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the best man physically of the crew. After a short
residence at Marietta, he moved to Delaware
County, Ohio, and was among the first to settle
there. He improved a farm in the wilderness and
died there in 1855, when seventy-six years of age.

The father of our subject was reared on a farm
and agricultural pursuits have occupied his atten-
tion all his life. He has held all the township of-
fices where he lives and served two years as Sher-
iff of the countj', displaying much efficiency and
bravery in discharging the duties of this office. In
politics, he is a Democrat and he was elected to his
present position over a fifteen-hundred Republican
majoritj-. He was a member of the State Bo.ard of
Equ.alization in 1870, and is one of the prominent
men of his county. In his religious views, he is a
member of the Episcopal Church. He selected as
his companion in life Miss Mary Gl.ass, a native of
New Jersey, born May 10, 1822, and the fruits of
this union have been five children: Jay D., John,
Francis A., Jane A. and William R. The mother
is still living and is a member of the Episcopal
Church. Her father was of German, and her mo-
ther of Scotch-Irish, extraction.

From an earlj- age, our subject became familiar
with the duties of the farm and divided his time
in youth in assisting on the same and in attending
the district school in Delaware Country, Ohio, his
native county, where his birth occurred March 14,
1845. His marriage, which occurred April 9, 1868,
to Miss Mary C. Wright, a native of Kokomo,
Ind., born September 10, 1847, was blessed by the
birth of two children: Nellie B. and Mabel M.
After marriage, Mr. Smith settled in Delaware
County and farmed the home place until March
22, 1874, when he came to Bloomfield township,
Logan County. He purchased eighty acres one mile
north of where he now lives, all in the woods, and
cleared and improved all but two acres. In 1885,
he moved on his present farm, and although no
improvements had been made, Mr. Smith went to
work and by his energy and thrift h.as nearly all
of the one hundred and sixty-seven acres improved.


lie stands in the front ranks as an industrious,
progressive farmer and stock-raiser, and in the
management of everything connected with his
farm displays excellent judgment and thorough-
ness, qualities which can not fail of success. He
built his present house, a large frame one, in 1885,
and has two frame h.arns, one erected in 1887 and
the other in 1889. Mr. Smith's farm is a rich black
sandy loam, underlaid with limestone gravel. He
and Mrs. Smith are members of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church, are deeph' interested in all religious
work, and Mr. Smith is Assist.ant Superintendent
of the Sunday-school and teacher in the Bible class.
Mr. Smith was a Democrat in politics until
about a year and a half ago when he joined the
People's party and was nominated in the Lima
Convention, Fifth Congressional District, for Con-
gress. He was not aware of his nomination until
after it was over and he then tried to withdraw,
but an enthusiastic people ran him nevertlieless.
He received more votes in this township than
either of the other candidates. Mr. Smith is a de-
mitted member of the Masonic order, and has been
prominently identified with the Alliance, being
one of tlie charter members of the sixth subordinate
organization in the State. He served as Vice-
president of the State organization in 1889, and
was a member of the executive committee of the
State organization in 1890. He was tendered the
nomination for Governor on the Alliance ticket
at the State Convention held at Springfield, but he
would not accept. He was a delegate to the Na-
tional Convention at Omaha in January, 1891,
and is one of the most prominent and best-known
men of the county. He has a host of warm friends
and few, if any, enemies.


S. EARL. There is not a more truly popular
citizen of Auglaize County than the gen-
ial, warm-hearted man and honored soldier
^ whose name we now give. .Joseph Earl,
his grandfather, with his son Alanson and the bal-
ance of the family, emigrated from Canada to New

York State in the year 1813, and then, recognizing
the fact that Ohio was the Stite for the pioneer,
he emigrated there in 1815, and settled within
the borders of Logan County. From there Al-
anson Earl moved to Allen (that part now
Auglaize) County in the year 1833, and w.as there
married to Miss Rachel Day, daughter of Basil Day,
and a native of F.ayette County, Ohio. Previous
to his marriage, in 1832, he entered Government
land, forty acres, in section 8, Goshen Township,
Auglaize County, Ohio, erected a log cabin and his
mother kept house for him until after his mar-
riage. He and wife at once went to work to de-
velop their land, and by economy and good man-
agement became the owners of a comfortable
competency before their deaths. They passed their
last days on this farm, she dying in 1853, and he
in 1867. Of the ten children born to them, six still
survive, as follows: Sophia D. (Mrs. Mefferd), .J. S.
(our subject), Elizabeth Manning, W. J., R. D. and
Leonard. These children had limited educational
advantages in youth, attending school about three
months during the year, and being obliged to
walk about two miles to attend the subscription
schools of those d.ays. Both parents were members
of the United Brethren Church, in which the
father w.is Class-leader and Steward. He was at
one time a Whig, but upon the formation of the
Republican party he advocated its platform and
ever after upheld its principles.

J. S. Earl first saw the light of day in Goshen
Township, this county, in 1836, at the old home-
pl.ace, entered from the Government and cleared
by his father. He assisted his father in this work,
and remained with him until twenty }'ears of ace.
After this, until twenty-two years of age, he stud-
ied medicine with Dr. Blizard, of New Hampshire,
this count}-, and attended school during a portion
of this time. In 1860, he married Miss Margaret
M. Bidwell,a native of Auglaize Count}-, Goshen
Township, Ohio, and the daugliter of Josi.ah Bid-
well. Immediately after marri.ige, he went to work
at carpentering at New Hampshire, and continued
this business successfullj- until 1862. At that
time, he enlisted for three years in Company B,
Forty-fifth Ohio Infantry, and went to the
front at Dalton Hill, Ky., and commanded the



company at tlie first battle in which the regiment
was eng.Hged. After this, he was in the battle at
Knoxville, Teun., and commanded there also, and
at other times and in various skirmishes. He was
talvcn prisoner at the siege of Knoxville, was sent
first to Atlantii, Ga., and thence to Belle Isle, where
he contracted rheumatism. Afterward he was sent
to the hospital at Richmond, Va. He was captured
on the 18th of November, 1862, and paroled on
the 2d of May, 1864. On the 2d of June, 1864,
after having been in the Marine Hospital at Annap-
olis, Md., he joined his regiment at Burnt Hick-
ory, and was in the Sherman campaign. He re-
mained with his regiment and participated in all
its cng.agenients until mustered out in 186.5. He
participated in forty-seven battles in all, besides
numerous skirmishes, and through all dangers dis-
pl.ayed a heroism and bravery very unusual.

Returning to his home in Auglaize Countj',
Ohio, he laid down the weapons of warfare to
take up the implements of pe.ace, and was en-
gaged in carpentering for two years. In 1867,
after his father's death, he moved on the old farm
on section 8, Goshen Township, Auglaize County,
and was there engaged in tilling the soil until
1875. In 1872, he was called upon to mourn the
loss of his affectionate and much-loved wife. Their
union was blessed by the birth of four children,
only three now living: John A., James E., and
Sarah j\[., two of whom are married. In 1873,]Mr.
Earl was married to Miss Melissa McClean, daugh-
ter of Judge John McClean, of Auglaize County,
Ohio, who was one of the first Associate Judges of
the County Court, having been appointed by the
Governor in 1833. By the second marriage, our
subject became the father of six children, three of
whom are living: Mary, Mack S., and Mabel E.
All these children have had ver}' good educational
advantages. Mr. Earl and wife are church mem-
bers and very liberal contributors to all worthy
movements. He is Class-leader and Trustee in
the Methodist Protestant Church, in the village of
"VVaynestield. The first wife was also a church
member. Mr. Earl is a Republican in politics, and
was the first Mayor of Waynesfield. He li.as held
nearly all of the township ollices, and is promi-
nently identified with all movements of interest in

his county. He sold merchandise for twelve yeara,
but is now engaged in farming, at which he makes
a complete success. Ilis present residence is

QUIRE J. N. DEVORE. Logan County is
conspicuous for its magnificent farms that
I are faultless in way of management and
the order in which they are kept. Those
in Zane Township are especially advantageously
located, the land being rolling and well watered,
fertile and productive. No one is to be more com-
plimented on tlie i)crfect method and order with
which their agricultural affairs are conducted than
he whose name is above. He is engaged in farm-
ing and stock-raising one half mile northwest of
West Middleburgh, where he has a good home, the
house being commodious and attractive, and capa-
cious and well-filled barns and granaries. The
fields are wide-spreading and productive. Squire
Devore was born in Champaign Countj-, Ohio, on
the 16th of October, 1835, and is a son of Moses
and R.achel (Inskeep) Devore, both natives of
Ohio, the father being born in Champaign, and
the mother in Logan County.

Our subject's grandfather, James Devoi'e, was
born in France, and came to America when a
young man, settling fii-st in Washington County,
Pa., and afterward in Champaign County, Ohio,
where he was one of the early settlers. He was
married in Pennsylvania, to one of that State's
fair daughters, and reared a large family of chil-
dren. The father of our subject was born on the
22d of February, 1811, and p.assed his boyhood
and youth in his native county. He married
Miss Inskeep, who was reared in Logan County,
and who was the daughter of Joshua Inskeep,
a native of Virginia. Mr. Inskeep came to
Ohio in an early day, and was one of the
pioneei-s of Logan County, and a prominent
man. He was a preacher in the Methodist Episco-



pal Chinch, and also in the Methodist Protestant
Church, and built one of the lirst churches hi the
towushii). He was olso engaged in the sawmill busi-
ness for many years. In politics, he was a Whig.
Moses Devore and his wife celebrated their nup-
tials in Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio, in
1833, and afterward located in L'nion County,
Ohio, where tliey improved a large farm of four
hundred acres. A log cabin was first erected, but
this was subsequently removed, and a good sub-
stantial frame structure took its place. The mother
died when about forty-three years of age, but the
father is still living, resides on his farm in Union
Countv, and although eighty-one years of age,
time has dealt leniently with him, and he is still
quite active and vigorous. He has remained on
this farm ever since his marriage, with the excep-
tion of about three years, wlicn he went to take
care of his father and mother.

Of the nine children born to this worthy couple,
four sons and five daughters, all but one grew to
mature years, and four sons and tliree daughteis
still survive. Our subject, the second son and
second child, was educated in the log schoolhouse
of pioneer days, with slab seats and other crude
contrivances in the way of school furniture, and
assisted his father in clearing tlie home place. Be-
fore our subject was of age, he bought his time of
his father, paying $100 in cash for his services
from the age of twenty until he attained his ma-
jority. On the 23d of October, 1855, he led to the
altar Miss Mary Morton, a native of Ohio, born in
Columbiana County, December 2, 1835. She came
with her parents, Israel and Hannah (Conn) Mor-
ton, to Logan County when nine years of age.
.She was the youngest of ten children and w.as left
motlicrless when but an infant. Her father and
mother were natives of the Kej'stone Slate.

Following his marriage, our subject located first
in Union County, Ohio, where he remained two
years, and then removed to Zane Township, Logan
County, where he has made his home ever since
He first settled in a little log cabin, 18x18 feet, of
round logs, and in this he and his most excellent

and cultured wife resided for seventeen years,
gathering around them by energy, industry and
good management many comforts and conven-
iences. They improved the place in every way
and in 1875 erected a cozy and convenient house
which cost them #1,000. They now have one hun-
dred and seventy-one acres of as good land as is
to be found in the county, and the most of this
Mr. Devore cleared himself, it being covered with
heavy timber.

To IMr. and Mi's. Devore have been born seven
children, three daughters and four sons, .as fol-
lows: Jacob A., born in October, 1856, is at
home; Rachel B., deceased; .Jennie L., wife of F.
K. Johnson, of AVest Liberty, is a graduate of
Adrian College, Slich.; Moses G., at home; Lewis
X., attending the State LTniversity at Columbus,
Ohio, taking a civil engineering course; Laural
M., attending school at West Middleburgh, is a
bright student and is much interested in his
studies; and Sylvia A. died at the age of five
years. Mr. and Mrs. Devore have given their
children ever3' advant-age for receiving an educa-
tion and have every reason to be proud of the
progress they have made, for there is not a more
intelligent family in the county.

Mr. Devore is an advocate of Democratic prin-
ciples, and his first Presidential vote was cast for
Buchanan in I85C. He w.as a Trustee of the town-
ship for about five j'ears and held the position of
School Director for many years. There are three
Republicans to one Democrat in the township,
but Mr. Devore, who has a host of warm friends
in both parties, was elected Justice of the Peace in
1884, and h.as discharged the duties incumbent upon
tliis office in a creditable and satisfactory manner.
He was elected without his consent, and there has
been but one appeal of all the cases he has tried. His
docket for tlie past three years shows one hundred
and thirty-nine cases settled, mostly without suit.
He is a member of the Blue Lodge, A. F. A- A. JL,
of E.ast Liberty, and Lodge No. 247, Blazing Star
Chapter, at North Lewisburgh.




Adams, John 23

Adams, John Q 39

Ailes, Hon. H. S 385

Allen, P. B 269

Alspau^h , Joel 474

Amos, Gen. J. 5M

Anderson, Enoch MO

Andrews, Elizur 301

Armstrong, David M4

Arnett, John 446

Arthur, Chester A 99

Babcock, J. H 173

Bailey, John H 224

Baker, David If6

Bambcrser, Solomon 127

Barher, Austin 2.T3

Barth, William M7

Baumgarten, E. C 259

Beatty, Hon. W. W 159

Beebe, H. E.,M. D .351

Beeler, Henry 3:16

Bettii, Isaac 470

Bimel. William .523

Blakeley, W. H 439

Blume,L. X 561

Boals, M. C 529

Boesel , Hon . Jacob 545

Bosche, John H 432

Bowsher, William 45.i

Braden, James 389

Braden, John 395

Brand, Joseph C, Jr .588

Brewer, Clinton S 43:1

Brewer.E. N IfS

Brewer, Lewis C 437

Brewer, Nicholas 176

Brown , Ezra &lo

Brubaker, J. T 549

Buchanan, James 76

Buchanan, S. A 228

Buehler, Christian 564

Bullock. Col. C. F 378

Buss, A. C 574

Butcher, J. S 414

Campbell, J. Q. A 424

Canby,K. H 536

Cartley.John 497

Cherry, Amos 55.3

Chesher, C. B., M. D 4t6

Churchill, Charles 197

Clark, D. A 302

Cleveland, S. Grover 103

Clough.B. F 478

Clough, R. C 478

Cogan , Thomas 329

Connaughton, J. J 465

Conway, Rev. William 371

Cook, Henry 514

Cookston.C.C 230

Copelan J. Amos 4IM

Copeland , Joseph 440

Corwin, Oliver 323

Cost. John P 320

Costolo, J. W.,M. D 135

Coulter, Charles 206

Counts, William 287

Cowgill, John B ISO

Cummins. J. K 2W



, A. A...

Davis, D.J 408

Davis, George R 628

Denny, Dennis 190

Detrick. Samuel 422

Devore, J. N J92

Dickensheets. J. L, 486

Dine.C. L.. M. D 307

Doran, I. A., M. D 12S

Dowty, S. W 481

Dunson, A. A 47:

Earl.J.S 591

Ekermeyer, M. S..:>I. D 181

Elder, Abraham. M.D 551

Elliott, William 199

Emerson, J. D 619

Emerson. Thomas. M. D 402

Emert, J. F 447

Emery, G. E 254

Emery, W. K 260

Emley, A. H 232

English. L. J. N 479

Estey, WiUiam 2S8

Farnsworth, Rev. Charles. ..572

Fike, Lieut. J.acob D 5i>

Fillmore, Millard 67

Finlay, Archibaki 188

Fischer, Carl D 148

Fisher, C. M.. M. D 295

Fisk. Perrj- 467

Flickinger. Edward 453

Franke, August F. G 298

Freeman, E. K 326

Freyman , G. F 316

Frierolt. Benjamin 367

Fulkerson. G. W.. M D 222

Fuson. David .381

Galer.F. M. M. D 579

Gartleld. James A 95

Garwoo<i. George 258

Gerwels. A. W .tS9

Gierhart, A.J 401

Gillespie. D. K 585

Ginn. W. A 161

Glick. Darius 537

Gochenour. John H 434

Goode. S. G.,M. D .577

Gordon, Hon. R. B 170

Gordon. R. B.. Jr 386

Grabiel. John 313

Graf. Daniel 241

Grant. Ulysses S 87

Guthrie. Harvey 275

Hall, David ,558

Hall.W.M 578

Hamer, W. W.,M. D 415

Hamilton, Rev. G. W 413

Harbour, C. W. B., M. D 477

Harrison, Benjamin 107

Harrison, William Henry.... 60

Harrod. John 361

Harrod, Perry 506

Harrod, Samuel .562

Hasting, W.J 443

Hastings, Robert 168

Haass, John J 124

Haviland, W. T 315

Hawver. George W 294

Hayes, Rutherford B 91

Hellbusch, Henry :i08

Henry, George A 396

Herkenhoir. Frank 503

Hess. Jacob 374

Heston, Joseph S 499

Heusch, Louis H .349

Hipp, Maj. Charles 569

Hoffmann. J. L 187

Holmes. M. C 638

Holterman, Henry 391

Honne 11. Morris 239

Hoover, Rev. CD 533

Hoover, James S 516

Hoskins, S. A 192

Housman, W. M . M. D 587

Howbert, Rev. A. R 195

Howell. B. F 427

Hubbard , Thomas 369


Hubbell, J. A., M. D 20)

Hubbell.S. K 5m

Huber. Allen 405

Huber, John, Sr 377

Huenke, Louis 523

HulTDian, Isaac B 1«8

Hume, Hon. Huhbaril 2U

Hunt.B. S.,JM. D ifiS

Hunter, F.C.JI.D 27(i

Hussev, M.F.,M.D 201

Inderrieden, J. D. ,

Jackson, Andrew 43

Jellersou, Tliomas 27

Jelly, Hugh 477

Jenkins, Jesse 318

Johnson, Andrew S3

Johnston, Fielden 47G

Johnston, Hiram 421

Johnston, S. J 3;iS

Justice, S. H .541

Kalb, Rev. G.L 5IH

Kaufman, J. M ISO

Kautznian, John 147

Keller. John 2(13

Kelsey , J. T 426

Kennedy, Gen. R. P 362

Kennedy, Col. 'Williani 2.)!

Kettler, William 297

Keve, W. R.,M. D 550

Key, John, Sr 425

Kishler, W. G., M. D 368

Knau, Conrad 390

Knox, J. \V 212

Koch,D. W 457

Koehl, Frank 513

Kohler, Andrew 265

Koop, Henry 4.50

Kramer, Lewis 286

Krapf, William 292

Krebs R. I., 3L D 175

Kruse. William 483

Kuenzel,H. C 208

Lance, Rev. William W 580

Lanfcrsieck, J. F 180

Laufersweiler, John 212

Lawrence, Hon. William.. ..117/

Layton,Col.C. A 582

Le.\pley, Quin 569

Lincoln, Abraham 79

Lindeniuth, D B 227

Linn, W. M 316

Linzee, Benjamin 380

Littlejohn, Georje 406

Loirer, S. E .' 398

Longworth, Thomas 448

Ludlum, Siiuire E 155

Lukcns,John F 531

Lusk, J.F 531

Lutz, Rev. Joseph 243

Mader, Andrew 480

Madison, James 31

Makemson, Cyrus 416

Manchester, J. H 392

Marquis, Hon. W. V 143

Marshall. G. A 176

Martin, Alexander 412

Mathers, Hugh 548

Maxson , Simeon .586

Maxwell, B. W 138

May, John 639

McCaslin, Rev. Robert 2.50

McCormick, T. B 270

McCune, C. J 490

McEvoy, John 2.S4

McFarland, F. J 218

McFarland, Frank 3:;i

McFarland, S. W 215

McKee, Charles P 136

McMurray, W.J 3P3

Means, L. N 383

Metz, William 397

Milholland, William, M. D. . .319

Miller, Jeremi.ih .356

Miller, John N 5a5

Miller, Noah :H8

Mi Her, Rev. William 310

MillholT, Rev. P. J 517

Miltenbi'rger, Hon. Thomas. 552

Monroe, James 35

Montgomery, J. S., M. D 243

Mooney, M. J 3ft4

Mott.Col. S. R 216

Musscr. John 463

Lamb, J. U.
Lamb, R. D.

I Nickell, A.M...
Nicter, F. H. L.

I Nietert, H. J. F

Noble, John C 534

Noble, N.T.,M. D 171

Outland.P. P.,M. I)..
Outland, W. H., M. D. ,

Paul, Jacob 1G9

PepplcC.C 458

Piatt, Col. Bonn l.«

Pierce, Franklin 71

Piper, Edward .M 493

Plum, W. H. H 316

Polk, James K .59

Prater. Lanford, M. D 357

Price, John A 556

Purpus, Edward 128

Purpus, Theodore 182

Rabe, William 515

Randall, D. W 575

Ratermann , Joseph 149

Rebstock, Hon. A. J 139

Reddish, A. W.,M. D 5««

Reichelderfer, John 335

Renick.J. R 454

Richardson, F. A., 5L D 497

Rinehart.H.T 285

Ritchie, Jacob H 509

Roach, W. W 1S5

Roebuck, W. S 272

Rogepi, E. H .566

Romshe, George 327

Rowand. M. V 437

Rubart, R. W 139

Rulmann,R. A, M. D 2.57

Rush, I. W 209

Russell, John A 274

Schmidt, Christian 345

Schulenberg, William 178

Scott, Dr. J. L 196

Scott, Samuel .542

Shaw,E. V...... 460

Shaw, W.H., M. I) 446

Shawver, Daniel 162

Shoaff, A. P 370

Shroyer, Henry 431

Shroyer, J.F 524

Shroyer, Levi 352

Shubert, Nicholas 247

Sidcsinger, L. W 273

Sidney Public Library 272

Sievenling.F 500

Singley, Rev. W. H 153

Skillen, Thomas 560

Skillen, W. A .535

Slack, James 5.33

Smith. Aaron A 483

Smith, John 690

Smith, John 418

Smith, Wesley 253

Smoot.C. E.,M. D 237

Snow, W. M 178

Speckman, Frederick 485

Staley. J. M 238

Slaley, Nicholas 417

Steinemann, T. B 365

Stoker, William 218

Stokes, C. CM.D 563

Stough. William 428

Stroh. G. H 297

Stueve. C. A 144

Sturgeon. T. S 309

Sullivan. Jonn L 663

Sutton, J. G..M. D 210

Swan. E. A..M. D 507

Sweigart, Benjamin 221

Swisher. Maj. Joseph 405

Taeusch, H. W 231

Tam. Milton 137

Taylor, O. J .571

Taylor, Zachary 63

Thatcher. J. W 263

Thomas, David 283

Thomson, C. E 408

Timmermeister, J. H 283

Titus, S. B 374

Tschudin. William 413

Turner, Ehud 517

Tyler, John 65

Van Buren, Martin 47

Van Horn, J. S 540

Van Horn, Jacob ,559

Van Oss, George ISl

Vitz, Rev. Martin 150

Vogelsang, Fred 210

Vosler, Christian 211


Walkup, Frank bl\

Walkup, Thomas, M. D 411

Walton, J. B ZU

Wanzer, Hon. C. M 520

Washington, George 19

Way, James E 508

Weadock, James M 403

Werst, J. A 527

West, Hon. W. H 459

White, John R. .^202

Whitworth. Prof. Henry 126

W.lkin3,C. M 200

Wilkins, W. P 22!

Williams, Christie •-•41

Williamson, Prof. C. W 249

Wilson, Albeit , M. D 444

Wilson, Jam«s. Jr .■532

Wirick.G. W 557

Wisener. J. G

Wones, Simon

Wrights, Samuel...
Wyman, Hon. W. C. .

Young, P. M 564

Young, Samuel 469

Young, William 145

Zearing, I. N

Zedeker, John W.



Adams, John 22

Adams, John Q 38

Allen, P. B 2iS

Andrews, Elizur 300

Andrews, Mrs. Elizur 299

Arthur, Chester A 98

Babcock, J. H 472

Beatty, Hon. W . W 15S

Braden, James 3^S

Braden, John 394

Brewer, L. C J36

Buchanan, James 74

Cleveland, S. Grover 102

Corwin, Oliver 323

Corwin, Mrs. Jane .322

Dine, C. L., M. D 306

Fillmore, Millard B6

Flickinger, Edward 452

Frierott, B 366

Garfield, J. A 94

Grabiel, John 312

Grant, U.S 86

Harrison, Benjamin IOC

Harrison, W. H 60

Harrod, John 360

Hayes, R.B 90

HerkenholT, Frank 502

Howbert.Kev. A. R ..194

Hubbell, J. A..M. D 204

Huenke, Louis .522

Jackson, Andrew 42

Jefferson, Thomas 2fi

Johnson, Aiidrew S3

Koehl, Frank J12

Krebs, R. I.,M. iJ 174

Lawrence, Hon. William 116

Lincoln, Abraham 78

Madison, James 30

Marquis, Hon. W. V 142

McFarland, S. W 214

Means, L. N 382

Monroe, James 34

JIusser, John 462

Nieter, F. H. L 278

Nieter, Jlrs. Maria S 279

Piatt, Col. Donn 131

Pierce, Franklin 70

Piper, E. M 492

Polk. J. K ., et

Ko.-«:h, W. W :.184

Rulmann, R. A., M. D 258

Schmidt. Christian 344

Shroyer, Henry 430

Shubert, Nicholas 246

Sing tey. Rev. W. H 152

Smith, John 419

Steinemann,T. B 3'

Sweigart. Benjamin '_-20

I'aylor, Zachary €2

Tyler, John 54

Van Buren, Martin 46

Washington, George 18

Walkup, Thomas, M. D 410


Bailey, J. H

Copeland, Joseph.

Emery, W. K

Estey, William.. ..
Gierhart, A. J

Hasting. W.J 141

He^, Jacob 375

Krapf, William 299

Online LibraryW. O. AbsherPortrait and biographical record of Auglaize, Logan and Shelby Counties, Ohio : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, together with biographies and portraits of all the Presidents of the United States → online text (page 75 of 76)