo, pp. 104. Boston, 1849.

83 Aid to teland. Report of the Irish Relief Committee of

the City of New York. 8vo, pp. 186.

New York, 1848.

84 Aikin (J., M. D.) Letters to a Young Lady on a course

of English Poetry. Cap 8vo, hoards uncut.

London, 1807.

85 Aikin (C.R.) Jennerian Discovery, or a Concise View

of all the most Important Facts which have hitherto ap-
peared concerning the Yaccine or Cow Pock. 18mo,
sheep. Philadelphia, 1801.

86 Ainslie (Robert). Reasons for the Hope that is in us.

Post 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1831.

87 Akerman (John Y.) Tradesmen's Tokens Current in

London and its Yicinity, between the years 1648 and
1672, described from the Originals in the British Mu-
seum, and in several Private Collections. Plates. 8vo,
cloth. Published at 15s. London, 1849.


88 Alala oil les Habitans du Desert, Parodie D'Atala.'24mo,

calf. All Grand Village, An. ix. 1801.

89 Alabama (The) Historical Society. 8vo, pp. 54.

Tuscaloosa, 1852.

90 Albach (James R.) Annals of the West, embracing a

Concise Account of Principal Events which have oc-
curred in the Western States and Territories, from the
Discovery of the Mississippi Valley, to the year Eighteen
Hundred and Fifty-six. Thick 8vo, sheep.

Pittsburg, 1857.

9 1 Albach. Annals of the West. Embracing a concise Ac-

count of Principle Events, which have occurred in the
Western States and Territories. 8vo, sheep.

St. Louis, 1852.

92 Alciphron or the Minute Philosopher, Vol, H. 12mo,

calf. London, 1732.

93 Alcott (A. Bronson) Conversations with Children on

the Gospels. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1836.

94 Alcott (Wm. A.) The Young Woman's Guide. 24mo,

cloth. Boston, 1847.

95 Alcott. The Young Wife, -or Woman in the Marriage

Relation. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1849.

96 Alcott. The Young Husband, or Duties of Man in the

Marriage Relation. l%mo, cloth, Boston, 1851.

97 Alden (Ebenezer, M. D.) History of the Medical Pro-

fession in the County of Norfolk, Mass. 8vo, pp. 48.

Boston, 1853.

98 Alden (Timothy, A. M.) A Collection of American

Epitaphs and Liscriptions, With Occasional Notes. 5
vols., 24mo, sheep, gilt, uncut. Very scarce.

New York, 1813.

Not perfect.


99 Alden (Abner, A, M.) The Reader, containing the Art
of Delivery, Articulation, Accent,Pronunciation,Emphasis,
Pauses, Key or Pitch of the Voice and Tones. A Se-
lection of Lessons in the various kinds of Prose, and a
Selection of Lessons in the various kinds of Yerse, be-
ing the Third Part of a Columbian Exercise. 12mo,
half hound. Yery scarce. Boston, 1814.

100 Aldeeman Rodney. At the Cable Banquet. The

Aitin and Dhrinkin and Spaykin and Toasts, Edited by
D. O'C. T. Illustrated by Magroth. 8vo.

New York, 1867.

101 Aldrich (Thomas B.) The Course of True Love never

Did Run Smooth. 12mo, cloth. ' New York, 1858.

102 Alger (William R.) The Poetry of the East. Cap.

8vo, cloth. Boston, 1856.

103 Alger. History of the Cross of Christ. 16mo, cloth.

Boston, 1858.

104 Alison (Archibald). Sermons Chiefly on Particular Oc-

casions. 12mo, sheep. Georgetown Col., 1815.

105 Alison (Archibal(i, LL. B.) Sermons. Yol. 2, 12mo,

sheep. Boston, 1816.

106 Alleged Corrupt Combinations of Members of Con-

gress. 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1857.

107 Allen (Col. Ethan). A Narrative of his Captivity, con-

taining his Yoyages and Travels. 12mo, hoards, scarce.

Walpole, N. H., 1807.

108 Allen (George). The Life of Philidor, Musician and

Chess-Player. Tinted Paper. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, rough
edges. Large paper. Philadelphia, 1863.

109 Same. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Large Paper ; one of very few copies printed on Dutch laid paper.

110 Allen (Ira). The Natural and Political History of the

State of Yermont. 8vo, calf. London, 1798.

111 Allen (R. L., M. D.) Hand-Book of Sarotoga. Plates

12mo, pp. 147. Albany, J. Munsell, 1866.


112 Allen (William). Killing no Murder. Originally ap-

plied to Oliver Cromwell. A Discourse proving it
Lawful to Kill a Tyrant according to the Opinion of the
most Celebrated Ancient Authors. In same vol.. Les-
sons to a Young Prince. 8vo, half calf.

London, 1775, 1791.

113 Allex (William, D. D.) Memoir of John Codman, D.D.

Post 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1853.

114 Allen (William H., LL. D.) Eulogy on Daniel Web-

ster. Svo, pp. 51. Philadelphia, 1853.

115 Allibone (S. Austin). A Critical Dictionary of English

Literature and British and American Authors, Living
and Deceased from the Earliest Accounts to the Middle
of the Nineteenth Century. Vol. I. all published. Royal.
Svo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1858.

116 Allom (Thomas). Character and Costume in Turkey and

Italy. A Series of 22 Colored Plates. Folio, cloth.

London, s.a.

117 Almanach de la Noblesse du Royaume de France, 1848.

12mo uncut, pp. 440. Paris, 1848.

118 Altheo (Don Francisco B.) Naked Truth, Or a Plain

Discovery Of the Intrigues of Amorous Fops and
Humours of several other Whimsical Persons. In a
Pleasant and Profitable Dialogue between a precious
Saint-like Sister, called Terpole, and Mimologus, A Scof-
fing Buffoon. 8vo, sheep. London, 1673.

119 Alvord (Rev, J. W.) Historical Address in Stamford,
^jT^ Ct. 8vo, pp.40. New York, 1842.

120 American Almanac. 2 vols., 12mo, uncut.

Boston, 1856-60.

121 American Bards, A Satire. Svo, pp. 80.

Philadelphia, 1820.

122 American Book of Battles. Engravings, Svo, pp. 208.

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