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tatives, of Pennsylvania, Relative to the Bank of the"
United States, 1811; Trial of Maturin Livingston,
against James Cheetham, for a Libel ; Address of Mem-
bers of House of Representatives on the War with
Great Britain ; Address to the People of England, by
Cobbett ; The Military System of Fj'ance ; Causes and
Character of the late War ;. Proceedings of the Hart-
ford Convention, original edition; Plan of an Improv-
ed System of the Money concerns of the Union. 8vo,
half morocco, 1811—16.

3892 Pamphlets (2). Dr. Nott and Union College.

Albany, 1853.

3893 Pamphlets (10). De Witt Clinton's Discourse before

the Literary and Philosophical Society of New York,
1814; Papers Relative to the Recent Riots at Balti-
more, Philadelphia, 1812; Trial of Alex. Whistelo,
containing 56 pp. of evidence and learned arguments, by
the Physicians, Lawyers and others, as to whether or not a
Black Man can be the Father of a White Baby. Usefid
and interesting. New York, 1808. 8vo, half hound.

3894 Pamphlets (22). English printed ; several relate to Re-

ligious aifairs in India.

3895 Pamphlets (4). Epitome of Mohammedan Law; The

Marches of the British Armies in India; The Dangers


of India from French Invasion ; The Husbandry and
Internal Commerce of Bengal. 8vo, half calf.

Calcutta and London, v.y.

3896 Pamphlets (11). Eulogy on Wasliington, by Minot;

ditto, by Paine ; ditto, by Ames ; Correspondence be-
tween John and Samuel Adams, Boston, 1802 ; Letters
on John Adams, from Alexander Hamilton, New York,
1800; Several Pamphlets by Edmund Burke. Syo,half

3897 Pamphlets (4). Examination of President Edwards' In-

quiry on Freedom of Will, Boston, 1770 ; Several Nos.
of the Monthly Repertory, containing Articles refer-
ring to America, etc. 8vo, calf

3898 Pamphlets (4). Facts for the People; Wealthy Citi-

zens of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia ; Diary of a
Landlord, etc. 8vo, halfturlcey morocco.

3899 Pamphlets (6). Frauds on Neutral Flags ; The Road

Maker's Guide ; The Trial of Gov. T. Picton, for in-
flicting the Torture on Louisa Calderon, with Plate ;
Remarks on the Oude Question; Wilkinson's Account
of the Navigation and Commerce of the Black Sea,
etc. 8vo, half calf . London, v.y.

3900 Pamphlets (31). Funeral Honors bestowed on the Re-

mains of Capt. Lawrence and Lieut. Ludlow, with Eu-
logy by Judge Story — seoeral pages of valuable MS.
notes concerning the affair . of the Chesapeake ; \y
Pamphlets relating to Slavery ; The Invention of Let-
ters, a Poem by Thos. Paine ; The Original edition of
the Trial and conviction of S, and J. Boorn, for the
Murder of R. Colvin, etc. The Vol. contains numerous
broadsheets and newspaper cuttings i?iserted. 8vo, half

3901 Pamphlets (14). Funeral Orations, Sermons, and Eu-

logies on Distinguished Men; Oration on the Sublime
Virtues of Geo. Washington, by Fishor Ames. A Poem
Sacred to the Memory of Geo. Washington, by Richard


Alsop ; A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of George
Washington, by Peter Thacher. 8vo, half hound.

3902 Pamphlets (11). Grimke's Address on Peace; Tem-

perance Tracts ; Licensed Houses j The Case of Wil-
liam Yans, etc. 8vo, half hound.

3903 Pamphlets (10). Hall on Modern Infidelity ; Priestly's

Answer to Paine's Age of Reason ; Ancient Geography,
by Richard Perkins ; A Jewish Tract, on the 53d Chap-
ter of Isaiah, etc. 8vo, half calf.

3904 Pamphlets (5). Henderson on the History and Cure

of the Plague; Chas. Caldwell, on Yellow Fever and
Plague — full of MS. notes ; Miller's Report on the Ma-
lignant Diseases in New York, 1805, and Rogers on
the Properties of the Liriodendron. 8vo, half hound,
rouo;]i edcres.

3905 Pamphlets (21). History of the Old North and New

Brick Churches in Boston, by Henry Ware ; Dedica-
tion Sermon, by Edward Everett ; Election Sermon, by
Orville Dewey; John Adams' Funeral Sermon, by
Ware, etc. 8vo, half morocco.

3906 Pamphlets (15). Historical. A valuahle collection.

3907 Pamphlets (33). Historical, Personal and Local. No

duplicates ; a valuahle selection.

3908 Pamphlets (14). Inoculation for the Small-pox, con-

sidered and proved by the Word of God to be Sinful,
In a Sermon Preached Feb. 28, 1762, by Joseph Maul-
den, London, 1762; several Sermons concerning the
Jews; The Man in Iron, New York, 1797, etc. 8vo,
half hound.

3909 Pamphlets (14). Letters. To the Duke of Portland; Duke

of Argyll ; To the People of Ireland ; To a Friend on
the Marriage of the Prince of Wales ; To the Farmers
and Traders of Ireland; On the Conundrum now
solved by Bonaparte ; To the National Convention of
France, by Joel Barlow, etc. 8vo, half hound.


3910 Pamphlets (8). Lessons to a young Prince; Features

of Mr. Jay's Treaty ; The Revolution of America, etc.

N.Y. and Phila., 1782-93.

3911 Pamphlets (17). Local History; 4th of July Orations

&c. A valuable selection.

3912 Pamphlets (8). Medical. On Insanity; Delirium Tre-

mens, &c.

3913 Pamphlets (24:). Mellen on Acetic Acid; History of

Steamship Great Britain ; The Observatory at Pulkowa ;
The Great Commercial Prize ; Phrenology not Opposed
to Religion; The Quackery of the Age; The Club
Room, &c.

3914 Pamphlets (6). Mrs. Galindo's Letter to Mrs. Siddons,

being a circumstantial detail of Mrs. Siddons' Life ;
Romilly's Observations on the Criminal Law of England ;
A New System of Education for Laboring People, etc.
8vo, half calf .

3915 Pamphlets (8). Mostly of a Controversal Character,

and relating to the Dissenters. Svo, half calf.

London, 1719-1735.

3916 Pamphlets (6). Mostly Narratives of Surprising Ad-

ventures. 12mo, half bound.

3917 Pamphlets (5). Mountaineers of Switzerland, N. Y.,

1796; The Politician Out-witted by an American, N.
Y., 1789 ; Daranzel, by Edward Everett, .Boston, 1800 ;
The Castle Spectre, as performed at Boston, Salem,
1799. 8vo, calf

3918 Pamphlets (8). Murder of the Marr Family; Murder

of the Williamson Family ; Death of John Williams, the
Murderer of both Families ; An Awful Warning ; Me-
moir of John Tuck, the Mock Parson ; The Soldier's
Companion ; The London Conjuror, etc. Plates, color-
ed and plain. 12mo, half calf.

3919 Pamphlets (8). National Fast and Thanksgiving Ser-

mons, &c., 1799 to 1815.

3920 Pamphlets (5). National Thanksgiving Discourses, deliv-

ered Nov. -29, 1798. Svo, half bound. Boston, 179i8.


3921 Pamphlets (5). Neutral Rights, by Schlegel, Phila.,

1801; Speeches, G-iles and Bayard, Boston, 1 802 ; G-lea-
son's 4th July Oration.; Bradford's Fast-day Sermon,
Boston, 1795; Dr. Warren's Eulogy on Thos. Russell,
Boston, 1796. Svo, uncut.

3922 Pamphlets (16). Of these, 8 relate to Mary Toft, the

Rabbit Breeder; The others are important Political
Pamphlets ; 2 on the subject of Liberty and Property.
Most of the Toft Pamphlets have had a name torn from
the title-page, and in some instances from the second leaf
with which exception they are all in fine condition. 8vo,
half hound. London, 1726-32.

A collection of Pamphlets concerning Mary Toft, sold in the Roxburgh
sale, for £36 15s.

3923 Pamphlets (9). On the Subject of the French Proph-

ets ; Answer to several Treatises, &c., by Sir R. Bulke-
ley; Reflections on "Bulkeley's Answer; An Account of
the French Prophets, and their Pretended Lispirations ;
Enthusiastic Imposters, no Divinely Inspired Proph-
ets ; An Essay of Humane Nature, or the Creation of
Mankind, etc. " Exceedingly rare and curious." 8vo,
half calf London, 1707-8.

Autograph of Z. Poulson.

392-1 Pamphlets (16). One, by Thomas Andros, Author of
the Jersey Captive ; Nathaniel Howe's Century Ser-
mon; Deceivers Made Manifest; An Historical Sketch
of Charlestown, in the County of Middlesex, and Com-
monwealth of Massachusetts, read to an Assembly of
Citizens at the Opening of Washington Hall, Nov, 1 6,
1813, by Josiah Bartlett, M. D., etc. Svo, half red

Bartlett's Sketch of Charlestown is a rare local history.

3925 Pamphlets (5). Pennington on Fermentation, Phila,,

1790; The Sufferings of Mary Dyer, etc. Svo, half

3926 Pamphlets (6). Plays; The Heiress, a Comedy, by

Lieut. Gen'l. John Burgoyne; The Spanish Friar; The


Constant Couple ; Gustavns Yasa, and Addison's Trag-
edy of Cato. Printed at Worcester, 1782. 12mo,

3927 Pamphlets (17). Publications of the Society for Pre-

serving Liberty and Property, against Republicans and
Libellers ; Tracts relating to affairs in Lxland ; Obser-
vations on the Dispute between the United States and
France, etc. 8vo, hoards.

3928 Pamphlets (8). Question whether a Man may Lawful-

ly marry a Sister of Deceased Wife; Carey, on Plan
for Establishing a College in Philadelphia; Plan for
Administering the Girard Trust; Documents relating
to the Presidential election, 180 1, vindicating the Charac-
ter of James A. Bayard, from the Aspersions of Thomas
Jefferson ; Facts in relation to the building of the two
Greek Frigates ; Anniversary Discourse before New
York Historical Society, by G. C. Yerplanck, etc. 8vo,
half sheep.

3929 Pamphlets (6). Relating to the Dudley Observatory.

Albany, 1856-64.

3930 Pamphlets (3). Relating to the North-Eastern Boun-

dary of the State of Maine. 8vo, half morocco.

Portland, 1828.

3931 Pamphlets (4). Relating to the Theatres Royal, Lon-

don ; from the Library of W. E. Burton. 8vo, halj
purple calf. London, 1809-10.

3932 Pamphlets (8). Relating to the last War with Eng-

land; Report on the Subject of Impressed Seamen;
Hamilton's Letter on John Adams ; Correspondence be-
tween Gov. Sullivan and Col. Pickering; David Os-
good's Solemn Protest against the Declaration of War,
etc. 8vo, hoards.

3933 Pamphlets (9). Royal Disaster, or Dangers of a

Queen ; The Regent and the King, or a Trip from Hart-
well to Dover; Pickering's Letter to James Sullivan;
The Narrative of Mr. Jolui Soren, a Native of the Uni-


ted States of America, Piratically captured on the High.
Seas, in Requittal for an Act of Humanity, in saving a
British Transport, with near 300 troops on Board, from
Sinking; The Crisis, by a Citizen of Vermont, etc.
8vo, l^Lilf sheep, gilt.

3934 Pamphlets (7). Samuel Johnson's Eemarks on Dr.

Sherlock's Book, London, Printed for the Author,
1689; The Christian Hero, by Mr. Steele, London,
1711 ; The Constitution of His Holiness, Pope Clement
XL, Rome, 1713; Letter to a Friend, concerning the
Great Sin, &c., London, 1714; The Great Duty of a
Decent Behaviour in Church, London, 1716; Of Chil-
drens' Capacity to receive Religious Instruction, Lon-
don, 1717 ; and a Discourse showing that the Marriages
of Such as are near of Kin, are Sinful and Abominable
now. Under the Gospel, as well as they were Under the
Law, London, 1718. 8vo, half vellum.

3935 Pamphlets (7). Selections from the Works of Cobbett;

Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine; 'The Scare-
Crow, etc. 8vo, half bound, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1796.

3936 Pamphlets (15). Sermons, &c.

3937 Pamphlets (14). Sermons, Addresses, &c. ; Port, of

Dr. Benj. Rush. 8vo, half hound.

3938 Pamphlets (14). Sermons, by Parish, Ware, Holmes,

Worcester, and other New England Divines. 8vo,
hoards, uncut. Boston, 1810—21.

3939 Pamphlets (9). Several Discourses on Music, and two

Masonic, by Nathaniel Adams and Samuel Davis, at the
Installation of a Lodge in Amherst, 1797. 8vo.

3940 Pamphlets (8). Short Account of Algiers, Map, Phila.,

1794; Account of Malignant Fever in Philadelphia,
Pliila., 1793 ; Features of Mr. Jay's Treaty, Phila,, 1795 ;
Trial of Jaines Cheetham and others, Phila., 1794; The
Danger which Threatens Europe, New York, 1795;
Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Resignation, Phila.,
1795, etc. 8vo, half morocco.


3941 Pamphlets (6). Stratford, as connected with Shaks-

peare ; A Peep behind the Curtain; Mrs. Bibb's Baby;
Anderson's Parlor Magic, etc. Ports, and Engravings.
12mo, half calf.

3942 Pamphlets (8). T. Clarkson, on Improving the Condi-

tion of British Slaves ; An Essay on the Silk Worm, by
John T. Sharpless, of Philadelphia ; Lecture on the Nat-
ural History of New Jersey, by Samuel L. Mitchell ;
The Virginia edition of the various charges against
Aaron Burr, by Aristides, With an Appendix, by a
Gentleman of North Carolina. Portrait of Dr. Franklin.
8vo, sheep.

3943 Pamphlets (27). T. Jones' Dedication Sermon, Bos-

ton, 1817 ; Peter Whitney's Fast Sermon, Boston, 1812 ;
Reuben Puffer's Convention Sermon, Boston, 1811; The
Life Boat, a Poem, Boston, 1806, etc. 8vo, half mo-

3944 Pamphlets (7). The Anti-Jacobin Review and Maga-

zine, etc. 8vo, half hound.

From the libx-ary and with autograph of J. G. Percival.

3945 Pamphlets (3). The Babel of Quakerism Thrown

Down, by a Lover of the Truth, Loudon, 1731 ; Infidel-
ity Scourged, London, 1746, etc. 8vo, half calf rough

3946 Pamphlets (5). The Fatal Effects of the Present Ex-

cess of Public Charities ; The New Highland Adven-
turer in England ; The Life and Character of Lord Jef-
Ireys, and Letters Relating to Charles the I. 8vo, halj
hound. London, 1757-64.

3947 Pamphlets (19). The Fatal and Pernicious Conse-

quences of Mr. Jos. Bellamy's Doctrines Respecting
Moral Evil, Boston, 1759 ; Abiel Holmes' National Fast
Sermon; Nathaniel Potter's Sermon, Preached Jan. 1,
1758, at Brookline, Wherein is Briefly attempted a Dis-
covery of the Causes of Our Late National Calamities,
Disappointmentg and Losses, very rare, Boston, 1758;
Election Sermons, Humane Society Discourses, etc.
vo, half morocco.


3948 Pamphlets (T). The G-rotian Religion Discovered, at

the Invitation of Mr. Thomas Pierce, in his Vindication,
by Richard Baxter, Catholick, London, 1658; Vindicias
Anti-Baxterianffi, Or Some Animadversions on a Book
Intitled Reliquise Baxterianse, or the Life of Richard
Baxter, London, 1696, and several other Pamphlets,
by the Author of the last Piece. The Vol. contains a
great number of cotemporary manuscript notes. A printed
note on the last page, refers to Mrs. Dyar, of New Eng-
land. Small 8vo, calf.

3949 Pamphlets (7). The Portfolio. Engravings. 8yo, boards.

Philadelphia, 1822.

3950 Pamphlets (3). The Rights of Property Vindicated,

Against the Claims of Universal Suffrage ; The Spirit
of Despotism, etc. 8vo, half bound.

3951 Pamphlets (11). The Tryal of a Cause for Criminal

Conversation, between Theophilus G-ibber, Gent., Plain-
tiff, and William Sloper, Esq., Defendant, London, 1739 ;
An Essay towards the Character of Queen Caroline,
London, 1738 ; A Hue and Cry after a Pack of Hounds,
London, 1739; Proposal for a Bill to Repeal the Ten
Commandments, London, 1738. 8vo, half sheep.

3952 Pamphlets (19). The Volume is mostly the Collected
Works of James Creighton. 8vo, half bound.

3953 Pamphlets (19). Thoughts on the History of Jacob

and Esau, Worcester, 1791 ; Pocahontas, or the Gentle
Savage, etc. 12 mo, half sheep.

3954 Pamphlets (8), Treatise on Plows and Wheel Car-

riages, with other Scientific Tracts, American and Eng-
lish. 8vo, half sheep.

3955 Pamphlets (14). Two Sermons, by Joseph Buckmins-

ter, at Rutland, Boston, 1759; Several Sermons by
Alexander Proudfit, Salem, N. Y., 1805, etc. 12mo,
in unique binding.


3956 Pamphlets (9). War -without Disguise, or the Frauds

of Neutral Commerce, printed in America, 1807; An
Answer to " War in Disguise ; " Plan for Preventing
and Punishing Atrocious' Crimes ; Porcupine's Politi-
cal Censor; Two relating to the French Minister Adet,
etc. Autograph of J. G. Percival. 8vo, half hound.

3957 Panama (The) Massacre of American Citizens, April,

1856. Printed fur Private Circulation. Imp. 8vo,
pp. 69. Panama, New Granada, 1857.

3958 Panizzi (A) on the Supply of Printed Books from the

Library to the Reading Room of the British Museum.
Svo, pp. 29. (London,) mdcccxlvi.

3959 Papacy in the Nineteenth Century; Answer to Six

Months in a Convent; and Nunneries in France. 3

3960 Papeks Relating to the Arctic Expedition in Search

of Sir John Franklin. Maps. Folio, pp. 156, half mo-
rocco. London, Published by Authority of the

British Parliament, 1850.

3961 Papers in Relation to the Official Conduct of Gover-

nour Sargent. Svo, pp. 64, uncut. Boston, 1801.

3962 Paradise (The) of Fools, or the Wonderful Adventures

of Beelzebub Bubble. 12mo. Baltimore, 184-1.

3963 Paris (J. A.) Pharmacologia, the Theory and Art of

Prescribing. With Notes by Charles A, Lee, M. D.
8vo, cloth. New York, 1846.

3964 Parisian Sights and French Principles, seen through

American Spectacles. Engravings. 12 mo, cloth.

New York, 1852.

3965 Parish Will Case in the Court of Appeals. The

Statement of Facts and Opinions of the Court. Royal
Svo, pp. 123 - 43. New York, mdccclxii.

3966 Parish Will Case. Opinion of Hon. S. L. Selden, and
Extracts from the Testimony. 2 Pamphlets. Svo.


3967 Parish Will Case. 2 Pamphlets.

3968 Park (John C.) Address at a Meeting of the Descen-

dants of Richard Haven. 8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1844.

3969 Park (Mungo). Travels in the Interior of Africa, in

the years 1795-96-97. Plate. 8vo, calf.

London, 1800.

3970 Park (Thomas). An Oration delivered in the College-

Hall, at Providence, Aug. 13, 1788, on the Death of
Mr. Nathan Merrick. 8vo, pp. 16. Rare.

Providence, (1788.)

3971 Park (Roswell). A Hand-Book for American Travel-

lers in Europe. 12mo, cloth. New York, mdcccliii.

3972 Parker (N. Howe). Iowa as it Is. Embracing a full

Description of the State of Iowa. With numerous
Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. Chicago, 1855.

3973 Parker (Nathan). A Discourse occasioned by the

Death of the Rev. Joseph Buckminster, of Portsmouth,
who died June 10, 1812. 4to, pp. 22.

Portsmouth, 1812.

3974 Parker (R. G.) Exercises in Composition. 12mo,

hoards. Boston, 1833.

3975 Parker. Progressive Exercises in Rhetorical Reading.

12mo, hoards. Boston, 1835.

3976 Parker (Sam.) A Free and Impartial Censure of the

Platonick Philosophic. Small 4to, half calf, antique.

Oxford, 1666.

From the library of John Allan.

3977 Parker (Theodore). Pamphlets (47), consisting of

Sermons, Orations, Essays, &c., together with a number
of Sermons preached on the occasion of his Death, and
other tracts in various ways concerning him.

3978 Parkman (Francis). A Survey of God's Providence in

the Establishment of the Churches of New England.
8vo, pp. 25. Boston, 1814.


3979 Parkhurst (Nathaniel). Ten Select Discourses, treat-

ing of England's Guilt, etc. Svo, sheep. London, 1706.

3980 Parnassian (A) Shop opened in the Pindaric Style.

12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1801.

3981 Parravicini (L. A.) Giannetto Letture Pe FranciuUi

E Pel Popolo. 4 Vols. 1 8mo, paper uncut.

Livorno, 1839.

3982 Parry (James). Memoir of Rosa Bonheur. 8vo, pp.

64. New York, 1857.

3983 Parsons (Jonathan). Freedom from Civil and Ecclesi-

astical Slavery, the purchase of Christ. A Discourse
offered to a numerous Assembly, on March the Fifth,
1774, at the Presbyterian Meeting-House, in Newbury-
port. 4to, pp. 19.

Newburyport, New England, (1774.)

One of the Boston Massacre Series, dedicated to Jolin Hancock.

3984 Parsons (Joseph). Two Sermons preached at Brad-

ford, March 11 and 25, 1743. 8vo, pp. 30.

Boston, 1744.

3985 Parsons ( J. U.) The Biblical Analysis, or a Topical

Arrangement of the Instructions of the Holy Scriptures.
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1837.

3986 [Parsons (Theodore) and Pearson (Eliphalet).] A

Forensic Dispute on the Legality of Enslaving the Af-
ricans, held at the Public Commencement in Cambridge,
New England, July 21st, 1773, by Two Candidates for
the Bachelor's Degree. 12mo, pp. 48, uncut. Rare.

Boston, 1773.

3987 [Parsons (T.)] Result of the Convention of Delegates

holden at Ipswich, in the County of Essex, who were
Deputed to take into Consideration the Constitution
and Form of Government, proposed by the Convention
of the State of Massachusetts-Bay. Svo, pp. 68.
Scarce. ^ Newburyport, 1778.

3988 Parsons (Theophilus). Essays. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1845.


3989 Particular (A) Narrative of the Imprisonment of two

Non-conformist Ministers, and Prosecution or Trial of

one of them, for Preaching a Sermon in the City of

New York. 4to, rough edges, title page and one leaf

of Epistle to Reader, missing. New York, 1707.'


3990 Parton (James). Life of J. J. Astor, to which is

appended, a Copy of his last Will. 12mo.

New York, 1865. •

3991 Passion Flowers. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1854.

3992 Past (The), The Present, and The Future. 8vo, pp.

40. 1851.

3993 Patent Office Reports, 1831, 1843-44, 1847-61, com-

plete, mostly in cloth, but a few in sheets, stitched. 40
Vols. Washington, v.y.

A set of Patent Office Reports so nearly complete is seldom, met with.

3994 Paterson (Daniel). A Travelling Dictionary. 8vo,

sheep. London, 1787.

3995 Patinum (Carolum). Imperaforum Romanorum Numis-

mata ex sere Medise et Minima Formae. Port, and
many hundreds of Illustrations. Folio, calf gilt.

Amstelodami, Apud Georgium Gallet, Bibliopolam,


3996 Patriot (The). Folio, pp. 4. Boston, N. E., 1714.

3997 Patriots of the Revolution. The Old Roll of Fame.

8vo, pp. 20. Boston, (1864.)

3998 Patriotic Addresses to the President, 1798, with the

President's Answers. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1798.

3999 Patten (Thomas). The Christian Apology. 8vo, pp.

30. New Haven, 1757.

4000 Patten (William). A Discourse occasioned by the

Death of the Rev. President Stiles. 8vo, pp. 16, imcut.

Exeter, mdccxcv.

4001 Paul and Virginia, in French. Plate. \%mo, calf, gilt.

A Paris, 1789.


4002 Paulding (J. K.) The Merry Tales of the Three Wise

Men of Gotham. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1839.

4003 Payne (A. R.) The Geral-Milco, or the Narrative of

a Eesidence in a Brazilian Valley. Map and Illustra-
tions. 12mo, hoards. New York, 1852.

4004 Pazos (Vicente). Letters on the United Provinces of

South America, addressed to the Hon. Henry Clay.
Map. 8vo, hoards, uncut. New York, 1819.

4005 Peabody (Andrew P.) Lectures on Christian Doctrine.

12m.o, cloth. Boston, 1844.

4006 Peabody. Re-opening of the Church of the South Par-

ish, in Portsmouth, N. H. 16mo, cloth.

Portsmouth, 1859.

4007 Peabody. Sermons for Children. l<6mo, cloth.

Boston, 1866.

4008 Peabody (Oliver). Sermon at the Ordination of Mr.

James Brigham, June 9th, 1736. 8vo, pp. 26.

Boston, MDCCxxxvi.

4009 Peace, Advocate of. 219 Nos. Boston, v.y.

4010 Pead (D.) Parturiunt Montes, &c., or Lewis and Clem-

ent taken in their own snare. 8vo, pp. 16.

London, 1709.

4011 Pearse (James). A Narrative of the Life of. PartL —

Containing a General Account of his Early Life.
Part II. — Containing an Account of his Unfortunate
Imprisonment, at Plattsburgh, in the State of New
York, certified by a number of. gentlemen who were
acquainted with the circumstances of his imprisonment.
12mo, sheep. Scarce. Rutland, 1825.

4012 Peateumann (Augustus). Historical Summary of the

Search for Sir John Franklin. 8vo, pp. 30. (s.l.s.a.)

Privately Pi'inted.

4013 Peck (Charles E.) Tourists' Companion. Illustrated

by numerous Engravings, Maps and Charts. 16mo,
cloth. Buffalo, 1845.


4014 Peck (J. M,) Gazetteer of Illinois, in Three Parts,

containing a General View of the State, a General
Yiew of each County, and a Particular Description of
each Town. 12mo, cloth. Jacksonville, 1834.

4015 Peck (John). A | Description | of the | Last Judgment, |

with I some Reflections thereon. | The Happiness of be-
ing Ready, | and the Misery of being Unready for | such
a day; | Also, | a Poem on Death, | and | on the Resur-
rection. I Two Engravings. 8vo, pp. 31. Very rare.

Boston, 1773.

4016 Peep (A) into Catharine Street, or the Mysteries of

Shopping. By a Late Retailer. 8vo, pp. 25.

New York, 1846.

4017 Peep (A) Into the Sanctuary, being a succinct examina-

tion of the Right Rev. B. T. Onderdonk, Bishop of New
York. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. Boston, 1845.

4018 Peep (A) Into the Synagogue. 8vo, half calf.

London, (s.a.)

4019 Pelham (Wm.) A System of Notation, representing the

sounds of Alphabetical Characters, by a New Applica-
tion of the Accentual Marks in present use. 12mo,
hoards, uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1808.

4020 Pemberton (Ebenezer). Sermons and Discourses on

Several Occasions, by the late Reverend and Learned
Ebenezer Pemberton, A. M., Pastor of the South Church
in Boston. 8vo, sheep. London, mdccxxyii.

4021 Penington (John). Chemical and Economical Essays.

Chemistry, and the application of that Science to some
of the Arts and Manufactures of the U. S. A. 8vo,

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