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Svo, doth. New York, 1856.

6223 Whittier (John G.) Songs of Labor. Cap Svo, doth.

Boston, 1851.

6224 Whiting (John). Truth and Innocency \ Defended, |

against | Falsehood and Envy, | And the Martyrs of
Jesus, and | Sufferers for his Sake, | Vindicated, | In
Answer to Cotton Mather, (a Priest of | Boston,), bis
• Calumnies, Lyes and Abuses | of the People called
Quakers, in his late | Churdi History of New England. |
Svo, pp. 212. Scarce. London, 1702.

6225 Whitney (George). Commemorative Discourse, Quincy,

Mass., 25th May, 1840. With an Appendix. Svo, pp.
71. Boston, 1840.

6226 Whitney (Peter). The Transgression of a Land, Pun-

ished by a Multitude of Rulers. Considered in Two
Discourses, Delivered July 14, 1774, Being Voluntarily
Observed in most of the Religious Assemblies through-
out the Province of Massachusetts Bay, as a Day of
Fasting and Prayer, On Account of the Dark Aspect of
our Public Affairs ; and now Published at the Desire of
the Hearers, to whom they are Inscribed. Svo, pp. 71,
unciLt. Last leaf missing. Boston, 1774.

6227 Whitney. The History of the County of Worcester
Mass., with a Particular Account of every Town, from
its first Settlement to the Present Time. Svo, sheets,
rovs^h edges. Scarce.

Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxciii.

6228 Whittlesey (Chauncey). A Sermon Preached at
New Haven, on the Sabbath Preceding the Publick
Commencement, Sept. 9, Anno Dom. 1744; Wherein is


Considered the True Notion of a Faithful Improvement
of our Talents, and the Wisdom of being Early and in
Earnest Therein. Small 8vo, pp. 34. Scarce.

N. London, Printed and sold by T. Green, 1744.

6229 Who are the Opposers of the Women Movement ? 12mo.

6230 Who is the Legitimate King of Portugal? 12mo, pp.

96. (s.l.s.a.)

6231 Whole (The) Case of Mary Catherine Cadiere, Against

the Jesuit Father, John Baptist Girard, in a Memorial
Presented to the Parliament of Aix; in which that
Jesuit is Accused of Seducmg her, and six other Fe-
male Votaries, by the Abominable Doctrines of Quiet-
ism, into the most Criminal Excesses of Lewdness. In
the same Vol. several other 2Ja.m])hlets relatmg to the same
strange case. Several Illustrative Engravings. 12mo,
cloth. London, mdccxxxii.

6232 Whole (The) Comical Works of Mon. Scarron, Con-

taining His Comical Romances of a Company of Stage-
Players, His Novels, Histories, Select Letters, Charac-
ters, &c. Plates. 8vo, caJf, gilt. London, 1712.

6233 WiDE-AwAKE (The) Gift; a Know-Nothing Token. Ed-

ited by "One of 'em." Plates. 12mo, cloth, gilt.

New York, 1855.

6234 Wiggin's Library of New England History. 4 Vols.
"Fcap 4to, half crimson turkey morocco, extra, by Brad-
street, gilt top, rough edges. Boston, 1865-1867.

The Series consists of the following Works : —

L, IL— The History of King Phillip's War. By Ben-
jamin Church. With Introduction and Notes, by
Henry M. Dexter.

HI. — Mourt's Relation, or Journal of the Plantation at

Plymouth. With Introduction and Notes, by Henry

M. Dexter.
IV. — Plain Dealing, or News from New England. By

Thomas Lechford. With Introduction and Notes, by

J. Hammond Trumbull.


6235 WiGGLESWORTH (Edward). A Discourse on the Death

of Hon. John Winthrop, Delivered at Harvard College.
8vo, pp. 27. Boston, 1774

6236 WiGGLESAVORTH. Somc Evidences of the Divine Inspi-

ration of the Scriptures of the Old Testament, from the
Testimony of Jesus Christ and his Apostles in the New,
Briefly Considered at the Publick Lecture in Harvard
College, June 24th, 1755. 8vo, pp. 26, half bound.
Scarce. Boston, N. E., 1755.

6237 WiGGLESWORTH. The Doctrine of Reprobation Briefly

Considered, Being the Substance of some Lectures in
Harvard College. 8vo, pp. 48 ; scarce.

Boston, N. E., 1763.

6238 WiGGLESWORTH. Two Discourses, Delivered at tho Pub-

lick Lectures in Harvard College, Nov. 12th and I9th,
1754, after the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Preaching at Cam-
bridge. 8vo, pp. 16. Boston, 1754.

Contains only the first Discourse.

6239 WiGGLESWORTH (Michael). The Day of Doom, or a Po-

etical Description of the Great and Last Judgment.
With a Short Discourse about Eternity. From the
Sixth Edition, 1715. With a Character of the Author,
by Cotton Mather. l&va.o, hoards ; rare.

Boston, 1828.

6240 WiGGLESWORTH (Samuel). Remarks ] on | Some Points

of Doctrine, | Apprehended by many as Unsound, | Pro-
pagated I In Preaching and Conversation, and since Pub-
lished. I By the Reverend | Mr. William Balch, j Pastor
of the Second Church in Bradford. | Humbly Offered
to the Consideration of the | Ministers and Churches of
New England. | 4to, pp. 44; rare. Boston, 1746.

6241 WiKOFF (Henry). My Courtship, and Its Consequences.

l2mo, cloth. New York, 1855.

6242 WiLBERFORCE (William). A Practical View of the Pre-

vailing Religious System. 12mo, sheets. Boston, 1 829.


6243 Wilkes (Charles). Synopsis of the Cruise of the U. S.

Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838-39-40-
41-42. Map. 8vo, pp. 56. Washington, 1842.

6244 Wilkes (George). The Mysteries of the Tombs; A

Journal of Thirty Days' Imprisonment. 8vo, pp. 64.

New York, 1844.

6245 Wilkes. Project of a National Railroad from the At-

lantic to the Pacific. 8vo, pp. 23. New York, 1845.

6246 Wilkerson's History of his Travels and Labors in the

United States, since he Purchased his Liberty in New
Orleans, La., &c. 8vo, pp. 43.

Columbus, Ohio, 1861.

6247 Wilkins (John). A Discovery of a New World, or a

Discourse Tending to Prove that 'tis Probable there
may be Another Habitable World in the Moon. With
a Discourse Concerning the Probability of a Passage
Thither, etc. 8vo, calf ; scarce. London, mdclxxiv.

6248 WiLLARD (Emma). Guide to the Temple of Time. 4to,

half bound. New York, 1849.

6249 WiLLARD. Journal and Letters from France and Great

Britain. 12mo, cloth. Troy, 1833.

6250 WiLLARD. Pamphlets (2).

6251 WiLLARD (Joseph). A Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered

at Boston, Dec. 11, 1783. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut.

Boston, 1784.

6252 WiLLARD (Samuel). The | Heart Garrisoned, | Or |

The Wisdom and Care of the | Spiritual Soldier, |
above all things, to safeguard his j Heart. | Deliv-
ered in a Sermon, which was Preached to the | Hon-
oured Gentlemen of the Artillery Com-| pany, on the
Day of their Election, at | Boston, in New England,
June 5, 1676. 1 By Mr. Samuel Willard. | 4to, title,
pp. 21, half calf antique ; very rare.

• Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 1676.


6253 WiLLARD. A Compleat Body of Divinity, in Two Hun-

dred and Fifty Expository Lectures on the Assembly's
Shorter Catechism, Wherein the Doctrines of the Chris-
tian Religion are unfolded, their Truth Confirm'd, their
Excellence Display'd, their Usefulness Improv'd, con-
trary Errors & Vices Refuted & Expos'd, Objec-
tions Answer'd, Controversies Settled, Cases of Con-
science Resolv'd, and a Great Light thereby Reflected
on the Present Age. Port. Contains a MS. list of
the Authors of the Larger and Shorter Catechisms,
and Confession of Faith. Also a MS. Index. Folio,
sheep. Boston, in New England, mdccxxvi.

Said to be the first folio printed in this country.

6254 WiLLARD (Samuel). Historical Sermon, Deerfield, Sept.

22,1858. 8vo, pp. 42. Greenfield, 1858.

6255 WiLLARD (Sidney). A Hebrew Grammar, Compiled

from some of the Best Authorities. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Cambridge, 1817.

6256 WiLLEY (Benjamin G.) Incidents in White Mountain

History ; Together with many Interesting Anecdotes,
Illustrating Life in the Back-Woods. Engravings.
12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1856.

6257 Williams (Abraham). A Sermon on James v., 9, at

Barnstable. 8vo, pp. 29. Boston, 1766.

6258 Williams (Charles). Visible History of England, from

the Time of the Ancient Britons, to the Death of George
IV. Plates. 12mo, half morocco. London, 1736.

6259 Williams (Edwin). A System of Modern Geography

and History, 12mo, half calf. New York, L^35.

6260 Williams (Helen M.) Memoirs of Mons. and Madame

du F. 12mo, hoards. Boston, 1794.

6261 Williams (John). The Redeemed Captive Returning

to Zion; or, a Faithful History of Remarkable Occur-
rences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John
Williams, Minister of the Gospel in Deerfield, who, in


the Desolation which Befel that Plantation, by an In-
cursion of French and Indians, was by -them carried
away, with his Family and his Neighborhood, into Can-
ada. Drawn up by Himself. Annexed to which is a
Sermon, Preached by him upon his Return. Also an
Appendix, by the Rev. Mr. Williams, of Springfield.
Likewise an Appendix, by the Rev. Mr. Taylor, of
Deerfield; with a Conclusion to the Whole, by the
Rev. Mr. Prince, of Boston. The Sixth Edition. 12mo,
sheep ; very rare. Boston, 1795.

6262 Williams (John). An Inquiry into the Truth of the

Tradition Concerning the Discovery of America by
Prince Madog ab Owen Gwynedd, About the Year
1170. 8vo, half morocco ; very scarce. London, 1791.
See Rich, 1791, No. 7.

6263 Williams (Mrs.) Biography of Revolutionary Heroes,

Brig. Gen. William Barton and Capt Stephen Olney.
12mo, cloth. Providence, 1839.

6264 Williams (Roger). Experiments of Spiritual Life and

Health, and their Preservatives.; in which the Weakest
Child of God may get Assurance of his Spiritual Life
and Blessedness, etc. 4to, boards.

London, Printed in the Second Month, 1652; Re-
print, Providence, 1863.

6265 Williams (Samuel). The Natural and Civil History of

Vermont. 8vo, sheep.

Walpole, Isaiah Thomas, mdccxoiv.

6266 Williams (Solomon). A Sermon Preach'd at Coventry,

Septemb. 17th, 1752, On Occasion of the Death of the
Rev. Mr. Joseph Meacham. 12mo, pp. 19.

Boston, 1754.

6267 Williams (T.) The Song of Songs, which is by Solo-

mon. A New Translation, with a Commentary and
Notes. 8vo, calf. Philadelphia, 1803.


6268 Williams (W.) The Death of a Prophet, Lamented

and Improved, in a Sermon Preach'd at Northampton,
Feb. 13, 1729, on the Day of the Interment of the Rev-
erend, Pious and Learned Mr. Solomon Stoddard. 8vo,
pp. 26, rare. Boston, 1720.

6269 WiLLiCH (A. F. M.) Lectures on Diet and Regimen,

Being a Systematic Inquiry into the most Rational
Means of Preserving Health, and Prolonging Life.
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1800.

6270 Willis (Wm.) Journals of the Rev. Thomas Smith,

and the Rev. Samuel Deane ; and a Summary History
of Portland. Port. 8vo, sheets stitched, uncut.

Portland, 1849.

Very few copies preserved in this condition.

6271 WiLLisoN (John). The Young Communicant's Cate-

chism. 12mo, pp. 67, uncut. Philadelphia, 1803.

6272 WiLLiSTON (E. B.) Eloquence of the United States. 5

Vols. 8vo, hoards, imcut. Middletown, Conn., 1827.

Scarce, in uncut condition.

6273 WiLLSON (Marcius). American History, Comprising

Historical Sketches of the Indian Tribes, American
Antiquities, History of Mexico, etc. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1847.

6274 WiLL-wiTH-A-Wisp, or the Grand Ignis Fatuus of Lon-

don ; Being a Lay-Man's Letter to a Country Gentle-
man. With short Remarks upon some other Inferior
Jack-a-Lanthorns. 8vo, half bound. London, 1714.

6275 WiLMER (Lambert A.) The Life, Travels, and Adven-

tures of Ferdinand de Soto, Discoverer of the Missis-
sippi, from the Conquest of Florida to his Singular
Death and Burial in the Mississippi. Illustrated. 8vo,
boards. Philadelphia, 1859.

6276 WiLMER. Our Press-Gang, or a Complete Exposition of

the Corruptions and Crimes of the American Newspa-
pers. 16mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859.


6277 WiLMOT (John Eardley). Historical View of the Com-

mission for Enquiring into the Losses, Services, and
Claims of the American Loyalists, at the Close of the
War between Great Britain and her Colonies, in 1783 ;
with an Account of the Compensation Granted to them
by Parliament, in 1785 and 1788. 8vo, half hound.

London, 1815.

Contains an Engraving, and description of the Painting, by West : " Re-
ception of the American Loyalists by Great Britain."

6278 Wilson (Amos). His Life and Writings. 8vo, pp. 23.

Scarce edition. St. John, N. B., 1840.

6279 Wilson (Chas.) Elements of Hebrew Grammar; To

which is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Two Modes of
Eeading, with or without the Points. 8vo, sheep.

Edinburgh, 1782.

6280 Wilson (Henry). Wonderful Characters, Comprising

Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Most Remarkable Per-
sons of Every Age and Nation. Vol. L Ports. 8vo,
cloth; rough edges. London, 1830,

6281 Wilson (James). Oration before the Providence Asso-
ciation of Mechanics and Manufacturers, April 14, 1794.
8vo, pp. 9, imcut. Providence, 1794.

6282 Wilson (James P.) The Hope of Immortality by the

Gospel. 24mo, hoards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1829.

6283 Wilson (John). Illustrations of Unitarianism. 8vo,

cloth. London, 1846.

6284 Wilson (J. L.) Sermon on Witchcraft. 8vo, pp. 22.

Cincinnati, 1846.

6285 Winchester (Elhanan). A Plain Political Catechism

for Schools in the U. S. A., Made Level to the Lowest
Capacities. 12mo, half hound. Philadelphia, 1796.

6286 Winchester. Universal Restoration. 12mo, sheep.

Worcester, 1803.

6287 Windsor (John H.) The Blessings of the Just. 8vo,

pp. 26, uncut. Privately printed, 1867.


6288 Wines (E. C.) Peep at China, in Mr. Dunn's Chinese

Collection. 8vo, pp. 103. Philadelphia, 1839.

6289 Wines. The same. 8vo, pp. 113. New York, 1839.

6290 WiNSLOW (Hubbard). Christianity Applied to our Civil

and Social Relations. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1835.

6291 WiNSLOW. Discourses on the Doctrine of the Trinity.

24mo, cloth. Boston, 1834.

6292 WiNSLOW. The Young Man's Aid to Knowledge, Vir-

tue and Happiness. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1837.

6293 Winter (A) from Home. 12mo, pp. 60.

New York, 1852.

6294 WiNTHROP (James). A Systematic Arrangement of Sev-

eral Scripture Prophecies Relating to Antichrist. 8vo,
pp. 35, uncut. Boston, 1795.

6295 WiNTHROP. Scripture Prophecies yet Remaining to be

Fulfilled. 8vo, pp. 20. Cambridge, 1803.

6296 WiNTHROP. An Appendix to the New Testament. 12mo,

hoards, tmcut ; scarce. Cambridge, 1809.

6297 WiNTHROP (John). A | Lecture | on [ Earthquakes, |

Read in the Chapel of Harvard College, in | Cam-
bridge, N. E., November 26th, 1755 ;j On Occasion of
^ ib/i/H-^ ^^^ Great Earthquake, which shook | New England the
Week before.] 4to, pp. 38, uncut, rare. Two leaves a
little torn. Boston, N. E., 1755.

' 6298 WiNTHROP. Relation of a Voyage from Boston to New-

foundland, for the Observation of the Transit of Venus,
,^^.^-L June 6, 1761. 8vo, pp. 24. Scarce.

Boston, N. E., 1761.

6299 WiNTHROP (John). The History of New England, from

1630 to 1649. Port, 2 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1853.

6300 WiNTHROP (Robert C.) Address before the Maine His-

torical Society, Sept. 5, 1849. 8vo, pp. 68.

Boston, 1849.


6301 WiNTHROP. Memoir of the Hon. Nathan Appleton, LL. D.

Port. 8vo, pp. 79. Boston, 1861.

6302 Wise (John). The | Church's Quarrel | Expoused, | or

a I Eeply | In | Satyre to certain Proposals made in
Answer to this Question, [ What further Steps are to
be taken that | the Councils may have due Constitution]
and Efficacy in Supporting, Preserving, | and Well-
Ordering, the Interests of the | Churches of the Coun-
try ?| By John Wise, Pastor to a Church | in Ipswich,|
The second edition. 8vo, half crimson morocco, gilt;
rare. Boston, Reprinted ; Sold by Nicholas Boone,

at the Sign of the Bible, in Cornhill, 1715.

6303 Wise. A | Vindication | of the | Government of New

England I Churches, [ Drawn from Antiquity, the Light
of j Nature, Holy Scriptures, its Noble | Nature, and
from the Dignity Di-| vine Providence has put upon it.|
By John Wise, A. M.,| Pastor co a Church in Ipswich.]
8vo. In same volume, A Testimony to the Order of the
Gospel, etc., by John Higginson and William Hubbard.
Half morocco, extra, gilt top; rare.

Boston, Printed by F. Allen, for N. Boone, at the
Sign of the Bible, in Cornhill, 1717.

6304 Wiseman (H. E.) Prospects for Good Architecture in

London. 8vo, pp. 41. London, 1864.

6305 WiSNER (Benjamin B.) The History of the Old South

Church, in Boston, '^yo, half morocco. Boston, 1830.

6306 WiSNER. Discourse in Commemoration of the Pilgrims,

Dec. 22, 1830. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut. Boston, 1831.

6307 Withering (William). A Systematic Arrangement of

British Plants. Illustrated by Copper plates. 4 Vols.
8vo, calf. Birmingham, 1812.

6308 WiTHiNGTON (Leonard). A Sermon for the Two Hun-

dredth Anniversary of the Standing of the First Church,
in Newbury, on its Present Site, Oct. 20, 1846. 8vo,
pp. 20. Newburyport, 1846.


6309 WiLLiCH (W.) Method of Teaching in Prussian Schools.

24mo, pp. 48. New York, 1838.

6310 WoLCOTT (Oliver). Address to the People, on the Re-

port of a Committee of the House of Representatives,
Appointed to " Examine and Report Whether Monies
drawn from the Treasury have been Faithfully Applied
to the Objects for which they were Appropriated, and
whether the same have been Regularly Accounted for ;"
Apr., 1802. 8vo, pp. 112, uncut. Boston, 1802.

6311 Woman in Polygamy. 8vo, pp. 18. New York, 1866.

6312 Women's Rights Tracts. 12mo. (s.l.s.a.)

6313 Woman's Rights and Woman's Wrongs. Pamphlets (2).

6314 Wonder (The) of Wonders ! Or the Wonderful Appear-

ance of an Angel, Devil, and Ghost, to a Gentleman in
the Town of Boston, in the Nights of the 14th, 15th
and 16th of October last, to whom in some Measure
may be Attributed the Distresses that have of late
Fallen upon that Unhappy Metropolis. Now made
Public, as a Solemn Warning to all those who, for
the sake of Aggrandizing Themselves and Families,
would entail the most Abject Wretchedness upon Mil-
lions of their Fellow Creatures. Adorned with 4
Plates, viz.: 1. The Devil. 2. An Angel, with a
Sword in one hand, a Pair of Scales in the other. 3.
Beelzebub, holding in his right hand a folio book, and
in his left a halter. 4. A Ghost, having on a white
gown, his hair much dishevelled. 8vo, pp. 30. Title
Page and Devil wanting. A rare and curious tract ;
perhaps unique. Boston, 1774.

6315 Wood and Bachb. The Dispensatory of the United

States of America. 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1849.

6316 Wood (J.) The Nature and Use of the Tropes and

Figures of the Holy Scriptures. 12mo, boards.

Bristol, 1 ^31.

6317 Wood (J. S.) The American Magazine, Yol. 1,1841.

Plates. 8vo, half hound. Albany, J. Munsell, 1841.


6318 Wood (William). New England's Prospect; Being a

True, Lively, and Experimental Description of that
part of America commonly called New England, Dis-
covering the State of that Country, both as it stands to
our new-come English Planters, and to the old Native
Inhabitants, and Laying down that which may both
Enrich the Knowledge of the Mind-Travelling Reader,
or Benefit the Future Yoyager. The Third Edition.
8vo, pp. 126; wants 2 pp. of Appendix. Rare.

Boston, N.E., 1764.

6319 Woods (Leonard). Lectures on Infant Baptism. 12mo,

boards. Andover, 1829.

6320 Woods. Life of Parker Cleaveland, LL. D. Port.

8vo, pp. 80. Brunswick, 1860.

6321 Woods. Swedenborgianism. 12mo, pp. 166.

Boston, 1846.

6322 Woods. The Mourning Husband. Discourse at the

Funeral of Mrs. Thankful Church, April 15, 1806.
12mo, pp. 23. Boston, 1807.

6323 Woodward (Geo. H.) Historical Discourse at Stafford,

Conn., Dec. 31st. 8vo, pp. 24. Hartford, 1846.

6324 Woodward (Henry). Essays on the Millennium. 8vo.

Philadelphia, 1840.

6325 Woodward (James W.) Sermon at the Funeral of the

Rev. Eden Burroughs, D. D., at Dartmouth College.
8vo, pp. 19. Boston, 1814.

6326 Woodward. A Sermon at Norwich, Vt., Sept. 10, 1819,

at the Funeral of Elijah Burnap. 8vo, pp. 15.

Windsor, 1820.

6327 Woodward (John). An Essay Toward a Natural Histo-

ry of the Earth, and Terrestrial Bodies, Especially
Minerals ; As also the Sea, Rivers and Springs, with an
Account of the Universal Deluge. 8vo, calf.

London,. 1695.


6328 Woodward (Samuel). A Sermon Preached at Lexing-

ton, April 19, 1779, in Commemoration of the Great
Distress and Wonderful Deliverance of God's People,
on the Nineteenth of April, 1775, where Hostilities be-
gun, and where the Bloody War between Great Britain
and her Colonies Commenced. 8vo, pp. 29. Rare.

Boston, 1779.

6329 Woodward (Samuel). Sermon at the Ordination of Rev.

John Marsh, in Wethersfield, Jan. xii,, 1774. 8vo, pp.
32, uncut. New Haven, (s.a.)

6330 Woodward (Thomas). The Columbian Plutarch, or An

Exemplification of Several Distinguished American
Characters. 12mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1819.

Contains a Life of Washington.

6331 Woodward (W. Elliot). Catalogues of Coin Sales in

New York City. 8 Vols. 7 in boards, 1 in paper, all
uncut. New York and Roxbury, v.y.

Large paper, all interleaved. Sets are very rare, as only 10 copies were
printed of one, and but 15 of several of the others. Four were pub-
lished at ten doUars each. No set has ever before been offered for sale
at auction.

6332 Woodward. A List of Washington Memorial Medals.

Royal 4:to, paper, wicut. Albany, J. Munsell, 1865.

Large paper. Privately printed; on Whatman's Drawing Paper; edition
only 10 copies.

6333 Woodward's Historical Series. A Complete Set. 7

Vols. Royal 4to, half crimson turkey morocco, extra,
by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1864-1866.

Large paper. The Series consists of the following works. Of Vols. I.
and n. only 15 copies were printed, and the work has several times
been sold at $100 per Vol. Of the others, 50 copies were printed.

I., II. — Record of Salem Witchcraft, copied from Orig-
inal Documents.

III., IV. — Hubbard's Indian Wars, with Historical Pre-
face, Life and Pedigree of the Author, and Extensive
Notes, by Samuel G. Drake.


v., VL, VIL— The Witchcraft Delusion in New Eng-
land, as Exhibited by Cotton Mather, in his Wonders
of the Invisible World, and by Robert Calef, in his
More Wonders of the Invisible World. With Pre-
face, Introduction and Notes, by Samuel G. Drake.

6334 Woodward's Historical Series. Same as the above. 7

Vols. Fcap 4to, half crimson turkey morocco, extra, bij

Bradstreet, gilt top, rough edges.

Roxbury, 1864-1866.

In this size, of Vols. I., 11., 200 copies were printed; of III., lY., 300
copies, and of V., VI., VIL, 280 copies.

6335 Woodward. Catalogue of Library. 8vo, uncut, heavy

tinted paper. Boston, 1869.

Very few printed in this style.

6336 WooDWORTH (Eliza). Selections from the British Poets.

Illustrations. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1856.

6337 WooDWORTH (John). Reminiscences of Troy, from its
Settlement 1790 to 1807. 8vo, pp. 39.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1853.

6338 WooDWORTH (Samuel). Beasts at Law. 12mo, pp. 102.

New York, 1811.

6339 Woolen Manufactories in the United States. 12mo, pp.

190. New York, 1846.

6340 WooLET (Charles). A Two Year's Journal in New

York, and part of its Territories in America. 8vo,
boards, uncut. New York, 1860.

6341 Worcester (J. E.) Ancient Classical and Scripture Ge-

ography. 12mo, half morocco. Boston, 1844.

6342 Worcester. Elements of Geography, Ancient and

Modern. 12 mo, hoards. Boston, 1824.

6343 Worcester. The same. 12mo, half bound.

Boston, 1825.

6344 Worcester (Noah). Last Thoughts on Important Sub-
jects. Post 8vo, c/o;!A. • Cambridge, 1833.

6345 Worcester (Samuel). The Wisdom of God. A Ser-

mon. 8vo, pp. 43, uncut. Boston, 1809.


6346 Worcester (The) Magazine, April, 1786. Syo, uncut.


6347 Worcester (The) Magazine, and Historical Journal. 2

Vols. 8vo, boards, rough edges ; scarce.

Worcester, 1825-26.

6348 Worcester (Thos.) Sermons, Illustrative of the Influ-

ence of a Life, According to the Commandments, on our
Idea of the Character of the Lord. Delivered before the
Boston Society of the New Jerusalem. 12mo, hoards,
uncut. Boston, 1824.

6349 Word (A) of Comfort | to a | Melancholy Country;] or

the I Bank of Credit | Erected in the | Massachusetts-
Bay, I Fairly Defended, by a Discovery of the | Great
Benefit Accruing by it to the | Whole Province. With
a Remedy for Recovering a Civil State, | when Sinking
under Desperation, by a | Defeat on the Bank of Cred-
it.] 8vo, pp. 56. Wants a leaf ; very rare.

Boston, 1721.

6350 Word (A) in Season. The Writings of Noah and

Thomas Worcester brought to the Test. 12mo, pp.
12, uncut. Concord, 1813.

6351 Wordsworth (Wm.) Scenery of the Lakes in the

North of England. Map. 24mo, half hound.

London, 1823.

6352 Working-Man's (The) Companion. 24mo.

London, 1831.

6353 WoRGAN (John D.) Select Poems, &c. 12mo, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1822.

6354 World (The) Unmasked, or the Philosopher the Great-

est Cheat. 8vo, calf. London, mdccxxxii.

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