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crimson turkey morocco, extra, by Brads tree t, gilt top,
rough edges. Roxbury, 1866. ,

1101 Drake. The Same Work. Royal 8vo, half green tur-

key morocco, extra, gilt toy, rough edges. Roxbury, 1866.

One oif only 4 copies, printed on Whatman's English Drawing Paper.

1102 Drake. Same as the above. 3 Vols. Royal 4to, half

crimso?i turkey morocco, by Bradstreet, gilt top, rough.
edges. Roxbury, 1866.

One of 4 copies only, printed in this form on Whatman's English
Drawing Paper.

1103 Drake. A Brief Memoir of Sir Walter Raleigh. Pub-

lished in the New England Historical and Genealogi-
cal Register, and now Reprinted with Additions. Port.
Cap, 4to, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1862.

Privately Printed at the Munsell Press.

1104 Drake. Catalogue of Books, Tracts, &c,, in American

Literature. Chiefly Historical. 4to, pp. 72.

Boston, 1868,


1105 Draper (Lyman C.) Tenth Annual Report on the

Common Schools of the State of Wiseongin, for the
Year 1858. In same Vol., the Eleventh Annual Report.
8vo, cloth. [Madison], 1858.

1106 Drayton (John). Memoirs of the American Revolu-

tion, from its Commencement to the Year 1776 inclu-
sive ; as relating to the State of South Carolina, and
Occasionally Referring to the States of North Carolina
' and Georgia. 2 Vols. Port. 8vo, half morocco, rough
eda-es. Scarce. Charleston, 1841.

CD '

1107 Drtden (John). Fables from Boccaccio and Chaucer.

16mo, cloth. Chiswick C. Whittingham, 1822.

1108 DuANE (Wm. J.) The Law of Nations Investigated.

8vo, pp. 110, unciit. Philadelphia, 1809.

1109 DuANE (Col, Wm.) A Visit to Columbia in the Years

1822-23. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1826.

1110 DuA]S[E. The Mississippi Question. 8vo, pp. 198,wncMi;.

Philadelphia, 1803.

1111 DuANE. Debate in the Senate on the mode of electing

a President and Vice President, &c. 8vo, pp. 158, un-
cut. Philadelphia, 1804.

1112 Dudley (The) Observatory. 8vo, pp. 173.

Albany, 1858.

1113 DuFiEF (N. G.) Nature Displayed in her mode of

Teaching Language to Man : or a New and Infallible
Method of Acquiring a Language in the shortest time
possible, deduced from the Analysis of the Human
Mind, and consequently suited to every capacity.
2 Vols. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1810.

1114 DuHRiNG (Henry). Remarks on the United States of

America, with regard to the Actual State of Europe.
XlvnQ, cloth, uncut. London, 1833.

1115 DuHRiNG. Essays on Human Happiness. 16mo, cloth.

London, [1848.]


1116 Dunbar (E. E.) Traveller's Club PapOT. No. 1.

American Pioneering. Rubricated title, 8vo, pp. 45.

[New York], 18o3.

1117 Duncan (John M.) Remarks on the Rise, Use and

Unlawfulness, of Creeds and Confessions of Faith in
the Church of God. 12 mo, hoards, uncut.

Baltimore, 1825.

1118 Duncan (William). The Elements of Logic. 12 mo,

sheep. New York, 1802.

1119 DuNCOMBE (Charles). Free Banking. An Essay on

Banking, Currency, Finance, Exchanges, and Political
Economy, llmo, cloth. Cleveland, 1841,

1120 Dunlap (William). A History of New York. For

Schools. 2 Vols. Engravings. 24mo, cloth.

New York, 1837.

1121 DuNTON (John). The Dublin Scuffle, being a Challenge

sent by John Dunton, Citizen of London, to Patrick
Campbel, Bookseller in Dublin, together with the small
Skirmishes of Bills and Advertisements. To which is
Added, the Billet Doux sent him by a Citizen's Wife,
in Dublin, Tempting him to Lewdness, with his Answer
to Her, etc. 8vo, half calf. London, 1699.

1122 Dunton. John Dunton's Letters from New England.

4to, large paper, uncut. Printed for the Society.

Boston, 1867.

Publications of the Px-ince Society; only 20 copies printed this size.

1123 Dunton. The same. Fcap 4to, uncut. Boston, 1867.

120 copies printed.

1124 Durham (W.) Physico-Theology, or a Demonstration

of the Being and Attributes of Cod from His Works of
Creation. 8vo, calf . London, 1727.

1125 Dusenbery (B. M.) Monument to the Memory of Gen.

Andrew Jackson, containing Twenty-Five Eulogies and
Sermons delivered on Occasion of his Death. Port.
12mo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1846.



1126 [DuTCKiNCK (Evart A.)] Memorial of John Allan.

Wants Port. Imp. 8vo, uncut. New York, 1864.

An extra volume printed for the Bradford Club. Edition, 250 copies.

1127 DwiGHT (Timothy). Travels in New England and

New York. 4 Vols. Svo, half red morocco.

New Haven, 1821.

1128 D WIGHT. The Duty of Americans at the Present Cri-

sis. Illustrated on the Fourth of July, 1798. Svo, pp.
32. New Haven, 1798.

1129 D WIGHT (Theo., Jr.) Decisions of Questions discussed

by the Senior Class in Yale College, in 1813-14.
12mo, cloth. New York, 1833.

1130 Dymond (Jonathan). The Principles of Morality, and

the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of
Mankind. 24:mo, half morocco. New York, 1842.

1131 Eagle (The) and Hawk, a collection of Patriotic and

Humorous Songs and Odes. 12mo, half bound. Scarce.

Baltimore, 1812.

1132 Earle (John). Microsmography, or a Piece of the

World Discovered. Rubricated title, tinted paper,
16mo, cloth. Albany, J. Munsell, 1867.

1133 Eastman (F. S.) A History of the State of Kew York

from the First Discovery of the Country. 12 mo, sheep.

New York, 1828.

1134 Eaton (Amos). A Manual of Botany, for the Northern

and Middle States of America. 12mo, sheep.

Albany, 1822.

1135 Eaton. Geology of the Northern States. 12mo, sheep.

Troy, N. Y., 1820.

1136 Eastern Manners and Customs. 16mo, pp. 48.

London, 1857.

1137 Ebel (M. J. G.) The Traveller's Guide through

Switzerland. 24mo, morocco. London, 1818.

1138 Ebers (John). Seven Years of the King's Theatre.

Svo, half calf London, mdccxxxvii.


1139 Eccentric Biography, or Memoirs of Remarkable Char-

acters, Ornamented with Eight Portraits. 24mo, sheep.

Boston, 1804.

1140 Echo (The). Printed at the Porcupine Press, bj Pas-

quin Petronius. 8vo, hoards, uncut. (New York, 1807).

1141 Echoes from the Cabinet, comprising the Constitution of

the United States, Declaration of Independence, etc.
24mo, cloth. Boston, 1857.

1142 Eckfeldt and DuBois. New Varieties of Gold and

Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins and Bullion, with ]\Iint
"Values. Plates, 12mo, gilt. Philadelphia, 1850.

1143 Eckfeldt and DuBois. Same, second edition, several

Autograph Letters, Ports., Plates, Newspaper cuttings,
&c., inserted. Svo, cloth.. New York, 1851.

1144 Eckfeldt and DuBois. A Manual of Gold and Silver

Coins, of all Nations, struck within the past Century.
4to, half morocco. Philadelphia, 1851.

1145 Eclogue (An) on the Death of the Reverend Benjamin

Colman, D. D., who deceased August 29, 1747. At-
tempted by 0. E. a young Student. Svo, pp. 8.

Boston, Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in
Queen Street next to the Prison.

1146 Economy (The) of Human Life, English and German.

12mo, half bound. Scarce. Allentown, Pa., 1813.

1147 Economist (The) or Plain Directions about Food and

Drink. 8vo. New York, 1847.

1148 Eddy (Samuel). Reasons offered for his Opinions to

the First Baptist Church in Providence, from which he
was compelled to withdraw for Heterodoxy. Svo, pp.
24. Syracuse, [s.a.]

1149 Eden (William). Four Letters to the Earl of Carlisle

on the Present Circumstances of the War, Public Debts,
Public Credit, etc. Svo, pp. 163. London, 1779.

1150 Edgeworth (Maria). Practical Education. Svo,

boards. Boston, 1823.


1151 Edinburgh Review. 30 Yols. Half hound.

New York and Boston, 1813-1834.

1152 Edsox (Theodore). A Sermon delivered in St. Ann's

Church, Lowell, March 18, 1855, the Thirtieth Anni-
versary of said Church. 8vo, pp. 24. Lowell, 1855.

1153 Edward (L'd B'p). A Yindicatlon of the Defence of

Christianity from the Prophecies of the Old Testament.
2 Yols. 8vo, calf. London, 1728.

1154 Edwards (Bryan). The History of the "West Lidies.

2 Yols. 8vo, calf. Dublin, mdccxciii.

1155 Edwards (Jonathan). The Great Christian Doctrine

of Original Sin, Defended. Evidences of its Truth
Produced, and Arguments to the Conti-ary Answered.
By the late Reverend and Learned Jonathan Edwards,
A. M., President of the College of New Jersey. 12mo,
sheep. Wilmington, mdcclxxi.

1156 Edwards. The Salvation of all Men strictly examined,

and the Endless Punishment of those who die impeni-
tent, argued and defended against the objections and
reasonings of the late Rev. Dr. Chauncy, of Boston.
12mo, sheep. Boston, 1824.

1157 Edwards. A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work

of God in the Conversion of Many Hundred Souls in
Northampton and the Neighboring Towns and Yilla-
ges of New Hampshire, in New England. 12mo, calf

London, mdccxxxvii.

1158 Edwards (Peter). Candid Reasons for Renouncing the

Principles of Antipoedobaptism. 12 mo, pp. \Si%, uncut.

Windsor, 1802.

1159 Edwin (John). The Eccentricities of Collected from

his Manuscripts, and Enriched with several hundred
Original Anecdotes. 2 Yols. 8vo, half calf.

London, [s.a.]

1160 Eighth Annual Report, Smithsonian Institution. 8vo,

cloth. Washington, 1854.


1161 Elegie I (An) upon [ the Death of the Reverend | Mr.

Thomas Shepard, | late Teacher of the Church at |
Charlestown, in New England, | by a great Admirer of
his Worth, and true Mourner for | his Death. | 4to, pp.
15. The last leaf slightly imperfect. Half calf,
antique. Very rare.

Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 1677.

1162 Elements of Criticism. Vol. 11. 8vo, sheep.


1163 Eliot (Andrew). A Sermon Preached the Lord's Day

before the Execution of Levi Ames, who suffered Death
for Burglary, Oct. 21, 1773. 8vo, pp. 3L

Boston, 1773.

1164 Eliot. A Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Mr.

Joseph Willard, in Beverly, Nov. 25, 1772. 8vo, pp.
47, uncut. Boston, N. E., 1773.

1165 Eliot. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the

Rev. Mr. Joseph Roberts, Leicester, Oct. 23, 1754.

8vo, pp. 41, uncut. Boston, [1754.]

1166 Eliot. A Sermon Preached, Oct. 25th, 1759, being a

day of Public Thanksgiving, appointed by Authority,
for the Success of the British Arms, this year, especially
in the Reduction of Quebec. 8vo, pp. 43.

Boston, 1759.

1167 Eliot (Jared). Give Casar his Due, or the Obligation

that Subjects are under to their Civil Rulers, as was
showed in a Sermon Preached before the General
Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, at Hartford,
May the 11th, 1738, the Day for the Election of the
Honourable, the Governour, the Deputy-Governour and
the Worshipful Assistants. Small 8vo, pp. 44, uncut.
Scarce. N. London, T. Green, 1730.

1168 Eliot. The Two Witnesses, or Religion Supported by

Reason and Divine Revelation, being a Lecture-Sermon
Preached at the North Society, in Lyme, Oct. 29, 1735,
before the Association of the County of New London.
Small 8vo, pp. 79. N. London, T. Green, 1736.


1169 Eliot (John). The Harmony of the Gospels [in the

Holy I History | of the | Humiliation and Sufferings | of |
Jesus Christ, j from His | Incarnation | to His [Death and
Burial. | Published by John Eliot, Teacher | of the
Church in Roxbury. | 4to, title, 4 pp., recommendation
and contents, pp. 130. A few lines torn from the bot-
tom of the first leaf, and other slight imperfections.
Half calf, antique. Rare.

Boston, Printed by John Foster, in the year 1678.

The first press in Boston was established by John Foster, who printed
his first book in 1676.

1170 Eliot. A Brief | Answer [ to a small book written by |

John Norcot, | against | Infant Baptism, j This Answer
is written by John | Eliot, for the sake of some of the |
Flock of Jesus Christ, who | are ready to be staggered |
in point of Infant Baptism | by reading his book. | 8vo,
pp. 27. Boston, Printed by John Foster, 1679.

This little book, by Eliot, is certainly of great rarity, possibly unique.

1171 Eliot (John). A Sermon on Attending Public Wor-

ship, and an Attentive Serious Conduct in the House of
God. 8vo, pp. 36. Boston, 1800.

1172 Eliot (Jonathan). Debates, Vol. I. 8vo, calf.

Washington, 1854.

1173 Eliot (Wm. G.) The Discipline of Sorrow. 24mo,

cloth. Boston, 1855.

1174 Elizabeth (Charlotte). Letters from Ireland, mdccc-

xxxvn. 24:mo, cloth. New York, 1848.

1175 Elkins (Hervey). Fifteen Years in the Senior Order

of Shakers. A Narrative of Facts concerning that Sin-
gular People. 8vo, pp. 136. Hanover, 1853.

1176 Ellet (Mrs.) The Characters of Schiller. 12mo,

boards. Boston, 1 842.

1177 Ellingwood (J. W.) The Duty of Using Means for

the Reformation of Immoral Persons. 8vo, pp. 24, un-
cut. Boston, 1815.


1178 Elliot's Improved New York Double Directory, con-

taining an Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants, &c. ;
by means of which, not only the place of residence of
each inhabitant, but also the occupant of each house,
will be ascertained by looking at the number and
street, as [they are arranged in the part adapted for
that purpose. 8vo. New York, 1812.

1179 Ellis (Mrs.) Prevention better than Cure. 12mo, pp.

213. New York, 1847.

1180 Ellis (Wm. S.) A Plea for the Antiquity of Heraldry.

8vo, pp. 23. London, 1853.

1181 Ellis (John). The Knowledge of Divine Things.

12mo, boards, uncut. London, 1837.

1182 Ellsler (Fanny). Letters and Journals. 8vo, pp. 65. (/■

New York, 1845.

1183 Ely (Alfred). A Sermon delivered on occasion of

Constituting a Church at Ware Village, April 12, 1826.
8vo, pp. 23, uncut. Brookfield, 1826.

1184 Ely. A Sermon delivered at Monson, Mass., the Sec-

ond Centennial Anniversary of the Landing of the
Fathers of New England at Plymouth. 8vo, pp. 27.

Hartford, 1821.

1185 Embargo. 1809. Pamphlets. (3) The Law, and

Speeches by Griles and Pickering. 8vo, uncut. s.l.

1186 Emblems. Sacrez C'est a dire Recveil de Cinqvante

figures en taille doulce tirez de I'Escriture saincte.

Traictans du Doulx et Amiable Nom et Croix de

Jesu Christ Inventz du Reverend Daniel Cramere.

^YO, half calf. Frankfort, 1622.

1187 Emerson (B. D.) The National Spelling Book and

Pronouncing Tutor. Engravings. 12 mo, hoards.

Boston, 1828.

1188 Emerson (Geo. B.) A Report on the Trees and Shrubs
growing naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts.
Plates. 8\'0, edges 2mcut. Boston, 1846.


1189 Emerson (Samuel). Oration at Kennebunk, Fourth of

Jul J, 1798. 8vo, pp. 23. Portland, 1798.

1190 Emlyn (Thomas). The Scripture Account of Jesus

Christ. 12mo,pp. 47. Boston, 1790.

1191 Emmons (Ebenezer). Agriculture of New York. 78

beautifully Colored Plates of Fruit. 4to, cloth.

Albany, 1851.

1192 Emmons (Nathaniel). The Scriptural Qualifications for

Admission and Access to the Christian Sacraments.
8vo, pp. 133, uncut. Worcester, 1793.

1193 Emmons. Discourse, on the day of the Annual Fast, in

Mass., 1 803. 8vo, half morocco.

Wrentham, Mass., 1803.

1194 Emmons. Discourse, on the day of the Annual Fast, in

Mass., 1802. Svo, half morocco.

Wrentham, Mass., 1802.

1195 Emmons. Discourses (6) on various occasions. 8vo,

mostly uncut. 1793—1806.

1196 Emmons (Eichard). The Battle of Bunker Hill, or the

Temple of Liberty. Port. 12mo. Scarce.

Boston, 1841.

1197 Emmons (William). Address on Imprisoning the Un-

fortunate Debtor. 8vo, pp. 14, uncut. Boston, 1824.

1198 Emory (CoL W. E.) Notes of a Military Beconnoi-

sance from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San
Diego, in California, etc. Plates. 8vo, cloth.

Washington, 1848.

1199 Emory. Report on the United States and Mexican

Boundary Survey, made under the Direction of the
Secretary of the Interior. Numerous fine Plates
of objects of Natural History, Scenery, etc. 2 thick
Vols. 4^10, cloth. Washington, 1857.

1200 Endowment, as it was acted by upwards of Twelve

Thousand, in Secret, in the Nauvoo Temple. 8vo, pp.
24, uncut. New York, 1848.


1201 Enfield (William). Institutes of Natural Pbilosophj.

Plates. 4to, slieey. Boston, 1811.

Autograph of Percival.

1202 English Liberties, or the Free-born Subjects Inheri-

tance. Containing Magna Charta, Charta de Eoresta,
The Statute de Tallagio non concedendo. The Habeas
Corpus Act, and several other Statutes. Likewise the
Proceedings in Appeals, of Murder, of Ship Money, of
Tonnage and Poundage, etc. Compiled, first, by Hen-
ry Care, and continued, with large Additions, by
W. N., Esq., of the Middle-Temple. 12mo, pp. 288,
sheep. Rare.

Boston, Printed by J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, B.
Eliot and D. Henchman, and Sold at their

Shops, 1721.

1203 English (The) Topographer, or an Historical Account

of all the Pieces that have been Written relating to
the Antiquities, etc., of England. 8vo.

London, mdccxx.

1204 Ensign, Bridgraan & Fanning's Lake and River Guide,

with Descriptions of Natural Curiosities and Thrilling
Scenes in Border Warfare. Illustrated with Maps and
Engravings. 16 mo, pp. 144. New York, 1858.

1205 Enteetainment for a Winter's Evening. Being a full

and true Account of a Very Strange and Wonderful
Sight seen in Boston, on the Twenty-seventh of De-
cember, 1749, at Noon Day. The Truth of which can
be attested by a Great Number of People who actually
saw the same With their own Eyes. By Me, the Hon.
B. B., Esq., [Alias, Jos. Green, Esq.] 12mo, pp. 12.

Boston, 1795.

An account of the first Masonic Procession seen in Boston.

1206 Epistle (An) from Edward, an American Prisoner, in

England, to Harriet, in America. 4to, half turlieij
morocco. Rare. London, mdccclxxix.

1207 Epistle to Bonaparte, from a Lady. 12mo, pp. 12,

uncut. Philadelphia, 1814.


1208 Epps (John). Horae Phrenologicae, being three Phre-

nological Essays. 12m.o, cloth. Boston, 1835.

1209 Erie (The) War. 8vo, pp. 16. New York, [1868.]

1210 Erskine (Thomas). The Unconditional Freeness of

the Grospel. 24mo, hoards, uncut. Boston, 1828.

1211 Erskine (Hon. Thomas). A View of the Causes and

Consequences of the present War with France. With
a Dedication to the Author by P. Porcupine. 8vo, pp.
73-24, uncut. Philadelphia, 1797.

1212 Erskine's (Thomas) Remarks on the Internal Evidence

for the Truth of Revealed Religion, and Leslie's Short
Method with the Deists. 24mo, hoards, uncut.

Andovcr, 1823.

1213 Essay (An) on Hunting. By a Country Squire. 8vo,

hoardsjUncut. London, 1818.

1214 Essay (An) on the Art of Ingenious Tormenting, with

Proper Rules for the Exercise of that Pleasant Art.
8vo, pp. 110. Dublin, 1753.

1215 Essay (An) on the Liberty of the Press, respectfully in-

scribed to the Republican Printers throughout the
United States. By Hortensius. 8vo, pp. 51, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1799.

Large Paper.

1216 Essays. By Cowley and Shenstone. 2 Vols, in one

\^\no, sheep, gilt. Boston, 1820.

1217 Essays. By Cowley and Shenstone. 16mo, sAeep.

Boston, 1820.

1218 Essays on Retirement from Business ; on Old Age ; and

on the Employment of the Soul after Death. To which
are added. Meditations on Various Subjects, Religious
and Moral. 8vo, sheej). London, 1812.

1219 Essay on the Character, Manners and Genius of Wo-

men. Two Vols, in one. 8vo, sheej).

Philadelphia, mdcclxxiv.

1220 Essay on the Application of Abstract Reasoning to the

Cliristian Doctrines. 12 mo, cloth. Boston, 1832.


1221 Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions,

and other Subjects. 12mo, hoards, miait.

Philadelphia, 1831.

1222 Essays on the Pursuit of Truth, on the Progress of

Knowledge, &c. 12mo, hoards, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1831.

1223 Essays upon the making of Salt-petre and Gun-Powder.

Published by Order of the Committee of Safety, of the
Colony of New York. 8vo, pp. 36.

New York, mdcclxxvi.

1224 Etliche Zu dieser Zeit nicht unnutze Fragen Uber

Einige Schrift-Stellen, Welche Von den Liebbabern der
lantern Wabrbeit Deutlich erortert zu werden gewun-
schet hat Ein Wahrheit-forschender in America, im "^

jahr 1742: etc. 4to, pp. 14:, half calf, uncut.

Philadelphia, Gedruckt und zu haben bey
B. Franklin, [n.d.]

Elegant specimen of Franklin's imprint.

1225 European Maps and Guide Books, (23.) The Collec-

tions of Henry Whitmore and Charles A. Davis.

1226 Evans (John). The Sequel to the Sketch of the De-

nouiinations of the Christian World. 12mo, sheep.

Boston, 1811.

1227 Evans (Estwick). Pedestrian Tour of Four Thousand

Miles through the Western States and Territories dur-
ing the Winter and Spring of 1818, interspersed with
Brief Reflections upon a Great Variety of Topics.
Plate. 12mo, hoards, uncut. Scarce.

Concord, N. H.., 1819.

1228 Evelina, or a Young Lady's Entrance into the World.

2 Vols. 12mo, sheep. Worcester, Mass., 1796.

1229 Events in Paris, Julj', 1830. 12mo, pp. 197, roughedg-

es. Printed on red, white and blue paper. ^'

Boston, 1830.

1230 Evelyn (John). The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. 12mo,

cloth. New York, mdcccxlvil


1231 Evelyn (J.) A Discourse on Medals, Ancient and

Modern. Rubricated title, numerous plates and manu-
script notes. Folio, calf. Very fine copy.

London, 1697.

1232 EvERAED (John). Some Gospel Treasures, or the Holi-

est of all Unvailing. Discovering yet more the Riches
of Grace and Glory to the Vessels of Mercy. 4to,
sAeep. Germantown, Christopher Sower, 1757.

One of the scarcest of Sower's imprints.

1233 Everest (C. W.) Babylon. ^\o, cloth, gilt.

Hartford, mdcccxxxviii.

1234 [Everett (A. H)]. Europe, or a General Survey of the
sj 3L - - Present Situation of the Principal Powers, with conjec-

ijj tares on their Future Prospects. 8vo, hoards, uncut.

^ . Boston, 1822.

1235 Everett. Address at Charlestown, Mass., June 17th,

1836, in commemoration of the Battle of Bunker Hill.
8vo, pp. 72. Boston, 1836.

1236 EvERETTi(Edward). Eulogy on Thomas Dowse, of

Cambridgeport, 9th December, 1858. Port. 8vo, tinted
paper, cloth, gilt. Boston, mdccclix.

1237 Everett. Oration on the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of

the Battle of Bunker Hill, at Charlestown. 8vo, pp.
80. Boston, 1850.

1238 Everett. Battle of Bunker Hill. 8vo, pp. 80.

Boston, 1850.

1239 Everett. A Defense of Christianity against the Work

of George B. English, A. M., entitled The Grounds of
• Christianity Examined by comparing the New Testa-
ment with the Old. Extra thick paper, 12mo, hoards,
uncut. Scarce. Boston, 1814,

1240 Everett. The Discovery and Colonization of America.

Autograph. 8vo, pp. 32. Boston, 1853.

1241 Everett. Pamphlets (5), two Addresses by him, Eulo-

gies by Dana, Osgood and Hedge. 8vo.

Boston and Cambridge, 1853-65.


1242 Evils of the Revolutionary War. 12mo, pp. 14.

Brandon, Vt., 1847.

1243 EwBANK (Thos.) The World a Workshop, or the

Physical Relationship of Man to Earth. 12 mo, cloth.

New York, 1855.

1244 Ewer (Rev. F. C.) Relationship between Masonry and

Christianity, with an Account of the Centennial Mason-
ic Celebration, Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 12, 1862. 8vo,
pp.46. New York, 1862.

1245 Exact Copies of Advertisements of Persons Wanted to

claim Property of Deceased Relatives and Friends, in
Various Parts of the Country, the Australian and other
countries, also America, that have appeared in the Lon-
don, Provincial, Colonial, and Foreign Newspapers,
within the past 70 years. 12mo, stif covers.

London, 1847.

1246 Examination (An) of the various charges against Aaron

Burr, and a Development of the Characters and Views
of his Political Opponents! By Aristides. 8vo, pp. 77.

Philadelphia, 1803.
1246^ Examination (The) of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, be-
fore an August Assembly, relating to the Repeal of the
Stamp-Act, &c. 8vo, pp. 23. Rare ; wants title page.

Printed 1769.

1247 Examination (The) of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, before

an August Assembly relating to the Repeal of the
Stamp-Act, &c. 8vo, pp. 16. s.l.s.a.

1248 Examination of the New Tariff proposed by the Hon.

Henry Baldwin. By one of the People. 8vo, hoards,
uncut. New York, 1821.

1249 Examination (The) of the President's Message, 1801.

8vo, pp. 127. New York, 1802.

1250 Excommunication Excommunicated. 4to, pp. 24.

London, 1680.

1251 Exercises for Family and Secret Prayer. 24mo, Joard!*,

uncut. ' Boston, 1831.


1252 Exercises for Private Devotion. 24mo, clolh.

Boston, 1837.

1253 Exercises in Orthography. 12mo, hoards, Rare.

Providence, 1825.

On the Artemus Ward and Josh Billings system.

1254 Exhibit (An) of the Losses sustained at the office of

Discount and Deposit, Baltimore, under the administra-
tion of James A. Buchanan, and a Report of the Con-
spiracy Cases, tried at Hartford County Court, in Mary-
land. 8vo, hoards, uncut. Baltimore, 1823.

1255 Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, mdcccliv.

4to, pp. 67. London, 1854.

1256 Exile's (The) Return, or Narrative of Samuel Snow,

who was Banished to Van Dieman's Land, in 1838.

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