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cil of the Protestant Church, in the Confederate
States of America, 1862. 8vo. Augusta, Ga., 1863.

5667 War. Lander (S.) Our own School Arithmetic. 12mo,

pp. 282. Greensboro', N. C, 1863.

5668 War. Lester (W. W.) The Military and Naval Laws

of the Confederate States. 8vo, half hound.

Columbia, 1864.

5669 War. Mahan (D. H.) An Elementary Treatise on
Advanced- Guard, Out-Posts, and Detachment Service
of Troops. 16 mo, cloth. New Orleans, 1861.

. 5670 War. Manguni(A. W.) Myrtle Leaves . A Book Pecu-
liarly Adapted to the Times. 12 mo, pp. 134.

Raleigh,' N. C, 1864.

5671 War. McCabe (J. D.) The Guerillas, An Original

Domestic Drama. 12mo, pp. 44. Richmond, 1863.

5672 War. McMalion (T. W.) Cause and Contrast: An

Essay on the American Crisis. 8vo, pp. 192.

Richmond, 1862.


5673 War. Memorial of Lieut. Col. Tliornton. 12ino, pp.


Printed at tlie South, during the War.

5674 War. Moore (Mrs. M. B.) The Geographical Reader,

for the Dixie Children. 4to, boards.

Raleigh, 1863.

5675 War. Moore. The Dixie Speller, to follow the First

Dixie Reader. 12eqo, boards. Raleigh, 1864.

5676 War. Muhlbach (L.) Henry YIII. and His Court,

or Catherine Parr. 2 Vols. 8vo. Mobile, 1865.

5677 War. Our Currency, Some of its Evils, and Remedies

for Them. By a Citizen of North Carolina. 8vo, pp.
47. Raleigh, 1861.

5678 War. Pardigon (C. F.) The Practice of War. 24mo,

cloth. Richmond, 1863.

5679 War. Patten (George). Cavalry Drill, and Sabre

Exercise, from Standard Military Authority. 12mo,
pp. 165. Richmond, 1862.

5680 War. Paxton (J. D.) Letters on Slavery. 12mo,

cloth. Lexington, Ky., 1833.

5681 War. Peters (W. C.) Piano-Forte Primer, contain-

ing the Rudiments of Music. 12mo, pp. 48.

Richmond, 1864.

5682 War. Pollard (Edward A.) Observations in the

North : Eight Months in Prison, and on Parole. 8vo,
pp. 142. Richmond, 1865.

5683 War. Pollard. La Cause Perdue Histoire de la

Guerre des Confederes. Numerous inserted Plates.
4to, half morocco. New Orleans, 1867.

5684 War. Porter (Wm. D.) State Sovereignty, and the

Doctrine of Coercion. 8vo, pp. 36.

Charleston, S. C, (s.a.)

5685 War. Proceedings of the Bank Convention of the Con-

federate States, Held at Richmond, Va., July 24-5-6,
1861. 8vo, pp. 14. Charleston, 1861.


5686 "War. Regulations for the Army of the Confederate

States, 1862. l2mo, cloth. Richmond, 1862.

5687 War. Regulations for the Medical Department of the

C. S. Army. 12mo, stiff covers. Richmond, 1863.

5688 War. Regulations of the Ordnance Department of the

Confederate States of America. 12mo, hoards.

Richmond, 1862.

5689 War. Richardson's Virginia and North Carolina Alma-

nac, for 1864. 12mo, pp. 36. Richmond, ( 1863.)

5690 War. Rules of Practice, under the Sequestration Act,

for the District Courts, Confederate States, for the
District of Alabama. 8vo, pp. 10. Mobile, 1861.

5691 War. Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia,

S C, and a List of the Property Destroyed. 8vo, pp.
76. Columbia, S. C, 1865.

5692 War. Sewell (Mrs.) Our Fathers' Care, a Ballad.

12mo, pp. 28. Richmond, 1864.

5693 War. Silas Marner, The Weaver of Raveloe. By the

Author of "Adam Bede." 8vo, pp. 276.

Mobile, 1863.

5694 War. Special Exemptions from Confederate State

Taxes, in Kind. Broadsheet, ^rouJTi jsoper. 1864.

5695 War. Speech of Hon. Albert G. Brown, Crystal

Springs, Miss., Sept. 6th, 1860. 8vo, pp. 8.

Jackson, Miss., 1860.

5696 War. Stewart (R. J.) A Geography for Beginners.

Maps. 12mo, cloth. Richmond, 1864.

5697 War. Stiles (J. C.) Capt. Thomas E. King, or a

Word to the Army, and the Country; pp. 56.

Charleston, S. C, 1864.

5698 War. Stiles (Wm. H.) Address at Milledgeville,

July, 4th, 1856. 8vo, pp. 36. Atlanta, Ga., 1856.

5699 War. Stringfellow (T.) Scriptural and Statistical

Views in Favor of Slavery. 12mo, pp. 149.

Richmond, Va., 1856.


5700 War. Sullivan (J. P.) The Political Status of Louis-

iana, and the Consequences of Armed Secession. 8vo,
pp. 11. New Orleans, 1863.

5701 War. The Army Hymn-Book; pp. 128.

Richmond, 1865.

5702 War. The Christian Banner.

Fredericksburg, Va., June 18, 1862.

Printed on brown paper.

5703 War. The Constitution of the State of South Carolina,

With the Ordinances thereunto Appended. 8vo, pp.
40. Charleston, S. C, 1868.

5704 War. The First Reader, for Southern Schools. 12mo,
pp. 24. ■ Raleigh, 1864.

5705 War. The Ordinance Manual, for the Use of the Offi-

cers of the United States Army. 8vo. hoards.

Richmond, 1861.

5706 War. The Rebellion, Its Consequences, and the Re-

construction Committee, with their Action. Port, of

Jacob Barker. 8vo, half morocco.

New Orleans, 1866.

5707 War. The South Alone should Govern the South, and

African Slavery should be controlled by those only who
are Friendly to it. 8vo, pp. 60. (s.l.s.a.)

5708 War. The Southern Soldier's Prize Songster. Con-

taining Martial and Patriotic Pieces, chiefly original.
Applicable to the present War; pp. 104.

Mobile, Ala., 1864.

5709 War. Thomas (J. P.) The Carolina Tribute to Cal-

houn. Port. 8vo, cloth. Columbia, S. C, 1857.

5710 War. Froze vant (D. H.) The Burning of Columbia,

S. C. A Review of Northern Assertions. 8vo, pp. 30.

Columbia, S. C, 1866.

5711 War. Trial of the Murderers of Archibald Beebee.

8,vo, pp. 94. Raleigh, N. C, 1867.



5712 War. Tucker (Beverly). The Partisan Leader: a

Novel of the Southern Confederacy. 8vo, pp. 220.

Richmond, 1862.

5713 War. Tyson (Bryan). A Eay of Light, or a Treatise

on the Sectional Troubles, Religiously and Morally
Considered. 12mo, pp. 171.

Browers' Mills, N. C, 1862.

5714 War. Uncle Budding's Gift Book for the Holidays.

12nio, pp. 96. Augusta, Ga., 1863.

5715 War. Walden (P. E.) The Tariff Act of the Confed-

erate States of America. Approved May 21st, 1861.
8vo, half morocco. New Orleans, 1861.

5716 War. Warden (T. B.) Battle of Young's Branch, or
^ \\ -, ,j^anassas Plain, fought July 21, 1861. Mapsj pp. 156.

V^' " Richmond, 1862.

5717 War. Wheeler (Joseph). Revised System of Cavalry

Tactics, for the use of the Cavalry and Mounted Infan-
try C. S. A. Plates. Mobile, 1863.

5718 War. York (Brantly). York's English Grammar, Re-

vised and Adapted to Southern Schools. 12mo, hoards.

Raleigh, N. C, 1864.

5719 Wars (The) of the Gulls: An Historical Romance, in

Three Chapters. 12mo, pp. 36. Scarce.

New York, 1812.

5720 Ward (Geo. A.) Journal and Letters of the late Sam-

uel Curwen, an American Refugee in England, from
1775 to 1784. Port. ^\o, half levant.

New York, 1842.

5721 Ward (T. De W.) India and the Hindoos. 12mo,

cloth. New York, 1851.

5722 Ward (Thomas). England's Reformation, from the

Time of King Henry VIIL, to the End of Gates' Plot.
8vo, calf London, 1715.

J 5723 Ward (Henry). History of the Second Church in Bos-
ton. 8vo, pp. 60. Boston, 1821.


5724 Ware (Henry, Jr.) The Office and Character of Je-

sus Christ. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1825.

5725 Ware. Hints on Extemporaneous Preaching. 18mo,

hoards uncut. Boston, 1824.

5726 Ware. On the Formation of the Christian Character.

24mo, hoards. Cambridge, 1831.

5727 Ware (John). The True Relations of the Sexes. 16mo,

cloth. Boston, 1860.

5728 Ware (Wm.) American Unitarian Biography. Vol.

II. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1851.

5729 Warren (John). Eulogy on the Hon. Thomas Russell,

May 4, 1796. 4to, pp. 31; Monody pp. 3, uncut and
perfectly clean. Boston, 1796.

5730 Warren (John). The Conchologist. Plates. 4to, half

hound. Boston, 1834.

5731 Warren (John C.) Address to the Boston Society of

Natural History. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1853.

5732 Warren. Physical Education, and the Preservation of

Health. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1849.

5733 Warren. Remarks on some Fossil Impressions in the

Sandstone Banks of Connecticut River. Photographs.
8vo, cloth. Boston, 1854.

5734 Warren. The Great Tree on Boston Common. 8vo,
'cloth. Boston, 1855.

5735 Warren (J. Mason). An Account of the Aztec Chil-

dren. 2 colored Ports. 8vo, pp. 17. Boston, 1851.

5736 Warren (Joseph). Oration delivered at Boston, March

6, 1775. 12mo. . (s.l.s.a.)

5737 Warren. An Eulogium on Major General Joseph War-

ren, who Fell at the Action at Charlestown, June xvii.,
MDCCLXXV. By a Columbian. 8vo., pp. 22. Rare.

Boston, 1781.

5738 Warren ( Mrs. M.) Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous.

12mo, sheej). Scarce. Boston, mdccxc.


5739 Warren (William). The Great Sin: Sermon on the

Seventh Commandment. 8vo, pp. 16. Milford, 1855.

5740 Warriner (Francis). , Cruise of the U. S. Frigate Po-
V~ tomac Round the World. Embellished with Engrav-
ings. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1835.

5741 Washin^gtox (George). A Collection of the Speeches

of the President of the United States to both Houses
of Congress, At the Opening of every Session, with
their Answers ; also the Addresses to the President,
with his Answer, from the Time of His Election; with
an Appendix, containing The Circular Letter of Gen-
eral Washington to the Governors of the several States,
and his Farewell Orders to the Armies of America,
and the Answer. Dedicated to the Citizens of the
United States of America. 12mo, shee]).

Boston, July, 1796.

5742 Washington. A Collection of Papers Relative to Half-

pay, and Commutation thereof. Granted by Congress to
the OflBcers of the Army. Together with a Circular
Letter from His Excellency, General Washington, to
the several Legislatures of the United States. 8vo,
pp. 24. Rare. Boston, 1783.

5743 Washington. A Message of the President of the Uni-

ted States to Congress, Relative to France and Great
Britain, Delivered Dec. 5, 1793, With the Paper§ there-
in referred to. 8y 0, sheejj. Philadelphia, 1795.

5744 Washington. Address of George Washington, Presi-

dent of the United States, to his Fellow Citizens, on
Declining being considered a Candidate for their future
Suffrages. 8vo, pp. 26. Stockbridge, 1796.

A very scarce edition.

5745 Washington. Address of George Washington, Presi-

dent of the United States, to his Fellow Citizens, on
his declining being Considered a candidate for their
future Suffrages ; to which is added the Tribute of Re-
spect Paid to his Memory, by the Legislature of New

557 ■

Hampshire^ at their late Session at Exeter, December
28th, 1799. 12mo, pp. 36. Perfectly dean, in origi-
nal covers. Exeter, 1800.
One of the rarest of the Washington pamphlets.

5746 Washington. Constitution of the U. S. ; Declaration
■ of Independence ; and Farewell Address. 16mo, pp.

64. Boston, 1862.

5747 Washington. Farewell Address of, To the People of the

U. S. A., Sept. 17, 1796; With a German Translation,
by F. W. Bogen. 24mo, pp. 71. New York, 1852.

5748 Washington. General Washington and General Jack-

son on Negro Soldiers. 8vo, pp. 8.

Philadelphia, 1863.

5749 Washington. Letters from His Excellency, George

Washington, to Arthur Young, Esq., F. R. S., and Sir
John Sinclair, Bart, M. P., Containing an Account of
his Husbandry, with his Opinions on Various Questions
in Agriculture, and Many Particulars of the Rural
Economy of the United States. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Alexandria, 1803.

5750 Washington. Letters from General Washington to

Several of his Friends, in June and July, 1776, in
which is set forth an Interesting View of American
Politics at that All-Important Period. 8vo, pp. 44,
uncut. Philadelphia, 1795.

Known as the Spurious Letters.

5751 Washington. Official Letters to the Honorable Ameri-

can Congress. 2 Vols. 12mo, sAeep.

New York, mdccxcvi.

5752 Washington. Reprint of the Original Letters from

Washington to Joseph Reed, during the American Rev-
olution, referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon
and Mr. Sparks. By William B. Reed. 8vo, pp. 154.

Philadelphia, 1852.

5753 Washington. The Address of the late George Wash-

ington, when President, to the People of the United
States, on Declining being Considered a Candidate for
their Future Suftrages. 8vo, pp. 32. Salem, 1800.


5754 Washington. The Constitution of the State of Massa-

chusetts, and that of the United States ; The Declara-
tion of Independence, with President Washington's
Farewell Address. 12mo, pp. 119. Boston, 1805.

5755 Washington. The Declaration of Independence, and

Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the
United States, 1796. 4to, cloth, gilt edges.

Boston, 1862.

The fine edition published by the City of Boston.

5756 Washington. The Journal of Major George Washing-

ton, sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddle, Esq., His
Majesty's Lieutenant Governor, and Commander-in-
Chief of Virginia, To the Commandant of the French
Forces on Ohio ; To which are added the Governor's
Letter, and a Translation of the French Officer's An-
swer ; With a New Map of the Country, as far as the
Mississippi. 8vo, pp. 32.

Williamsburgh, printed; London, reprinted forT. Jef-
ferys, the corner of St. Martin's Lane, mdccliv.

"This edition is only second in rarity to that of the first printed at Wil-
liamsburgh, of -which only two copies are known to exist."

5757 Washington. The Last Will and Testament of Gen-

eral George Washington, With a Schedule of his
Property Directed to be Sold. 8vo, pp. 26.

Philadelphia, 1800.

5758 Washington. The Resignation of His Excellency

George Washington, President of the United States,
and his Address to the Citizens of the United States, .
September 17th, 1796. 12mo. Scarce edition.

New York, James Cram, (s.a.)

5759 Washington. The Writings of George Washington;

being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, and
other Papers, Official and Private, Selected and Pub-
lished from the Original Manuscripts, With a Life of
the Author, Notes and Illustrations. By Jared Sparks,
LL. D. Numerous Plates. 12 Vols. Imp. 8vo,
hoards, uncut. Boston, 1837.

Large paper; very few printed. A remarkably fine clean copy.


5760 Washington. Whiting. Revolutionary Orders of Gen-

eral Washington, Issued during the Years 1778-80-
81-82. Selected from the MSS. of John Whiting,
Lieut, and Adjutant of the 2d Regiment Massachusetts
Line, And Edited by his Son, Henry Whiting, Lieut.
Col. U. S. Army. 8vo, clotJi. Scarce.

New York and London, 1 844.

5761 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the

United States ; Published for the Washington Benevo-
lent Society of Cranberry. Port., and Certificate, signed.
12mo, pp. 45, lialf hound. Kew Brunswick, 1812.

5762 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the

United States. Embellished with Arabesque Designs
and Illuminations. Folio, hoards, rough edges.

Plnladelphia, 1858.

5763 Washington. Farewell Address to the People of the

United States of America; Published September 17,
1796. Printed by Order of the Legislature of Penn-
sylvania, February 22, 1854. 8vo, pp. 11.

Harrisburgh, 1854.

5764 Washington. Farewell Address, Delivered September

17th, 1796. 8vo, pp. 24. New York, 1861.

5765 Washington. Political Legacies, to which is Annexed

an Appendix, Containing an Account of his Illness,
Death, and the National Tributes of Respect paid to
his Memory, with a Biographical Outline of his Life
and Character. 8vo,ca// , Boston, 1800.

5766 Washington. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon,

and Others, on the mode of Editing the Writings of
Washington. By Jared Sparks. Also, A Review of
Lord Mahon's History of the American Revolution, from
the North American Review for July, 1852. 8vo, pp.
89. London, 1852.

5767 Washington. A Selection of Orations and Eulogies,

Pronounced in Different Parts of the United States, in
Commemoration of the Life, Virtues, and Pre-eminent




Services of Gen. George Washington, who Died at
Mount Vernon, December 14, 1799, in the 68th year
of his Age. 12mo, sheep. Amlierst, 1800.

This collection, edited by Rev. Mr. Atherton, contains the Orations of
Lee, Minot, Ames, S. S. Smith, Atherton, McGaw, and Orr, with
Washington's Farewell Address. It is probably the rarest of the
collected Volumes of Eulogies.

5768 Washington. A Volume of the Massachusetts Spy, and

various other Papers, containing numerous notices of
the Death of Washington. ♦

Worcester, and other places, 1799, 1800.

5769 Washington. A Word to Federalists, and to those who

Love the Memory of Washington. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut.
Scarce. (s.l.s.a.)

5770 Washington. An Address Delivered at the Commemo-
ration of the Death of General Washington, Feb. 22,
1800. 8vo, pp. 6, uncut.

This Address is from the Connecticut Magazine for January, 1801 ; the
place of delivery is not mentioned.

5771 Washington. An Engraving. A rock, in mid ocean,

with waves dashing and lightning flashing around it.
The rock is inscribed Washington. A Eulogy on
Washington. Printed first in London ; reprinted in
Philadelphia. Broad sheet, extremely rare.

5772 Washington. An Enquiry Into the State of the Farm.

8vo, pp. 13, uncut; rare. (s.l.s.a.)

5773 Washington. An Oration in Memory of the Virtues of

Gen. George Washington, Delivered at Lovett's Hotel,
on the Evening of the 22d February, 1800, before a
Literary Society, and Published by their Order. By a
Member. 8vo, pp. 23; rare. New York, 1800.

5774 Washington. Abbot. An Eulogy on the Illustrious

Life and Character of George Washington, delivered
before the Inhabitants of the Town of Haverhill, on
his Birthday, 1800, at the Request of their Committee.
By Abiel Abbot. Contains Farewell Address. 8vo,
pp. 27-21, uncut. Haverhill, (1800.)

Contains presentation note to Rev. J. Kendall, Plymouth.


5775 Washington, Alden. A Sermon Delivered at the

South Church, at Portsmouth, on the Yth January,
MDCCC, Occasioned by the Sudden and Universally
Lamented Death of George Washington, etc. By
. Timothy Alden, Jun., A. M. 8vo, pp. 24, uucut. Very
scarce. Second edition. Portsmouth, N. H,, (1800.)

5776 Washington. Alexander. A Sermon Occasioned by

the Death of His Excellency, George Washington,
Lieutenant General of the American Army, etc. By
Caleb Alexander, A. M. 8vo, pp. 23. Contains a
Valuable Historical and Biographical Appendix, of five
pages. Scarce. Boston, 1800.

5777 Washington. Allen. An Oration on the Character of

the late Gen. George Washington, Pronounced before
the Inhabitants of the Town of Western, on Saturday,
the 2 2d of February, 1800. By Joseph Allen, Jun.,
Esq. 4to, pp. 12, clean, uncut, and very rare.

Brookfield, Mass., 1800.

5778 Washington. Allison. A Discourse Delivered in the

Presbyterian Church in the City of Baltimore, the 22d
of February, 1800, the day Dedicated to the Memory
of Gen. George Washington. By the Rev. Patrick Alli-
son, D. D. Six plates inserted. 8vo, pp. 24:, calf, rare.

Baltimore, (1800.)

5779 Washington. Alsop. A Poem : Sacred to the Memory

of George Washington, late President of the United
States, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the
United States; Adapted to the 22d.of Feb., 1800. By
Richard Alsop. 8vo, pp. 23, uncut, and clean. Scarce.

Hartford, 1800.

5780 Washington. Ames. Oration on the Sublime Virtues

of General George Washington, Pronounced at the Old
South Meeting House, in Boston, before His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor. By Fisher Ames. 8vo, pp. 51.

.Philadelphia, 1800.


5781 Washington. Ames. The same. 8vo, pp. 31, wwc'Mi.

Boston, (1800.)

Fine clean copy of the edition published by the State of Massachusetts.

5782 Washington. Ames. The same. Another edition,

published by Young & Minns. 8vo, pp. 31, uncut.

Boston, (1800.)

5783 Washington. Ames. The same. Another edition.

Manning & Loring. 8vo, pp. 31. Boston, (1800.)

5784 Washington. Andrews. An Eulogy on General George

Washington, Who Departed this life December 14th,
1799, in the 68th year of his age. Delivered before
the First Religious Society in Newburyport, February
22d, 1800. By John Andrews, A. M. 8vo, pp. 21,
uncut. Perfectly clean copy, in original blue covers.

Newburyport, (1800.)

5785 Washington. Andrews. An Address before the Wash-

ington Benevolent Society, in Newburyport, on the 22 d
of February, 1816. By Edward W. Andrews, A. M.
8vo, pp. 15, uncut. Very scarce.

Newburyport, 1816.

5786 Washington. Astrop. Original Poems, on a Variety

of Subjects, Interspersed with Tales, forming the largest
Miscellaneous Collection ever published by an American
Author. By Robert Francis Astrop, of Brunswick, Va.
12mo, hoards. Scarce. Philadelphia, 1835.

Contains an Epic Poem, "The Washingtonian," of twenty pages,

5787 Washington. Atherton. Eulogy on General George

Washington, Late President of the United States, who
died December 14, 1799 ; Delivered at Amherst, N. H.,
before the Inhabitants of the Town of Amherst, the In-
habitants of the Town of Milford, and the Benevolent
Lodge, on the 22d day of February, 1800, etc. By
Charles H. Atherton. 8vo, pp. 23. Very scarce.

Amherst, 1800.

5788 Washington. Badge, with Portrait woven in silk.


5789 Washington. Bailey. Triumphs of Liberty. The

Prize Ode, Recited by Mr. Finn, at the Boston Theatre,
on the Anniversary of Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22,
1825. By Ebenezer Bailey. 8vo, pp. 8, uncut. Very
rare. Boston, 1825.

5790 Washington. Bailey's Washington Almanac, for the
Year of our Lord 1823. Port. 8vo, pp. 26.

Philadelphia, 1823.

5791 Washington. Baldwin. A Sermon Delivered to the

Second Baptist Society in Boston, on Lord's Day, De-
cember 29, 1799, occasioned by the Death of General
George Washington, etc. By Thomas Baldwin, A. M.
8vo, pp. 28, clean, uncut, in original covers.

Boston, (1800.)

5792 Washington. Ball. A Sermon Delivered at Rutland,

Wednesday, January 1st, 1800, before a Numerous
Audience, Assembled to publicly mourn the Death of
General George Washington, etc. By Heman Ball, A.
M. 8vo, pp. 27, wwa^«. Rare. Rutland, (1800.)

5793 Washington. Bancroft. An Eulogy on the Character

of the late Gen. George Washington, delivered before
the Inhabitants of the Town of Worcester, Common-
wealth of Mass., on Saturday, the 22d of February,
1800. By Aaron Bancroft, etc. 8vo, pp. 21, uncut,
clean copy. Scarce. Worcester, 1800.

5794 Washington. Bancroft. The Life of Washington. By

Aaron Bancroft, D. D. 2 Ports. 2 Vols. l2mo, hoards,
uncut. Bedlington^s edition. Scarce. Boston, 1826.

5795 Washington. Banks. Washington and Jackso^ on

Negro Soldiers. Gen. Banks on the Bravery of Negro
Troops. Poem : The Second Louisiana, by George H.
Boker. 8vo, pp. 17. Philadelphia, s.a.

5796 Washington. Barnard. A Sermon Preached December

29, 1799, in the North Meeting-House, Salem, the Lord's
Day after the melancholy tidings were received of the


Death of General George Washington. By Thomas
Barnard, D. D. 8vo, pp. 27, uncut and clean.

Salem, (1800.)

5797 Washington. Barnes. Discourse Delivered at South

Parish, at Scituate, February 22, 1800, the Day As-
signed by Congress to Mourn the Decease, and Vene-
rate the Virtues of General George Washington, etc.
By David Barnes, D. D. 8vo, pp. 16. Rare.

Boston, (1800.)

5798 Washington. Bartlett. An Oration on the Death of

General George Washington, delivered at the request
of the Selectmen and Parish Committee, before the In-
habitants of Charlestown, etc. By Josiah Bartlett, Esq.

8vo, pp. 15, uncut. Very scarce.

CharlestowD, mdccc.

5799 Washington. Bascom. An Oration, Delivered Feb.

22, 1800, the Day of Public Mourning for the Death
of General George Washington. By Rev. Jonathan
Bascom, of Orleans, to the people of his charge. 8vo,
pp. 15. Extremely rare. Boston, 1800.

5800 Washington. Bayard. A Funeral Oration, Occasioned

by the Death of Gen. George Washington, and Deliv-
ered on the first of January, 1800, in the Episcopal
Church, at New Rochelle, in the State of New York.
, By Samuel Bayard, Esq. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce.

New Brunswick, 1800.

5801 Washington. Beers. An Oration on the Death of

General Washington, Pronounced before the Citizens
of Albany, on Thursday, January 9th, 1800. By Wil-
liam P. Beers, Esquire. 4to, pp. 1 7, ?mc?rf. Very fine
' copy, and rare. Albany, (1800.)

5802 Washington. Bigelow. An Eulogy on the Life, Char-

acter, and Services of Brother George Washington, De-
ceased, Pronounced before the Fraternity of Free and
V - Accepted Masons, by Request of the Grand Lodge, at

the Old South Meeting-House, Boston, on Tuesday, Feb.
11, 1800, etc. By Brother Timothy Bigelow. 8vo, pp.
26. Boston, (1800.)


5803 Washington. Bigelow. A Sermon Delivered at Cas-
tleton, on the 22d of February, 1814, before the W. B.
Society, of the County of Rutland, in Commemoration
of the Birth of Washington. By Henry Bigelow, A. M.

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