W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 11 of 20)
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Edward Willes. IV.



1734 May

Sir John Willes was Attorney General 1733 7, ^^^ Lord Chief
Justice of the Common Pleas 1737-61.

Richard Lockwood sen. was younger but only surviving son of
Richard L. of Gayton, co. Northants, (H.S. 1695, d. 1697), b. 1676, m.
Matilda dau. of George and sister of Sir Thomas Vernon of Sudbury,
CO. Derby, was a London merchant, adm. an Hon. Freeman of
Worcester 17 15, Dep. Gov. Royal Exchange Assurance Co. June 1732,
a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to the King in 1716 (? app. 17 14),
M.P. Hindon 1713-15, London 1722-7, Worcester 1734-41, where he
failed and pet. 17 15, and voted against the Convention 1739. He
settled in Essex in 1732, having bought the estate of Dews or Duce
Hall, where the family have ever since lived at Bishops Hall, a mansion
erected on the same estate. He d. at Dace Hall 30 Aug. 1756, aged 80.
His son Richard m. 16 March 1749 Lord Vernon's sister. 'I'he present
representative of the family. Col. Amelius Richard Mark Lockwood,
has been M.P. for the Epping division of Essex since 1892.

1 741. May 23. Thomas Winnington. W. 1462.

Samuel Sandys. W. 12 17.

John Ravenhill. 1009.

As to Mr. Winnington see Droitwich 1725. Mr. Ravenhill was
H.S. CO. Wore. 1745.

1742. March 9. Samuel Sandys, re-elected on being made
Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1743. Dec. 27. Thomas Winnington, re elected on being made
Paymaster General.

1744. Jan. 10. Sir Henry Harpur Bt. of Caulk Abbey, co.
Derby, vice Sandys raised to the Peerage. Son of Sir Henry H. whom
he succ. as 5th Bart. 23 June 1741, matric. Bras. Coll. O.xon. 10 May
1725, aged 16, was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1743, m. 16
Sept. 1734 Lady Caroline Manners dau. of John 2nd Duke of Rutland,
sat for Worcester 1744-7, and (or Tamworth 1747 till his death i June
1748, aged 39. His grandson took the name of Crewe 180S. This
family was originally of Worcestershire. The grandfather of the 1st
Bart, was Mr. Justice Harpur of the Common Pleas temp. Q. Elizabeth.

1746. May 13. Thomas Vernon of ILuibury, Z7<r Winnington
dec. Son of Bowater V. and nephew of Thomas V. (see Co. 17 15),
was b. 7 June 1724, and ni. Emma dau. of Capl. James Cornewall of

Members for Worcester. 103

Berrington, co. Hereford, (see Williams' Herefordshire Members). He
was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1746, M.P. 1746-61,
"when he chose to decline that trust," presented to Shrawley 23 April
1 75 1, and to Hanbury 8 Oct. 1753, 11 Dec. 1764, nom. a Dep. Lieut.
CO. Wore. 3 Feb. 1763, and d. at Hanbury Hall g Dec. 1771. Some of
the Cards and Drink Tickets probably used in the Worcester elections
1747-61, are still preserved at Hanbury Hall.

The following is a copy of his "address " in 1753.

Hanbury, August 13th, 1753.

To the Freemen of the City of Worcester.

The honour you have conferred in choosing me your Repre-
sentative in two Sessions of Parliament is a sufficient encouragement for
me to offer myself a Candidate for the next General tllection : and as
my inclinations have always prompted me to serve my County in
general, and your city in particular, I hope my conduct has been
approved by you, and that you will give me leave to take this method
of begging the favour of your Votes and Interest, till I have an
opportunity of doing it in person which will greatly oblige.


Your most obedient, humble servant,


1747. July I. Thomas Vernon. W. 1557.
T. G. Winford. T. 1074.
Robert Tracy. W. 1027.

On petition Mr. Winford was uns. and Mr. Tracy declared duly
elected n Feb. 1748 by order of the House, which resolved "that the
right of election is in the citizens not receiving alms, and admitted to
their freedom by birth or by servitude or by redemption, in order to
trade within the city." Thomas Geers Winford, of Glasshampton, son
of Timothy Geers (see Williams' Herefordshire Members), was b. 1697,
called to the bar at Lincolns Inn 6 Nov. 1722, adm. an Hon. Freeman
of Worcester 1725, m. April 1731 Sarah 3rd dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Lutwyche K.C. of Lutwyche, Salop, and thereupon took the name of
Winford, his kinsman Sir T. C. Winford Bt. (see Co. 1707) "having
settled a considerable estate upon the marriage." {Gent. Mag.) He
succ. Sir Thomas in the Glasshampton estate Jan. 1744, sat for
Hereford 1727-34, 1 741-7, and for Worcester 1747 till uns. Feb. 1748,
and was Town Clerk of Worcester for several years until his death 23
May 1753.

Robert Tracy, of Stanway, eldest son of John T. of Swell, b.
1704, raatric. New Coll. Oxon. ro Nov. 1724, aged 18, was a Trustee

I04 Members for Worcester.

for colonizing Georgia in 1739, M.P. Tewkesbury 1734-41, iinsucc.
cont. Worcester 1747, but gained the seat on petition Feb. 1748 and
sat till 1754, and was again defeated and pet. 1761. His brother John
Tracy Atkyns was Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer 1755-73.

1754. April 19. Thomas Vernon. W.

Henry Crabb Boulton. W.

The latter was of Bedington, Surrey, and was Paymaster of
Seamen's Wages to the East India Co. till about 1753. He was a rich
London merchant, voted for Wilkes 1769, MP. Worcester 1754-73, a
Director of the East India Co. 11 April 1753-7, 1763-7, Dep.
Ch. April 1764, and was Chairman at his death 8 Oct. 1773. He and
John Walsh (see 1761) gave ^3000 towards building a new bridge at
Worcester, for which an Act. of Pari, was obtained 1768.

1761. March 30. H. C. Boulton. W. 1296.
John Walsh. W. 1147.
Robert Tracy. W. 790.

Poll open 5 days. Mr. Tracy unsucr. pet. John Walsh of
Warfield, Berks., (which seat was burned down 12 Feb. 1766), and
Hockenhall, Cheshire, was brother to Joseph Walsh, Gov. of Madras.
He was M.P. Worcester 1761-80, and d. March 1795. ^^ ^^f' '^'^
property to John Benn of Ormathwaite, Cumberland, who had married
his great-niece Margaret dau. of Joseph Fowke of Be.\ley, Kent, and
grand-dau. of Joseph Walsh, and Mr. Benn assumed the name of Walsh
by R.L. 4 April 1795, and was made a Bart. 1804. His son was
created Lord Ormathwaite 1868.

1768. March 16. H. C Boulton.
John Walsh.

1773. Nov. 25. Thomas Bates Rous. W. 900.

Sir Watkin Lernes Knt. W. 635.

vice Boulton dec. Sir Watkin Lewes who pet. 20 Jan. and unseated his
rival Feb. 1774, was chosen Aid. of Lime Street Ward in the City of
London 1772, Lord Mayor 9 Nov. 1780, M.P. 1781-96, defeated 1796,
1802, and was Father of the City 1804 till his death July 1821, aged 84.
He made himself very popular at Worcester, but is said to have died a
prisoner for debt in the Fleet.

Mr. Rous was the eldest surviving son of Thomas R. of
Piercefield, Monmouthshire, by Mary dau. of Thomas Bales of
Northumberland, m. 30 June 1769 Amelia Hunter, was a London
merchant, a director of the East India Co. 3 April 1745-9, 26 .April
1750-4, 9 April 1755-9, 1777-80, Chairman in Jan. 1763 and Aug. 1764,
a Commr. of Lieutenancy for the City of London 21 June 1740, one of
the 48 Common Councillors oi Worcester in 1797, M.P. Nov. 1773 till

Members for Worcester. 105

uns. Feb. 1774, and Oct. 1774-84, (quaere Mayor of Evesham 1760),
and d. s. p. suddenly at his seat Moor Park, Herts, i Feb. 1799. His
property devolved upon his brother George Rous M. P., Counsel to the
E. I. Co., whose elder son Thomas Bates Rous became Ensign ist Foot
Gaards 23 Nov. 1804, m. Charlotte dau. of Sir Robert Salusbury Bt.
M.P. of Llanwern, co. Monmouth, (see Williams^ Pari. Hist, of Wales),
and inherited his uncle Robert's estate of Courtyrala, Glamorgan, and d.
1850, aged 67.

1774. March i. Nicholas Lechmere. T. 796.
Sir Watkin Lewes. W. 713.

vice Rous, whose election was declared void. Eldest son of Edmund
L. (see Co. 1734), b. 1733, m. Susanna dau. of Jesson Case of Powyck,
was M.P. Worcester March to Sept. 1774, assumed the additional
surname and arms of Charlton 1784, (on inheriting the Charlton estates
of his uncle Sir Francis Charlton 4th Bt. of Ludford, co. Hereford, who
d. 3 Dec. 1784), and was Col. Worcestershire Militia 17 June 1770-94,
and was granted the rank of Col. in the army 14 March 1794.
Col. Lechmere-Charlton d. at Ludford Park 20 March 1807.

1774. Oct. 12. T. B. Rous, . . . W. 981.

John Walsh. W. 893.

Sir Watkin Lewes. W. 736.

Edward Bearcrojt. W. 312.

Sir Watkin pet. 31 Oct. 1774. Mr. Bearcroft K.C. was called
to the bar at Inner Temple 24 Nov. 1758, chosen a Bencher 20 Nov.
1772, M.P. Hindon 1784-90, Saltash 1790-6, and Chief Justice of
Chester July 1788 till his death 20 Nov. 1796.

1780. Sept. 19. T. B. Rous. T. 1085.

Hon. William Ward. T. 832.
Sir Watkin Lewes. W. 701.

The Freemen of Worcester pet. 20 Nov. 1780, Mr. Ward was
2nd son of John ist Viscount Dudley and Ward, born at Himley, co.
Stafford, 21 Jan. 1751, matric. Oriel Coll. Oxon. 14 March 1770, aged
19, m. 1 Aug. 1780 Julia 2nd dau. ot Godfrey Bosville, of Gunthwaite,
Yorks., sat for Worcester 1780 till he succ. his half brother John (see
Co. 1 761) as 3rd Viscount Dudley and Ward 20 Oct. 1788, and was
Recorder of Kiddermmster 1789 tiU his death 25 April 1823. He was
distinguished by the purest and most munificent benevolence of

1784. April 2. Hon. William Ward. T.
Samuel Smith jun. W.

Of Charrington, co. Glouc. and Putney Hill, eldest son of
Samuel S., ot London and Epsom, who d. 1789, and kinsman to Lord

io6 Members for Worcester.

Carrington, was b. 19 March 1755, m. Mary, d. of George Lockyer, of
Mappleton, Somerset, was a London banker and Turkey merchant, a
director of the East India Co. 1784-8, treasurer of the Turkey Co. in
1790, M.P. Ilchester 1780-4, Worcester 1784-90, when defeated, and
was buried 29 June 1793.

1789. March 4. Edmund Wigley vice Ward become a Peer.
Elder son of Rev. Henry W. of Pensham, (a junior branch of the
Wigleys of Scraptoft, co. Leic), was b. i 758. called to the bar at Middle
Temple 6 June 1788, went the Oxford Circuit and Chester Great
Sessions, Recorder of Leicester 1787-98, one of the 48 common
Councillors of Worcester, and a V. Pres. of the Infirmary in 1797, and
M.P. Worcester 1789-1802, when defeated. He m. 24 Sept. 1795 Anna
Maria only dau. and heir of Charles Watkins-Meysey, of Shakenhurst,
and thereby acquired that estate, and assumed by Act of Pari, the
prefix surname of Meysey 15 June 181 1. He d. 9 Sept. 182 1, aged 63,
leaving 2 sons and 3 daughters. His eldest son Edmund assumed the
name of Greswolde on inheriting the Malvern Hall estate, near Solihull,
and d. unm. 1831, when the estates were divided between his 3
daughters, Anna Maria who m. John Severne, of Thenford, Northants ;
Caroline who m. Rev. Archer Clive, of Whitfield, co. Hereford ; and
Mary Charlotte who m. Charles Wicksted, of Betley Hall, co. Stafford,
whose 2nd son Charles Wigley Wicksted is the present owner of

1790, June 26. Edmund Wigley. T. 959.

Edmund Lechmere jun. 892.

Samuel Smith. 692.

Edmund Lechmere, of Hanley Castle, 2nd son of Edmund L. (see
Co. 1734), and brother to the M.P. 1774, matric. Queen's Coll. Oxon.
23 May 1764, aged 16, B.A. 1768, M.A. 14 Nov. 1770, of Staple Inn,
barr.-at-law Inner Temple 13 May 1774, F.A.S., published '' Poems and
Translations by a Young Gentleman of Oxford" 1770, was i\LP.
Worcester 1790-6, one of the 48 Common Councillors in 1797, and
d.v.p. at Edinburgh 31 Oct. 1798, His half brother Anthony was
General Receiver of co. Wore, in 1797, and made a Bart. 181S.

1796. May 25. Edmund Wigley. T.

Abraham Robarts. W.

The latter was the son of Capt. Abraham Robarts of Stepney (who
was b. 1 701, m. 1739 Elizabeth Wildoy dau. and sole heir of S. \Vildey,
of Stepney, the last representative of that family, and d. 7 Oct. 1761).
He was b. 27 Sept. 1745, and m. 16 June 1774 Sabine dau. of Thomas
Tierney, and sislrr of Rt. Hon. George Ticrney M.P. Mr. Robarts
was an eminent London merchant, leading partner in Robarts, Curtis,
Robarts, and Curtis, bankers, Lombard Street, established 1772, a

Membkrs for Worcester. 107

partner in Lechmere and Co., bankers, Worcester, a Commr. of
Lieutenancy for the City of London, a V. Pres. of the Worcester
Infirmary in 1797, a director of the East India Co, 1788-92, 1793-7,
1 799-1803, 1804-7, Col. 1st regt. E. India Volunteers, unsucc. cont.
Wootton Bassett 1784, but sat for Worcester 1796 till his death at
Taplow 26 Nov. 1816, aged 71. His eldest son Abraham Wildey
Robarts sat for Maidstone 1818-37, (see Greville Memoirs)^ and his
grandson Charles Henry Robarts unsuccessfully contested Mid Surrey
in 1868. Another son William Tierney Robarts was M.P. St. Albans

i8o2. July 5. Abraham Robarts. W. 854.
Joseph Scott. W. 486.

Edmund Wigley. T. 463.

Joseph Scott, of Great Barr, co. Stafford, a large landowner in
that county, and a relative of Viscount Dudley (see 1780), only declared
himself a candidate after the two old Members had been proposed and
seconded. Son of William S., of Aldridge, co. Stafford, he was b. 31
March 1752, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 17 Feb. 1770, aged 17, m. 21 Jan.
1777 his cousin Margaret dau. and heir of Edward Whitby, of Shut
End, CO. Stafford, was H.S. of that county 1779, M.P. Worcester
1802-6, created a Bart. 30 April 1806, and d. 17 June 1828.

1806. Oct. 29. Abraham Robarts. W. 856.

Henry Bromley. W. 563.

Wm. Duff Gordon. T. 318.

Poll open 3 days. Mr. Gordon pet. Col Henry Bromley of
Abberley Lodge, 2nd son of Wm. B. (son of Francis, son of Henry B. of
Holt, who d. 1652), was M.P. Worcester 1806-7 when he res. He was
Capt. of an Independent Company till it was disbanded Jan. 1791,
when he was placed on half pay, and from Capt. 26th regt. of foot was
made Brevet Major in the Army 9 Aug. 1803, and afterwards Lt.-Col.
of that regt. He was H.S. co. Wore. 1809, and inherited Abberley
Lodge in 1803 on the death of Robert Bromley, the last of that line,
whose near relation he was. His dau. Frances Mercy m. i Jan. 1829
Rev. Henry Somers Cocks, (grandson of ist Lord Somers).

1807. Feb. 17, W. D. Gordon. T. 766.

— Attersol jun. W. 414.

vice Bromley who retired upon a petition being presented against his
return. Poll open 2 days, when 1180 voted. John Attersol, who
unsucc. pet. against Gordon's return, was son of a Russia merchant, and
sat for Wootton Bassett March 181 2 till he res. March 18 13. William
Duff Gordon was 2nd son of Hon. Alexander Gordon, a Lord of
Session as Lord Rockville, and grandson of Wm. 2nd Earl of Aberdeen
He was b. 8 April 1772, bred at Cadiz in his uncle's counting house,

io8 Members for Worcester.

and was afterwards engaged in a great mercantile concern there, m.
TO Feb. 1810 Caroline dau. of Sir George Cornewall Bart. M.P., of
Morxas Court, Hereford, (see Williams'' Herefordshire Members), succ.
his uncle Sir James Duff, British Consul at Cadiz, by special remainder
as 2nd Bart. 20 Nov. 18 15, having assumed the prefix surname and
arms of Duff by R.L. 9 Oct. 1813, sat for Worcester 1807-18, defeated
1806, 1818, and d. 8 March 1823. In 181 3 he was Chairman of the
Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Co. (founded 1808).

1807. May 6. A. Robarts. W.

W. D. Gordon. T.

18 1 2. Oct. 13. A. Robarts. W. 1248.

W. D. Gordon. T. 939.
Viscount Deer hirst T. 855.

1765 voted at this election.

18 1 6. Dec. 3. George William (Coventry) Viscount Deerhurst,
vice Robarts dec. Elder son of Geo. Wm. 7th Earl Coventry, b. 16
Oct. 1784, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 4 Feb. 1802, aged 17, m. (1)16 Jan.
1808 Hon. Emma Susanna Lygon (who d. 8 Aug. 1810), 2nd dau. of
Wm. ist Earl Beauchamp, (see Co. 1776), and (2) 6 Nov. 181 1 Lady
Mary Beauclerk only dau. of Aubrey 5th Duke of St. Albans. His
Lordship unsucc. cont. Worcester 1812, but rep. it 1816-26, was app.
Lt.-Col. Worcestershire Militia 10 Nov. 1S06, Col. thereof 21 Dec. 1838,
Dep. Lieut, co. Wore. 14 Dec. 1803, Vice Lieut. 23 May 1826, succ.
his father as 8th Earl of Coventry 26 March i83i,and d. 15 May 1843,

1818. June 23. Viscount Deerhurst. T. 1422.
Col. T. H. H. Davies. W. 1024.
Sir W. D. Gordon. T. 874.

The poll lasted from 16 to 23 June, and 1963 voted. On
2 Feb. Thomas Harper and other electors presented a petition against
Col. Davies's return but it was dismissed 23 March 1819. Col. Thomas
Henry Hastings Davies of Elmley, elder son of Thomas Davies,
Advocate General to the E.L Co., (who d.v.p. at Calcutta 1792), was b.
27 Jan. 1789, and named after his godfather the celebrated Governor
General Warren Hastings, who was a great friend of his father's. At
the age of 15 he entered the army as Ensign 52nd Light Infantry
2 June 1804, became Lieut. 31 Jan. 1805, and Ca])iain 4 Feb. 1808, and
saw much service in the Peninsular war, being present at the battles of
Vimiera, Sabrugal, Fuentes d'Onoro, Pyrenees, Nion, and Nivelle,
through all which he passed without receiving a wound. The History
of the 52nd Light Injantry in its account of Vimiera 21 .'\ug. 1808,
says: — "The French drove in the skirmishers of the 60th and the 95th
regiments, whose retreat was covered by a company of the 95th and

Members for Worcester. 109

three companies of the 52nd, commanded by Captains Arbuthnot,
Chetwynd, and Davies." He exchanged as Lieut, and Capt. into the
ist Foot Guards 7 Dec. 1809, with whom he fought at Waterloo 18 June
1815, and was promoted to Capt. and Lt -Col. 3 July 1815, and received
the Waterloo medal. On 25 March 18 18 he retired from the Grenadier
Guards (which name was given the ist Foot Guards after Waterloo, for
their prowess in defeating the French Grenadiers of the Guard at
that battle), by exchanging to half pay of the Chasseurs Britanniques.
He was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the army 10 Jan. 1837, and
exchanged to the 6th Dragoon Guards i March 1839, in order to retire
from the army the following day. Col. Davies m. 17 Jan. 1824 Augusta
Anne only child of Thomas Champion de Crespigny M.P., of Sudbury,
Suffolk. He came forward as a candidate for Worcester in 18 16, but did
not then proceed to a poll. Soon afterwards he purchased the estate of
Elmley Castle from the executors of Mr. Bourne Charlotte, and winning a
seat for Worcester in 18 18 afterwards held it till 1841, with the exception
of the period 1835-7 when he was defeated In the House Col. Davies
constantly seconded or supported Hume in his motions to secure
economy in the public service, and acquired from his opponents the
soubriquet of "Smollett" after the eminent continuator of Hume's
History of England. He was a J. P. co. Wore, and an East India
Proprietor. While canvassing at the General Election in Dec. 1834
Col. Davies was thrown out of his carriage, and slightly paralysed, and
this gradually increasing necessitated his retiring from Parliament at the
dissolution in 1841, and during the last few years of his life he became
perfectly helpless. He died s p. at Elmley Castle 11 Dec. 1846, aged
57. Several interesting souvenirs of his electoral contests are preserved
at Elmley Castle by his nephew Lieut.-Gen. H. F. Davies, the present
representative of the family, including some silver medals struck in
honour of his victory in 18 18, (with the words " Colonel Davies 16 June
1818," on one side," and "The friend of the people in advocating a free
representation," on the other side), and a gilt eagle formerly attached to
the chair in which he was carried round the City after his election in
1826, together with a handsome dinner service, made by Grainger,
of Worcester, presented him by his supporters. The election and
petition of 1818 cost him about ^12,000, while he spent about ^8000
on the contest of 1826.

1820, March 9. Viscount Deerhurst.
Col. T. H. H. Davies.

1826. June 16. G. R. Robinson. W. 1542.

Col. T. H. H. Davies. W. 1236.
Richard Griffiths. T. 1036.

Poll open 7 days, when 2x73 voted. Mr. Griffiths of Thorngrove
only came out on the morning of the election. George Richard
Robinson of London, was b. 1781, son of a surgeon at Wareham,

no Mrmbers for Worcester.

Dorset, and engaging in commerce, resided some years in Newfoundland,
and realising a fortune, became an East India proprietor, and a
merchant and shipowner largely concerned in the Newfoundland trade,
a director of the National Bank of England, and Chairman of Lloyds'
1834. He unsucc. cont. the Tower Hamlets 1841, but sat for Worcester
1826-37, and for Poole 1847 till his death at Tunbridge Wells 24 Aug.
1850, aged 69.

1830. July 30. G. R. Robinson.

Col. T. H. H. Davies

183 1. May 2. The same.

Robert Adam Dundas was a candidate at this election, but
declined taking a poll. He was of kin to Viscount Melville, held office
as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster March to Dec. 1852, sat for
Ipswich 1826-31, and in 1835, when uns., Edinburgh 183 1-2, N.
Lincolnshire 1837-57, took the name of Christopher in lieu of Dundas
1836, and assumed the additional surname of Nisbet-Hamilton 1854,
and d. 9 June 1877, aged 73.

1832. Dec. 10. G. R. Robinson.

Col. T. H. H. Davies.

1835. Jan. 8. G. R. Robinson.
Joseph Bailey.
CoL T. H. H. Davies.

There were 2940 registered voters, of whom 2217 voted. The
split votes were, Robinson and Bailey 659, Robinson and Davies 943,
Bailey and Davies 97. The Plumpers were Robinson 23, Bailey 398,
Davies 97. George Munn and others petitioned against Mr. Bailey's
return, but after 1 1 days hearing, withdrew.

Joseph Bailey the elder of Glanusk Park, Breconshire, eldest son
of Joseph B. of Wakefield, by Susannah dau. of — Crawshay, was b. at
Great Wenham, Suffolk, 21 Jan. 1783, m. (1) 10 Oct. 1810 .NLiria
(who d. 27 May 1827), 4th dau. of Joseph Latham of Llangattock, co.
Brecon, (2) 19 Aug. 1830 Mary Anne (who d. 26 Jan. 1875) dau. of
John Thomas Hendry Hopi)er of Wilton Castle, Durham, was an
extensive ironmaster in cos. Brecon and Monmouth, X'icc-Chairman of
the Birkenhead Docks Co. in 185 i, J. P. cos. Hereford and Glamorgan,
J.F. and D. L. cos. Brecon and Monmouth, H.S. co. Monmouth 1823,
patron of 8 livings, created a 15aronet 5 July 1852, ^L1^ Woiccstcr
18^5-47, and Breconshire 1847 till his death 20 Nov. 1858. By his
wiil he bequeathed Charities to the poor of Iheconshire. (See
IVtUiams' Put I. Uist. of WaUs).




1 1 5+



Members for Worcester. hi

1837. July 22. Joseph Bailey. T.

Col. T. H. H. Davies. W.

Mr. Robinson was nominated, but anHounced from the hustings
his intention of retiring.

1841. June 29. Sir Thomas Wilde. W. 1187.
Joseph Bailey. T. 11 73.

Robert Hardy. W. 875.

21 14 voted out of 2561. Plurnpers, Wilde 105, Bailey 883,
Hardy 5. Split votes, Wilde and Bailey 251, Wilde and Hardy 831,
Bailey and Hardy 39.

Sir Thomas Wilde Knt. was second son of Thomas Wilde of
London and Saffron Walden, attorney-at-law, and was born in Warwick
square, London 7 July 1782, educ. at St. Paul's School, adm. an
attorney and solicitor 1805, and m. (i) 13 April 181 3 Mary (who d. 13
June 1840) dau. of Wm. Wileman, and widow of Wm. Devaynes M.P. a
wealthy banker, and (2) 13 Aug. 1845 Augusta Emma, Mademoiselle
D'Este, dau. of H.R.H. Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex. He was
called to the bar at the Inner Temple 7 Feb. 1817, and so ably
distinguished himself as junior Counsel for Queen Caroline in 1820, that
she made him one of her executors. He made such rapid progress at
the bar, that he was made Serjeant-at-law 13 May 1824, and one of the
King's Serjeants 1827, unsucc. cont. Newark 1829, 1830, Feb. 1831,
and 1832, but rep. it 1831-2 and 1835-41, Worcester 1841-6, Knighted
Feb. 1840, Solicitor-General Dec. 1839-41, Attorney-General June to
Sept. 1 841 and for 3 or 4 days in July 1846, Lord Chief Justice of the
Common Pleas 7 July 1846-50, Lord Chancellor 15 July 1850 to Feb.
1852, made a Privy Councillor 30 Oct. 1846, created Lord Truro 15
July 1850, and d. 11 Nov. 1855.

1846. July 8, Sir Denis le Marchant Bart, of Chobham Place,
Surrey (L.) vice Sir Thomas Wilde made Attorney General. Eldest
surviving son of Major General John Gaspard le Marchant, who fell in
command of the heavy cavalry brigade at Salamanca 1812, was born at
Newcastle-on-Tyne 3 July 1795, and m. 9 Jan. 1835 Sarah Eliza 4th
dau. of Charles Smith M.P. of Suttons, Essex, and sister to Sir Charles
J. Smith 2nd Bart. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 17 May
1822, Principal Secretary to the Lord Chancellor (Lord Brougham)
Nov. 1830-4, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery July 1834-6, Joint
Assistant Sec. of the Board of Trade Feb. 1836-41, Financial Secretary
to the Treasury June to Sept. 1841, unsucc. cont. Harwich 1841, M.P.
Worcester 1846-7, Private Sec. to the First Lord of the Treasury (Lord
John Russell) July 1846-7, Under Sec. of State for the Home Dept.
July 1847-8, Joint Sec. to the Board of Trade May 1848-50, and Clerk
of the House of Commons (;^2ooo a year) Oct. 1850 to Feb. 187 1,

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