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4506 Ross (Arthur A.) A Discourse embracing the Civil and

Religious History of Rhode Island. Small 8vo, cloth.

Providence, 1838.

4507 RowE (Elizabeth). Devout Exercises of the Heart in

Meditation and Soliloquy. 12mo, hoards. Scarce.

Dedham, 1797.

4508 Rowland (David S.) Historical Remarks, with moral

Reflections. A Sermon Preached at Providence, June
9th, 1779, wherein are represented The remarkable
Dispensations of Divine Providence to the People of
these States, particularly in the Rise and Progress of
the present War, between the Confederate States of
America and Great Britain. Small 4to, pp. 39, uncut.
Rare. Providence, (1779).-

4509 Roy (Rammohun). Translation of the Ishopanishad,

one of the chapters of the Yajur Yeda. 12mo, pp. 35.

Calcutta, 1816.

4510 Royal (The) Eclipse, or Delicate Facts, Exhibiting the

Secret Memoirs of Squire George and his Wife, with
Notes, by Diogenes. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

London, 1807.


4511 Royal (The) Kalendar For England, Scotland, Ireland

and America, for the year 1794. 12mo, sheep.

Loudon, 1793^

4512 Royal. The Same, for 1798. London, 1797.

4513 Royal (The) Sin, or Adultery Rebuk'd in a Great King.

8vo, pp. 29. London, 1738.

4514 RuDO Ensayo Tentativa de una Prevencional Descripion

Geographica de la Provincia de Sonora, etc. Royal
4to, pp. 208. St. Augustine, Fla., 1^63.

Printed by Munsell, large paper, limited edition.

4515 Ruinous (The) Tendency of Gambling and Gambling

Houses. 12mo, pp. 24. New York, 1852.

4516 Rules and Articles, for the Better Government of the

Troops, raised or to be raised and kept in pay, by and
at the joint Expense of the Twelve United English Col-
onies of North America. 8vo, pp. 1 6, uncut. Scarce.

Watertown, B. Edes, 1775.

4517 Rules and Articles, for the Better Government of the

Troops, raised or to be raised and kept in pay, by and
at the Expense of the United States of America. 12mo,
pp. 92. City of Washington, 1800.

4518 Rules and Orders, House of Representatives, Mass. 2

Vols. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1853-54.

4519 Rupp (J. Daniel). History of Northampton, Lehigh,

Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties. Embellished
by several Engravings. 8vo, sheep. Scarce.

Harrisburgh, 1845.

4520 Rush (Benjamin). Eulogium on David Rittenhouse, 17

Dec, 1796. Svo, pp. 46, uncut. Philadelphia, (1796).

4521 Rush (Jacob). Charges and Extracts of charges, on

Moral and Religious Subjects. 12mo, sheep.

New York, 1804.

4522 Rush (Richard). A Residence at the Court of London.

8vo, half calf ^ gilt. London, 1833.

Letter of the Author inserted.


4523 RusKiN (John). The Turner Collection. 8vo, pp. 88.

London, 1857.

4524 Russell (John). An x\ddre£,s to the Faustus Associa-

tion, Boston, Oct. 4, 1808. 8vo, pp. 23.

Boston, 1808.

4525 Russell (John). A History of the United States of

America, from the Period of the Discovery, to the
Present Time. Engravings. 12mo, sheep.

Philadelphia, (1837.)

4526 Russell (John). Memoirs, Journal and Correspondence

of Thomas Moore. 6 Yols., 3 to 8. :rvo, cloth.

Boston, 1853.

4527 Russell (Winslow). The last Address of, delivered in

Troy, July 19, 1811, before he was Executed for the
Murder of Michael Backus. 8vo, pp. 12.

Printed for the purchasers, 1811.

4528 Rycaut (Paul). The Royal Commentaries of Peru, in

Two Parts. The First Part Treating of the Origin
of their Incas, or Kings : Of their Idolatry : Of their
Laws and Government, both in Peace and War: Of the
Reigns and Conquests of the Incas : With many other
Particulars, relating to their Empire and Policies, be-
fore such time as the Spaniards invaded their Coun-
tries. The Second Part Describing the manner by
which that New World was conquered by the Spaniards.
Also the Civil War between thePizarristsand the Al-
magrians, occasioned by Quarrels arising about the Di-
visions of the Land. Of the Rise and Fall of Rebels,
and other Particulars contained in that History. Il-
lustrated by Sculptures. Written, originally, in Span-
ish, by the Inca Garcilasso de la Vega. Port, and
numerous curious Plates. Folio, half calf.

London, Printed by Miles 'Flesher, for Jacob

Tonson, at the Judge's-Head. in Chancery

Lane, near Fleet-street, mdclxxxviii.

4529 Ryle (J. C.) How Readest Thou? A Question for

Every Body. 12mo, pp. 82. New York, 1855.


4530 Sabbath-School Yisitor. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1840.

4531 Sabbath-ScIiooI Question Books, (24.)

4532 Sabin (Joseph). A Catalogue of the Books, Autographs,

Engravings, and Miscellaneous Articles, belonging to
the Estate of the late John Allan. 8vo, hoards, rough
edges. New York, 1 864.

4533 Sabin. Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue of the Li-

brary belonging to Mr. Richard W. Roche. Sold by
Bangs, Merwin & Co. 8vo, uncut. New York, 1867.

4534 Sabin. Bibliotheca Dramatica, Catalogue of the Theat-

rical and Miscellaneous Library of William E. Burton.
Port. Imp. 8vo, pp. 463, uncut. New York, 1860.

Large paper, very scarce,

4535 Sabin. Bibliotheca Splendidissima, Catalogue of the

Library of [A. E. Douglas.] 8vo, hoards, uncut.

New York, 1856.

Very scarce.

4536 Sabin. Catalogue of a Valuable Private Library, com-

prising an Estensive and Select Collection of Choice
Books, in every Department of Literature. 8vo, hoards,
uncut. ■ New York, 1859.

4537 Sabin's Reprints. 4to series, 10 Yo\q., paper, uncut.

New York, 1865.

The Series consists of the following woi-ks:

L Order Book of Capt. Leonard Bleeker, 1779.

IL A Relation of Maryland, 1635.

IIL Present State of the Indians in New England, 1650.

IV. Certain Inducements to Well-Minded People, 1643.

V. Further Progress of the Gospel among the Indians

in New England, 1652.

YI. Progress of the Gospel among the Indians in New
England, 1659.

YIl. New England's First Fruits, 1643.

YIII. Further Queries upon the present State of the
New-English Affairs, 1689-90.

IX. Day Breaking, if not the Sun Rising, of the Gos-
pel, with the Indians in New-England, 1648.


X. Clear Sunshine of the Gospel, breaking forth upon
the Indians, in New England, 1648.

4538 Sabin's Reprints, Octavo Series. 5 Vols. ; paper, uncut.

New York, 1865.

The Series consists of the following works. Edition 100 copies:

I. The Journal of Major George Washington.

II. A Journal of Two Visits made to some Nations of


III. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andre.

IV. A Brief Statement of the Province' of Pennsylva-

V. Present State of Virginia, by Hugh Jones, A. M.

4539 Sabin. The Same. Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Royal 8vo,
paper, uncut.

Large paper, edition 50 copies. These are numbered 15.

4540 Sabine (Lorenzo). Address on the Hundredth Anni-

versary of the Death of Gen. Wolfe. 8vo, pp. 100.

Boston, 1859.

4541. Sabine. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the
American Revolution. 2 Vols. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Boston, 1864.

4542 Sabine. Notes on Duels and Duelling. \2mo, cloth.

Boston, 1855.

4543 Sablier (M.) Extrait DesEpitres deSeneque. 12mo,

uncut. Paris, mdcclxx.

4544 Sacra Biblia, Ad LXX. Interpretvm fidem Diligentis-

ime Tralata. Black Letter. 8vo, in original binding.
Basilese Andream Cratandrum, Anno mdxxyi.
Cumgratia & privilegio Caesareo.
St. Jerome's Version of the Septuagint, not divided into verses, and con-
tains some remarkable readings. For a particular account of this edi-
tion, see "Bibliotheca Sussexiana," Vol. I., part II. From the Library
of John Pickering, and contains his Autograph.

4545 Salem (The) Belle. A Tale of Love and Witchcraft,

in the year 1692. 24mo, cloth. Scarce.

Boston, 1847.


4546 Salem "Witchcraft, Comprising more Wonders of the

Invisible World, Collected by Robert Calef, and .Won
ders of the Invisible world by Cotton Mather, Togeth
er with Notes and Explanations by Samuel P. Fowler
Port. Small 4to, cloth, uncut. Boston, 1865

Large paper, edition 100 copies. Contains the original article by Mr,
Deane, signed Delta. "Spurious Reprints of Early Books."

4547 Salem Witchcraft. The same. Post 8vo, cloth.

Salem, 1861.

4548 Salemankis (Abbe). Letters of. 8vo, pp. 156.

Philadelphia, 1810.

4549 Salmagundi, or the Whim- Whams and Opinions of

Launcelot Langstafif, Esq., and Others. 2 Yols. in one.
16mo, half hound. (New York,) 1807.

4550 Salmon. Moral Ecflections, in Verse. Begun in Hawk-

stone Park, May 20th and 21st, 1794. 8vo, hoards,
uncut. London, mdccxcvii.

4551 Salmon. An Essay concerning Marriage, Shewing,

The Preference of Marriage to a Single Life, etc.
8vo, sheep. London, mdccxxiv.

4552 Salomon (Gotthold). Twelve Sermons, delivered in

the New Temple of the Israelites, At Hamburgh. 12mo,
cloth. Charleston, S. C, 1841.

4553 Sampson Against the Philistines, or the Reformation of

Lawsuits, and Justice made Cheap, Speedy and Brought
Home to every Man's Door. 8vo, pp. 96, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1805.

4554 Sampson (M. B.) Central America, and the Transit be-

tween the Oceans. 8vo, pp. 28. New York, 1850.

4555 Sand (George). Pseudonym, Simon. 24mo, hoards.

Bruxelles, 1836.

4556 Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the

Declaration of Independence. Ports. 9 Vols. 8vo,
hoards, uncut. Philadelphia.

4557 Sanderson (John P.) Republican Landmarks. 8vo,

cloth. Philadelphia, 1856.


4558 Sandyman's Letters on Theron and Aspasio, Addressed

to the Author. 2 Vols, 12mo, caJf. Edinburgh, 1762.

4559 Sanford (H. S.) Systems of Penal Codes in Europe.

8vo, cloth. Washington, 1854.

456p Sanford (L. G.) The History of Erie County, Penn.
"''"^ Ports. 12mo, doth. Philadelphia, 1862.

4561 Sanger (Ralph). A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of

Capt. Lewis Smith, who was killed, Jan. 11, 1819, by
the fall of a tree. 8vo, pp. 15, 7ma^^. Dedham, 1819.

4562 Sansom (Joseph). Sketches of Lower Canada, Histori-

cal and Descriptive, the Morals, Habits and Religious
Institutions of that Isolated Country. Plates. 12mo,
hoards, uncut. New York, 1817.

4563 Sargent (J. 0.) On Steam Navigation, and Naval War-

fare. 8vo, pp. 64. New York, 1844.

4564 Sargent (L. M.) Reminiscences of Samuel Dexter.

24.mo, cloth. Boston, 1857.

4565 Sargent (N.) Life of Henry Clay. 8vo, pp. 16.

Philadelphia, 1844.

4566 Sargent (Winthrop). The Life and career of Major

John Andre, Adjutant-General of the British Army in
America. Port. 8vo, cloth, rough edges.

Large paper. Edition 75 copies.

4567 Sargent. The same. Port. 12mo, half calf, gilt.

Boston, 1861.

4568 [Sargent.] The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution. Cap
4to, half Roxhurghe, tmcut. Philadelphia, mdccclvii.
No. 39 of 99 copies printed. Fisher's copy sold for $85. Of great rarity.

Contains the suppressed leaf at page 126.

4569 Sarran (B.) Memoirs of Gen. Lafayette. 2 Vols.

12mo, cloth. Boston, 1833.

4570 Saturday Evening, by the Author of Natural History

of Enthusiasm. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1832.

4571 Saturday Evening. 12mo, cloth. Hingham, 1833.


4572 Saunders (Daniel, Jr.) A Journal of the Travels and

SufiFerings of a Mariner, Cast Away near Cape Morebet,
on the coast of Arabia, July, 1792. 24mo, hoards
Scarce. Exeter, 1830

4573 Sawrin (James). The Repentance of the Unchaste Wo

man. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Boston, 1823

4574 Savage (Edward H.) A Chronological History of the
Boston Watch and Police, from 1631 to 1865, together
with the Recollections of a Boston Police Of&cer, or
Boston by Daylight and Gaslight. Port. 8vo, hoards,
rough edges. Boston, 1865.

4575 Say (Jean-Baptiste). A Treatise on Political Econo-

my, or the Production, Distribution and Consumption
of Wealth. Syo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1836.

4576 Sayings and Doings at the Tremont House, in the year
^ 1832. Extracted from the Note-Book of Costard Sly.

2 Vols. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1833.

4577 Scenes from the Life of Jesus. 24mo, hoards.

Boston, 1852.

4578 Scenes from Christian History. 12mo, hoards.

Boston, 1852.

4579 Schefper (John). The History of Lapland, Wherein
I Are Shewed the Original Manners, Habits, Marriages,

Conjurations, &c., of that People. Plates. Folio,
hoards. At the Theatre in Oxford, mdclxxiv.

4580 Scheme (A) To Drive the French Out of All the Conti-

nent of America, Humbly offered to the Consideration

of , Esq. 8vo, pp. 20. Scarce.

Boston, N.E., 1755.

4581 ScHERMERHORN (John F.) View of that part the Uni-

ted States which lies West of the Alleghany Mountains,
With regard to Religion and Morals. 8vo, pp. 52,
uncut. Hartford, 1814.

4582 Schiller (Friedrich). Poems. 24mo, pp. 255.

Leipsig, 1818.


4583 ScHLEGEL (J. r. W.) Neutral Eights, or an impartial

examination of the Right of Search of Neutral Vessels.
8vo, pp. 162. Philadelphia, 1801.

4584 Schoolcraft (Henry R.) A View of the Lead Mines

of Missouri, Accompanied by three Engravings. 8vo,
hoards, uncut. New York, 1819.

4585 Schoolcraft. Narrative Journal of Travels through

the Northwestern Regions of the United States, extend-
ing from Detroit, through the great chain of American
Lakes to the Sources of the Mississippi River. Per-
formed as a Member of the Expedition under Governor
Cass, in the year 1820. Plate. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Albany, 1821.

4586 ScHOOLCEAFT. Expedition to the Source of the Missis-

sippi River, in 1820, resumed and completed by the
Discovery of its Origin in Itasca Lake, in 1832. With
Appendices. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1855.

4587 Schoolcraft. Travels in the Mississippi Valley. 8vo,

calf. New York, 1825.

4588 Schott (James, Jr.) A Statement by. 8vo, pp. 50.

A Crim-Con and Duelling Affair.

4589 Science (The) of Electrical Psychology. 8vo, pp. 16.

(Albany), 1849.

4590 ScoFTELD (Samuel). An Inaugural Dissertation on the

Nature and Origin of Vaccinia, or Cowpock, Nov. 1803.
8vo, pp. 69, M%c2^^. Scarce. New York, 1803.

4591 Scotch (A) Answer to a Yankee Question.' By the

Scotch Poetic Genius. 12mo, pp. 36.

Clyde, N. Y., 1866.

4592 [Scott (Walter).] Guy Mannering. 2 Vols. 16mo,
clotli. Boston, 1857.

4593 Scott. Biographical Memoirs. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1829.

4594 Scott. Life of Jonathan Swift. \2mo, cloth.

Boston, 1829.


4595 Scott. Rokeby, A Poem. Illustrated edition. 18mo,

green turhey morocco, gilt, gilt edges.

London, 1841.

4596 Scott (William). Lessons in Elocution, or a Selection

of Pieces in Prose and Verse for the improvement of
youth in Reading and Speaking, as well as for the peru-
sal of Persons of Taste. l2mo, sheep.

Hartford, mdccxcv.

4597 Scott. Lessons in Elocution. 12mo, sheej).

Philadelphia, 1814.

4598 ScouGAL (Henry). The Life of God in the Soul of Man,

or the Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion.
Small 8vo, boards. Boston, 1806.

4599 ScRAP-BooK. Containing several hundred Steel En-

gravings. 4to, half calf.

4600 SCRIBER (Peter), pseudonym. On Protection. 8vo. '

New York, (1844.)

4601 ScRiBBLEOMANiA, or the Printer's Devil's Polichronicon.

A Sublime Poem, Edited by Anser Pen-dragon, Esq.
8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1815.

4602 ScRiPTURE-Bishops (The) Vindicated, by Eleutherius, V.
D. M. In same Volume, Eusebius Inermatus. 8vo,
sheej}. Boston, N. E., 1733.

A queer old volume of Theological Controversy.

4603 Seabury (Samuel). Sermon at Boston, Mar. 25, 1788.

8vo, pp. 30. Boston, 1788.

4604 Seabury (Samuel). The Continuity of the Church of

England, in the Sixteenth Century. 8vo, pp. 174.

New York, 1853.

4605 Sea'rl (John). Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev.

Stephen Peabody, Atkinson, Nov. 25, 1772. 8vo, pp.
35. Boston, N. E., 1773.

4606 Sears (Edmund H.) Pictures of the Olden Time, as

shown in the fortunes of a Family of the Pilgrims, with


a Genealogy. Private Edition. Plates. Turkey mo-
rocco, antique, gilt edges. Boston, 1857.
A strictly private edition, of which but very few copies were printed.

4607 Second (A) Letter to a Friend, Giving a more particu-

lar Narrative of the Defeat of the French Army at
Lake George, by the New-England Troops, than has
yet been published, Representing also the vast Impor-
tance of this Conquest to the American-British Colo-
nies. To which is added, Such an Account of what the
New-England Governments have done, to carry into Ef-
fect their Design against Crown-Point, as will shew the
Necessity of their being helped by Great-Britain, in
Point of Money. 4to, pp. 16, uncut.

Boston, N. E.; Printed and sold by Edes and

Gill, at their Printing-Office, next to the

Prison in Queen-street, mdcclv.

A clear and beautiful copy, of a very rare pamphlet. Autograph of Ed-
ward Wigglesworth.

4608 Second Advent Pamphlets (20). Some as early as 1813.

4609 Second Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the Peo-

ple, on the Measures Respecting America, by the Au-
thor of the First. 8vo, half morocco, uncut.

London, 1775.

See Rich, 1774, No. 23; 1775, No. 43.

4610 Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France, during

the Revolution, with a Cipher of the Secret Corres-
pondence of Marie Antoinette. Svo, half calf, gilt.

Philadelphia, 1826

4611 Seely (John B.) The Wonders of Flora, or the Tern-

pies and Dwellings Excavated out of a Mountain of
Granite. Plates. Svo, half calf London, 1824.

4612 Sega (James). What is true civilization, or Means to

Suppress the Practice of Duelling, to Prevent or to
Punish Crimes, and to Abolish the Punishment of Death.
12 mo, calf Boston, 1830.

4613 Seixas (J.) Manual of Hebrew Grammar, for the use

of Beginners. Svo, boards. Andover, 1834.


4614 Select Sermons of Dr. Whichcot. 8vo, calf.

London, mdcxcviii.

4615 Select Sermons, and Funeral Orations, translated from

the French, of Bossuet, to which is prefixed An Essay,
on the Eloquence of the Pulpit in England. 12 mo, calf.

Boston, 1803.

4616 Selection (A) of the Patriotic Addresses to the Presi-

dent of the United States, together with the President's
Answers. 12mo, slieep. Boston, 1798.

4617 Selections from the Early Ballad Poetry of England

and Scotland. Edited by Richard John King. Orna-
mental title pages, headings and initials. Fcap 8vo,
cloth, uncut. London, W. Pickering, 1842.

4618 Selections from the Writings of Fenelon, with a Me-

moir of his Life.. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1829.

4619 SEMi-Centennial Celebration of the New-England Socie-

ty in the City of New York, Dec. 22, 1855. 8vo, pp.
116. New York, 1856.

4620 Sentiments (The) of a British American. 8vo, pp. 16.

Rare. Boston, 1764.

4621 Septennial (The) Act. 2 pamphlets. 8vo.

London, 1740.

4622 Series (A) of Appeals, To all Men and their Families.

By Mrs. Nemo. 12mo, cloth.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

4623 Series of Numbers on Prison Discipline. 8vo, pp. 16.


4624 Serious (A) Call | to the j Quakers, | Inviting them to

Return to | Christianity.] By a friend.] 8vo, pp. 16.

Yery rare.

Boston, Re-printed and Sold by T. Green,
in Middle street, 1709.

4625 Serious Considerations On the Election of a President,

Addressed to the Citizens of the United States. 8vo,
pp. 34. New York, 1800.


4626 Sermon (A) Preached before the Society for the Propa-

gation of the G-ospel in Foreign Parts, at their Anni-
versary Meeting, la the Parish Church of St. Mary-le-
Bow, February, 1712. By the Right Reverend Father
in God, John Lord Bishop of Ely: 8vo, pp. 56.

London, 1713.

Relates to America.

4627 Sermon (A) Preached before the Society for the Propa-

gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at the Parish
ChuTch of St. Mary-le-Bow, the 16th of Feb., 1710.
By William Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. 8vo, pp. 43.

London, 1725.

4628 Sermons before the Female Charitable Society of Salem.

Various Authors. 8vo, half bound. v.y.

4629 Sermons of John Baptist Missillon and Lewis Bourda-

loue, two Celebrated French Preachers. 12 mo, sheep.

Hartford, 1805.

4630 Sermons on Particular Occasions. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1812.

4631 Sermons to Asses. The Fourth Edition. 12 mo, half

calf. Philadelphia, mdcclxix.

4632 Sermons (12) By Various Eminent Divines, preached on

the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles L
4to, calf London, 1680-1731.

A Rare and Curious Collection.

4633 Service Book for the Use of the Church of the Disciples.

18mo, sAeep. Boston, 1844.

4634 Service Book for the Church of the Saviour, with Psalms

and Hymns for Christian Worship. 12mo, morocco.

Boston, 1846.

4635 Services. Arlington Street Church. \2mo, cloth.

Boston, 1862.

4636 Several Assertions Proved, In Order to Create another

Species of Money than Gold and Silver. By Mr. Asgill.
8vo, pp. 46. London, 1720.




4637 Several Apologetical Letters to a Friend, in Behalf of

The Rev. Mr. Whitefield, &c. 4to, pp. 38.

Boston, 1745.

4638 Sewall (Joseph). A Sermon Preached on the Fri-

day Evening Lecture, at the South Meeting-House in
Boston, March 5, 1741-2. 8vo, pp. 24. Very scarce.

Boston, 1742.

4639 Sewall (Rufus King). Ancient Dominions of Maine,
Embracing the Earliest Facts, the Recent Discoveries
of the Remains of Aboriginal Towns, the Voyages,
Settlements, Battle Scenes, Incidents of Indian Warfare,
and other Incidents of History, etc. Engravings. 8vo,
doth. Bath, 1859.

4640 Sewall (Samuel). Phasnomena qugedam j Apocalyp-

tica I Ad AspectumNovi Orbis conjigurata ;\ Or some few
Lines towards a description of the New | Heaven,] As
It makes to those who stand upon the | New Earth. |
By Samuel Sewall^ A. M., and sometimes Fellow of
Harvard \ College at Cambridge in New England.\
In the same Vol., The | Fountain Opened,] or ] The Ad-
mirable Blessings plentifully to j be Dispensed at the
National ] Conversion of the Jews,] by Samuel Willard.
With appendix by Samuel Sewall. 4to, title 3 p. l.,pp.
64— 24,/2/ZZ turkey morocco, extra, top gilt.

Boston, Massachusetts, Printed by Bartholomew

Green, and sold by Benjamin Eliot, Samuel

Grerrish & Daniel Henchman, 1727.

A Tery rare work, relating in great part to New England History and
the Indians. The first edition priced by Stevens, at £7 7s.

4641 Sewell (Stephen). The Scripture Account of the

Shechinah. 8vo, pp. 27, uncut. Boston, 1794.

4642 Sewall's Poems. Wants title page. Contains several

Poems relating to Washington.

4643 Seward (Anna). Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin.

8vo, half hound. Philadelphia, 1804.


4644 Seward (William H.) Life and Public Services of

John Quincy Adams. Port. 12 mo, sheep.

Auburn, 1849.

4645 Seavei.l (Wm.) An Essay on the Study of Dead Lan-

guages. 12mo, hoards, uncut. London, 1830.

4646 Sexagenarian (The), or the Recollections of a Literary

Life. 8yo, calf. London, 1818.

4647 Shakspeare (William). Miscellaneous Papers and Le-

gal Listruments under the hand and seal of, Licluding
the Tragedy of King Lear and a small fragment of
Hamlet, From the Original Mss. in the possession of
Samuel L^eland, of Norfolk Street. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Loudon, 1796.

The celebrated Ireland Forgeries.

4648 Shakspeare. The Most Excellent Historic of the Mer-

chant of Venice. Illustrated. 8vo, tinted paper, moroc-
co, gilt. New York, 1860.

4649 Shakspeare. The Poems of, with a Memoir. By Rev.

Alexander Dyce. Port. 16mo, calf, gilt.

Boston, 1856.

4650 Shaksperiana. -Catalogue of all the Books, Pamphlets,

&c., relating to Shakspeare, to which are subjoined an
Account of the .Early Quarto Editions of the Great
Dramatist's Plays and Poems, the Prices at which many
copies have sold in public sales, together with a List of
the Leading and Esteemed Editions of Shakspeare's
Collected Works. 12mo, boards, uncut. Very scarce.

London, 1827.

4651 Sham-Patriot (The) CJnmasked, or an Exposition of

the Fatally Successful Arts of Demagogues to exalt
themselves, by Flattering and Swindling the People.
By Historicus. 8vo, pp. 47, uncut. Haverhill, 1 805.

4652 Sharp (John). A Sermon Preached at White-Hall, in

Lent, On Friday, March 20, 1684-5. 4to.

London, 1685.


4653 Shavee's (The) New Sermon for Fast Day. By Pas-

qain Shaveblock, Esq., Shaver Extraordinary, and an-
other title. 8vo, pp. 48. Philadelphia, 1796.

4654 Shaw (Ferdinando). A Sermon on the Death of Queen

Anne, and the Happy Accession of King George to
the Throne. 8vo, pp. 27. London, 1714.

4655 [Shaw (S.)J Immanuel, Or a Discovery of True Re-
ligion, As it imports a living Principle in the Minds of
Men, Being the latter Clause of The Voice crying in a
Wilderness, Or a Continuation of the Angelic Life.
By S. S. 8vo, sheep. Rare.

Boston, N. E., Printed by Rogers & Fowle, for
J. Edwards, in Cornhill, 1741.

4656 Shepard (Thomas). The Parable of the Ten Virgins,

Opened & Applied. Being the Substances of divers
Sermons, By Thomas Shepard, Late Worthy and

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