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286 Bean (Rev. James). The Christian Minister's Advice to

a New Married Couple. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1832.

287 Beard (Rev. John R., D.D.) The Life of Toussaint L'

Ouverture, The Negro Patriot of Hayti. Plates. 8vo,
cloth. London, mdcccliii.

288 Beattie (James). The Poetical Works of.' Port. Cap,

8vo, cloth. London, Wm. Pickering, 1831.

289 Beauchamp (The) Tragedy in Kentucky. Canfession of

J. 0. Beauchamp, and a Historical Account of the Old
Court, and New Court Party Controversy, etc. 24mo,
pp.134. New York, 1859.

290 Beckpord (William). Vathek, an Arabian Tale. Li same

Vol. The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole. 18mo,
half calf, gilt. London, 1849.

291 Beecher (Charles). A Review of the "Spiritual Manifes-

tations." 12mo, pp. 75. New York, 1853.

292 Beecher ( Catherine E. ) Suggestions respecting Improve-

ments in Education. 8vo, half calf gilt. ^

Hartford, mdcccxxix.

293 Beecher (Miss C. E.) The Evils Suffered by American

Women, and American Children. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut.

New York, 1846.

294 Beecher (Henry W.) Plain and Pleasant Talk about

Fruits, Flowers, and Farming. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1859.

295 Beecher. New Star Papers. 12mo, cloth.

New York," 1859.


296 Beecher (Lyman, D. D.) Works of. 3 Vols. \2mo, doth.

Boston, 1852.

297 Beecher. Plea for the West. 12mo, pp. 190.

Cincinnati, 1835.

298 Beecher. The Remedy for Duelling. 8vo, pp. 48.

New York, 1809.

299 Beecher. The Memory of our Fathers. Sermon at Ply-

mouth, 1827. 8vo, pp. 39. Boston, 1828.

300 Beecher. Instructions for Young Christians. 32mo, c/o^A.

Cincinnati, 1834.

301 Belknap (Jeremy.) A Sermon delivered before the

Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts, in Boston,
May 26, 1796. 8vo, pp. 28. Boston, 1796.

302 Belknap. Sermon at the Installation of the Rev. Jede-

diah Morse, A. M., in Charlestown, 30th Apr. 1789. 8
vo, pp. 32, uncut. Boston, 1789.

303 Belknap. Sacred Poetry, consisting of Psalms and

Hymns. 2Amo, red morocco. Boston, 1820.

Judge Preble's copy.

304 Belknap. American Biography, Vol. I. 8vo, hoards, un-

cut. Boston, MDCCXCIY.

305 Bell (Charles.) The Hand, Its Mechanism and Vital

Endowments. Engravings.. 12mo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1833.

306 Bell (Henry G.) Remarkable Phenomena of Nature.

24:mo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1827.

307 Belsham (Rev. Thomas.) History of the Progress and

Present State of Unitarianism in America. Hvo, pp. 48.
uncut. Boston, 1815.

308 Belsham. A Plea for Infant Baptism, to which is an-

nexed An Appendix, containing two forms of Adminis-
tering the Rite. Two other Works in same Vol. 8vo,
half calf, gilt. Loudon, 1817.


309 Belsham. Discourses delivered in Essex St. Chapel.

Vol. II. 8vo, hoards, uncut. London, 1827.

310 Belsham. The Evidence of the Christian Revelation.

12mo, sAeep. Boston, 1808.

311 Benezet (Anthony). A Caution and Warning to Great

Britain and Her Colonies, in A Short Representation of
the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the
British Dominions. 8vo, pp. 52. Rare.

Philadelphia, printed by Hall & Sellers, mdcclxvii.

312 Benezet (Antoine). Observations Sur L'Origine, Les

Principes et L'Etablisement en Amerique De la Societe,
de Quakers ou Trembleurs. 12mo, pp. 36.

Philadelphia, mdcclxxx.

313 Benjamin Franklin. A Book for All. 12mo, pp. 36.

Cambridge, printed for the author, 1853.

314 Bennett (John C.) The History of the Saints, or an

Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism. Ports. 12mo,
cloth. Boston, 1 842.

315 Bennett (William). Narrative of Six Weeks in Ireland,

in the Remoter Districts. 12mo, pp. 178.

London, mdcccxlvii.

316 Bent (Josiah, Jr.) Discourse at the Dedication of the

North Meeting House in Weymouth, Nov. 28, 1832.
8vo, pp. 27, ^mcut. Hingham, 1833.

317 Bentham (Edward, B. D.) An Introduction to Moral

Philosophy. 8vo, pp. 109. Oxford, s.a.

318 Benson (Carl). A Letter to Dr. Henry Halford Jones,

concerning His Habit of Giving Advice to Everybody,
and His Qualification for the Task. 8vo, pp. 44.

New York, 1864.

319 Benson (Egbert, LL. D.) Vindication of the Captors of

Major Andre, With Introduction and Appendix. Ru-
bricated title. 8vo, uncut.

New York, privately printed, 1865.


320 Benton (Nathaniel S.) A History of Herkimer County,

including the Upper Mohawk Yalley, from the Earliest
Period to the Present Time. Maps and Plans. 8vO;
cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1856.

321 Bentley (Eichard). Eight Sermons. 8vo, calf.

Cambridge, 1724.

322 Bentley (William). A Sermon before the Governor, etc.,

on the day of General Election, May 27, 1807. 8vo,
pp. 25. Boston, 1807.

323 Berrow (Capel). A Lapse of Human Souls in a State of

Pre-existence, the Only Original Sin, And the ground-
work of the Gospel Dispensation. 8vo, pp. 189.

London, 1766.

324 Bertholdt (D. Leonhard). Christologia. 8vo, half calf.

Erlangge, mdcccxi.

325 Beza (Theodorus). Novum Testamentum Domini nostri

Jesu Christi. 12mo, sheep. London, 1768.

Autograph of Abiel Holmes.

326 Bible (The) of Nature and Substance of Virtue, Con-

densed from the Scriptures of Eminent Cosmians, Pan-
theists, and Physiphilanthropists of Various Ages and
Climes. Plates. 16mo, sheep. Albany, 1842.

A thick Vol. pamphlets, containing a large number of Infidel Publico^
tions. A scarce volume.

327 Bibliographical Tracts. Number One, Spurious Reprints

of Early Books. Rubricated title, tinted paper. 4to, pp.
19. Boston, 1865.

Edition 131 copies.

328 Bibliographical Tracts. The same. 8vo.

^ Boston, 1865.

329 BiERCE (Gen. L. V.) Historical Reminiscences of Sum-

mit County. 16mo, hoards. Akron, Ohio, 1854.

330 Bigelow (Jacob, M. D.) Brief Expositions of Rational

Medicine. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1858.


331 BiGLAND (John), Ancient and Modern History. 8vo,

calf. Whitehall, 1806.

332 BiGLOW (William). History of the Town of Natick, Mass. -

from the days of Eliot to the Present Time. Svo, pp.
87, uncut. Boston, mdcccxxx.

333 Bill (A) To Establish a Uniform System of Bankruptcy

throughout the United States. Folio.

Washington, 1841.

334 Bingham (Caleb, A. M.) A Historical Grammar, or a

Chronological Abridgment of Universal History. 1 2mo,
sheep. Boston, 1802.

335 Bingham. The Columbian Orator. 12mo, sheeii.

Boston, 1841.

336 Biography (The) of Distingushed Eeformers, and His-

tory of the Reformation. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1833.

337 Biography of L. M. Gottschalk. 8vo, pp. 22.

Philadelphia, 1853,

338 Biography of Millard Fillmore. 12mo, pp. 215.

Buffalo, 1856.

339 Biographical (A) Notice of Com. Jesse D. Elliott, con-

taining a Review of the Controversy between him and
the late Com. Perry, and a History of the Figure-Head
of the U. S. Frigate Constitution. 12mo, hoards.

Philadelphia, 1835.

340 Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters. 12mo,

half morocco, gilt. London, mdcclxxx.

341 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Warren, embracing

the Prominent Events of his Life. Port. Li same Vol.
Russia and England, and the Union of the States. 12mo,
cloth. Boston, 1857.


342 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Warren, embracing

the Prominent Events of Ms Life. 12mo, pp. 85.

Boston, 1857.

343 BiOGEAPHiCAL Sketch of the Most Rev. John Hughes, D.

D. Port. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1864.

344 Biographical Sketch of Com. Charles Stewart. Plate.

Svo, pp. 50. Philadelphia, 1838.

345 Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters. Ports.

32mo, half calf, gilt. Boston, 1832.

346 Bird (F. W.) The Hoosac Tunnel. Its Condition and

Prospects. Svo, pp. 28. Boston, 1865.

347 Bird (Wm. A.) The Boundary Line between the British

Provinces and the United States. 8vo. Buffalo, 1864.

348 BissELius (Joannis). Ai'gonauticon, Americanorum, sive

Histories, Periculorum, Petri de Victoria, ac sociorum,
.Eius Libri, x. v. 12mo. Vellum, with clasps. Rare.

Monachii, mdcxlvii.

349 BissETT (Robert, LL. D.) The Reign of George HI.

Port. Vol. L 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1822.

350 Blanchard ( Calvin). Hell on Earth, Murder, Rape, Rob-

bery, Swindling and Forgery, Covertly Organized, Can-
nibalism made Dainty, An Expose of the Infernal
Machinations and Horrible Atrocities of Whited Sepul-
cherism, together with a Plan for its final Overthrow.
12mo. New York, 1858.

351 Blanchard (Ira D.) The Delaware First Book. 12mo,

pp. 24. • 1842, S.L

352 Blanchard (Laman). Sketches from Life. Edited by

Bulwer. 12mo. New York, 1846.

353 Blanchard (I. H. F.) The Christian Doctrine of Re-

generation. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1832.

354 Blaikie (Wm. G.) Better Days for Working People.

Fcap. 8vo. London, 1865.


355 Blair (David, A. M.) An Easy Grammar of Natural and

Experimental Philosophy, with 10 Engravings. 24mo,
sheep. Philadelphia, 1818.

356 Blair (Francis P.) Life of Gen. William 0. Butler. 8vo,

pp. 32. Baltimore, 1838.

357 Blair (Hugh, D. D.) Sermons. First complete Ameri-

can Edition. 2 vols. Port. 8vo, sheep.

Baltimore, 1814.

358 Blair. Abridgment of Lectures on Rhetoric. 24mo,

sheep. New York, 1813.

359 Blair (Robert). The Grave, with Life of the Author.

12mo, hoards, imcut. . Boston, 1808.

360 Black List. A List of those Tories who took part with

Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, and were at-
tainted of High Treason, commonly called the Black
, List, to which is prefixed the legal opinions of Attorney

Generals McKean and Dallas, &c. 8vo, pp. 16. Fine
copy. Rare. Philadelphia, 1802.

361 Blackmore (Richard, M. D.) Essays upon several Sub-

jects. 8vo, caJf. London, mdccxvi.

362 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. LXIX. 8vo,

half morocco. New York, 1851.

^ 363 Blake (James). Annals of the Town of Dorchester,
'^/t-^ 1750. 12mo. half hound. Boston, 1846.

■ 364 Blake (J. L., A. M.) A General Biographical Dictionary
including more than one thousand articles of American
Biography. Royal 8vo, half calf, gilt.

New York, 1835.

365 Blake (William J.) The History of Putnam County, N.
Y. 12mo, hoards. New York, 1849.

366 Blakey (Robert). Essay, showing the Intimate Connec-
tion between our Notions of Moral Good and Evil.
8vo, hoards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1831.



367 Bland (Wm.) The Awful Doom of the Traitor, or the

Terrible Fate of the Deluded and Guilty. Plates. 8vo,
pp. 32. Cincinnati, 1852.

368 Bligh (William). A Narrative of the Mutiny on board

His Britannic Majesty's Ship Bounty, and the subsequent
Voyage of Part of the Crew in the Ship's Boat from
Tofoa to Timor. 12 mo, hoards, ■uncut, rare edition.

Philadelphia, mdccxc.

369 Bligh. Narrative of the Mutiny on board His Majesty's

Ship Bounty, and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of
the Crew from Tofoa to Timor. Charts. 4to, half
hound. London, mdccxc.

370 Blood (Henry Ames). The History of Temple, N. H.

Ports. Svo, cloth. Boston, 1860.

371 Blue (The) Laws of New Haven Colony, usually called

Blue Laws of Connecticut. 12mo, cloth.

Hartford, 1838.

372 Blunt (Chas. P.) The Beauty of the Heavens. A Pic-

torial Display of the Astronomical Phenomena of the
Universe. 104 full page colored Plates. Small 4to,
cloth. London, mdccccxlix:

373 Blundevile (Thomas). His Exercises, Containing eight

Treatises, the Titles whereof are set downe in the next
Printed Page, which Treatises are very necessary to be
read and learned of all young Gentlemen that have not
been exercised in such Disciplines, and yet are desirous
to have knowledge as well in Cosmographie, Astronemie,
and Geographic, as also, in the Art of Navigation, in
which Art it is impossible to profit without the help of
these, or such like Instructions. Black letter^ 4to,
levant, extra gilt, gilt edges. Very scarce.

London, 1622.

374 BoARDMAN (Samuel L.) The County of Kennebec, its

History and Natural History. Svo, pp. 83, uncut.

Augusta, 1865.


375 BoDD^RT (Petro, M. D.) Historia Naturalis Dentium

Humanorum. Numerous Plates. 4to, hoards.

Hagse, 1780.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.

376 BoGUE (David). Essay on the Divine Authority of the

New Testament. 12mo, sheep. Hartford, 1806.

377 BoLMAR (A.) Perrin's Fables. 12mo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, 1848.

378 Bond (Henry, M. D.) Genealogies of the Families and

Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass.
Ports. 8vo. pp. 1094, cloth. Boston, 1855.

379 Bone (A) to Gnaw, for the Democrats; or, Observations

on a Pamphlet entitled "The Political Progress of
Britain." 8vo, pp. 66, uncut. Philadelphia, 1795.

380 BoNNYCASTLE (Sir Richard H.) Newfoundland in 1842."

A Sequel to "The Canadas in 1841." 2 vols. En-
gravings and Maps. Post, 8vo. London, 1842.

381 Book of Public Worship, for the use of the New Church,

signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation.
12mo, crimson turkey morocco. Boston, 1848.

382 Book (A) for Massachusetts Children, in Familiar Let-

ters, For the use of Families and Schools. Maps and
Engravings. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1831,

383 Book (A) for Massachusetts Children. Engravings.

12mo, hoards. Boston, 1829.

384 Book (A) of the Hudson. Edited by Geoffrey Crayon.

24mo, cloth. New York, 1849.

385 Book (The) of Ballads. Edited by Bon. Gaultier, and

Illustrated by Doyle, Leech and Crowquill. Square
8vo, cloth, gilt. London, 1859.

386 Book (The) of Common Prayer, According to the use of

the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate
States of America. 24mo, levant extra, gilt edges.

Richmond, Va., 1863.

" That we may be a safeguard to the United States of America," &c.
See prayer to be used in Ships of War.


38T Book (The) of Common Prayer. 32mO; sheep, gilt.

New York, 1803.

388 Book (The) of Common Prayer. 24mo7 sheep.

Philadelphia, 1840.

389 ''Book (The") Inquiring into the Conduct of the Princess

of Wales, with a Narrative of the Events that have led
to the publication of the Original Documents, with Facts
relative to the Child. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

New York, 1813.

390 Books of Spurious Reprints. Rubricated title, tinted pa-

per. 8vo. Boston, 1865.

Edition 131 copies.

391 BoscHi (Antonio). Grammar of the Italian Language.

Yellum, 12mo. Florence, 1841.

392 BossuT (L'Abbe). The Italian and English Phrase-Book,

serving as a key to Italian Conversation. 32mo, halj
morocco. Boston, 1828.

393 Boston (Thomas). Sermons and Discourses on Several

important Subjects in Divinity, Never before printed.
12mo, sheep. Edinburgh, mdcclvi.

394 BoswELL (James). The Journal of a Tour to the Hebri-

des, with Samuel Johnson, LL. D. 8vo, calf.

New York, 1810.

395 Bouquet (A) of Flowers, from the Garden of Paradise.

By James Cruickshanks, Jr., Meriden, N. H. 12mo,
pp. 38. New York and London, 1851.

396 BouENE (Rev. S., Jr.) A Sermon, occasioned by the

Death of Rev. Alexander Phoenix, with one of the Ser-
mons of Mr. Phoenix. Printed for private distribution.
8vo, pp. 32. stif covers, gilt edges. New York, 1864.

397 BouENE (Wm.) Poems of Hope and Action. Syo, cloth.

New York, 1850.

398 BouTON" (Nathaniel). Discourse on the twenty-fifth An-

niversary of his settlement in Concord, N. H. 8vo, pp.
56. Concord, 1850.


399 BouTON. Memorial Discourse, Concord; 1862. 8vo, pp.
40. Concord,1862.

, f! 400 BouTON". The History of Concord, from its First Grant,

in 1725. Port, and Illustrations. 8yo, doth.

Concord, 1856.

401 BowEN (Francis). Democracy in America, by Alexis De

Tocqueville, translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. Edited
with Notes, the Translation Revised, and in great part
Rewritten. 2 Vols. imp. 8vo, doth.

Cambridge, Sever & Francis, 1864.

Large paper. Edition 100 copies.

402 BowRiNG (Sir John, LL. D.) The Decimal System in

Numbers, Coins, an(f Accounts. Illustrated with one
hundred and twenty Engravings of Coins, Ancient and
Modern. Svo, doth. London, 1854.

s, 403 Brackenridge (H. M.) Views of Louisiana, together
with a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River, in
1811. Svo, calf. Pittsburgh, 1814.

404 BrackejSTRidge. Views of Louisiana, containing G-eograph-
ical, Statistical, and Historical Notices of that Vast and
Important Portion of America. 12mo, sheej).

Baltimore, 1817

405 Brackenridge. Gazette Publications. 12mo, boards,
rough edges, scarce. Carlisle, 1806

406 BRADiEN (Louis). The Aztec City of Sumai, and Dis
covery of America, before the time of Columbus. 12mo
pp.48. New York, 1847

407 Bradbury (Thomas). The Ass or the Serpent, A Com
parison between the Tribes of Issachar and Dan, in
their Regard for Civil Liberty, November 5, 1712. 8
vo, pp. 22. Boston, mdcclxviii.

408 Bradbury. The Lawfulness of Resisting Tyrants, Argued
from the History of David, and in Defense of the Rev-
olution, Nov. 5, 1713. 8vo, pp. 25. London, 1714.



409 Bradbury (John, F. L. S.) Travels in the Interior of

America, in the Years 1809, 10 and 11. Including
Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee,
with thC' Illinois and Western Territories. 8vo, half
botind. Liverpool, printed for the Author, 1817.

410 Bradford (Alden). A Particular Account of the Battle

of Bunker, or Breed's Hill. 8vo, pp. 26, uncut.

Boston, 1825.

411 Bradford. History of Massachusetts, from 1764, to

July, 1775, When General Washington took Command
of the American Armies. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1822.

41 P Bradford. Two Sermons in Cambridge, Dec. 28, 1794.
8vo, pp. 31. - Boston, 1795.

412 Bradford (Ebenezer, A. M.) A Sermon, delivered at the

Ordination of the Hev. Israel Day, in Killingsly, June
1,1785. 8vo, pp. 44. Salem, 1785.

413 Bradford ( Samuel, D . D . ) Sermon before the Lord Mayor,

the Aldermen and Citizens of London, in the Cathedral
Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, Nov. 5th, 1713. 8vo,
pp. 24. London, mdccxiii. "

41 3^ Bradley (Rev. Chas.) Sermons at St. James' Chapel.
8vo, cloth. New York, 1844.

414 Bradman (Arthur). A Narrative of the Extraordinary

Sufferings of Mr. Robert Forbes, his Wife, and Five
Children, during An unfortunate Journey through the
Wilderness, from Canada to the Kennebeck River, in the
year 1784. In which three of their Children were
starved to Death ; taken partly from their own mouths,
and partly from an imperfect journal, and published at
their request. Contains likewise A Narrative of the
Captivity and Escape of Mrs. Francis Scott, an Inhabi-
tant of Washington County, Virginia. 8vo, pp. 16, un-
cut. Philadelphia, 1794.

One of the scarcest of tlie Indian Narratives.



415 Bradstreet's Continental Railway Guide; pp. 382.

London, 1854.

416 Brady & Tate. New Version of the Psalms of David,

12mo, gilt. Boston, Printed byMein & Fleming, s.a.

M. & F. were the noted Tory Printers of Boston, at the breaking out of
the Revolution.

417 Brady & Tate. A New Version of the Psalms of Da-

vid, fitted to the tunes used in Churches. The West
Society Collection, in same Volume. 12mo, sheep.

Boston, 1813.

418 Branagan (Thomas). The Beauties of Philanthropy.

Plates. 24mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1808.

419 Braydey (Edward W.) and others. London and Mid-

dlesex, or an Historical, Commercial, and Descriptive
Survey of the Metropolis of Great-Britain. Engravings.
5 Vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1810.

420 Brazer (Samuel). Address Pronounced at Worcester,

May 12th, 1804, in commemoration of the ceding of
Louisiana to the United States. 8vo, pp. 16.

Worcester, 1804.

421 Brazer (John). Sermons. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1849.

422 Brewster (Chas. W.) Progress of the Arts. 8vo, pp.

12. Portsmouth, 1853.

423 Bridge (William). The Wounded] Conscience [Cured,

the Weak One {strengthened, and the Doubting satis-
fied. [By way of Answer to Doctor Fearne.| Where
the maine point is rightly stated, and Objections [thor-
oughly answered, for the good of those who] are willing
not to be deceived]. Small 4to, crushed morocco, extra,
tooled and gilt, by Matthews.

Printed at London, for Benjamin Allen, and are
to be sold at his shop, in Pope's Head Alley, 1642.

Bridge was an eminent Puritan clergyman, at one time settled over a
congregation in Rotterdam.


424 Brief (A) f]pistle from Dr. Ziba Sproule, to Ladies of

the Upper Ten Thousand. 12nio, pp. 22. s.l.s.a.

425 Briggs (Chas. F.) The Story of the Telegraph, and a

History of the Great Atlantic Cable. Port, and Map.

12mo, cloth. New York, mdccclviii.


426 Bright (John). Speeches on Parliamentary Reform, &c.

8vo, pp. 77. Manchester, s.a.

427 Brigham (Amariah, M. D.) The Influence of Religion

upon the Health of Mankind. 12mo, hoards.

Boston, 1835.

428 Brinton (Daniel G-., A. B.) Notes on the Floridian Pe-

ninsula, its Literary History, Lidian Tribes, and Antiq-
uities. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859.

429 Brisbane (Wm. H.) Slaveholding examined in the Light

of the Holy Bible. 24mo,c/o^A. Philadelphia, 1847.

430 Britain's Mistakes in the Commencement and Conduct

of the Present War. By a Merchant and Citizen of Lon-
don. 8vo, half calf . Dublin, MDCCxL.

431 British Essayists. The Adventurer and Guardian. 6

Vols. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1856.

432 British Sacred Prose- Writings. 2 Vols. Illuminated

titles, post, 8vo, cloth. London, J. W. Parker, s.a.

433 British (The) Museum. 12mo, pp. 23. London, 185L

434 BrItish (The) Enlistment Case. 8vo, half hound.

Washington, 1856.

435 Britons (The) and the Saxons. 24mo, half morocco.

London, 1837.

436 Brockett (John T., F. A. S.) An Essay on the Means

of Distinguishing Antique from Counterfeit Coins and /"
Medals. Post, 8vo, hoards, uncut. Scarce.

New Castle, mdcccxix.

437 Brokesby (Francis B. D.) A History of the Govern-

ment of the Primitive Church, for the Three First Cen-
turies. Syo, calf. London, 1712.


438 Brook ( Mary). Reason for the Necessity of Silent Wait-

ing, in order to the Solemn Worship of God. 8vo, pp.
32. Philadelphia, mdccxci.

439 Brooks (H. K.) Annals of the Revolution, or A History

of the Doans. 24nio, hoards. Philadelphia, s.a.

439^ Bentham (Jeremy). Defence of Usury. 24mo, sAeep.

Philadelphia, mdccxcvi,

440 BitooKS (Rev. Charles). The Tornado of 1851 in Medford,

West Cambridge and Waltham. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1852.

441 Brooks. A Family Prayer Book. 12mo, sheey.

Boston, 1846.

442 Brooks. Daily Monitor, or Reflections for each day in

the year. 8vo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1828.

443 Brooks (John). Discourse before the Humane Society

of Massachusetts, 9th June, 1795. 4to, pp. o2, unciit.

Boston, MDCcxcv.

444 Brooks (J. G.) and Brooks (Mary E.) The Rivals of
• Este and other Poems. 12mo, hoards, unctit. Scarce.

New York, 1829.

445 Brooks (R., M. D.) The General Gazetteer of the known

World. Maps. 24mo, sheep. Boston, 1816.

446 Brother (The). A Novel, by a Lady. 2 Vols. Syo, calf.

London, mdcclxxi.

447 Brothers (William). The World's Doom, or the Cabi-

net of Fate Unlocked. Containing all the Ancient and
Modern Prophecies relative to the Present and nearly
Approaching Times, and also all the Prophetic Treatises
Entire, upon which the Public Mind has of late been so
much engaged. 2 Yols. 12 mo, hoards, uncut.

London, 1795.

448 Brotherhead (W.) American Notes and Queries. 4

Nos. — all published. 8vo, uncut, very scarce.

Philadelphia, 1857.


449 Brougham (Henry). Speech against the Orders in

CounciL 8vo, pp. 65, wicut. Philadelphia, 1808

450 Brougham. A Discourse of Natural Theology. 12mo

cloth. Philadelphia, 1835

451 Brown (Andrew). The Dangers and Duties of the Sea-

faring Life. 8vo, pp. 43, uncut. Boston, 1793

452 Brown (C. S.) Memoir of Rev. Abel Brown. 12mo

doth. Scarce. Worcester, 1849

453 Brown (Francis). The Evils of War, a Fast Sermon

delivered at North' Yarmouth, April 7, 1814. 8vo, pp

27. Portland, 1814

454 Brown (Henry). A Narrative of the Anti-Masonick Ex

citement in the Western part of the State of New York,
during the years 1826-7-8, and a part of 1829. 12mo
boards. Batavia, N. Y. 1829,

455 Brown (Paul). A Disquisition on Faith. 12mo, boards

unait. . Washington, 1822

456 Brown (Samuel, A. M.) On Malignant Fever. 8vo, pp

54, uncut. Boston, 1797

457 Brown (Thomas). The Fudge Family in Paris. 12mo

pp. 168, uncut. London, 1818

458 Browne (David). A Self-Defence, with a Eefutation of

Calumnies, Misrepresentations and Fallacies. 8vo, pp

28, uncut. Boston, 1828

459 Browne (Peter A., LL. D.) The Laws which Govern

Animal Torpidity and Hibernation. 8vo, pp. 32.

Philadelphia, 1847.

460 Browne (Sir Thomas). Religio Medici, A Letter to a

Friend, Christian Morals, Urn-Burial, and Other Papers.
Proof port, on India paper. Rubricated title and
initials. 8vo, cloth, rough edges. Boston, 1862.

Large paper ; edition 25 copies.

461 Brownlee (W. C, D. D.) The History of the Jews,

Comprising a Narrative of their Wanderings, Persecu-

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