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Twenty-three Cuts. 16mo, cloth. Boston, 1854.

806 Complimentary Banquet, given by the City Council of

Boston, to Rear-Admiral LessofFsky, and the Officers of
the Russian Fleet, at the Revere. House, June 7, 1864.
Svo, cloth. Boston, 1864.

807 CoNANT (Sylvanus). The Art of War the Gift of God.

A Discourse delivered at Middleborough, before three
Military Companies, April 6, 1759, being the Day of
General Muster in the Massachusetts Provinces for the
Canada Expedition. Svo, pp. 1 6, ^mcut ; rare.

Boston, Edes & Gill, mdcclix.

808 Concert (The) of Princes, and the Dismemberment of

Poland and France, by A Calm Observer. 8vo, calf^
gilt. London, mdccxciil

809 Concise (A) History of the Eastern Penitentiary of Penn-

sylvania. 8vo, pp. 283. Philadelphia, 1835.

A very spicy account of the inner life of one of the Philadelphia Prisons.

810 Concise (A) History of the United States, from the

Discovery of America till 1795, Map, 12mo, sheep.

Philadelphia, 1797.

811 Concord and Lexington Orations, by Everett, 1825-1835,

and Rantoul, 1850.


812 CoNDER (James). An Arrangement of Provincial Coins,

Tokens, and Medalets, issued in Great Britain, Ireland,
and the Colonies, within the last twenty years, from the
Farthing to the Penny size. Plates, 8vo, sheep ; scarce.

Ipswich, 1798.

813 Anti-Slavery (The) Record. 2 Vols, 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1835-36.

814 Conduct (The) of the Late Administration Examined,

with an Appendix containing Original and Authentic
Documents. 8vo, pp..l07. Boston, 1767.

"By an Enemy to America," in same Vol. a Dissuasion
to Great Britain and the Colonies, from the Slave Trade
to Africa, by James Swan, a Native of Great Britain,
and Friend to the Welfare of this continent, Boston, N.
E. (1767); also a Dissertation on the Gout and all
Chronic Diseases. By Wm. Cadagan. Boston, 1772.

815 Conduct (The) of Great Britain respecting Neutrals.

8vo, pp. 72. Philadelpnia, 1807.

816 Condition of Females in Mohammedan and Pagan

Countries. 12mo. Boston, 1832.

817 Confederate States Almanac for the year of our Lord,

186^. 12mo, pp. 20. Macon, Ga., 1864.

818 Confession. The Beasts to the Priest. 8vo, pp. 22.

Dublin, 1738.

819 Confessions (The) of J. Lackington, late Bookseller at

the Temple of the Muses, in a Series of Letters to a
Friend. 24mo, half red calf. New York, 1806.

820 Congregational (The) Singing Book. Square 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1848.

821 CoNGDON (James B.) Address at the Consecration of

Oak Grove Cemetery, in New Bedford, Oct. 6, 1843.
8vo, pp. 35. New Bedford, 1844.

822 Congressional Directory, Thirty-Second Congress. 12mo.

pp. 58. Washington, 1853.

823 Congreve (Wm.) The Works of. Vol. IIL 12mo,

calf London, 1725.


824 CoNKLiNG (Hon. Alfred). On the Question of Copyright

in Manuscripts. 8vo, pp. 33, ?mc?/^. Albany, 1852.

825 Considerations on the Measures Carrying on, with

tespect to the British Colonies in North America.
12mo, pp. 60. Boston, mdcclxxiv.

825^ Considerations on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes on
the British Colonies, for the Purpose of raising a Rev-
enue by Act of Parliament. 8vo, pp. 55, North Amer-
ica ; Printed by a North American.
New York, Re-printed by John Holt, in the year 1765.

826 Considerations. On the Legality of General Warrants

&c. 8vo, pp. 50. [No imprint.]

827 Consideration for Young Men. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

New York, 1832.

828 Considerations on the Present German War. 8vo, pp.

136. London, 1760.

829 Considerations of the Claims and Conduct of the United

States, respecting their North Eastern Boundary, and
of the value of the British Colonies in North America.
8vo, pp. 12, uncut. London, 1826.

830 Considerations on Recent Social Theories. Post 8vo,

cloth. Boston, 1853.

831 Considerations in favor of the construction of a Great

State Road, from Lake Erie to the Hudson River.
8vo, pp. 48. Albany, 1827.

832 Considerations on the Measures Carrying on, with

respect to the British Colonies in North America.
8vo, pp. 64, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, Edes & Gill, mdcclxxiv.

833 Constitucion Politica de la Monarquia Espanola Pro-

mulgada en Cadiz, A 19 de Marzo, de 1812. 24mo.

■ Madrid, 1820.

834 Constitutional Security to the Citizen's Rights of Prop-

erty ; and. The Principles of Public Faith. 8vo, pp. 20.

Boston, 1802.

A scarce pamphlet, relating to Massachusetts paper money.

835 Constitution and By-Laws of the New York Historical

Society. 8vo, pp. 23. New York, 1839.


836 Constitution (A) and form of Government for the State

of Massachusetts-Bay, Agreed upon by the Convention
of said State, February 28, IT 78, to be laid before the
several Towns and Plantations in said State, for their
Approbation, or Disapprobation. 8vo, pp. 23. Scarce.

Boston, J. Gill, mdcclxxviii.

837 Constitution of the Democratic Society of the City of

New York. 24mo, pp. 15. New York, 1794.

838 Constitution of Mass., with Washington's Farewell

Address. 12mo, boards. Boston, 1805.

839 Constitution of the Graham Society. 12mo, pp. 8.

Boston, 1819.

840 Constitution (The) of the Several Independent States of

America, The Declaration of Independence, and the
Articles of Confederation between said States. 8vo,
sheep. Boston, mdcglxxxv.

841 Constitution (The) of the Free Masons, containing the

History, Charges, Regulations, &c., of that most Ancient
and Right-Worshipful Fraternity. For the Use of the
Lodges. 4to, cloth. New York, 1855.

842 Constitutions (The) of the Ancient and Honorable Fra-

ternity of Free and Accepted Masons in the State of
New York. 8vo, pp. 56. New York, 1794.

843 Constitution (The) and Canons of the Protestant Epis-

copal Church in the United States of America. 8vo,
pp. 46, rough edges. Boston, 1800.

844 Constitution (The) of the Reformed Dutch Church in

America. 12mo, sheep. New York, 1793.

845 Constitution (The) of Mass., and of the United States,

with Washington's Farewell Address. 12mo, boards.

Brokoheld, 1807.

846 -Controversy between Armistead Thompson Mason and

Charles Fenton Mercer. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut.

Washington, 1813.


^ 847 Controversy (The) between Mass., and S. 0. 8vo, pp.
21. Boston, 1845.

848 Convention Sermons (2.) Tappan, 1797; Harris, 1799.

849 Converted (The) Jew, or Memoirs of the Life of Joseph

Samuel C. F. Frey, who was born a Jew, but is now a
Minister of the Gospel. 12mo, sheep. Scarce.

Boston, 1816.

850 Conversations on the evidences of Christianity. 12 mo,

hoards, uncut. London, mdcccxxiv.

851 CoNYNGHAM (C.) Doctor's Commons unveiled, its Secrets

and abuses Disclesed. 12mo,^a-2^er. London, 1854.

852 Cook (William). The Power of Priesthood in Absolution.

8vo, pp. 206. Oxford, 1858.

853 Cooke (Parsons). Modern Universalism Exposed, in an

exarnination of the Writings of the Rev. Walter Ballour.
12mo, cloth. Lowell, 1834.

854 CooKB (Rev. Samuel). The Morals of Bethesda. 8vo,

pp. 20. New York, 1858.

855 Cooper (Rev. — — ). The History of North America, con-

taining A Review of the Customs and M anners of the

Original Inliabitants, The first Settlement of the British

-' Colonies, their Rise and Progress, from the earliest Pe-

^ -J riod, to the Time of their becoming united, free and

'/ i / independent States. Embellished with Copper-Plate

Cuts. Second American Edition, 12mo, boards. Scarce.

Lansinburgh, mdccxcv.

856 Cooper (J. Fenimore). A Letter to his Countrymen.
J^ Syo, boards. . New York, 1834.

" \j' 857 Cooper. The Battle of Lake Erie. 12mo, pp. 117.

Cooperstown, 1843.

858 Cooper (Samuel). A Discourse on the Man of Sin, de-

livered in the Chapel of Harvard College, in Cambridge,
New England, Sept. 1, 1773. 8vo, pp. 59, uncut.

Boston, 1774.

859 Cooper (Thomas). Some Information respecting Amer-

ica. 8vo, boards, uncut. Dublin, 1798.


860 Cooper. Some Information Respecting America. Map. nV

8vo, half bound. London, mdccxciv. /

861 Cooper (William). The Doctrine of Predestination unto

Life. Explained and Vindicated, in Four Sermons,
, preached to the Church of Christ meeting in Brattle
Street, and published at their general Desire, with some
additional Passages and Quotations. With a Preface
by the Senior Pastors of the Town. 8vo, sheep, origi-
nal binding. Rare. Boston, mdccxl.

A page of manuscript, by a former owner, Obediah Cookson.

862 Cooper. The Doctrine of Predestination unto Life, ex-

plained and vindicated in four Sermons, Preached to
the Church of Christ meeting in Brattle Street. By
William Cooper, one of the Pastors of said church.
24mo, half bmmd. .Boston, 1804.

863 Cooper. The Danger of People's losing the good Im-

pressions made by the late awful Earthquake. 8vo,
half calf Scarce. . Boston, 1727.

864 Cooper. Two Sermons Preached at Portsmouth, in the

Province of New Hampshire, on December 12th and
19th, 1741. A Time in which a remarkable Work of
the Spirit of God was going on in that Place. A leaf
wanting. 8vo, pp. 48. Boston, 1741.

865 Cooper (William). A Sermon preached to God's ancient

Israel the Jews, Aug. 28, 1796. 4to, pp. 32.

Concord N. H., Oct. 1797.

866 CoRDA (A. C.) Brand in the Cereals, and Blight in

Grain. Plates. 4to, boards, uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1847.

Large paper, edition 20 copies.

867 Cornwall (Barry). English Songs, and other small

Poems. 12mo, boards, uncut. London, mdcccxxxii.

868 Correct (A) Account of the Battle of Alexandria, with

a Sketch of the Campaign in Egypt. 8vo, pp. 32.

New York, 1804.





869 Correspondence between John Q. Adams, Esq., Presi-

dent of the United States, and Several Citizens of Mass.,
concerning the charge of a Design to Dissolve the Union,
alleged to have existed in that State. 8vo, pp. 80.

Boston, 1829.

870 Correspondence between Hon. John Adams and Wm.

Cunningham, Esq. 8vo, pp. 229, uncut.

Boston, 1823.

871 Correspondence between Gov. Sullivan and Col. Pick-

ering. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1808,

872 Correspondence on the Proposed Tripartite Convention,

relative to Cuba. 8vo, uncut. Boston, 1853.

873 Correspondence Eespecting Eussia, between Robert

Goodloe Harper, Esq., and Robert Walsh, Jun. 8vo,
pp. 140j imcut. Philadelphia, 1813.

874 Cosio (T. deT. Y.) History of the Conquest of Peru.

12mo. Philadelphia, 1846.

875 Cotton (Charles). The Genuine Poetical Works of.

Containiuing Scarronides, Virgil Travestie, Lucian
Burlesqu'd, etc. Plates, 12mo, calf.

London, MDCCiiXxi.

Referring to these parodies, AUibone says, "That they should hnbeevea
so often reprinted, marks the slow progress of the refinement of public
taste during the greater part of the eighteenth century."

87ff [Cotton.] Burlesque upon Burlesque, or the Scoffer
Scoft. Being some of Lucian's Dialogues, newly put
into English Fustian, for the Consolation of those who
had rather Laugh and be Merry, than to be Merry and
Wise. First edition. Port. 'S,\o, calf, gilt. Scarce.

London, 1675.

877 Cotton (John). The|Keyes]of the Kingdom of |Heaven|,
andjPower thereof, according to the|Word of Godjby|
That Learned and Judicious Divinej, Mr. John Cotton,
Teacher of the Churchjat Boston, in New England],
Tending to reconcile some present Differences, Doubt]
and Discipline]. The second time Imprinted]. Pub-


lished by Tho. Goodwin. Phillip Nye, 4tO; pp. 10, with-
out numerals, pp. 59, and errata p. 1, half calf ^ antique.
Title page imperfect. Very rare.

London, printed by M. Simmons, for Henry
Overton, and are to be sold at his shop,
in Pope's-Head Alley, 1644,

878 CoTTOX. The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, an Pow-

er thereof, according to the Word of God.

London, 1644, 12mo, c^^A. Reprint, Boston, 1843.

879 Cotton. The]Bloudy T.enent|Washed|and made white in

the bloud of thelLambe : being discussed and discharged
of |bloud-guiltines by just Defence.| WhereinjThe great
Questions of this present time are|handled, viz., How
farre Liberty of Conscience | ought to be given to those
that truly fear God ? And how farre |restrained to tur-
bulent and pestilent persons, that not onjly raze the
foundation of Godliness, but disturb the civil] Peace
where they live ? Also how farre the Magistrate may
pro|ceed in the duties of the first Table ? And that all
Magistrates [ought to study the word and will of God,
that they may frame|their Government according to it|,
Discussed|,As they are alleged, from divers Scriptures,
out of |the Old and New Testament. Wherein also the
practice of [Princes is debated, together with the Judg-
ment of An[cient and late Writers, of most precious es-
teeme[. Whereunto is added a Eeply to Mr. Williams 'j
Answer to Mr. Cotton's Letter|, by John Cotton, Batch-
elor in Divinity, and[Teacher of the Church of Christ at
Boston, in New England. 4to, pp. 195, and 144.

London, Printed by Matthew Symmons, for Hannah
Allen, at the Crown, in Pope's-Head Alley, 1 647.

Title page has been repaired, and four leaves injured or missing have been
restored; with these exceptions, a fine copy of a very rare book.

880 Courier de Boston. 4iio, half hound. 1789.

This is a Vol. of a French Newspaper, published in Boston, being a com-
plete series, in twenty-six numbers.

881 Court (The) and City Vagaries, or Intrigues of both

Sexes. Written by one of the fair Sex. 12mo, pp. 52.



'1B82 CoTJTHOUY (Joseph P.) Monograph in the Family Os-
teodesmacca. 8vo, pp. 60. s.l.s.a.

883 CouTHOUY. Observations on recent Iceburgs. 8vo, pp.
14. New Haven, 1842.

884 CowELL (Benjamin). Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island, or
kJ jij Sketches of the Efforts of the Government and People

*y^ in the War of the Revolution. 8vo, doth.

Boston, 1850.

885 CowPER (William). The Task. 12mo, luilf hound.

Boston, 1842.

886 CowPER. The Task, l^mo, sheep. Albany, 1804.

887 Cox (James S.) Metallic Money, its Value, and its
Functions. 8vo, pp. 14. Philadelphia, 1841.

888 Cox (Joseph). A Faithful Narrative of the most Wick-
ed and Inhuman Transactions of the Bloody-minded
Gang of Thief-takers, alias Thief-makers, Macdaniel,
Berry, Solman Cagan, alias Cahagan. (With a curious
Print of Macdaniel). As also of that notorious Accom-
plice of theirs, Mary Jones, and Others, showing the
Diabolical Arts by them practised to get innocent Per-
sons convicted for Robberies, and to share amongst
themselves the Rewards paid for such convictions. By
what Stroke of Providence it was that the Compiler of
this Narrative became acquainted with this Mystery of
Iniquity, ^yo, calf. Scarce. London, 1756.

889 CoxE (Rev. R. C.) Practical Sermons. 12mo, hoards,
uncut. London, 1834.

890 CoTNER (David H.) The Lost Trappers, a collection of
Interesting Scenes and Events in the Rocky Mountains,
With a Short Description of California. 12mo, cloth.

Cincinnati, 1859.

891 Crabbe (Rev. Geo.) An Outline of a System of Natural
Theology. S\o, cloth. London, W.Pickering, 1 840.

892 Crabbe. The Borough, a Poem, in Twenty-four Letters.
12mo, calf. Philadelphia, 1810.


893 Cram (T. J.) Basin of the Mississippi, and its Natural

Business Site, at the confluence of the Ohio and Missis-
sippi Rivers, briefly considered. 8vo, pp. 10.

New York, 1851.

894 Cramer (Charles). Et was uber die Natur Wunder in

Nord America. Plates. 8vo, pp. 40, uncut.

. St. Petersburgh, 1837.

895 Crary (John). Speech in the Senate of New York, on

the Proposition for appointing an Inquisitor in the Case
of William Morgan. 24mo, pp. 18. Rare.

New York, [1828.]

896 Cree (Robert). The Evidences of Christianity. 12mo,

boards, tmait. London, 1827.

897 Crimes (The) of Alexander Borgia. Plate. 12mo, doth.

Boston, 1854.

898 Crisis (The). Nos. 8 to 13. 8vo, rough edges.

New York, Printed by John Anderson, [1775.]

899 Crisis (The). An Appeal to the Nation, against the

Spirit of Resistance and Dissolution of the Union.
8vo, pp. 2 9 . Philadelphia, 1832.

900 Crisp (Capt. M. F.) A Treatise on Marine Architec-

ture, and the Theory of the Art of Ship-building. 8vo,
half morocco. Maulmain, 1849.

901 Criticisms on the RoUiad. Syo, half calf.

London, 1788.

902 Crocker (Zebulon). The Catastrophe of the Presbyte-

rian Church in 1837. 12mo, cloth.

New Haven, 1838.

903 Crockett (David). The Life of Martin Yan Buren,

Heir- Apparent to the "Government" and the appointed
successor of General Andrew Jackson. 12mo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1835.

904 Crooks (Geo. R.) First Book in Latin. 12mo, boards.

New York, 1862.

905 Crosby, (Alpheus). The Second Advent. 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1850.


90G Ceowe (Eyre E.) The History of France. Vol. II. and
ni. 12mo, hoards, Philadelphia, 1831.

907 Ceowell (James M.) Memorial of William S. Martien.

12mo J cloth, gilt edges. Philadelphia, 1861.

908 CuLLEN, (William). A Treatise of the Materia Medica.

2 Vols, in one. 8vo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1808.

909 CuLPEPPEE (Nich.) The English Physician enlarged,

with three hundred and sixty-nine medicines, made of
English Herbs, that were not in any Impression until
this, being an Astrologo-Physical Discourse, etc. 12mo,
old binding. Scarce. London, 1708.

910 CuLPEPPEE. The same. 12mo, sheep. London, 1794.

911 CuLPEPPEE. The English Physician, enlarged, containing

Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Eeceipts for Medicine,
made from Herbs. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Taunton, 1826.

912 Culver (C. V.) Letter in relation to the failure of Cul-

ver, Penn & Co. 8vo, pp. 31. s.l. 1866.

913 CuMMiNG (A.) A Sermon Preached Feb. 25, 1761, at

His Instalment in the Pastoral Charge of the South
Church, in Boston. 8vo, pp. 58, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, N. E., 1761.

914 CuMMiNGS (Abraham). Immortality Proved by the Tes-

timony of Sense, in which is contemplated the Doctrine
of Spectres, and the Existence of a Particular Spectre.
8vo, pp. 76, tmcut. Eare. Bath, 1826.

915 CuMMiNGS (EbenezerE.) Annals of the Baptist Churches

In New Hampshire. 8vo, pp. 52. Concord, 1836.

916 CuMMiNGS (Rev. Geo. D.) Life of Mrs. Virginia Hale

Hoffman. Port. 16mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1859.

917 CuMMmGS (Henry). A Sermon Preached at Lexington,

on the 19th of April, 1781, being the Anniversary of
the Commencement of Hostilities between Great Brit-
ain and America, which took place in that Town on the
19th of April, 1775. 8vo, pp. 39. Scarce.

Boston, Edes & Sons, mdcclxxxi.


918 CuMMiNGS. A Sermon Preached in Billerica, Dec. 11,

1783, the Day recommended by Congress to All the
States to be observed as a Day of Public Thanks;:iiv-
iiig. 8vo, pp. 39. Boston, T. & J. Fleet, 1784.

919 CuMMiXGS, Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Caleb

Bradley, Falmouth. 8vo, pp. 36, uncut.

Portland, [1799.]

920 CuMMTNGS. A Sermon Preached at Billerica, June 28,

1795. 8vo, pp. 34, uncut.

Boston, T. Fleet, mdccxcv.

921 CuMMiNGS. A Sermon Preached at Billerica, Nov. 29,

1798, being the day of the Anniversary Thanksgiving.
8vo, pp. 31, uncut.

Boston, T. &. J. Fleet, mdccxcvii.

922 CuMMiNGS. A Sermon preaclied at Billerica, April 9th,

1801. 8vo, pp. 29, uncut. Amherst, N. H. 1801.

923 CuMMixGS (J. A.) The New Testament, with an intro-

duction, giving an Account of Jewish and other Sects,
for the use of Schools and Academies. 12 mo, sheep.

Boston, 1827.

924 Cunningham (Allan). Life and Works of Sir Walter

Scott. 24:mo, cloth. Boston, 1832.

925 CuRREY (Samuel). Argument for the Heirs at Law in

the Halsey Will Case. 8vo, pp. 19.

Providence, 1859.

926 Curtain-Lectures, delivered during thirty years by Mrs.

Margaret Caudle, and suffered by Job, her Husband.
8vo,pp. 26. New York, 1845.

927 CusHMAN Celebration, Plymouth. August 15, 1855. 8vo,

pp. 76. Boston, 1855.

928 CusiCK (David). Sketches of Ancient History of the

Six Nations, comprising: First — -'A Tale of the Foun-
dation of the Great Island, (now North America), The
Two Lifaats born, and the Creation of the Universe.
Second — A real account of the Early Settlers of
North America, and their Dissensions. Third — Origin


of the Kingdom of the Five Nations, which was called
a Long House, The Wars, Fierce Animals, &c. Curi-
ous Illustrations. 8vo, pp. 35.

Lockport, N. Y. 1848.

929 Cutler (Rev. B. C.) Half-Day Worship. 8 vo, pp. 12.
For private circulation. Brooklyn, 1860.

9.30 Cutter (Calvin). A Treatise on Anatomy, Physiology
and Hygiene. 150 Engravings. 12mo, sheep.

Boston, 1853.

,J 931 Daboll, Thomas, Low, and others. Almanacs (25), be-
tween 1749 and 182 S. One interleaved and filled with
memoranda, many are in good condition, while some
are more or less imperfect.

932 Daglet (R.) The Theory and Practice of Drawing and

Painting, with the Practice of the Pencil Chalk, Tinted
and Water Color Drawing. Plates. 4to, half moroc-
co. London, 1822.

933 Dallas (R. C.) Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron.

Exhibiting his early character and opinions, detailing

fthe progress of his literary career, and including vari-
^' y ous unpublished passages of his works. 8vo, hoards,

X^r/.^' uncut. Philadelphia, 1825.

934 Dalliba (James). A Narrative of the Battle of Browns-
town, which was fought on the 9th of August, 1812,
during the Campaign of the North Western Army

^fJ^ under the Command of Brigadier General Hull. 8vo,

pp. 37. New York, 1816.

935 Dana (Charles A.) The United States Illustrated.

4to. New York, s.a.

936 Dana (E.) Geographical Sketches on the Western

Country, designed for Emigrants and Settlers, being the
result of extensive Researches and Remarks, to which
is added a Summary of all the most interesting matters
on the Subject, including a Particular Description of
the unsold Public Lands. 12 mo, sheep. Scarce.

Cincinnati, 1819.


937 Dana (James), Sermon, Jan. 25, 1792, at the Installa-

ion of the Rev. Abiel Holmes. 8vo, pp. 35, uncut.

Boston, MDCCXCii.

938 Dana. Two Discourses at Cambridge, May 10, 1767, to

. the Congregation of Rev. Mr. Appleton. Published l/^
at the general Desire of the Students of the College.
Svo. pp. 70. ■ Boston, 1767.

939 Daniel's Book Buyer's Annual for 1847. 4to, pp. 128.

London, 1847.

940 Dangerous Connections. A Series of Letters selected

from the Correspondence of a Private Circle, and Pub-
lished for the Instruction of-Society. By M. C'^"'^"^'^ de
L**-'^. 4 Vols. \2mo, calf, gilt. London, 1812.

941 Danvers (Jno. Thierry). A Picture of a Republican

Magistrate of the New School, being a full length like-
ness of His Excellency Thomas Jefferson. Svo, pp. 96,
uncut. New York, 1808.

942 Darby (William). A Geographical Description of the

State of Louisiana, ^vo, half morocco.

Philadelphia, 1816.

943 Darby. Mnemonika, or the Tablet of Memory, being a

Register of Events from the Earliest Period to the year
1829. 12mo, sheep. Baltimore, 1829.

944 Darismont (Francis W.) Popular Lectures, Historical

and Political. 12mo, pp. 90. Philadelphia, 1836.

945 Darkness at Noon, or the Great Solar Eclipse of the

16th of June, 1806, Described and Represented in y-
every Particular by an Inhabitant of Boston. Engrav-
ing. 12mo, pp. 34, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, May, 1806.

946 Darwin, (Erasmus, M. D.) Zoonomia, or the Laws of

Organic Life. 2 Vols. Svo, sheep.

Philadelphia, 1S18.

947 Davega (Isaac). The New York City Railroad Direc-

. tory. Sheets folded. 16mo, pp. 180.

New York, 1864.


948 Dayenport (Rufus). The Right-Aim School Testament,

comprising the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ, and an Annexment of the Preliminary-
brief of the Right-Aim School, the Declaration of Free-
debtism and the Freedebt Rules, 12mo, cloth.

Boston, 1834.

949 Davenport (Rufus). Two Pamphlets relating to his

Free Debt Rules. Scarce and Curious.

[Boston, 1828.]

950 David (Joanne). Occasio Arrepta Neglecta Hires

Commoda Illios Incommoda. Many fine Plates. 4to,
calf, gilt. Antverpia, mdcv.

951 Davidson (L. M. & M; M.) Poetical Remains. 12mo,

cloth, gilt. Boston, 1857.

952 Davis (A.) The Discovery of America by the Nortli-

men Five Hundred Years before Columbus. 8vo, pp.
23. New York, 1839.

953 Davis. A Lecture on tlie Discovery of America by

the Northmen Five Hundred Years before Columbus.
8vo, pp. 22. New York, 1840.

954 Davis. A Lecture on American History Anterior to

Columbus. 8vo. Boston, 1844.

955 Davis. Antiquities of America. 8vo, pp. 32.

Buffalo, 1849.

956 Davis (E. W.) Private Lectures to Ladies on Marriage,

its Sacred Duties and Obligations, the Seci'ets of Con-
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