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Engravings. 12mo, c/o^A. Albany, J. Munsell, v.y.

2466 Albany. The Charter of the City of, and the Laws

and Ordinances, Ordained and Established by the May-
or, Aldermen and Commonalty of the said City, in Com-
mon Council Convened. 4to, sheep. Scarce.

Albany, mdccc.

2467 Albany. The Settlement and Early History of. A

Prize Essay before the Young Men's Association, Dec.
26, 1850. By William Barnes, Esq. 8vo, pp. 25.

Albany, 1851.

2468 Albany. The Settlement and Early History of. By

William Barnes, Esq. Rubricated title, tinted paper,
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.


2469 Alstead. iiistorical Sketches of the town. By Seth

S. Arnold; A. M. 8vo, pp. 48, Scarce.

Alstead, 1826.

2470 Amherst, Mass. Sermon. Dedication of the College

Chapel, in 1827. By Heman Humphrey, D. D. 8vo,
pp. 32, uncut. Amherst, 1827.

2471 Andover. History of. From its Settlement to 1829.

By Abiel Abbot, A. M. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Scarce.

Andover, 1829.

2472 Andover. Sermon, occasioned by the completion of the

New College Edifice at, 1821. By Moses Stuart. 8vo,
pp. 46, wicuU Andover, 1821.

2473 Andover. The Theological Seminary in. With a

Sketch of its Rise and Progress. 8vo, pp. 68-36.

Boston, 1808.

2474 Annapolis. Annals of. Comprising sundry notices of \

that Old City, from the first settlements, 1649, until the
War of 1812. Containing letters from General Wash- i^
ington, which letters have never been published before.
By David Ridgely. 8vo, cloth. Baltimore, 1841.

2475 Annapolis. Laying the Corner-Stone of the New

Building, at St. John's College. By Hon. John Ste-
phen, with an Address by John Johnson, June 18th, ^'

1835. With an Historical Notice of the Institution.
8vo, pp. 41. Annapolis, 1835.

2476 Antrim, N. H. Report of the Committee on the Peti-

tion of Elijah Gould, and others, with counter state-
ment. 8vo, pp. 14 and 4, uncut. Scarce. 1830, s.a.

2477 Attleborough. The History of, from its Settlement to "^

the Present Time. By John Daggett. 8vo, pp. 136. y^
Scarce. Dedham, 1834.

2478 Auburn. St. Peter's Church. A Brief Sketch of the

History of the Congregation, from its Organization.
By J. C. Rudd, D. D. 8vo, pp. 24. Auburn, 1833.


2479 Augusta. Scenes in a Yestrj ; being an Account of the

late controversy in the South Parish Congregational
Church, in Augusta. By D. C. Weston. 12mo, cloth.

Augusta, 1841.

2480 Baltimore. A Complete View of. By Charles Varle.

Map and Engravings. 24^.0, morocco. Baltimore, 1833.

2481 Baltimore. Historical Sketch of the Central High

School, of Baltimore, its wants and claims. 8vo, pp.
63. Baltimore, 1856.

2482 Baltimore. Inauguration Ceremonies and Addresses

of Hon. Thomas Swann, on the Opening of Druid Hill
Park, Oct. 19, 1860. 8vo, pp. 40. Baltimore, I860.

2483 Baltimore. Letter from G-eorge Peabody, Esq., to the

Trustees, for the establishment of an Institute in the
City of Baltimore. 8vo, pp 26. Baltimore, 1857.

2484 Baltimore. Prospectus of the Canton Company, and

some views of the Local Advantages of Baltimore.
8vo, pp. 35, uncut. Baltimore, 1829.

2485 Baltimore. Eeply to "A Brief Exposition of Matters

relating to the Bank of Maryland," the Causes of the
Bankruptcy of that Institution. 8vo, pp. 54-51, uncut.

Baltimore, 1834.

2486 Baltimore. The Devil's Eace Course. A Legend of

Baltimore. By E. H. Docwra. 8vo, pp. 31,

Baltimore, 1854.
^.: 2487 Barnstable. The Cape Cod Centennial Celebration,

at Barnstable, Sept. 3, 1839. 8vo, pp. 92.

Barnstable, 1840.

2488 Barnstable. A Discourse pronounced at, September,

1839, at the Celebration of the Second Centennial An-
niversary of the Settlement of Cape Cod. By John
Gorham Palfrey. 8vo, pp. 50. Boston, 1840.

2489 Barnstable. The Celebration of the Second Centen-
■ V nial Anniversary of the Settlement of Cape Cod.

\ /T\r^ Discourse, by John Gorham Palfrey. 8vo, pp. 71.
f^ Boston, 1840.


2490 Barre. a Farewell Sermon preached to the Second

Congregational Church and Society, Oct. 2, 1842. By
B,ev. E. D. Moore. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1842.

2491 Batavia. a Historical Sketch of the Village of Bata-

via, (N. Y.) By William Seaver. 8vo, pp. 56. Scarce.

Boston, 1849.

2492 Bath. Address to the Inhabitants of, Jan. 23, 1854,

the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Author's First Preach-
ing in the Town. By Rev. David Sutherland. With
an Historical Appendix, 12mo, pp. 135.

Boston, 1855.

2493 Bedford. History of Bedford, N. H. Being Statistics

Compiled on the Occasion of the One Hundreth Anni-
versary of the Incorporation of the Town, May 19th,
1850. Svo, doth. Scarce. Boston, 1851.

2494 Bedford. Constitution and Proceedings of the Society

for the Suppression of Vice, in the Town of. With
Circular Letter to Venders of Ardent Spirits. Svo, pp.
12-8, uncut. 1815, [s.l.]

A History of one of the earliest systematic eiForts in favor of temperance
in this country.

2495 Belchertown. Historical Sketch of the Congregation-

al Church, in Belchertown, Mass., from its organiza-
tion ; with Early History of the Place, by Hon. Mark ^'
Doolittle. Svo, dotJi. Northampton, 1852.

2496 Belfast. A History of. With Introductory Remarks

on Acadia. By William White. 16mo, pp. 120, boards, ^

Belfast, ]827.

One of the rarest of Town Histories.

2497 Berkley. Review of the Berkley Case. Svo, pp. 28,

^inc^d. Plymouth, 1831.

2498 Berkley. Proceedings of two Ecclesiastical Councils,

in the town of. Svo, pp. 26. Scarce. [s.l.s.a.]

2499 Beverly. History of, Civil and Ecclesiastical, from its

Settlement, in 1630, to 1842. By Edwin M. Stone. V
Engravings. Svo, doth. Boston, 1 843.


2500 BiLLERiCA. An Historical Memoir of Billerica, in Mas-

sachusetts, containing notices of the Principal Events,

AJ in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Town,

,,'^ from its First Settlement, to 1816. By John Farmer.

\^ Port, of Farmer inserted. 8vo, pp. 35. Very scarce.

Amherst, 1816.

2501 »BiLLERiCA. Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anni-
r /

\/ *^' versary of the Incorporation of Billerica, Massachu-

-«^ setts. May 29th, 1855. 8vo, pp. 152. Lowell, 1855.

2502 Blandford. Address delivered before the Literary

Association, Blandford, Mass., Sept. 21, 1850, upon the

\J History of that Town. By William H. Gibbs. 12mo,

pp.76. Very scarce. Springfield, 1850.

2503 Boston. A Brief History of Union Church, Essex

street. Printed for the Use of the Members. 12mo,
pp. 36. Boston, 1830.

2504 Boston. 'A Discourse delivered Jan. 1, 1811, at the

opening of the New Meeting-House belonging to the
Second Baptist Church and Society. By Thomas
Baldwin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, (1811.)

2505 Boston. A Discourse delivered at the Public Lecture

on Thursday, March 16, 1797. By John Lathrop,
\j' D. D. With an Appendix, containing an Account of

several daring attempts to set fire to the Town, and
Rob the Inhabitants. 8vo, pp. 30, tmcut. Scarce.

Boston, 1797.

2506 Boston. A Geography of. With Historical Notes.

By C. H. Snow, M. D. With Maps and Plates. 16mo,
half hound. Boston, 1830.

2507 Boston. A History of Boston, the Metropolis of Mas-

sachusetts, from its origin to the present period ; with
some account of the environs, by Caleb H. Snow,
M. D. Embellished with engravings. Second edition.
8vo, hoards, uncut. Very scarce. Boston, 1828.


2508 Boston. A History of East Boston, with Biographical

Sketches of its early proprietors, and an Appendix, by
William H. Sumner, A. M. Ports. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Boston, 1858.

Scarce, in this condition.

2509 Boston. A History of the Church in Brattle Street.

By Samuel K. Lothrop. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1851.

2510 Boston. A Midsummer's Day-Drearaj Libellous, or a

little book of the Vision of Shawmut. By Admonish
Crime. 8vO; pp. 24. Boston, 1847.

2511 Boston. A Municipal History of, during two centuries,

by Josiah Quincy. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1852.

2512 Boston. A Sermon preached in the West Church, Jan.

2, 1831, being a quarter of a century from the settle-
ment of the present minister. By Charles Lowell.
8vo, pp. 20. Boston, 1831.

Not published.

2513 Boston. A Sermon deliveredin Boston, Nov. 27, 1814,

on the completion of a century since the settlement of
the New-North Church. By Francis Parkman. 8vo,
pp. 25, uncut. Boston, 1814.

2514 Boston. A Sermon preached to the Church and Socie-

ty in Brattle Street, Boston, Dec. 29, 1799, and occa.
sioned by the completion of a century from its first es-
tablishment, by Peter Thacher, D. I). 8vo, pp. 18.

Boston, MDCCC.

2515 Boston, A short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in,

March 5, 1770. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1849.

2516 Boston. A Survey of Boston, and its Vicinity, shewing

the distance from the Old State House to all the towns
and villages, not exceeding fifteen miles therefrom. By
John Gr. Hales. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1821.

2517 Boston. A Topographical and Historical Description

of. From the first settlement of the Town, to the
present period, with some account of its Environs. By
Charles Shaw. Esq. Engravings. 16mo, sheep.

Boston, 1817.



/2518 Boston. A Trip to. In a Series of Letters to the
Editor of the United States Gazette. By the Author
of Two Years and a Half in the Navy. 12 mo, doth.

Boston, MDCccxxxviii.

2519 Boston. Address on the Removal of the Municipal

Grovernment to the Old State House. By Harrison
Gray Otis. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut. Boston, 1830.

2520 Boston. Address to the Board of Aldermen, Jan. 3,

1829, by Josiah Quincy, on taking final leave of the Of-
fice of Mayor. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut. Boston, 1829.

2521 Boston. An Address to the Citizens of, Sept. mdccc-

XXX., the close of the Second Century from the'First
Settlement of the City. By Josiah Quincy, LL. D.
8vo, pp. 68. Boston, 1830.

2522 Boston. An Argument for a Catholic Church on the

Jail Lands. By N. L Bowditch. 8vo, pp. 15.

Boston, 1853.

2523 Boston. An Historical Discourse delivered in the First

Universalist Meeting House, Boston, Sunday, May 29,
1864, on the occasion of taking final leave of the prem-
ises. By Thomas W. Silloway, A. M. 8vo, pp. 42.

Boston, (s.a.)

2524 Boston. Board of Trade Report, on Goods manufac-

tured in Massachusetts, and adjoining States, on Boston
capital. 8vo, pp. 22. Boston, 1858.

2525 Boston. Bowen's Boston News-Letter, and City Rec-

ord. Vol. L From January to July, 1826. 8vo,
boards, uncut. Very scarce. Boston, 1826.

2526 Boston. Bowen's Picture of. To which is affixed the

Annals of Boston. Embellished with Engravings.
12mo, morocco. Boston, 1838.

2527 Boston. Brief History of the Edward's Congregational

Church. 12mo, pp. 3. (s.l.s.a.)

2528 Boston City measured, by the Author of " Phillipiad."

Not in imitation of some of the best of Juvenal. 8vo, pp.
60. Boston, 1849.


2529 Boston. Conductor to attractive places in Boston and

Yicinity. 24mo, pp. 84. Boston, (s.a.)

2530 Boston. Discourses preached in the New North Church,

Dec. 9th, on the completion of the I24th year, from the
establishment of the Church, by Francis Parkman,
D. D. 8vo, pp. 40, uncut. Boston, 1839.

2531 Boston Directory. 24mo, boards. Boston, 1844.

2532 Boston. Epitaphs from Copp's Hill Burial Ground,

Boston, with Notes, by Thomas Bridgman. 8vo, cloth.

Boston; 1851.

2533 Boston. Extracts from a Journal of Travels, in North

America, consisting of an Account of Boston and its
Vicinity. By Ali Bey, &c. Translated from the origi-
nal manuscript. 12 mo, half hound. Very scarce.

Boston, 1818.

2534 Boston, her Growth, Population, Wealth, and Prospects.

ByE. H.Derby. 8vo, pp. 16. 1850.

2535 Boston. History of. By Robin Carver. Square

16 mo, cloth. Boston, 1834.

2536 Boston. History of South Boston, formerly Dorchester

Neck, now Ward XH. of the City of Boston. By
Thomas C. Simonds. Ports. 12 mo, cloth.

Boston, 185T.

2537 Boston. History, Articles of Faith, etc., of the Mari-

ner's Church. 12mo, pp. 11. Scarce. Boston, 1832.

2538 Boston. History, Articles of Faith, etc., of the Hano-

ver Church. 12mo, pp. 24. Scarce. Boston, 1826.

2539 Boston. History, Confession of Faith, etc., of the

Mount Vernon Congregational Church in. 12mo, pp.
28. Boston, 1844.

2540 Boston. History of the Second Church, or Old North.

By Chandler Bobbins. Ports. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1852.

2541 Boston. Historical Account of Christ Church. By the

Rector. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut. Boston, 1824.



2542 Boston. Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church,
from its first formation in Charlestown, 1665, to the be-
ginning of 1818. By James M. Winchell, A. M. 8vo,
pp. 47. Scarce. Boston, 1819.

2543 Boston. Historical Sketch of. 12mo, pp. 96.

Boston, 1861.

2544 Boston. Historical Pamphlets (4). 8vo, 1806-53.

2545 Boston. Incomes of the Citizens of, and other Cities

and Towns in Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston, 1866.

2546 Boston. Liberty Tree. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

16mo, cloth. Boston, 1842.

2547 Boston. Municipal Register, 1849, interleaved, with

Manuscript Notes. 12mo, morocco. Boston, 1849.

2548 Boston Notions, being an Authentic and Concise Ac-

count of "That Village" from 1630 to 1847. By Na-
thaniel Dearborn. Illustrated. 16mo, morocco.

Boston, 1848.

2549 Boston. Notices of the Histories of Boston, by Sigma,

(L. M. Sargent.) 8vo, pp. 7. Scarce. Boston, 1857.

2550 Boston. Oak Hall, Or the Glory of Boston. A Poem

in four parts. Illustrated. 8vo, pp. 45. Boston, 1844.

2551 Boston. Oak Hall Pictorial. Square 8vo, pp. 16.

Boston, 1854.

2552 Boston. Ode at the Centennial Celebration of the Set-

tlement of the City. By Charles Sprague. 8vo, pp.
22. Boston, 1830.

2553 Boston. Oration at the Inauguration of the statue of

Benjamin Franklin, by Hon. Robert C. Winthrop. 8vo,
pp. 28. Boston, 1856.

2554 Boston. Origin and Progress of the Female Society,

for Missionary Purposes. 8vo, pp. 24.

Boston, (1818.)

2555 Boston. Our Modern Athens, or Who is First ? 12mo,

cloth. Boston, 1860.


2556 Boston. "Our First Men." A Calendar of Wealth,

Fashion and Gentility, Containing a List of those Per-
sons in Boston, Reputed to be Worth One Hundred
Thousand Dollars, With Biographical Notices of the

Principal Persons. 8vo, pp. 48, uncut.

Boston, 1846.

2557 Boston. Outlines of the Mineralogy and Geology of

Boston and Vicinity. By J. F. and S. L. Dana. 8vo,
boards. Boston, 1818.

2558 Boston. Pamphlets (12), relating to a supply of Pure

Water for the City. 8vo, mostly uncut. A rare col-
lection. Boston, 1834-45.

2559 Boston. Pamphlets (3), duplicates of the last.

2560 Boston. Proceedings on Laying the Corner Stone of

the City Hall, Dec. 22, 1862. With copies of sub-
scription papers for building the first Town House,
1657. 8vo, pp.55. Boston, 1862.

2561 Boston. Present Condition of. 8vo, pp. 28.

Boston, 1851.

2562 Boston. Report of the School Committee of, 1858.

8vo, cloth. Boston, 1859.

2563 Boston. Report of the City Registrar, 1859. 8vo,

pp. 54. Boston, 1860.

2564 Boston. Report of the Committee Relative to the

Purchase of the Hancock Estate. 8vo, pp. 13, uncut.

Boston, (1859.)

2565 Boston. Reminiscences of The Boston Female Asylum.

Printed, not Published. 12 mo, boards. Boston, 1844.

2566 Boston. Revival, 1842. History of the Churches in

Boston. By Martin Moore. 16mo, cloth.

Boston, 1842.

2567 Boston. Selections from the Chronicles of, and from

the book of Retrospections and Anticipations, compiled
in the last month of the last year of the Town, and the
first month of the first year of the City. 8vo, pp. 132.
Rare. Boston, (1822.)


2568 Boston. Sermon, On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the
Female Asylum. By Eev. F. D. Huntington. 8vo, pp.
40. Boston, 1858.

2569^^0ST0N. Sermon. Dedication of the Church in Hano-
(^ ver Street, 1826. By M. Stuart. 8vo, pp. 35, uncut.

Andover, 1826.

2570 Boston. Sermon. Dedication of the Church in Park

Street, 1810. By Edward D. Griffin, D. D. 8vo, pp.
34, uncut. Boston, 1810.

2571 Boston. Sermon. Dedication of the First Presbyte-

rian Church in the City of, 1828. By James Sabine.
8vo, pp. 20, uncut. Boston, 1828.

2572 Boston. Shawmut, or the Settlement of Boston, by the

Puritan Pilgrims. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1847.

2573 Boston. Sights in Boston and Suburbs, or Guide to the

Stranger. By R. L. Midgley. Illustrated. 12mo,
cloth. Boston, 1827.

2574 Boston. Sketches of. Past and Present, and some few

places in its Vicinity. 123 Maps and Engravings.
12 mo, cloth. Boston, 185L

2575 Boston Slave Riot. 8vo, pp. 86. Boston, 1854.

2576 Boston. The Aristocracy of, who they are, and what

they were. By One Who Knows Them. 8vo, pp. 32.

Boston, 1848.

2SS11 Boston. The Fashonable Tour in 1825, An Excursion
to the Springs, Niagara, Quebec and Boston. 24mo,,
half bound. Saratoga Springs, 1825.

2578 Boston. The History and Antiquities of Boston, the
Capital of Massachusetts and Metropolis of New Eng-
land, from its Settlement in 1630 to the year 1770, also
An Introductory History of the Discovery and Settle-
ment of New England, with Notes, Critical and Illustra-
tive. By Samuel G. Drake, A, M. Maps and Plates,
full morocco extra, gilt. . Boston, 1856.


2579 Boston. The History of the Old South Church in, After

the Completion of a Century from the First Occupancy

of the Present Meeting House. By Benj. B. Wisner.

- 8vo, pp. 122, w?^cMf. Boston, 1830.

2580 Boston". The Laws and Orders, of the Town of, May

22, 1801. 8vo, pp. 84. Boston, 1801.

2581 Boston. The Tax List for 1822. Contains the name of

every tax payer, with amount of Tax. 8vo, pp. 200,
uncut. Scarce. , Boston, 1822.

2582 Boston Sights, and Boston People. 12mo.

Written by Miss Hosmer, several years ago; rigidly suppressed, and
now extremely rare. Hits very hard on many prominent Bostonians.

2583 Boston. Thirty years of. By Edward E. Hale. 8vo,

pp. 7. (s.l.s.a.)

2584 Boston. Wilder's Guide to the Tri-Mountain City.

Square 8vo, pp. 20. Boston, 1866.

2585 BoxFORD. Discourse delivered at. May 10th, 1863, by

Eev. William S. Coggin, on the Twenty-fifth Anniver-
sary of his Settlement. 8vo, pp. 81, uncut.

Augusta, 1864.

2586 Bridgewater. History of the Early Settlement of

Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, in-
cluding an extensive Family Register. By Nahum
Mitchell. 8vo, hoards, scarce. Boston, 1840.

2587 Bridgewater. Celebration of the Two Hundredth An-

niversary of the Incorporation of Bridgewater, Mass.,
June 3, 1856. Port. 8vo, pp. 167. Boston, 1856.

2588 Brighton. Address at The Consecration of Ever-

green Cemetery, August 7, 1850. By Frederick A.
Whitney. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1850.

2589 Brookline. Reminiscences of forty years, by John

Pierce, D.D. Printed, but not published. 8vo, pp. 35.

Boston, 1837.

2590 Brookline. Names of the Tax Payers, 1851, '52, '53.

8vo, pp. 76. Boston, 1854.





2591 Brookline Jubilee. A Discourse delivered in Brook
line, March, 1847. The Day which Completed Half a

* ^\^ Century from his Ordinatiou, by John Pierce, D. D.

^f"*" 8vo, pp. 72. Boston, mdcccxlvii.

2592 Brooklyn. An Historical Sketch of the City of Brook-

lyn, and surrounding neighborhood, William sburgh,
Brunswick, Flatbush, Flatlands, New Utrecht and
Gravesend. To which is added An Account of the
Battle of Long Island. By J. T. Bailey. 12mo, pp.
72. Scarce. Brooklyn, 1840.

2593 Brooklyn And King's County Eecord. 12mo, half

hound. Brooklyn, 1855.

2594 Brooklyn. First Annual Report of the Commissioners

of Prospect Park, Jan. 28th, 1861. Plates and Plans.
8vo, pp. 80. Scarce. Brooklyn, 1861.

2595 Brooklyn. St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, New York,

from the year 1784 to the year 1845, with a brief no-
tice of the other Episcopal Churches in Brooklyn. By
F. G. Fish. 12mo, doth. Brooklyn, 1845.

2596 Brooklyn. Seventh Annual Report of the Board of

Commissioners of Prospect Park. Colored Plans.
8vo, pp. 28. Brooklyn, 1867.

2597 Brooklyn. The First Sermon preached in Christ

Church after the Consecration. By Rev. John S. Stone,
D. D. 8vo, pp. 34. New York, mdcccxlil

2598 Brooklyn. Tlie Wealthy Men and Women of Brooklyn

and Williamsburgh. A complete List. By John Lomas
and Alfred S. Peace. 16mo, pp. 48. Brooklyn, 1847.

.xj 2599 Brookfield. Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church
in. 8vo, pp. 8. (s.l.s.a.)

2600 Brookfield. Sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Snell on

the last Sabbath in June, 1838, containing a brief His-

^ tory of the Town and especially of the Church and

Parish of North Brookfield, from 1798 to the Present

Time, 8vo, pp. 55. Brookfield, 1838.


2601 Brunswick. Three Discourses upon the Religious His-

tory of Bowdoin College. By Egbert C. Smyth. 8vo,
pp. 80. Brunswick, 1858.

2602 Brunswick. Address before the Maine Historical So-
ciety at Bowdoin College, September 5, 1849. By
Robert C. Winthrop. 8vo, pp. 68. Boston, mdcccxlix.

2603 Buffalo. An Historical Sermon by the Rev. William

Shelton, D. D. 8vo, pp. 20. (Buffalo, 1867.)

2604 BuRRiLViLLE. As it Was, and As it Is. By Horace A.

Keach. 12mo, cloth. Providence, 1856.

2605 Cambridge. A Discourse before the First Parish in, May

27, 1855. By the Pastor, William Newell, on the com-
pletion of the Twenty-fifth year of his Ministry. 8vo.
pp. 36. Cambridge, 1855.

2606 Cambridge. A Discourse delivered at, In the hearing of

the University. April 8, 1810. By David Osgood, D.
D. 8vo, pp. 40. Cambridge, 1810.

2607 Cambridge. A Discourse on the Church- Gathering in
j^y 1636. By William Newell. 8vo, pp. 65.

\^<^^ Boston, 1846.

2608 Cambridge. A Sermon on the Reopening of Christ
f; J- Church, Cambridge, Mass., with a Historical Notice of

'' \ A.,^i the Church, by The Rev. Nicholas Hoppin, Rector. En-
^^ gravings. 8vo, pp. 80. Boston, mdccclviii.

2609 Cambridge. An Address at the Laying of the Corner

Stone of a House of Worship in the City of Cambridge,
1851. By Augustus R. Pope. 8vo, pp. 23.

Cambridge, 1851.

2610 Cambridge. An Address delivered at the Consecration

of the Cambridge Cemetery, Nov. 1, 1854. By John
A. Albro, D. D. 8vo, pp. 35. Cambridge, 1854.

2611 Cambridge. Anniversary Sermon, Nov. 25, 1860. By
I Nicholas Hoppin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 29.

! Boston, mdccclxi.


2612 Cambridge. Don Quixotes at College, or a History of

the Gallant Adventures lately achieved by the combined

Students of Harvard University, interspersed with

■^ some Facetious Reasoning, by a Senior. 8vo, pp. 20,

uncut. Rare. Boston, 1807.

A curious chapter in the History of old Harvard.

2613 Cambridge. Dr. Codman's Speech in the Board of

Overseers of Harvard College, Feb. 3, 1831. 8vo, pp.
15, uncut. s.l.s.a.

2614 Cambridge. Catalogus Eorum qui in TJniversitate Har-

vardiana Cantabrigige, ab Anno mdgxlii ad Annum
MDCCLXXxii. 8vo, pp. 34. Scarce. Boston, mdcclxxxii.

2615 Cambridge. Epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground

in, with notes. By William Thaddeus Harris. 8vo,
half hound. Cambridge, 1845.

2616 Cambridge. Facts and Documents in relation to Har-
vard College. By Hollis and others. l2mo, pp. 96,
uncut. Boston, 1829.

2617 Cambridge. Guide Through Mount Auburn, 12mo,

pp. 78. Boston, 1865.

2618 Cambridge, Mass. Sermon on the Re-opening of Christ

Church. With an Historical Notice of the Church, by
Rev. Nicholas Hoppin 8vo, pp. 80.

Boston, mdccclviii.

2619 Cambridge, Mass. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the set-

tlement of John A. Albro, D. D. 8vo, pp. 76.

Cambridge, 1860.

2620 C'iMBRiDGE, Mass. One Hundredth Anniversary of Christ

Church, Oct. 15, 1861. 8vo, pp. 36.

Cambridge, mdccclxi.

2621 Cambridge. Notices of the Triennial and Annual Cat-

alogues of Harvard University, with a Reprint of the
Catalogues of 1674, 1682 and 1700. By John Lang-
don Sibley, A. M. 8vo, pp. 67. Boston, 1865.

No. 1, of One hundred and fifty copies, separately printed. Author's


2622 Cambridge. Eeport of the School Committee. Cam-
bridge, 1854. 8vo, pp. 35. Cambridge, 1855.

2623 Cambridge. The History of. By Abiel Holmes, A. M.
Bound in the same YoL, A Memoir of the Mohegan,
Indians, written in the year mdcciv. Also a Memoir
of, and Poem by Stephen Parmenius. 8vo, pp. 67-27-
19, hoards, very scarce. Boston. 1801.

Presentation Note from the Author.

2624 Cambridge. The Laws of Harvard College. 8vo, pp. 66,

uncut. Boston, mdccxcviii.

2625 Cambridge. Two Discourses before the First Parish.

One upon leaving the Old Meeting House, and the
other at the Dedication of the New. By William New-
ell. 8vo, pp. 56. Cambridge, 1834.

2626 Cambridgeport. Discourse on the Fiftieth Anniversary

of the Settlement of Rev. T. B. Gannett. By John F.

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