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1909 House (The) that Jonathan Built, or Old Political

Primer for 1832. With Twelve Cuts. 8vo, pp. 16,
uncut. Rare. Philadelphia, 1832.

1910 How I managed my House on One Thousand Dollars a

year. 12mo, pp. 95. Boston, 1866.

1911 How to get Money, or Eleven Ways of Making a For-

tune. 24mo, pp. 52. Boston, 1850.

1912 Howard (Simeon). A Sermon Preached May 6, 1767,

at the Ordination of. By Charles Chauncy. 8vo, pp.
55. Boston, 1767.

1913 Howard. Sermon, Dec. 28, 1778, before the Free Ma-

sons. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1779.

1914 Howard. Christians no Cause to be Ashamed of their

Religion. 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, 1779.

1915 Howard (H. R.) The History of Yirgil A.. Stewart,

and his Adventure in Capturing and Exposing the
Great Western Land Pirate and his Gang, in connec-
tion with the Evidence. Also of the Trials, Confes-
sions and Execution of a number of Murrell's Associ-
ates, in the State of Mississippi, during the summer of
1835, and the Execution of Five Professional Gamblers
by the Citizens of Yicksburg, on the 6th of July, 1835.
12mo, half hound. Scarce. New York, 1836.

1916 Howe (Henry). Historical Collections of Yirginia.

Its History and Antiquities. Illustrated by over 100
Engravings, ^yo, sheep. Charleston, S. C, 1856.


1917 Howe. Historical Collections of the Great West. Il-

lustrated with Numerous Engravings. 8vo, morocco.

Cincinnati, IS 54.

1918 Howe (Rev. Nathaniel). A Century Sermon, delivered

in Hopkinton on Lord's Day, Dec. 24, 1815. 8vo, pp.
31. Andover, 1816.

1919 Howe. Century Sermon delivered in Hopkinton, Dec.

24, 1S15. 8vo, pp. 31. Andover, 1817.

Presentation copy from the Author.

1920 Howe. Century Sermon delivered in Hopkinton, Dec.

24, 1815. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1825.

1921 Howe. The Celebrated Century Sermon of. With

Memoir of his Life. 8vo, pp. &6. Boston, 1851.

1922 HowiTT (Wm.) The Book of the Seasons, or the Cal-

endar of Nature. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1831.

1923 HoYT (E.) Antiquarian Researches, comprising a His-

tory of the Indian Wars, in the country bordering Con-
necticut River and parts adjacent, and other interesting
Events, from the First Landing of the Pilgrims, to the
Conquest of Canada by the English, 1700, with notices
of Indian Depredations in the Neighboring Country,
and of the First Planting and Progress of Settlements
in New England, New York and Canada. Plate. 8vo,
tree calf,hj Reviere. Greenfield, Mass., 1824.

1924 Hubbard (Rev. William). A General History of New

England, from the Discovery to mdclxxx. 8vo, sheep.

Cambridge, 1815.

1925 Hubbard. A | Narrative | of the Troubles with the] In-

dians I in New England, from the first planting thereof
in the I year 1607, to this present year 1677. But
chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years, 1 675
and 1676. 1 To which is added a Discourse about the
Warre with the | Pequods, | In the year 1 637. | By W. Hub-
bard, Minister of Ipswich. | Published by Authority.
To which is added, A | Narrative j of the | Troubles | With
the Indians in I New England, I from Piscataqua to Pern-



maquid-l Map supplied in Fac-simile. 4to, turhey mo-
rocco, very scarce.

Boston, Printed by John Foster, in the year 1677.

1926 HuBBAED. The History of the Indian Wars in New En-

gland, from the First Settlement, to the Termination of
the War with King Philip, in 1677. With Extensive
Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. 2 Vols. Small 4to,

half green turkey morocco, gilt, gilt top.

Roxbury, 1865.

This copy is unique, being printed ou very thin paper.

1927 Hue ( ). A Journey through the Chinese Empire.

Maps. 2 Vols. l2mo, cloth. New York, 1855.

1928 Hue. Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, during

the Years 1844-5-6. Engravings. 2 Yols. 12mo,
cloth. London, s.a.

1929 Hudson (Chas). A Series of Letters addressed to Rev.

Hosea Ballon, of Boston, being a Vindication of the
Doctrine of a Future Retribution. 12mo, sheep.

Woodstock, Vi, 1827.

1930 Hudson. Doubts concerning the Battle of Bunker Hill.

16mo, cloth. Boston, MoeeeLVii.

1931 Hughes (John T.) California, its History, Population,

Climate, Soil, Productions and Harbors. An account
of the Revolution in California, and Conquest of the
Country by the United States. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Cincinnati, 1850.

1932 Hughes (Margaret S.) Narrative of , the Loss of the

Ship Poland. 24mo, pp. 34. Baltimore, 1845.

1933 Hugo (Herm.) Pia Desideria, or Divine Addresses, in

Three Books. Illustrated with xlvii. Copper-Plates.
Small 8vo, calf. London, mdcxc.

1934 HuiSH (Robert). The Travels of Richard and John

Lander, into the Interior of Africa. Plates. 8vo, calf,
gilt. London, 1836.


1935 Humane Industry, or a History of most Manual Arts,

Deducing the Original Progress and Improvement of
them. Furnished with variety of Instances and Exam-
ples, showing forth the excellency of Humane Wit. 8vo,
. half calf. Scarce. London, 1661.

1936 Humble (An) Address to every Christian, of every Na-

tion and Denomination of People under Heaven, show-
ing an Effectual Means to Prevent Wars among all Na-
tions of the Earth, and to maintain an Everlasting
Union in Families, Societies, Churches, Towns, States,
and in all the Kingdoms of this Lower World. Last
leaf imperfect. 8vo, pp. 68.

Newark, N. J., mdccxciii.

1937 Humbug, a Look at some Popular Impositions. 12mo,

pp. 96. New York, 1860.

1938 Hume (David). The History of England, from the In-

vasion of Julius Caesar to the Abduction of James the
Second, 1688. Port. 6 Vols. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1849.

1939 Humphreys (David). Letters from the Hon. David

Humphreys, F. R. S., to the Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks,
President of the Royal Society, London, containing some
Account of the Serpent of the Ocean, frequently seen in
Gloucester Bay. 12mo, pp. ^^j half morocco.

New York, 1817.

1940 Humpheeys. An Historical Account of the Incorpora-

ted Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in For-
eign Parts, containing their Foundation, Proceedings,
etc., to 1728. 8vo, calf. Scarce. London, mdccxxx.

1941 Humphreys (Col. David). An Essay on the Life of the

Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam, Addressed to the
State Society of the Cincinnati, in Connecticut. 12mo,
calf. Middletown, mdccxciv.

1942 Humphreys. Life of Israel Putnam. With an Appen-

dix containing an Historical and Topographical Sketch


of Bunker Hill Battle. By S. Swett. Port. 12mo,
sheep. Boston, 1818.

1943 Humphreys. A Valedictory Discourse before the Cin-

cinnati, Hartford, July 4th, 1804. 8vo, pp. ^0,imcut.

Boston, 1804.

1944 Humphreys. The Miscellaneous Works of. Port. 8vo,

boards, uncut. NewYork, 1804.

Contains a Poetical Eulogy on Washington in 860 lines.

1945 Humphrey (Heman). Miscellaneous Discourses and

Reviews. 12mo, boards, Amherst, 1834.

1946 Humphreys (H. Noel). The Coin Collector's Manual,

or Guide to the Numismatic Student, in the Formation
of a Cabinet of Coins. 2 Vols. 150 Illustrations.
Post 8vo, c/o^/i. London, 1853.

1947 Humphries (John). Mystery of Babylon, or the Whore

of Rome Intruding her Popish Doctrines and Anti-
Christian Poison, Wrapped up in Catholic and Cathar-
tic Pills, composed by the Romish Doctors' Bills, and
Hands of his Romish Holinesses' Apothecaries in Eng-
land, and wrapped up in Sugar, to beguile the weaker
Conforming and Dissenting Protestants. 16mo, calf..
Scarce. London, 1681.

1948 Hunt (Charles H.) Life of Edward Livingston. With

an Introduction by George Bancroft. Port. Royal 8vo,

cloth, uncut.

Large paper. Edition, 50 copies.

■y4 1949 Hunt (T. D.) The Sandwich Islands. 24mo, cloth.

f San Francisco, 1853.

1950 Hunt (Wm.) American Biographical Panorama. Ports.

8vo, half hound. Albany, J. Munsell, 1819.

The portraits are not only original engravings, but original designs.

1951 Huntt (Henry). A Visit to the Red Sulphur Spring of

Virginia. Engraving. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1839.

1952 Huntington (Enoch). The Happy Effects of Union,
-and the Fatal Tendency of Divisions. Shown in a Ser-



mon Preached before the Freemen of the Town of Mid-
dletown, at their Annual Meeting, April 8, 1776, 8vo,
pp.28. Scarce. Hartford, mdcclxxvi.

1953 Huntington (Prof F. D.) Two Hundredth Anniversa-

ry of the Settlement of Hadlej, Mass. 8vo, pp. 98.

Northampton, 1859.

1954 Hutchinson (Francis). An Historical Essay concerning

Witchcraft, with Observations upon Matters of Fact,
Tending to clear the Texts of the Sacred Scriptures,
and Confute the Vulgar Errors about that Point ; and
also, Two Sermons, one, in Proof of the Christian Relig-
ion, the other, concerning Good and Evil Angels. 8vo,
calf^ gilt. ^ London, 1720.

1955 Hutchinson (Thomas). The History of the Colony of
\^^ Massachusetts-Bay, from the First Settlement thereof, in

^ \^ i^ 1628, until its Incorporation with the Colony of Pli-
mouth; Province of Main, &c, in 1691. 8vo, calf.

Boston, New England, mdcclxiv.

1956 Hutchinson. A Collection of Original Papers, Relative
y^ JL^ to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay.

V 8vo, caZ/ Rare. Boston, N. E., 1769.

1957 Hyde (Nancy Maria). The Writings of With a

Sketch of her Life. 12mo, boards, uncut. Scarce.

Norwich, 1816.

1958 Hymns and Spiritual Songs, for the Use of Christians,

including a number never before published. 32mo,
sheep. Scarce. Lexington, Ky., 1803.

1959 Hymns for Public Worship. 16mo, sheep.

Boston, 1845.

1960 Hymns for Christian Worship. 12mo, morocco.

Boston, 1830.

1981 Hymns for the Sanctuary. 12mo, morocco. Boston, 1849.

1962 Hymns for the Circle. 24mo, pp. 48. Portland, 1835.

1963 Hymns for Social and Private Worship. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1827.


1964 Hymns for Children and Yoimg Persons, collected by a

Committee of the Warren Street Chapel. 16mo, sheep.

Boston, 1854.

1965 Hymns for the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
U. S. A. 12mo, half morocco. New York, 1829.

1966 Hymns for the Unitarian Church in Washington. 24mo,

hoards. Washington, 1821.

1967 Idea Principis Christiano Politici. 101 Symbolis ex-

pressa, A Didaco Saavedra Faxardo Equite, &c. 12mo,


Amstelodami Apud Joannem Jacobi Fil

Schipper, 1659.

1968 Illinois in 1837. Suggestions to Emigrants, Sketches

of the Counties, Cities, and Principal Towns in the
State, together with a Letter on the Cultivation of the
Prairies. To which are Annexed the Letters from a
Rambler in the West. Svo, boards. Philadelphia, 1837.

1969 Illinois in 1837. Map. 8vo, hoards.

Philadelphia, 1837.

1970 Illustrated (An) History of the Hat, from the Earliest

Ages to the Present Time. By J. N. Genin. 12mo,
pp. 58. New York, 1848.

1971 Imlay (Gilbert). A Topographical Description of the

Western Territory of North America. Maps. 8vo,
boards^ uncut. Scarce. London, 1797.

1972 Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United

States, through Foreign Immigration. 8vo, pp. 32.

New York, 1835.

1973 Impartial (An) Statement of the Controversy Respect-

ing the Decision of the late Committee of Canvassers.
8vo, pp. 46. New York, mdccxcil

1974 Impaetial (An) History of the late Revolution in France,

from its Commencement to the Death of the Queen, and
the Execution of the Deputies of the Gironde Party.
8vo, sheep. Boston, 1794.


1975 Imperial (The) Epistle, and the Shade of Alexander

Pope. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1800.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.

1976 Importance (The) and Advantages of Cape Breton, tru-

ly Stated and Impartially Considered. With Proper
Maps. 8vo, pp. 156. London, 1746.

Relates to the Expedition under Gov. Shirley.

1977 Impressiones de un Viage de Merico k Washington en

Octubre y Noviembre de 1 848, por D Luis de La Rosa.
8vo, pp. 54. New York, 1849.

1978 Improvement of Prison Discipline. 8vo, pp. 412, ?<W62//.

London, 1827.

1979 Incorporation, By-Laws, and List of Members of the

Bunker Hill Monument Association. 8vo, pp. 56.

Boston, 1830,

1980 Independent (The) Whig. Vols. II. and III. 12mo.

calf. London, 1743.

1981 Index Biblicus, or the Historical Books of the Holy

Scripture Abridged, with each Book, Chapter and Sum
of diverse matter Distinguished, and a Chronology to
every eminent Epocha of Time Superadded. 8vo, sheep.

London, 1668.

Autograph of T. M. Harris.

1982 Index to the Original and Inserted Illustrations con-

tained in " The Complete Angler." (Walton and Cot-
ton). Pickering, Publisher. Five Volumes, with 1,026
Illustrations, comprising Portraits, Views, Zoological
Plates, Original Drawings, Oil Paintings, Pen and Ink
Sketches, Colored Engravings, &c., &c. Rare, Original
and Unique. 4to, half turkey morocco.

New York, Privately Printed, 1866.

50 copies printed for private distribution. This is one of the extra



1983 Account (An) of the Proceedings of the Illmois and
Ouabache Land Companies, In pursuance of their pur-
chases made of the Independent Natives, July 5th, 1773,
and 18th Oct., 1775. 8vo, hoards. Rare.

Philadelphia, 1796.

1984 Address (An) delivered in Boston, Feb. 26th, 1861, by
Ke-wa-ze-zhig, a son of the Chief of the Chippeways,
With a Report of the Proceedings of the Convention,
aud a Poem by a Friend. 12mo, pp. 27.

Boston, 1861.

1985 Alcott (William a.) Eliot and the Indians. 24mo,
^/ cloth. Boston, 1839.

1986 Allen (Rev. L. L.) A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of
the Distinguished Chief Okah Tubbee, Son of the Head
Chief Mosholeh Tubbee, of the Choctaw Nation of In-
dians. 12mo, pp. 43. New York, 1848.

1987 Anderson (Rufus). Memoir of Catharine Brown, a
Christian Woman of the Cherokee Nation. 24mo
boards. Boston, 1828.

1988 Apes (William). Indian Nulliiication of the Laws of
Massachusetts, relative to the Marshpee Tribe, or the

\j^.r Pretended Riot, Explained. Engravings. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1835.

1989 Atherton (William). Narrative of the Suffering and

Defeat of the North- Western Army under General Win-
\/' ' Chester, Massacre of the Prisoners, Sixteen Months' Im-

^ prisonment of the Writer and others, with the Indians]

\^^ and British. 12mo, half morocco. Scarce.

"^ Frankfort, Ky., 1842.

1990 Authentic (An) and Thrilling Narrative of the Captivi-

ty of Mrs. Horn and her Two Children, with Mrs. Har-
ris, by the Camanche Indians, and the Murder of their
Husbands and Travelling Companions. 8vo, boards.
Scarce. Cincinnati, 1853.



1991 Barr (Capt. James). A Correct and Authentic Narra-

tive of the Indian War in Florida, with a Description
of Maj. Dade's Massacre, and an Account of the Ex-
treme Suffering for want of Provisions for the Army,
having been obliged to eat Horses' and Dogs' Flesh,
&c., &c. IHmo, boards. Scarce. New York, 1836.

1992 Bartram (William). Travels through North and South

Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, The Chero-
kee Country, etc. Containing an Account of the Indians.
Embellished with Copper-Plates. 8vo, sheejy.

Philadelphia, mdccxci.

1993 Beeson (John). A Plea for the Indians, with Facts and

Features of the Late War in Oregon. 12mo, pp. 143.

New York, 1857.

1994 Books (The) of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, translated in-

to the Choctaw Language. 12mo, morocco.

New York, 1852.

1995 Buchanan (James). Sketches of the History, Manners

and Customs, of the North American Indians, with a L -
Plan for their Melioration. 2 Vols. 12mo, boards, un-
cut. New York, 1824.

1996 Captivity among the Sioux Indians. An Interesting and

Remarkable Account, of the Terrible Sufferings and
Providential Escape, of Miss Ann Coleson, a Victim of
the late Indian Outrages in Minnesota. Plates. 8vo,
pp. 70. Philadelphia, 1864.

1997 Catlin (Geo). Letters and Notes on the Manners,

Customs and Condition of the North American Indians.
Numerous Engravings, many colored. 5 Vols. 8vo,
cloth, gilt. Philadelphia, 1857.

1998 Church (Thomas). The History of Philip's War, com- -

monly called the Great Indian War of 1675 and 1676 ;
also of the French and Indian Wars at the Eastward,
in 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704. With Notes and
Appendix, by Samuel G. Drake. Plates. 12mo, calf,
gilt, gilt top. Scarce. Boston, 1829.


1999 CoLDEN (Cadwallader). The History of the Five In-
^' dian Nations of Canada, which are dependent on the
< Province of New York, in America, and are the Barrier

\ . Jr between the English and French in that Part of the

' -^ World, etc. 2 Vols. Third Edition. Map. 12nio, calf.

London, 1775.

Autograph of Robert Southey Keswick, Dec. 16, 1812.

2000 Collection (A) of Indian Anecdotes. 64mo, pp. 190.

boards. ' Concord, N, H., 1837.

2001 Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society.

Vol. I. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce. Providence, 1827.

2002 Collections of the Virginia Historical and Philosophi-
cal Society. Vol. I. 8vo, pp. 87. Richmond, 1833.

Contains a valuable Memoir on Indian Wars, and the Records of a
Witchcraft Trial in Virginia, in 1705.

2003 Darnell (Elias). Journal of those Heroic Kentucky Vol-

unteers and Regulars, commanded by General Winches-

1 Y^' ter, in the years 1812-13 ; also two Narratives, by men

\^^ that were Wounded in the Battles on the River Raisin,

^ and taken Captive by the Indians. 24mo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, 1854.

2004 Deforest (John W.) History of the Indians of Con-
\/ 1.^- necticut, from the Earliest Known Period, to 1850.

kXP^'^'^^ Plates. Umo, cloth. Hartford, 1853.

2005 Descriptive (A) Catalogue of Catlin's Indian Collection.

8vo, pp. 92. London, 1848.

2006 Discourses (4) before the Society for Propagating the

Gospel, among the Indians and others in North America.

Boston, 1804-26.

2007 Dodge (J. R.) Red Men of the Ohio Valley; an Abo-

riginal History of the Period commencing A. D. 1650,
\y , and ending at the Treaty of Greenville, A. D. 1795.

Embracing Notable Facts and Thrilling Incidents in
the Settlement by the Whites, of the States of Kentucky,
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Engravings. L2mo, cloth.

Springfield, 0., 1860.


2008 Drake (Benjamin). Life of Tecumseh, and his broth-

er the Prophet. With a Historical Sketch of the Shaw-
anoe Indians. 12mo, cloth. Cincinnati, 1856.

2009 Drake (Samuel G.) The History of King Philip's War,

also of Expeditions against the French and Indians, in
the Eastern Parts of New-England, in the years 1689,
1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704. With some Account of
the Divine Providence towards Col. Benjamin Church,
by his son Thomas Church, Esq. To which is now ad-
ded an Index, Copious Notes and Corrections, also an
Appendix. Plate. 1 2mo, turkey morocco, gilt, gilt edges.
Scarce. Boston, 1825.

2010 Drake. Indian Biography containing the lives of more

than two hundred Indian Chiefs, and a History of their
"Wars. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1832.

2011 Drake. Indian Captivities, or Life in the "Wigwam.

Being True Narratives of Captives who have been car-
ried away by the Indians, from the Frontier Settlements
of the United States, from the Earliest Period to the

Present Time. Engravings. 12mo, cloth.

Auburn, 1853.

2012 Drake. The History of King Philip's "War, by the Rev.

Increase Mather, D. D. Also a History of the Same
War, by the Rev. Cotton Mather, D. D. Rubricated ti-
tle, fcap 4to, half turkey morocco, antique, gilt edges.

Boston, 1862.

Printed by Munsell, and Illustrated by Mr. Drake, by the addition of
numerous Portraits. Only five copies issued in this style.

2013 Dunham (Capt. Jacob). Journal of Voyages, contain-

ing an account of the Author's being twice captured by
the English, and once by G-ibbs, the Pirate ; his narrow
Escape when chased by an English War Schooner, as
well as his being cast away, and residing with the In-
dians. "With Illustrations. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1850.

2014 Edwards. (Jonathan), Observations on the Language

of the Muhhekaneew Indians, in which the extent of

that Language in North America is shown. Its Genius
is grammatically traced, some of its peculiarities, and
some Instances of Analogy between that and the Hebrew,
are pointed out. Communicated to the Connecticut So-
ciety of Arts and Sciences, and published at the Request
of the Society. 8vo, pp. 17. Rare. New Haven, 1788.

2015 Eliot (John). Portions of an Indian Bible, 117 leaves,

comprising a part of Genesis, with all or nearly all of
the six following books, a portion of Isaiah, Jeremiah,
and a part of the New Testament. The first edition.

Cambridge, 1661.

2016 Events in Indian History, with Narratives and Captiv-

ities, including the Destruction of Schenectady, Murder
of Miss M'Crea, Destruction of Wyoming, Battle of the
Thames and Tippecanoe, Braddock's Defeat, General
Wayne's Victory at Miami, Life of Logan, Massacre of
the Indians at Lancaster, Pa., &c. Eight Engravings.
Svo, sheep. Lancaster, 1843.

2017 Examination of the Relations between the Cherokees

and the Government of the United States. Svo, rough
edges. New York, 1829.

2018 Extraordinary (The) Adventures of William Mont-

gomery, in the Unexplored Regions of Amazonia. An
account of his captivity among the Oroniana Indians, a
description of their manners, customs and wars, and
the escape of the captive, with the daughter of their
Chief. 12 mo, pp. 20. London.

2019 Finley (Rev. James B.) History of the Wyandott

Mission, at Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 12mo, sheep.
Scarce. Cincinnati, 1840.

2020 Fisher (William). An Interesting Account of the Voy-

ages and Travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke, in the
years 1804-5 and 6. Interspersed with very entertain-
ing anecdotes. 12mo, sheep. Baltimore, 1813.


2021 Flint (Timothy). The Personal Narrative of James

0. Pattie, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St.
Louis, through the vast regions between that place and
the Pacific Ocean, and thence back, through the City of
Mexico, to Vera Cruz, during journey ings of six years;
in which he, and his father who accompanied him, suf-
fered unheard of hardships and dangers, had various
conflicts with tlie Indians, and were made Captives, in
which Captivity his father died. Plates. 8vo, sheep.

Cincinnati, 1833.

2022 Flint. Indian "Wars of the West, containing Biograph-

ical Sketches of those pioneers who headed the Western
Settlers in repelling the Attacks of the Savages, togeth-
er with a View of the Character, Manners, Monuments
and Antiquities of the Western Indians. 12mo, sheep.

Cincinnati, 1833.
Presentation copy to John Pierpont, with Autograph of Timothy Flint.

2023 Gass (Patrick). A Journal of the Voyages and Trav-

els of a Corps of Discovery, under the Command of
Captain Lewis and Captain Clarke, during the years
1804, 1805, 1806. 12mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1810.

2024 GooKiN (Daniel). Historical Collections of the Indi-

ans in New England. Of their several Nations, Num-
bers, Customs, Manners, Religion and Government, be-
fore the English planted there. 8vo, half morocco.

[Boston,] 1792.

2025 Graphic Sketches from Old and Authentic Works, illus-

trating the Costume, Habits and Character of the Abo-
rigines of America, together with Rare and Curious
Fragments, relating to the Discovery and Settlement of
the Country. 24 Copper Plates. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1841.

A translation from DeBry's Virginia.

2026 Great (The) Indian Chief of the West, or Life and
Adventures of Black Hawk. Port, and Engravings.
12mo, cloth. , Cincinnati, 1845.


2027 Hough (Franklin B.) Proceedings of the Commis-

sioners of Indian Affairs, appointed by law, for the Ex-
tinguishment of Indian Titles in the State of New York.
Maps. Rubricated title, half turkey morocco extra, gilt
top. Albany, J. Munsell, 1861.

Large Paper. Edition very small.

2028 Hubbard (Wm.) AjNarrativejof the troubles with the |

Indians | in New England, from the first planting there-
of, in the |year 1607, to this present year, 1677; but
chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years, 1675
and 1676, 1 to which is added a Discourse about the
Warre with the | Pequods, | in the year 1637. | By W.
Hubbard, Minister of Ipswich. | Published by Authority. |
4to, turkey morocco, gilt. Wants original map. Some-
what wormed.

Boston, Printed by John Foster, in the year 1677.

2029 Hubbard. The | Present State | of j New England, | be-

ing a I Narrative | of the Trouble, with the | Indians | in j
New England, from the first planting | thereof, in the
year 1607, to this present year, 1677; | but chiefly of
the late Troubles in the two last] years, 1675 and 1676. |
To which is added, a Discourse about the War | with the
Pequods, in the year 1637. | By W. Hubbard, Minister
of Ipswich. I An original Marriage Certificate, eight
lines Autograph, with Signature of the Rev. William,

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