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Emperor of China. In English and Chinese. 8vo, pp.
101. No imprint.

5151 ''Treaty" (The) between the United States and Mexico,'

1848. Syo, half bound. Washington, 1848.

5152 Treatyse (The) Of Fysshynge wyth an Angle attributed

to Dame Juliana Berners. Reprinted from the book of

St. Alban's. Curious Engravings. Port. 8vo, pp. 41.

London, John Baskerville, for William

Pickering, 1827.

Trials, &c.

5153 Trial, Case (A) decided in the Supreme Court,in Febru-

ary, 1793, in which is discussed the Question "Whether
a State be Liable to be sued by a Private Citizen of
Another State." 8vo, pp. 122, uticut. Scarce.

Philadelphia, 1793.

5154 Trial. Collection (A) of the Most Remarkable and In-

teresting Trials, Intended, not only to point out the
Crimes of the G-reat, but also those of Inferior Crimi-
nals. Plate. 2 Vols. ' 4to, half calf.

London, mdcclxxy.

5455 Trial. The Principal Events yf the last Ten Years in
the Life of Mrs. Hannah Kinney, with some Comments
upon the Late Trial. Written by Herself. 12mo,
boards. Boston, 1841.

5156 Trial. True (A) and Minute History of the Assassina-

tion of James King of Wm., at San Francisco, Cal.
8vo, pp. 26. _ San Francisco, 1856.

5157 Trial. An Account of the Trial, Confession, and Con-

demnation of Six Witches, at Maidstone, in the County
of Kent, at the Assizes, held there July, 1652. To
which is added the Trial, Examination and Execution,
of Three Witches, Executed at Faversham, in the same
County, September, 1645. 8vo, pp. 26.

London, two hundred copies re-printed from the
original edition, mdcccxxvii.


5158 Trial. An Account of the Trial of Mr. Elwall, before

Judge Denton, for publishing a Book in Defence of the
Unity of God, in the year 1726, 12mo, pp. 12.

Birmingham, 1788.

5159 Trial. An Exhibit of the Losses sustained, at the Of-
» fice of Discount and Deposit, Baltimore, under the Ad-
ministration of James A. Buchanan, President, with a
Eeport of the Conspiracy Cases Tried at Harford
County Court, Maryland. 8vo, boards, uncut. 1823.

5160 Trial. An Expose of the Case of the Commonwealth,

or John W. Simes & Co., vs. McEwen & Shea. By
M. H. AlcEwen. 8vo, pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1844.

5161 Trial. Addison (Alexander.) On an Impeachment

by the House of Representatives, before the Senate of
Penn. 8vo, half morocco. Lancaster, 1803.

5162 Trial. Archille (Dr.) A full Report of the Most Extra-

ordinary Trial, for Seduction and Adultery. 8vo, pp.
31. New York, (s.a.)

5163 Trial. Arison (Wm.) The Infernal Machine Case. 8vo.

Cincinnati, 1864.

5164 Trial. Armstrong (T.J.,) for the Murder of Robert Craw-

ford. The Confesssion made by Armstrong. 8vo, pp.
106. Philadelphia, 1861.

5165 Trial. Arnold (Stephen), for the Murder of Betsey Van

Amburgh, a Child six years of Age, in Cooperstown,
June 4th, 1805. 12mo, pp. 23. Newark, N. J. 1806.

5166 Trial. Arnold (Stephen), for the Murder of Betsey Van

Amburgh, a Child six years of age. June 4th, 1805.
12mo, pp. 24. Scarce. Cooperstown, N. Y., (1805.)

5167 Trial. Arnold and Ramsay, vs. The United Insur-

ance Co. 12mo. New York, 1800.

5168 Trial. Arrison (W. M.),for the Murder of Isaac Al-

lison, June, 26, 1854. 8vo, pp. 36. s.l. 1854.

^ 5169 Trial. Avery (Rev. E. K.), for the Murder of Sarah

) ! / Maria Cornell. 8vo, pp. 143, uncut. Boston, 1833.


5170 Trial. Baldwin (C has. N.), for a Libel in publishiug

Certain Charges of Fraud and Swindling. 8vo, pp.
124, uncut. New York, 1818.

5171 Teial. Beale (Dr. S. T.) for Rape. 8vo, pp. 30.

Philadelphia, 1855.

5172 Trial. Beale. The Same. Newspaper . cuttings in-

serted. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855.

5173 Trial. Beauchamp (J. 0.) Confession of, for the

Murder of Col. Solomon P. Sharp. 8vo, pp. 134.
Scarce. Bloomfield, Ky., 1826.

5174 Trial. Beardsley Divorce Case, with All the Evidence

suppressed by the Daily Papers. 8vo, pp. 83, uncut.

New York, s.a.

5175 Trial. Biles (Edwin R.) Forgery. 8vo.

Philadelphia, 1858.

5176 Trial. Buckingham (J. P.) Libel. 8vo, imcut.

Boston, 1822.

5177 Trial. Burnell (Barker). Embezzlement. 8vo.

Boston, 1847.

5178 Trial. Burns (Anthony). Boston Slave Riot. 8vo,

pp. 86, uncut. Boston, 1854.

5179 Trial. Byrne (Patrick), for Mutiny. Before a General

Court Martial, Held at Fort Columbus, on the 22d of
May, 1813. Sentence — Death. 8vo, pp. 12. Scarce.

New York, 1813.

5180 Trials, Confessions, and Biographical Sketches of the

most Cold-Blooded Murderers, Embellished with nu-
merous Engravings. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841.

5181 Trial. Confession of the Murder of William Morgan,

as taken down by Dr. JohnL. Emery, of Racine County,
Wisconsin, in the summer of 1848, now first given to
the Public. By Henry L. Valance. 12mo, pp. 24.

New York, 1849.

5182 Trial. Criminal Law Cases. 3 Pamphlets.

London, 1853.

5183 Trial. Criminal Trials. 8vo. Richmond, Va., 1851.


5184 Trial. Campbell (H. A.) Trial and Execution of Maj.

Campbell, for Killing, in a Duel, Capt. A. Boyd.
12 mo, pp. 44, uncut. Boston, 1808.

5185 Trial. Chapin (Amasa), and Others for Conspiracy.

8vo. Cincinnati, 1853.

5186 Trial. Clark (Willard), for the Murder of Eichard

W. Wight. 8vo, pp. 217. New Haven, 1855.

5187 Trial. Cooke (McLaurin F.), for an Assault and
Battery upon Thos, J. Wall, a Pupil. 8vo, pp. 86.

Boston, s.a.

5188 Trial. Cooper (Dr. Thomas), for Infidelity. 8vo.

Columbia, S. C, 1831.

5189 Trial. Crosby (Dixi, M. D.), for Alleged Mal-Prac-
tice. 8vo, pp. 85. Woodstock, 1854.

5190 Trial. Cunningham (Mrs.) Fictitious Heiress of Dr.

Burdell. Confessions of the Accoucher. Bold Game
of Mrs Cunningham. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1857.

5191 Trial. Cushing (Col. Thos. H.), before a Court Mar-

tial, at Baton-Rouge, on charges by Brig. Gen. Wade
Hampton. 8vo, hoards. Philadelphia, 1812.

5192 Trial. Dalton Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 48.

Boston, 1857.

5193 Trial. Dalton Divorce Case. Shawmut edition. 8vo,

pp. 94. Boston.

5194 Trial. D'Hauteville (Paul D. G.), Against David Sears

and Others. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1840.

5195 Trial. D'Hauteville Case. Report of. 8vo, pp. 295,

uncut. Philadelphia, 1840.

5196 Trial. D'Hauteville Case. Review of. 8vo, pp. 41.

Boston, 1841.

5197 Trial. Daniel (H.) for the Murder of Clifton R. Thom-

son. 8vo, pp. 36. Cincinnati, 0., 1845.

5198 Trial. Daviess (Samuel), for the Murder of Henry

Pendleton Smith, Sept., 1818. 12mo, pp. 104. Scarce.

Frankfort, Ky., 1819.








Teial. Drane (Capt. A.) By Court Martial. 8vo.

Louisville, Ky., 1847.



Dred Scott, vs. J. F. A. Sanford. Svo.

Washington, 1856.

Dred Scott Case : Examination by S. A. Foot.

New York, 1859.

Trial. Dunbar (Reuben), for the Murder of S. Y. and

D. L. Lester. By Jacob C. Cuyler. Port. 8vo, pp.

75, uncut. Albany, 1850.

Trial. Earls (John). Report of the Trial and Con-
viction of, for the Murder of His Wife, Together with
the Confession. By Wm. F. Packer. Svo, half morocco.

Williamsport, 1836.

Trial. Ebaugh (Rev. J. S.) Svo. New York, 1853.

Trial. Fairbanks (Jason), for the Murder of Miss
Elizabeth Fales. Svo, pp. 87. Scarce.

Boston, 1801.

Trial. Farmer (Daniel D.), for the Murder of the
Widow Anna Aye r, at Goffstown, on the 4th of April,
1821. Svo, pp. 32-72. Amherst, N. H., 1822.

Fry (Emilie L.) Petition for a Divorce. Svo,

Philadelphia, 1859.
Gardner (Geo. A.) Perjury. Syo, uncut.

Washington, 1853.
Garretson (Rev. J. G.) Seduction.

New York, 1853.
Goodale (Ehenezer), by Court Martial. Svo,

Cambridge, 1812.
Goodwin (Robert M.), for Killing James


pp. 40





Stoughton, Esq., in Broadway. Svo, pp. 196, uncut.

New York, 1820.
Trial. Goodwin, for Manslaughter, in Killing James

Stoughton, Esq. Svo, pp. 53. New York, 1820.

Trial. Green (Henry G.),for the Murder of His Wife.
Svo, pp. 48. Troy, 1845.


5214 Trial. Hawkins (Edward W.) The History and Con-
fession of the Young Felon, who was executed in Es-
till Co., Ky., on the 29th day of May, 1857, for the
Murder of James M. Land, and Jesse Arvine, giving a
minute detail of the commission of Four distinct Mur-
ders, Many Thefts, Forgeries and Counterfeiting, also
the Courtship and Marriage to Six different Young
Females, before the Felon attained the Age of 21
Years. 8vo, pp. 60. (s.l.)

5215 Trial. Hicks (Albert W.) Life, Trial, Confession
and Execution of. Numerous Engravings. 8vo, pp.
S4., uncut. New York, (1850.)

5216 Trial. Hicks, for Piracy, on board the Sloop Edwin
A. Johnson. Ports. 8vo, pp. 68.

5217 Trial. Hodge (Arthur), for the Murder of his Negro
man slave, named Prosper. By A. M. Belisario. 12mo,
pp. 136, uncut. Middletown, 1812.

5218 Trial. Howard (Mrs. Margariat), for the Murder of
Miss Mary Ellen Smith, Her Husband's Paramour.
8vo, pp. 64. Cincinnati, 1849.

5219 Trial. Huntington (Chas. B.), for Forgery. Thick
8vo, cloth. New York, 1857.

5220 Trial. Hughes (Dr. J. W.), for the Murder of Miss
Tamzen Parsons. 8vo, pp. 58. New York, 1866.

5221 Trial. Jeffords (Chas. M.), for Murder, at New York,
Dec, 1861. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1862.

5222 Trial. Keen (Moses W.) Who was hung for the Mur-
der of his Wife. Life and Confessions of. 12mo, pp.
24, uncut. Scarce. Maysville, Ky., 1842.

5223 Trial. Kendall (W. G.) Late Postmaster at New
\,_> Orleans, for Embezzling a Letter. 8vo, pp. 36.

^S New Orleans, 1855.

5224 Trial. Knapp (John F.), for the Murder of Joseph
White. 8vo, uncut. Salem, 1830.


5225 Teial. Knapp, for the Murder of Mr. White. Pam-

phlets (3), including the two published at Salem, and one
by "A Citizen of Danvers." All uncut. Scarce.

5226 Trial. Kneeland (Abner), for Blasphemy. 8vo, pp.

93, uncut. Boston, 1834.

5227 Trial. Littlejohn (DeWitt C), vs. Horace Greeley for

Libel. 8vo. New York, 1861.

5228 Trial, Livermore (Alpheus) and Samuel Angler, before

the S. J. Court, of Mass., for the Murder of Nicholas
Crevay, an Indian, Nov. 23, 1813. 8vo, pp. 50.

Boston, 1813.

5229 Trial. Lowell (Chas.), vs John Faxon and Micajah

Hawks, Surgeons and Physicians, in an Action of Tres-
pass on the Case, for Ignorance and Negligence in
their professional treatment of the Plff's dislocated hip,
with observations on the prejudices and conduct of the
Inhabitants of Eastport, in regard to this case. 8vo,
pp. 29, uncut. Portland, 1825.

5230 Trial. Lyon (Edward), for Perjury. 8vo.

Philadelphia, 1817.

5231 Trial. May (George Ryan), for Highway Robbery, in

1811. 8vo, pp. 24, iincut. Keene, N. H.. 1811.

5232 Trial. Mackenzie (W. L.), for an alleged violation of

the Neutrality of the United States. 24mo, pp. 104.

New York, 1840

5233 Trial. McKenzie (A. S.) The Somers Mutiny. 8vo

New York, 1843

5234 Trial. M'Leod (Alex.), for.tlie Murder of Amos Dur

fee, and Burning of the Steamer Caroline. 8vo, pp
32. New York, 1841

5235 Trial. Mowrey (James D.) Love and Arsenic, the

Great Piqua Murder. Ports. 8vo, pp. 16.

Tippecanoe, 0.

5236 Trial. Mr. Jay's Argument in the Du Lux Case. 8vo,

pp.88. New York, (1857.)








Trial. Nettles (Joshua), and Elizabeth Cannon, for the
Murder of John Cannon, On the Night of the 24th of
October, 1804. By S. C. Carpenter. 8vo, pp. 127.

Charleston, 1805.

Trial. Onderdonk (B. T.) 8vo. New York, 1845.

Trial. The Same. 8vo, half morocco.

New York, 1845.

Trial. O'Shea, vs. Shea and Kirker, for Libel. 12mo,
pp.12. New York, 1858.

Trials. Pamphlets (9), Trials, Controversies, &c.

Trial. Prescott (Abraham), for the Murder of Mrs.
Sally Cochran. 8vo, pp. 154, uncut. Concord, 1834.

Trial. Report of the Impeachment of James Prescott,
Judge of Probate, for the County of Middlesex, before
the Senate of Mass., 1821, with Appendix, containing
an account of former Impeachments in the same State.
By Octavius Pickering. Svo, hoards, uncut.

Boston, 1821.

Trial. Report of the Trial brought by the Rev. Charles
Marsy, against the Most Noble, the Marquis of Head-
fort, for Criminal Conversation with Plaintiff's Wife.
Damage laid atX40,000. 8vo, pp. 95, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1804.

5245 Trial. Reickles (John H.,) for the Homicide of Henry

Linsledt, in the City of Charleston. 8vo, pp. 95.

Charleston, S. C, 1858.

5246 Trial. Renshaw (Lieut.) of the U. S. Navy. Indicted

for Challenging Joseph Strong, Esq. 8vo, pp. 1 14, un-
cut. New York, 1809.

5247 Trial for Producing Abortion on the Person of Maria

Bodine, to which is added a full Account of her Life,
and Horrible Practices, together with Prostitution in
New York, its Extent, Causes, and Effects upon Society.
Ports. 12mo, pp. 48, uncut. New York, 1847.

5248 Trial. Ritchie (Samuel S.) and others, for Conspiracy

and Fraud. Svo. Philadelphia, 1849.


5249 Trial. Scott (Robert), Executed for the Murder of Ann

King. Confession, History and Life of 8vo, pp. 8.
Scarce. San Francisco, 1854.

5250 Trial. Seys (Rev. John). Pastor of the Bedford Street

M. E. Church, New York City, for an alleged assault
and Battery, on Mrs. Elizabeth Cram. Port. 8vo, pp.
12. (New York, 1857.)

5251 Trial. Sickles (Hon. Daniel E.), For Shooting Phillip

B. Kev. Port. 8vo, pp. 106, uncut.

New York, 1859.

5252 Trial. Smith and Ogden, for Misdemeanors; in the

Circuit Court of the U. S., July, 1806. 8vo, sheep.

New York,*1807.

5253 Trial. Stephens (James). Indicted for Murder. Speech

of John W. Ashmead. 8vo, pp.90. New York, 1850.

5254 Trial. Stewart. Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 130.

Chicago, 1867.

5255 Trial. Strang (Jesse). For the Murder of John Whip-

ple. 8vo, pp. 35, imcut. Albany, 1827.

5356 Trial. Strong Divorce Case. 8vo, pp. 69.

New York, 1865.

5257 Trial. Swearingen (Geo.), Executed for the Murder of

his Wife. 8vo, pp. 61. s.l, 1829.

5258 Trial. Testimony in the Forrest Divorce Case. Verba-

tim Report. 8vo, pp. 185, uncut. New York, (1852.)

5259 Trial. Testimony in the Forrest Divorce Case. 12mo,

pp. 34. Philadelphia, 1850.

_5260 Trials. The History of the Most Remarkable Trjals in
Great Britain and Ireland, in Capital Cases, viz : Her-
esy, Treason, Felony, Incest, Poisoning, Adultery,
Rapes, Sodomy, Witchcraft, etc. 8vo, calf.

London, 1715.

5261 Trials. The Lives of Mark Rashton, the Drunkard;
Dan Coultford, the Gambler; Miles Daring, the Thief;
Bloody Bill Blank, the Murderer. 24mo, pp. 32.

Philadelphia, 1842.


5262 Trial. The Proceedings of the Court Martial on the

Trial of Hon. Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue, on
Board the Britannia, Jan. 7th, 1779. 8vo, calf.

Dublin, MDCCLXXix.

5263 Trial. The Malefactors' Calendar, containing Genuine

and Circumstantial Narratives of the Lives, Trials, and
Dying Speeches of some of the Most Noted Criminals
in Great Britain, Ireland, and America. Plates. 8vo,
sheep, gilt. New York, 1813.

5264 Trial. The Sham-Robber j, committed by Elijah Put-

nam Goodridge, on his own Person, in Newbury, Dec.
19, 1816, with a History of his Journey to the place
where he Robbed Himself, etc. 12mo, pp. 152.

Concord, N. H., 1819.

5265 Trial. The Several Trials of the Reverend David

Barclay, before the Presbytery of New Brunswick, with
their Judgment at Oxford, an Appeal to the Synod of
New York and New Jersey, with their Judgment in the
City of New York, Remanded by the Synod to the
Presbytery of New Brunswick, with their Judgment at
Hackettstown, and a Vote of Censure on Jacob Kerr,
one of the Complainants. 12mo, sheep.

Elizabethtown, Printed for the Author, 1814.

5266 Trial. Thompson, vs. Ewing. Contested Election.

8vo. Philadelphia, 1862.

5267 Trial. Thorn (Mary B.) Life and Confessions of.

Engravings. 12 mo, pp. 32. Norfolk, Va., 1854.

5268 Trial. Tocker (Mary Ann). The Trial of, for alleged

Libel. By Wm. Cobbett. 12mo, pp. 48.

New York, 1818.

5269 Trial. Yanhollen (Geo. S.), and Execution of, July 26,

1817, for the Murder of Hugh Fitzpatrick. 12mo, pp.
12, uncut. (s.l.s.a.)

5270 Trial. Walker, zjs. Walker. A Full and Accurate Re-

port of the Celebrated Trial, including the Unfortunate
Letter of Mrs. Walker to her friend " Guss " Waldron.
8vo, pp. 143. New York, 1854.


5271 Trial. Wallack, vs. Wallack. Adultery. 8vo.

New York, 1834. \^>>

5272 Trial. Ward (Matt. F.), for Murder. 8vo.

New York, 1854. )

5273 Trial. Ward (R. J. M.), The Most Extraordinary

Murderer named in the Calendar of Crime. 8vo, pp.
15. Cleveland, 0., 1857.

5274 Trial. Webster (John W.), for the Murder of Dr.

Parkman in the Medical College, Boston, Nov. 2 3,

1849. Ports. 8vo, pp.. 92, Mwa^^. Boston, 1850.

5275 Trial. Webster. For the Murder of Dr. Parkman. ^

8vo, pp. 5Q. Boston, 1850. *

5276 Trial. Webster. Extraordinary Confession of the

Murder of Dr. Geo. Parkman. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut.

Boston, 1850.

5277 Trial- Webster. For the Murder of Parkman, March,

1850. Phonographic Report, by Dr. James W. Stone. /^
8vo, pp. 314, M?icM«. Boston, 1850. »

5278 Trial. White (Benj. D.) A Brief Sketch of the Trial,

and his Dying Speech under the Gallows. 8vo, pp. 32.

Batavia, 1843.

5279 Trial. Williams (John). Fraud. 8vo.

Washington, 1837.

5280 Trial. Winthrop (Col. G. F.) By a Court Martial, on

. Charges preferred against him by Adj. Gen. William nV

H. Sumner. 8vo, boards, rough edges. Boston, 1832.

5281 Trial. Zenger (John Peter), Of New York, Printer,

who was lately Tried, and Acquitted, for Printing and
Publishing a Libel against the Government, with the
Pleading and Arguments on both sides. 4to, pp. 32,
half bound. Scarce. London, 1738.

In same Vol. , are two other rare pamphlets ; one relates to a W ork House, at
Stroud, in Kent — London, 1725; and the other, to the Charter Schools
in Ireland — London, 1737.


5282 Trial of Mr. Whitefield's Spirit, in some Remarks upon

his Fourth Journal, published when he staid in Eng-
land, on Account of the Embargo. 8vo, pp. 46. Scarce.

Boston, T. Fleet, 1741.

5283 Trial. The Same. 12mo, pp. 44, imcut.

London, 1745.

5284 Trial (The) of Episcopacy. Reported by R. C. C.

24mo, sheep. Poughkeepsie, 1817.

5285 Trials and Confessions of an American Housekeeper.

Engravings, llmo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1854.

5286 Tribune (The) and its Major- Generalship. '' 0^ to

Richmond," in Four Tableaux.

5287 Tribute to the Memory of Peter Collinson. Port.

8vo, pp. 37. Philadelphia, 1851.

5288 TRiBtiTE to the Memory of Edward Everett, Boston,

Mass., Jan. 17 and Feb. 1, 1865. Port. 8vo, thick
paper, uncut. Boston, mdccclxv.

5289 Tribute to the Memory of Edward Everett, by the

N. E. H. G. S., Boston. Port. 8vo, cloth, rough edges.

Boston, 1865.

5290 Tricolored Sketches in Paris during the years 1851-2-

3. Engravings. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1855.

5291 Trip (A) to Boston, in a Series of Letters to the Editor
■^ of the United States Gazette. By the Author of Two

Years and a Half in the Navy. 12 mo, cloth.

Boston, MDCCCxxxviii.

5292 Trip (A) to the Moon, containing an Account of the Is-

land of Noibla, its Inhabitants, Religions, and Political
Customs, &c. By Sir Humphrey Lunatic, Bart. Small
S\o, calf. ' London, 1765.

5293 [Tripp (Alonzo).] Crests from the Ocean World, or
Experiences in France, Belgium, and England, in 1847.
48 Engravings. 12mo, cloth, gilt. Boston, 1853.

5294 Trojan (The) Wars. Curious Prints. 24mo. Title

page imperfect. London.

An old Chap Book.


5295 Trotter (John B.) Memoirs of Charles James Fox.

Svo, boards. Boston, 1812.

5296 Trubner (Nicholas). Bibliographical Guide to Amer-

ican Literature. Syo, half morocco. London, 1859.

5297 True and Infernal Friendship, or the Wisdom of Eve,

and the Character of the Serpent, with the Situation,
Joys, and Loss of Paradise. 12mo, half bound.

Providence, 1813.

5298 True (The) History of Deacon Giles' Distillery, Repor-

ted for the Benefit of Posterity. Plates. Svo, pp. 48.

New York, 1844

5299 True (The) Merits of a late Treatise printed in Ameri-

ca, entitled, Common Sense clearly pointed out, ad-
dressed to the Inhabitants of America. By a late
Member of the Continental Congress. -Svo, pp. 44, un-
cut. London, 1776.

5300 True-Born (The) Englishman. A Satire. By Daniel

Defoe. 8vo, pp. 36. . London, (s.a.)

5301 Trumbull (Benjamin). A Discourse delivered at the

Anniversary Meeting of the Firemen of the Town of
New Haven, April 12, 1773. Svo, pp. 38.

New Haven, mdcclxxiii.

5302 Trumbull (Geo.) Pocket Typographia, a Brief Practi-

cal Guide to the Art of Printing. Engravings. 32mo,
cloth. Albany, 1846.

5303 Trumbull (John). M'Fingal : A Modern Epic Poem, in

Four Cantos. 16mo, blue morocco. Boston, 1799.

5304 Trumbull. M'Fingal: A Modern Epic Poem, in Four

Cantos. 12 mo, boards. Hartford, 1782.

Fine copy of the first edition, brought, in Morrell's Sale, $7.00.

5305 Trumbull. M'Fingal : An Epic Poem. With Intro-

duction and Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. Fine Port.
Tinted paper. Royal Svo, boards, uuctit.

New York, 1860.

One of 100 copies, on large paper.


5306 Trumbull. The Poetical Works of, containing M'Fin-

gal, revised and corrected, with Explanatory Notes ;
The Progress of Dulness ; and a collection of Poems on
various Subjects, written before and during the Revolu-
tionary War. In two Vols. Plates. 8vo, hoards, un-
cut. Hartford, mdcccxx.

5307 Trumbull (J. Hammond). The Public Records of the

Colony of Connecticut, prior to the union with New Ha-
ven Colony, May, 1665. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1850.

5308 Truth Vindicated. 8vo,pp. 18. Philadelphia, 1854.

5309 Truth Will Out. The Foul Charges of the Tories

against the Editor of the Aurora, Repelled by Positive
Proofs and Plain Truth, and his base Calumniators put
to Shame. 2 Tracts. 8vo, pp. 12. (s.Ls.a.)

5310 Trve and Entertayning Accovnt of a Slaye-Ryde, with

Designes Representyng ye Mannerres and Customes
thereof. Folio, pp. 11. Printed by J. Munsell.

5311 Tucker (John). A Letter to the Rev. Mr. James Chan-

dler, Pastor of the West Church in Rowley, relative,
more especially, to a Marginal Note or two in his Ser-
mon, preached at Newburyport, June 25, 1767. 8vo,
pp. 27. Scarce. Boston, N. E., 1767.

5312 Tucker. A Minister's Appeal to his Hearers, as to his

Life and Doctrine. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut, without date.
From the old Tory Press of Mein & Fleming.

5313 Tucker. Election Sermon preached at Cambridge,

May 29th, 1771. 8vo, pp. 63.

Boston, N. E., mdcclxxi.

5314 Tucker. Remarks on a Discourse of the Rev. Jonathan

Parsons, of Newburyport, delivered on the 5th of
March last, in which remarks, the Civil Government of
this Province is vindicated from that gentleman's severe
Charges and Accusations, of Spiritual Tyranny and Sla-
very, and he is shown to be inconsistent with himself, in
accusing the Province of these Things, while he aims at
promoting the same Evils. 8vo, pp. 36. Scarce.

Boston, 1774.


5315 TuCKERMAN (Henry T.) Characteristics of Literature,

Illustrated by the Genius of Distinguished Writers.
12 mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1851.

5316 TucKEY (J. K.) Narrative of an Expedition to Congo.

Map. 8vo, boards, uncut. New York, 1818.

5317 TuppER (Martin F.) Proverbial Philosophy. 12mo,

cloth. Boston, mdcccxl.

5318 Tupper's Complete Poetical Works. Port. 12ma,

cloth, gilt. Boston, 1855.

5319 Turnbull (Robert). Olympia Morata. Her Life and

Times, limo, cloth. Boston, 1846.

5320 Turnbull. The Claims of Jesus. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1841.

5321 Turner (Wm.) Offices of Public Worship, for the Use

of Unitarian Christians. 12mo, morocco.

Newcastle, 1824.

5322 TuRPiN (William). The last Will and Testament of,

formerly of Charleston, S. C, late of New York, who-
died Jan. 21st, 1835, in the 81st year of his age. 8vo,
pp. 31. New York, 1835.

5323 TuRREAU (Louis Marie). Memoirs de la Guerre de la

Yendee. 12mo, pp. 244, uncut. Paris, (s.a.)

5324 Twelve (The) United Colonies, by their Delegates in

Congress, to the Inhabitants of Great Britain. 8vo,
pp. 8, uncut. Philadelphia, 1775.

5325 Two Discourses, occasioned by the late awakening

Preaching of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield. By Nathaniel
Appleton. 8vo, pp. 44. Boston, 1741.

5326 Two Discourses and a Prayer, delivered Sunday, the

17th, and Tuesday, the 19th days of May, 1767, at the
Quakers' Yearly Meeting. 8vo, pp. 90.

Philadelphia, 1783.

6327 Tyler (Bennet). New England Revivals. 24mo, cloth.

Boston, 1846.


5328 Tyson (Edward). Orang-Outang, siveHomo Sylvestris,

or the Anatomy of a Pigmie, compared with that of a
Monkey, an Ape, and a Man. To which is added a

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