W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 12 of 20)
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112 Members for Worceistkr.

when he resigned. He was made a Baronet 14 Oct. 1841, edited
Horace Walpole^ s Memoirs of the Reign of George III., and d. 30 Oct.
.1874. His lineal ancestor was chief magistrate and lieut. governor of
Guernsey in 1204.

1847. July 30. Osman Ricardo. L. 1163.
Francis Rufiford. P. 1141.
Robert Hardy. L. 927.

Osman Ricardo of Bromesberrow Place, eldest son of David
Ricardo M.P., the eminent writer of works on currency and banking,
was b. 25 May 1795, educ. at the Charterhouse, grad. B.A. Trin. Coll.
Camb. 18x6, and m. 22 May 1817 Harriet, yst. dau. of Robert Harvey
Mallory of Woodcote, co. Warwick. He was app. H.S. co. Wore. i83r,
Dep.-Lieut. 1846, M.P. Worcester 1847-65, and d. s.p. 2 Jan. 188 1,
aged 85.

Francis Rufford of Yew Tree, Bellbroughton, Stourbridge, son of
Philip R. of Heath House, near Stourbridge, was in 1847 ^ banker and
glass manufacturer at Stourbridge and Bromsgrove, Chairman of the
Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway, a Director of the
Birmingham and Oxford, and Birmingham and Wolverhampton Railways,
J. P. CO. Stafford, J. P. and D.L. co. Wore, and was M.P. Worcester
1847-52 when he res. His widow Sophia d. at Belbroughton 18 May
1858, aged 71.

1852. April 28. William Laslett of Abberton Hall, Pershore,
vice Rufford who accepted the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds.
Son of Thomas Emmerson Laslett, b. at Worcester 1801, and educ.
there, was entered as a student at the Inner Temple 1825, and served
all the terms necessary for a call to the bar, but was also articled to
Mr. Wm. Wall, solicitor (and banker), of Worcester, and practised as a
solicitor at Worcester 183 — till 1846, and was called to the bar at the
Inner Temple 30 April 1856. He m. 1842 Maria eldest dau. of
Rt. Rev. Robert James Carr, Bishop of Worcester 1S31-41, was patron
of 6 livings, M.P. Worcester 1852-60 when he res., and 1868-74, when
defeated, also unsucc. cont. E. U^orcestershire June 186S and 1874,
and d. 26 Jan. 1884, aged 82. He founded and endowed Laslett's
Almshouses in Friar Street, Worcester, for 33 aged men and women
His portrait is in the Guildhall, Worcester.

1852. July 9. William Laslett. L. 121 2.
Osman Ricardo. L. 1164.
/. IV. HuddUston. C. 661.

1857. Mar. 28. William Laslett. L. 1137.

Osman Ricardo. L. 1003.
Aid. IVm. Sidney. L C. 615.

Members for Worcester. i i 3

1859. April 29. William Laslett.
Osman Ricardo.

i860. March 12. Aid. Richard Padmore, of Henwick Hall,
vice Laslett res. Eldest son by his 2nd wife of Thomas P. of the Ketley
Iron Works, Salop, b. at Ketley 28 Sept. 1789, educ. at Wellington
Grammar School, m. 1823 Emma only dau. of John Jones of Worcester,
was extensively engaged in business as an ironfounder, Ch. Worcester
City and County Banking Company, J. P. co. Wore, M.P. Worcester
1860-8, J. P. and Aid. and twice Mayor, and Sheriff in 1845 of the City,
and d. 12 Jan. i88r, aged 91. His portrait is in Worcester Guildhall.

1865. July 12. A, C. Sheriff. L. 1255.
R. Padmore. L. 1033.
James Levick. C. 978,

Alexander Clunes Sheriff, of Perdiswell Hall and Craycombe
House, son of Alexander S., was b. 1816, and m. 1841 Martha eldest
dau. of Thomas Tattersall, of Armley, Yorks. He was J. P. and Aid.,
once Sheriff, and twice Mayor of Worcester City, and was in 1868 Ch.
Worcester Royal Porcelain Co., and of the Worcester Engine Works
Co., a director of the Metropolitan Ry., Metropolitan District Ry. (Dep.
Ch. in 1865 and 1874), Metropolitan and St. John's Wood Ry., the
Worcester City and County Banking Co., the Patent Shaft and Axletree
Co., and the Russian Vyksounsky Iron Works Co. He sat for Worcester
1865 till his death 17 March 1878, aged 62.

1868. Nov. 17. William Laslett. C. 2439.

A. C. Sheriff. L. 2063.

T. Rmvley Hill. L. 1586.

Sir F. Lycett. L. 1269.

Sir Francis Lycett Knt. unsucc. cont. Liskeard 1869, Worcester
1868, 1878, and St. Ives 1874, 1875. He died 1880, As to Mr.
Laslett, see 1852.

1874. Feb. 6. A. C. Sheriff. L. 2284.

T. Rowley Hill. L. 2164.

/ D. Allcroft. C. 1958.

W. Laslett. C. 1672.

Thomas Rowley Hill, of St. Catherine's Hill, Worcester, only
son of William Hill F.R.A.S., of Worcester, who d. 1859, was born at
Stourport i March 18 16, educ. at Univ. College, London, and m. (i)
5 June 1838 Esther (who d. 5 May 1839) only child of Richard Evans,
J. P., of Worcester, and (2) 26 July 1842 Mary Hilditch, (who d. 26 Dec.
1891), dau. of Edward Evans J. P., of Worcester. He was Sheriff of
Worcester City 1858, Mayor 1859, made J. P. for the City i860, and

114 Members for Worcester.

for the County 1865, H.S. co. Wore. 1870, D.L. thereof 1874, J. P. co.
Hereford 1880, was a member of the Worcester and Suckley School
Boards in 1879, and M.P. Worcester 1874-85, being defeated there
1868, 1885, 1886. Mr. Hill was a very charitable man, and during his
lifetime founded and endowed Almshouses for four aged women in
Berwick Street, Worcester. He d. 9 Oct. 1896.

1878 March 28. J. D. AUcroft C. 2609.
Sir F. Lycett. L. 2155.

vice Sheriff dec. John Derby Allcroft, of Stokesay Castle, Salop, an
eminent philanthropist, was only son of Jeremiah Macklin Allcroft, of
Worcester, merchant, by Hannah only dau. of Thomas Derby, and was

b. 19 July 1822, and m. (i) 1854 Mary Annette (who d. 1857),

dau. of Rev. Thomas Martin, and (2) 9 Aug. 1864, Mary eldest dau. of
John Blundell, of Timsbury Manor, Hants. He was a Conmir. of
Lieutenancy for the City of London, Lord of the Manors of Onibury
and Stokesay, patron of 5 livings, Treasurer and a Governor of Christ's
Hospital. M.P. Worcester 1878-80, unsuccessful 1874, 1880, J. P. Salop'
1871, and d. 29 July 1893.

1880. April. T. Rowley Hill. L. 2718.
iEneas Mclntyre. L. 25 11.
/, D. Allcroft. C. 2502.

yEneas John Mclntyre Q.C., of London, only son of ^Eneas
Mclntyre LL.D. and F.L.S., of King's Coll., Aberdeen, and Hackney,
was b. 1821, and m. 1854 Eleanor dau. of George Corbett. He ent.
Middle Temple 6 Nov. 1843, was called to the bar 20 Nov. 1846, Q.C.
8 Feb. 1872, Bencher 27 May 1873, went the North Wales and Chester
circuit, was elected a member of the Bar Committee Dec. 1883, M.P.
Worcester 1880-5, unsucc. cont. N. Hackney Nov. 1885, and was app.
County Court Judge for circuit No. 12 (Yorkshire), i Jan. 1889, but d.
19 Sept. following.

At the dissolution in Nov. 1885, the City of Worcester was
deprived of one of its Members, by virtue of the Redistribution of
Seats Act 1885.

1885. Nov. 25. G. H. AUsopp. C. 2974.
T. Rowley Hill. L. 2890.

George Higginson Allsopp, of Foston Hall, Derby, 3rd son of
Henry 1st Lord Hindlip (see E. Worcestershire 1874) was b. 28 March
1846, educ. at Eton, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1868, M.A. 1871, and ni.
16 July 1895 Lady Mildred Georgiana Ashley 3rd dau. of Anthony 8th
Earl of Shaftesbury. He became Sub-Lieut. Worcestershire Yeomanry

Members for Worcester. 115

10 June 1874, J.P. 1883, and D.L. co. Stafford, J.P. co. Derby, Ch.
Burton-on-Trent School Board, twice Mayor of Burton, a director of S.
AUsopp and Sons Ld. Burton-on-Trent, became " Honourable "16 Feb.
1886, unsucc. cent. Droitwich 1880, but has sat for Worcester since

1886. July 2. Hon. G. H. Allsopp. C. 2892.
T. Rowley Hill. G.L. 2749.

1892. July. Hon. G. H. Allsopp. C. 3353.
Esme Wm. Howard. G.L. 2540.

A petition was presented against Mr. AUsopp's return, but on
trial was dismissed. Mr. Howard was born 15 Sept. 1863, the yst. son
of Henry Howard M.P., of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland, and
Thornbury Castle, co. Glouc. (nephew of 12th Duke of Norfolk).

1895. July 15. Hon. G. H. Allsopp. C. 3530.
/ T. Hincks. R. 2328.

The registered electors were 2366 in 1832, 5642 in 1868, 5464
in 1874, 6323 in 1884, 6999 in 1892, and 7617 in 1895. The Sheriff
of the City of Worcester is the Returning Ofificer.


1295. Hugh Aleyn.
Peter Bond.

On I Jan. 1301 the Abbot of Shrewsbury going to the Court of
Rome received Letters Patent nominating Master Roger de Wenlock
and Hugh, son of WiUiam Aleyn, of Minstersle, his attorneys until
Whitsunday. {Patent Rolls). Peter Bond was again M.P. 1301.

1298. John de Herdiwyk.
Richard Falck.

Three members of the Falke family sat for Hereford in 1420,
and 1435. (See Williams' Herefordshire Members).

1300. March. John Wyget.

William de Malverne.

1 30 1. John Ungeun.
Peter Bonde.

In the Enrolment of the Writ de Expensis they are called
Uniun and Bude.

1306. John Allot.

Thomas Ingram.

The latter again sat 1309, 1311.

1309. Thomas Aleyn.

Thomas Ingeram.

131 1. Aug. Thomas Aleyn.

One Burgess only was returned. Aleyn was evidently son or
brother of the M.P. 1295.

131 1. Nov. Thomas Aleyn.

Thomas Ingeram.

After this Parliament no further returns are found for the Borough
of Droitwich or Wych, until 1554, and it seems clear that like other
small Boroughs, it was during this period relieved of its right of sending

Members for Droitwich. 117

two Burgesses to Parliament, and probably in like manner for the same
reason, namely, at its own request in order to save the expense of
paying wages to its Members, which was always regarded as a great
burden. In 1554 however the Borough was again empowered to choose
Members, by Philip and Mary, the first two or three returns being for
the " Borough of Wick."

1554. Nov. 3. George Newporte.

Robert Wyth.

George Newport was M.P. Nov. 1554 to Jan. 1555, and Oct. to
Dec. 1555 ; and was a resident of Droitwich. (Quaere if his will proved
at Worcester 1560). Both he and the M.P. 1559 (perhaps his brother
or son) were doubtless of the same family as the Newports of Henley
Court, a manor said to have been acquired by them temp. Edward VI.

Robert Wyth of Droitwich, 2nd son of John Wythe, was b. 1523,
adm. to Inner Temple Feb. 1549, and became a Bencher, was Reader
of his Inn 1572, Treasurer 1576, M.P. Droitwich Nov. 1554-5 Jan.,
Oct. to Dec. 1555, 1558, Jan. to May 1559, 1562-7, and d. at Droitwich
24 Dec. 1586, aged 63. (M.L St. Peter's).

1555. Oct. 15. George Newport.

Robert Wyth jun.

1558. Jan. Robert Wyithe. (^Droitwich

W , of Droitwich. j Borough.

Robert Wyethe. ) Wick

Walter Gower. J Borough.

This apparently Double Return is clearly a blunder of some
official, who did not know that Droitwich and Wick were one and the
same, so made a return for both. Walter Gower may have been son of
William G. of Holdfast in Ripple, who was H.S. co. Wore. 1549. He
was a member of the right ancient family of Gower of Colemers, but he
cannot be satisfactorily identified in the Visitation pedigrees.

1559. Jan. 4. Francis Newport.

Robert Wyyth.

The return is for Droitwich Borough (Wichium).

1562. Dec. Robert Wyethe.
Walter Gower.

The return is this time for Droitwich {alias Wick) Borough.

ii8 Members for Droitwich.

1 57 1. April. Francis Brace.

Francis Kinwelmarsh.

Francis Brace or Bracey of Rushock and Dordall, co. Wore,
was M.P. 1571, 15^6-7, 1588-9. He was a scion of the ancient family
of de Bracy, his father being Wm. Bracey of Dordall, and his mother
Margery dau. and co-heir of Wm. Porter. He m. Mary dau. of Robert
Purslovv of Sydbury, Salop, and entered his pedigree at the Visitation
of 1569.

Francis Kinwelmarshe was also M.P. Bossiney 1572-83. Of kin
to Anthony and Robert Kindlemarch who ent. Gray's Inn 1561
and 1563.

1572. April. John Russell (see County, 1586).

William Sebright.

Of Blackshall, in Wolverley, was 2nd son of Edward Sebright, of
Blakeshall. He was Town Clerk of London 16 Eliz., and purchased
Besford from the Harewells about the same time. He died s.p. 1620,
being styled " the loving father of the poor of Wolverley." He left his
estate of Besford to his nephew Edward, who was made a Baronet 1626.

1584. Nov. 5. George Wild.

Jasper Cholmeleie.

George Wylde, of Kemsey, eldest son by 2nd wife of Thomas
W. of the Commandery in Worcester, (see Worcester 1558), was b. 1550,
adm. to the Inner Temple Nov. 1567, called to the bar, Bencher 1591,
Reader 1607, Treasurer 1603-5, Sergeant-at-law 1614, one of the Council
of the Marches of Wales 7 July 1602, M.P. Droitwich 1584-5, 1593,
1604-11, J. P. CO. Wore, in 160T, m. Frances dau. of Sir Edmund
Huddleston of Sawston, co. Camb., and was bur. at Droitwich 16 16,
aged 66.

Jasper Cholmley who was also M.P. for Plympton 1586-7, was
probably Jasper Cholmley, of the E.R., co. York, and of Highgate,
Middlesex, whose daughter m. William Clayton, of the Inner Temple,
and of Okenshaw, co. York, and was ancestor of the Claytons of London.

1586. Oct. 1. Francis Brace.

George Lyttelton.

Of Groveley, son of Roger L., ent. Inner Temple Nov. 1574,
called to the bar 1583, was M.P. Droitwich 1586-7, died 23 May 1600,
was bur. in Bromsgrove Church. His uncle Sir John Lyttelton, one of
the Council of the Marches of Wales, purchased the Groveley estate,
and devised it to him 1590.

Members for Droitwich. 119

1588. Nov. 2. Francis Brace.

William Combes.

William Combe was also M.P. for Warwick 1593, and for co.
Warwick 1597-8. He was one of the Combe family of Old Stratford in
Warwickshire, and possibly a brother to Shakespeare's " John a Combe."

1593. Jan. Robert Walter.
George Wielde.

Robert Walter may have been a younger son of Edmund Walter
of Ludlow, Chief Justice of the Brecknock circuit, and brother to Sir
John Walter, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1625-30.

1597. Oct. 3. John Acton.

Thomas Bailis.

John Acton was perhaps 5th son of Wm. Acton M.P. Bridgnorth
1550, 1554, and quaere the same as John Acton of Salop who matric.
Ball. Coll. Oxon. 14 June 1582, aged 28. More probably, however, he
was son of Humphrey Acton of Burton, who d. 1590. If so he founded
the Actons of Wolverton, an estate he inherited through his mother
Alice sister of Wm. Cooksey of Wolverton.

Thomas Bailis matric. Magd. Hall, Oxon. under date 7 July
1578, aged 16, as Thomas Baylyes of co. Wore, and ent. Lincoln's Inn
1583, then formerly of Lyon's Inn.

1601. Oct. 6. John Buck,

Humphrey Wheler.

Humphrey Wheler of Martin Hassingtree, co. Wore, was 2nd
son of William W. of that place, and heir to his brother John. He m.
Joan dau. of Wm. Davies, sat for Droitwich Oct. to Dec. 1601, and
presented to Merton 9 March 161 1. Probably the same as Humphrey
Wheler of Ludlow, who entered the Inner Temple Nov. 1581. His
grandson was made a Baronet 1660.

Sir John Buck of Hamby Grange, co. Lincoln, and Nash co.
Wore, son of Francis B. of Nash, matric. Magd. Hall, Oxon. under date
25 Feb. 1581, aged 15, ent. Inner Temple 1586, M.P. Droitwich Oct.
to Dec. 1601, Knighted 23 July 1603, and d. 1648.

[604. March 14. George Welde.
John Brace.

John Brace of Hill Court, son and heir of Philip B., matric.
Exeter Coll. Oxon. 8 Nov. 1594, aged 16, m. Cecily dau. of Sir Samuel
Sandys of Ombersley (see County 1609), and sat for Droitwich 1604-11.

I20 Members for Droitwich.

1614. March. Edwyn Sandys.
Ralph Clare.

As to the latter, see Bewdley 1624. Sir Edwin Sandys was
eldest son and heir of Sir Samuel S. of Ombersley (see Co. 1609), b.
1 59 1, matric. Corpus Christi Coll. Oxon. 13 Nov. 1609, aged 18, ent.
Middle Temple 16 10, m. Penelope dau. of Sir Richard Bulkeley of
Baron Hill, Anglesea, (see IVil/iams' Pari. Hist, of Wales), was
Knighted V. p. at York 12 April 1617, M.P. Droitwich March to June
1614, Pontefract April 1621-2, and d. 26 Sept. 1623, bur. at

1620. Dec. II. Sir Thomas Coventry Knt.

John Wylde. (See Co. 1640).

Sir Thomas Coventry, of Croome D'Abitot, eldest son and heir
of Sir Thomas Coventry who was made a Justice of the Common Pleas
1606, by Margaret dau. and heir of — Jefferies of Croome D'Abitot,
was b. there 1578, matric. Ball. Coll. Oxon. i.s Dec. 1592, aged 14, ent.
Inner Temple 1594, called to the bar 19 May 1603, went the Oxford
circuit. Bencher 18 Aug. 16 14, Autumn Reader 16 16, Treasurer 1617-23,
one of the Judges of the Sheriff's Court, London, till app. Recorder of
London 17 Nov. 1616, Solicitor General 14 March 1617-21, Knighted
16 March 1617, M.P. Droitwich Dec. 1620-1 Jan., Attorney General 11
Jan. 162 1-5, P.C. 30 Oct. 1625, and Lord Keeper of thq Great Seal of
England i Nov. 1625, till his death in London 14 Jan. 1640, bur. at
Croome i March. His Lordship was created Lord Coventry 10 April
1628, and m. (i) before 1606 Sarah sister of Sir Edward Sebright ist Bt.,
(see 1572), and dau. of John S. of Besford, by Anne dau. of Richard
Bullingham (see Worcester 1559), and (2) before 1610 Elizabeth widow
of Wm. Pitchford, and dau. of John Aldersley, of Spurston, Cheshire.
He was made a Governor of the Charterhouse 31 Oct. 1621, Joint
Keeper of Houghton Park, Beds., 20 June 1623, a Commr. of
Claims for the Coronation of Charles L, 24 Jan. 1626, High Steward of
Cambridge 19 April 1626, High Steward of Kingston-on-Hull and
Recorder of Boston 1633, High Steward of St. Alban's, one of the
Council of the Marches of Wales 12 May 1633, a Councillor for the
Colonies 28 April 1634, and to the Queen 22 May 1634, and a Commr.
of Regency 26 March 1639. He presided as Lord High Steward of
England at the trial of Lord Audley 25 April 1631. His portrait is in
Worcester Guildhall.

1621. Feb. 17. Ralph Clare (see Bewdley 1624),
vice Coventry made Attorney General.

Members for Droitwich. i2t

1624. Feb. Walter Blounte.

John Wilde.

Walter Blount, of Soddington, eldest son and heir of Sir George
Blount (H.S. 1603), mairic. Ball. Coll. Oxon. 12 Oct. 1610, aged 16,
ent. Inner Temple i6ii,\vas H.S. co. Worcester 1620, M.P. Droitwich
1624-5, and created a Baronet 5 Oct. 1641. Sir Walter m. Elizabeth
dau. of Serjeant George Wilde (see 1584), and sister of his colleague Lord
Chief Baron Wilde, and suffered greatly in the cause of Charles I., being
imprisoned at Oxford and in the Tower of London. He d. 27 Aug.
1654, and was bur. at Peyton, Devon.

1625. May 2. John Wylde.

Thomas Coventry (see Co. 1628).

1626. Jan. 24. The same.

1628. Feb. 28. John Wylde.

George Wylde.

Two Brothers. On 4 April 1628, a complaint was made to the
House by " Mr. Wild concerning an unfit letter about the election."
George Wylde was the younger son of the M.P. 1584, and matric. Ball.
Coll. Oxon. 18 March 1608, aged 14, B.A. 24 Jan. 1611, barr.-at-law
Inner Temple 16 April 1618, Bencher 14 June 1635, M.P. Droitwich
1628-9, ^"d Dec. 1648 till his death 15 Jan. 1650.

1640. March 12. John Wylde.

Samuel Sandys (see Co. 1661).

1640. Oct. 19. Endymion Porter.
Samuel Sandys.

The celebrated courtier Endymion Porter who was probably
returned through the influence of the Windsor family, was elder son of
Edmond Porter of Aston-sub-Edge, Glouc, by his cousin Angelica dau.
of Gyles Porter of Mickleton, co. Glouc, b. 1584, adm. to Gray's Inn
9 March 1620, sat for Droitwich Oct. 1640 till disabled to sit by
Parliament 10 March 1643, ^^^ was bur. in St. Martin's in the Fields
20 Aug. 1649, ^Sed 65. He possessed a taste for literature and art,
and was the author of some verses. He was interpreter to Lord
Nottingham's mission to Spain 1605, having been brought up in Spain,
and been some time a Page in the household of Olivares. He then
entered the service of Edward Villiers, and afterwards of his brother
George Marquis of Buckingham, through whose influence he was app.
Groom of the Bedchamber to Prince Charles, which post he afterwards
held under the King, being for 30 years the personal attendant of
Charles I., to whom he rendered the most faithful and devoted services.

122 Members for Droitwich.

Being in favour with James I. he was sent on the preparatory mission to
Spain Oct. 1622, and was app. to attend Prince Charles on his
celebrated visit there as one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber 1623,
and this post he occupied until the King's death in Jan. 1649.
Previously to this he was of the Duke of Buckingham's household
(probably his Secretary), for the Cal. State Papers 16 19 makes mention
of him in one of its gossiping letters, as follows, " Porter, Buckingham's
servant, to marry Lady Roos," though this rumour turned out to be
false. On 30 Dec. 16 r8 the Crown granted to Endymion Porter and
Richard Peate for 7 years all the fines for non-payment of the subsidy
and exportation of prohibited goods, or in other words they became
" Farmers of goods forfeited for non-payment of Customs." In
consequence of their complaint that they were likely to lose money by
this office they were further granted on 17 Sept. 16 19 permission to
assign over debts to the King, to enable them to pay their rent of ^800
for the above goods. On 16 Nov. 1619 Porter obtained a lease from the
Crown of Exminster Rectory, Devon, " he having found out the King's
right to the same, on condition of his repairing the premises and paying
;^5o a year to a curate." On 16 May 1625 Secretary Conway (see
Evesham 1621) ordered the Attorney General Coventry (see 1620) to
prepare 6 several grants of ;j^5oo pension to the Grooms of the
Bedchamber, Endymion Porter's name coming last of the six, and on
24 May following he was granted a pension of p^5ooa year accordingly.
{Privy Seals). Whether he held the office of Groom Porter is uncertain,
but as shewing his confidential position at Court, Sir William Russell
(see Co. 1625) wrote to Porter, from Witley, in 1629, stating '' that his
sister Wintour's eldest boy was believed to have the King's evil, and
that there was no cure except the Royal touch ; asking what time would
be most convenient for the King to receive him," and the Cal. State
Papers for that year contains several other references to the same
matter. He was sent on a further mission to Spain 1628, and was app.
Collector and Receiver of the Fines in the Star Chamber 9 July 1628,
which he still held in 1635. He purchased the post of Surveyor of
Petty Customs in the Port of London, and had also an interest in the
Soap Monopoly. His unsuccessful Embassy to the Cardinal Infante
Ferdinand of Spain (Gov. of the Low Countries), is thus referred to : —
"Jan. 1635, Mr. Porter sent to congratulate the Cardinal Infante has
returned, having received no great satisfaction, for the Prince never
moved his hat or foot" Jan. 1635, "Warrant to pay him ^{^2000, one
for his late message to the Infante Cardinal, the other for divers services
done to His Majesty without account." On 15 Nov. 1637 the Court of
Wards granted to Francis Lord Dunsmore and Endymion Porter the
custody of Wm. Lord Boteler, an idiot, with his estates rents and goods.
The King also gave him a grant of the Wandsworth estate. On 2 March
1638 Articles of Agreement were drawn up between Rndymion Porter,
Groom of the Bedchamber, of the first part, Wm. Ward of the second
part, and Gerrard Wright, alias Herbert, of the 3rd i)art, for draining

Members for Droitwich. 123

marsh and surrounded lands in cos. Carmarthen, Pembroke, and
Glamorgan, and the division of the lands so to be gained. On 15 Feb.
1642 the House of Commons resolved, "that Mr. Endymion Porter, of
the Bedchamber, is thought fit to be removed from the Persons and
Courts of the King and Queen, as one that is conceived to give
dangerous counsel." {Commons Journal). He was active in secret
services for the King during the Civil War, and Parliament always
excepted him from indemnity. He is said to have been Colonel of the
7th regt. of foot, but this was probably only a nominal command. He
left England in 1645, ^"^^ fled to France, and then to Brussels. By the
Committee for Advance of Money he was assessed at ;^2ooo
on 28 July 1644, and an order was made 2 July 1645 that his
goods, which were at Lord Butler's, Woodhall, Herts, be seized
and secured. 3 Nov. 1645, Order that Porter pay ;^I4 6s. od.
for salary and expenses in seizing and appraising the goods. 16 Jan.
1650, "On information that Dr. Charlton owed the late Endymion
Porter J^\o for which Porter did not compound, order that Charlton
pay it to this Committee, unless Porter's executor Sir Wm. Russell (see
County 1625), show cause to the contrary." In addition to this he had
also to encounter the Committee for Compounding, for on 17 April
1649, "Endymion Porter of Mickleton and Aston-under-Edge, co.
Glouc. (the late value of his estate being ;!^26o, and the present, 1648,
value ;^iSo), begs to compound for delinquency in attending the King
being one of His Majesty's servants in ordinary, both at Oxford and
elsewhere. Never took any command nor bore arms in the war.
29 June, Fine at one-half, ;^22 2 los. od., allowance being made for a
debt of ;^i75o." In 1619 or 1620 Porter married Olive 4th dau. of
John, ist Lord Butler, of Bramfield, (by Elizabeth, sister of George
Villiers, ist Duke of Buckingham), and co-heir to her brother the above

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