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General Editor ... ... T, M. Blagg, F.S.A.




parish register series.

vol. ccvi. (pekbvskire, vol. xil).

One hundred and fifty printed.

Parish Registers

General Editor :


Edited by



ft c^ t fj

ILonlron :

Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., Ltd.,

124, Chancery Lane.



So many parishes in S.E. Derbyshire have been dealt with
in this Series that it was hoped and intended that the present
volume would be devoted entirely to the High Peak district
and would contain a compact group of adjacent parishes, an
arrangement which always brings out in a peculiar degree the
value of this method of printing the complete Marriage Registers
of a whole district. Unfortunately it was not found possible
to obtain sufficient MS. from the High Peak without delaying
indefinitely the issue of the volume, already overdue. The
latter third of the book, therefore, has been filled with the
important Register of Repton, the MS. of which had been ready
for some time. The Repton abstracts were made by Mr.
Simpson and Mr. E. B. Smith ; those of Chapel-en-le-Frith,
which contain so many entries of old-established Peak families
as to be of exceptional interest to genealogists, were done by
Mr. W. Braylesford Bunting ,; and those of Fairfield and
Buxton are kindly supplied by Mr. John Brandreth and Mr.
G. D. Goodman respectively. JL3T9J_00

The thanks of the Subscribers must be accorded to the
incumbents of all the parishes for kindly giving permission to
print these abstracts.

It should be remembered that previous to 1752 the year
was calculated as beginning on the 25th of March, instead of
the I St of January, so that a marriage taking place on say

2oth February, 1625, would be on that date in 1626 according
to our reckoning ; but as the civil and ecclesiastical year were
both used, this is sometimes expressed by 20th Feb., 162 1.

In all cases where the marriage is stated to have taken
place by Licence, that fact is recorded, as the searcher thereby
knows that further information as to the age, parentage and
vocation of the parties is probably recoverable from the
Allegations in the Archdeaconry or other office from which
the Licence issued.

After 1753 it is to be assumed that all parties not other-
wise described are stated to be of the home parish, and bachelor
and spinster respectively.

It might be well to remind the reader that these printed
abstracts of the Registers are not legal "evidence." For
certificates application must be made to the local clergy.

T. M. B.
W. B. B.

Ll. Ll. S.
124, Chancery Lafie, London,
May, 1 9 14.



Fairfield ^ !:>^.t.\^u^^ f^ [y. O

Buxton ( ... '" -..J






1756-1837 .

.. 87


• 95

1578-1837 .

•• 105

Derb^ebtre lpari6b IRcgtstcre*

Marriages at

1621 to 1837.

Note. — The earliest existing Register at the Parish Church of Chapel-
en-le-Frith commences 3rd Dec, 1620. There is no trace or sign
of any earUer one.

Volume I. is strongly bound in leather boards, the backs
being off and now tied to the book with string. It is in fair con-
dition, though the edges are worn and the leaves stained by damp
and age and rather brittle, but, with a few exceptions at the
bottoms and lower corners, the writing is legible. The leaves
measure iijin. by 7 Jin., and the volume contains, in addition to
three leaves of rough paper at the front and the like at the back,
220 leaves of strong, thick paper. The Register proper is contained
on 198 leaves, the remainder being occupied by lists of the " officers
of the Parish both for the Church and Iving " for the period covered
by the Register, and by particulars of collections made on Briefs.
At the foot of many pages of the Register appear the names of the
minister, churchwardens, and parish clerk.

The Register is headed " Registrum seu liber Registrarm
occurrentum omninum in parochiali Ecclesia Capella in le Frith
ab anno incarnationis 1620. Guil. Bray tunc temporis ibidem
curato." The first entry is on 3rd Dec, 1620 ; the last on 15th
Nov., 1698, and there are about 2,639 Baptisms, 2,982 Burials,
and 295 Marriages. One leaf is mutilated, a portion at the bottom
which would contain about three entries having been apparently
cut out, thus creating gaps between 6th June and loth August
and between 31st October and 5th November, 1680.

A blank page follows an entry on i6th June, 1697, the entry
at the top of the next page being dated 5th September. This
may have been intended to be filled up later and never completed.

Two instances are noted (30th Sep., 1652 and 4th Nov., 1662)
where a marriage is entered out of its proper place and at the top
Derbyshire— XII. b

Derbyshire Parish Registers.

of a page the remainder of which contains a record of the issue
of these marriages, names of god-parents, etc. From other evi-
dence there is no doubt that these entries of marriage are in the
handwriting of Mr. Thomas Bowden, of Bowden Hall, with whom
in each case the parties were connected.

In several cases there are records of, apparently, the same
parties being re-married at intervals of some weeks, but no ex-
planations occur in the Register.

There are a few notes by the churchwardens as to allotments
of seats, etc., and from time to time records of copies of the Register
and delivery of same to the Archdeacon.

ist June, 1647 to 19th Oct., 1648 is in Latin, in a cramped
hand, probably that of the minister, Rev. Robt. Gee ; March,
i65|- to Oct., 1636 is badly and loosely written ; June, 1664 to
August, 1683 in straggling and untidy hand or hands ; Oct., 1687
to March, 169J is in several hands and carelessly kept. The first
page is in Latin in the same good hand as the inscription at the
head of the Register. April, 1693 to the end is in Latin. The
rest of the Register is in fairly good order.

Volume IL commences loth November, 1696 and ends 14th
May, 1745. An interpolated note on page i, in a dark ink and
modern hand, states : " The entries in this Regr. from Nov., 1696
to July, 1697 are copies (as it appears) from the Regr. No. i, or
are rather translations." See note to Volume I.

The book is stoutly bound in leather, the back being rather
loose, many of the first 35 leaves being nearly loose, and some
quite so ; 5 leaves at the end are also loose. Some of the leaves
are more or less worn at the edges, and in the middle of the book
the ink is a good deal faded, as if by damp. On the whole it is
not in such good condition as Volume I.

The Register contains 176 leaves (each 11 fin. by 8in.) and
352 pages. Page 100 is blank, and so are even numbers to 250,
also 260, 262, 268 to 276 even numbers. No Marriages are en-
tered in these pages, but there are occasional notes as to burial in
woollen, etc. and some few entries of Baptisms and Burials. Leaf
No. 61 has evidently come loose and has been pasted backwards
way, the order of the pages being reversed. On pp. 79-101 is a
copy of a Conveyance, dated 22nd July, 1719, from Thomas
Bagshaw, of Bakewell, esq., to the Governors of Queen Anne's
Bounty of Lands in the parish of Chapel-en-le-Frith for the aug-
mentation of the Benefice. All entries are legible, but the entries
in some parts of the latter half of the Register are rather carelessly

Volume III. contains Marriage entries from 7th January,
1746 to 12th March, 1754. The book is in good order, but badly
kept, and almost undecipherable in some places.

Chapel-en-le-Frith Marriages. 3

No. I Marriage Register. — This book is labelled on the
back " No. i Marriage Reg. from 1754 to 1783." It is well bound
in leather and is in good preservation except that the back has
been patched. The leaves measure iG^in. by ii-|-in. It is an
official book with the printed title " Register of Banns and Mar-
riages . . . pursuant to the form prescribed by an Act of Parlia-
ment passed in the 26th year of King George II.," etc. The title
and one or two other pages are loose. The book contains 50
leaves or 100 pages of printed Marriage Register forms, four to a
page, and the same number of leaves and pages of Banns five to a
page. Following the last page of the Marriage Register a sheet of
thin blue paper has been inserted, on which is pasted a written
form as to the marriage of James Carrington and Elizabeth Hallam,
duly signed b}' the parties, minister, and witnesses. This is sub-
sequent in date to the last entrj' in the Register proper.

The Book thus contains 401 entries : the first on 14th May,
1754, numbered i, the last on 12th January, 1793, numbered 399.
The first page is numbered i, the last 105. The numeration of the
pages and entries of marriages has been rather careless. Page 13
is followed by page 19 (both on the same leaf) ; in the entries the
numbers pass from 90 to 100 ; after 157, 148 to 157 inclusive are
repeated ; 167 occurs twice ; 233 also occurs twice, and 234 is
omitted. Entry number 15 (Pott and Burdikin) is out of order
and should be 14. A word after " twenty " in this entry appears
to have been erased, and the word " second " inserted. The first
Banns entr}- is on 21st April, 1754 ; the last, 24th June, 1792. In
all, 199 entries numbered correctly to 179, then 190 to 209.

No. 2 Marriage Register. — This is an official book, printed
by authority of 26 Geo. II. It is well bound in leather boards and
is in good condition. The pages measure I3in. by 9yy-, and about
one-third of the book has been used ; there is space for four entries
on each page. The pagination and numbering of the entries is
continued from the previous book, the first page being No. xo6
and the last used 348, and the first entry is numbered 400. This
numeration is continued to 516, the next entry being 134, and so
on to 446. There are actually 575 entries, but the numbers are
sometimes duplicated, and several times jump about ten at once.
All the forms are filled up, and the book is in good order, but some
of the entries are made in slovenly fashion. The first entry is
dated 4th March, 1783 ; the last, 28th Dec, 1812.

No. 3 Marriage Register. — This Register is a large folio
book published by authority of the King's Printers, and is in good
condition. The pages and entries (of which there are three to
each page) are numbered in print.

B— 2

4 Derbyshire Parish Registers. [162 1

The actual number of entries is 520, and they end at No.
524. Entries Nos. 441, 443, and 444 are blank and are scored
through. Entry No. 442 has been partly filled up in error, as is
explained by a marginal note signed by the then Perpetual Curate,
and is scored through. With these exceptions the book is in good

These abstracts have been made by Mr. William Braylesford
Bunting, and are now printed under his supervision by permission
of the Rev. J. Qifton Stredder, vicar of Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Volume I.

George Bowden, of Bowden, gent., & Dorothy

d. of Nicholas Browne, of Marsh, esq.... 24 Ap. 1621

George Deurnelee, of Darwen [?], & Alice

Chapman... ... ... ... 2 May

Humphrey Thornell, of Warmbrook, & Anne

Hallom, p. Hope ... ... ... 14 May

Ralph Kyrke, s. of Nicholas Kyrke, of Chapel
Milton, & Dorothy, d. of John Lingard,
ofC. ... ... ... ... 5 Aug. „

John Bennet, a stranger, & Margaret Forde, w. 5 Aug.

Arthur Hill & Ellen Lowe... ... ... 19 May 1622

George, s. of Peter Kyrke, of C, & Margaret,

d. of George Hadfeild, of Chapel Milton 23 Feb. 162^

George, s. of John Sherte, of Bowden Head, &
Ellen, d. of George Hadfeild, of Chapel
Milton, p. Glossop ...

Edward Kyrke, of the Lane, & Joan, d. of
Edward Bowler, of Bagshaw

Francis Swindells, p. Stockport, & Mary
Daniell, of C.

Robert Carington, of Bugsworth Green, &
Ellen, d. of John Carington, of Black-

Robert, s. of Edward Ollerenshawe, of Tun-
stead, & Margaret Foard, of Horwich

Ralph Stadon, p. Hartington, & Dorothy
Wright, of Bridgefield

George Lowe & [blank] Hopwood ...

Robert Carington, of Chinley Houses, & Joan,

d. of Robert Bagshawe, late of Dalehead 4 Feb. 162^

27 Jan.

7 Feb.

27 July

I Sep.

7 Jan.

6 Feb.

19 Feb.

'^^33] Chapel-en-le-Fnth Marriages.

Thomas Lowe & Joan Creswell, late wife of

Ewen Creswell, of Bowdenhead
Henry Lomas & Ellen Cowper, p. Selston, co.

Nottm. ...
Thomas Neawall & Elizabeth Shawe, both

this p.
Thomas Cohin, p. Prestbury, & Elizabeth

Bennet, of this p. ...
George Wood, of Ford, & Elizabeth Palmor,

George Lowe, of Chapel Milton, & Anne Hill,

of Townend
James Bennet, of Hobcroft, & Grace Willson,

of Chinley
Nicholas Cleaton & Mary Hill, p. Castleton ...
Robert Olliver & Grace Allen, p. Pyegreave ...
Edward Lingard, p. Glossop, & Alice Mortin,

of this p. ...
George Ellis & Joan Gowle, of the Forest
William Jackson, p. Glossop, & Mary Robin-
son, of this p.
Peter Kyrke, of C, & Ellen Bramwall, of

Bradwell ...
Ottewell Lowe & Anne Lomas, of Greave

House, both this p.
Thomas Stafford, of the Bothoms, gent., &

Dorothy, d. of Thomas Bagshawe, of

the Ridge, esq.
Thomas Greenesmith, of Maglow, & Anne, d. of

WilHam Hyde, of New Mill ...
Nicholas, s. of Ralph Creswell, of Malcalf, &

Anne Carington, of Edale
Matthew Shore, of Edale, & Anne Carington,

of the Blackbrook ...
Edward Hadfield, of Milton, & Joan Carington,

of the Blackbrook ...
Francis Bradshawe, esq., & Lettice Clarke,

" the stepe daughter to Sir Harry

Bagott, knight "
George Warington & Margaret Moulte
John Stafford, of Knutsford, co. Chester, &

Anne Lowe ... ... ... 1 5 July

21 May


8 July


8 July


2 Dec.


ij Jan.


20 Ap.


4 May
25 May
15 June

15 June

iS July


10 Oct.


10 July


21 Sep.


18 Dec.


14 Feb.


27 May


28 July


29 July


31 July

18 May


Derbyshire Parish Registers.


Thomas Sherte, of Bowdenhead, & Margaret

Wilkson, of the Carhowses, co. Chester 8 Aug. 1633
Nicholas Bradshawe, of Milton, & Jane

Hurdesfeild, of the Folds ... ... 21 Oct.

Edmund Mellor, of Hallhill, & Mary Smith,

w.,ofC. ... ... ••• 23 Oct.

Robert Tunsteed, of Stodhart, & Mary Bram-

wall ... ... ... ... 5 Nov. „

Edward Kyrke, als. Shore, & Margaret

Andrew, of Hargate Wall ... ... 25 May 1634

Nicholas Sherte, of Bowdenhead, & Katherine

Mottersheed ... ... ... 27 May

Thomas Barbor, of Malcalf, & Ellen Taylor, w.,

ofShireoaks ... ... ... 6 June „

Adam Eyre, of Crookhill, & Ellen Stevenson,

of Shatton ... ... ... 29 Nov. ,,

Thomas Bowden & Ehzabeth Crosley, of Tun-
stead Mill ... ... ... II Jan. 163I

John Chadwicke & Anne Townend, of the

Forest ... ... ... ... 5 Ap. 1635

George Bowdon & Ehzabeth Allen ... ... 19 May

Francis Bennet, of Fernilee, & Grace, d. of

George Thornell, of Warmbrook ... 8 Oct.
Thomas Kyrke, of Shireoaks, & Anne Show, w. 28 Feb. 163^
James Lowe, of Chinley, & Elizabeth Bagshawe 26 Ap. 1636
Robert Moulte, of Whitehough, " maried his

wife the 13th daye " ... ... 13 July

Charles Ashton & Anne Creswell ... ... i Feb. 163^

Richard Slater & Frances Bennett ... ... 7 May 1637

Thomas Doulfin & Alice Mosse ... ... 10 June ,,

Robert Jowle & Jane Wood ... ... 11 June „

Robert Tunsteed & Susan Barbor, of Castleton 9 Dec. ,,
Charles Ashton, of Owlgreave, & Dorothy

Whildon ... ... ... ... 21 May 1638

George Wright cS: Ehzabeth Wawhurst ... 21 July

Wilham Cowp[er] & Ellen Wood, of Ford ... 5 Sep.
John Bennett, taylor, & Anne, d. of Thomas

Watts, of the Forest ... ... 4 Oct.

Anthony Ollerenshaw, of the Lanehead, &

Joan Jackson ... ... ... 27 Jan. 163^

Thurston Kyrke, of Bowdenhead, & Margaret

Chapman... ... ... ... 2 Feb. ,,

164^] Chapel-en-le-Frith Marriages. \

Ellis Furnis & Erne Peake, of the Forest ... 16 Feb. 163^
William Heaward, of the Forest, & Elizabeth

Shatwall ...
Thomas Sherte, of C, & Mary Millner
WilHam Bennett, of Bradshaw, & Anne Lomas
Robert Hyde, of Manchester, & Anne Bennet,

of Fernilee
Nicholas Shatwall, of Bagshaw, & Ellen Watts
Francis Newton & Anne Shatwall ...
John Lomas & Mary Kenorley, of Derby
George Wright & Elizabeth Creswell
Thomas Lomas & Jane Beyley
Arnould Kyrke & Mary Lingard, als. Creswell
Francis Clarke & Margaret Holliworth
Edward Bennet, of Eccles, & Anne, d. of

Edward Thornell, of the Marsh
Thomas Elnor & Ann Hollinshed ...
Thomas Kindar & Mary Holland ...
Thomas Pearson, of the Forest, & Joan Wood
William Walker, of Tideswell, & Katharine

Creswell, of Blackbrook
Abraham Taylor, of Ashton, & Anne Bealott,

of this p. ...
William Barbor & Mary Taylor, both of Malcalf
John Howe, p. Hope, & Anne Time, of the

John Savage, p. Tideswell, & Ellen Chadwicke
Nicholas Kyrke, of the lane, & Bridget Moulte
William Barber, of Malcalf, & Mrs. Elizabeth

Roade, of Bradshawe, co. Stafford
Francis Gee, of Lydgate, & Dorothy Tunstid,

of Stodhart
" Thomas Shuttleworth was maryed at Chap-
pell le Frith the 9th day " ...
John Andrew, p. Glossop, & Ehzabeth Pott,

p. Prestbury

Robert Hesketh & Mary [sic], p. Stockport

James Mellor & Mary Fearne, both of Hope ...
Thomas Sherte & Anne Mycoke, both of this p.
Ralph Gee, of Lydgate, & Anne Hurdsfield, p.

Glossop ... ... ... ... 28 Feb.

23 May
3 June


12 June


5 Dec.

19 Jan.

26 Ap.
28 Ap.

3 May

27 July

28 July
17 Aug.



30 Nov.

19 May
14 June
II July


25 Sep.


14 Nov.


2E Nov.


25 July
15 Dec.


16 Feb.


19 Oct.


7 July


9 July


5 Jan.


24 Jan.

8 Feb.


12 Feb.


Derbyshire Parish Registers.


John Carington & Alice Morewood ...
Ralph Boore cSc Elena Pierson
Arthur Slacke & Cecilia Moseley
Robert Clayton & Isabella Pott
George Wright & Grace Thornell ...
Ralph Waterhouse & Elizabeth Booth
Nicholas Bagshaw & Dorothy Lingard
Leonard Rhodes & Annie Breareley
James Straitbarrel & Maria Fowler [?]
Robert Hage & Ellen Bennet, of Whitl^eld ...
John Barber, of Edale, & Barbara Cresswell,

of Ford ...
Francis Lucas & Anne Hewistan, both p.

Robert Bagshawe & Anne Yonge, of Ford
Nicholas Cresswell, of Blackbrook, & Anne

Marchinton, of Roeside
John Kyrke & Joan Mellor, p. Glossop
Francis Nell, p. Rotherham, & Constance

Daniel, of C.
Peter Kyrke, of C, & Eliz. Cottrell, of Kinder
Thomas Cleaton, of Blackbrook, & Grace

Mellor, of Townend
Thomas Allen & Dorothy Bagshawe, of C. ...
Thomas Lowe & Margaret Bowdon, of latche

Botham, p. Glossop
John Sutton & Anne Barber, of Sutton, both

p. Prestbury
George Mellor & Anne Haugh, both this p. ...
Thomas, s. of Henry Lomas, of Rye Flatt, &

Anne, d. of Simon Buxton, of Chel-

morton, p. Bakewell
Henry Bagshawe, of C, & Ellen Bore, p. Eyam,

born in Wind Wesson, co. Chester
Thomas Bowdon & Anne, d. of Edward

Kyrke, of Brownside
♦Nicholas Bowdon, of Bowdon, gent., & Mary,

d. & coheiress of Thomas Barnby, esq.,

of Barnby, co. York

This eatry is out of order and is entered at the top of a page, the
remainder of which is chiefly occupied by particulars as to the
issue of this marriage.

9 June
10 June


23 June
8 Oct.

30 Oct.
2 Nov.

II Dec.

4 June

23 June

31 July


26 Dec.


24 June
28 Aug.


22 Nov.

23 Feb.


28 Feb.
14 Mar.


zy July
I Ap.


21 Oct.


27 Oct.
8 Dec.


26 May


23 Nov.


26 May


30 Sep.


i66i] Chapel-en-le-Fvith Marriages. 9

Hugh Bradall & Mary Midelton, p. Hope ... 13 Mar. i65f
Hugh Hill & Elizabeth Kyrke, in p. Hope ... 13 Mar. „
Henry Kirke, of Courses, & Elizabeth Lonias,

ofRyeFlatt ... ... ... 27 Nov. 1656

John Jackson & Margaret Gibb, of Bagshaw... 28 Ap. 1657
Thomas Kyrke & Margaret Lomas ... 5 May

" There came to Chappell from Tideswell &

Litton 17 marriages all married by

Randle Ashenhurst, esq., Justice of the

Peace" ... ... ... ... 5 May 1657

Henry Kyrke & Alice Chrouhley ... ... 28 May

George Mellor & Elizabeth Howe ... ... 16 June „

Thomas Knowles & Dorothy Ford, both of

this p. ... ... ... ... 8 Aug. „

Thomas Bowdon, of Laneside, & Grace Bag-

shawe, of the Holhn Knowle [sic] ... 9 Jan. 165I
Thomas Bowdon, of Laneside, married Grace

Bagshawe, of Holhn Knowle, the 14th

day, and was married by Mr. Thomas

Clayton, minister of this parish [sic]... 14 Feb.
John Garhcke, p. Taxal, & Margaret Roo-

bothome, p. Stockport ... ... 18 Feb.

Lawrence Hall & Margaret Barnes, in p.

Glossop ... ... ... ... 20 Feb.

Edward Wright, of Baghouses, & Ann Need-
ham, of Burbage, p. Hartington ... 8 June 1658
John Blummyhe, of Macclesfield, milner, &

Mary Overton, of Bradwell .. . ... 24 Ap. 1659

Mr. Thomas Clayton, of Cunliffe, in Little Har-

wood, p. Blackburn, co. Lanes., clerk,

sometime minister of Chapel, & Mrs.

Elizabeth Bagshawe, d. of Mr. Thomas

Bagshawe, and of his wife, of Ridge Hall 14 June 1660
Peter Brammall, of Chapel town, & Elizabeth

Beard, of Chapel Milton ... ... 9 July „

Nicholas Creswell, of C, & Katherine Kyrke,

of Blackbrook ... ... ... i Dec. „

George Bagshaw, of C, & Helen Lingard, of

Chapel Milton, p. Glossop ... ... 13 Dec. „

James Cow[f ?]y, of this p., & Elizabeth

Robinson, p. Glossop ... ... 23 Ap. 1661

— May

7 Sep.


14 Sep.


24 Jan.


I Feb.


26 Feb.

15 Ap.


10 Derbyshire Parish Registers. [1661

Mr. William Adderly, of Bramshall, p. Ut-

toxeter, co. Stafford, & Mrs. Sarah Had-

feild, of Ridge Top, p. Glossop. " The

intention of their marriage was not

published at our Church, but they were

Hcensed thereunto by the Bishop of the

Diocese"... ... ...[No date]

Charles Ashton, of Gorstylow, p. Glossop, &

Anne Cowper, of Owlgreave
John Lowe, of Cockyard, & Anne, d. of

Thomas Gee, of Hayfield
William Walklate, sometime of Newfield, &

Margaret Hugh, of Wilmslow, w.
John Turner & Margaret Adsheed, both of

Robert Enley & Elizabeth Bond, both of Hay-

Thomas Wild & Mary Hadfield, of Prestbury
Thomas Marshall, of Combshead, & Mary, d.

of Roger Worthington, of AdHngton,

CO. Chester ... ... ... iS Ap.

Charles Malkin, p. Cutlyonorton [? Norton

Cuckney], co. Nottm., & Anne, d. of

[blank] Garlyck, of Dinting, p. Glossop 20 May
Thomas Cowper, of Owlgreave, & Anne Lomas,

of Thornilee ... ... ... 27 May

John Smyth & Helen Morecrofte, both of

Disley ... ... ... ... i June

Edward Lomas, of Thornilee, & Clemence, d.

of John Ashton, of Gorstylow, p. Glossop 12 July
Leonard Littlewood, of the Lane Head, & Anne

Redfearne, both p. Hope ... ... 2 Aug.

John Hill & Helen Pancrofte, both of Taxal... 3 Aug.
Thomas Grecnesmith, of Maglow, & EHzabeth

Ferneley, of Lanehead, p. Glossop ... 28 Oct.
John, s. of William Bennett, of Chinley, &

Anne, d of Anthony Bealott, of Castle-
naze ... ... ... ... 19 Nov.

John Heath, p. Brampton, & Mary, d. of

Edward Bothams, of Tomlane ... 20 Nov.

Thomas Lomas & Mary, d. of Thomas Fox-

lowe, both of Haylee (by banns) ... 22 Jan.

1665] Chapel-en-le-Fyith Marriages.


Robert Ollerenshaw, of Lanehead, & Margaret,

d. of Edward Ollerenshaw, of Olleren-
shaw ... ... ... ... 28 Feb. i66§

John Shert, of Bowdcnhead, & Elizabeth, d.

John Stadon, of Aspenshaw, p. Glossop 2 Mar. ,,
William Higginbotham, clerk, & Sarah, d. of

John Dand, of Blackshaw ... ... 23 May 1663

Thomas Beard, p. Stockport, & Deborah

Coates, of Prestbury ... ... 21 June

" By certificate from the parson of Stockport."

Mr. William Barber, of Malcalf, &

Susannah, d. of Mr. William Bagshawe,

of Hucklow ... ... ... 14 Jan. i66|-

Thomas Swindell & Mary Rowlinson, both

this p. ... ... ... ... 14 Feb.

John Hyde & Bridget Yeaveley, both p.

Glossop ... ... ... ... 22 Feb.

George, second son of Humphrey Marshall, of

Combs Head, & Dorothy Greensmith,

of Maglow ... ... ... 26 Mar. 1664

*Edmund Bradbury, of Ollerset, p. Glossop, &

Helen, d. of Peter Ash & Elizabeth, his

wife, of Roeside, p. Chapel-en-le-Frith 4 Nov. 1662
Peter Ollerenshawe, of Tunstead, & Elizabeth .

Buxstone, of Buxton ... ... 11 July 1664

John Lomas & Martha Waterhouse ... 11 July „

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