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North-America, from the Time of General Gage's Ar-
rival at Boston, in May, 1774. 2 Yols. 8vo, uncut.
Rare. Boston, 1780.

6471 Hobby (William). The Happiness of a People having

God for their Ally. Illustrated in a Sermon Preach'd
at Reading April 30, 1758, On Occasion of an Expe-
dition design'd against Canada, In the Audience of Col.
Nichols and a Part of his Regiment. 8vo, pp. 26, in-
complete. Rare. Boston, 1758.

6472 Horrible Effects of Superstition in Ashantce. Death of

the King, and 2600 Persons Murdered at his Grave.
8vo, pp. 32. Boston, (s.a.)

6473 Hough (F. B.) Agricultural Statistics. 8vo, pp. 8.

6474 Huntington (Joseph). A Discourse adapted to the

present Day, on the Health and Happiness, or Misery
and Ruin, of the Body Politic, In Similitude to that of
the Natural Body, Preached at Coventry, April, 1781.
8vo, pp. 24. Wants a leaf. Hartford, 1781.


6475 Illustrated Archgeological and Genealogical Collec-

tions. Edited by Dean Dudley. Folio.

Boston, 1861.

6476 Jackson (Charles). An Oration delivered before the

Right Worshipful Master and Brethren of St. Peter's
Lodge, June 25, 5798. 4to, pp. 24.

• Newburyport, 5798.

6477 Jones (Thomas). An Address delivered on the Gim-

House Square, at Gloucester, July 30, 1807, Before the
Field Officers of the Regiment, etc. 8vo, pp. 8.

Salem, 1807.

6478 JooR (Wm.) Independence, or which do you like best,

P^er or Farmer ? Performed at the Theatre, Charles-
ton. 8vo, pp. 70.

Charleston, j?n're^ec?ybr the Author, 1805.

6479 Ketbltas (Abraham). God arising and Pleading his

Peo-| pie's Cause, or the American | War in favor of
Liberty against | the Measures and Arms of Great |
Britain, shown to be the cause | of God.| 8vo, pp. 32,
rare. Newburyport, 1777.

6480 Lawson (Deodat). Christ's Fidelity | the oply | Shield
Against I Satan's Malignity,] asserted in a | Sermon | De-
livered at Salem Village, the | 24th of March, 1692. Be-
ing Lecture | day there, and a time of Publick | Exami-
nation of some Suspected | for Witchcraft. | By Deo-
dat Lawson, Minister | of the Gospel.] The Second
Edition. Small 12mo, 6 p. 1., pp. 120, morocco extra, by
W. Pratt.

Printed at Boston, in New England, and Re-
printed in London, by R. Tockey, for
the Author, 1704.

Relates to the Salem Witchcraft Delusion. A very rare book.

6481 Le Mercier (Andrew). The Church of Geneva, in

Five Books, as also A Political and Geographical Ac-
count of that Republick. 8vo, calf, scarce.

Boston, New England, 1732.


6482 Letter (A) to the Right Honourable the Earl of Hils-

borough,on the Present Situation of Affairs in America,
In which the Arguments in favor of the Colonies are
placed in a new Point of Yiew. Also an Appendix, in
Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled The Constitutional
Right of Great Britain to Tax the Colonies. 8vo, pp.
55, last leaf imperfect, rare. Boston, 1769.

6483 Life in America, or the Wigwam and the Cabin. Post

8vo, cloth, uncut. Aberdeen, mdccoxlviii.

6484 Life (The) of God in the Soul of Man. 8vo, pp. 88.

Boston, 1741.

6485 M'Clure (David). An Oration on the advantages of
. an early Education, delivered at Exeter, in the State of

New Hampshire, May 1, 1783, at the Opening of the
Phillips Exeter Academy. 4to, pp. 28, scarce.

Exeter, 1783.

6486 MoRFORD. (Henry). The Rest of Don Juan, inscribed to

The Shade of Byron. 8vo, pp. 47. New York, 1846,

6487 Morton (Perez). An Oration Delivered at the King's

Chapel in Boston, April 8, 1776, On the Reinterment
of the Remains of the late Most YVorshipful Grand-Mas
ter, Joseph Warren, Esquire, President of the late Con
gress of this Colony, and Major-General of the Massa
chusetts Forces, Who was Slain in the Battle of Bun
ker's Hill, June 17, 1775. 4to,pp. 13, uncut,clean and
very rare. Boston, 1776

6488 Mr. Peabody's Gift to the Poor of London. Plates

8vo, pp. 15. London, 1865

6489 Myers (Mrs. Yirginia). Letters and Correspondence

8vo. Philadelphia, 1847

6490 New York (The) Book of Poetry. 8vo, hoards.

New York, 1837

6491 Newell (Robert C.) The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers

Third Series. \2mo, cloth. New York, 1865


6492 Noble (Oliver). Some Strictures upon the Sacred. Story

recorded in the Book of Esther, Showing The Power
and. Oppression of State Ministers, tending to the Ruin
and Destruction of God's People, And the remarkable
Interpositions of Divine Providence in Favour of the
Oppressed, in a Discourse delivered at Newburyport,
North Meeting House, March 8th, 1775, In Commemo
ration of the Massacre at Boston, March the Fifth, 1770
8vo, pp. 31. Newburyport, N. E., 1775

6493 Oration (An) Upon the Beauties of Liberty, or the Es

sential Rights of the Americans, Boston, December 3d.
1772. 8vo, pp. 31, scarce. Boston, mdcclxxiii

6494 Our First Men. A list of those persons in Boston re

ported to be worth One hundred thousand dollars, with
Biographical notices of the principal persons. 8vo, pp
48. Boston, 1846

6495 Putnam (George). The Signs of the Times. 8vo, pp

24, uncut. • Boston, 1836

6496 Railroad (The) Jubilee, Boston, 1851. 8vo, turkey mo

rocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1852

6497 Reports of the Commissioners on the Zoological Survey

of the State of Alass. 8vo, pp. 108, uncut, scarce.

Boston, 1838.

6498 Rules of Practice, under the Sequestration Act, for the

District Courts Confederate States, Adopted Nov. 1861.
8vo, pp. 10. Mobile, 1861.


6499 Abbott (Samuel). One of the founders of the Andover

Seminary. Folio, D. S.

6500 Abbott (Stephen). Capt. in the Revolution. Folio,D. S.

6501 Adams (John Quincy). Signature and three lines written

during the last year of his life.

6502 Adams (J. Q.) The younger. A. L. S.

6503 Almonte (J. N.) Mexican Minister. 4to, A. L. S.


6504 Almonte. Letter in French. 8vo, A. L. S.

6505 Appleton (William). 4to, D. S.

6506 Austin (Benjamin). 4to, A. D.

6507 Austin. Certificate for $100 o/' 8_per cent, stock of the

U. S. D. S.

6508 Baird (Spencer F.) A. L. S.

6509 Baldwin (L.) Inventor of the Baldwin Apple. 4to,

A. L. S.

6510 Bennett (W. C.) Poet. 8vo, A. L. S.

6511 BiGELOw (Andrew). 8vo, A. L. S.

6512 BiGELOW. Long Letter relating to a Numismatic Lottery.

8vo, A. L. S.

6513 BowDom (James T.) 4to, A. D. S.

6514 BowEN (Jabez). Member of Old Congress. 4to, A.

L. S.

6515 BoYDELL (J.) Mayor of London, and Publisher. Folio,

A. D. S.

6516 Boyington (S. C.) 4to, A. L. S.

6517 Brownless (J.) 8vo, A. L. S.

6518 Buchanan (James). 8vo, A. L. S., and Frank.

6519 Buckingham (W. A.) Gov. of Conn. 4to, A. L. S.

6520 Calhoun (John C.) 4to, L. S.

6521 Chambers (William). 8vo, A. L. S.

6522 Chittenden (W. E.) Letter dated Alton, 14th Novr.,

1837, Giving a full account of the Murder of Mr. Love-
joy. Written hy an eye-witness and friend of the murdered
man. This letter has never heen published, and is very in-
teresting and valuable. 4to, A. L. S.

6523 Choate (Rufus). 4to, page manuscript.

6524 Cist (J. J.) Autograph Collector. 8vo, A. L. S.

6525 Claiborne (Wm. C. C.) Folio, D. S., with Portrait.

6526 Clarendon (Earl). Frank.

6527 Clarke (C. Cowden). 4to, A. L. S.

6528 Clay (Henry) and Adams (John Quincy). D. S.


6529 Clay (John). Letter and Bill of Lading. One Barrel
of Whiskey, for the Use of Judge Story.

6530 Clinton (De Witt). 4to, A. L. S., witlj Portrait.

6531 CoLMAN (Benjamin). May 13th, 1760. 4to, A. L. S.

6532 CoRWiN (Thomas). 4to, A, L.S.

6533 Cotton (John). Marriage Certificate.

Newton, December, 1 730.

6534 Croly (George). Author. 8vo. A. L. S.

6535 Gushing (Caleb). 8vo. A. L. S.

6536 CusHiNG (J. P.) Millionaire. 8vo. A. L. S.

6537 Dallas (A. J.) U. S. Treasury. 4to. D. S.

6538 Dallas. Sec. Treas. L. S.

6539 Dana (James D.) 8vo. A. L. S.

6540 Derby (Elias Hasket). Three A. D. S.

6541 Dexter (Timothy). Eccentric; Author of Pickle for the

Knowing Ones. Rare. D. S.

6542 DOANE (G. W.) A. D. S.

6543 Dubois (William E.) U. S. Mint. 8vo. A. L. S.

6544 Du Ponceau (Peter S.) Eminent Lawyer. 4to. A.

L. S.

6545 Duvall (G.) U. S. Treasury. 4to. L. S.

6546 Fern (Fanny). 4to. A. L. S.

6547 Force (Peter) and Markoe (Francis). 4to. L. S.

6548 Francis (Ebenezer). 4to. D. S.

6549 Galitzin (Prince Alexis). Certificate and Recommend-

ation, with Seal attached. 4to ; very fine and scarce.
A. D. S.

6550 Gill (Moses). Gov. of Mass. 4to. D. S.

6551 GiLMAN (Nathaniel). 4to. A. L. S.

6552 GiRARD (Stephen). Millionaire. A. D. S.

6553 Gliddon (Geo. R.) D. S.

6554 Gore (Christopher). • Gov. of Mass. 4to. D. S.

6555 Graham (James Lorimer). Folio. A. D. S.


6556 Gray (William). Eminent Merchant and Lieut. Gov. of

Mass. Folio. A. L. S.

6557 Guthrie (James). Sec. Treas. 4to. L. S.

6558 GuYOT (A). Letter in French,io Dr. A. A. Gould.

6559 Halleck (H. W.) Maj. Gen. U. S. A. 8vo. A. L. S.

6560 Hanson (A.) Revolutionary Pensioner. Folio. L. S.

6561 Hawthorne (Nathaniel). A. L. S. With Portrait.

6562 Henderson (J. B.) Concemiiig the Southern Privateers.
4to. A. L. S.

6563 Henry (Patrick). Concerning his son Neddy. " I must

turn him loose to shift for himself, after giving him a
plantation and some negroes." Interesting and rare.
4to. A. L. S.

6564 Henry. Letter to Thomas Madison. Relates to Finan-

cial and Family Matters. A fine letter and rare. 4to,
A. L. S.

6565 Holmes (Oliver Wendell). 8vo. A. L. S. With For-


6566 Horsford (E. N.) Chemist. 8vo. A. L. S.

6567 Houghton (Samuel). Member of the Old Congress.


6568 HowiTT (Mary). Authoress. 8vo. A. L. S.

6569 Hunter (C. G.) A. L. S.

6570 Ingersoll (J. R.) 4to. A. L. S.

6571 Jackson (Andrew). Very interesting letter, relating to

military affairs in 1806. 4to. A. L. S.

6572 Jackson (Henry R.) 4to. A. L. S.

6573 James (G. P. R.) Novelist. 8vo. A. L. S.

6574 Jefferson (Thomas). Blank Warrant. D. S.

6575 Jefferson. 4to. A. L. S.

6576 jEPPERSOisr. Letter to Gen'l Daniel Smith. Refers to

Indian languages. 4to. A. L. S. With Portrait.

6577 Jefferson. Letter on Military Affairs, Aug, 7, 1779.

4to. A. L. S.

This letter, it will be observed, was written 47 years before the preceding,
which was dated April 15, 1826.


6578 Johnson (Rosa Y.) 4to. A. L. S.

6579 Jones (W.) Sec. Navy, 1813. 4to. A. L. S.

6580 Kavanagh (Julia). Authoress. 8vo. A. L. S.

6581 Kemblb (G.) West Point Foundry. 4to. A. L. S.

6582 Key (P. B.) Author of the Star Spangled Banner.

A. D. S.

6583 Kingsley (Charles). Author. 8vo. A. L. S.

6584 Knox (H.) Revolutionary General. Chech. A. D. S.

6585 Kossuth (Louis). 8vo. A. L.

6586 LANDON(Mrs. J. W.) Authoress. 8vo. A. L. S.

6587 Lawrence (Amos). Merchant. A. D. S.

6588 Lawrence (Luther). Three D. S.

6589 Lawrence (Samuel). Three D. S.

6590 Lawrence (Mrs. Abbott). 8vo. A. L.

6591 Lawrence (T. B.) 8vo. A. L. S. •

6592 Lee (Ai-thur), Livingston (Walter), and Osgood (Sam-

uel). 4to. L. S.

6593 Letters, Documents, Certificates, &c., 23 in number.

Many very fine, with numerous signatures of distin-
guished men.

6594 Lewis (Andrew). General. Interesting letter dated

August 27, 1757. Valuable as an Illustration to the
" Williamsburg Orderly Book." 4to. A. L. S.

6595 Lowell (J. R.) N. a

6596 LuNT (George). Poet. 4to. A. L. S.

6597 Lyell (Charles). Geologist. 8vo. A. L. S.

6598 Mackintosh (J.), Mill (J. S.), and others. 15 Signa-


6599 Madison (James), and Jefferson (Thomas). D. S.

6600 Martineau (Harriet), Howitt (W.) and other distin-

guished names. 9 Signatures.

6601 Masonic Letters and Documents. 15 in number. With

many newspaper cuttings.

6602 Maynard (Julia). 8vo. A. L. S.


6603 Melville (T.) Of the Boston Tea Party. Two D. S.

6604 Meredith (Samuel). U. S. Treas. under Washington.

4to. D. S.

6605 Meredith. 4to. A. L. S. -

6606 Meredith. 4to. L. S.

6607 Mitchell (Donald G.), (Ik Marvel.) A. N. on card.

6608 MoRPORD (Henry). Editor. A. L. S.

6609 Morton (Samuel G.) A. L. S.

6610 MuNROE (James) to Gren'l Joseph Martin, concerning the

boundaries of Va. and Tenn. 4to. A. L. S. With

6611 MuNROE. 4to. A. D.

6612 Parkman (Samuel). Inventory of Real Estate. 4to.

A. D. S.

6613 Perkins (D. Handaside). Two D. S.

6614 Perkins (Jacob). Bank Note Engraver. A. L. S.

6615 Phillips (Wendell.) Signature, with pattern of hia


6616 Pickens (F. W.) 4to. A. L. S.

6617 Poinsett (J. R.) Sec. War. 8vo. A. L. S.

6618 QuiNCY (Josiah). Folio. D. S.

6619 QuiNCT. 8vo. A. L. S.

6620 QuiNCY (Josiah, Jr.) 8vo. A. L. S.

6621 Randolph (Edmund). Gov. ofYa. A. D. S.

6622 Read (T. Buchanan). 8vo. A. L. S.

6623 Reade (Charles). Novelist. 8vo. A. L. S.

6624 Reeve (Lovell). Scientific Letter. 8vo. A. L. S.

6625 Reid (Mayne). 8vo. A. L. S.

6626 Robinson (Julia). 8vo. A. L. S.

6627 Saxe (J. G.) Poet. 8vo. A. L. S.

6628 Sears (Joshua). Millionaire. A. D. S.

6629 Shaw (Robert G.) 4to. A. L. S.

6630 Shaw. A. D. S. With Portrait.


6631 Simpson (G.) Cashier U. S. Bank. 4to. A. L. S.

6632 Sparhawk (Sam'l). Sec. of State, N. H. 4to. D. S.

6633 Sprague (Charles). Poet. 4to. D. S.

6634 Sprague (William B.) 8vo. A. L. S.

6635 Story (Joseph). Judge. 4to. A. L. S.

6636 Stuart (A. H. H.) Sec. Interior. 4to. L. S.

6637 Sturgis (William). Merchant. A. L. S.

6638 Stowe (Harriet Beecher). Svo. A. L. S.

6639 Talma (Francis J.) French Tragedian. Letter to J.

Howard Payne. Rare. Svo. A. L.

6640 Taylor (Bayard). Svo. A. L. S.

6641 Thackeray (Wm. M.) Svo. A. L. S.

6642 Thatcher (B. B.) Author. Svo. A. L. S.

6643 Thornburn (Grant), (Laurie Todd), and Hannah Thorn-

burn. Folio. D. S.

6644 Thorndike (Israel). Eminent Merchant. 4to. D. S.

6645 Tucker (Thomas T.) U. S. Treasurer. 4to. D. S.

6646 Tudor (Frederick). Merchant. A. L. S.

6647 Van Ness (C. P.) Gov. of Yt. 4to. A. L. S. .

6648 Warren (John). Father of Dr. J. C. Warren. D. S.

6649 Warren (J.) Col. in the Revolution. 4to. D. S.

6650 Warren (James, Jr.) Col. in the Revolution. Folio.

D. S.

6651 Webster (Daniel). Portrait and S.

6652 Webster (John W.) Murderer. Scarce. 4to. A. L. S.

6653 Webster (Noah, Jr.) Note for $15,000.

6654 WiCKLiPP (R.) The largest Land and Slave owner in

Kentucky. 4to. A. L. S.

6655 Wiggles worth (Thomas). Merchant. A. L. S.

6656 Willing (Thomas). Member of Old Congress. 4to.

D. S.

6657 Willis (N. P.) Svo. A. L. S.

6658 Wolcott (Oliver). Cnncerning Six Chests of Paper

Money amounting to $9,140,259. 4to. L. S.


6659 WoLCOTT. Sec. Treas. 4to. D. S. With Frank.

6660 WoLCOTT. 4to. L. S. With Portrait.

6661 WoLCOTT. Concerning money remitted for Pensions,

1795. 4to. D. S.

6662 WORTLEY (Lady). 8vo. A. L. S.

6662^ Peoclamations. A Collection of Proclamations by
Massachusetts Governors.

The collection being mislaid, neither the number or a particular descrip.
tion can be given ; there are possibly 40 or 50, many dating back to
nearly the beginning of the century ; folio, all in fine condition.


6663 Adam and Eve. Etching byBartsch after Albert Durer,


6664 Adoration of the Shepherds. By Thouvenin after

Vanderverff. Folio.

6665 Amazon. One of Baxter's Oil Prints.

6666 American Portraits. 4to. 10.

6667 American Portraits and Views, Suitable for Illustra-

tion. 4to and 8vo. Some of these are scarce. No
duplicates. 125.

6668 Apollon et les Muses. Dissard, Engraver.

6669 Babe of Bethlehem.

6670 Bacanale. Eng'd by Henriquez after Poussin.

6671 Banditti Prisoners. "From the Original, one of the

most Capital Landscapes ever painted, in the Collection
of Sir Thos. Dundas, Bart." John Browne, Engraver,

6672 Banished Lord. After Sir J. Reynolds. '

6673 Cephale bt Procris, and La Nouriture D'Hercule. A

pair. On India Paper.

6674 Conversation Espagnole. Eng'd by Beauvarlet after


6675 Copies from Ancient Frescoes. 9.


6676 Cottage Fireside. Folio.

6677 Crossing the Stile.

6678 Crystal Palace.. Sydenham.

6679 Cupid. Eng'd by S. W. Reynolds. Folio.

6680 Death op St. Erasmus. Etching by Bartsch after Eay-

mond La Fage, 1783.

6681 Dedale et Icare. By Desnoyers. Folio.

6682 Diana and Action. Eng'd by T. W. Tomkins after


6683 Diana and Her Nymphs. Pittura a fresco d'Aut Dom

Gabbiam. Eng'd by Bartolozzi.

6684 Engravings. Colored Plates from Akerman's Reposi-

tory of Arts. 88.

6685 Etching. By Bartsch after La Fage, 1782.

6686 Etching. By Bartsch after Parmeggiano, 1784

6687 Etching. By Bartsch after Raymond La Fage.

6688 Etchings. By Londonio. Heads, Cattle, &c. Folio.

A Series of 16.

6689 Enraged Multitude.

6690 Falstaff Mustering his Recruits. Eng'd by J. Rogers.

6691 Fidelity and Temptation. Folio.

6692 Firenze.

6693 Flemish Topers.

6694 Greek Mother.

6695 Guess My Name. Eng'd by S. Russell. Folio.

6696 Head of Christ. Folio.

6697 Henry, Duke op Bordeaux. Portrait.

6698 Humming Birds, Parrots, &c. Elegantly colored. 14


6699 Johnson, Andrew. Portrait. Folio.

6700 L'AccoRDEE DE Village. Folio.

6701 La Piete Filiale. Folio.

6702 La Yolpe, II Gallo, E II Cane.


6703 Le Divertissement GracieuxD'une Famille Villageoise.


6704 Le Dejeuner -Champetre. Eng'd by Weiss. Folio.

6705 Le Occupation Paistble. Folio.

6706 Le Pere de Famille. Eng'd by Lyreux. Folio.

6707 Le Yrai Bonheur. Eng'd by T. F. Yiguet. Folio.

6708 Les Sevreuses. Folio.

6709 Liberality and Modesty. Eug'd by Robert Strange

after Guido Rheni.

6710 Manifest Destiny. Eng'd by F. Bacon.

6711 Mathematical Abstraction and the Enthusiast. A

pair. Eng'd by Robert Graves.

6712 Mather, Cotton. Portrait. 4to.

6713 Mather, Increase. Portrait. 4to.

6714 Musical Bore. Eng'd by A. L. Dick.

6715 Phedre et Hippolyte. A Superb Engraving, by Des-


6716 Portraits. Nearly all American. 8vo size. 78.

6717 Portraits. Washington and others. 4to and 8vo. 27.

6718 Railroad Scenes. 19 Plates. Published by Dean &


6719 Rake's Progress. Eng'd by Hogarth.

6720 Rape of Leda. Droehmer, Engraver.

6721 Robert Burns. Composing the Cotters Saturday Night-

6722 Ruins of Dioclesians Baths. R. Cooper.

6723 Saturday Night. Art Union Engraving.

6724 Scene from Shakspeare. One of Boy dell's Series.


6725 Scenes in the Life op Christ. A Series by various

Engravers after different Masters. Folio. 21.

6726 Series of Plates. By J. E. Ridinger, Representing

Wild Animals in their Favorite Haunts. 4to. 35.

6727 Sheridan, Phil. H. Portrait. Folio.

6728 Sherman, W. T. Portrait. Folio.


6729 Signing op the Death "Warrant of Lady Jane Gray.

Engraved by Charles Burt,

6730 Sir Walter Raleigh Parting with his Wife.

6731 Stuart. Charles. Portrait. 4to.

6732 Studies from Life. Two Original Drawings.

6733 Three G-races.

6734 Trapper's Last Shot.

6735 Vera Effigies de Ceesar Alexander Scaglia Abbas

Staphardse Mandanices. Eng'd by Coenraet Waumans
after Van Dyck.

6736 Views in Rome. R. Cooper. 12.

6737 VuE De Boston. Vue de la Rue grande vers I'Eglise

du Sud des Presbiteriennes a Boston. Colored. This
view is a fancy sketch, piihlisJied in the latter part of the
last century. A very rare print.

6738 Weston, Stephen. Portrait. Eng'd by G. White after

T. Hudson.


6739 Amor Nymphen Belehrend.

6740 Amour. Lithographie par Ch Bargue.

6741 Ancient Chart.

6742 Ariosto and his Mistress. Turgis, Paris.

6743 Atlas; to Chevalier on Roads, &c.

6744 Badende Romerennen, Teunes Romaines se baignant.

6745 Before the Ball, The First Declaration, and Merry

Children. 3.

6746 Before the Wedding, The First Appeal, The Delin-

quent's Condemnation, and Rustic Beauty. 4.

6747 Believer's Vision.

6748 Birds, Animals, and Fruits. 50 Plates, from Patent

Office Reports.

665 •

6749 Bird's Eye View of Harvard College and Old Cam-

6750 Chaste Joseph.

6751 Child's PLAY/and the Child's Pleasure. A pair.

6752 Christ and the Woman of Samaria, and another. Col-

6753 Christ Blessing Little Children, and others. Col-

ored. 4.

6754 Commander-in-Chief, and The Little Recruit. 2.

6755 Dawn of Love, and After the Wedding. 2.

6756 Declaration of Love, The Order of Release, Welcome

Home, The First Step, and Expulsion from Paradise. 5.

6757 Evangeline.

6758 Evangeline, Bacchante, Boy, and Girl. 4.

6759 First Meeting, and My Highland Boy. 2.

6760 Fremont, John C. 2 Portraits.

6761 Good Mother, a Study of Cats.

6762 Grant, Gen. U. S. Portrait.

6763 He Who Does Not Marry Does Well.

6764 Homeward Bound.

6765 Homeward Bound, and The Little Drummer. 2.

6766 Horse Fair, after the painting by Rosa Bonheur. Col-'


6767 Hunter's Rest, and the Hunter's Delight. Tinted. 2.

6768 Johnson, Andrew. Portraits. 2.

6769 Johnston's Illustrations to Fanny Kemble's Journal

in America. 8.

6770 Last Moments of the Soldier.

6771 Little Coquette. Tinted. London, Gambart & Co.

6772 Little Sleepy, Little Blond, and two others. 4.

6773 LovARNY. Mad'lle Kazia. Tinted.

6774 Mamma's Darlings, and The Twins. 2.

6775 Marriage. Finely colored.

6776 Married, and Single. A pair.


6777 Mart Magdalen, Our Lady of the Rosary, The Queen

of Angels, Mater Dolorosa, The Holy Family, St. Nico-
las, John the Baptist, and others. All elegantly col-
ored. 9.

6778 Members of the House of Assembly of N. Y., in 1798.

36 Portraits.

6779 Mother's Grave.

6780 New York about 1790. Colored.

6781 New York Crystal Palace, Colored.

6782 Nun (The).

6783 One Flag, One Union, and Zwei Lager.

6784 Orphan's Dream. 2.

6785 Our Foreign Relations.

6786 Paddy at Home.

6787 Paper Money of France. Colored.

6788 Pawnee Indian Attacked by Grizzly Bears. Tinted.

6789 Peg op Limivaddy.

6790 Pleasures of Summer. Tinted.

6791 Reconciliation, Philip H., and Don Juan, and another.

Highly colored. '

6792 Rulers op Europe. 6 Portraits.

6793 Senators of New York in 1798. 18 Portraits.

6794 Sheridan, Gen'l P. H. Portrait.

6795 Sherman, Gen'l W. T. Portrait.

6796 Siamese Twins and their Children.

6797 Spanish Lady.

6798 St. Joseph, St. Ann, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Finely Colored. 3.

6799 Straw Yard.

6800 Trihedral View of the London Crystal Palace. 2.

6801 Union Soldier's Dream of Home.

6802 Views of Cadiz, Bilbao, Venice, Liverpool, and Catania.

Tinted. 5.

6803 Views in St. Thomas. 3.


6804 War Maps. Vicksburg and Port Hudson.

6805 Watee Carriers. Colored. A pair.

6806 Webster, Daniel. Portrait, "I Still Live."

6807 Wild Australian Children. Colored.

6808 Winter, and Railroad Scenes. Tinted. 35.

6809 Young Robinhood.

6810 Hebrew Manuscript. The Pentateuch, written on

Concerning this valuable manuscript, the following extract from an arti-
cle published in relation to it in the Congregationalist and Recorder, and
said to be from the pen of its Editor, Rev. Henry M. Dexter, contains
some interesting particulars : —

' " It is a Hebrew manuscript of the Pentateuch, written on skins,
which was brought to this country by the Rev. Dr. Massie, in his late
visit. Its histoi-y is given in the following exti-act from a letter from
■ an eminent gentleman in England : —

"' During a journey through Holland in quest of literary varieties
and curiosities, particularly of the Biblical and classical description, I
accidentally heard, while traveling in the treckshuyt from Leyden to
Harlem, in conversation with a French gentleman, that there was in
Amsterdam a very ancient and curious MS. in the Hebrew language,
written on leather, prior to the invention of vellum or parchment. He
could give me no information as to where it was, further than its being
in the possession of a Jew in Amsterdam, who was not a dealer in
books, but was willing to seU it to a liberal purchaser. On my return
to Amsterdam, I took the following method of discovering it, being
fearful of advertising for it, lest the possessor should insist on an ex-
orbitant price. I employed two itinerant Jews and a Jewess, who got
their living by selling lace to travelers, to inquire among the Jews of
Amsterdam if they had any curious Hebrew Bibles, or antiquities of
any kind, and promising a liberal reward if they found any great cu-
riosities. The next day came the important news fi'om the Jewess that
she had found the greatest curiosity in the world, viz.: a beautiful MS.
of the whole law on one roll, above two thousand years old. She took
me into the Jew's quarter, where in the house of Mynheer Metz, one
of the first houses in the silk trade in Amsterdam, I found this MS. It
had been most religiously kept, even with superstitious veneration, in

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