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York, under the Dutch. 2 Vols. Map and Engrav-
ings. 8vo, hoards. New York, mdccclv.

3770 O'Callaghan. A List of Editions of the Holy Scrip-

tures, and parts thereof, printed in America previous
to 1860. Eoyal 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Albany, Munsell k Rowland, 1861.

3771 O'Callaghan. Calender of N. Y. Colonial Manuscripts,

indorsed " Land Papers," in the Office of the Secretary
of State, of New York, 1643-1803. 8vo,pp. 1087, c«//.

Albany, 1864.

3772 O'Callaghan. Journal of the Voyage of the Sloop

Mary, from Quebec, Anno. 1701. Cap 4to, pp. 50.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866.
New York Colonial Tracts, No. 1. Edition 100.

3773 Occasional (The) 011a Podrida. Written against
Idleness, and between times. By Rosicrusius and Mys-
tagagos. 24mo, pp. 36. Baltimore, 1822.

3774 OccoM (Samson). A Sermon preached at the Execution

of Moses Paul, an IndiT.n, at New Haven, on the 2d of
\/ Sept. 1772, for the murder of Mr. Moses Cook, late of

Waterbury, on the 7th of Dec. 1771. Preached at the
Desire of said Paul. 8vo, pp. 24.

New London, Ct., (1772.)

3775 OccOM. The Same. 12mo,pp. 24. Exeter, 1819.

3776 Ode (An) to the Pretender, humbly Inscribed to Mr.

Lesley and Mr. Pope, to which is added Earl Mortimer's
Fall. 8vo, pp. 18. London, 1713.

3777 Odes to a Fly, drowned in a Bowl of Puiich, to the

Fleas of Teneriflfe, &c., &c. By Peter Pindar. 8vo,
pp. 45 and 23. Dublin, mdccc,

3778 Oehme (F. G.) Homoeopathic Domestic Physician.

24mo, sheej). Concord, 1859.


3779 Of What, How, and Where Champagne is Made. By

an Ex-Hotel Keeper. 8vo, pp. 43. Buffalo, 1856.

3780 Official Catalogue of the New York Exhibition of the

Industry of all Nations, 1853. Half morocco.

New York, 1853.

3781 Official Record of the Court Martial which tried, and
the Order of General Jackson for Shooting, the Six
Militia Men, showing that these American Citizens
were Inhumanly and Illegally Massacred. 8vo, pp. 52,
tmcut. Scarce. Concord, 1828.

3782 Ogden (Geo. W.) Letters from the West, comprising

a Tour through the Western Country, and a Residence
of Two Summers in the States of Ohio and Kentucky,
originally written, in Letters to a Brother. ]2mo,
boards, tmcut. Rare. New Bedford, 1823.

3783 O'Keefe (John). Wild Oats, or the Strolling Gentle-

man, A Comedy in Five Acts, as performed at the
Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden. In same Vol., Lionel
and Clarissa, Philadelphia, 1794; Love in a Village, as
performed at the new theatre in Philadelphia, March,
1794; -and the Suspicious Husband, Philadelphia, 1791.
12mo, sheejp.

3784 Old Abbeys and Castles of England. 16mo, pp. 61.

London, 1858.

3785 Old Hundred Collection of Sacred Music, or a Compi-

lation of the Most Approved Psalmody, selected from
Various Authors, for the Use "of Public and Social
Worship. Oblong 8vo, half bound. Boston, 1824.

3786 Old Times and New, or a Few Raps over the Knuckles

of the Present Age. By Julius Schnap, and Hans Van
Garretson, the Orange Blossoms of New Amsterdam.
12mo, pp. 93, rough edges. New York, 1846.

3787 Old (The) English Squire, " A JOvial Gay Fox Hunter,

Bold, Prank, and Free." By John Careless, Esq. Il-
lustrated with Plates, by One of the Family. 8vo,
half bound. London, 1821.


3788 Old (The) South Church, in Boston, Mass, with List of
' the Founders, the Pastors, the Ruling Elders and Dea-
cons, and the Surviving Members. 12 mo, pp. 24.

Boston, 1826.

3789 Oliver (John), A Present to be given to Teeming

Women, by their Husbands and Friends, containing
Scripture Directions for Women with child, how to pre-
pare for the hour of Travail. Written, first, for the pri-
vate use of a gentlewoman of quality in the West, and
now published for the common good, by John Oliver,
less than the least of all Saints. Small 8vo, sheep.

London, 1669.

Curious and rare.

3790 Olmsted (Denison). Introduction to Astronomy, En-

gravings. 8vo, sheep. New York, 1839.

3791 Olmsted (T.) The Musical Olio. Oblong 8vo, Joar^^s.

Scarce, Northampton, 1805,

3792 Ondbrdonk (Henry, Jr.) Revolutionary Incidents of

Queens County, with Connecting Narratives, Explana-
tory Notes and Additions, 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1846.

3793 Onesimus. or the Apostolic Directions to Christian

Masters, in reference to their Slaves, considered, 24mo,
cloth. Boston, 1842,

3794 Operations (The) of the French Fleet, under the

Count De Grasse, in 1781-2, as described in two Con-
temporaneous Journals, Port, of De Orasse, on India
paper. Inip. 8vo, c/oi;A. New York, 1864.

Bradford Club Series, No. 3. Edition, 150 copies.

3795 Opie (Amelia), Illustrations of Lying, in all its Bran-

ches. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1826,

3796 Opinion (The) of Dow, or Lorenzo's Thoughts on diflfer-
V^ ent Religious Subjects, in an Address to the People of

^ ' New England, 18mo, sheep. Windham, 1804.


3797 Oration (An), delivered by permission, on Board the

Nassau Prison Ship, at Chatham, England, on the
Fourth of July, 1814, By an American Prisoner of
War. 8vo, pp. 8. Scarce. Boston, 1815.

3798 Oeation (An) on the Beauties of Liberty, or the Essen-

tial Bights of the Americans, delivered at the Second
Baptist Church, in Boston, upon the last Annual Thanks-
giving, Dec. 3d, 1772. By a British Bostonian. 8vo,
pp. 80. Boston, N. E., 1773.

3799 Oration by Gov. Parker, at the Dedication of a Monu-

ment to John Hart, one' of the Signers of the Declara-
tion of Independence, from New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 29.

Trenton, 1865.

3800 Orations. Boston Massacre. A Set of the Boston

Massacre Orations, as follows ; all of these orations
are scarce, and several very rare :

I. — Lovell (James). An Oration, delivered April 2d,
1771, at the Bequest of the Inhabitants of the Town of
Boston, to Commemorate the bloody Tragedy of the
Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 19, the oration perfect,
hut has a piece cut from the last leaf after the reading
matter, ro7igh edges. Boston, 1771.

II. — Warren (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March
5th, 1772, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the
Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy
of the Fifth of March, 1 770. 4to, pp. 18, m good order.

Boston, 1772.

III. — Church (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March
Fifth, 1773, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the
Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy
of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 20, in good order.

Boston, 1773.

IV. — Hancock (John). An Oration, delivered March 5,
1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of
Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the
Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 20, presentation copy,
from the Author, in good condition. Boston, 1774.




Y. — Warren (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March
/Sixth, 1775, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the
^ Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy
of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 23, last page a
little stained, and a yiece of blank paper cut from it,
otherwise in fine condition. Boston, 1775.

VI. — Thacher (Peter). An Oration delivered at Water-
town, March 5, 1776, to Commemorate the Bloody
Massacre at Boston, perpetrated March 5, 1770. 4to,
pp. 15, in fine order. Watertown, 1776.

YII. — Highborn (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered
March 5th, 1777, at the Request of the Inhabitants of
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody
Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 18.

Boston, 1777.

VIII. — Dawes (Thomas, Jr.) An Oration, delivered
March 5th, 1781, at the Request of the Inhabitants of
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Trag-
edy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 22, a leaf
gone at the end. Boston, 1781.

IX. — Minot (George Richards). An Oration, delivered
March 5th, 1782, at the Request of the Inhabitants of
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody
Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 15:
presentation copy from the author, in good order.

Boston, 1782.

X. — Welsh (Thomas). An Oration, delivered March 5th,
1783, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of
Boston, to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the
Fifth of March, 1770. 4to, pp. 18, p/•ese/ito/^o;^ copy
from the author, and in very fine order. Boston, 1783.

3801 Orations, delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of
the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the Evening of
the Fifth of March, 1770. 8vo, hoards. Boston, 1785.

3802 Oraisons Funebres de Bossuet. 12mo, uncut.

Paris, 1810.


3803 Order (The) and Forme for Church Government, by

Bishops, and the Clergie of this Kingdome, voted in the
House of Commons, on Friday, July 16, 1641. 4to,
pp. 8. (s.I.) 1641.

3804 ORDiNATiOiSr Sermons (13). Several, of the last century,

and none later than 1825. Nearly all uncut, in fine
condition, and scarce.

3805 Origin and History of the Art of Printing, Foreign and

Domestic, including a Chronological List of Eminent
Printers, a Curious Dissertation on the Origin and Use
of Paper, a History of Engraving on Wood and Copper,
and a Catalogue of Remarkable Bibles and Common
Prayers, from the Infancy of Printing, to the end of the
Eighteenth Century. 12mo, half hound. Very scarce.

London, mi>cccxiii.

3806 Origin, Principles, and Objects of the Contest in which

Texas is at present engaged. 8 vo, pp. ,56, ?mcwi;.

New York, 1836.

3807 Origin, Symptoms, and Cure of the Influenza, with some

Hints respecting Incipient Pulmonary Consumption.
8vo, hoards. Philadelphia, 1832.

3808 Osgood (David). Sermon on the Day of National

Thanksgiving, 1783. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, 1784.

3809 Osgood. Sermons. 8vo, sheep. Boston, 1824.

3810 Osgood (George). Historical Sketch of Danvers Plains.

8vo, pp. 32. Scarce. Salem, 1855.

3811 Ostrea, or the Loves of the Oysters: A Lay. By A.

Fishe Shelly, Esq. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1857.

3812 Otis (Harrison G.) Eulogy on Gen. Alexander Hamil-

ton, Pronounced, at the Request of the Citizens of Bos- •'^
ton, July 26, 1804. 8vo, pp. 24. Boston, 1804.

3813 Otis. Oration delivered, July 4, 1788, at the Request

of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston. 4to, pp. 23. ^

Boston, 1788.


3814 [Otis (James).] The Rudiments of Latin Prosedy,
with a Dissertation. 12mo, pp. 60-72, uncut. Eare.

Boston, N. B., mdcclx.

3815 Otis. A Vindication of the Conduct of the House of

Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts-
Bay, more particularly in the last Session of the Gener-
al Assembly. 8vo, pp. 53. Rare. Boston, 1762.

3816 Our First Men. A List of Persons, in Boston, Worth

One Hundred Thousand Dollars, with Biographical No-
tices. 8vo, pp. 48, uncut. Boston, 1846.

3817 Ovid's Epistles, in English Verse, by Alexander Pope,

and other translators. 2 Vols. 24mo, hoards, uncut.

London, 1807.

3818 Owen (Robert Dale). Labor: Its History and Pros-

pects. 8vo, pp. 39. Cincinnati, 1848.

3819 Owen. Moral Physiology, or a Brief and Plain Trea-

tise on the Population Question. Plate. 12mo, 6o«r^s.

New York, 1835.

3820 OwENSON (Miss). The Wild Irish Girl. A National

Tale. 12mo, half bound. Boston, 1808.

3821 Pacific Railroad. Explorations for a Railroad Route

from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Mag-
nijiciently illustrated with Maps and numerous Plates,
many of .which are finely colored, of Scenery, Natural
History, S^c. 13 Vols. 4to. Washington City, v.d.

3822 Packard (Asa). A Sermon, at Surry, at the Ordina-

tion of the Rev. Perley Howe, Sept. 16, 1795. 8vo,
pp. 30, halflound. Walpole, N. H., 1796.

3823 Paddock (Judah). Narrative of the Shipwreck of the

Ship Oswego, on the Coast of South Barbary, and of the
Sufferings of the Master and the Crew, while in bondage
among the Arabs. 8vo, sheep. New York, 1818.

3824 Paine (Thomas). Agrarian Justice opposed to Agrari-

an Law and to Agrarian Monopoly, being a Plan for
Meliorating the Condition of Man. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut.

Philadelphia, (s.a.)



3825 Paine. Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabitants
, (/\!^'^ of America. 8vo, hoards. Philadelphia, mdcclxxvi.

3826 [Paine.] Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabi-
tafits of America. A New Edition, with several Addi-
tions in the Body of the Work ; to which is added an
Appendix, together with an Address to the People
called Quakers. 8vo, pp. 62. Philadelphia, (1776).

Paine. Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabitants
of America. 8vo, pp. 43. Boston, 1803.

3828 [Paine.] Common Sense. Addressed to the Inhabi-
tants of America. 8vo, pp. 62.

Philadelphia, Printed : Newburyport, Reprinted,


3829 [Paine.] Common Sense. The Third Edition. 8vo,
pp. 28. Salem, 1776.

2830 [Paine.] Large Additions to Common Sense. Ad-
dressed to the Inhabitants of America. 8vo, pp. 70.
Philadelphia, Printed: Newport, Reprinted, 1775.

3831 Paine. Dissertation, on First Principles of Govern-

ment. 8vo, pp. 32.

Paris, 3d Year of the French Republic.

3832 Paine. First Principles of Government. 8vo, pp. 40,

uncut. Paris, 1795.

3833 Paine. The Decline and Fall of the English System of

Finance. 8vo, pp. 33. Philadelphia, 1796.

3834 Paine, Letter addressed to the Addressers on the

late Proclamation. 8vo, pp. 40. London, 1792.

3835 Paine. Letters from, to the Citizens of the United

States, on his arrival from France. 8vo, pp. 40.

Washington City, 1802.

3836 Paine. Two Letters to Lord Winslow, and to Mr.

Henry Dundas, on the late Proclamation. 8vo, pp. 36.

London, 1792.

3837 Paine. Prospects on the War, and Paper Currency.

8vo, pp. 68. London, 1793.



3838 Paine. Rights of Man, Part the First, being an Answer

to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution. 8vo,
pp.88. New York, 1792.

3839 [Paine.] The Political Crisis, or a Dissertation on the
Rights of Man. 8vo, pp. 125, uncut. London, 1791.

3840 Paine's Second Part of the Age of Reason, Answered by-

James Tytler. 12mo, pp. 107, uncut. Salem, 1796.

3841 Paine (Thomas). Letter to the Abbe Rajnal, in which

the Mistakes, in the Abbe's Account of the Revolution of
America, are corrected and cleared up. 8vo, pp. 70.

Boston, 1782.

3842 Paine. Oration, July 17, 1799, in Commemoration of

the Dissolution of the Treaties between France and the
U. S. A. 8vo, pp. 30, uncut. Boston, 1799.

3843 Paine. The Invention of Letters, a Poem, written at the

Request of the President of Harvard University, and
delivered, in Cambridge, on the Annual Commencement,
July 15, 1795. 4to,pp. 15. Rare. Boston, 1795.

3844 Paine. The Ruling Passion, an Occasional Poem, writ-

ten, by the appointment of the Society of the Phi Beta
Kappa, and spoken, on their Anniversary in the Chapel
of the University, Cambridge, July 20, 1797. 4to, pp.
32. Boston, 1797.

3845 Paine (Robert T., Jr.) The Works of, in Yerse and
^^ "^ Prose, with Notes. Port. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce.
'^' Boston, 1812.

3846 Painting. Its Rise and Progress, from the Earliest Ages

to the Present Time. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1846.

3847 Paget (F. E.) Sermons on Duties of Daily Life. 12 mo,

cloth. Philadelphia, 1844.

3848 Paley (William). Moral and Political Philosophy.

2 Yols. 2imo, cloth, gilt. Boston, 1827.

3849 Paley. Sermons on Yarious Subjects. 8vo, boards,

Boston, 1827.


3850 Palet. The Works of. 3 Vols. Imperfect. 8vo,

boards, uncut. London, 1825.

3851 Paley. View of the Evidence of Christianity. 12mo,

sheep. Hallowell, 1826.

3852 Palfrey (J. G.) A Plea for the Militia System. 8vo,

pp. 35. Boston, 1835.

3853 Palfrey. Discourse at the Second Centennial, of the

Settlement of Cape Cod. 8vo, pp. 50. Boston, 1840.

3854 Palfrey. Discourses on Intemperance. X^tho, hoards,

uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1827.

3855 Palfrey. History of New England. Maps and Illus-

trations. 3 Vols. Imp. 8vo, cloth, edges uncut.

Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1865,

Large paper, only 100 copies printed.

3856 Palmer (Aaron H.) The Present State, Productions,

Trade, Commerce, &c., of the Comoro Islands, Abys-
sinia, Persia, Burmah, Cochin China, the Indian Archi-
pelago, and Japan. 8vo. New York, 1846.

3857 Palmer (J. C. R.) Explanation, or Eighteen Hundred

and Thirty, being a Series of Facts connected with the
Life of the Author, from Eighteen Hundred and Twen-
ty-Five to the Present Day. 24mo, half hound. Rare.

Boston, 1831.

Palmer was supposed to be implicated in the murder of Capt. White, at

3858 Palmer (Peter S.) History of Lake Champlain, from

its First Exploration by the French, in 1609. Rubrica-
ted title, tinted paper. Royal 8vo, uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, L866.

Large paper, very smaU edition.

3859 Palmer (Ray). Closet Hours. 12mo, cloth.

Albany, 1851.

3860 Palmer. Hymns and Sacred Pieces, with Miscellaneous

Poems. Rubricated title, tinted paper. 8vo, hoards,
rough edges. Albany, J, Munsell, 1865.

Large paper, only 25 copies printed.


3861 Palmee (Stephen). A Sermon delivered in Needham,

Nov. 16, 1811, on the Termination of a Century since
the Incorporation of the Town. 8vo, pp, 44, W7zcwf.
Very scarce. Dedham, 1811.


The following, whether in volumes or lots, will be sold at so much each
tract lot, number 3862 to number 3956, inclusive :

3862 Pamphlets (6). Bearing on the Orders in Council,

New York, 1808; Paine's Address before the Mass.
Charitable Society, Boston, 1808; History of the Cap-
tivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Maria Martin, who was six
years a Slave, in Algiers, two of which she was confined
in a dark and dismal Dungeon,- loaded with irons, for
refusing to comply with the brutal request of a Turkish
Officer. Written by Herself. Boston, 1807; etc.
8vo, half hound.

3863 Pamphlets (4). A Compleat Translation of the whole

Case, of Mary Catherine Cadiere, against the Jesuite
Father John Baptist Gerard, in a Memorial presented
to the Parliament of Aix, in which that Jesuite is ac-
cused of Seducing her, and six other female Votaries, by
the Abominable Doctrines of Quietism, into the most
Criminal Excesses of Lewdness. 12mo, London, 1732 ;
The Memorial, of the Jesuit Father J. B, Gerard,
against Mary C. Cadiere. Plate. London, 1732;
Collection of letters between the parties, and a com-
plete translation of the Sequel of the Proceedings, con-
taining many curious pieces, under different heads. Plate.
London, 1732. Half calf .

3864 Pamphlets (7). A Curious Collection of Tracts, relat-

ing to a Controversy which took place between the
Apothecaries and Physicians of London about two Cen-
turies ago. The Vol. is probably unique. 4to, calf.

London, 1670-71.

3865 Pamphlets (6). A Circumstantial Detail of Mrs. Sid-

dons' Life, for the last Seven Years. London, 1809.
The Criminal Law of England, etc.


3866 Pamphlets (5). A Submissive Appearance before Cx-

S'a.r ; Popery in Grosse ; The Period of the Persian
Monarchic ; The Overthrows of Stage Players, wherein
is Manifestly Provided, that it is not onely unlawful to
be an actor, but a beholder of those vanities. 4to, calf.
Heidelberg and London, 1615-29.

3867 Pamphlets (4). An Appeal to the Impartial Public, by

the Independents in Gloucester, Boston, 1785; Obser-
vations on the Present State of the Clergy in New
England, by Peter Thatcher, Boston, 1783; Strictures
on Mr. Thatcher's Pamphlet, by J. S., a Layman, Bos-
ton, 1784; And the Reply to Mr. J. S., a Layman, by
Peter Thatcher, Boston, s.a. A rare collectton of New
England Pamphlets, all uncut and clean.

3868 Pamphlets (9 ). An Appeal to the Public, by the Society

of Christian Independents in Gloucester, Boston, 1785 ;
The other pamphlets relate, principally, to the doings of
the Ecclesiastical Council at Pomfret, Conn., in 1792,
and a Controversy between Rev. John Sherman and
Rev. Daniel Dow, of Thompson, Conn. 8vo, half sheep.

3869 Pamphlets (19). An Inquiry into the cause of Animal

Life; James Dean's Oration on Curiosity, Burlington,
Yt., 1810; Gov. Trumbull's Funeral Sermon, by Tim-
othy Dwight, etc. 8vo, half hound.

3870 Pamphlets (5). Address to the Inhabitants of London

and Westminster ; A Second Address to the Same ; A
Plea for Humane Reason ; A Plea for Divine Revelation ;
An Answer to the Last; A Defence for the Plea of Hu-
man Reason, &c. 8vo, calf. London, 1730-31.

3871 Pamphlets (4), Affecting Case of the Queen of Hun-

gary, London, 1 742 ; Review of the Present Troubles
of Germany, London, 1 743 ; Narrative of the Late Cam-
paigns in Germany and Flanders, London, 1751. 8vo,
half bound.

3872 Pamphlets (7). All relating to English Foreign Affairs ;

an interesting and valuable collection. 8vo, half vel-
lum. London, 1744—45.


3872** Pamphlets (9). All relating to Queen Caroline; an in-
teresting and valuable collection. 8vo, half calf.

London and Dublin, v.y.

3873 Pamphlets (16). American Funeral Sermons. Some

as early as 1795, contains Wm. Morrison's Sermon on
Gen'l Washington, Preached at Londonderry, N. H.,
1800. 12mo. The binding of this volume makes it a

3874 Pamphlets (3). Anecdotes of Hogarth, and Catalogue

of his Works, London, 1781; Coxe on Prisons, Hos-
pitals and Punishments in Russia, Sweden and Den-
mark, etc. 8vo, calf.

3875 Pamphlets (5). Barnard's Sermon at the Ordination

of the Rev. Aaron Bancroft, 1786; Haven's at the Or-
dination of Jacob Burnap, 1772, etc. 8vo, sheep.

3876 Pamphlets (17). Biographical and Personal; Daniel

Drayton ; Rajah Rammohun Roy ; Dr. H. H. Jones ; Van
Buren ; B. F. Butler; Chas. Linsley ; Lord Baltimore ;
Wm. Rawle ; Hugh Williamson, and others.

3877 Pamphlets (8). Blair's Grave; The Wit's Magazine,

and several Pamphlets relating to the Dissenters at
Hackney. 8vo, half bound.

3878 Pamphlets (10). Case of Margaret C. Rudd, at the

Old Bailey, 1775; Dr. Harwood Relieved of Palsy
by Electricity ; Antiquity of Government ; Arts and Si-
ences in Egypt, etc. ; half calf. London, v.y.

3879 Pamphlets (7). Caesar's Commentary; The Passage of

St. Gothard ; The Clapiad, (Poetical directions for ac-
quisition and treatment ;) Mock Elegy on Peter Pindar ;
The Sphinx's Head Broken, and Stephens' Lecture on
Heads. 4to, half calf. London, v.y.

3880 Pamphlets (28). Chronicles of the Latter-Days, etc.

12 Nos. of the L'is. 8vo, half bound.

3881 Pamphlets (4). Concerning an Ecclesiastical Council at

Stockbridge, Mass., Oct. 1779; A Plea before the


Council, in the Cause of Mrs. Fisk, who was excommu-
nicated for marrying a Man whom they called immoral
and profane, Boston, 1782; Bacon's Letter to Joseph
Huntington, Boston, 1782; Letters of G-ratitude to the
Connecticut Pleader, J. Huntington, D. D., for his Let-
ters of Friendship to a certain class of Gentlemen, with
Illustrations from Recent Examples, by Impartialis,
Hartford, 1781, and Illustrations Illustrated, Containing
a Brief Reply, &c., by John Bacon, A. M., Hartford,
1781. All rare New England Pamphlets, in fine con-

3882 Pamphlets (6). Concerning the Tariff. 8vo, half

hound. 1831-32.

3883 Pamphlets (20). Comprising the first 10 Nos. of a French

Newspaper, published in New York, in 1814. %YO,half
sheep. Rare.

3884 Pamphlets (12). Containing various Addresses, Ser-

mons, &c., by G. W. Bethune, J. W. Francis, and Chas.
Sumner. 8vo, half morocco.

3885 Pamphlets (34). Comprising Addresses, Sermons, &c.,

by distinguished Men. Autograph of J. Q. Adams and
others. A valuable selection. Various places and dates.

3886 Pamphlets (8). Collectia Curiosa ; Letter to Fox,

and Speech of Fox, respecting . Public Affairs, 1792;
Truth and Reason, against Place and Pension ; The
Englishman's Right ; Reform in Parliament ; Reflections
on the English and French Revolutions, etc. 8vo, halj

3887 Pamphlets (16). Colman's Sermon on the Accession

of Geo. IL, Boston, 1727; Elijah's Mantle, by Samuel
Cheever, Boston, 1724; Sketch of Gov. Hancock, Bos-
ton, 1736; The Vision of Nathan Culver, late of New-
town, N. Y., etc. Many of these rare.

3888 Pamphlets (6). Counsels of Prudence for the Use of

Young People, London, 1735; Directions for the Con-
duct of Young People in Private Life, London, 1 739,
etc. 8vo,. calf.


3889 Pamphlets (7). Directions for Impregnating Water
with fixed Air, by J. Priestly ; The New Method of Ex-
tinguishing Fires by Explosion and Suifocation. (These
Tracts shmo the origin of the manufacture of soda water,
and foreshadow the invention of the Fire Annihilator.)
Considerations on the Causes of Earthquakes ; Inquiry
into the Nature, Order and Government of Bees, etc.
A valuable collection. 8vo, half hound.

3*^90 Pamphlets (3). Discourses on Thos. Paine ; The Thea-
ter ; East and West. By M. D. Conway. 8vo, 1857-60.

3891. Pamphlets (10). Debate in the House of Represen-

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