W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 10 of 20)
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92 Members for Worcester.

1562. Dec. William Gibbes.
John More.

The former was Bailiff 1559, 1561, 1585, M.P. 1562-7. John
More was perhaps father of Thomas More who was Bailiff 1595.

1 57 1. April. Francis Streate.

Richard Bullingham.

Francis Street (perhaps son of Henry Street, Bailiff 1557), was
one of the two Bailiffs of \Vorcester 1568, 1570, 1588.

1572 April. Christopher Dighton.
Thomas Wallesgrove.

Aid. Dighton, son of Christopher D., (was seemingly adm. to
Gray's Inn 1540), m. (i) Eleanor dau. of John Fleet, alias Wallsgrove,
(2) Eliz. Booth, was Bailiff of Worcester 1560, 1574, 1596, 159S, andM.P.
1572-83, Oct. to Dec. 1601, and 1604 till his death in 1605. On 13
Aug. 1575 as High Baylyff he received Queen Elizabeth at Worcester,
and spent on her reception ^^173 8s. 4d. The Corporation ordered
that he should be " recompensed for his great expense," and allowed him
^30 as a present. In April his son Christopher Dighton was Joint
Searcher in the port of Gravesend,

Thomas Wallesgrove was Bailiff 1560, 1562, M.P. 1572-83, and
perhaps eldest son of " John Walsgrove, citizen and mercer, who by
Will dated 1567, left 8 houses as a charity to the poor of Worcester, and
whose son left a house in Bridport, the rents of which were to go to
repair the 8 alms-houses given by his father."

1584. Nov. 7. Richard Nashe.
Walter Jones.

Nash was Bailiff 1581, and seems to have been one of the family
of Martley, and probably an early ancestor of the Historian, but he
cannot be identified in the pedigree in the Visitation of 1684. Jones
was M.P. Worcester 1584-5, 1580-7, 1588-9, Jan. to April 1593, J.P. co.
Wore, in 1601 and (as Jonnes) in 1620. Son of John J. (2nd son of
John Jones of Greysmund, co. Monmouth), lie was born at Whitteney,
CO. Oxford, and had a grant of arms from Wm. Dethick, Garter, 1602.
He was ancestor of Jones of Chastleton, and his male descent
failed in 1828.

1586. Sept. 26. Ralph Wiet.
Walter Jones.

Ralph Wyat, " a worthy magistrate who maintained tiie honour
of his city," bought Cudeley from Sir John Huband, and was Hailiff
1570, 1572. His son Wm. Wyatt, was a barrisler-at-law, and Town
Clerk of Worcester.

Members for Worcester. 93

1588. Nov. I. Walter Jones.

John Walesgrove, alias Flete.

John Fleet of Worcester, and afterwards of Hallow Park, was
probably brother to the M.P. 1572, but adopted the name of Fleet, and
was adm. to Inner Temple Nov. 1578, and called to the bar about
1583. He was M.P. Worcester 1588-9, and was granted 11 June 1599
the office of Queen's Attorney in the Principality and Marches of
Wales, which post he held till he res. in Dec. 1609. In 1604 the King's
mandate issued to the Dean and Chapter of Worcester requesting them
to grant to John Fleet alias Walsgrove the reversion of the lease of
Monk's Orchard and other lands. John Wolsgrove commonly called
Fleet of Hallow bought the manor of Rydmarley from George Shypoyde.
In 1594 license of mortmain was granted to John Walgrave alias Fleet
of Worcester co give 6 sak vats at Upwich (Droitwich) to the Mayor and
citizens of Worcester for relief of the poor. He granted 15 Sept. 161 7
lands in Henwick in trust, half to the poor, and half to the Minister to
preach a sermon every Sunday or on alternate Sundays. On 9 Aug.
161 7 the King sent a warrant to the Lord President of Wales to admit
John Fleete one of the Council of the Marches. Edward Fleet (perhaps
his son) was Bailiff 1608.

1593. Jan. Walter Jones.

Roland Barkley.

Eighth son of Wm. Berkeley, (Mayor and M.P. for Hereford
1545, see Williams' Herefordshire Meinhers), and by his industry
became a very eminent and wealthy clothier at Worcester, and purchased
considerable lands in Spetchley. He m. Catherine dau. of Thomas
Hayward or Heywood, was appointed First Master of the Clothiers'
Company of Worcester under the Clothiers Charter 23 Sept. 1590, and
having been Bailiff of Worcester 1585, 1587 was M.P. Jan. to April
1593, 1597-8, Oct. to Dec. 1601, and 1605 till his death i June i6[i,

1597. Oct. 14. Roland Barkley.
William Bagnoll.

Wm Bagnall, citizen and clothier of Worcester, was app. one of
the First Assistants of the Clothiers Company under their Charter 23
Sept. 1590. The Will of William Bagnoll, of St. Andrew's, Worcester,
who d. 30 Oct. was proved Dec. 1624.

1 601. Oct. Roland Barkley.

Christopher Dighton. (1572).

1604. March. John Cowcher.

Christopher Dighton.

John Coucher, of Worcester, son of John C. (one of the two
Bailiffs 1563, 1565), was a citizen and weaver, app. first of the first

94 Members for Worcester.

Assistants of the Clothiers' Company of Worcester under their charter
23 Sept. 1590, Bailiff of Worcester 1593, 1595, Aid. in 1621, M.P.
1604-1 1, March to June 1614, 1620-2, 1624-5, 1628-9. March to May
1640, and Oct. 1640 till his death. He was aged 80 in 1641, and still
living in 1648, but probably never took his seat in the long Parliament,
on account of his great age. He tried hard to get out of the election
but could not, but Parliament constantly excused his attendance. John
Coucher, of Worcester, was fined ;;^io on 4 March 1631 for not taking
knighthood at the coronation of Charles I., and John Coucher, of
Redmarley Dabitot was fined ;/^i4 for the same offence. Thomas
Coucher, eldest son of the Alderman, was one of those who disclaimed
at the Visitation 1634.

1605. Jan, 10. Rowland Barkley (see 1593), vice Dighton

1614. March. Thomas Chettle.
John Coucher.

Thomas Chettle, of Worcester (possibly the Thomas Chettall
adm. to Gray's Inn 1569), was Bailiff of Worcester 1603, 1605, Aid. in
1621, Mayor 1631, M.P. March till June 1614, fined ^20 on i Aug.
1 63 1 for not taking Knighthood, m. the dau. of — Hanbury, Auditor

to James I., and d. about 1640, aged about 88, (d. in Jan. . M.I.

Kenisey). He was father of Thomas Chettle, of Needberrow Park, who

d. 16 169 — , aged 86. (M.I. Kenisey). Thomas Chettle, of Wall

house CO. Wore, (the son), m. Mary eldest dau. and co-heir of John
Cookes, of Tookey's Farm, co. Wore, bar. at law. Francis Chetle was
Mayor of Worcester 1705.

1620. Dec. 15. John Coucher.
Robert Barkley

This worthy Judge was 2nd son of the M.P. 1593, from whom he
inherited Spetchley in 161 1. He was born at Worcester 1584, adm. to
Middle Temple 1600, where he was called to the bar 6 May 1 608, Autumn
Reader of his Inn 1626, Serjeant at law 28 Feb. 1627, King's Serjeant
12 April 1627. He m. Eliz. dau. and co-heir of Thomas Conyers, of
East Rarnct, Herts, bought Ciideley from Richard Wyat (probably son
of the M.P. 15 86), jiresented to (Jhurchill 7 Dec. 1611, 2 Dec. 1612,
to Warmcdon 23 Jan. 1615, 21 March 1626, and to Spetchley 16 Jan.
1627, was H.S. CO. Wore. 1613, J. P. in 1620, Recorder of Worcester in
1621 and 1623, M.P. 1620-2, 1624-5, ''^PP- ""^ ^^ ^'^^ Council of the
Marches of Wales 30 June and sworn in as such at Worcester 13 Oct.
1623, a[)p. one of the Avon compensation Commrs. 9 April 1637,
knighted 14 April 1627, and apj). one of the Justices of the King's
Bench 11 Oct. 1632. He gave his opinion in favour of the legality of
Ship-Money, for which judicial act, he was impeached by the Long

Members for Worcester. 95

Parliament for high treason 13 Feb. 1641, arrested in open Court while
sitting on the Bench, and imprisoned in the Tower. In Sept. 1642 the
House of Lords deprived him of his office, and sentenced him to a fine
of ^20,000, of which he actually paid one half. In 1651 his house at
Spetchley was burnt by the Scotch Presbyterians, whereupon he
converted the stables into a dwelling-house, and lived with content and
even dignity upon the wreck of his fortune. Sir Robert Berkeley died
5 Aug. 1656, aged 72. (M.I. Spetchley).

1624. Feb. 3. Robert Barkeley.

John Cowcher.

1625. April 26. Sir Walter Devereux, (see County 1624).

Sir Henry Spelman.

This was the eminent antiquary. He was son of Henry Spelman
of Congham, Norfolk, by Frances dau. of William Sanders of Ewell,
Surrey, and was born 1562, was knighted before 1608, M.P. Castle
Rising 1593 and 1597-8, and Worcester May to Aug. 1625. He
m. in 1590 Elinor dau. and co-heir of John le Strange of Sedgeford,
Norfolk, and d. at the house of his son-in-law Sir Ralph Whitfield, in
Barbican, and was buried in Westminster Abbey 24 Oct. 1641.

1626. Jan. John Spelman.

John Haselock.

The Member for Worcester Jan. to June 1626, was John Spelman
of Heydon and Congham, Norfolk, son and heir of Sir Henry S. (see
1625). He studied at Cambridge and at Bras. Coll. Oxon., ent. Gray's
Inn 16 Feb. 1608, m. Anne dau. of Sir John Townshend, of Raynham,
Norfolk, was knighted 18 Dec. 164T, and joining the King's army at
Oxford, died in Brasenose College of the camp disease about 24 July
1643, leaving Anne his widow and executrix, and Roger his son and heir.
The House of Commons ordered Sir John Spillman to be sent for
as a delinquent 10 Dec. 1642. ( Commotis Journal). His brother
Clement was Cursitor Baron 1663-79. This Member must not be
confused with his kinsman John Spelman who was M.P. Castle
Rising Nov. 1645 ^^^^ secluded Dec. 1648, and again April to
Dec. 1660, who was of Narborough, Norfolk, 2nd son of Sir Clement
Spelman of that place (who d. 1607), by Ursula dau. of Sir John
Willoughby of Risley, and was b. i6o6, m. Anne, dau. of Sir John
Heveningham, and d. 31 Jan. 1662.

John Haselocke of Marten and Worcester, presented to Merton
20 June 1625, 21 May 1640, having bought the manor and presentation
from John Wheeler, was one of the two Chamberlains of Worcester (as
Hasleocke) in 1621, Mayor (as Harelock) 1623, M.P. Jan to June 1626,
1628-9, 3.nd was fined ^12 (as Hassellocke) for not taking knighthood
4 March 1631.

96 Members for Worcestfr.

1628. Feb. 26. John Cowcher.
John Haselooke.

1640. Maich. 10. John Cowcher.
John Nashe.

Aid. John Nash a wealthy clothier of Worcester, founded the
chanty known as Nash's Hospital, and also left several charitable
legacies for clothing apprentices, and setting up young men in business
in Worcester. He was son or brother of James Nash, b. 1590, and d.
22 May, 1662, aged 72, bur. at St. Helen's, Worcester. (M.I.) Will
made 30 Aug. 166 1. He was Mayor 1633, J. P. for the city, and M.P.
Worcester March to May 1640, and Oct. 1640, till secluded in Dec.
1648 He commanded a trooj) of Horse for Parliament, and was one
of the Assessment Committee for co. Worcester 1644.

1640. Oct. 20. John Cowcher.
John Nashe.

1653. July. No Members c///^////^^ for Worcester.

1654. July- William Collins.

Edward Elvines.

Capt. William Collins, (? son of John C, of King's Norton, who
was fined ;^ 10 for not taking Knighthood 4 March 1631), was M.P,
Worcester 1654-5, 1656-8, Jan. to April 1659, added to the Committee
of CO. Wore, by the House of Commons 11 May 1644, app. an
Assessment Commr. for county and city of Worcester 1656, and a
Sub-Coramr. of the Grand Excise for co. Wore. 25 Feb 1650. On
I Oct. 1 65 1, "request by N. Lechmere M.P. (see Co. 1654) that Capt.
Wm. Collins may be added to the County Committee for Worcester,
Col. John James (see Co. 1653), not attending, and the work requires
expedition. With note for a commission on Major Salway's recom-
mendation." The Committee for Compounding accordingly made an
order 7 Oct. 1651 that he be a Commr. for co. Wore, and on 14 March
1654 he was made sole sub-Comnir. for co. Wore. He was Governor
of Worcester on 9 July 1659 when the Council of S'ate ordered him to
assemble his troops, owing to Sir George Booth's rising. On 4 Jan.
1660 Capt. Collins wrote from Worcester College to the Army
Commrs. : — "I have given order (or the speedy drawing of my troop
together for their march accordmg to your directions, but their
necessities for want of pay are very great, having been on hard duty for
eight weeks, to preserve the peace of this country, which was much
disturbed by highway robbers, being considerable parties, and supposed
to be of the old enemy, they riding in the posture of .soldiers ; for
this time they have had no money but what I have borrowed, and lent
them, besides three years arrears formerly due to them. I shall
according to your orders, as soon as I possibly provide to march, give
notice thereof to Col. Hacker." [Cu/. S/o/f I\if>as).

Membkrs for Worcester, 97

Edward Elvines (perhaps son of Wni. Elvines senior, baker, who
left by will 2 April 161 2, the use of 40s. in charity to the poor of St.
Michael's, Worcester), was M.P. Worcester 1654-5, Mayor 1646, 1651,
an Alderman of the City, one of the Pari. Committee for co. Wore, in
1646, added to the Committee for Sequestrations in co. Wore. 29 July
1648, app. a Sub-Commr. of Sequestrations (or the Grand Excise) for
CO. Wore. 25 Feb. 1650, an Assessment Commr. for Worcester City
1656. The Comm. for Compounding by order app. him one of the
three Sequestration Commrs. for co. Wore. 14 Dec. 1653, but by another
order to Jan. 1654 made void this appointment. On 2 March 1652 the
Council of State recommended the House of Commons to app. John
Coucher (see 1604) and E. Elvins, Aldermen of Worcester, to be J.P.s
for that City. On 2 May 1654 Elvins petitioned the Protector " to
consider his great expenses and sufferings for the public, and give him
an estate to live upon in his old age. Had all along been engaged for
the Pari., was obliged to fly his country for opposing the Commrs. of
Array ; he then did his best to engage men when the Earl of Essex
came to Worcester ; he fled again when Sir Wm. Russell (see Co. 1625),
took the city and was away four years till it was reduced. His whole
estate being exposed to the enemy he had to live on credit. Was
persuaded to become Mayor on a faithful promise of reimbursement of
all charges, there being no other that they would confide in ; but Col.
Rainsboro' (see Droitwich 1646), being called away and the Committee
dissolved he had to undergo that great charge for which he is still in
debt. Has been in public service ever since. When the Scots came to
Worcester last, petitioner was obliged to fly a third time, but returned
with the Pari, army ; was then again persuaded by his Highness to take
the government of the city, to the hazard of his life among the sick
Scots, and is now unable to serve, having hardly a subsistence.'* The
petition was referred to the Committee who reported that ^600 should
be paid him from delinquents' estates. Accordingly an ordinance was
made by the Protector and his Council Sept. 1654 " for payment of
^600 for his fidelity when Mayor in 1646 and when Governor in 165 1,
for his losses by the burning of his house, the plundering of his goods,
and his expense in money." {Cal. State Papers).

1656. Aug. Edmund Giles.
William Collins.

Edmund Giles, of White Ladie Aston, a relation of Oliver
Cromwell by marriage, was fined ^10 on 4 March 1631 for not taking
Knighthood at the coronation of Charles I., and disclaimed bearing
arms at the Visitation 1634. He was called to the bar, and was a
Master in Chancery 22 Nov. 1655 to 2 June 1660, M.P. Worcester
1656-8, and app. an Assessment Commr. for county and city of
Worcester 1656.


98 Members for Worcester.

1659. Jan. 18. William Collyns.
Thomas Streete.

Son of George Street, of Worcester, he was born there 1625,
matric. Line. Coll. Oxon 22 April 1642, aged 16, ent. Inner Temple
Nov. 1646, called to the bar 24 Nov. 1653, Bencher 7 Nov. 1669, but
was " fined 100 marks for refusing to come up to the Bench when
called," was a member of the Oxford circuit, Town Clerk of Worcester,
Mayor 1667, M.P. Jan. to April 1659, April to Dec. 1660, 1661-81,
Sub-Secretary to the Dean and Chapter of Worcester 1661-87, J. P. co.
Wore. 10 July 1660, Recorder of Worcester in 1682, and of Droitwich
in 1683, Serjeant-at-law 3 July 1677, King's Sergeant 23 Oct. 1678,
Puisne Justice of the Great Sessions, and ex-officio J. P. for cos.
Brecknock, Glamorgan, and Radnor 1667-77, Chief Justice thereof Feb.
1677-81, Knighted 8 June i68r, a Baron of the Exchequer April 1681-4,
and a Justice of the Common Pleas Oct. 1684-9. He m. Penelope dau.
and co.-heir of Sir Rowland Berkeley of Cotheridge (see 1661), and d.
8 March 1696, and was bur. in Worcester Cathedral (M.I.) The
Seasonable Argume/ii for a Ne^v Parliament 1677 says he had jQl-oo
given him for supporting the Court.

1660. April 10. Thomas Streete.

Thomas Hall.

Thomas Hall (?also M.P. co. Lincoln 1654-5, 1656-8), was M.P.
Worcester April to Dec. 1660, app. an Assessment Commr. for
Worcester city 1656, and J. P. co. Wore. 10 July 1660. It is uncertain
who he was as there were several distinct Hall families in co. Wore. He
was perhaps the Thomas Hall (son of Richard H. of Ludlow), who
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 17 March 1637, aged 17, and was called to the
Bar at the Inner Temple 1646, and if so, his sister and heir Mary m.
Thomas Vernon, Registrar to the Bishop of Worcester, and next
brother to Richard Vernon of Hanbury. Another Thomas Hall was
son of Richard H. of St. John's in Bredwardine, co. Wore. The
Member was perhaps however a descendant of Richard Hall, Bailiff of
Worcester 1582. The petition of Thomas Hall of London, merchant-
taylor, concerning the debt Sir Tliomas Soame M.P. owed him, was
read in the House of Commons 8 Nov. 1644 (Commons Journal).

1661. Apr. 9. Sir Rowland Berkeley Knt. 615.

Thomas Streete. 5 89.

John Nan/an (Co. 1656). 544.

Only son of Wm. Berkeley of Cotheridge, by NLargaret dau. of
Thomas Chettle of Worcester (see 1620), was b. 161 3, matric. Ch. Ch.
Oxon. 24 Feb. 1632, aged 18, ent. Middle Temple 1627, m. Dorothy
dau. of Sir Thomas Cave Km. of Stamford, was Knighted at Whitehall

Members for Worcester.


30 June 1641, nom. a Knie;ht of the Royal Oak 1660 (his estate ^1,000
a year), M.P. Worcester 1661-79, ^"^ d. 1696. His sister Jane m.
Henry Jeifreys of Holme Castle, (see Droitwich 1708).

1679. Feb. 18. Thomas Streete.

Sir Francis Wynnington Knt.

Son of Major John W. and was born at Worcester 7 Nov. 1634,
matric. Trin. Coll. Camb., ent. Middle Temple 28 Nov. 1656, called to
the bar ex gratia 9 Feb. 1660, Bencher 24 June 1672, Autumn Reader
1675, Treasurer 29 Oct. 1675, K.C. 1672, M.P. Windsor Feb. 1677-9,
Worcester 1679-81, Tewkesbury Nov. 1692-8, Solicitor-General Jan.
1675-9 Jan., Knighted 17 Dec. 1672, Chairman of Ways and Means
(? 1690) to 1695. Sir Francis who was a great sportsman, m. (i) Eliz.
Herbert of Powick, and (2) Eliz. sister and co.-heir to Edward Salway
of Stanford, and third and yst. dau. of Edward Salway (see Droitwich
1659), and became sole possessor of Stanford, having obtained the right
of the other two sisters therein. In 1674 he purchased for £,2']^% the
title of Samuel Gardiner (see Evesham 1645) ^o the manor of Bewdley,
of which he became the "lord farmer," under the Crown. He presented
to Stanford 26 Sept. 1673, and to Wolfrelow, co. Hereford, 1687, made
his will 1697, and d. i May 1700. (M. I. Stanford). The story that
Lord Somers (see 1689), was at one time his clerk in chambers, and that
he greatly benefitted him by his kind patronage, is doubtful.

1679. Sept. 2. Thomas Street.

Sir F. Winnington.

1 68 1. Feb. 5. Sir F. Winnington. 901.

Hon. Henry Herbert. W. 803.
Tho7>ias Harris. 775.

Mr. Harris petitioned 24 March 1681. As to Mr. Herbert,
see Bewdley 1673.

1685. April 7. William Bromley (Co. 1701).
Bridges Nanfan (Co. 1681).

1689. Jan. II. William Bromley. T.
John Somers W.

The celebrated Lord Chancellor was the son of John Somers, of
Whiteladies, Worcester, attorney, and was b. 4 March 1651, educ. at
Worcester Grammar School, and matric. Trin. Coll. Oxon. 23 May
1667, aged 16. He ent. Middle Temple 24 May 1669, was called to
the bar 5 May 1676, Bencher 10 May 1689, Lent Reader 1689,
Treasurer 24 Oct. 1690, and declined the Recordship of London 1688.
He was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1688, Recorder of
Gloucester 29 Aug. 1690 till his death in 1716, M.P. Worcester

loo Members for Worcester.

1689-93, Knighted 31 Oct. 1689, (quaere Chairman of Ways and Means
1689-90), Solicitor General May 1689-92, Attorney General May 1692-3,
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal March 1693-7, Lord High Chancellor
April 1697 to April 1700, created Lord Somers 2 Dec. 1697, P.C. 23
March 1693, Pres. Royal Society 1698-1703, a Lord Justice of England
May to Oct. 1695, May to Oct. 1699, April to Nov. 1697, July to Dec.
1698, and June to Oct. 1699, a Commr. of the Union in Scotland April
to July 1706, Lord President of the Council Nov. 1708 to Sept. 17 10, a
Member of the Cabinet without office Sept. 1714-16, a Governor of the
Charterhouse, and Custos Rotulorum of co. Wore, until his death,
unmarried, 26 April 17 16, aged 65, when the title expired.

1690. March 4. Sir John Somers Knt.
William Bromley.

1693. Dec. 5. Samuel Swift. T. 682.
Charles Cocks. W. 575.

vice Somers app. Lord Keeper. Mr. Cocks (see Droitwich 1695) P^^-
against Aid. Swift 23 Dec. 1693, and was awarded the seat by order of
the House 7 Feb. 1694, when it was resolved that the right of election
was in the Freemen not receiving alms.

1695. Nov. 5. Samuel Swift.

William Bromley.

Samuel Swift, of Claines, 2nd son of Wm. S., of Sutton Coldfield,
CO. Warwick (who d. about 1660, and brother to Wm. S\Vift, merchant,
sugar-baker, grocer, and draper, who was H.S. co. Wore. 1675, aged 57
in 1682, and d. 1688), was H.S. co. Wore. 1693, Aid. of Worcester,
Mayor 1684, M.P. 1693-4 when uns. and 1695 until his death 8 Feb.

1698. Aug. 9. The same.

1 701. Jan. 2T. Thomas Wylde. W.
Samuel Swift. T.

Thomas Wilde, son of Robert W. of the Commandery, Worcester,
(who was aged 59 at the Visitation in 1683), born at Worcester 1670,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 18 March 1686, aged 15, B.A. 1689, M.A. 1692,
ent. Middle Temple 1691, m. (1) Katherine dau. of Sir Baynham
Throckmorton Bt. M.P., of Tortworth, co. Glouc, and (2) 27 Feb.
1720 Anne eldest dau. of Mr. Justice Robert Tracy, and widow of
Charles Dowdeswell, of Forthampton, co. Glouc. Mr. Wylde, who
greatly impaired his fortune by electoral contests, sat for Worcester
1701-27, when defeated was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester
1697, held office as a Commr. of Revenue in Ireland (^'1000 a year)
Sept. 1715-27, and was a Commr. of Excise in England Nov. 1727 till
his death 12 April 1740.

Members for Worcester. ioi

1701. Nov. 25. The same, re-elected 4 Aug. 1702, 21 May
1705, 17 May 1708, 17 Oct. 1710, 15 Sept. 1713. On i Dec. 1710
Aid. Benjamin Pearks pet. against Wylde, but withdrew it 26 April 171 1.

1 7 15, Feb. I, Thomas Wylde. W, —

Samuel Swift. W. —

Richaid Lockwood. T. —

Lockwood petitioned 31 March 17 15. (See 1734).

1715. Oct. II. Thomas Wylde, re-elected on appointment as
a Commr. of Irish Revenue.

1 7 18. March. 7. Samuel Sandys of Ombersley, vice Swift dec.
Eldest son of Edwin S. of Greenwich (see Co. 1695), b. 1694, matric.
New Coll. Oxon. 28 April 17 11, aged 16, succ. his grandfather (see
Droitwich 1660) in the estates 4 Aug. 1701, m. Letitia elder dau. and
co-heir of Sir Thomas Tipping Bt., of Wheatfield, co. Oxford, was app.
Chairman of the Committee to inspect the affairs of the disastrous
Charitable Corporation Feb. 1733, sat for Worcester 1718 till created
Lord Sandys 20 Dec. 1743, distinguished himself (although a Whig) as
a speaker against Walpole's ministry, and was called by Smollett " the
motion-maker," acted as Teller against the Excise Bill 1733, sworn a
P.C. 16 Feb. 1742, was Chancellor and Under Treasurer of the
Exchequer and a Lord of the Treasury Feb. 1742-3, Cofferer of the
Household Dec. 1743-4 Dec, Chief Justice in Eyre South of Trent
Dec. 1755-6 Dec, and North of Trent Feb. 1759-61, First Lord of
Trade and Foreign Plantations March 1761 to March 1763, Speaker of
the House of Lords Nov. 1756-7 July, presented to Ombersley
12 March 1721, and d. 21 April 1770. His portrait was placed m
Worcester Guildhall.

1722. March 30, Thomas Wylde. W.

Samuel Sandys. W.

1727. Aug. 29. Samuel Sandys. W. 1703

Sir Richard Lane. W. 12 19.
Thomas Wylde. W. 720.

Sir Richard Lane, who was b. 1667, was a sugar-baker at
Worcester, Mayor 1709, and when Sheriff of the city checked the
extraordinary honours paid to Dr. Sacheverell 17 10. He was Knighted
Dec. 1714, M.P. Minehead in a double return Dec. 1720, but uns. Jan.
1721, and Worcester 1727-34, supported Walpole, and died one of the
Poor Knights of Windsor 30 March 1756, aged 89. His son Henry was
made a Commr. for licensing Hawkers and Pedlars Feb. 1733.

Members for Woucesikr.

3. Samuel Sandys. W.


Richard Lockwood sen. T.


John Willes. W.


Richard Lockioood jun. T.

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