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of closely written manuscript.

1417 Funeral Sermons and Eulogies (57). A selection cho-

sen from several hundred, on account of the age, dis-
tinction of the person, or some other circumstance of
unusual interest. A very choice lot, a large proportion
being of the last century, several as early as 1770.

1418 Gadsden (C. E.) A Discourse on the Occasion of the

Death of Bishop Dehon. 8vo, pp. 36.

Charleston, S. C, 1817.

1419 Gage (Thomas). The English- American, his Travil by

Sea and Land ; or, A New Survey of the West-Indies,
Containing a Journall of Three Thousand and Three
Hundred Miles within the Main Land of America, etc.,
etc.. With a Grammar or some few Rudiments of the
Indian Tongue, called Poconchi or Pocoman. Folio,
calf, antique. London, 1648.

Fine copy of the rare, first edition.

1420 Gallaudet (Rev. T. H.) The Child's Book on Repen-

tance. 24mo, boards. Hartford, 1834.

1421 Gallatin (Albert). The Oregon Question. 8vo, pp.

75. New York, 1846.

1422 Gan-Eden, or Pictures of Cuba. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1854.

1423 [Gannett (Ezra S.)] On the Demoniacs of the New

Testament. 12mo, pp. 50. Boston, 1832.

1424 Gannett. Discourse at Dedication of Church, Arling-
ton St., Boston, 1861. 8vo, pp. 83. Boston, 1862.


1425 Gannett. Pamphlets (12), Sermons, &c.

1426 Gannett. Sermons (5) by. 8vo. v.d.

1427 Garden (Alexander). Eulogy on Gen. Chas. C. Pinck-

ney, President General of the Cincinnati. 8vo, pp. 48,
half morocco. Charleston, 1825.

Presentation note from the author.

1428 Gardner (J.) On the Theatre. Contains Plan of the

Ancient Greek Theatre, and has inserted the Act of the
Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay, in
1750, to prevent stage plays, &c. 8vo, pp. 160.

Boston, 1792.

1429 Gassett (Helen M.) Categorical Account of the Fe-,

male Medical College, to the People of the New Eng-
land States, and five other Pamphlets relating to Female
Physicians. Six titles.

1430 Gaston (Wm.) Specimens of Cast Ornaments, on a

New Plan. 65 Engravings. 8vo. London, 1786.

1431 Gastrell (Francis). The Christian Institutes, or the

Sincere Word of God. 12mo, sheep.

New York, 1806.

1432 Gautier (Theophile). Wanderings in Spain, Numer-

ous Engravings. 12mo, cloth. London, 1853.

1433 Qavin (D. Antonio). A Master Key to Popery. By

D. Antonia Gavin, Born and educated in Spain, some
years Secular Priest in the Church of Rome. Contain-
ing a discovery of the most secret practices of the Rom-
ish Priests. 8vo, calf. Newport, R. L, 1773.

1434 Gay (Ebenezer). A beloved Disciple of Jesus Christ

characterized. In a Sermon Preached at the West
Church in Boston, July 27, A. M., 1766. The third
Lord's-Day from the Decease of Jonathan Mayhew, D.
D. 8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1766.

1435 Gat. Sermon Preached in the Afternoon of same day

as the above. 8vo, pp. 40-4. Boston, 1766.


1436 Gay. Thanksgiving Sermon, Hingham, Dec. 6, 1770.

8vo, pp. 23, uncut. Scarce. Boston, mcclxxi.

It will be noticed that this is a very early imprint.

1437 Gay. Well- Accomplished Soldiers a Glory to their

King, and Defence to their Country. 12mo, pp. 29.

Boston, T. Fleet, 1738.

1438 Gay. A Pillar of Salt, To Season a Corrupt Age. A

Sermon to bring Lot's Wife to Remembrance. 8vo, pp.
64. Boston, D. Henchman, 1728.

1439 Gay. The Old Man's Calendar. A Discourse delivered

in the first Parish of Hingham, on the Lord's-Day,
August 26, 1781, The Birth-Day of the Author. 8vo,
pp. 24. Scarce. Boston, mdcclxxxi.

1440 Gay, The Old Man's Calendar. A Discourse on,

August 26, 1781, The Birth-Day of the Author. 8vo,
pp. 36. Salem, 1822.

1441 Gay. The Alienation of Aifections from Ministers con-

sider'd and improv'd. Sermon in Boston, June 17,
1747. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, N. E., mdccxlvii.

1442 Gay. Sermon at the Ordination of Ebenezer Gay,

Junior, in Suffield, 1741. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut.

Boston, 1742.

1443 Gay. A Sermon before the Ministers of the Province

of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, at their An-
nual Convention in Boston, May 29, 1746. 8vo, pp. 33.

Boston, 1746.

1444 Gebel Teir. "Mountain of Birds." 12mo, boards, un-
, cut. Boston, 1829.

1445 General (A) History of Connecticut, From its First

Settlement under George Fenwick, to its Latest Period
p/^' a^-l of Amity with Great Britain, prior to the Eevolution,
* Including a Description of the Country, and Many Curi-
ous and Interesting Anecdotes. With an Appendix,
pointing out the cause of the Rebellion in America ; to-
gether with the Particular Part taken by the People of
Connecticut in its Promotion. By a Gentleman of the


Province. London, 1781. To which is added a Sup-
plement, Verifying many Important Statements made by
the Author. Illustrated with eight Engravings. 12mo,
calf. New Haven, 1829.

1446 General Instructions to the Consuls and Commercial
Agents of the United States. 8vo, pp. 238.

Washington, 1855.

1447 General Index to the Edinburgh Review, from the Fifty-
First to the Eightieth Vols. Inclusive. 2 Vols. 8vo.

London, 1850.

1448 Gentivm et Familiarum Romanarum s'temmata Richardo
Streimiio. Barone Schuuarzenauio auctore. Folio, old

Excvdebat Henricvs Stephanvs illustrisviri ^Hvldrici
Fvggeri typographus. Anno, mdlix.


1449 Abbot (Rev. Abiel). A Genealogical Register of the
^-''Descendants of George Abbot, and Five others. 8vo,

cloth. Boston, mdcccxlvil

1450 Adams (George). Genealogy of the Adams Family, of

Kingston, Mass. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1861.

1451 Adams ( Josiah). The Genealogy of the descendants of

Richard Haven, of Lynn, Mass., who Emigrated from
0j^^ England, about two hundred years ago. 8vo, pp. 54.
^ Boston, 1843.

1452 Adlard (George). The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and
[J ^^ the Dudleys of Massachusetts. Engravings. 8vo, cloth.

m/'^^^'^ New York, mdccclxii.

Edition limited to 200 copies.

1453 Barry (John S.) A Genealogical and Biographical
f Sketch, of the Name and Family of Stetson, from the



year 1634 to the year 1847. 8vo, pp. 116. Scarce.


Boston, 1847.
1454 Bergen (Teunis G.) Genealogy of the Van Brunt
Family, 1653-1867. 8 vo, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1867.



1455 BiNNEY (C. J. F.) The History and Genealogy, of the
JN''~^ Prentice or Prentiss Family, in New England, from

1631 to 1852. Port. 8vo, cloth Boston, 1852.

1456 Blake (Samuel). A Genealogical History of William
^ yi/y^ Blake, of Dorchester, and his Descendants, with an Ap-
f^ pendix, containing wills, &c, Syo, cloth. Boston, 1857.

1457 BouTELLE (John Alonzo). The Burke and Alvord Me-
-^^^v"^J - morial. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1864.

1458 BowDiTCH (N. I.) Suffolk Surnames. Not Published.
^JV^-^^ Svo, cloth. Boston, 1857.

Presentation copy, with Autograph of the Author.

1459 Bridg^ian (Thomas). The Pilgrims of Boston, and
Pjijx-^ their Descendants. Ports. 8vo, cloth.

New York, mdccclvi.

1460 Brief (A) Account of the Quincy Family of Boston,
^ - C^ Mass. 8vo, pp. 7. Boston, 1857.

1461, Brown (Orlando). Memoranda of the Preston Family.
;- Cap, 4to, pp. 26, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

Only 25 copies printed.

1462 Chapman (Rev. P. W.) The Chapman Family, or the

Descendants of Robert Chapman, one of the First Set-
tlers of Say-brook, Conn., with Genealogical Notes.
Ports. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, mdcccliv.

1463 COE (David. B.) Record of the Coe Family, 1596-

1856. 8vo, pp. 16. Scarce. New York, 1856.

1464 Coffin (Joshua). A List of some of the Descendants

of Mr. Edward Woodman, who settled at Newbury,
Mass., A. D. 1635. 12mo, pp. 16. Scarce.

Mineral Point, Wis., 1855.

1465 Cook (Moody D.) A Genealogical Address, giving a

brief History of the Parishioners and Founders of the
Federal Street Church, from 1745-6 to 1862, with the
Names of their Descendants. 8vo, pp. 35.

Newburyport, 1862.

1466 CooLEY (Rev. T. M.) Sketches of the churches and
\" Pastors in Hampden County, Mass. 12mo, cloth.

Westfield, 1854.

1467 CusHMAN (Henry Wyles). A Historical and Biograph-

ical Genealogy, of the Cushmans, the Descendants of

J[ qJ^ Eobert Cushman, the Puritan, from the year 1617 to

1855. Ports. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1855.

1468 Dane (Jolm). A Declaration of Remarlvable Provi-
>i dences in the course of my Life. By John Dane, of

'■-N.^Jr Ipswich, 1682, with a Pedigree of the Dane Family.
Svo, pp. 16. Boston, 1854.

1469 Deane (Wm. R.) A Biographical Sketch of Elkanah

_^i^ Watson. With a Brief Genealogy of the Watson Fam-

.,5^^ ily. Port. 8vo, pp. 16, u?icut.

^ ~ Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

1470 Descendants of Richard Gardner of Woburn, of the

name of Gardner. Svo, pp. 14. Rare.

Boston, printed for private circulation, mdccclviii.

1471 Drake (Samuel G.) A Memoir of the Rev. Cotton

Mather, D. D., with a Genealogy of the Family of Math-
er. 2 Ports. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1851.

1472 Dudley (Dean). The Dudley Genealogies, and Family
^yL (7A~'C^ Records. Engravings. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1848.

1473 Dunnel (Henry Gale). The True Genealogy of the

Dunnel and D win ell Family of New England, Royal,
Svo, pp. 84, unciit. New York, 1862.

1474 Durrie (Daniel S.) A Genealogical History of the
Wi^^ Holt Family, in the United States. Svo, cloth.

v"" Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

1475 Durrie. A Genealogical History of John and George
V Steele, (Settlers of Hartford, Conn.,) 1635-6, and their

.^/^-J^V' Descendants, with an Appendix. Royal Svo, cloth.
X^ Albany, J. Munsell, 1862.

1476 Endicott (C. M.) The Peabody Family. Svo, uncut.

(Boston,) 1848.


1477 Family Meeting of the Descendants of Charles Kellogg,

of Kelloggsville, N. Y., with some Genealogical Items
of the Kellogg Family. 8vo, pp. 8.


1478 Field (Rev. David D.) The Genealogy of the Brainard

Family, in the United States, with Nmnerous Sketches
of Individuals. Ports. Syo, doth. New York, 1857.

1479 Fiftieth Anniversary of a Marriage-day. Dedicated to

the Members and Friends of the Hardcastle Family.
12mo. Philadelphia, 1855.

For private circulation.

1480 FiSKE (Thaddeus). A Sermon, to which is Appended

the Family Record, with an Extract from his Diary.

/J 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1843.

^ 1481 Gale (Hon. George). Genealogy of the Gale Family.
8vo, pp. 9. [s.hs.a.]

1482 Genealogy of the Hayden Family. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut.


1483 Genealogy of a portion of the Pope Family. 8vo,

doth. Boston, 1862.

1484 Genealogy of the Stiles Family, ^vo, pp. 31, uncut.

Printed by Munsell.

1485 Genealogy of the Descendants of John Sill, who Set-

tled in Cambridge, Mass., in 1637. 12mo, doth.

Albany, Munsell, 1859. u

1486 Genealogies of Hadley Families, embracing the Early V^

Settlers of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Am- a^
herst and Granby. 8vo, pp. 168. Scarce. ^-

Northampton, 1862.

1487 Genealogical (A) and Biographical Account of the De-

scendants of Elder William Wentworth, one of the
First Settlers of Dover, N. H. 8vo, pp. 20.

Boston, 1850.

1488 Genealogical (A) Register of the Descendants in the
lM/Y~^M.a\e Line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., who



I died in the year 1648. Second Edition. Svo,ftdl mo-

'r^ rocco. Scarce. Northampton, 1848.

1489 Genealogical Sketch of the Bird Family, having its

origin in Hartford, Conn. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce.

Hartford, 1855.

Valuable manuscript corrections.

1490 GiLMAN (Arthur). Genealogy of the Gilman Family in

England and America. Cap 4to, pp. 24, uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

1491 Gladding (G. R.) Information respecting the Great

Ingraham Estate in the Kingdom of Great Britain.
12mo, cloth. Scarce. Providence, 1859.

Privately Printed,

1492 Goodwin (Nathaniel). The Foote Family, or the De-

scendants of Nathaniel Foote, one of the First Settlers
of Wethersheld, Conn. Ports. 8vo, cloth. Scarce.

Hartford, 1849.

1493 Goodwin. Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the
. Family History of some of the First Settlers, of Con-
]aQJ^^^ necticut and Massachusetts. 8vo, cloth.

Hartford, 1856.

1494 Hale (Mercy). A Genealogical Memoir of the Families

of Lawrences. With a direct male line from Sir Rob-
Jl/ ert Lawrence, of Lancashire, A. D. 1190, down to John
^r* Lawrence, of Watertown, A. D. 1636. With Notices

of Others of the same name in different States. 8vo,
pp. 20. Scarce. Boston, 1856.

1495 Harris (Luther M.) Robert Harris and his Descen-
dants, with Notices of the Morey and Metcalf Families.
8vo, pp. 56. Scarce. Boston, 1861.

1496 Herrick (Jedediah). A Genealogical Register of the
Name and Family of Herrick, from the Settlement of
Henerie Hericke in Salem, Mass. With a Concise No-
tice of their English Ancestry. 8vo, cloth, gilt. Very
scarce. Bangor, 1846.

^C/ 1497 HoYT (David W.) A Genealogical History of John





Hojt, of Salisbury, and David Hojt, of Deerfield, Mass.,
aud their Descendants. Ports. 8vo, pp. 144.

Boston, 1857.

1498 Hunter (Rev. Joseph). Collections concerning the
Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New-
England. 8vO; cloth, uncut.

London, J. Russell Smith, mdcccliv.

1499 Huntington (Rev. E. B.) A Genealogical Memoir of
the Huntington Family in this Country, embracing all

^-^the known Descendants of Simon and Margaret Hun-
tington. Ports. 8vo, cloth. Stamford, Ct., 1863.

1500 Jones (Horatio Gates). The Levering Family, or a
Genealogical Account of Wigard Levering and Gerhard
Levering, two of the Pioneer. Settlers of Roxborough
Township, Penn., and their Descendants. Ports. 8vo,
cloth. Philadelphia, 1858.

1501 Messinger (Hon. George W.) Genealogy of the Mes-
, ^Jij singer Family. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut.
'^"^ Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

1502 Montgomery (Thomas Harrison). A Genealogical His-

tory of the Family of Montgomery, including the Mont-
gomery Pedigree. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1863.

Printed for private circulation.

1503 Moody (Charles C. P.) Biographical Sketches of the
-Xj Moody Family, embracing Notices of ten Ministers and

I' several Laymen, from 1633 to 1842. 16mo, cloth.

Boston, 1847.

1504 Morse (Rev. Abner). A Genealogical Record of Sev-

eral Families bearing the name of Cutler, in the United
States. 8vo, pp. 80, uncut. Boston, 1867.

1505 Morse. A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of

several Ancient Puritans. 2 Vols. 8vo, hoards, un-
cut. Boston, 1859-61.

/M^1506 Otis (H. N.) The Otis Genealogy. 8vo, uncut.

[Boston], 1851.



1507 Park (John C.) Address at a Meeting of the Descen-
: . dants of Richard Haven, Aug. 29, 1844, being the Scc-

f^"* ond Centennial Anniversary of his Landing in New

^^■' England. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1844.

1508 Pedigree of the Odin Family. 8vo, uncut. Scarce.

[Boston], 1858.

1509 Peirce (Ebenezer W.) The Barnaby or Barneby Fam-

ily. 8vo. [s.l.s.a.]

1510 Pelletreau (Wm. Smith, Jr.) Register of the Pelle-

treau Family, from their arrival in this Country to the
present Time, collected from Authentic Sources. 12
mo, cloth. Very rare. Southampton, L. I.

1511 Phelps (Oliver S.) Genealogy of 0th niel Phelps. 8vo,

pp. 44. Scarce. ' St. Catherines, C. W., 1862.

1512 Portrait (A) of Father Nash, taken chiefly from the

Genealogy of the Nash Family. [s.l.s.a.]

1513 Rav^^son (Sullivan S.) Memoir of Edward Rawson, with
^ *jr^ Genealogical Notices of his Descendants. 8vo, pp. 146.

hv/^ Boston, Published by the Family, 1849.

1514 Record of the Family of Thos. Ewing, who emigrated

from Ireland to America in 1718. Edition of 150 cop-
ies printed for the use of the family connexions only.
8vo, pp. 38. With folding chart. Rare.
y) Press of James H. Bryson, 1858.

,.5i515 Reed (Jacob Whittemore). History of the Reed Fam-
"^^' ily in Europe and America. Ports. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1861.

1516 RocKwooD (E. L.) A Historical and Genealogical

• ' Record of the Descendants of Timothy Rockwood,

J nj"*
\r born in Medway, July 5, 1727. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1856.

1517 ScRANTON (Rev. Erastus). A Genealogical Register of
-the Descendants of John Scranton, of Guilford, Conn.,
who died in the year 1671. 8vo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1855,


1518 Sharpless (Joseph). Family Record, | containing the|

Settlement and Genealogy to the present Time | of the |
Sharpless Family, | in North America, | with an Appen-
dix, I containing Memorials of the Dying Sayings, &c., ] of
several deceased Members of the] Family, not before
published. I l2mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1816,

One of the earliest and rarest American Genealogies.

1519 Shattuck (Lemuel). Memorials of the Descendants of
J? (jJ^-^ William Shattuck, the Progenitor of the Families in

^ America. Ports. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1855.

1520 Sketch (A) of the Family of Dumaresq, to which are
_,v-/ added Reminiscences of James Dumaresq, and an Ap-

K^j(l' pendix of Documents. Folding pedigree. 8vo, pp.

23, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

1521 Steel (Rev. Ashbel). The Life and Times of William

Brewster. Illustrated with Five Steel, and Four other
Engravings. Svo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1857.

1522 Taintor (Charles H.) The Genealogy and History of

the Taintor Family. 24mo, pp. 82.

Greenfield, 1847.

1523 Thayer (Elisha). Genealogy of Fourteen Families of

the Early Settlers of New England, of the names of
5^. Alden, Adams, Arnold, Bass, Billings, Capen, Cope-
1 Qp land, French, Hobart, Jackson, Paine, Thayer, Wells

and White. And Genealogy of'Ephraim and Sarah
Thayer, with their Fourteen Children. Folding pedi-
gree. Svo, cloth. Rare. Hingham, 1835.


1524 Thornton (J. Wingate). Mementos of the Swett Fam-
ily. Syo, cloth, gilt. Roxbury, Privately Printed, 1851.

Edition, 100 copies. A rare genealogy.

1525 Upham (Albert G.) Notices of the Life of John Up-

ham, the First Inhabitant of New England who bore
that name, together with an Account of such of his De-
scendants, as were the Ancestors of Hon. Nathaniel
Upham. 12mo, half calf. Scarce. Concord, 1845.



1526 ViCKERs or Vickery Family, also Lombard Family.
8vo. pp. 5. [s.l.s.a.]

1527 YiNTON (John A.) The Vinton Memorial, comprising a
,^^ Genealogy of the Descendants of John Vinton, of Lynn,

1648. Ports. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1858.

1528 Walker (J. B. R.) Memorial of the Walkers, of the

Old Plymouth Colony, embracing Genealogical and Bio-
graphical Sketches. Ports. 8vo, cloth.

Northampton, 1861.

1529 Walworth (Reuben H.) Hyde Genealogy, or the De-
\.. scendants, in the female, as well as in the male lines,

^ Vft^ from William Hyde, of Norwich. 2 Vols. Ports.
''\ Thick 8vo, rough edges, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

1530 Ward (Andrew H.) Ward Family. Descendants of
} . 1- William Ward, who settled in Sudbury, Mass., in 1639.

' Ports. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1851.

1531 Ward. Family Register of the Inhabitants of the Town
V -.^.^''. of Shrewsbury, Mass., from its Settlement, in 1717, to

"^^^ 1829. Vovt. ^vo, half bound. Boston, 1847.

1532 Wetmore (James C.) The Wetmore Family of Amer-
Jv-j ica, and its Collateral Branches, with Genealogical,

-s,>j. Biographical and Historical Notices. Ports. 8vo,

half morocco, antique, gilt top, red edges.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1861.

. 1533 Whitmore ( Wm. H.) A Hand-book of American Gene-

, ■ alogy. Fcap 4to, interleaved. Half turkexj morocco,

gilt top. Albany, J. Munsell, 1862.

^^ Edition, 100 copies.

i 1534 Whitmore. The American Genealogist, being a Cata-
logue of Family Histories and Publications. 8vo, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1868.
1535 Whitmore. Notes on the Winthrop Family, and its
English connections, before the Emigration to New
England. 8vo, pp. 10, U7icut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.





1536 Whitmore. Memoranda relating to the Lane, Reyner,
and Whipple Families. Folding pedigree. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1857.

1537 Whitmore. A Brief G-enealogy of the descendants of
William Hutchinson and Thomas Oliver. Rubricated
title. 4to, tinted paper, sheets folded. Boston, 1865.

1538 Whitmore, Register of Families settled at the Town
of Medford, Mass. Illustrated. 8vo, half morocco.

Boston, 1855.

1539 Whitmore. Record" of the Descendants of Francis
'I ^ Whitmore, of Cambridge, Mass. 8vo, pp. 24.

Boston, 1855.

1540 Whitney (F. A.) Genealogical Notice of the Champ-
l/vo^yv-^— ^ nejiand Park Families. 8vo, pp. 36. Boston, 1855.

1541 Wight (Danforth Phipps). Tlie Wight Family.
Memoir of Thomas Wight, of Dedham, Mass., with
Genealogical Notices of his Descendants, from 1637 to
1840. Umo, cloth. Boston, 1848.

1542 Will of Herbert Pelham, Esq., 1672. 8vo, pp. 3.

^■'^- [s.l.s.a.]

1543 Williams (S. W.) The Genealogy and History of the
Family of Williams in America, more particularly of
the descendants of Robert Williams, of Roxbury.
Ports. 12mo, cloth. Greenfield, 1847.

1544 Willis (William). Genealogy of the McKinstry Fam-
ily. 8vo, pp. 28. First Edition. Boston, 1858.

1545 Willis. The same work. Second edition, corrected
and enlarged. 8vo, pp. 46. Portland, 1866.

1546 Woodman (J. H.) A List of the Descendants of Mr.
Joshua Woodman, who settled at Kingston, N. H.,
aboqt 1736. 8vo, pp. 54. Scarce.

Brunswick, Me., 1856.

1547 Wyman (T. B. Jr.) Genealogy of the Name and Fam-
^,j£^ily of Hunt, early established in America from Europe,

^ exhibiting Pedigrees of Ten Thousand Persons. 4to,
cloth. Boston, 1862.



1548 Gerard (Alex.) Sermons. 2 Vols. 8vo, calf^ gilt.

London, mdcclxxx.

1549 German Dramas from Schiller and Goethe for the Use

of Persons learning the German Language. 12mo,
sheep. Boston, 1833.

1550 Gesner (Abraham). Remarks on the Geology and Min-

eralogy of Nova Scotia. 8vo, cloth. Scarce.

Halifax, N. S., 1836.

1551 Gessner ( ). La Mort D' Abel. 16mo, calf, red

edges. Paris, 1775.

1552 Ghost Stories, With Illustrations, by Darley. 12mo, pp.

192. Philadelphia, 1854.

1553 GiBBS (George). Memoirs of the Admini^strations of

Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers
of Oliver Wolcott. 2 Vols. Ports. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

New York, 1846.

1554 GiBBS (Josiah W.) A Manual Hebrew and English

Lexicon, including the Biblical Chaldee. 8vo, boards.

New Haven, 1832.

1555 GiDDiNGS (Joshua R.) The Exiles of Florida, or The

Crimes commited by our Government against the Ma-
roons. Plates, 8vo, cloth. Columbus, Ohio, 1858.

1556 GiHON (John H.) Governor Geary's Administration in

Kanzas, with a complete History of the Territory, until
July, 1857. l2mo, hoards. Philadelphia, 1857.

1557 Gii.BART (James W.) The History of Banking in

America, 8vo, hoards. London, mdcccxxxvii.

1558 Giles (Chas.) A Scriptural Discouse on Noise, being

a Plain Vindication of Sonorous Adoration. 12mo, pp.
36. Barnard, Vt., 1814.

An elaborate argument proving conclusively that true religion consists
in talking loudly through the nose.

1559 Gilliam (Albert M.) Travels in Mexico, including a
Description of California, The Oregon Territory, &c.
12mo, clotlt. Aberdeen, mdcccxlvii.


1560 GiLLis (J. M.) The U. S. Naval Astronomical Expedi-

tion to the Southern Hemisphere during the years 1 849
-50-51-52. Numerous fine Illustrations. 2 Yols. 4to,
half calf . Washington, 1855.

1561 GiLMAN (Caroline). Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, during T

the Invasion and possession of Charleston, S. C, by
the British, in the Revolutionary War. 12mo, doth.

New York, 1839.

1562 GiLMAN (Daniel C.) A Historical Discourse in Norwich

Conn., Sept. 7, 1859. • 8vo,pp. 128. Boston, 1859.

1563 GiRAUD (J. P., Jr.) The Birds of Long Island. 8vo,

cloth. Scarce. New York, 1844.

1564 GiRARD (Charles). Life in its Physical Aspects. 8vo,

pp. 29. Washington, 1855.

1565 GiRARD. Bibliography of American Natural History.

8vo, pp. 66. Washington, 1852.

1566 GiRARD (John Baptist). Defense against the Accusation

of Mary Catherine Cadiere. Parts I and II. 2 Pam-
phlets. London, 1731-32.

1567 GiRONiERE (Paul P.) Twenty Years in the Philippines. -

Engravings. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1854.

1568 GiSBORNE (Thomas). An Enquiry into the Duties of

the Female Sex. 12mo, sAeep. Philadelphia, 1798.

1569 Glass (Francis). A Life of George Washington, in

Latin Prose. Port. 12mo, c/o^A. New York, 1836.

1570 Gleaner (The), containing a Serious exhortation to

learn to Whistle. 8vo, uncut. London.

1571 Glenny (George). Gardening for Cottagers. 12mo,

pp. 36. London, 1849.

1572 Gliddon( George). Ancient Egypt, a Series of Chapters on

Early Egyptian History, Archaelogy, and other Subjects
connected with Hieroglyphical Literature. Large 8vo,
pp.72.. New York, 1847.


1573 GrLORious (The) and Inglorious Career of Jeff Davia,

in Five "Expressive Tableaux,

1574 Glossary of Supposed Americanisms, by Alfred L. El-

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