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8vo, pp. 16. Baltimore, 1839. j


2155 Jones (Rev, Joseph H.) Attainments of Men in Secu-

lar and Religious Knowledge, Contrasted. 8vo, pp. 35.

Philadelphia, 1854.

2156 Jones (Jo. Seawell). A Defence of the Revolutionary

History of the State of North Carolina, from the As-
persions of Mr. Jefferson. 12mo, clotk, uncut.

Boston, 1834.

2157 Jones (Walter). The Case of the Battalion Stated.

8vo, pp. 32. Washington, 1847.

2158 Jones (William). The Catholic Doctrine of a Trinity,

Proved by above an Hundred short and clear Argu-
ments, expressed in the Terms of the Holy Scripture,
compared after a manner entirely New. 12mo, sheep.

London, 1787.

2159 Jordan (Cornelia J. M.) Corinth, and other Poems of

the War. 12 mo. Lynchburgh, 1865.

One of only 5 copies. The remainder of the edition burned. This copy
• bought at auction, in New York, for $6.75.

2160 JoRTiN (Rev. John). Tracts, Philological, Critical and

Miscellaneous. 2 "Vols. Port. 8vo, calf.

London, mdcoxc.

2161 JossELTN (John). New England's Rarities Discovered,

In Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents and Plants, of that
Country, together with the Physical and Chirurgical
Remedies, wherewith the Natives constantly use to cure
their Distempers, Wounds and Sores. Also a perfect
Description of an Indian Squaw, in all her Bravery, with
a Poem not improperly conferr'd upon her. Lastly, a
Chronological Table, of the most remarkable Passages
in that Country amongst the English. Illustrated with
Cuts. By John Josselyn, Gent. Small 8vo, half mo-
rocco. ,

London, Printed for G. Widdowes, at the Green
Dragon, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1672.

A good copy of this scarce book. Autograph of Robert Southey. Kes-
wick, 1817.



2162 JossELTN (John). New England's Earities Discovered

in Birds, Beasts^ Fishes, Serpents and Plants of that
Country. With an Introduction and Notes, by Edward
Tuckerman, M. A. Plates. 4tOj paper uncut.

Boston, 1865.

Large paper ; only 25 copies printed.

2163 JossELYN. The Same. Medium 4to, cloth.

Boston, 1865.

Large paper ; edition 75 copies.

2164 JossELYN. The Same. Small 4to, cZof A.

Boston, 1865.

2165 JossELYN. An Account of Two Voyages to New En-

gland, made during the years 1638-1663. 4:io, paper

uncut. Boston, 1865.

Large paper; only 25 copies printed.

2166 JossELYN, The Same. Medium 4to, cZo^A.

Boston, 1865.

Large paper ; edition 75 copies.

2167 JossELYN. The Same. Small 4to, cloth. Boston, 1^65.

2168 Journal (A) or Historical Account of the Life, Travels

and Christian Experience of that Ancient, Faithful Ser-
vant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Chalkley, Who departed
this Life in the Island of Tortola, the fourth Day of the
Ninth Month, 1741. 8vo, half turkey morocco.

Philadelphia, Printed by B. Franklin
and D. Hall, mdccxlix.

2169 Journal (A) of a Young Man of Massachusetts, late a

Surgeon on board an American Privateer, who was cap-
y tured at sea by the British, in May, Eighteen hundred

^ and Thirteen, and was confined first at Melville Island,

f Halifax, then at Chatham, in England, and last at

Dartmoor Prison. Interspersed with Observations, An-
ecdotes and Remarks. 12mo, s^eep. Boston, 1816.

2170 Journal (A) of the Shipwreck and Sufiferings of Daniel

Foss, A native of Elkton, Maryland, Who was the only
person saved from on board the Brig Negociator, of J
Philadelphia, which foundered in the Pacific Ocean, on]



the 26th Nov. 1811, and who lived five years on a
small barren Island, during which time he subsisted on
seals, and never saw the face of any human creature.
Plate. 12mo, pp. 24. Boston, (1812.)

2171 Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, held at

Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774. 8vo, pp. 132, uncut. Very
scarce. Philadelphia, W. & T. Bradford, mdcclxxiv.

2172 Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at

Philadelphia, Sept. 5th, 1774. Containing The Bill of
Rights, A List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, The
Association, An Address to the People of Great Britain,
A Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British American
Colonies, and An Address to the Inhabitants of the
Province of Quebec, Published by Order of the Congress,
To which is added. Being now first printed by Authori-
ty, An Authentic Copy of the Petition to the King.
8vo, pp. 68. London, 1775.

2173 Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the General

Assembly Of the Colony of New York, Began the 9th
Day of April, 1691, and Ended the 27th of September,
1743. Vol. I. ; folio, sAeep. Rare.

New York, Printed by Hugh Gaine, mdcclxiv.

2174 Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate of Maryland,

January, 1860. 8vo, pp. 2122, sheep.

Annapolis, 1860.

2175 Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific, by Capt. D. Porter,

in the U. S. Frigate Essex, in 1812-13-14. Illustrated
with fourteen Engravings. In 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep.

Philadelphia, 1815.

2176 Journal of American Education Society, Nos. (8).

Boston, 1834.

2177 Journeymen (The) Cabinet and Chair-Makers, Phila-

delphia Book of Prices. Second edition, Corrected and
Enlarged. 8vo, half calf. Rare.

Philadelphia, mdccxcv.


2178 JowETT (Rev. Wm.) Researches in Syria and the Holy-

Land, in 1823-24, Map. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Boston, 1826.

2179 JuDD (Rev. Sylvester). A Moral Review of the Revo-

lutionary War. 8vo, pp. 48. Hallo well, 1842.

2180 Judgments of God upon the Nations. 12mo, pp. 134.

New York, 1855.

2181 JuDSON (A.J.) The Elements of English Grammar.

12mo, pp. 56. Scarce. Boston, 1808.

2182 JuDSON (Ann H.) The American Baptist Mission to

the Burman Empire. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Washington City, 1823.

2183 Junius (The) Tracts. 8 Nos. 8vo. New York, 1844.

2184 Kalloch (Rev. I. S.) Memorial Sermons in Tremont

Temple. I. — The Tremont Temple Enterprise. II. —
Farewell Words. 8vo, pp. 40. Boston, 1860.

2185 Kane (Thos. L.) The Mormons, a Discourse before

the Historical Society of Penn. 8vo, pp. 92.

Philadelphia, 1850.

2186 Keene (Richard R.) Letter to Luther Martin, Esq., on

the Subject of his Modern Gratitude. 8vo, pp. 53, un-
cut. Baltimore, 1802.

2187 Keightley (Thomas). The History of Greece. 12mo,

half morocco. Boston, 1839.

2188 Keightley. The History of Rome. 12m.o, half morocco,

Boston, 1839.

2189 Keith (Isaac S.) Trust in God, Explained and Recom-

mended, with Special reference to the State of the Pub-
lic Mind in the Prospest of War, July 12, 1807. 8vo,
pp. 29. Charleston, 1807.

2190 Kempis (Thomas a). Imitation of Christ. l2mo, sheej).

Stanford, N. Y., mdccciii.

2191 Kendal (Samuel). A Sermon delivered at Weston,

Jan. 12, 1813, on the Termination of a Century since
the Incorporation of the Town. 8vo, pp. 58. Scarce.

Cambridge, 1813.


2192 Kennedy (Jolin P.) Passages in the Life of William

Thorn. 12mo, pp. 24. (Ashbury), 1846.

2193 Kenney (Lucy). Address to the People of the U. S.

12mo, pp. 12.

2194 Keneick (Timothy). Exposition of the New Testa-

ment. Vol. L d>YO J hoards, uncut. Boston. 1828.

2195 Kenzie (Mrs. John H.) Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" in

the North- West. With Illustrations. 8vo.

New York, 1856.

2196 Kettell (Samuel). Specimens of American Poetry,

with Critical and Biogaphical Notices, in 3 Vols. 12mo,
hoards, uncut. Boston, mdcccxxix.

2197 Kettlewell (John). Visitation Sei'mon at Coventry,

May 7, 1684. 4to. London, 1684.

2198 Kidder (Frederick). Military Operations in Eastern

Maine and Nova Scotia, during the Revolution, chiefly
Compiled from the Journals and Letters of Col. John
Allan. With Notes and a Memoir of Col. John Allan.
Map, 8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1867.

2199 Kidder. History of the First New Hampshire Regi-

ment, in the War of the Revolution. Svo, paper uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1868.

2200 KiLBOURN (John). The Ohio Gazetteer. Map. 12mo,

sheep. Scarce. Columbus, 1829.

2201 Kimball (Sullivan C.) Poems. 16mo, sheey, uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1858.

2202 King (David). An Historical Sketch of the Redwood

Library and Athenaeum, in Newport, R. I. 8vo, pp. 49.

Boston, 1860.

2203 King (William). Political and Literary Anecdotes of

his own times. 12mo, half morocco, Boston, 1819.

2204 Kip (Wm. Ingraham.) Our National Sins. 8vo, pp.

21. . Albany, J. Munsell, 1840.


2205 Kirbey's Original Second-Sight Mystery, and Pretended

Clairvoyance exposed, as practiced and performed by
Prof. Heller, Miss Loomiss, the Scotch Giants, and Oth-
ers. 12nio. New York, 1855.

2206 Kirk (Edward N.) A Discourse occasioned by the

Trial and Execution of John W. Webster. 8vo, pp.
26. Boston, 1850.

2207 Kirk (John). Exposition of Odd-Fellowship, including
/ the Secret Signs, G-rips, Passwords and charges of the

Five Degrees. Illustrated with thirty-six Engravings.
8vo, pp. 54. New York, 1857.

2208 Kitchen (The) and Fruit Gardener. 12mo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1844.

2209 Knapp (Sam'l L.) Female Biography, containing No-

tices of Distinguished Women in different Nations and
Ages. \2mo, cloth. New York, 1834.

2210 Knight (Henry C.) Lectures and Sermons. 2 Vols.

12mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, mdcccxxxi.

2211 Knight (Madam Sarah). The Private Journal of a

Journey from Boston, to New York, in the year 1 704.
Royal 4to, Rubricated title, tinted paper.

Albany, 1865.

Large paper, printed by Munsell ; edition only 50 copies.

2212 Knox (Vicesimus). Christian Philosophy, or an At-

tempt to display by International Testimony, the Evi-
dence and Excellence of Revealed Religion. 12mo,
sheep. Philadelphia, 1804.

2213 KoLLiKER (A). Manual of Human Microscopical Anat-

omy. Illustrated by 313 Engravings. 8vo, sheep.

Philadelphia, 1854.

2214 Kossuth and the Hungarian War. Ports, l^vno, paper

Philadelphia, 1851.

2215 Krummacher (F. W.) Soloman and Shulamite. Ser-

mons on the Book of Canticles. 24mo, hoards.

London, 1838.


2216 Krummacher. Elijah, the Fishbite. 24mo, sheep.

New York, [s.a.]

2217 Krummacher (F. A.) Cornelius, the Centurion. 12mo,

cloth. New York, 1841.

2218 Labat (R. p.) Nouveau Voyage Aux Isles de L'Amer-

ique contenant L'Histoire Naturelle de Ces Pays
rOrigine, les Masurs.la Religion & le G-ouvernement
des Habitans anciens & modernes. Les Guerres &
les Evenemens siuguliers qui y sont arrives pendant le
sejour que I'Auteur y a fait. 8 Vols. Numerous Cop-
per Plates and Maps. 12mo. Paris, mdccxlii.

2219 Labors (The) of Hercules. By Punch. With Illus-

trations. 12mo, pp. 56. New York, 1851.

2220 LABORmG (The) Classes of England; Also, a Voice

from the Factories. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1847.

2221 Ladies (The) Physical Directory, or a Treatise of all

the Weaknesses, Indispositions and Diseases peculiar
to the Female Sex, from Eleven years of Age to Fifty,
and upwards, by which Women and Maids of the mean-
est capacity, may perfectly understand the Symptoms,
Nature and True Cause of their own Illnesses, and
readily know how to manage themselves under all
their Infirmities. Syo,calf. London, 1742.

2222 Lady's (The) Budget of Wit. 8vo, pp. 64.

New York, 1852.

2223 Lady's Wreath. 18Nos. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1842-45.

2224 Lafoy (J. B.) The Complete Coiffeur, or an Essay on

the Art of Adorning Natural, and of creating Artificial,
Beauty. Ornamented with Plates. 12 mo, boards,
uncut. New York, 1817.

2225 Lake (J. W.) The Works of Lord Byron, including

the suppressed Poems. Also a Sketch of his Life.
Plates. ,8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1852.


2226 Lamartine (Alphonse de). Narrative of the Residence

of Fatalla Sayeghir^ among the Wandering Arabs of
the Great Desert. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1836.

2227 Lamartine. On Atheism. 12mo, pp. 71.

Boston, 1850.

2228 Lambert (John). Travels through Canada and the

United States of North America, in the years 1806,1807

f and 1808. To which are added Biographical Notices and

j"""^ f^ \\ Anecdotes of some of the leading Characters in the

J^v ^*\ ^ ^ • United States. 2 Vols., with Map and Engravings.

^ ^, ^\' 0, half calf ^ gilt. London, 1816.

, 2229 Lancaster (Joseph). Letters on National Subjects,
Auxiliary to Universal Education. 8vo, pp. 60, tincut.

Washington, 1820.

2230 Landing (The) of William Penn, on the Shore of Amer-

ica. 8vo, pp. 28. [Philadelphia,] 1824.

2231 Landor (Walter S.) Dry Sticks Fagoted. 8vo, calf.

Edinburgh, mdccclviii.

2232 L[ANDON] (L. E.) The Improvisatrice, and other Po-

ems. 24mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1825.

2233 Lander (Sarah W.) Spectacles for Young Eyes. 12mo,

pp. 194 Boston, 1866.

2234 Lane (Rev. B. J.) The Mysteries of Tobacco. 12mo.

New York, 1845.

2235 Lane (R. B.) A New Heaven and a New Earth, or the

Middle of the Nineteenth Century. 12mo, pp. 20.

New York, 1849.

2236 Langdon (Samuel). Observations on the Revelation of

Jesus Christ to St. John, ^yo, sheep.

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxci.

2237 Langdon (William B.) A Descriptive Catalogue of the

Chinese Collection, London. With Condensed Ac-
count of the Celestial Empire. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1843.


2238 Lanman (James H.) History of Michigan, from its
Earliest Colonization to the Present Time. 16mo,
cloth. ' New York, [1841.]

2239 Lapham (I. A.) A Geographical and Topographical

Description of Wisconsin, with brief Sketches of its
History, Geology, Mineralogy, Natural History, Popu-
lation, etc. 14,mo, cloth. Milwaukee, 1844.

2240 Lapham. Wisconsin, its Geography and Topography,

History, Geology, Mineralogy, etc. 12 mo, pp. 206.

Milwaukee, 1846.

2241 Lardner (Rev. Dionysius). Treatise on Mechanics.

12mo, cloth. Boston, 1831.

2242 Lardner. Treatise on Hydrostatics and Pneumatics.

12mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832.

2243 Lardner. Hydrostatics and Pneumatics. I'imo, cloth.

Boston, 1834.

2244 Las Casas (Bartholome). La Miroir de la Tyrannic
Espagnole Perpetree aux Indes Occidentales. On ver-
ra icy la cruaute plus que inhumaine, comraise par les
Espagnols, aussi la description de ces terres, peuples
et leur nature. Engraved frontispiece and numerous
curious plates. Small 4to, crimson morocco, gilt top, title
page mounted. Amsterdam, 1620.

2245 Lasket (Capt. J. C.) A Description of the Series of

Medals, struck at the National Medal Mint, by order of
Napoleon Bonaparte, commemorating the most remark-
able Battles and Events during his Dynasty. Port,
and Engravings. Royal 8vo, morocco gilt, gilt edges.

London, 1818.

Printed on drawing paper.

2246 Last Words before Death, or Bright Genius and Black

Crimes. 8vo, pp.39. Philadelphia, 1854.

2247 Late (A) Letter, from a Solicitous Mother, to her Son,

both living in New England. 12mo, pp. 14.

Newbury port, 1802.


2248 Late (The) Rebellion in Rhode Island. 8vo.

Providence, 1842.

2249 Late (The) Occurrences in North America, and Policy

of Great Britain considered. 8vo, pp. 42. Scarce.

London, mdcclxvi.

2250 Latham (John). The Pharmacopoeia of London. 8vo,

sheep. London, 1793.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.

2251 Lathrop (Joseph). Damnable Heresies Defined and

Described. 8vo, pp. 16, tmcut. Brookfield, 1821.

2252 Lathrop (Rev. D. W.) The Case of the General As-

sembly of the Presbyterian Church. 8vo, hoards.

Philadelphia, 1839.

2253 Lathrop (Joseph). A Discourse delivered at the Fu-

neral of the Rev. Robert Breck, April 23, 1784. 8vo,
pp. 23. Springfield, 1784.

2254 IjATHEop. Sermons by J. Lathrop, D. D., Pastor of the

First Church, in West Springfield, Mass. 8vo, hoards,
uncut. Springfield, 1821.

2255 Lathrop (John). Innocent Blood crying to God from

the streets .of Boston. A Sermon occasioned by the
Horrid Murder of Messieurs Samuel Gray, Samuel
Maverick, James Caldwell and Crispus Attucks, with
Patrick Carr, since dead, and Christopher Monk,
judged irrecoverable, and several others badly wound-
ed, by a party of Troops, under the Command of Cap-
tain Preston, on the Fifth of March, 1770, and preached
the Lord's-day following. 8vo, pp. 21. Rare.


2256 Lathrop. A Discourse Preached Dec. 15th, 1774, be-

ing the day, recommended by the Provincial Congress,

to be Observed in Thanksgiving to God for the Bles-

' sings enjoyed ; and humiliation on account of Public

. \ ^,//"'' Calamities. By John Lathrop, A. M., Pastor of the

I Second Church, in Boston. 8vo, pp. 39. Scarce.

Boston, 1774.


2257 Latheop. Discourse occasioned by the Death of Rev.

John Eliot, D. D. 8vo, pp. 26. Boston, 1813.

2258 Latheop (S. K.) Sermon on the destruction of the

Lexington, by Fire. Svo, pp. 24. Boston, 1840.

2259 Lateobe (B. Henry). The Practicability and Means of

supplying the City of Philadelphia with wholesome wa-
ter. 8vo, pp. 20. Philadelphia, Z. Poulson, 1799.

2260 Lateobe (Rev. C. I.) Journal of a Visit to South Af-
rica, in 1815 and 1816, with some Account of the Cape
of Good Hope. Svo, hoards. New York, 1818.

2261 Lateobe (John H. B.) History of Mason and Dixon's

Line. 8vo, pp. 52. Philadelphia, 1855.

2262 Lauebl Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Numerous Illus-

trations. Royal Svo, pp. 160. Philadelphia, 1844.

2263 Lavatee (John C.) Aphorisms on Man. Small Svo,

calf. London, mdccxc.

2264 Lavatee. Aphorisms on Man. Svo, pp. 76.

Catskill, MDCCxcv.

2265 Law (Wm.) The Spirit of Prayer, or the Soul rising

out of the Vanity of Time into the Riches of Eternity.
12mo, sheep. Providence, 1823.

2266 Law. The Divine Life. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1842.

2267 Laws of the State of Wisconsin relating to Common

Schools, " Public Property to be delivered by each offi-
cer to his successor." Svo, pp. 202. Madison, 1S59.

2268 Laweence (Henry). An History of Angells, being a

Theologicall Treatise of our Communion and Warr
with them. 4to, sheep. London, 1650.

2269 Lawson (John). The History of Carolina. Containing

the exact description and Natural History of that
country, together with the present state thereof, and a
Journal of a thousand miles travelled through several
Nations of Indians, giving a particular account of their
Customs, Manners, &c., &c. 12mo, cloth. .

Raleigh, 1860.


2270 Lay (Rt. Rev. Henry C.) A Sermon at the Consecra-

tion of the Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, Alabama,
1860. 8vo, pp. 24. Huntsville, MDCCCLX.

2271 Layard (Austen H). Nineveh and its Remains. En-

gravings. 2 Vols, in one. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1852.

2272 Leake (Isaac Q.) Memoir of the Life and Times of

Gen. John Lamb. Port. 8vo, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1857.

2273 Lectures before the American Institute of Instruction,

Providence, Aug. 1840. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841.

2274 Lectures by the Clairvoyant, Laban Alverson. 8vo, pp.

48. Ann Arbor, Mich., 1847.

2275 Lee (Andrew). Sermons on "Various Important Sub-
jects. 8vo, sheep.

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, 1803.^

2276 Lee (Henry). Memoirs of the War in the Southern

Department of the United States. 8vo, boards, uncut.
Scarce. Washington, 1827.

2277 Legends (The) of Lampidosa, or the Seven Heroines.

8vo, half morocco. New York, 1844.

2278 Legge (Chas.) Yictoria Bridge, and the Men who

Built it. 12mo, pp. 153. Montreal, 1860.

2279 Le Mercier (Andrew). A Treatise against Detraction,

in Ten Sections. By Rev. A. Le Mercier, Pastor of the
French Church at Boston, 8yo, calf. Boston, 1733.

2280 Lemoine (Stephen P.) Oration on the 17th of March,

1819, at Washington Hall. 8vo, pp. 27, uncut.

New York, 1819.

2281 Lemprierb (J.) Uuiyersal Biography, containing a Co-

pious Account, Critical and Historical, of the Life andj
Character, Labors and Actions, of Eminent Persons, in
all Ages and Countries. 2 Yols. 8vo, boards, uncut.

New York, 1810.


2282 Lesdeenier (Mrs. Emily P.) Voices of Life. Pub-

lished for the Author. 12mo, boards. New York, 1853.

2283 Lessons upon Eeligious Duties and Christian Morals.

24nio, boards. Boston, 1852.

2284 Lester (C. Edwards). The Artists of America. A

Series of Biographical Sketches of American Artists.
8^^o, doth. New York, 1846.

2285 Letter (A) to a Friend, giving a concise, but just rep-

resentations of the hardships and sufferings the town of
Boston is exposed to, and must undergo, in consequence
of the late Act of the British Parliament ; which, by jy
shutting up its port, has put a fatal bar in the way of
that commercial business on which it depended for its
support. Shewing, at the same time, wherein this Edict,
however unintended, is powerfully adapted to promote
the interest of all the American Colonies, and, even of
Boston itself, in the end. By T. W., a Bostonian.
8vo, pp. 35, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, N. E., mdcclxxiv.

2286 Letter (A) on the Genius and Dispositions of the French

Government, including a View o f the Taxation of the
French Empire. Svo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1810.

2287 Letter (A) to the Inhabitants of the Province of Que-

bec. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut.

Philadelphia, W. & T. Bradford, 1774.

2288 Letter (A) Addressed to Two Great Men, on the Pros-

pect of Peace. Svo, pp. 56. London, mdcclx.

2289 Letters. Second Series of, containing the History of ■ y

the First Parish in Scituate. 12mo, pp. 84. Scarce.


2290 Letter (A) to the Honorable H*^** s********** on

his entrance to the University in D**^*-^, A. D. 1761.
8vo, pp. 36. London, 1761.

2291 Letter (A) to Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne, on his letter to his

Constituents. Svo, pp. 35, uncut. London, 1779.


2292 Letter (A) on Currency Matters, to the People of the

United States. By one of the People. 8vo, pp. 36.

New York, 1841.

2293 Letter from Edmund Burke, to the Duke of Portland.

from the original copy in the possession of the Noble
Duke. 8vo, pp. 56, uncut. Philadelphia, 1797.

2294 Letter from Joe Strickland. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut.

Memphremagog, from theGraphic and Picturesque

Press, 1828.

2295 Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Me-

morial of Merchants and Traders, of Philadelphia. 8vo,
pp. 8. Philadelphia, 1798.

2296 Letter from the Assistant Postmaster General, accom-
panying a Specification of the various Post Offices, and
of the Compensations which have been allowed to the
Deputy Postmasters, 1797. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1798.

2297 Letters of Marcus and Philo-Cato, addressed to DeWitt

Clinton, Esq., containing one letter of Marcus, and sev-
eral numbers of Philo-Cato never published before.

[New York,] 1810.

2298 Letters of Marcus and Philo-Cato, to DeWitt Clinton,

Esq. 8vo, pp. 86, M^ia^^;. New York, 1810.

2299 Letters to Albert Gallatin, Esq., on the Doctrine of

Gold and Silver, and the Evils of the present Banking
System. 8vo, pp. 96. New York, 1815.

2300 Letters. An Interesting Correspondence between

John Adams, late President of the United States, and
Samuel Adams, late Governor of Massachusetts. 8vo,
pp. 32, uncut. Boston, 1801.

2301 Letters between James Munroe, Esq., Secretary of
State, of the United States, and Augustus J. Foster,
Esq., Envoy Extraordinary, and Minister Plenipotentia-

J^ ry, of His Britannic Majesty, in relation to the Orders

i^' '" in Council, and the affair of the Little Belt. To which


is added the Declaration of War. 12mo, pp. 59, 7/ncM^

Scarce. New York, 1812.

2302 Letters from Wasliington, on the Constitution and

Laws. With Sketches of some of the Prominent Public
Characters of the United States. Written during the
winter of 1817-18. By a Foreigner. 1 2 mo, ^oa?-^5,
uncut. Washington, 1818.

2303 Letters from a Farmer, &c. Relates to the Stamp Act,

and other Revolutionary matters. 8vo, pp. 80. Rare.
Wants title page. ' Printed, 1768.

2304 Letters from the Mountains, being the Real Correspon-

pondence of a Lady, between the years 1773 and 1807.
2 Vols. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1809.

2305 Letters on the Subject of the Concert of Princes, and

the Dismemberment of Poland and France. With
Corrections and Additions. By a Calm Observer,
8vo, hoards^ uncut. London, 1794.

2306 Letters on War, addressed to Caleb Strong, Esq. 8vo,

hoards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1818.

2307 Letters on Florida. 8vo, pp. 19.

2308 Letters of the late Lord Lyttleton. 24:mo, sheep.

Philadelphia, 1812.

2309 Letters of the British Spy. Wants title page. 12mo,

hoards, uncut.

2310 Letters (The) of Junius. 2 Vols, in one. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1854.

2311 Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King of the Feds., Ci-

Devant Secretary of the Treasury of the United States
of America, Inspector- General of the Standing Armies
thereof, Counsellor-at-Law, &c., &c. Being intended as
a reply to a Scandalous Pamphlet, lately published un- j""
der the sanction of Mr. Hamilton. By Tom Callender,
Esq., Citizen of the World. 8vo, pp. 64, uncut.

New York, Printed by Richard Reynolds, 1802.

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