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half bound. Philadelphia, mdccxc.

4022 Penry (John). Historic of Corah, Dathan, and Abi-

rara, &c. By Mr. John Penry, a Martyr of Jesus
Christ. 4to, pp. 45. ^ (London,) 1609.

4023 Penn (William). No Cross, No Crown. The Eighth

Edition, corrected. 8vo, calf Two pages supplied in
manuscript. Leeds, 1743.


4024 Penn. No Cross, No Crown. 2 Vols, in one. First

Vol. wants title page. 8vo, half calf . Boston, 1747.

4025 Penn. Fruits of Solitude in Reflections and Maxims re-

lating to the Conduct of Human Life. In same Vol.,
His Advice to His Children. 2 Vols, in one. 12nio,
sheep. Philadelphia, 1794.

4026 Pennecuick (Alexander). An Historical Sketch of the

Blue Blanket, or Craftsmen's Banner. 8vo, boards.
Scarce. Edinburgh, 1722.

Manuscript title page.

4027 Pennsylvania Colonial Records. Minutes of the Su-

preme Executive Council, from its Organization, to the
Termination of the Revolution. 16 Vols. 8vo, half

turkey morocco.

Philadelphia and Harrisburgh, 1852-53.

A very fine set.

4028 Pennsylvania Archives, selected and arranged from

Original Documents in the OfiSce of the Secretary of
the Commonwealth. By Samuel Hazard. 11 Vols.
8vo. The first nine uniform with the preceding work, the
others in half calf Philadelphia, 1854-55.

4029 Pennsylvania (The) Hermit, a Narrative of the extra-

ordinary Life of Amos Wilson. Engravings. 8vo, pp.
2 4, uncut. Philadelphia, 1839.

4030 Percival (James G.) Elegant Extracts. Vol. HL

Port. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1826.

4031 Peregrine in France. A Lounger's Journal. 8vo, pp.

98. London, 1816.

4032 Pericop^ EvangelicEe. 2 Vols, in one. 8vo, half calf.

Lipsise, 1796.

4033 Perkins (Eliza). Memoirs, Moral Productions, and

Selections of. 12mo, boards. New York, 1823.

4034 Perley (Jeremiah). Debates, Resolutions, and other

Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates assembled
at Portland, Oct., 1819, for the purpose of forming a
Constitution for the State of Maine. l2mo, rough edges.
Scarce. Portland, 1820.


4035 Perpetual War, the Policy of Mr. Madison. 8vo, pp.

119, uncvt. Boston, 1812.

4036 Perrault (Charles). Contes des Fees. Ornes de

Figures. (Colored.) ^2mo, half morocco. Paris, (s.a.)

4037 Perrin (John). The Elements of French and English

Conversation. 24mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1832.

4038 Perry (Chas.) A View of the Levant, particularly of

Constantinople, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. Numerous
fine Plates. Folio, calf, gilt. London, mdccxliii.

4039 Perry (William). The Royal Standard English Dic-

tionary. Sheep. Brookfield, Mass., 1806.

4040 Perry (William S.) A Century of Episcopacy in

Portland. 8vo, pp. 16. . Portland, 1863.

Privately Printed.

4041 Personal Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus

to America, from a Manuscript recently Discovered in
Spain. Translated from the Spanish. 8vo, hoards,
unciit. Scarce. Boston, 1827.

4042 Peters (J. R., Jr.) The Chinese Museum, Boston.

8vo, pp. 187. Boston, 1846.

4043 Petitpierre (F. 0.) Thoughts on Divine Goodness

displayed in Future Rewards and Punishments. 12mo,
sheep. Walpole, N. H., 1801.

4044 Pfeiffer (Ida). A Journey to Iceland, and Travels in

Sweden and Norway. \2mo, cloth. New York, 1852.

4045 Pfeiffer. A Lady's Voyage Round the World. 12mo,

cloth. New York, 1852.

4046 Ph^dri Fabulee Expurgate. 12mo, sheep.

Boston, 1827.

4047 Pharmacopceia Nosocomii Neo-Eboracensis, or the

Pharmacopoeia of the New York Hospital. 8vo, half

hound. New York, 1816.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.


4048 Phaemacopceia (The) of the Massachusetts Medical So-

ciety. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1808.
Autograph of J. G. PerciTal.

4049 Pharmacopoeia (The) of the United States of America.

8vo, sprinkled calf. Philadelphia, 1851.

4050 Phelps (Austin). The Still Hour, or Communion with

God. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1860.

4051 Phelps (Egbert). Modern Benevolence, a Satire. 8vo,

pp. 37. New York, 1860.

4052 Phenix (The). A Collection of Old and Rare Frag-

ments. 12m.o J hoards. Rare. New York, 1835.

4053 Phillips (Henry, Jr.) Historical Sketches of Ameri-

can Paper Currency. 2 Yols. Royal 4to, half crimson
turkey morocco, extra, hy Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1865.

Large paper, edition only 50 copies.

4054 Phillips. The same. Fcap 4to, half green turkey

morocco, extra, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1865.

Edition 200 copies.

4055 Phillips (J. T.) A Compendious Way of Teaching

Ancient and Modern Languages. 8vo, sheep.

London, mdccl.

4056 Philosophy in Sport. Yol. I. 24mo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, 1828.

4057 Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation. A Book for the

Times. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1841.

4058 Philosophical Theories and Philosophical Experience.

By A. Pariah. Cap 8vo, cloth,

London, Wm. Pickering, 1841.

4059 Phillips (Samuel). The Orthodox Christian j | or, ] A

Child, I well instructed in the | Principles | of the |
Christian Religion, | Exhibited in a Discourse by way of
Catechising. | 12mo, sheep. Yery scarce.

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland and T. Green, for
D. Henchman, in Cornhill, 1738.


4060 Phonic (The) Primer and Primary Reader. 12mo,

boards. Boston, 1865.

4061 Physiology (The) of Marriage. 12mo, clotJi.

Boston, 1856.

4062 Physiology (The) of Marriage, containing a vast

amount of Valuable and Important Information to the
Married, and those about to be Married. 12mo, cloth,
gilt. Boston, 1867.

Contains the rare portrait of the Old Physician, 'which is usually left out.

4063 Physiological (The) Effects of Alcoholic Drinks.

12mo, hoards. Boston, 1848.

Autograph of J. C. Warren.

4064 Pickering (John). A Vocabulary, or Collection of

Words and Phrases, which have been supposed to be
peculiar to the United States of America. 8vo, boards,
uncut. Boston, 1816.

4065 Pickering (John, Jr.) An Oration delivered on the

Fourth of July, 1804, at St. Peter's Church, in Salem,
Massachusetts. 8vo, pp. 24. Salem, 1804.

4066 Pickering. Eulogy on Nathaniel Bowditch, LL. D.,

May 29, 1838. 8vo, pp. 101. Boston, 1838.

4067 Pickering (Theoph.) The Rev. Mr. Pickering's Let-

ters to the Rev. N. Rogers and Mr. D. Rogers, of Ips-
wich, with their Answer to Mr. Pickering's First Let-
ter, as also his Letter to the Rev. Mr. Davenport, of
Long Island. 8vo, pp. 20. Very scarce.

Boston, 1742.

4068 Pickering (Hon. Timothy). Letter on the imminent

danger of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War. 8vo, pp.
16. Boston, 1808.

4069 PiCKERONiAD (The), or Exploits of Faction, Celebrated

in Mock-Heroic-Al, Serio-Comic:Al, Hudibrastic-Al, and
Quissic-Al Numbers. Illustrated with Explanatory
Notes. By Ralpho Risible, Esq., Poet-Laureat to their
Most Dis-honourable Honours, the Grand Knights of
the Most Sublime Order of the Essex Junto, &c. 8vo,
pp. 36. Scarce. Newburyport, 1811.


4070 Picture (The) of London for 1808, with .two large

Maps, and several Views. 24mo, calf. London, 1808.

4071 Picture (The) of Dublin. Maps. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Dublin, (s.a.)

4072 PiDGEON (William). Traditions of De-coo-dah, and An-

tiquarian Researches : Comprising Extensive Explora-
tions, Surveys, Excavations of the Wonderful and Mys-
terious Earthen Remains of the Mound-Builders in
America. With Seventy Engravings. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1858.

4073 Pierce (John). Brookline Jubilee. 8vo, pp. 72.


4074 PiERPONT (John). The National Reader. ^2mo, sheep.

New York, (s.a.)

4075 PiERPONT. Sabbath Recreations. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1839.

4076 Pike (J. G.) A Guide for Young Disciples. 24mo,

half morocco. New York, (s.a.)

4077 Pike (M. S.) Creola, or the Slave and Minstrel. 8vo,

pp. 53. Boston, 1850.

Suppressed, edition destroyed,

4078 Pike (Nicolas). A New and Complete System ot

Arithmetic for the United States. 8vo, sheep. Pine
copy. Boston, 1808.

4079 Pike (R. W. C.) Mnemonic Chart. Large Broad-

sheet. Rochester, N. Y.

4080 Pike (Samuel). A Compendious Hebrew Lexicon,

adapted to the English Language, and Composed upon
a New Commodious Plan, to which is annexed, a Brief
Account of the Construction and Rationale of the He-
brew Tongue. 8vo, sheep. London, mdcclxvi.

4081 PiLSBURY (Amos). Sketch of the Life and Public Ser-

vices of. In same .Vol., the First Edition of same work.
Port. 8vo, pp. 44-24, cloth, uncut. Albany, 1860.


4082 PiNCKNET (Charles). Three Letters: First, on the

Case of Jonathan Robbins ; Second, on the Recent
Captures of Americau Vessels by British Cruisers ;
Third, on the Right of Expatriation. 8vo, pp. 65, un-
cut. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1799.

4083 PiNCKNEY. The Same. 8vo, half morocco, top gilt, un-

cut. Philadelphia, 1799.

4084 PiNKERTON (John). A General Collection of Voyages

and Travels, from the Earliest Ages to the Present
Time. Illustrated and Adorned with numerous Engra-
vings. 26 Nos. 4to, uncut. Philadelphia, 1809.

4085 Pious Thoughts, by a Lady of Boston. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1834.

4086 Pious (The) Minstrel, a Collection of Sacred Poetry.

Port. 16mo, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1832.

4087 Piper (H. H.) Sunday Evenings. 8vo, boards, uncut.

London, 1833.

4088 Piratical Barbarity, or the Female Captive, comprising

the particulars of the Capture of the English Sloop,
Eliza Ann, and the Horrid Massacre of the Unfortunate
Crew, by the Pirates, March 12, 1825, and of the un-
parelleled sufferings of Miss Lucretia Parker, a passen-
ger on board said sloop. l2mo, pp. 36.

New York, (1825.)

4089 Pitt (Caleb). An Essay on the Philosophy of Chris-

tianity. 12 mo, calf. London, 1796.

4090 Pitcairn's Island, and its Inhabitants. With an Au-

thentic Account of the Mutiny of the Ship Bounty .
24mo, cloth. New York, 1832.

4091 Plain (A) and Earnest | Address | from | Minister | to | a

Parishioner, | on | the Neglect of the Publick Worship, |
and I Preaching of the Gospel. | 8vO;.pp. 26.

Salem, 1771.


4092 Plain (A) and Seasonable Address to the Free-Holders

of Great Britain, on the Present Posture of Aifairs in
America. Svo, pp. 21. Scarce. London, mdcclvi.

4093 Plain and Simple Rules for Preservation of Health and

Vigour, from Infancy to Old Age. 24mo, calf.

Philadelphia, 1831.

4094 Plain Directions on Domestic Economy. 8vo, pp. 16.

New York, 1821.

4095 Plain Talk and Friendly Advice to Domestics, with

Counsel on Home Matters. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1855.

4096 Plain Truth, addressed to the Inhabitants of America,

containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet, entitled. Com-
mon Sense. Written by Candidus, 8vo, pp. 84.

Philadelphia, 1776.

4097 Plain Truth, containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet,

entitled, Common Sense. 12mo, pp. 84. (s.l.s.a.)

4098 Plan (A) for a United Company of British Manufactu-

rers. 8vo, pp. 25. London, 1798.

4099 Plan (The) of a Society for making Provisions for Wid-

ows, by Annuities for the remainder of Life, and For
granting Annuities to Persons after certain Ages. With
the Proper Tables for calculating what must be paid by
the several Members in order to secure the said Advan-
tages. By William Gordon. 8vo, pp. 35, uncut.

Boston, 1772.

4100 Platform | ( A) j Of | Church Discipline j Gathered out of

the I Word of God,| And Agreed upon | By the Eiders
and Messengers of the Churches,] Assembled in the [ Sy-
nod, I At Cambridge, in N. E. | To be presented to the
Churches and General Court, for their Conside- 1 ration
and Acceptance in the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1649. |
4to, title, 5 prel. 1., pp. 33. 1 1. table of contents, half calf
antique. The first edition, exceedingly rare.

Cambridge : Printed by Marmaduke Johnson, 1671.


4101 Platpoem (A) of I Church-Discipline, I Gathered out of
the Word of God, and Agreed upon by the | Elders and
Messengers | Of the .Churches assembled in the | Synod |
At Cambridge, in N. E.| To be presented to the Church-
es and General | Court, for their Consideration and Ac-
ceptance in I the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1649.| 8vo,
pp. xvi,-40 ; app. - 1. j 3 1. not numbered ; 1 p. contents,
half crimso7i turkey morocco ; very rare.

Boston, Printed by J. Allen, at the Sign
of the Bible, 1717.

4102 Platform (A) of Church-Discipline, Gathered out of the

Word of God, and agreed upon by the Elders and Mes-
sengers Of the Churches assembled in the Synod at
Cambridge, in New England. To be presented to the
Churches and General Court, for their Consideration
and Acceptance in the Lord, the 8th Month, Anno 1648.
8vo, pp. 64, uncut. Rare. Boston, mdcclxxii.

4103 Playfair (William). The History of Jacobinism. Its

Crimes, Cruelties and Perfidies, comprising An Inquiry
Into the manner of Disseminating, under the Appearance
of Philosophy and Virtue, Principles which are equal-
ly Subversive of Order, Virtue, Religion, Liberty and
Happiness. With an Appendix, by Peter Porcupine,
containing a History of the American Jacobins common-
ly denominated Democrats. 2 Vols. 8vo, boards, un-
cut. Philadelphia, 1796.

4104 Plea (A) for the Poor Soldiers, Or an Essay to De-

monstrate that the Soldiers and other Public Creditors,
Who really and actually supported the Burden of the
late War, Have not been paid, ought to be paid, can be
paid, and must be paid. 8vo, pp. 33. Scarce.

New Haven, mdccxc.

4105 Pleasant (A) Peregrination Through the Prettiest Parts

of Pennsylvania. Performed by Peregrine Prolix.
24mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1836.


4106 [Plinth (Octavius)]. The Works of. Being a Confi-

dential Communication, bj Sylvan, Enemy to Human
Diseases; and Continuation of the Confidential Com-
munication intended for the General Benefit of the Af-
flicted. 2 Vols. 8vo, paper, uncut. Yery rare.

Providence, 1813-15.

OctaTius Plinth, better known as Sylvan, or the Rain Water Doctor, for-
merly lived at Dedham, Mass ; he was drowned in a barrel of rain
water in 1815. Nothing is known of his early history, but he was fond
of asserting that he was several hundred years of age, gravely claim-
ing to have lived upwards of 560 years. His works are now very
scarce. For another Vol., see No. 1365.

4107 Plough-Boy (The). From June 5, 1819, to May 27,

1820. 4to, pp. 416, half bound. Albany, 1819-20.

4108 Plumer (William, Jr.) Life of William Plumer. With

a Sketch of the Author's Life. By A. P. Peabody.
Port. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1857.

4109 Plumer. War-Songs and Ballads, from the Old Tes-

tament. 16mo, pp. 68, uncut. Boston, 1846.

4110 Plutarch's Lives, the translation called Dryden's. Cor-

rected from the Greek, and Revised by A.' H. Clough.
5 Yols. Imp. 8vo, cloth, edges uncut. Boston, 1865.

Large paper, 100 copies printed.

4111 Plymouth. Sermons (13) and other Discourses rela-

ting to the Pilgrims; includes AUyn's Sermon, 1801;
Holmes 1806, and Cushman's Sermon preached 1621.

4112 Pocket (A) Dictionary of the Spanish and English Lan-

guages. 24mo, s/icep. Philadelphia, 1834.

4113 Poems, by Anthony Pasquin. .2 Yols. 12mo, half mo-

rocco. London, (1789.)

4114 Poems by Louisa Blake. I'^vno, morocco gilt, gilt edges.

Boston, 1832.

4115 Poems on several Occurrences in the Present Grand

Struggle for American Liberty. 12mo, pp. 24; very
rare. Chatham, 1779.


4116 Poets (The) Ramble after Riches, or a Night's Trans-

actions Upon the Road, Burlesqu'd ; With Reflections
on a Dissenting Corporation; Together With the Au-
thor's Lamentations in the time of Adversity. 4to, half
calf, hoth rare and- airioiis. London, 1691.

4117 Poetical (A) Account of the American Campaigns of

1812 and 1813, with some slight sketches relating to

the Party Politics which Governed the United States

during the War, and at its Commencement. Dedicated

to the People of Canada, by the Publisher. 8vo,

boards, uncut. Halifax, 1815.

" A rare and curious book."

4118 Poland. 12mo, pp. 19. ' New York, 1834.

4119 Poles (The) in the United States of America. 24mo,

boards. Philadelphia, 1837.

4120 Police Record of the The Spies, Smugglers, and Rebel

Emissaries in Tennessee. Ports. 8vo, boards,

Philadelphia, 1863.

4121 Politics and Literature in Europe and America, for the

year 1827. 24mo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1828.

4122 Politics for American Farmers. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut.

Washington City, 1807.

4123 Political and Moral Justice, or the Principles of a

Free Government Supported by the Highest Authori-
ties. 8vo, pp. 15. s.l.s.a,

4124 Political Progress of Britain, or an Impartial History

of Abuses in the Governmeiit of the British Empire in
Europe, Asia and America, from the Revolution in
1688, to the present time. 8vo, pp. 120, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1795

4125 Political (The) Detection, or the Treachery and Tyr-
anny of Administration, both at Home and Abroad
Displayed in a Series of Letters signed Junius Ameri
canus. 8vo, pp. 151. Rare. London, 1770

4126 Political (The) Mirror, or Review of Jacksonism,

24mo, cloth. New York, 1835


4127 Polyanthus (The). 12mo, half bound. Imperfect.


4128 PoMPRET ( John). Poems upon several occasions. 12mo,

hoards, uncut. Boston, 1794.

4129 Pond (Enoch). ' Pope and Pagan, or the Similarity be-

tween Popery and Paganism. 24mo, cloth.

Portland, 1846.

4130 Pond. Swedenborgianism Reviewed. 12mo, cloth.

Portland, 1846.

4131 Pond. The World's Salvation. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1845.

4132 Poole (W. F.) An Alphabetical Index, to Subjects

treated in the Reviews, and other Periodicals, to which
no Indexes have been published. 8vo, half morocco.

New Haven, 1 848.

4133 Poole. An Index to Periodical Literature. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1853.

4134 Poor (Alfred). Historical and Genealogical Researches,

and Record of Passing Events of Merrimack Valley.
Numerous Engravings. Yolio, cloth. Haverhill, 1858.

4135 Poor (John A.) Address at Fort Popham, 1862. 8vo,

pp. 58. New York, 1863.

4136 Poor Richard's Almanac, as Written by Benj. Franklin,

for the Years 1739, 1740, 1741. 12mo, pp. 48.

New York, 1851.

4137 Pope (Alexander). An Essay on Man, with Notes, by

William Warburton, M. A. 8vo, pp. 50.

Boston, 1787.

4138 Pope (Charles). Journal of Trade, 1845. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1845.

4139 PoRTEUS (B.) Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew.

18 mo, boards. London, 1824.

4140 PoRTEUS. Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew.

12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1829.


4141 Porter (Charles S.) A Semi-Centennial Discourse, de-

livered Oct. 1, 1851, at Plymouth, Mass. 8vo, pp. 47.

Boston, 1851.

4142 Porter. Centennial Discourses (6). Valuable as Local


4143 Porter (David). Journal of a Cruise made to the Pa-

cific Ocean, in the United States Frigate Essex, in the
years 1812-13-14. Engravings. 2 Vols, in one. 8vo,
half morocco. New York, 1822.

4144 Porter (Eliphalet). A Sermon delivered to the First

Religious Society, in Roxbury, Dec. 11, 1783, being the
FirstpDay of Public Thanksgiving, in America, after the
Restoration of Peace, and the Ultimate Acknowledge-
ment of her Independence. 8vo, pp. 24, uncut. Rare.

Boston, 1784.

4145 Porter. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. J. G.

Palfrey, Boston, June 17, 1818. 8vo, pp. 35 uncut.

Boston, 1818.

4146 Portico (The). A Repository of Science and Litera-

ture. Conducted by two men of Padua. 4 Vols., half
bound. Baltimore, 1816-18.

4147 Portion (A) of the Secret History of the American

Revolution. 8vo, pp. 14. Washington, 1860.

4148 Portrait of Lafayette, printed on cotton cloth, for use as

a handkerchief.

4149 Positive Facts,versus Envious Assertions, being an Impar-

tial Review and Refutation of all the charges preferred
agaiust Gov. Clinton, by a Candid Virginian. 8vo, pp.
87. (s.l.) 1823.

4150 Potter (Alonzo). The School, Its Objects, Relations

and Uses, with a Sketch of the Education most needed
in the United States ; the Present State of Common
Schools, the best means of Improving them, and the
Consequent Duties of Parents, Trustees, Inspectors, &c.
Plates. 12mo, half bound. New York, 1842.


4151 Potter (A.) The DrinkiDg Usages of Society. 12mo,

pp. 36. Boston, 1853.

4152 Potter (Elisha R.) Considerations on the Rhode Island

Question. 8vo, pp. 84. Boston, 1842.

4153 PoucHOT (M.) Memoires sur la Dernierre Guerre de

L'Amerique, Septentrionale entre La France et L'An-
gleterre, Suivis d'Observations dont plusieurs sont rel-
atives au theatre actuel de la guerre & de nouveaux de-
tails, sur les mceurs & les usages des Sauvages avec des
cartes topographiques. Par M. Pouchot, Chevalier de
rOrdre Royal & Millitaire de St. Louis, ancien Capa-
tine au Regiment de Beam. Commandant des forts
de Niagara & de Levis en Canada. 3 Vols. 12mo, half
calf. Yverdon, mdcclxxxi.

This work is so scarce, that when Dr. Hough made his translation he
found it impossible to purchase a copy.

4.154 Pouchot. A translation of the preceding Work, by Dr.
Franklin B. Hough. Numerous Plates, Maps and other
. Illustrations. 2 Vols. Royal 4to, half crimson turkey
. morocco, extra, by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1866.

4155 PotJCHOT. The. same Work. 2 Vols. Royal 8vo,

binding as above. Roxbury, 1866.

4156 Pouchot. The Same. 2 Vols, ^o jdl ^io, half crimson

turkey morocco, extra, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1866.

Large paper. One of only 7 copies printed on Whatman's English Draw-
ing paper.

4157 Power's Greek Slave. 12mo, pp. 28. New York, 1847.

4158 Practical Remarks on Reform in the Medical Profes-

sion. 8vo, pp. 49. London, 1841.

4159 Practical Sermons. Vol. I. 8vo, cloth. London, 1845.

4160 Practical (The) Gardener. 12mo, pp. 119.


4161 Prairiedom. Rambles and Scrambles in Texas, or New

Estremadura. By a Southron. With a Map. 16mo,
cloth. New York, 1845.


4162 Pratt (Rev. James). Address before the Pynxian

Club, Feb. 13, 1840, in Portland, Me. 12mo, pp. 16.

Portland, 1840.

4163 Pray (Lewis G.) The Boston Sunday School Hymn

Book. 24mo, hoards, Boston, 1844.

4164 Preacher (The). Sermons by Eminent Living Divines.

Vol. L 8vo, clothj uncut. London, 1831.

4165 Prentiss (Thomas). Death, the last Enemy destroyed.

8vo, pp. 35. Dedham, mdccciii.

4166 Present (The) State | of | North America. 1 1.— The Dis-

coveries, Rights, and Possessions of | Great Britain. |
II. — The Discoveries, Rights, and Possessions of|
France. | III. — The Encroachments and Depredations
of I the French, upon His Majesty's Territories, in |
North America, in Times when Peace sub- 1 sisted in
Europe, between the Two Crowns, | &c., &c. | 8vo, pp.
64. Scarce.

London, Printed, 1755 : Boston, New England,
Re-printed and Soldj by D. Fowle, in Ann
Street, and by Z. Fowle, in Middle Street,


4167 Present (The) State of New England with respect to

the Indian War, wherein is an Account of the true
Reason thereof, as far as can be judged by man ; togeth-
er with most of the Remarkable Passages that have
happened from the 20th of June till the 10th of Novem-
ber, 1675. Faithfully Composed by a Merchant of
Boston, and Communicated to his Friend in London.
18mo, half morocco. Scarce. Boston, mdcccxxxiii.

Contains several inserted plates.

4168 Presidents and Presidential Candidates, Funeral Eulo-

gies and Orations (48), as follows: On Adams and
Jefferson, by Bryan, Stanly, Everett, Ware, Webster,
Daveis, and Whitney; on Harrison, By Bigelow, Put-
nam, Doggett, Richards, McPhail, Thompson, Goddard,
Doane, Damon, Whitney, Van Rensselaer, McGill,
Teflft, Curtis, Spencer, Cobb, Bouton and Potter; on


Taylor, by Krebs, Flint, Prentiss, "Ware, Reynolds,
Worcester and Bell; on Clay, by Hoffman, Crittenden,
Breckenridge, Tator and Brown ; on J. Q. Adams, by
Sharp, Lunt, Gurley, French, Abbot, Lord, Allen, Liv-
ermore, Greene, Furness, and Everett. Many of these
Eulogies, particularly Bryan s, Stanly s, and several
others delivered in the Southern States, are rare.

4169 Peesidents and Other Distinguished Men, Eulogies on

(28), including a number on Lafayette, Clay, Calhoun,
Adams, Jefferson, Taylor, Madison, &c. A valuable lot.

4170 Presidency (The). 8vq, pp. 45. (s.l.s.a.)

4171 Price (Richard). Essay on the population of England,

From the Revolution to the present Time. 8vo, pp.
88. London, mdcclxxx.

4172 Price (Richard). Observations on the Nature of Civil

Liberty, the Principles of Government, and the Justice
and Policy of the War with America, To which is
added, An Appendix, Containing a Statement of the
National Debt, etc. 8vo, half bound. London, 1776.

41 73 Price. Observations on the Importance of the Ameri-

can Revolution, and the Means of Making it a Benefit
to the World. 8vo. pp. 110. London, 1784.

Autograph of Benjamin Rush.

4174 Price. Observations on the Importance of the Ameri-

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