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1800, pursuant to the recommendation of Congress, and
the General Court of Massachusetts, By William
Wetmore, Barrister at Law. 8vo, pp. 30, top of the
title page a little torn, in other respects in fine conaition,
slightly trimmed. Castine, 1800.

Five pages of valuable Historical notes.

6083 Washington. Whipple. Washington, and the Princi-

ples of the Revolution. The Oration delivei-ed before
the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston, at the
^ Celebration of The Declaration of American Indepen-
dence, July 4, 1850, by Edwin P. Whipple. 12mo, pp.
49, stiff paper covers. Boston, mdcccl.

6084 Washington. Whitaker. An Antidote Against, and

The Reward of Toryism ; being Two Sermons, Preached
in the Tabernacle Church in Salem, one at the com
mencement, and the other at the close of the Revolu
tionary War. Dedicated to Gen. George Washington
By Nathaniel Whitaker, D. D. 8vo, pp. 53, uncut.
Rare. Salem, 1811


6085 Washington. Whitaker. An Antidote against Toryism,

or the Curse of Meroz ; in a Discourse on Judges 5th,
23. By Nathaniel Whitaker, D. D. Dedicated to His
Excellency General Washington. 8vo, pp. 34, uncut.
Rare. Newburyport, 1777.

6086 Washington. White. A Eulogy on George Washing-

ton, who died at Mount Vernon, December 14th, 1799.
Delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of Methu-
en, in the Meeting-House of tlie First Parish, in that
Town, by Daniel Appleton White, A. B. Svo, pp. 18,
uncut, in original covers. Scarce. Haverhill, 1800.

6087 Washington. Whitney. A Sermon Delivered at North-

borough, February 22d, 1800, Observed as a day of
National Mourning, on account of the death of Gener-
al George Washington. By Peter Whitney, A. M.,
Minister of the Gospel in Northborough. 8vo, pp. 22.
Brooktield, Massachusetts, April, 1800.
Whitney's sermon is not mentioned by Hough, and is very rare. Possi-
bly this is the only known copy. In very good condition, with the ex-
ception of wanting the last leaf.

6088 Washington. Whitney. Oration on the One hundred

and twenty-third Anniversary of the Birth-day of Wash-
ington. By Thomas R. Whitney. 8vo, pp. 32.

New York, 1855.

6089 Washington. Whitwell. An Eulogy on the virtues of

General George Washington, who Died December 14,
1799. Delivered before the Inhabitants of the Town
of Augusta, at the Request of their Committee, by
Benjamin Whitwell, Esq. Square 8vo, pp. 18. Slight-
ly cut, fine clean copy, and very scarce.

Hallowell (District of Maine), 1800.

6090 Washington. Willard and Tappan. An Address in

Latin, by Joseph Willard, LL. D., President, and a
Discourse in English by David Tappan, Hollis Profes-
sor of Divinity, delivered before the University in Cam-
bridge, Feb. 21, 1800, in Solemn Commemoration of
Gen. George Washington. 4to, pp. 31, large' paper.

(Boston,) MDCCC.



6091 Washingtox. Willard and Tappan. The Same. Svo,

pp. 44, uncut, a7id clean.

E. Typis, Samuel Etheridge, mdccc.

6092 Washington. Wilson. Substance of a Discourse on

Divine Providence, in Special Reference to the Memory,
Character and Death of the late Gen. George AVash-
ington, Delivered Extempore, February 9th, 1800,
before the Military Officers of Providence. By James
Wilson. 8vo, pp. 16, uncut; very rare.

Providence, 1800.

6093 Washington. Winthrop. An Oration pronounced by

the Honorable Robert C. Winthrop, Speaker of the
House of Representatives of the U. S., on the 4th of
July, 1848, on the Occasion of Laying the Corner-stone
of the National Monument, to the Memory of Washing-
ton, with an Introduction and Appendix. Published by
order of the National Monument Society. Broad-
sheet inserted, W. N. M. Society to the American Peo-
ple. 8vo, pp. 67. Washington, 1848.

6094 Washington. Winthrop. An Address delivered in

aid of the fund for Ball's Equestrian Statue of Wash-
ington, 13th May, 1859. By Robert C. Winthrop.
8vo, pp. 61. Boston, mdccclix.

6095 Washington. Woodward. A List of Washington Me-

morial Medals. By W. Elliot Woodward. 8vo, uncut.
Privately printed. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865.

6096 Washington. Worcester. An Oration Pronounced at

Peacham, in Commemoration of the Death of the late
Gen. George Washington, February 22d, 1800. By
Leonard Worcester. 8vo,.pp. 20, uncut; very scarce.

Peacham, Vermont, 1800.

6097 Washington. Worcester. An Oration, Sacred to the

Memory of Gen. George Washington, Pronounced at
Fitchburg, on the Day of National Mourning, Feb. 22,
1800. By Samuel Worcester, A. M. 8vo, pp. 21.
Scarce. Leominster, (Mass.,) 1800.


6098 Washington. Wood. A Discourse Delivered at Bos-

cawen, on Saturday, the 2 2d of February, 1800, in
Commemoration of the late Death of G-eneral George
Washington. By Samuel Wood, A. M., Pastor of the
Church in said Boscawen. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut; fine clean
copij. Concord, 1800.

Of extreme rarity; not mentioned by Hough, and believed not to be in
any other collection.

6099 Washington. Wood. Oration on the Anniversary of

Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22, 1862, at Scranton, Pa.

By Hon. Fernando Wood. 8vo, pp. 14.

New York, 1862.

6100 Washington. Sacred to the Memory of the Illustrious

G. Washington. • A Monument^ with Portrait and In-
scription, "There is Eest in Heaven." By the Monu-
ment, two weepers standing, with a third figure, Hope,
pointing upward. A very rare engraving, framed.

Boston, 1801.

6101 Waterbury (J. B.) A Book for the Sabbath. 12mo,

cloth. Andover, 1840.

6102 Waterhouse (B.) The Rise, Progress, and Present

State of Medicine. A Discourse at Concord, July 6,
1791. 8vo, pp. 31, tincut. Boston, 1792

6103 Waterhouse. Lectures on Medicine. 8vo, pp. 44, w^i

cut. Boston, 1786

6104 Waterhouse. On the Principle of Vitality. A Dis

course before the Humane Society of Massachusetts
4to, pp. 28, Boston, 1790

6105 Waterhouse. The Evil Tendency of the Use of To

bacco upon Young Persons, more Especially the Per-
nicious Effects of Smoking Cigars. 8vo, pp. 32.

Cambridge, 1805.

6106 Waterland (Daniel). Sermons on several Important

Subjects of Religion and Morality. 2 Vols, in one.
8vo, calf. London, mdcclxxvi.

6107 Watkins (Frances Ellen). Poems on Miscellaneous

Subjects. 12mo, pp. 40. Boston, 1854.


6108 Watkins (John). The History of Our Lord and Sa-

viour, Jesus Christ. To which are added An Account
of the Principal Jewish Sects and Parties, and the
Prophetic History of Christ. 46 elegant copperplates.

8vo, boards, rough edges.

London, Boydell & Co., 1810.

6109 WATSOJi (R.) An Apology for Christianity, in a Series

of Letters addressed to Edward Gibbon, Esq. 12mo,
calf. London, 1791.

6110 Watson^. An Apology for the Bible. 12nio, boards,

uncut. Boston, 1796.

6111 Watson (Thomas). Light in Darkness, or Deliverance

Proclaim-cd. 8vo, pp. 22. Boston, 1757.

6112 Watson (Winslow C.) Pioneer History of the Cham-

plain Valley ; Being an Account of the Settlement of
the Town of Willsborough, by William Gilliland, To-
gether with his Journal and other Papers, and a Me-
moir and Historical and Illustrative Notes. Royal 8vo,
boards, uncut. Scarce. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863.

Large paper; only 27 copies printed.

6113 Watterston (Geo.) Gallery of American Portraits.

Vlmo, boards. Scarce. Washington, 1830.

6114 Watts (L) A Guide to Prayer, or A Free and Ration-

al Account of the Gift, Grace and Spirit of Prayer.
12mo, cloth. * Boston, mdccxxxix.

Purchased at Hunter's sale of books from tlie Washington Library. Con-
tains his Washington Book Plate.

6115 Watts. Psalms and Hymns. 8vo, morocco.

Boston, 1828.

6116 Watts. The Psalms of David. 24mo, morocco.

Salem, 1795.

6117 Watts. The Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language

of the New Testament. 24mo, sheep.

Sutton, Mass., 1808.

6118 Watts. The Improvement of the Mind. 12mo, calf.

Exeter, N. H., mdccxciii.


6119 Way (The) to Fortune, or the Mode of Sumptuously

Providing for a Large and Expensive Family, Eluci-
dated by Experiments and Facts, Proved by the Prac-
tice of an Eminent Portuguese Consul, in the City of
New York. 8vo, pp. 32, uncut. Rare.

New York, Printed for the Author, 1809.

6120 Wayland (Francis). Elements of Moral Science. 16mo,

half morocco. Boston, 1835.

6121 Waylaxd. Occasional Discourses, including several

never before published. 12mo, doth. Boston, 1833.

6122 Wayland. Political Economy. 8vo, hoards.

New York, 1837.

6123 Wayland. Sermons Delivered in the Chapel of Brown

University. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1849.

6124 Wayland. The Limitations of Human Responsibility.

16 mo, cloth. Boston, 1838.

6125 Wayland (D. S.) Sermons. 8vo, hoards, uncut,

Derby, 1816.

6126 Wealth (The) and Resources of the State of Oregon.

8vo, pp. 66. Salem, Oregon, 1864.

6127 Webb (Benjamin). A Discourse at Truro, Oct. 8, 1732,

Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Ruth Avery. 8vo, pp.

25. Boston, N. E., 1733.


6128 Webb (Daniel). Selections from M. Pauw, with Addi-

tions. 8vo, morocco, gilt. Bath, 1795.

Bound up with this is a copy of Webb's " Sequel," a work which, ac-
according to Mr. Rich, (vide " Bibliotheca Americana Nova," p.
357, edition of 1835,) was printed, but never published. Mr. R.
probably never saw a perfect copy, as he says it contains pp. 58 only,
whereas this one, it will be seen, has pp. 100.

6129 Webb (John). A Sermon, Occasioned by the Much-La-

mented Death of the Reverend Mr. William Waldron,
late Faithful Pastor of a Church of Christ in Boston,
who Departed this Life Sept. 11, 1727. 8vo, pp; 22.

Boston, 1727.


6130 Webb. The Duty of a Degenerate People to Pray | for

the Reviving of God's Work. | A | Sermon | Preach'd
June 18, 1734, I Being a | Day of Prayer, with Fast-
ing, I Observed by the | New North Church, | in Bos-
ton. I 8vo, pp. 41 ; scarce. Boston, 1734.

6131 Webb (Mary E.) The Christian Slave. 12mo,pp. 67.

Boston, 1855.

6132 Webb (Thos. Smith). The Freemason's Monitor, or Il-

lustrations of Masonry. 12mo, sheep ; very scarce.

Salem, 1S18.

6133 Webster's Calendar,. or the Albany Almanac, 1847 to

1865. 2 Vols. L2mo, boards.

Albany, J. Munsell, v.y.

6134 Websteu (Daniel). A Funeral Oration, Occasioned by

the Death of Ephraim Simonds, of Templeton, Massa-
chusetts, a Member of the Senior Class in Dartmouth
College, who Died at Hanover, N. H., on the 1 8th of
June, 1801, ^t. 26. By Daniel Webster, a Classmate

of the Deceased. 8vo, pp. 13. Rare.

Hanover, 1801.

One of Webster's first eflForts.

6135 Webster. An Address Delivered at the Laying of the

Corner-Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument. 8vo, pp.
411, unczd. Boston, 1825.

6136 Webster. Orations and Speeches of. Port. 8vO) cloth.

Rochester, 1853.

6137 Webster. Pamphlets (25), comprising Speeches by him,

and various matters relating to him.

6138 Webster (John W.) A Description of the Island of

St. Michael, Comprising an Account of its Geological
Structure, with Remarks on the other Azores. 8vo, half
morocco. Boston, 1821.

6139 Webster (Noah). A Grammatical Institute of the Eng-

lish Language, Comprising an Easy, Concise, and Sys-
tematic Method of Education, Designed for the Use of
English Schools in America. 12mo, sheep ; scarce.

Hartford, 1784.


6140 Webster. A Grammatical Institute of the English Lan-

guage, &c. Port. 12mo, hoards ; scarce.

Boston, MDCCXciv.

6141 Webster. History of the United States; to which is

Prefixed a Brief Historical Account of our [English]
Ancestors, from the Dispersion at Babel to their Mi-
gration to America. 24mo, half bound.

New Haven, 1840.

6142 Webster (Samuel). Eabshakeh's Proposals, Consid-

ered in a Sermon Delivered at Groton, February 21,
1775, at the Desire of the Ofl&cers of the Companies
of Minute Men in that Town. 8vo, pp. 30, uncut ; rare.

Boston, 1775.

6143 Webster. The Misery and Duty of our Oppress'd and

Enslav'd People, Represented in a Sermon Delivered at
Salisbury, July 14, 1774, on a Day set apart for Fasting
and Prayer, on Account of Approaching Public Calam-
ities. 8vo, pp. 30. Wants a leaf; scarce.


6144 Wedgewood (Wm. B.) The Revised Statutes of Mass.

12mo, boards. Boston, 1845.

6145 Weems (Mason L.) God's Revenge Against Adultery,

Exemplified in Cases of American Crim. Con. Plates.
8vo, pp. 48. Philadelphia, 1818.

6146 Weems. God's Revenge Against Duelling, or the Duel-

ist's Looking Glass. Plates. 8vo, pp. 48.

Philadelphia, 1821.

6147 Weems. God's Revenge Against Gambling. Plate.

8vo, pp. 47. Philadelphia, 1822,

6148 Weems. God's Revenge Against Murder. Plate. 8vo,

pp. 40. Philadelphia, 1823.

6149 Weems. The Life of William Penn the Settler of Penn-

sylvania. 12 mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1829.

6150 Week (A) In Wall Street. By One Who Knows. 12mo,

boards. New York, 1841.


6151 Weeks (John M.) History of Salisbury, Vermont.

Ports. \2mo, cloth. Middlcbury, Vt., 18G0.

6152 Weekly Museum. Folio, hoards, uncut.

New York, 1801.

6153 Weekly Star. Stephen H. Br cmcJis Organ.

New York, 1860.

61-54 Weepers (The), Or The bed of Snakes broken; Wit
Vitiated, and made a Pander to Wickednesse ; In-
stanced in a Pack of Knaves (calling themselves ■ Ser-
vants to the late King), worthy the Anger of the
present Age, and the wonder and indignation of all
Posterity; Six Cupping-Glasses clapt to the cloven
Feet of the six Demons, who Govern the times, by
turns, from Monday to Saturday, Annually. 4to, lialf
morocco. London, 1652.

In same Vol. , four other very rare tracts, of the middle of the seventeenth
Century. One a Representation concerning the late Parliament, 1654;
A Petition to the Lord Protector, 1654; And a Sermon by T. Conyers,

6155 Weiss (John). Discourse occasioned by the Death of

Converse Francis, D. D., delivered before the First
Congregational Society, Watertown, April 19, 1863.
Small 4to, cloth. Cambridge, privately printed, 1863.

6156 Welcome (The) Home to S. H. Walley, Esq., on his

return, after an Absence of two years. 12mo, pp. 28.

(Boston, 1841.)

6157 Weld (Isaac, Jr.-) Travels through the United States

of North America, and the Provinces of Upper and
Lower Canada, during the Years 1795-96-97. 2 Vols.
Numerous Plates. Syo, calf. London, 1807.

6158 Welles (Arnold, Jr.) An Address to the Mass.

Charitable Fire Society, June 2, 1797. 4to, pp. 27,
uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1797.

6159 Wells (David A.) Things not Generally Known. A

Popular Hand-Book of Facts not readily Accessible.
12mo, cloth. New York, mdccclvii.


6160 Wells (Geo. W.) Practical Discourses, l&mo, cloth.

Boston, 1844.

6161 Wells (Thomas). Letters on Palestine, or Sketches of

Travel along the Eastern Shore of the Mediterranean.
12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1846.

6162 West (Samuel). Essays on Liberty and Necessity, in

which The True Nature of Liberty is Stated and De-
fended. 8vo, pp. 54, uncut. Boston, mdccxciii.

6163 West. Two Discourses At Needham, on Occasion of

The Public Fast, April 7, 1785. 8vo, pp. 39.

Boston, 1785.

6164 West (Stephen). An Essay on Moral Agency, contain-
ing Remarks on a late anonymous Publication, entitled,
An Examination of the late President Edwards' In-
quiry on Freedom of Will. 8vo, calf. Salem, 1794.

6165 West (The) Vindicated. By a Western New Yorker.

8vo, pp. 24. Buflfalo, 1842.

6166 Westeelo (E.) The Principles of the Christian Relig-

ion, as taught in the Reformed Protestant Dutch
Church. Translated from the Dutch. 8vo, pp. 84, un-
cut. Scarce.

Albany, C. R. & G. Webster, mdcclxxxix.

6167 Weston (Silas). Visit to a Volcano, or What I saw

at the Western Islands. 8vo, pp. 48.

Providence, 1846.

6168 Weston (S. H.) A Sermon on the Sanctity of the

Grave. 8vo, pp. 6. New York, (1854.)

6169 Western (The) Mail. A Selection of Letters, made

from the Bag taken from the Western Mail, when it

was Robbed, By George , in 17 — . 12mo,

shetp. London, 1801.

6170 Westman (Hab'k 0.) Transactions of the Society of

Literary and Scientific Chiffonniers, The Spoon, with
upwards of one hundred Illustratious, Primitive, Egyp-
tian, Roman, Mediaeval and Modern. 8vo, half bound.

New York, 1844.


6171 Wh ATE LY (Richard). Elements of Logic. \2mo, doth,

uncut. New York, 1832.

6172 Whately. Elements of Rhetoric. 12mo, doth.

Cambridge, 1834.

6173 Whately. The Kingdom of Christ, as Appointed by

Himself. 12mo, doth. New York, 1842.

6174 Wheatley (Phillis). Poems on Various Subjects, Re-

ligious and Moral. By Phillis Wheatley, Negro Ser-
vant to Mr. John Wheatley, of Boston, in New Eng-
land. Dedicated to the Countess of Huntington. 12mo,
sheep. Walpple, N. H., 1802.

A very scarce edition.

6175 Wheatley. Memoirs and Poems. Port. 1 6mo, cZo^A.

Boston, 1838.

6176 Wheaton (Henry). Anniversary Discourse, N. Y. Hist.

Soc'ty, Dec. 28, 1820. 8vo, pp. 49.

New York, 1821.

6177 Wheeleb (Charles). Letters and Journal of Daniel

Wheeler, in a Yisit to Van Diemen's Land, New South
Wales, and New Zealand. 8vo, doth.

Philadelphia, 1840.

6178 Wheeler (Gervase). Rural Homes, or Sketches of

Houses Suited to Country Life. Engravings. 12mo,
doth. Auburn, 1853.

6179 Wheeler (John H.) Historical Sketches of North Car-

olina, from 1584 to 1851, Compiled from Original Rec-
ords, Official Documents, and Traditional Statements.
Engravings. 2 Vols. 8vo, half bound.

Philadelphia, 1851.

6180 Wheeler (Thomas). A Thankful | Remembrance | of

God's Mercy | to Several Persons at Quabaug, or | Brook-
field, I Partly in a Collection of Providences about them, |
and Gracious Appearances for them, and partly in a
j Sermon Preached; By Mr. Edward Bulkley, | Pastor
of the Church of Christ at Concord, upon a | Day of
Thanksgiving, kept by divers for their Wonder-I ful De-


liverance there, j Published by Capt. Thomas Wheel-
, . er. I 4to, title, pp. 4, Preface; pp. 14, A True Nar-

rative; The Sermon, pp. 32, half calf, antique.

Ccimbridge, Printed and Sold by Samuel Green, 1676.

One of the rarest of all books relating to the early New England Wars
■with the Indians, so rare that when Gov. Hutchinson wrote, nearly a
hundred years ago, he was unable to obtain the volume for reference.

6181 Whcelook (Eleazar). A Plain and Faithful Narrative

of the Original Design, Rise Progress, and present
State of the Indian Charity-School, At Lebanon, in Con-
necticut. 8vo, pp. 54, uncut. Boston, 1763.

6182 Wheelock. A Continuation of the Narrative of the

State, &c., of the Indian Charity-School, At Lebanon, in
Connecticut, From Nov. 27th, 1762, to Sept. 3d., 1763.
8vo, pp. 23. Boston, 1763.

6183 Wheelock. A Continuation of the Narrative of the

Indian Charity-School, in Lebanon, Connecticut, to the
Removal and Settlement of it, in Hanover, New Hamp-
shire, 1771. 8vo, pp. 61, uncut.. Scarce, (s.l.,) 177L

6184 Wheelock. A Continuation of the Narrative of the In-

dian Charity-School, begun in Lebanon, in Connecticut,
now Incorporated with Dartmouth College, in Hanover,
in the Province of New Hampshire. 8vo, pp. QS, uncut.

Hartford, 1773.

6185 Wheelock. A Brief Narrative of the Indian Charity-

School, In Lebanon, in Connecticut, in New England,
Founded and Carried on by that Faitlifiil Servant of
God, the Rev. Mr. Eleazar Wheelock. 8vo, pp. 63.

London, 1767.

6186 Wheelock. A Sermon Preached at Dartmouth Hall,

Nov. 30th, 1775. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Scarce.

Hartford, (1775.)

6187 Wheelwright (William). Observations on The Isth-

mus of Panama. Illustrated with a Map of the various
routes which have been proposed for Connecting the
Two Oceans. 8vo, pp. 32. London, 1844.


6188 When will the Day Come? Port, and Egravings. 12mo,

cloth, gilt top. Boston, John Wilson & Son.

6189 Whewell (Rev. Wm.) Astronomy and General Physic.

12mo, doth. Philadelphia, 1833.

6190 WmcHCOTE (Benjamin). Discourses. Port. 8vo,

calf. London, 1707.

6191 Whitaker (Nathaniel). A Brief History of the Set-

tlement of the Third Church in Salem, In 1769, also of
the Usurpation and Tyranny of an Ecclesiastical Coun-
cil there, 1784. 8vo,.pp. 32. Scarce. Salem, 1784.

6192 Whitaker. The Reverend Dr. N. Whitaker's Neighbor

is come and searcheth him, Or a Brief Defence of The
late Council's Result against The Doctor's Charges,
In his late Brief History. By John Cleaveland, A. M.
With an Appendix. 8vo, pp. 32-8. Salem, 1784.

6193 Whitaker. The mutual Care, the Members of Christ's

Body owe to each other. A Sermon Preached at the
Opening of the Reverend Presbytery, of Salem, at Gro-
ton, June 9, 1784, Together with Two Minutes, of the
Said Presbytery in his Case, With An Appendix, Con-
taining A Display of the Sophistry, Misrepresentations,
and glaring Falslioods, published in a late Pamphlet,
entitled "Dr. Whitaker's Neighbor is come, and Search-
eth him out; or a Defence of the late Council's Result."
8vo, pp. 34. Scarce. (Salem, 1784,)

6194 Whitaker. The Reward of Toryism, A Discourse on

Judges v., 23. By Nathaniel Whitaker. Delivered at
the Tabernacle in Salem, May, 1783. 8vo, pp. 32.
Rare. Newburyport, 1783.

6195 Whitby (Daniel). Discourses Concerning Election, etc.

8vo, sheej). Worcester, 1801.

6196 White (Gilbert). The Natural History of Selborne.

24:mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1832.

Autograph of J. G. Percival.


6197 White (Henry). The Early History of New England,

illustrated by many interesting Incidents. 12mo, sheep.

Concord, 1842.

6198 White (J. B.) Practical and Internal Evidence against

Catholicism. l2mo, cloth. Cambridge, 1835.

6199 White (Pliny H.) Annals of Salem, Vt. Svo.

6200 White. A History of Coventry, Yt. Svo, pp. 61.

Irasburgh, Yt., 1859.

6201 Whiting (Dr. William). Several Methods of Making

Salt-Petre, recommended to the Inhabitants of the
United States, By the Honorable Continental Congress,
and Re-published by Order of the General Assembly of
the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. 8vo, pp. 20.

Watertown, 1775.

6202 Whiting (William). Memoir of Rev. Joseph Harring-

ton. Port. 12mo, doth. Boston, 1854.

6203 Whiting. The Argument in the Case of the Wood-

worth Planing Machine. Plates. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1854.

6204 Whitman (Bernard). Friendly Letters to a Universa-

list, on Rewards and Punishments. 16mo, cloth.

Cambridge, 1833.

6205 Whitman (Elnathan). A Sermon preached at Hartford,

on the Day of the Interment of John Ledyard, Esq., of
Hartford, Who departed this Life, Sept. 3, 1771. 8vo,
pp. 19. Scarce. Hartford, 1771.

6206 Whitman (Jason). Memoir of the Rev. Bernard Whit-

man. Port. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1837.

6207 Whitman. The Sunday School, the Patriot's Hope.

2^mo, cloth. Portland, 1839.

6208 Whitman. Week-Day Religion. 24zmo, cloth.

Portland, 1840.

6209 Whitmore (William H.) A Handbook of American

Genealogy. Rubricated title, fcdi^, 4:10, half red morocco,
gilt. Albany, J. Munsell, 1852.

Edition 100 copies.


6210 Whitmore. The Elements of Heraldry, containing an

Explanation of the Principles of the Science, and a
Glossary of the Technical Terms Employed, with an
Essay upon the use of Coat- Armor in the United
States. With numerous Illustrations. Ruhricated title,
tinted paper. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1866.

6211 Whitmore. Catalogue of the ximerican Portion of the

Library of the Rey. Thomas Prince. With a memoir
and List of his Publications. Port. Svo, cloth, gilt top.

Boston, 1868.

6212 Whitney (Asa). Project for a Railroad to the Pacific.

Map. Svo, pp. 113. New York, 1849.

6213 White (Pliny H.) and Hager (Albert D.) The Life

and Services of Matthew Lyon, and the Marbles of
Vermont. 8vo, pp. 26-16. Burlington, 1858.

6214 White (Richard Grant). National Hymns ; How they

are Written, and How they are not Written. Svo, cloth.

New York, mdccclxi.

6215 White Slavery. 12mo, hoards. Worcester, 1839.

6216 White Sulphur Springs. The White Sulphur Papers, or

Life at the Springs of Western Virginia. By Mark
Pencil, Esq. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1839.

6217 White (The) Sulphur Papers. By Mark Pencil, Esq.

12mo, cZoZ/t. New York, 1839.

6218 Whitefield (George). A Brief and General Account

of the First Part of the Life of the Reverend Mr.
George Whitefield, from his Birth to his Entering into
Holy Orders. Written by Himself. Svo, pp. 48, rough
edges. Boston, N. E., 1740.

6219 Whitefield. Fifteen Sermons, Preached on Various

Important Subjects. Svo, sheep.


6220 Whitefield. A Sermon on Regeneration, Svo, pp. 21.

Boston, 1739.


6221 Whitepield. A Sermon on Regeneration. The second

edition in Boston. 8vo, pp. 23. Boston, 1739.

6222 Whitehead (William A.) Contributions to the Early

History of Perth Amboy, and Adjoining Country. With
Sketches of Men and Events. Maps and Engravings.

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