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3082 Stow. Sermon Preached at, on the 16th of May, 1783.
By Jonathan Newell. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1784.

A rare local history.

^083 Stuebridge. An Historical Sketch of Sturbridge, Mass.,

/ ^ from its Settlement to the Present Time. By Joseph

XN^"^ S.Clark. 8vo, pp. 48. Scarce. Brookfield, 1838.

3084 Sutton. A Sermon Preached at Sutton, (County of

Worcester), by David Hall, D. D., Oct. 24th, 1779.
Being Fifty years after his Ordination there. 12 mo,
pp. 28. Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdcclxxxi.

One of the Earliest and Scarcest of American Semi-Centennials. Two
other Pamphlets in same Vol.

3085 SwATARA Mining District, Illustrated by Diagrams. 8vo,

pp. 60. Harrisburg, 1830.

3086 Taunton. Dedication of Bristol Academy in, Aug. 25,

1852. Address, by C. C. Felton. 8vo, pp. 54.

Cambridge, 1852.

3087 Taunton. The Ministry of. By Samuel Hopkins Em-

ery. 2 Yols. Ports. 12mo, cloth, Boston, 1853.

3088 Temple. The History of Temple, N. H., by Henry

Ames Blood. Plates. 8vo, cloth. Scarce.

Boston, 1860.

3089 Templeton. An Historical Discourse in Commemora-

tion of the One Hundredth Anniversary. By Edwin G.
Adams. 8vo, pp. 175. Boston, 1857.

.3090 Templeton. A Half Century Sermon. By Rev.
Cliarles Wellington, D. D. 8vo,pp. 39. Boston, 1857.

3091 Thomaston. History of Thomaston, Rockland, and

South Thomaston, Me., from their First Exploration,
A. D., 1605, with Family Genealogies. By Cyrus Ea-
ton. 2 Yols. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Hallowell, 1865.

3092 Trappe, Montgomery Co., Pa. The Church of Augus-

tus. 8vo, pp. 46. New York, 1861.

3093 Trenton Falls. Picturesque and Descriptive. By N.

Parker Willis. Small 8vo, cloth, gilt.

New York, 1851.



3094 Troy. An Historical Sketch of, And her Inhabitants,

from the First Settlement of the Town, in 1764 to 1855.
By A. M. Caverly. Ports. 12mo, cloth, gilt.

Keene, 1859.

3095 Trot. Reminiscences of, from its settlement in 1790,

to 1807, and Sketches of Individual Character. By
Hon. John Wood worth. 8vo, pp. 39.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1853.

3096 Troy. Reminiscences of, from 1790 to 1807. By John

Woodworth. Cap 4to, cloth.

" J. Munsell, Albany, mdccclx.

3097 Union. A History of the Town of, by John L. Sibley.

Port, and Autograph of Author. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1851.

3098 Upland. The Record of the Court at, 1676 to 1681
and A Military Journal, kept by Major E. Denny, 1781,
to 1795. Plate and Maps. 8vo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1860.

3099 Upper Wabash. Valley of the Upper Wabash, Indiana,

By Henry William Ellsworth. Maps. 16mo, cloth.

New York, 1838.

3100 VassaLboro. Sermon at the Dedication of the New

Meetinghouse in, by Eliphalet Gillet. 8vo, pp. 34.

Hallo well, 1817.

3101 Warren, R. I. Centennial Discourse, Nov. 15, 1864.

By A. F. Spaulding, A. M. With an Appendix and
Historical Notes. 8vo, pp. 76. Providence, 1865.

3102 Warwick. Half Century Discourse in Warwick, Mass.,

Oct. 12, 1864. By Preserved Smith. 8vo, pp. 26.

Greenfield, 1864.

3103 Washington City. History of the First Unitarian

Church in. 8vo, pp. 15. Washington, 1855.

3104 Washington. History of the Invasion and Capture of,

and of Events which Preceded and Followed. By
John S. Williams. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857.

. 302

3105 Washington. Letter and Documents from Hon. Eich-

ard Rush, to Joseph Gales, Mayor of Washington, Re-
specting tlie Loan of a Million and a Half of Dollars,
negotiated by the former, in Europe, for the said City,
and the Towns of Georgetown and Alexandria, 8vo,
pp. 171. Washington, 1830.

3106 Washington. The Seat of Government of the United

States. By Joseph B. Yarnum, Jr. Map. Svo, half
morocco. Washington, 1854.

3107 Washington. The Sketch Book. By Viator. 12mo,

cloth. New York, 1864.

0000 Watertown. Bond's History. See No. 379.

3108 Watertown. An Historical Sketch of Watertown, in

Massachusetts, from the First Settlement of the Town,
to the Close of its Second Century. By Convers Fran-
cis. 8vo, pp. 151. Yery scarce.

Cambridge, mdcccxxx.

3109 Watertown. Three Discourses before the Congrega-

tional Society. Two upon leaving the Old Meeting-
House, and one at the Dedication of the New. B y
Convers Francis. 8vo, pp. 80. Scarce.

Caml) ridge, 1836.

3110 Wenham. The History of. Civil and Ecclesiastical,
^ / from its Settlement in 1639, to 1860. By Myron 0.

\>^J Allen, M.D. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1860.

C^ 3111 Westminster. Celebration of the One Hundredth An-

niversary of the Incorporation of. 8vo, pp. 128.

Boston, 1859.

3112 West Point and Yicinity. Map. IQmo, cloth.

New York, 1844.

3113 West Springfield. Two Sermons, delivered in the

First Parish of West Springfield, by Joseph Lathrop,
D. D., on Lord's Day, August 25, 1816, being the day
which concluded the Sixtieth Year of His Ministry.
8vo, pp. 23. Yery scarce. Springfield, 1816.


3114 Weymouth. Discourse, Jan, 5,1851. By Joshua Em-

ory, Jr. 8vo, pp. 18. Boston, 1851.

3115 White Mountains. Eastman's Guide Book. Map.

12mo, pp. 179. Concord, 1859.

3116 White Mghntains. The History of, from the First Set-

tlement of Upper Coos and Pequaket. By Lucy, Wife
of Ethan Allen Crawford, Esq. 24mo, cloth.

White Hills, 1856.

3117 WiLBEAHAM. An Historical Address at the Centennial

Celebration, Wilbraham, June 15, 1863. By Rufus
P. Stebbins, D. D. With an Appendix. Plates. Eu-
bricated title. 8vo, green cloth. Boston, 1864.

3118 Williams College. History of, by Rev. Calvin Durfee.

Engravings. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1860.

3119 Williamsburg. The Reformed Dutch Church in. An

Historical Discourse, by Elbert S. Porter. 8vo, pp.
30. New York, 1866.

3120 Williamstown, Mass. Sermon. Dedication of the New

Chapel, connected with Williams College. By Edward
D. Griffin, D. D. 8vo, pp. 37, 2mcut.

Williamstown, 1828.

3121 WiLLiSBOROUGH. Pioneer History of the Champlain

Valley, being an Account of the Settlement of the Town
of, with Journal and other Papers, and Historical and
Illustrative Notes, by Winslow C. Watson, tinted paper.
8vo, pp. 230, uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

3122 Wilmington, Del. Sacred Reminiscences. A Sermon,

in the Old Swedes Church. With Historical Notes.
By John W. M'Cullough, A. M. 8vo, pp. 33. Scarce.

Wilmington, 1842.

3123 Wilton. An Address delivered at the Centennial Cel-

ebration in Wilton, N. H., Sept. 25, 1839. By Ephraim
Peabody, with an Appendix. 8vo, pp. 103. Scarce.

Boston, 1839\


3124 WiNDSOE. Matthew Grant's Old Church Record. 8vo,

pp. 14. (s.l.s.a.)

3125 Windsor. The History of Ancient Windsor, Conn.

Including East Windsor, South Windsor, and Ellington.
By Henry R. Stiles, M. D. 2 Vols. Plates. 8vo, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

3126 Windham. History of Ancient Windham, Ct. By Wil-
^ liam L. Weaver. 8vo, pp. 112, uncut.

Willimantic, 1864.

3127 WiNTHEOP. A Brief History of, from 1764 to October,
. ffl^ 1855. By David Thurston. 12mo, cloth.

\0^ Portland, 1855.

3128 WiscASSET. History of Lincoln Lodge, at Wiscasset.

By Rufus King Sewell. 8vo, cloth. Portland, 1863.

Privately printed, small edition.

3129 WoBURN. Discourse delivered to the Congregational

Society in, June 28, 1809, at the Dedication of their
Meeting-House. By Joseph Chickering, A. M. 8vo,
pp. 28, wicut. Charlestown, 1809.

3130 WoLCOTT. A Narrative of the SuflFerings of Seth Hub-
bell and Family, in his Beginning a Settlement in the
Town of Wolcott, in the State of Vermont. 12mo,

^^. 14:, uncut. Rare. Danville, Vt., 1826.

J 3131 Woodbury. History of Woodbury, Conn. By William

Cothren. Ports, and Plates. 8vo, sheep.

Waterbury, 1854.

3132 Woodbury. Second Centennial Celebration of the Ex-

ploration of Ancient Woodbury, and the Reception of
j^-' the First Indian Deed, held at Woodbury, Conn., July,
\iV 4_5., 1859. By William Cothren. 8vo, pp. 223.

Woodbury, 1859.

3133 Worcester, A Sermon delivered in, Jan. 31, 1836. By

Aaron Bancroft, D. D., at the Termination of Fifty
Years of his Ministry. 8vo, pp. 44. Scarce,

Worcester, 1836.



3134 Worcester. History of Worcester, Mass., to Sept.,

1836. By William Lincoln. Ports. Svo, cloth.

Worcester, 1862.

3135 Worcester County. An Address to the Members of

the Bar, Oct. 2, 1829. By Joseph Willard. Svo, pp.
144. Lancaster, 1830.

3136 Worthington. History of the Town of, from its First

Settlement to the Present Time. 8vo, pp. 72.

Albany, 1853.

3137 Wrentham. A Sermon delivered at, Oct. 26, 1773, on

completing the first Century since the Town was In-
corporated. By Joseph Bean, A. M., Pastor of the
First Church in said Town. Printed at the earnest
Desire of the Hearers for the Preservation of Ancient
Things to Future Posterity. 8vo, pp. 36.

Boston, 1774.

One of the earliest, and certainly one of the rarest, of Centennial Histo-

3138 Wrentham. Anniversary Sermons. By Blisha Fisk,

A.M. Svo, pp. 25. Boston, 1846.

3139 Wyoming. A Sketch of the History of» By Isaac A.

Chapman, Esq. To which is added an Appendix, con-
taining a Statistical Account of the Valley and Adjacent
Country. 12mo, sheep. Scarce. Wilksbarre, 1830.

3140 Wyoming. History of, in Letters from Charles Miner

to his Son. Map. Svo, doth. Philadelphia, 1845.

3141 Wyoming. . Poetry and History of. By William L.

Stone. Third Edition. With Index. 12mo, boards,
uncut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

3142 Wyoming. The Lost Sister of. By Rev. John Todd.

24mo. Northampton, 1842.

3143 Locke's Essay, for the understanding of St. Paul's Epis-

tles, and Le Clerc on Inspiration. 24mo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1820.

3144 Logan (John). Sermons. Svo, sheep. Boston, 1804.


3145 LoMAS (John). The Wealthy Men and Women oi

Brooklyn and Williamsburgh. pp. 48.

Brooklyn, 1847.

3146 London Quarterly Review. 21 Vols., half hound.

New York and Boston, 1812-1827.

3147 London Quarterly Review. The American Reprint

complete. -Vol. L to XLVIL inclusive. 95 Nos.

New York, 1834-1857.

3148 London (The) Lancet. Vol. II. Royal 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1845.

3149 London. The Complete Art of Cookery, also the Com-

plete Brewer, explaining the Art of Brewing Porter,
Ale, Twopenny, and Table Beer. Engravings. 1 2mo,
sheep. London, mdccxcvii.

3150 Long (Greorge). G-recian and Roman Geography. 8vo,

hoards, uncut. Scarce. Charlottesville, Va., 1829.

3151 Long Island Rail Road Company. Map. 12mo.

No imprint.

3152 Longfellow (Henry W.) Coplas de Don Jorge Man-

rique. Translated from the Spanish, with an Introduc-
tory Essay on the Moral and Devotional Poetry of
Spain. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1833.

3153 Longfellow. The Song of Hiawatha. l%mo, cloth.

Boston, 1855.

3154 Longfellow. Tales of a Way-Side Inn. Post 8vo.

Boston, 1863.

3155 Longfellow. The Complete Works of Revised Edi-

tion. 7 Vols. Port. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Boston, 1866.

Large Paper. Edition limited to 100 copies, of which this is No. §9.

:3'i56 Longwood. Services for the use of the Sunday School.
Small 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1861.

3157 Look before you Leap. An Address to the People of
Massachusetts, By a Washington Federalist. 8vo>
pp. 12. Newburyportj 1805.


3158 Look ere you Leap,-or a History of the Lives and In-

trisfues of Lewd Women, with the Arransrement of their
several Vices, to which is added the Character of a
Good Woman. Rare Engraving. Small 8vo.

London, 1711.

3159 Looking-Glass (The). A Narrative of the Travels and

Labors of Rev. Daniel H. Peterson, a Colored Clergy-
man, from 1812 to 1854. Engravings. 24:m.o, cloth.

New York, 1854.

3160 LooMis (Elias). A Treatise on Algebra. 8vo, sheep.

New York, 1850.

3161 Lord (Joseph). Military Catechism, with a Method to

Form a Company, to which is added some Explanation
and Improvement of the Formation and Esercise of a
Regiment. 12mo, pp. 52. Hudson, 1806.

3162 Lorgnette (The), or Studies of the Town. Pam-

phlets (7). 12mo. New York, 1850.

3163 LoRiLLARD (George). Will of. 4to, pp. 14.

(New York.)

3164 LossiNG (Benson J.) The Pictorial Field-Book of the

Revolution, or Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the
History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of
the War for Independence. Eleven Hundred Engrav-
ings. 2 Vols. 8vo, doth. New York, 1860.

3165 LossiNG. Lives of the Presidents. Ports. 8vo, pp.

128. New York, 1847.

3166 LoTHROP (Samuel K.) Case of the Proprietors of Hol-

lis Street Meeting House and Rev. John Pierpont. 8vo,
pp. 383. . Boston, 1841.

3167 LoTHROP. Sermon, on the One Hundredth Birthday of

Ezra Green, M. D., the Oldest living Alumnus of Har-
vard College. 8vo, pp. 26. Boston, 1846.

Autograph of Ezra Green.

3168 Lottery (The) Magazine, 1776. 8vo, boards. Rare.

London, 1776.

Contaias the first publication, in England, of American Independence.


3169 Love (The) Epistles of Aristsenetus, translated from the

Greek into English Metre. 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, mdcclsxiii.

3170 LovELAND (Samuel C.) Greek Lexicon, adapted to the

New Testament, with English Definitions. 24:mo, sheep.

Woodstock, Vt., 1828.

3171 Lowell (Anna C.) Thoughts on the Education of

Girls. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1853.

3172 Lowell' (Charles). Historical Discourses delivered in

the West Church, in Boston, Dec. 31, 1820. 8vo, pp.
44. Boston, 1820.

3173 Lowell (James Russell). A Year's Life. Post 8vo,

hoards. Boston, mdcccxli.

f- 3174 Lowell (John). An Eulogy on the Hon. James Bow-

doin, Esq., LL. D. 4to, pp. 24.

Boston, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxci.

3175 Lowell Shakspeare Memorial. 8vo, pp. 51.

Lowell, 1864.

3176 Lucas (Samuel). Charters of the Old English Colo-

nies in America. With an Introduction and Notes.
8vo, hoards, uncut. London, mdcccl.

3177 LuciNDA, or the Mountain Mourner, being Authentic

Facts, in Letters from Mrs. Manvill, in the State of
New York, to her sister in Pennsylvania. 12mo, cloth.

Albany, J. Muusell, 1852.

3178 LuDEwiG (Hermann E.) The Literature of American
^ Local History, a Bibliographical Essay. 8vo, half mo-
rocco, gilt, gilt top.

New York, Printed for the Author, mdccclxvl

Fine interleayed copy of a very scarce book.

3179 LuDEwiG. Catalogue of the Curious and Valuable Col-
lection of Books, forming the Library of the late Her-
mann E. Ludewig, LL. D. Also Catalogues of several
Libraries of Works on American History, etc. In one
volume. Svo, half mgrocco. New York, 1857-1860.

3180 LuNT (George). Poems. 12mo, cloth. >

New York, 1839.



3181 Lyman (William). A Virtuous Woman, the Bond of

Domestic Union, and the Source of Domestic Happiness.
Funeral Sermon of Mrs. Sarah Griswold. 8vo, half
morocco. New London, 1802.

3182 Lyon (James). Urania. A Choice Collection of Psalm-

Tunes, Anthems, and Hymns, from the most approved
Authors, with some entirely New, in Two, Three, and
Four Parts. The whole Peculiarly adapted to the Use
of Churches and Private Families, to which are Prefixed
the Plainest and most Necessary Rules of Psahnody.
Square 8yo, sheejp. Rare. (s-h), 1761.

One quarter of the book is composed of manuscript music.

3183 Lyttleton (George). Dialogues of the Dead. First

American Edition. 12mo, calf.

Worcester, Mass., 1797.

3184 Macaulay (Thomas B.) The History of England,

from the Accession of James H. Port. 4 Vols.
12mo, cloth. Boston, 1849.

3185 Macaulay. Essays. Critical and Miscellaneous. 8vo,

half calf. Philadelphia, mdcccxliii.

3186 Maccarty (Thaddeus). A Sermon Preached at Wor-

cester, Oct. 25th, 1770, on Occasion of the Execution
of William Linsey, for Burglary. 8vo, pp. 28.

Boston, MDCCLXX.

3187 McAlpine (Wm. J.) Ship Canal, from Albany to New

Baltimore. Maps. 8vo, pp. 64. Albany, 1853.

3188 M'Cleod (Malcom). The Majesty of Darkness Discov-

ered, in a Series of Tremendous Tales ; Mysterious, In-
teresting and Entertaining, of Apparitions, Witches,
Augurs, Magicians, Dreams, Yisions, and Revelations in
Confirmation of a Future State, and the Superintenden-
cy of a Divine Providence, by the Agency of Spirits and
Angels. 24:m.o, boards. Very rare. Newark, 1811.

3189 M'Clintock (F. L.) Narrative of the Discovery of the

Fate of Sir John Franklin. Plates. 1 2mo, cloth.

Boston, MDCCCLX.


3190 M'Clintock. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate

of Sir John Franklin and his Companions. With
Maps and Illustrations. 12mo, hoards.

Philadelphia, 1860.

3191 M'Clure (A. W.) The Life of John Cotton. 24mo,

cloth. Boston, 1846.

3192 M'CuLLOCH (J. R.) Universal Gazetteer. A Dictiona-

ry, G-eographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the vari-
ous Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in
the World. Maps. 2 Vols. 8vo, calf.

New York, 1851,

3193 M'CuLLOCH. Essays on Exchange, Interest, Money and

other Subjects. Syo, cloth. . Boston, 1850.

319 4 M'DiARMiD (John). The Scrap Book, a Collection of
Amusing and Striking Pieces. 12mo, half bound.

Edinburgh, 1822.

V - ' 3195 Mace (Fayette). Shakerism, Illustrated and Defended.
» 12mo, pp. 120. Portland, 1838.

3196 McG-EE (Tho^ D'Arcy). A History of the Irish Set-
/ ^ tiers in North America, from the Earliest Period to the

Census of 1850. \2mOj cloth. Boston, 1852.

3197 McGufpet's Rhetorical Guide. 12mo, sheep.

Cincinnati, (1844.)

3198 Mack (Ebenezer). The Cat Fight: A Mock Heroic
Poem, supported with copious Extracts from Ancient
and Modern Classic Authors. Engravings. 12mo,
hoards, uncut. Scarce. New York, 1824.

3199 Mack. Oration before the New York Typographical
Society, July 5, 1813. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, 1830.

3200 Mack AY (Charles). Life and Liberty in America. With'
Ten Illustrations. \2mo, cloth. New York, 1859.

3201 McKexney (Thos. L.) Reply to Kosciusko Arm-
strong's Assault. 8vo. New York, 1847.

3202 McKenney. Pamphl.ets (2). Narrative and Review.


3203 McKiNNEN (Daniel). A Tour through the British West

Indies, in the years 1802 and 1803. 12mo, calf, gilt.

London, 1804.

3204 Mackintosh (John). Principles of Pathology, and

Practice of Physic. 2 Vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1836.

3205 Mackenzie (Sir Alexander). Yoyages from Montreal,

on the River St. Lawrence, through the Continent of
North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans, in
the years 1789 and 1793. With Maps and a Portrait
8vo, half calf anticiue. . New York, 1814

3206 Mackenzie (Alexander S.) Case of the Somers' Mu

tiny. 8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1843

3207 Mackenzie (H.) The Man of Feeling. Small 8vo

sheep. London, 1803

3208 Mackenzie (John). Sermons. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1800.

3209 Mackenzie (William L.) Lives and Opinions of Ben-

jamin Butler and Jesse Hoyt. 8vo, pp. 150.

Boston, 1845.

3210 Mackie (J. Milton). Life of Tai-PiHg-Wang, Chief of

the Chinese Insurrection. , Plates. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1857.

3211 McLellan (I., Jr.) Journal of a Residence in Scotland,

and Tour through England, France, Germany, Switzer-
land, and Italy. With a Memoir of the Author, 12mo,
cloth. Boston, 1834.

3212 MacLeod (Donald). Biography of Hon. Fernando

Wood. Port. V2mo, cloth.- New York, 1 856.

3213 MACLEOD (William). New York and Erie Rail Road

Guide Book. With One Hundred and Thirty-Six En-
gravings. By Lossing and Barritt. 12nio, cloth.

New York, (1851.)

3214 MacMullen (John). Nathan Hale. 8vo, pp. 31.

New York, 1858.


3215 MacMullen. The Past, The Present, and The Future.

8vo. New York, 1856.

3216 M'Nbile (Rev. Hugh). A Lecture on the Life of Dr.

Franklin. Svo, pp. 48. London, 1842.

Contains a three page Fac-Simile Letter of Franklin's, and an Engrav-
ing of tlie Franklin Press. Printed on tliat identical press.

3217 McSherry (James). A History of Maryland, from its
%^ fti Settlement in 1634, to the year 1848. 12mo, cloth.

Baltimore, 1852.

3218 Mc Vice AR (John). Political Economy. 24mo, c/oi;A.

Boston, 1835.

3219 McYiCKAR. The Chapel-School of St. Barnabas, Dear-
man, N. Y., and Account of the Origin of the School,
and its Educational Arrangements. 8vo, pp. 30.

New York, 1853.

3220 M'Whorter (Alexander). The Blessedness of the Lib-
eral. A Sermon Preached Nov. 1, 1796. 8vo, pp. 28,
uncut. New York, 1796.

3221 Madge, or Night and Morning. By H. B. G-. 12mo,
cloth. New York, 1863.

3222 Mafpit (Rev. John N.) A Narrative of the Difficulties
Attending His First Marriage. With Portraits. 8vo,
pp. 3l,imcut. New York, 1848.

3223 Magazine of Wit, and American Humourist, containing
a Collection of the most Admired Anecdotes, and a va-
riety of the Best Songs, chiefly composed in Honour of
the Naval and Military Victories gained during the late
War. Embellished with a representation of Perry's
Victory. 24mo, half morocco. Scarce.

Philadelphia, 1821.

3224 Mahan (Rev. A.) Modern Mysteries Explained and
Exposed. Clairvoyant Revelations, Phenomena of
Spiritualism, and Clairvoyant Revelations of Emanuel
Swedenborg. 12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1855. .

3225 Maitre (Le) Italien ou le G-rammaire Francoise et Ital-
ienne. l2mo, calf, gilt. A Lyon, mdcclxxxiv.


3226 Major Jones' Courtship, or Adventures of a Christmas

Eve. 12mo, pp. 62. Savannah, 1850.

3227 Mall (Thomas). The History of the Martyrs, Epito-

mised. A Cloud of Witnesses, or the Sufferer's Mir-
rour. 2 Vols. 8vo, sheep. Boston, mdccxlvil

3228 Maltby (Edward). Sermons. Vol. I. 8vo, hoards,

uncut. London, 1819.

3229 Malte-Bbun (Conrad). A System of Universal Geog-

raphy. With Additions and Corrections by James G-.
tPercival. Embellished with a complete Atlas, and a
Series of Beautiful Engravings. 3 Vols. Royal 4to,
hi, 48 numbers, rough edges. Boston, 1844.

3230 Man (Thomas). Pictures of a Factory Village. To

which are annexed, Remarks on Lotteries. 12mo,
;,; boards. Providence, Printed for the Author, 1833.

■. Suppressed.

3231 Man". A Picture of Woonsocket, or the Truth in its

Nudity. Engravings. 12mo, boards.

Printed for the Author, 1835.

A Suppressed Work. Very scarce.

3232 Man (The) in the Moon, Discovering a World of Kna-
very under the Sunne, and the Commonwealth Mercury.
2 Nos., 1658. 3 Pamphlets. 4to.

H London, Reprinted, 1854.

3233 Man (The) in the Moon. 12mo. London, 1849.

3234 Man Unmasked: Being a Wonderful Discovery lately

made in the Island of Japan. Written in the Japanese
Language, by the Spirit of Contradiction, and Transla-
ted into English, for the Benefit of the Public, by Sir
Tristan Neverbegood. Both of them Eye-Witnesses to
the Whole Affair. 4to, half morocco. London, 1706.

3235 Mann (Edward J.) The Deaf and Dumb, or a Collec-

tion of Articles relating to the Condition of Deaf Mutes,
their Education, and the Principal Asylums devoted to
their Instruction. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1836.

V E. J. Mann was a deaf mute.



3236 Mann (Herman). Historical Annals of Dedham, from'
„j *-="" its Settlement, in 1635, to 1847. 8vo, cloth.

Dedham, 1847.

3237 Mann. Human Prudence, or the Art by which a Man

and a Woman may be advanced to Fortune, to perma-
nent Honor, and to real Grandeur. 12mo, sheep.

Dedham, 1806.

3238 Mann (Horace). Dedication of Antioch College, and

Inaugural Address of its President. 24mo, cloth.

Yellow Springs, 0., 1854.

3239 Mann. Thoughts for a Young Man. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1853.

3240 Management (The) of the Tongue. 12mo, boards, uncid.

Boston, 1814.

3241 Manesca (John). Strictures on Phrenological Doc-

trines. 8vo, pp. 28. New York, 1832.

3242 Manifestations of the Beneficence of Divine Providence

towards America. A Discourse delivered on Thursday,
the 19th of February, 1795, being the day recommend-
ed, by the President of the United States, for general
Thanksgiving and Prayer. By Bishop Madison. 8vo,
pp. 23. Richmond, 1795.

3243 Mansfield (Edward D.) Life and Services of Gen.

Winfield Scott. Engravings. 12 mo, cloth.

New York, 1852.

3244 Mant (Alicia Catherine). Ingenious Scruples, relating

to the Sabbath, answered. 12mo, boards, uncut.

London, 1825.

3245 Mantell (Gideon).' The Wonders of Geology. 2

Vols. Colored Plates. Post 8vo, cloth.

London, 1838.

3246 Mantell (G. A.) Geological Excursions round the Isle

of Wight. Colored Plates. Post 8vo, cloth.

London, mdcccxlvii.

3247 Manual (A) of Conduct, or Christian Principle, Exem-

plified in Daily Practice. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1838.


"3248 Manual (A) of Prayer, for Public and Private Worship,
with a Collectiou of Hymns. 12mo, morocco.

Boston, 1845.

3249 Manual, for the Use of the Legislature of the State of

New York, 1857-1862-1863. 3 Vols. Umo,red
morocco, gilt. Albany, 1857-63.

3250 Manual of Church Discipline, together with the Cam

bridge Platform, adopted in 1()48, and the Confession
of Faith, adopted in 1680. 12mo, hoards.

Boston, 1846.

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