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8vo, pp. 76. Concord, 1862.

'959 Davies, (Samuel). A Sermon delivered at Nassau Hall,
Jan. 14, 1781, on the Death of His late .Majesty
Kuig Gc!orge II. By Samuel Davies, A. M., late Presi-
dent of the College of New Jersey. 8vo, pp. 32. •

Boston, 1761.


960 Dawson (Henry B.) Gleanings from the Harvest-field

of American History. Part IV. Royal, 8vo, uncut.

Morrisania, N. Y., 1865.

961 Dawson. The Sons of Liberty in New York. Svo, pp.

118, uncMt.

Printed as manuscript for private circulation, 1S59.

982 Dawson. Declaration of Independence by the Colony
of Massachusetts Bay, May 1, 1776. Fac simile. • Svo.

[New York, 1862.]

963 Dawson. The Foederah'st. A Collection of Essays Writ-

ten in favor of the New Constitution, as agreed upon
by the Foederal Convention, Sept. 17, 1787. Reprint-
ed from the Oi'iginal Text, with a Historical Introduc-
tion and Notes. Port. Royal Svo. pp. Q14:, rough edges,
boards. Morrisania, 1864.

Large paper. Edition, 250 copies. Vol. I. All published.

964 Dawson. Correspondence between John Jay and.

Concerning the Fcederalist. Royal 4to, pp. 48.

New York, 1864.

No. 24, of 25 copies, on large paper.

965 Dawson. Major General Israel Putnam, A Correspon-

dence on the Subject with the Editor of ''The Hartford
Daily Post." 8vo, hoards, rough edges. Very scarce.

Morrisania, 1860.

No. 189, H. B. D. Copies of this book have been sold for $65.

966 Dawson. The Assault oji Stony Point by General An-

thony Wayne, July 16, 1779, with a map, fac-similes,
and Illustrated Notes. Rubricated title, thick paper.
Royal Svo, boards, uncut. Scarce. Morrisania, 1863.

967 Day (Chas. W.) The Maxims, Experiences and Obser-

vations of Agogos. 24mo, cloth. Boston, 1844.

968 Day (The) of Judgment. 12mo. New York, 1 843.

969 Deacon Giles' Distillery. Rare. New York, 1835.

The Original Broadsheet which gave rise to the famous Libel Suit, and
led to the Author's Imprisonment.


970 Dean (Henry). Hocus Pocus, or the whole art of Leger-

demain ia Perfection. 24mo, boards.

Philadelphia, 1795.

971 Deaxe (Charles). The First Plymouth Patent, Granted

June 1, 1621. Now First Printed from the Ori.^inal
Manuscript. Edited by Charles Deane. 4to, hoards,
tincut. Cambridge, Privately Printed, MDCCCLiv.

This copy was bought in Fowle's Sale, for $20.

972 De Angelis (G-.) Advice to the Afflicted. A Con-

cise Treatise on the Venereal Disease. 12 mo, pp.
60, imcut. New York, 1810.

973 Dearborn (Henry A. S.) A Memoir on the Commerce

and Navigation of the Black Sea, and the Trade and
Maritime Geography of Turkey and Egypt. Illustra-
ted with Charts. 3 Vols. 8vo, boards, uncut. Scarce.

Boston, 1819,

974 Dearborn. Letters on the Internal Improvements

and Commerce of the West. 8vo, pp. 120.

Boston, 1839.

975 Death-Bed Confessions of the late Countess of Guern-

sey to Lady Anne Hamilton, Developing a Series of
Mysterious Transactions, to which are added the
Queen's Last Letter to the King, and other Authentic
Documents never before published. 12mo, boards.

Loudon, 1822.

976 Debates upon the Subject of the British Treaty, 1796.

8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1796.

977 Debate on the Evidences of Christianity, containing an

Examination of the "Social System," and of all Systems
of Scepticism of Ancient and Modern Times, between
■Robert Owen and Alexander Campbell, with an Appen-
dix written by the Parties. 2 Vols. 8vo, uncut.

Bethany, Va., 1829.

978 De Bow (J. D. B.) The Seventh Census of the United

States, 1850. 4to, pp. 1022, half Russia.

Washington, 1853.


979 De Bow. Compendium of the Seventh Census of the

United States, 8vo, cloth. Washington, 1854.

980 De Burigny (M.) The Life of the truly Eminent and

Learned Hugo Grotius. Several Portraits inserted.
Post 8vo, calf. London, mdccliv.

981 De Bury (Richard). Philobiblion. A Treatise on the

Love of Books. First American Edition, with' Notes,
by Samuel Hand. Rubricated title, thick paper, post
8vo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, mdccclxi.

Edition, 200 copies.

982 Declaration (A) of the Warrantable Grounds and Pro-

ceedings of the First Associates of the Government of
New Plymouth, in their Laying the First Foundations
of this Government, and in their Making Laws and
Disposing of the Lands within the same, together with
the General Fundamentals of their Laws. Enacted,
Ordained and -Constituted by the Authority of the
Associates of the 'Colony of New Plymouth. 8vo, pp.
24. Rare. Boston, 1773.

983 Declaratiox (A) by the Representatives of the United

Colonies of North America now met in General Con-
gress at Philadelphia, setting forth the Causes and
Necessity of their taking up Arms. 8vo, pp. 15, uncut.
Scarce. Watertown, 1775.

984 Dedication Sermons (3.) 1801-23-36.

985 Defence (A) of Dr. C. T. Jackson's Claims to the Dis-

covery of Etherization. 8vo, pp. 37. Boston, 1848.

986 Defence (A) of the Rector and Fellows of Exeter Col-

lege, from the Accusations of Dr. Huddesford in His
Speech, Oct. 8, 1754. 8vo, pp. 63. London, 1754.

987 Defence of Brigadier General Hull. 12mo, sheep.

988 De Grandpre (L.) A Voyage in the Indian Ocean, and

to Bengal. Undertaken in the j^ear 1790. i2mo,
sheep. Brattleboro', Vt., 1814.


989 Dehox (Theo.) Sermons on the Public Means of Grace.

Vol. II. Svo, boards, uncut. Charleston, 1821.

990 De Kock (Clias. Paul). The Handsome Cheriibino, or

Adventures of a General Lover. Plate. 8vo, pp. 32.

New York, s.a.

991 De Kock. Library of Love, Lau,G;hter and Loiiic. The

Accused Wife, or Jealousy in a Fog. Plates. 12uio,
pp. 64. New York, s.a.

992 Delafield (Maj. Richard). Report on the Art of War

in Europe, in 1854-55-56, under the orders of Hon.
Jefierson Davis. Numerous Plates and Plans. 4to,
doth. Washington, 1860.

993 Delaplatn (Sophia). Thrilling and Exciting Account of

the Sufferings and Horrible Tortures inflicted on Mor-
timer Bowers and Miss Sophia Delaplain, by the Span-
ish Authorities. Plates. 8vo, pp. 31.

Charleston, S. C, 1852.

994 Delectus Sententiarum et Historiarum ad usum tironum

Accommodatus. 12mo, sheep. Boston, MDCCCXix.

995 De Lolme (J. L.) The Constitution of England, or an

Account of the English Government. 8vo, sheep.

New York, 1792.

996 De Maistre (Joseph). Essay on the Generative Princi-

ple of Political Constitutions. 12mo. Boston, 1847.

997 Deming (Leonard). Catalogue of the Principal Officers

of Vermont from 1778 to 1851. 8vo, half morocco.

Middleburj^, 1851.

998 De Nanceede (P. J; G.) L'Abeille Frangoise ou Nou-

veau Recueil De Morceaux brillans des Auteurs Fran-
cois les plus Celebres, etc, A I'usage de TUniversite
de Cambridge. 12mo, sheep. Boston, MDCCXCii.

999 Derby (John B.) Political Reminiscences, including a
^•' ' sketch of the Origin and Histor3^ of tiie Statesman

V \y Party of Boston. Svo, pp. 96. Boston, 1835.



1000 Derham (W.) Astro-Theology, or a Demonstration of

the Being and Attributes of God, from a Survey of the
Heavens. Copperplates. 8vo, calf. London, 1738.

1001 De Culhiere (M.) a History, or Anecdotes of the

Revolution in Russia, in the year 1762. Port. 24mo,
calf. Scarce. Boston, J. Nancrede, 1798.

1002 Deschamps (M. Louis). Important Philanthropic Dis-

covery. 8vo, pp. 32. Williamsburgh, L. L, 1850.

1003 Description (A) of Kansas. 12 mo, pp. 28.

Boston, 1854.

1004 Description (A) of the County of Barnstable. 8vo.

pp. 15. Boston, 1802.

1005 Description (A) of the Great Britain Steamship, built

at Bristol. 8vo, pp. 20. , Bristol, 1845.

1006 Descriptive (A) and Historical Account of the Isle of

Man. l^mo, sheep. New-Castle-upon-Tyne, 1809.

1007 Description of the Settlement of the Genesee Country,

in the State of New York. Map. 12mo, pp. 63,
uucut. Scarce. New York, 1799.

1008 Desruelles (H. M. J.) The Treatment of Venereal

Diseases. 8vo, cloth, unciit. Philadelphia, 1830.

1009 Dessertations and Discourses on the Evidences and

Spirit of Christianity. 18nio, cloth. Boston, 1833.

1010 Destiny (The) of Nicaragua. Central America as it

was, is, and may be. A Complete Picture of the
Country. Engravings. 8vo, pp. 72. Boston, 1856.

1011 Devises et Emblemes Anciennes & Modernes tirees des

plus celebres Auteurs, etc. 700 Engravings. Rubri-
cated title, 4to, calf. Scarce. Augsburg, 1699.

1012 Devol (Rev. C.) Running History of Earth and Time.

Retrospect of Earth and Time from beyond the Judg-
ment. 8vo, pp. 23. Albany, J. Munsell, 1857.

1013 Devotional Exercises for Common Schools. 12mo,

half hound. Boston, 1842.


1014 De Wette (G. M. L.) Opuscola Theologica. 8vo,

half morocco, gilt, red edges. Berolini, MDCCCXXX.

1015 Dewey (Rev. Chester). Reports on the Herbaceous

Plants, and on the Quadrupeds of Massachusetts. 8vo,
pp. 277-86, uncut. Scarce. Cambridge, 1840.

1016 Dewey (Rev. Orville). A Sermon on occasion of the

late Fire in the City of New York. 8vo, pp. 19, uncut.

New York, 1836.

1017 Dewey. Discourse at the Dedication of the Church of

the Messiah, New York. 8vo, pp. 26.

New York, 1839.

1018 Dewey. Discourses on Yarious Subjects. 12 mo, clothf

tmcut. New York, 1835.

1019 Dewsbury (William). A Sermon Preached at Grace

Street Church the 6th of the 3d month, 1688. 8vo, pp.
21. Scarce. Providence, mdcclxviii.

1020 De Wynpersse (Dionysius V.) Proof of the True and

Eternal Godhead of our Lord Jesus Christ, against
Modern Attacks. 12mo, sheep.

Philadelphia, mdccxcvi.

1021 Dexter (Timothy). A Pickle for the Knowing Ones,

with an Introductory Preface, by a Distinguished Citi-
zen of "Ould Newberry." Engravings. Small 8vo.

Newburyport, 1848.

1021^ Dialogue (A) between Sir George Cornwell, a Gentle-
man lately arrived from England, with a Design to
travel Incog, through the Continent of America, and
Mr, Flint, an Independent Gentleman, descended from
a good Family of the First Settlers of New England,
that is neither Placed nor Pensioned. Boston, 25th of
January, 1769. 8vo, pp. 14. Rare.

Printed in London, and Reprinted in Boston, 1769.

1022 DiBDiN (Thomas). The Reminiscences of. In two

Vols. Voxi.; half calf.

London, Henry Colburn, 1827.


1023 DiBDW (T.) The Last Lays of the last of the Three

Dibdins, containino^ Fifty new Songs, Poems, &c., and
One Hundred and Fifty Selections, from his Published
and Unpublished Productions. Port. 8vo, cloth, rough
edges. London, s.a.

1024 DiBDiN (Thomas P.) An Introduction to the Knowl-

edge of Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and
Roman Classics, being in part a Tabulated Arrange
ment from Dr. Harwood's View, &c. With Notes from
Maittaire, De Bure, Dictionnaire Bibliographique, and
References to Ancient and Modern Catalogues. First
Edition. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Rare. Gloucester, 1802.

1025 [Dibdin]. Cranmer. By a Member of the Roxburghe

Club. 3 Vols. 12mo, half morocco, top gilt. Scarce.

London, 1839.

1026 Dibdin. The Bibliomania, or Book-Madness, containing

some account of the History, Symptoms, and Cure of
this Fatal Disease, in an Epistle addressed to Richard
Heber, Esq. 8vo, half calf The first edition, scarce.

London, 1809.

1027 Dibdin. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness. The First

Edition. Royal 4to, hoards, uncut.

Privately Reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, 1864,

Large Paper, the entire edition, in all sizes, limited to 97 copies.

1028 Dibdin. Bibliomania, or Book-Madness. The First

Edition. Rubricated titles. Royal 8vo, hoards, uncut.
Privately Reprinted for the Club of Odd Sticks, 1864,

Edition in this style, only 50 copies.

1029 [Dibdin.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the present Lan-
guid and Depressed State of Literature, and the Book
Trade, in a Letter addressed to the Author of the
Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. With Notes
by Cato Parvus. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Scarce.

London, 1832.


1030 DiBDiN. A Biblographical Antiquarian, and Picturesque

Tour in France and Germany. Illustrated, 3 Vols.
8vo, calf gilt. London, 1829.

1031 Dickens (Charles). Dombey & Son. 18 Nos.

New York, 1848.

1032 Dickinson (Rev. Easter). Prize Letters to Students.

24mo, cloth. New York, 1831,

1033 Dickenson (Jonathan). God's [Protecting Providence,]

Man's I Surest Help and Defence | in Times of greatest
Difficulty, and | most imminent Danger, Evidenced in
the I remarkable Deliverance of Robert | Barrow, with
divers other persons | from the devouring Waves of the
Sea, I amongst which they suffered Shipwreck ; | and also
from the cruel devouring Jaws | of the inhuman Cani-
bals of Florida, | Faithfully related by one of the per-
sons con- 1 cerned therein, Jonathan Dickenson. | The
Fifth Edition. 8vo, 7 p. 1., pp. 126. Books 2 \., pol-
ished calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt.

London, Printed and Sold by Mary Hinde, No. 2 in
George-yard, Lombard-Street.

Sold in Roche's Sale for ^23 00.

1034 Dickenson. God's | Protecting Providence, | Man's | Sur-

est Help and Defence, | in Times of | greatest Difficulty, |
and I most imminent Danger, | etc. | Fafthfully related by
one of the Persons concerned | therein, Jonathan Dick-
enson. I The Sixth Edition. [ 12mo, 14 p. 1., pp. 136,
fine clean copy, unbound.

London, Printed and Sold by James Phillips, in
George-yard, Lombard-Street, mdcclxxxvii.

As rare as the last.

1035 Dickenson. God's Protecting Providence, | Man's | Sur-

est Help and Defence, | in Times of | greatest Difficulty, |
and most imminent Danger, | Evidenced in the remarka-
ble Deliverance of Robert | Barrow, with divers other
Persons, from the | devouring Waves of the Sea, amongst
which they I Suffered Shipwreck ; and also from the


cruel I devouring Jaws of the inhuman Cannibals of|
Florida. | Faithfully related by one of the Persons con-
cerned I therein, Jonathan Dickenson. The Seventh
Edition. 12mo, pp. 176; in original payer covers.

London, mdccxc.

The seventh edition is as scarce as either of the preceding.

1036 Dickinson (Jonathan). Remarks upon the Postscript to

the Defence of a Book, lately Reprinted atBoston, Entitled
A Modest Proof of the Order, &c., In a Letter of Thanks
to the Author. By Jonathan Dickinson, M. A., Minister
of the Gospel at Elizabeth-Town, N. Jersey. 8vo, pp.
29, rouorh edores. Rare

Boston, N. E., Printed for D. Henfchman,
and Sold at his Shop, over against the
Brick Meeting-House, Cornhill, 1724.

1037 Dickinson. Familiar Letters to a Gentleman, upon a

Variety of Seasonable and Important Subjects in Relig-
ion. By Jonathan Dickinson, A. M., Minister of the
Gospel at Elizabeth-Town, New Jersey. 12mo, sheep.
Scarce. Boston, 1745.

1038 Dickinson (John). An Address to the Committee of

Correspondence in Barbadoes, Occasioned by a late
letter from them to their Agent in London. By a
North- American. 8vo, pp. 18. Scarce.

Philadelphia, W. Bradford, mdcclxvi.

1039 Dickinson (Samuel N.) A Help to Printers and Pub-

lishers. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1835.

1040 DiCTAMEN del Procurador General sobre La Leva de

Tropas en los Estados Unidos por Empleados de la
Gran Bretana. 8vo, pp. 22. Washington, 1856.

1041 DiLWORTH (Thomas). The School-master's Assistant

being a Compendium of Arithmetic, both Practical and
Theoretical. Port. 12mo, sheep. Scarce.

New York, 1793.

1042 DiLWORTH. Compendium of Arithmetic. 12mo.

New York, 1815.


10i3 DiMMiCK (L. F.) The Moral Influence of Rail-Roada.
32mo, cloth. Boston, 1841.

1044 DiNGLEY (Robert). The Deputation of Angels, or The


I. — Proved by the Dim light of Nature's clear beames of

Scriptures, and consent of many Ancient and Modern

Writers^ untainted with Popery.
II. — Cleared from many rubs and mistakes, the Critical.

queries of Antagonists examined, untyed.
III. — Applyed and improved for our information in many

other Truths, consolation in our Adversities, and Refor-
*mation of our Lives. Chiefly grounded in Acts 12 : 15.

It is his Angell. Small, 8vo, sheep. Loudon, 1654.

1045 Directory of the City of Boston, 1847. 8vo, hoards.

Boston, 1846.

1046 Directories of Mass. Cities, and Mass. Records. 6

Vols., cloth.

1047 Disclosures relating to the "A. B. C." Affair. A scarce

Masonic pamphlet. 8vo, pp. 8, uncut.

1048 Discovery of a Lost Art of the Egyptians. Imp. 8vo,

pp. 75. New York, 1867.

1049 DiscouRS De J. J. Derche des Yosges, Sur La Rive

Gauche du Rhin, Limite de la Republique Francaise.
8vo, pp. 63, uncut.

A Paris, An lY. de la Republ. Frang.

1050 Discourse (A) of the Grounds and Reasons of the

Christian Religion. 8vo, calf. London, mdccxxxxi.

1051 Discourse (A) Concerning the Currencies of the British

Plantations in America, Especially with Regard to their
Paper Money. More Particularly In Relation to the
Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England.
8vo, pp. 47, uncut. Rare.

Boston, S. Leland and T- Green, 1740.

1052 Discourse (A) Concerning Evangelical Love, Church-

Peace and Unity. 8vo, calf. London, 1672.


10522 DiscouESE (A) on Daniel yii. : 27. ''This Time is
nigh at Hand, even at the very Door." It is very prob-
able this glorious Day will begin or commence in Amer-
ica, etc. Signed, A Hearty Friend to all the Colonies.
12mo, pp.. 33, uncut. Printed in the year 1795.

1053 DiSR^Li (Isaac). Curiosities of Literature, by Isaac

Disrgeli, with a View of the Life and Writings of the
Author, by his Son. 4 Vols. — Amenities of Literature,
2 Vols. — together, 6 Vols. 8vo, half Roxburgh, hy
Matthews. Privately printed. Riverside Press,

Cambridge, 1864.

The finest edition of this Author, large paper, limited to 100 copies.

1054 D'lsR^Li. The Genius of Judaism. 12mo, hoards., un-

cut. London, 1833.

1055 Dissertation (A) on the Rise, Progress, Views, Strength,

Interests and Characters of the Two Parties of the
Whigs and Tories. 8vo, pp. 71. *Boston, 1773.

A rare Revolutionary Pamphlet.

1056 Dissert ATIONEM Physicam de Visu Clementissime An-

nuente Divini Numinis gratia & Benignissimo, etc.
4to, caJf. Lipsise Typis Andreae Zeidleri, (1693.)

1057 Dix (John H.) Treatise on Squinting. Illustrated by

Engravings. 12mo, cloth. Boston, 1841.

1058 Dix (Wm. G.) The Doom of the Crescent. 12mo,pp.

36. Boston, 1853.

1059 Dixon (Joshua). Scriptural Examinations. 24mo, Aa//-

hound. Philadelphia, 1838.

1060 Dixon. Scriptural Examinations on the Church Cate-

chism. 24x110, half bound. Philadelphia, 1843.

1061 DoANE (A, Sidney). History of the Cholera Morbus,

including the mode of Prevention and Treatment. Map.
8vo, hoards. Boston, 1832.

1062 DoANE (P. H.) The Young Lady's Private Medical

Guide. 12mo, cloth, gilt.

Published for the Proprietor, 1854.


106,3 DoANE (Rev. Geo. W.) The Goodly Heritage of Jersey-
men. Historical Address, Jan. 15, 1846. 8vo, pp.
32. Burlington, 1846.

1064 DoANE. America and Great Britain. 8vo.

Burlington, 1848.

1065 Doctrine (The) of Christianity, As held by the People

called Quakers, Vindicated, In Answer to Gilbert Ten-
nent's Sermon, On The Lawfulness of War. The Sec-
ond Edition. 8vo, 4 p. 1., pp. 56, half calf.

Philadelphia, Printed by Benjamin Franklin
and David Hall, mdccxlviii.

Wright's copy sold for $20.00.

/ 1066 Documents and Facts relating to Military Events during
the late War, (1812.) 8vo, pp. 28. s.l.s.a.

A Defence of Gen. J. P. Boyd.

1067 Doctrines of Scripture. 24:mo, hoards. Boston, 1852.

1068 Documents relative to the Investigation of the Official

Conduct of Amos Binney, U. S, Navy Agent at Boston,
upon the charges made by Lieut. Joel Abbot and oth-
ers. Published by the Accused. 8vo, pp. 260, uncut.

Boston, 1822.

1069 Documents relative to Central American Affairs, and

the Enlistment Question. 8vo, cloth.

Washington, 1856.

1070 Documents relating to the Boundary Line and Disputed

Territory, between Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
8vo, pp. 64. Fall River, 1847.

1071 Documents relating to the North-Eastern Boundary of

the State of Maine. Svo, boards. Boston, 1828.

1072 [DoD (Albert B.)] The Transcendental Philosophy of

the Germans, and of Cousin. 8vo, pp. 100.

Boston, 1840.

1073 DoDS (Adam), The Physician's Guide, being a Popu-

lar Dissertation on Fevers, Inflammations, etc. 8vo,
boards, uncut. Worcester, 1821.


1074 DoDD (William). Thoughts in Prison. The Imprison-

ment, The Retrospect, Public Punishment, The Trial,
Futurity. To which are added, His Last Prayer, Writ-
ten in the Night before his Death, and other Miscella-
neous Pieces. 8vo, sheep.

Boston, Printed by Robert Hodges, at his office
in Marshall's Lane, near the Boston Store.

1075 DoDD. Thoughts in Prison. 8vo, sheep.

Exeter, N. H., mdccxciv.

1076 Doddridge (Philip). Life of. By D. A. Harsha, M. A.

Port. ; rubricated title, tinted paper, 8vo, hoards, uncut.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.
Large paper — Edition, 40 copies.

1077 Doddridge. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the

Soul. 8vo, sheep. Boston, N. E., 1771.

1078 Doddridge. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the

Soul. 12 mo, sheep. Philadelphia, 1794.

1079 Doddridge. Lectures on Preaching. 24mo, hoards.

Andover, 1833.

1080 Doddridge. Address on Family Religion. 8vo, pp. 43.

Boston, N. E., 1767.

1081 Doddridge. Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of

the Hon. Col. James Gardiner, who was slain at the
Battle of Preston-pans, Sept. 21, 1745. 12mo, calf.

London, 1794.

1082 Dodge (Robert). Diary, Sketches and Reviews during

an European Tour, In the Year 1847. Printed for his
Friends. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1 850.

1083 DoDSLEY (J.) A Collection of Poems, in Six "Volumes,

by Several Hands. 8vo, sheep. London, mdcclxx.

1084 DoDSLEY (Robert). The Economy of Human Life. 32

Engravings. 24mo, calf. London, 1803.

1085 DoEDERLEiN (Christoph.) Institutio Theologi Christi-

ani in Capitibus Religionis Theoreticis Nostris Tempo-
ribus Accommodata. 2 Vols. 12 mo, uncut.

Norimbergae, mdcclxxxxvii.




1086 Domestic Distresses, Exemplified in Five Pathetic Origi-

nal Tales. 8vo, half bound. London, 1806.

1087 Donne (John). A Declaration of that Paradox, or

Thesis, that Self-Homicide is not so naturally Sin that
It may never be Otherwise. Wherein, the Nature and
the Extent of all those Laws, which seem to be Viola-
ted by this Act, are Diligently Surveyed. 12mo, sheep.

London, 1700.

This book is extremely rare. The present copy contains a manuscript
letter from the author to Sir Robert Carre, wherein he says: — "I
have always gone so near suppressing it, that it is only not burnt;
no hand hath passed upon it to copy it, nor many eyes to read it.
Reserve it for me if I live, and if I die, I only forbid it the press, and
the fire; publish it not, but yet burn it not, and between those do
what you wUl with it."

1088 Donne (J.) Poems, with Elegies, on the Author's

Death. Port. 8vo, sheep. London, 1639.

1089 D'Orsay (Alfred). Etiquette, or a Guide to the Usa-

ges of Society. With a Glance at Bad Habits. 8vo,
pp. 64. New York, 1 843.

1090 DoRRiNGTON (Theophilus). A Vindication of the

Christian Church in the Baptizing of Infants. 8vo,
calf. London, 1701.

1091 Douglas (Sir Howard). Value^and Importance of the

British North American Provinces. 8vo, pp. 3Q,tmcuf.

London, mdcccxxi.

1092 Douglas. A Treatise on Naval Gunnery. 8vo, half

hound. London, 1829.

1093 Douglas (Thomas). Autobiography. Port. 12mo,

stitched, uncut. New York, 1856.

Edition — 50 copies.

1094 Dow (Lorenzo). A Cry from the Wilderness. 32mo,

boards. United States, 1837.

1095 Dow. A Chain, with its Concomitants. 12mo, pp. 81.

Poughkeepsie, 1809.

1096 [Dow]. Lorenzo's Thoughts on various Religious
Opinions. 12mo, pp. 84. Newbern, N. C, 1806.


1097 Dow (Daniel). New Haven Theology, a?ias Taylorisra,

alias I^feology. With Notes. 8vo, pp. 56.

Thompson, (Ct.,) 1834.

1098 Drake (Samuel G.) Eesult of some Researches among

the British Archives, for information relative to the
Founders of New England, made in the year 1858,
1859 and 1860. Third edition. Ports, of Mr. Drake,
Mr, Barstow, Admiral Drake and John Smith, with
Map of New England. Initial Letters, Head and Tail
Pieces, engraved especially for this work. Royal 4to,
paper. Boston, Press of John Wilson & Son, 1865.

Large Paper. Edition only 76 copies, of which this is No. 47.

1099 Drake. Result of some Researches among the British

Archives, for information relative to the Founders of
New England. Ports, and Map. Small 4to, cloth.

Boston, 1860.

1100 Drake. Witchcraft Delusion in New England, as Ex-

hibited by Cotton Mather, in the Wonders of the Invis-
ible World, and by Robert Calef in his More Wonders
of the Invisible World. 3 Vols. Royal 8vo, half

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