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Tripoli. 24mO; half hound. New York, 1826.

4359 Raymond (Henry J.) Oration on the Completion of a

Monument, Erected to the Captors of Major Andre, at
Tarrytown, Oct. 7, 1853. 8vo. New York, 1853.

4360 Raynal (Abbe). The Revolution of America. 12mo,

shee^. Dublin, mdcclxxxi.

4361 Raynal. The Revolution of America. 8vo, pp. 92, wre-

cut. Salem, 1782.


4362 Reach (A. B.) Claret and Olives. 12mo.

New York, 1852.

4363 Reading no Preacliing, or a Letter to a Young Clergy-

man, concerning the unwarrantable practice of Read-
ing the Gospel, instead of Preaching it. 12 mo, pp. 24.

Boston, 1756.

4364 Reasons, Why the British Colonies in America should

not be charged with Internal Taxes, by Authority of
Parliament, Humbly offered for Consideration. In Be-
half of the Colony of Connecticut. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut,
Scarce. New Haven, mdcclxiv.

4365 Resells (The) Catechism, Composed in an Easy and

Familiar Way, to let them see the Heinousness of their
Offence, the Weakness of their Strongest Subterfuges,
and to recall them to their duties. 4to, pp. 29.

(London,) 1643.

4366 Reception and Speech of P. S. Brooks. 12mo, pp. 12.

4367 Recollections (The) of Jotham Anderson, Minister of

the Gospel. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1824.

4368 Recommendation (A) of Innoculation, according to Ba-

ron Dimsdale's Method. By John Morgan, M. D., Doc-
tor-General of the Hospitals, and Physician-in-Chief of
the Americaij, Army. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, 1776.

4369 Reconciliation with an offended Brother, Explained

and Inforced, in a Plain Discourse, by William Balch,
A. M., Pastor of a Church in Bradford. Scarce. 8vo,
pp. 47. Boston, 1740.

4370 Record American Bible Society. Pamphlets (136).

New York, v.y

4371 Redding (Cyrus). A History and Description of Mod

ern Wines. Post %\o,clolli. London, 1851

4372 Redfield (J. W.) Outlines of Physognomy. Numer

ous Engravings. 8vo, pp. 96. New York, 1850


4373 Reed (John). An Apology for the Rite of Infant Bap-

tism, and for the Usual Modes of Baptizing. 12mo,
calf. Providence, (1806.)

4374 Reed (Joseph). Tom Jones, a Comic Opera, as per-

formed at the Theatre-Royal. 8vo, interleaved with
4to leaves, half calf . London, mdcclxxi.

4375 [Sampson]. Correspondences for Children of the New-

Church. 24mo, c/o^A. Boston, 1833.

4376 Reed (William B.) Address before the Philomathean

Society, University of Penn., Nov. 1st, 1838. 8vo,
pp. 62. Philadelphia; 1838.

4377 Rees (John T.) Medical Theories of Cullen, Darwin

and Rush. 8vo, pp. 74. Philadelphia, 1805.

4378 Reflections Upon the Administration of G-overnment.

8vo, pp. 104. London, 1740.

4379 Reflections upon Mr. Wetmore's Letter in Defence of

Dn Warterland's Discourse of Regeneration, with a
Yindication of the received Doctrine of Regeneration
and plain Scripture Evidence, that the Notion of Bap-
tismal Regeneration is of a dangerous and destructive
Tendency. By Jonathan Dickinson, A. M. 8vo, pp. 39,
rough edges. Rare. Boston, N. E., mdccxliv.

4380 Reflexions On Representation in Parliament. An at-

tempt to shew the Equity of establishing a more equal
Representation throughout Great Britian, but also of
admitting the Americans to a Share in the Legislature.
8vo, pp. 44. Scarce. London, mdcclxvi.

4381 Reformation Principles Exhibited by the Reformed Pres-

byterian Church in the U. S. of A. 12mo.

New York, 1835.

4382 Reformation (The) of Lawsuits and Justice, brought

home to every man's door, agreeably to the Principles
of the Ancient Trial by Jury. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1805.


4383 Register of Lost, Stolen and Missing Securities. Nov.

1865. 8vo, pp. 84. New York, 1865.

4384 Regulations for the Dress of the Army of the United

States, 1851. 12ino, pp. 28. Washington, 1851.

4385 Reid (Capt; May ne). Odd People, being a Popular

Description of Singular Races of Man. Plates. 16mo.
cloth. New York, 1860.

4386 Rejected Addresses, or the New Theatrum Poetarum.

Port. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1840.

4387 The Religion of Nature Delineated. 4to, m//.

■ London, 1726,

A portion of the type for this work was set by Benj. Franklin.

4388 Religious Exercises for Christian Families. 24mo,

cloth. Boston, 1843.

4389 Remaeks on the Rights of Inventors, and the Influence

of their Studies, in Promoting the Enjoyments of Life,
and Public Prosperity. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1807.

4390 Remarks On some contents of a Letter, relating to the

Division of the First Church in Salem. 8vo, pp. 8.

Boston, 1735.

4391 Remarks on the Rescript of the Court of Madrid, and

the Manifesto of the Court of Versailles, and an Ap-
pendix, containing the Rescript, the Manifesto, and
a Memorial of Dr. Franklyn. 8vo, pp. 91.

London, 1779.

4392 Remarks on the Employment of Females in Midwifery.

8vo, pp. 22, uncut. * Boston, 1820.

4393 Remarks on the Canal, or "Dique" of Carthagena, New

Granada, and its Navigation by Steam. Map. 8vo.
pp. 67. New York, 1855.

4394 Remarks on the Tour around Hawaii, in 1823. 8vo,

pp. 42. Salem, 1848.

4395 Remarks on the State of the Laws in Massachusetts,

respecting Violations of the Sabbath. 8vo, pp. 15.

Boston, 1816.


4396 Remarks on some of the Circumstances and Arguments,

produced by the Murder of Mr. Paul Chadwick, at Mal-
ta, on the East Side of the Kennebec, on the 7th of
Sept. 1809. 8vo, pp. 24. (s.l.s.a.)

4397 Eemarks Upon the Auction System, as practiced in New

York, with Numerous Facts and Illustrations. 8vo,
pp. 56. New York, 1828.

4398 Remarks Upon the Law of Marriage and Divorce, sug-

gested by Mrs. Norton's Letter to the Queen. 8vo,
pp. 47. London, 1855.

4399 Remarkable (A) Prophecy. Presented to our Read-

ers as we received it, as a support of their Faith in the
Millenium, which we hope can be supported, by Scrip-
ture, Reason, and the Opinions of Pious Men, that it
will Come, and the time Soon. 12mo, pp. 12. Rare.

Exeter, 1794.

4400 Reminiscences of Bishop Chase. 8vo, pp. 120.

Peoria, 1841.

4401 Remonstrances Presented to the Government, in or

about 1653, on the Liestimable Riches of the British

Seas. 8vo, pp, 22, uncut. London, 1817.

4402 Rennie (James). Scientific Gardening. Engravings.

Cap 8vo, cloth. London, mdcccxxxiii.

4403 Rennie. Natural Theology. Engravings. Cap 8vo,

cloth. London, mdcccxxxiv.

4404 Rensselaerwyck. An ^istorical Sketch of the Colony

and Manor of. By Daniel D. Barnard. 8vo, pp. 70.

Albany, 1839.

4405 Reply (A) to Dr. Waterland's Defense of his Queries.

8vo, calf. London, 1722.

4406 Report (A) on Spasmodic Cholera. 8vo, hoards.

Boston, 1832.

4407 Report and Resolves in relation to the North-Eastern

Boundary, March, 1838. Maps. 8vo, pp. 76, uncut.

Boston, 1838.


4408 Report of the Committee appointed February, 1809,

to inquire into the situation of the Farmers' Exchange
Bank, in Gloucester, R. I. Published by order of the
General Assembly. 8vo, pp. 43. Scarce.

Gloucester, R. I., 1809.

4409 Report of a Committee of the Linnaean Society of New

England, relative to a large Marine Animal, supposed
to be a Serpent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, in
August, 1817. Plates, ^yo, half calf . Boston, 1817.

4410 Report of citizens of Boston, opposed to increase of

Duties on Importations. 8vo, pp. 196, uncut.

New York, 1828.

4411 Report of the American Institute, 1848. ^yo, cloth.

Albany, 1848.

4412 Report of the Commissioners of the State of New-

York, to Explore the Route of an Inland Navigation,
from Hudson's River, to Lake Ontario and Lake Eric,
With three other pamphlets, relating to the same sub-
ject. Albany and New York, 1811-1817.

4413 Reports of the Free School, Gower's Walk, Whitechapel.

A Series of eight Reports. London, 1809-16.

4414 Report of the Proceedings of the Committee appointed

to prepare and present Medals to the N. Y. Regiment
of Volunteers, with the Rolls of the Companies. 8vo,
cloth. Very scarce. New York, 1848.

44 1 5 Report of the Secretary of State on the Criminal Statis-

tics of the State of New York. 8vo, cloth.

Albany, 1856.

4416 Report of the Senate of Massachusetts, comprising the

President's Message, The Act Declaring War, etc. 8vo,
pp. 28, unc^it. Boston, 1812.

4417 Report of the Select Committee of the Ohio Senate on

giving the Right of Suffrage to Women. 12mo, pp. 8.

4418 Report of the Special Committee on the troubles in

Kansas. 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1856.


4419 Report of the School Committee of Boston, 1865.

Plates. Syo, doth. Boston, 1865.

4420 Report on Insanity and Idiocy in Massachusetts, 1854.

8vo, doth. Boston, 1855.

4421 Report on Sickness and Mortality on board Emigrant

Ships. 8vo, doth. Washington, 1854.

4422 Reports on the Erection of a Monument to the Memory

of Gen. Worth. Panoramic Plates. 8vo, doth.

New York, 1857.

4423 Reports from the War Department, made to the House

of Representatives on the Fourteenth March, 1800, and
Fourth of February, 1803, Respecting Claims against
the United States for service of the Militia of Georgia
in the years 1793 and 1794. 8vo, pp. 27.

Washington, 1818.

4424 Reports of the Commissioners, on the Zoological Sur-

vey of the State of Mass. 8vo, pp. 101, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, 1838.

4425 Representation and Petition of the Representatives of

the Territory of Louisiana. 8vo, pp. 30, uncut.

Washington City, 1805.

4426 Representations (The) of Governor Hutchinson and

others, contained in certain Letters Transmitted to Eng-
land and afterwards returned from thence and laid
before the General Assembly of the Massachusetts-Bay,
Together with the Resolves of the Two Houses thereon.
8vo, pp. 94. Rare. Boston, N. E., 1778.

4427 Reprint (A) of the Reed and Cadwalader Pamphlets,

with an Appendix. Rubricated Title. Svo, uncut, ISQZ.

Privately printed, and only 199 copies.

Also the Privately printed " Correspondence between
Wm. B. Reed and John Pennington," in relation to the
above. 8vo, uncut.

4428 Republican (The) Campaign Songster. 24mo, pp. 108.

New York, 1856.


4429 Result of the Convention of Delegates, Holden at

Ipswich, in the County of Essex, who were Deputed to
take into Consideration the Constitution and form of
Government, proposed by the Convention of the State
of Massachusetts-Bay. 8vo, pp. 68. Scarce.

Newburyport, 1778.

4430 Eetrospect (A) of the Boston Tea-Party, With a

Memoir of George R. T. Hewes. Port. l2mo, boards.
Scarce. New York, 1834.

4431 Reveries in Rhyme. By "Kemo," of Louisiana. 12mo,

pp.88. . New York, 1846.

4432 Review (A) of the Principal Events of the last ten

years in the life of Mrs. Hannah Kinney, Together with
Comments upon the late Trial, Written by herself. 12mo,
boards. Boston, 1841.

4433 Review of a Part of Prescott's "History of Ferdinand

and Isabella, and of Campbell's Lectures on Poetry."
12mo, doth. Boston, 1841.

4434 Review of Bishop Hobart's Sermon, entitled The United

States of America, compared with some European
Countries, particularly England. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut.

New York, 1826.

4435 Review of Dr. Channing's Discourse at the Dedication

of the Second Congregational Unitarian, Church New
York, Dec. 7, 1826. 8vo, pp. 91. Boston, 1827.

4436 Revolutions of Portugal, Written in French by the

Abbot DeVertot, of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions.
8vo, calf. London, 1721.

4437 Revolutionary (The) Plutarch, containing the Biograph-

ical, Historical, and Secret Memoirs of the Buonaparte
Family. 8vo, sheep. Scarce. Baltimore, 1806.

4438 Reynolds (Frederick). The Life and Times of Writ-

ten by Himself. Two Vols. Port. '^Yo, half calf, gilt.

London, 1826.

4439 Reynolds (G. W. M.) Collected Works of ; Novels, &c.

9 Vols. 8vo, half green turJcey morocco.

New York, v.y.


4440 Rhees (William J.) Manual of Public Libraries, In-

stitutions and Societies in the United States and British
Provinces. SvOjdotL Philadelphia, 1859.

4441 Rhode Island. An Act for the Establishment of a

College or University within this Colony, 1764. 8vo,
pp. 12. Providence, 1803.

4442 Rhode Island. Pamphlets (60), Published in Rhode

Island, and mostly relating to Providence. Some date
back to the last century, and many are of the early part
of the present. From the Library of Dr. Thomas
Webb. It would be very difficult to bring together a
similar collection. No duplicates, and nearly all in
fine condition.
4442^ Rhode Island. Pamphlets (17). Principally dupli-
cates of the last lot.

4443 Rhyme (The) and Reason of Country Life. Engravings.

l2mo, cloth. New York, 1856.

4444 Rich (Obadiah). A Catalogue of Books, relating to

America, &c. 6 Vols., as follows :
I. — Manuscripts and Printed Books in possession of
Obadiah Rich, Esq. 8vo, uncut. Printed by Order
of the House of Representatives, Dec. 21, 1827.
II. — A Catalogue of Books relating Principally to Amer-
ica, arranged under the years in which they were
printed. 8vo, pp. 20, uncut. London, 1832.

III. — Same title. 8vo, pp. 129, uncut. London, 1832.
IV. — Bibliotheca Americana Nova, or a Catalogue of
Books, Relating to America, printed since the year
1700. 8vo, cloth, rough edges. London, 1835.

V. — Supplement to the above. Additions and correc-
tions, 1701 to 1800. Syo, cloth. London, 1841.
VI. — Bibliotheca Americana Nova, 1831 to 1844. 8vo,
cloth. London, 1846.

Bound with the last Vol., 3 Supplements ; Books relating
to America, pp. 16-8-48, The last being Mr. Rich's

This set of Rich's wants Catalogue from 1800 to 1831 ; it is in other
respects perfect, and contains several rare pamphlets ^not usually
found with the series.


4445 [EiCE (George W.)] An Old Play in a New Garb.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Illustrated. 12mo, pp.
59. Scarce. Boston, 1852.

A very amusing Travestie.

4446- Richards (George H.) Memoir of Alexander Macomb,
Major General Commanding the Arniy of the United
States. 12mo, hoards. New York, mdcccxxxiii.

4447 Richards (Wm. C.) A Day in the New York Crystal

Palace, and How to make the most of it. 12mo.

New York, 1853.

4448 Richards. Electron, or the Pranks of the Modern

Puck. \2mo, hoards. New York, 1858.

4449 Richardson (Luther). An Oration July 4, 1800, in the

Town of Roxbury. 8vo. Boston, 1800.

4450 Richardson. Address before the Roxbury Charitable

Society, 18u4. 8vo, pp. 18, uncut. Boston, 1804.

4451 Richardson (Joseph). Complaint against the Clergy of
the Bay Association, Plymouth County, Mass. 8vo, pp.
16. Boston, 1818.

4452 Richardsiana, or Hits at the Style of Popular American

Authors. 8vo, pp. 40. New York, 1841.

4453 RiCHiNGS (B.) Narrative of the Persecutions and Suf-

ferings of The Two Martyrs, Robert Glover, and Mrs.
Lewis of Mancetter, Warwicksliire. Post 8vo, cloth,
uncut. London, 1836.

4454 Richmond (John W.) Rhode Island Repudiation, or

The History of the Revolutionary Debt of R. I. 8vo,
cloth. Providence, 1855.

4455 RiCKETSON (Shadrach). Means of Preserving Health

and Preventing Diseases. 12mo, sheep.

New York, 1806.

4456 RicoRD (Elizabeth). Zamba, or the Insurrection. Post

8vo. Cambridge, 1842.


4457 Rice AFT (Josiah). A Survey of Englands Champions

and Truths faithfull Patriots, or A Chronologicall Re-
citement of the principall proceedings, of the most
worthy Commanders, of the prosperous Armies raised
for the preservation of Religion, the Kings Majesties
Person, the Priviledges of Parliament and the Liberty
of the Subject, &c. Ports. 8vo, boards, uncut.

London, 1647. Reprint.

4458 RiDDELL (J. L.) A Monograph of the Silver Dollar,
*% good and bad. Illustrated with Fac-simile figures of

four hundred and twenty-five varieties. 8vo, half moroc-
co. Very scarce. New Orleans, 1845.

4459 RiDGELY (David). Annals of Annapolis, with an Ap-

pendix, Containing Letters from General Washington
which have never been published before. Plates. 12mo,
cloth. Baltimore, 1841.

4460 RiGGS (Luther G.) The Anarchiad. 16mo, cloth.

New Haven, 1831.

4461 Rights (The) of the Colonies Examined. 8vo, pp. 24.

Rare. Pages closely trimmed, reading matter some-
what cut. Providence, 1765.

4462 Rights (The) of the Congregational Churches of Massa-

chusetts. Result of a Council at Groton, Mass., July
17,1826. 8vo, pp. 63. Boston, 1827.

4463 Rights (The) of Great Britain asserted against the

Claims of America, being an Answer to the Declara-
tion of the General Congress. 8vo, pp. 96. Scarce.

London, T. Cadell, 1776.

4464 Rights (The) of Parliament Vindicated, On Occasion of

the late Stamp Act, in which is Exposed the Conduct of
the American Colonists. Addressed to the People of
Great Britain. 8vo, pp. 44. London, Almon, 1766.
Also, Consideration on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes
on the British Colonies, for the purpose of Raising a
Revenue, by Act of Parliament. The Second Edition.
8vo, 3 p.l., pp. 81. N. America, Printed : London, Re-
printed, Almon, 1766. Also, Protest Against the Bill


to Repeal the Stamp Act. Last Session. 8vo, pp. 16.
Paris, i.e., London, 1766. Also, Second Protest, &g.,
&c.; pp. 15. Paris, 1766. Also, a List of the Minor-
ity in the House of Commons, who voted against the
Bill to Repeal the American Stamp Act; pp. 8. Five
tracts in one Yol. Svo, half russia. Paris, 1766.

A rare and interesting collection.

4465 Rip-Rap Tracts. 2 Nos. 8vo. Scarce. s.l., (1833.)

4466 Ripley (Ezra). A History of the Fight at Concord,

on the 19th of April, 1775, With a Particular Ac-
count of the Military Operations and Interesting Events
of that ever Memorable Day, showing that then and
there the First Regular and Forcible Resistance, was
made to the British Soldiery, and the First British
Blood was Shed, by Armed Americans, and the Revolu-
tionary War thus Commenced. 8vo, pp. 40. Scarce.

Concord, 1832.

4467 Ripley (H. J.) The Four Gospels, with Notes. Vol. L

Containing Matthew and Mark. 12mo, half morocco.

Boston, 1837.

4468 Ripley (H. W.) G-enealogy of a part of the Ripley Fam-

ily. 8vo,pp. 48. Newark, N. J., 1867.

4469 Rival (The) Princes, or Faithful Narrative of Curious

Facts, relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke. Port. 12mo,
pp. 32. London.

4470 RoBACK (Dr. C. W.) The Mysteries of Astrology, and

the Wonders of Magic, Including a History of the Rise
and Progress of Astrology, and the Various Branches
of Necromancy. Ports. 8vo, cloth, gilt.

Boston, 1854.

4471 RoBBiNS (Archibald). A Journal, comprising an Account

of the loss of the Brig Commerce, of Hartford, James
Riley, Master, upon the Western Coast of Africa. Also
of the Slavery and Sufferings of the Author, and the
rest of the Crew, upon the Desert of Zahara, with Ac-
counts of the Manners, Customs, and Habits of the
Wandering Arabs. 12 mo, sheep. Hartford, 1817.


4472 RoBBiNS (Chandler). An Address delivered at Ply-

mouth, on the 24:th day of January, 1793, to the Inhabi-
tants of that Town, Assembled to Celebrate the Victo-
ries of the French Republic over their Invaders. 4to,
pp. 20. Boston, 1793.

4473 RoBBixs. Century Sermon, Preached at Kingston, In

the County of Plymouth, April 2d, 1794, At the Special
Desire of Mr. Bbenezer Cobb, who on that Day Arrived
to the Age of One Hundred Years. 8vo, pp. 24. Rare.

Boston, 1794.

4474 RoBBiNS. Discourse before the Humane Society of

Massachusetts, June 14, 1796. 4to, pp. 3Q, uncut.

Boston, MDCCXCVi.

4475 RoBBTNS. Portrait of a Christian, drawn from Life. A

Memoir of Maria Elizabeth Clapp. Port, l&mo, cloth.

Boston, 1859.

4476 RoBBiNS (Nathaniel). A Sermon Preached at the Ordi-

nation of the Rev. Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, in Dan-
vers, December 23, 1772. Svo, pp. 30, ro7igh edges.

Boston, N. E.,1773.

4477 Roberts (Mrs. Marty u). The Spiritual Creation, or

Soul's New Birth. Port. Svo, cloth.

London, W. Pickering, 1 843

4478 Roberts (Orlando W.) Narrative of Voyages and Ex

cursions on the East Coast, and in the Interior of Cen
tral America. Map. 24mo, c^o^A. Edinburgh 1827

4479 Roberts (William). Memoirs of Hannah Moore. Vol

II. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1834

4480 Robertson (Ignatius L.) Sketches of Public Characters,

drawn from the Living and the Dead. 12mo, pp. 259,
uncut. New York, 1830.

4481 Robertson (William). The History of Scotland, during

the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VL, with
A Review of the History previous to that Period. 2
Vols. Port. Svo, boards, uncut.

Philadelphia, 181]-


4482 Robertson. The History of America, Books IX. and X.,

containing the History of Virginia, to the year 1688,
and of New England to the year 1G52. Svo, rough
edges. Philadelphia, 1799.

4483 Robertson. The History of America. Second Ameri-

can Edition, in which is included the Posthumous Vol-
ume, containing the History of Virginia, to the year
1688, and of New-England to the year 1652. Svo,
sheep, gilt. Philadelphia, 1821.

4484 Robinson (Catherine). The Victim of Depravity. The

Reputed Wife of Michael Robinson, a Notorious Pick-
pocket, Who was Executed for Murder in Wales, Eng.,
April 6th, 1832. Plate. 12mo, pp. 36, uncut.

S.I., 1832.

4485 Robinson (James). Book-Keeping, by Single Entry.

8vo, boards. Boston, 1831.

4486 Robinson (Rob't.) Seventeen Discoui^ses on several

Texts of Scripture, addressed to Christian Assemblies
in Villages near Cambridge. 12mo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1824.

4487 Robinson (Samuel). A Catalogue of American Mine-

rals, with their Localities, including all which are known
to exist in the U. S. and British Provinces. 8vo, cloth.
Scarce. Boston, 1825.

4488 Robinson (Solon). Hot Corn, Life Scenes in New

York. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1854.

4489 Robinson (Wm. D.) Memoirs of the Mexican Revolu-

tion, including a Narrative of the Expedition of General
Xavier Mina. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1820.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.

4490 Robinson ^John). Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the

Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the
Secret Meetings of Free Masons, lUuminati, and Read-
ing Societies. ^YO, sheep, gilt. Philadelphia, 1798.

4491 RoBSON (Joseph). An Account of Six Year's Residence

in Hudson's Bay. Maps. Svo, calf. London, mdcclii.


4492 RoccHiETTi (Joseph). Why a National Literature can-

not flourish in the United States. 8vo, pp. 84.

New York, 1845.

4493 EoGEAED (M. A.) Sayings of Labienus on Napoleon

III., the So-called Modern Ceesar. Royal 8vo, pp. 16.

New York, 1865.

4494 Rogers (E. C.) Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Hu-

man and Mundane, Embracing the Natural Philosophy
of Spiritual Manifestation. 8vo, pp. 108.

Boston, 1852.

4495 Rogers (E. P.) A Historical Discourse on the Reform-
ed Prot. Dutch Church, of Albany, November 26, 1857.
Plates. 8\o, half mor. New York, 1858.

4496 Rogers (Thos. J.) A New American Biographical

Dictionary, or Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes,
Sages and.Statesmen of America, confined exclusively
to those "who have Signalized themselves in cither Ca-
pacity in the Revolutionary War, which obtained the
Independence of their Country. 8vo, sheep.

Easton, Pennsylvania, 1824.

4497 RoLANDi. Liturgia Anglicana col Salterio di Davide.

S2mo, sheep. Londra, 1820.

'4498 RoMAiNE (Benj.) Yellow Fever. 8vo, pp. 40.

New York, 1823.

4499 Romaine (W.) Treatises upon the Life, Work and

Triumph of Faith. 12mo, sheep. New York, 1839.

4500 Rome. Appian's History of. 4to, vellum. " .

The Colophon reads as follows:

Impressum est hoc opus Ventij's per Bernardu

pictorem & Erbardum ratdolt de Augusta una

cum Petro loslein de Langehcen correctore

acsocio, Laus Deo, mcccclxxvii.

This beautifully printed Volume, 392 years old, is in a ■wonderful state
of preservation, being witli the exception of two or three leaves not only
perfectly clean, but the paper remains as white as when it came from
the Printer's hands.


4501 RoORBACH (0. A.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue

of American Publications, including Reprints and Orig-
inal Works, from 1820 to 1852. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1^52.

4502 Root(H. K.) The Peoples' Medical Lighthouse, Mar-

riage Guide, etc. Engravings. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1854.

4503 Rosenberg (C. G.) Life of Jenny Lind. 8vo, pp. 82.

New York, 1840.

4504 Rosenberg. Jenny Lind in America. Port 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1851.

4505 R[oss] (H.) An Essay For A New TranslatiT)n of the

Bible. By EL R., a Minister of the Church of England.
2 Vols in one. 8vo, calf. London, 1702.

On tlie title page, S. Mather, 1758, and on the fly leaf in the hand writing
of Samuel Mather, '* Sent for his little Nephew Increase Mather, in
Boston; from his Uncle Samuel Mather, in London, 1702."

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