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Washington, 1808.

647 ChannIng (Henry, M. A.) A Sermon preached at New

London, Dec. 20tli, 1786, occasioned by the Execution
of Hannah Ocuish, a Mulatto girl, aged 1 2 years and 9
months, for the murder of Eunice Bolles, aged 6 years
and 6 months. 12mo, pp. 31.

New London, mdcclxxxvii.

648 Channing (Wm. E.) Sermon at the Ordination of the

Rev. Jared Sparks, in Baltimore, May 5, 1819. 12mo,
pp, 53, uncut. Boston, 1819.

649 Channing. A Letter to, on the above Sermon. 8vo, pp.

16, uncut.

650 Channing. Discourse on the Delivery of the World

from Military Despotism. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1814,


651 Changing. The Character of Napoleon Bonaparte. 8vo,

pp.51. New York, 1831.

652 Channing. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. John

Codman, in Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1808. 8vo, pp. S2, un-
cut. Boston, 1809.

653 Channing. The Ministry of the Poor. 8vo, pp. 48, un-

cut. Boston, MDCCCxxxv.

654 Channing. An Address on Temperance. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1837.

655 Channing. Slavery. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1836.

656 Channing. Discourses. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Boston, 1832.

657 Channing. Self-Culture. Svo, cloth. ' Boston, 1838.

657^ Channing. Discourses (6) on the occasion of his Death.
8vo. Boston and Providence, 1842.

658 Chapin (B. H.) Duties of Young Women. 24mo, cloth,

gilt. Boston, 1818.

659 Chapin. Duties of Young Men. IQmo, cloth, gilt.

Boston, 1851.

660 Chapman (Tliomas). The Cider-Maker's Instructor,

Sweet-Maker's Assistant, and Victualler's and House-
keeper's Director. 8vo, pp. 28. London, 1762.

661 Chaplet (The) of Comus, or Feast of Sentiment and Fes-

tival of Wit. l2nio, sheep. Boston, 1811,

662 Chapone's Letters, Gregory's Legacy, and Pennington's

Advice. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1822.

663 Chardin (Sir John). . Travels into Persia and the East-

Indies, to which is added the Coronation of this Pres-
ent King of Persia, Solyman the Third. Numerous
VIqXq^, folio, calf. London, 1686.

664 Charlevoix, (P. F. X. de.) Histoire et Description

Ueneraie de la Nouveile France ; ' ayec Journal His-
torique d'un Voyage fait par Ordre du Roi dans 1'
Amerique Septentrionnale. 6 Vols., 18mo, calf.

Paris, 1744.


685 Charter, (The) Laws and Catalogue of Books of the

Library Company of Philadelphia. Svo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, Printed by B. Franklin and D.

Contains, perhaps, the earliest Coin Catalogue printed in this Country.

666 Chau.vcy (Charles). Sermon delivered at the First

Church in Boston, March 13th, 1785, occasioned by the
return of the Society to their House of Worship, after
long absence. 8vo, pp. 23. Boston, 1785.

667 Chauncy. Breaking of Bread in Remembrance of the dying

Love of Christ. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1816.

668 Chauxcy. An Unbridled Tongue, a sure evidence that

our Religion is Hj^pocritical and Vain. 8vo, pp. 30,

Boston, 1741.

669 Chauncy. A Funeral Discourse on the death of Mrs. Lucy

Waldo, The amiable Consort of Mr. Samuel Waldo,
Merchant in Boston, Aug. 7th, 174L. 8vo, pp. 26, un-
cut. Boston, 1741.

670 Chauxcy. Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion

in New England, a Treatise in five parts, with a Pre-
face giving an Account of the Antinomians, Familists
and Libertines, who infected these Churches above an
hundred Years ago. Very needful for these days the
Like Spirit and errors prevailing now as did then, the
whole being intended and calculated to serve the Inter-
est of Christ's Kingdom. 8vo, calf. Boston, 1743.

671 Chadncy (Nathaniel). Honouring G-od The True Way

to Honour. A Sermon Preached before the General
Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, at Hartford,
May 14th, 1719. Small, 8vo, pp. 54, scarce.

N. London, T. Green, 1719.

672 Chase (Francis P.) Gathered Sketches from the Early

History of New Hampshire and Vermont, containing
Vivid and Interesting Accounts of a great Variety of
the Adventures of our Forefathers, and of other Inci-
' dents of Olden Times. Engravings, 12mo, cloth.

Claremont, N. H., 1856.


673 Chautard (Leon). Escapes from Cayenne. 8vo, pp.

63. Salem, 1857.

674 Chazotte (Peter S.) The Revolutions in St. Domingo,

with a Narrative of the Massacre of the entire White
Population. 8vo, pp. 71. New York, 1840.

675 Checkley (Samuel). A Day of Darkness, a Sermon

Preach'd before His Excellency William Shu-ley, Esq.,
The Honorable His Majesty's Council, and House of
Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts-
Bay, in New-England, May 28th, 1755. Being the an-
niversary for the Election of His Majesty's Council for
said Province. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, N. E., mdccly.

676 Cheesman (John C.) The Medical Properties of Gold.

8vo, pp. 28, uncut. New York, (1812.)

677 Cheever (Geo. B.) The Poets of America. 12mo, doth,

gilt. Hartford, 1850.

678 Cheselden (William). The Anatomy of the Human

Body, with 340 Copperplates. 8vo, calf. Boston, 1795.

One of the earliest works on the subject published in this country.

679 Chevalier (Michel). On the probable fall in the value of

Gold, the Commercial and Social consequences which
may ensue, and the Measures which it invites. 8vo,
cloth. New York, 1859.

680 Chiari Pietro. Rosara, or the Adventures of an Actress.

3 Vols, in one. 12m.o, half calf. London, mdcclxxi.

From the Library of W. E. Burton.

681 Children's (The) Miscellany, in which is included The

History of Little Jack, embellished with thirty-five cuts
and Frontispieces. 12mo, sheep. Boston, 1796.

An interesting sample of Children's books of the last century.

682 Child (A. B.) Commerce as it is. 8vo, pp. 20.

Boston, 1856.

683 Child (Francis J.) English and Scottish Ballads. 8 Vols.,

Post 8vo, tree calf, gilt, hy Riviere. Boston, 1860.

Large paper, small edition.

684 Child (Maria L.) The Right Way, the Safe Way. *12mo,

pp.95. New York, 1840.


685 Child. The Coronal, a collection of Miscellaneous Pie-

ces, written at various times. 24mo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1832.

686 Childs (Hon. Noali A.) A Disquisition on Swill Milk

and Stump-tail Cows. Tending to remove the popular

prejudices in regard to these subjects. 8vo, pp. 8.


687 Chimes of Freedom and Union, a Collection of Poems

for the Times. 16mo, pp. 64. Boston, 1861.

687^ Chipman (Daniel). Life of Col. Seth Warner. 16mo,
pp. 84. Burlington, 1858.

688 Choate (Eufus). A Discourse Commemorative of Daniel

Webster. 8vo, pp. 88. Boston, 1853.

689 Choules (John 0.) The Cruise of the Steam Yacht,

North Star, a Narrative of the Excursion of xVtr. Van-
derbilt's Party. Plates. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1854.

690 Christian Liturgy for the Use of the Church. 12mo,

morocco. Boston, 1853.

691 Christian Parlor Magazine. Three vols, in Nos. 8vo,

uncut. ' New York, 1845-47.

692 Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century, in a Series of

Letters to a Lady. Post, 8vo, cloth.

London, Wm. Pickering, 1846.

693 Christian (The) Orator, or a Collection of Speeches, to

which is prefixed. Walker's Elements of Elocution.
18 mo, sheep. Charlestown, 1819.

694 Christian (The) Teachers's Manual. Vol. L 18mo,

half bound. Boston, 1828.

695 Christian (The) Officer, addressed to the Officers of His

Majesty's Forces, with Reflexions on duelling, licenti-
ousness, etc. 8vo, sheep. London, mdcclxvi.

696 Christian Views, or Discourses, Doctrinal, Practical, and

Devotional. 12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1848.

697 Christison and Griffith. A Dispensatory, or Com-

mentary on the Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain and
the United States. 8vo, caZ/. Philadelphia, 1848.


698 Christy (David). Ethiopia. Her Gloom and Glory, as

illustrated in the history of the Slave Trade and Slave-
ry. l?.mo, cloth. Cincinnati, 1857.

699 Church (Dr. Benjamin). The Choice, a Poem after the

manner of Pomfret. Written in the year 1757. 8vo,
pp. 16. Worcester, 1802.

700 Church (J. H.) The First Settlement of New England.

r2mo, pp. 24, uncut. Sutton, Mass. 1810.

701 Church Psalmody, a Collection of Psalms and Hymns,

adapted to Public Worship. 24:mo, sheep.

Boston, 1837.

702 Church (The) Catechism Explained, For the Use of the

Diocese of St. Asaph. 12mo, sheep. London, 1705.

703 Cicero (M. T.) Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old-

Age, with Explanatory Notes. 8vo, calf, very rare.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by B.
Franklin, mdccxliv.

Autograph of Edward Livingston.

704 CiCERONis (M. S.) Orationes. 12mo, sheep. i

Boston, 1831.

705 Clamargan Land Association. 8vo, pp. 41. s.l.s.a.

706 Clap (Thos.) A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of

the Eev. Ephraim Little, at Colchester, Sept. 20, 1732.
8vo, pp. 28. Wants last leaf. Boston, 1732.

707 Clapp (Henry, Jr.) The Pioneer, or Leaves from an

Editor's Portfolio. Square 8vo, boards. Lynn, 1846.

708 Clapp (Samuel). The Writings of. 1 2 mo, 6oar<is; scarce.

Boston, MDCCCxxm.

709 Clare (Marie J.) The Trial. 12mo, pp. 70.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1851.

710 Clark (Edward Daniel). Travels in Various Countries

of Europe, Asia and Africa. 12mo, boards, uncut.

Stockbridge, Mass., 1813.

711 Clare (George W.) The Harp of Freedom. Port.

12mo, cloth. New York, 1856.


712 Clark (Hugh). A Concise History of Knighthood, con-

taining the Religious and Military Orders which have
been Instituted in Europe, with descriptions of their
Mantels, Caps, Collars, Stars, Ribbons and Mottoes;
also, Accounts of the Installations of the Garter, Bath,
Thistle and St. Patrick, and Correct List of the Knights
of each, to which is added the Ancient Ceremonies
used at Duels, Combats, Jousts and Tournaments, the
whole Lnbellished with 82 Copper Plates, 2 vols. 8vo,
calf. London, 1784.

713 Clark (H.G.) Shfp Fever. 8vo,pp.48.

Boston, 1850.

714 Clark (John). Sermon at the Interment of the Rev. Dr.

Cooper. 8vo, pp. 35. Boston, 1784,

715 Clarke. An Answer to the Question, "Why are you a

Christian? By John Clark^ Minister of a church in
Boston. 12mo, boards, uncut. Boston, 1797.

716 Clark (Mary). A Concise History of Massachusetts,

from its First Settlement, and for Fourteen Years the
History of all New England. 24mo, half bound.

New York, 1837.

717 Clark (Peter). A Defence of the Divine Right Of In-

faut'Baptism, Being in Reply to Dr. John Gill's Book,
entitled The Divine Right of Infant-Baptism, examined
and disproved, and In Vindication of the late Mr.
Jonathan Dickinson's Brief Illustration and Confirma-
tion of the Divine Right of Infant-Baptism. 8vo, old
calf Boston, N. E., 1752.

718 Clark. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the

Rev. Mr. Willia-m Jenison, Salem, May 22, 1728. 8vo
pp. 32. Boston, N. E., 1728

719 Clark (Samuel A.) The History of St. John's Church

Elizabetlitown, N. J., from the year 1703, to the Pres
ent Time. 12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1857

720 Clark (Samuel). The Fatal Vespers, A True and Full

Narrative of that Signal Judgement of God upon the


Papists, by the Fall of the House in Black Friers, Lon-
don, upon the fifth of November, 1623. Curious
Plate. 4to, hoards. London, 1657. Reprinted 1817.
Book plate of Robert Balmanno.

721 Clarke (Jas. Freeman). The Christian Doctrine of

Prayer. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1854.

722 Clarke (John). Sermon at the Interment of the Rev.

Samuel Cooper, D. D. 8vo, pp. .35.

Boston, John Gill, mdcclxxxiv.

723 Clarke. Letters to a Studept in the University of

Cambridge, Massachusetts. 24mo, calf. Scarce.

Boston, 1796.

724 Clarke (John). Compendious History of Rome, English

and Latin. 12mo, boards. London, mdcclxix.

725 Clarke. An Introduction to the Making of Latin. 12mo,

sheep. London, 1794.

726 Clarke (Mary Anne). The Rival Princes, or a Faithful

Narrative of Facts relating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke's Po-
litical Acquaintance with Col. Wardle, Maj. Dodd, &c.,
&c., &c., with authentic and important Letters. Post.
12 mo, boards. New York, 1810.

727 Clarke (Sam'l). A Discourse Concerning the Being and

Attributes of God, the Obligations of Natural Religion,
and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Revela-
tion. 8yo, calf. London, 1728.

728 Clay (Rev. J. C.) Annals of the Swedes on the Dela-

ware, to which is added The Character of the United
Swedish Churches. Port. 24:mo, doth.

Philadelphia, 1835.

729 Clay (Henry) on the Removal of the Deposits. 8vo,

pp. 48. Washington, 1834. '

730 Clear (A) System of Punctuation. 24mo.

Boston, 1792.

731 Clear (A) Display of the Trinity, from Divine Revelation.

2 Vols., 8vo. London, 1814.


732 Cleveland (Rev. Aaron). The Life of Man Inviolable.

8vo, pp. 40, uncut. New York, 1821.

733 Cleaveland (E. L.) The Gold of California. 8vo, pp.

20. New Haven, 1849.

734 Cleaveland (John), A Short and Plain Narrative of

the late Work of God's Spirit at Chebacco, in Ipswich,
in the Years 1763 and 1764. 8vo, pp. 89, wwat^, scarce.

Boston, N. E., mdcclxvil

735 [Cleveland (John)]. The Idol of the Clownes, or the

Insurrection of Wat the Tyler, With his fellow Kings

of the Commons, against the English Church, the King,

the Laws, Nobility and Gentry, in the fourth yeare of

King Richard the 2d, Anno 1381. Svo, calf.

London, Printed in the year 1654.

From the Library of Robert Southey. Contains the leaf of Lydgate'3
Black Letter Verse. A fine copy of a scarce book.

736 [Cleveland]. The Parliament's Letanie, for the more

speedy composure of Differences between them and the
City, between the City and the Army, and between them
all and the King. That when they have ruined one an-
other, the Royal Party may not by that means be Tri-
umphant. 4to, half calf, rare. s.l. 1647.

737 Cleveland (Richard J.) A Narrative of Voyages and

Commercial Enterprises. 2 Vols., 12mo, cloth.

Cambridge, 1842.

738 Cleghorn (George). Observations on the Epidemical

Diseases; of Minorca; from the year 1744 to 1749. 12mo,
sheep. Philadelphia, 1812.

739 Clemens (Orion). City of Keokuk, in 1856. A View

of the City, embracing its Commerce and Manufactures,
and containing the Inaugural Address of Mayor Curtis,
and Statistical Local Information. Also a Sketch of
the Black Hawk War, and History of the Half Breed
Tract. 8vo, pp. 44, scarce. Keokuk, 1856.

740 Closing Scenes of the Life of Samuel Wisdom. 24mo,

cloth. New York, 1842.


741 Clot-Bey (A. B.) Apcrgii General Sur L'Egypte Oiiv-

rage orne d'lin Portrait et de plusieurs Cartes et Plans
colories. 8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1840.

742 Clutterbuck (J.) Vindication of the Liturgy of the

Church of England. Svo, pp. 62. London, 1694.

743 Cobb (Alvin). Pilgrim Sermon. Svo, pp. 24.

Taunton, 1832.

744 CoBBETT (William). The Pride of Britannia Humbled,
\y or The Queen of the Ocean Un-Queen'd by "The

American Cock Boats." 12 mo, hoards, uncut.

New York, 1815.

745 CoBBETT. Advice to Young Men and Young Women.

24mo, cloth. New York, 1831.

746 CoBBETT. A Little Plain English, addressed to the Peo.

pie of the United States. 8vo, pp. 109.

Philadelphia, 1795.

747 CoBBETT. The Bloody Buoy thrown out as a Warning

to the Political Pilots of America, or a Faithful Rela-
tion of a Multitude of Acts of Horrid Barbarity, such
\y. as The Eye never witnessed, the Tongue never ex-

pressed, or the Imagination Conceived, until the Com-
mencement of the French Revolution. Illustrated with
Striking Copper-Plates. 24mo, calf, gilt.

Philadelphia, mdccxcvi.

748 Cobbett's Sermons. 12rao, boards, uncut.

London, 1822.

749 [Cobbett.] Porcupines Political Censor for November,

1796. Insolent aiid Seditious Notes, By the French
Minister Adet. 8vo, pp. 76. Philadelphia, 1796.

750 Cobbett. A Grammar of the English Language, in a

Series of Letters, Intended for the use of Schools, and
of Young persons in general, but more especially for
the use of Soldiers, Sailors, Apprentices and Plow-Boys.
24mo, boards, uncut. New York, 1832.

751 [Cobbett]. Christianity, contrasted with Deism. Svo,

pp. 64. Philadelphia, 1796.


752 [Cobbett], Review of the Most interesting Political

Occurrences relative to the United States of America.
8vo, pp. 78. Vv^ants a leaf. Philadelphia, 1796.

753 Code (The) of 1650, Being a Compilation of the Ear

liest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Con-
necticut, to which is Added, Some Extracts from the
Laws Commonly Called Blue Laws. Engraving. 12mo,
half hound. Hartford, 1822.

754 Coffin (Charles). History of the Battle of Breed's

Hill, by Maj-G-enls. "Wm. Heath, Henry Lee, James
Wilkinson and Henry Dearborn. 8vo, pp. 36.

Boston, 1835.

755 CoGAN (T.) A Treaties on the Passions. Yol. H. Svo.

hoards, uncut. London, 1813.

756 Col. Crocket's Tour to the North and DownEast. Writ-

ten by Himself. ^ 12rao. Philadelphia, 1835.

757 CoLBURN (Warren). An Litroduction to Algebra, upon

the inductive method of Instruction. 8vo, sheep.

Boston, 1831.

758 Cold-Water-Man (The). By Doctor Springwater, of

North America. \2mo, cloth. Albany, 1832.

759 Colden (Hon. C.) On Freemasonry. 8vo, pp. 15.

New York, (1829.)

760 Colden (C. D.) A Yindication of the Steamboat Eighty

granted by the State of New- York. 8vo, pp. 178.
uncut. Albany, 1818.

761 Coleridge (Samuel T.) Confessions of an Inquiring

Spirit. Post 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1841.

762 Coleridge. The Statesman's Manual, or the Bible the

best Gruide to Political Skill and Foresight, a Lay Ser-
mon addressed to the Higher Classes of Society.
12mo, hoards, uncut. Burlington, 1832.

763 Coleridge. Specimens of the Table Talk of. 2 vols-

in one. 12mo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1835.


764 Coleridge. Letters, Conversations and Recollections

of. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1836.

765 Coles (L. B.) The Beauties and Deformities of Tobac-

co-Using, or its Ludicrous and its Solemn Realities.
12mo, cloth. Boston, mdcccli.

766 Coles WORTHY (D. C.) Sabbath-School Hymns.

Portland, 1833.

767 CoLESWORTHY. My Minister, l^mo, half hound.

Portland, 1833.

768 Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 6 Yols.

8vo, cloth. Portland, v.y.

769 Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society.
V/ a 8 vols. 8vo. The first four in hoards. All imcut, ex-

'^/ cept Vol. VI.; a fiyie set. Concord, 1824-50.

770 Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

1st Ser. Yol. YIIL; 2nd Ser. Yol. YHL; 3d Ser.Yols
HI., lY. and YI. 5 vols, in hoards, four of which are
uncut. The first two scarce. Boston, v.y.

771 Collections of the Yirginia Historical and Philosophical
"^ Society. Yol. L 8vo, pp. 87. Scarce.

Richmond, 1833.

Contains a Witchcraft trial in Virginia.

772 Collections of the South-Carolina Historical Society,
.C Published by the Society. 8vo, cloth.

^ Charleston, S. C, 1857.

773 Collections of the State Historical Society of Wiscon-

sin. 4 vols. 8vo. Madison, v.y.

774 CoLLEs's Survey of the Roads. A Series of Plans, giv-

ing the principal roads, with the houses thereon, through-
out th^e country. Rare.

775 Collet (Samuel). A Practical Paraphrase on the Epistles

of St. Paul to the Romans, and the Galatians, and on
Epistle to the Hebrews. 8vo, calf. London, 1 744.


776 CoLMAN ( ). A Poem on Elijah's Translation, Occa-

sioned by the Death of the Reverend and Learned Mr.
Samuel Willard. 8vo, pp. 1 4, last leaf imperfect, in
same Yol. portion of Rev. Mr. Willard's funeral Sermon.

Boston, 1707.

777 CoLMAN (Benjamin). A Funeral Sermon Preached upon

the Death of The truly Vertuous and Religious, Grove
Hirst, Esq., Merchant in Boston, New England, Who
departed this Life October 28, 1717, in the Forty
third year of his Life.. To which is added, An extract
from the private Writings of Mr. Hirst on divers select
and Important Heads, shewing his Secret Works before
God, in Truth and with a perfect heart. Small, 8vo,
sheep. Boston, 1717.

778 CoLMAN. A Sermon Preached the Lord's Day after the

Funeral of the Reverend Mr. William Cooper, One of
P^ ^._j the Pastors of the Church in Brattle Street, Boston,
/"' "'' Who died Dec. 13, 1743. 8vo, pp. 45, uncut.

Boston, 1744.

779 CoLMAN. A Sermon Preached to some miserable Pirates

July 10, 1726, On the Lord's Day before their Execu-
tion. 8vo, pp. 36, scarce. Boston, N. E. 1726.

780 CoLMAJsr. The Judgment of Providence in the hand of

Christ, His Voice to us in the Earthquake, And the
Earth Devoured by the Curse. In four Sermons, 8vo,
pp. 86. Boston, 1727.

Title page •wanting, last Sermon has separate title page.


781 CoLMAN. An Argument for, and Persuasive unto the

great and important Duty, of Family Worship. 8vo, j
pp. 43. Boston, N. E., 1728.

782 CoLMAN. Death and the Grave, without any Order, A

Sermon Preached July 7, 1728, Being the Lords-Day /

after a tragic Duel and most lamented Death. 8vo, pp.
19. Boston, in New England, 1728.

^ C'



783 CoLMAJS", The faithful Ministers of Christ, mindful of their
fs ' t^y own Death. A. Sermon Preached at the Lecture in

f^^ Boston, Upon the Death of the Learned and Venerable

»'' ^ Solomon Stoddard, Who departed this Life Febr. 1729.

^•^ 8vo, pp. IL 25, App. 4.

Boston, New England, mdccxxix.

784 CoLMAiv\ Government tho Pillar of the Earth. A Ser-
/\i mon Preached in Boston, Before His Excellency, John-

athan Belcher, Esq., Captain General and Commander
) in Chief, &c., August 13th 1730. Bvo, pp. 17, App. 2.

Boston, in New England, 1730.

785 CoLMAN. The Friend of Christ and of His People. A
,V' Sermon Preached in Boston, April 1, 1731, Before the

Governour and the General Court, Upon the News of

^ the Death of the much Honoured Thomas HoUis, Esq.,

Q The most generous and noble Patron of Learning and

E,eligion in the Phurches of New England. 8vo, pp.

(2) IV. 29. Boston, in New England, 1731.

786 CoLMA5f. A Sermon Preached in the Old-South Meeting-
< house in Boston, August 9, 1727, at the Ordination Of

i^(iy' the Eev. Ebenezer Pemberton, M. A., Pastor of the

^0^ Presbyterian Church in the City of New York. 8vo,

pp.19. Boston, N. E., 1727.

787 CoLMAN. The Credibility of the Christian Doctrine of
^ jc-^the Resurrection. A Sermon Preached in Boston, July

(t^t^ 24th 1729, after the Funeral of William Welsteed, Esq.
0"^ 8vo, pp. IL, 32. Boston, N. E., 1729.

788 CoLMAN. Dying in Peace in a good Old Age. A Sermon

Preach'd the Lords-Day after the Funeral of the Hon-

j ^jj^A'\^ ,fvtourable and Aged Simeon Stoddard, Esq., of Boston,

'^^^t^ Who departed this Life October 15th, 1730. 8vo, pp.

cl w-^, H., 19. Boston, N. E., mdccxxx.

789 Coleman (Henry). Consolatory Views of Death. 24mo,

cloth. Boston, 1844.

790 Colman's Monthly Miscellany. 8vo. New York, 1839.


791 CoLTON (Benjamm). Two Sermons delivered at Hart-

ford in the Coianj of Coiineeticut. The first Sermon
Treats of the Change of the Sabbath from, the Seventh
to the First Day of the Week. The Second treats of
Baptism. Small, 8vo, pp. 67, uncut.

London, T. Green, 1735.

792 CoLTON (Henry E.) G-uide Book to the Scenery of

Western North Carolina. 8vo, pp. 16.

Ashville, 1860.

793' Columbian (The) Muse. A Selection of American Poe-
try from various Authors of Established Reputation.
12mo, sheep, rare. New York, 1728.

794 Columbian (The) Phenix and Boston Review, for 1800.

8vo, hoards uncut. Contains several Eulogies, and a
large number of papers relating to the death of Wash-

795 Columbian (The) Almanack and Agricultural Repository,

for the Year of our Lord 1804. 16mo, pp. 63.

Dedham Mass., (1804).

796 Colb (John C.) Life and Letters of. 8vo, pp. 12.

New York.

797 Combe (Andrew). The Principles of Physiology applied

to the Preservation of Health. 1 8mo, cloth.

New York, 1834.

798 Combe (George). Lectures on Moral Philosophy, 12mo,

cloth. Boston, 1836.

799 Combe. The Constitution of Man. 12mo, boards, uncut.

Boston, 1829.

800 Combe. Lectures on Popular Education. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1834.

801 Coming (The) Struggle among the Nations of the South,

or the Events of the next Fifteen Years foretold.
8vo, pp. 32. New York, 1853.

802 Common-Place (The) Book of Romantic Tales, with

Colored Engravings. 12mo, boards, uncut.

New York, 1831.


803 Common Salt. The Art of Making, particularly adapted

to the use of the American Colonies, with an Extract
from Dr. Brownrigg's Treatise on the Art of making
Bay-Salt. Published by Order of the General Assem-
bly. 8vo, pp. 15. Scarce. Boston, 17T6.

804 Common Sense, with the whole Appendix, the Addresses

to the Quakers ; also the large Additions, and a Dialogue
between the Ghost of General Montgomery, just arrived
from the Elysian Fields, and an American Delegate in
a Wood near Philadelphia, on the Grand Subject of
American Independency. 8vo, 150-16. Rare.

Philadelphia, 1776.

805 Complete (A) Guide to Ornamental Leather Work,

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