W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 16 of 20)
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m. 3 June 1766 Rebecca dau. of Humphrey Bowks, of Wanstead,
Essex, and Tenbury. He was Mayor of Evesham 1768, M.P. 1761-96,
created Lord Northwick 26 Oct. 1797, ^"^d d. at Northwick Park
20 Oct. 1800.

Members for Evesham. 153

1768. March 21. John Rushout. W.
George Durant. T.

Of Clent Hall, son of Rev. Josiah Durant of Hagley, b. 1732,
matric. St. Edmund Hall, Oxon. 23 Feb. 1750, aged 17, was a Clerk in
the office of the Paymaster General of the Forces in 1757, till app. Feb.
1762 Paymaster to the Forces going on an expedition under the Earl of
Albemarle, which resulted in the capture of Havannah, which place was
however ceded back to Spain when peace was made 10 Feb. 1763. He
was M.P. Evesham 1768-74, when defeated, voted against Wilkes 1769,
and having purchased in 1765 from Evelyn 2nd Duke of Kingston the
estate of Tong Castle, Salop, he d. there 4 Aug. 1780. He was elected
one of the Court of Assistants of the Charity for the relief of the poor
Widows and Children of Clergymen 13 Nov. 1777.

1774. Oct. 18. John Rushout. W. 490.

Henry Seymour. W. 373.

Viscoimt Milsingtoivn. T. 241.

George Durant. T. 64.

Henry Seymour, of Sherborne, Dorset, and Norton, Evesham,
was the only son of Francis Seymour M.P., of Sherborne, (who was next
brother to Sir Edward Seymour Bt. who became 9th Duke of Somerset
7 Feb. 1750). He matric. New Coll. Oxon. 23 April 1747, aged 17,
m. (i) 24 July i7i:;3 Lady Caroline Cowper (who d. 2 June 1773) eldest
dau. ofWm. 2nd Earl Cowper, (2) 5 Oct. 1775 Louise Countess de
Ponthou, of Normandy, was a Groom of the Bedchamber to the King
May 1761 to Aug. 1765, M.P. Huntingdon 1768-74, Evesham 1774-80,
and d. 14 April 1807. He had seats at Redland Court, co. Gloucester,
and Northbrook, Devon.

Wm. Charles (Colyear) Viscount Milsinton M.A., St. John's
Coll. Camb. 1767, succ. his father as 3rd Earl of Portmore 1785, and
d. 1823.

1780. Sept. 23. Sir John Rushout. W. 435.

C. W. Boughton-Rouse. W. 379.
Charles Rudge. W. 357.

Charles WiUiam Boughton-Rouse, of Downton Hall, Salop, 6th
son of Shuckburgh Boughton of Boston Court, co. Hereford, spent some
years of his early life in India, but under the will of Thomas (Phillips)
Rouse (descendant of Sir Thomas Rouse M.P. co. Wore. 1654), succ.
to the Rouse Lench estate 1768, and assumed the name of Rouse. He
m. 3 June 1782 Caroline only dau. and heir of William Pearce Hall, of
Downton Hall, sat for Evesham 1780-90, and for Bramber 1796-1800,
was Secretary to the Broad of Control Sept. 1784 to May 1791, created
a Bart. 21 June 1791, and became entitled by R.L. 13 May 1791,
to quarter the arms of Rouse of Rouse Lench with the arms of Lawford,

154 Members for Evesham.

and to use the surname of Rouse either before or after his family name
of Boughton, while in possession of Rouse Lench. He also succ. his
only brother Sir Edward Boughton, of Lawford Hall, co. Warwick, as
9th Bart. 26 Feb. 1794, and then resumed his paternal surname of
Boughton, and as Sir C. W. Rouse-Boughton was an Audit Commissioner
Feb. 1800 until his death 26 Feb. 182 1.

1784. April 3. Sir J. Rushout. T.

C. W. Boughton-Rouse. T.

1790. July 3. Sir J. Rushout. T. 418.

Thomas Thompson. W. 407.
Francis Sullivan. 374.

The poll lasted 1 1 days. Sir Francis Ford Bt. canvassed, but
retired before the poll. Mr. Thompson of Bentley Heath, co. Warwick,
and Goldingham Park, Herts, who came in on the '' popular " interest,
"was the son of Levi, a Jew well-known in the City and upon 'Change.
He was well educated, possessed of a sprightly genius, and his taste in
the arts was refined. The munificence of his parent had been princely ;
but play was one of the modes in which he impaired his fortune ; until
ultimately notning could induce him to touch either a card or a die."
(Mays History of Evesham). He sat for Evesham 1790-6, and d. at
Kensington Gravel Pits 29 July 1818.

1796. June 6. Charles Thellusson. T. 261.
Patrick C. Bruce. W. 249.

Humphrey Howarth W. 18.3.

The poll was kept open 5 days, when 400 voted. Charles
Thellusson was the 3rd and yst. son of Peter Thellusson M.P. of
Brodsworth, Yorks, (son of Isaac de Thellusson, Ambassador from
Geneva to Louis XV. of France). Peter Thellusson settled in London,
and made an immense fortune as a merchant, but made by his will such
an extraordinary disposition of the bulk of his property, that the
celebrated Thellusson Act was passed in 1799, forbidding in future
testators to direct accumulation of their property beyond 21 years after
their death. Charles Thellusson was b. 2 Feb. 1770, m. 15 Jan. 1795
Sabine eldest dau. of Abraham Robarts of London, banker (see Worcester
1796), was a London merchant, sat for Evesham i 796-1806, and d. 2
Nov. 1815. His eldest brother was created Lord Rendlesham 1806.

Patrick Crauford Bruce, of Taplow Court, Bucks., was in 1S06
an East India merchant in London, and a partner in \'ere, Bruce & Co.
He was created Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 6 July iSio, NLl\ I\vcsham 1796-
1806, Rye 1S06-7, Dundalk Aug. 1807 to July 180S when he retired,
and d. 31 March 1820. His son assisted in tiic escape of Lavalctte.

Members for Evesham. 155

1802. July 12. Charles Thellusson.
Patrick C. Bruce.

Mr. Howarth presented a petition i Dec. 1802.

1806. Nov. 3. William Manning. T.
Humphrey Howarth W.

William Manning of Copped Hall, Totteridge, Herts, son of
William M. of St. Mary Axe, was b. 1763, and m. (i) 23 Oct. 1786
Elizabeth (who d. 29 March 1789), dau. of Abel Smith M.P., of
Nottingham, and sister to Robert ist Lord Carrington, and (2) 1792
Mary younger dau. of Henry Hunter, of Beech Hill, Reading, and sister
to Sir Claudius Hunter ist Bart., Lord Mayor of London 1811-12.
Mr. Manning (whose father took a leading part in repressing the Gordon
riots and protecting the homes of those suspected of tolerating Roman
Catholics), made and lost a considerable fortune. He was an eminent
West India merchant, Agent for the Island of St. Vincent in 1806 and
1816, a Director of the Bank of England in 1806, 1816, 1830, the
Volunteers of which establishment were commanded by him. He was
Governor of the Bank 181 2-13, a Commr. of Lieutenancy for the City
of London in 1800, a V.P. of the London Institution in 18x6,
M.P. Plympton Earl Feb. 1794-6, Lymington 1796-1806, Evesham
1806-18, Penryn 1826-30, and in 1804 moved the order of the day and
spoke against Wilberforce's motion to abolish the slave trade. About
18 1 5 he sold his Totteridge property and bought Lord Frederick
Cavendish's beautiful estate of Coombe Bank, Sundridge, Kent.
Having, however, experienced a vicissitute of fortune, he resigned his
position as a Director of the Bank of England in 1831, and sold Coombe
Bank, and thenceforth lived a retired life in Upper Gower Street,
London, until his death 17 April 1835, aged 71. He was one of the
48 Common Councilmen of Worcester in 1829, a Trustee of the Free
School, Evesham, in 1834, and app. one of the Council of King's Coll.
London, by Royal Charter 14 Aug. 1829. His 3rd and yst. son Henry
Edward, the celebrated Cardinal Manning, d. 14 Jan. 1892.

Humphrey Howarth was decended from a Herefordshire family,
one of which Sir Humphrey Howarth Knt. was M.P. co. Radnor
1722-55, (see Williains' Pari. Hist, of Wales). His elder brother
Henry Howarth K.C. was elected for Abingdon Dec. 1782, but was
found drowned in the Thames 1783. Humphrey Howarth (perhaps son
of Robert Howorth, Sword-bearer to the Corporation of Worcester, who
d. 1767, and whose portrait is in Worcester Guildhall), was b. 1751,
practised for some time as a physician in India, and after his return
unsucc. cont. Evesham 1796, petitioned there 1802, rep. it 1806-7, when
he lost his seat, but was seated on petition Feb. 1808, and sat till 1820.
He d. at Banstead, Surrey, 14 Sept. 1827, aged 76. In 1808 he was
described as a sportsman, and the owner of some successful race-horses.

156 Members for Evesham.

1807. May 13. William Manning. T. 494.
Sir M. M. Lopes. T. 334.
Humphrey Howarth. W. 320.

Poll open 6 days, when 695 voted. Mr. Howarth was seated on
petition in the room of Sir M. M. Lopes 22 Feb. 1808.

Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes of Maristow, Devon, only son of
Mordecai Rodrigues Lopes of Clapham, (the descendant of Spanish
Jews), was b. in Jamaica 27 Jan. 1755, and m. 19 Oct. 1795 Charlotte
dau. of John Yates of Monmouth. He was created a Bart, i Nov.
1805, with special remainder to his nephew Ralph Franco. He was
J.P. and D.L. Devon, H.S. 1810, M.P. New Romney 1802-6, Evesham
1807 till uns. Feb. 1808, defeated at Barnstaple Jan. 1812, but rep. it
Oct. 181 2 till 18 1 9 when he was unseated, and no fresh writ was issued
till the dissolution of that Parliament. On 18 March 1819 " he was
found guilty at Exeter assizes of having corrupted and bribed the
electors of Barnstaple by giving the voters ;!^35 each. On 2 April Mr.
Wynn moved in the House of Commons that the Attorney General
should prosecute him for bribery, and on 15 Nov. he was sentenced in
the Court of King's Bench, for his first offence committed in Cornwall
to pay to the King a fine of ;^8,ooo and to be imprisoned
in Exeter Gaol for 21 months, and for the second offence committed
in Devonshire to pay a fine of ;^2,ooo and go to gaol for 3
months." (Gent. Mag.) He again sat in Parliament for Westbury
(of which Borough he was the " patron," and also Recorder),
from Nov. 1820 to Feb. 1829 when he resigned in order to provide a
seat for Sir Robert Peel. He was in 1806 Lt.-Col. Commandant of the
Roborough Volunteers, and in 18 13 a Director of the Rock Life
Assurance Ofifice, and assumed by R.L. the name of Massey. He d.
s.p. at Maristow House 26 March 183 1, aged 76, when " the value of his
property exceeded ^800,000." (Ge?it. Mag.)

18 12. Oct. 6. William Manning.

Humphrey Howarth.

1818. July 2. Humphrey Howarth. W. 410.
W. E. Rouse-Boughton. W. 359.
Sir C. Cockerel I. T. 341.

The poll was kept open 12 days, when 682 voted. Sir Charles
petitioned 22 Jan., and was declared duly elected in the place of
Mr. Rouse-Boughton 23 Feb. 181 9.

Sir Charles Cockerell, of Sesincote, co. Gloucester, 9th son of
John C. of Bishops Hull, Somerset, was b. 18 Feb. 1755, *^"'- ^^^
Surveyor General of India's Office at Bengal 1776, and served the East
India Co. till 1800, and was Postmaster General in India 1804-6. On
his return home he became an eminent India Agent, Merchant, and

Members for Evesham. 157

Banker, and an East India Proprietor, was a Director of the Globe
Insurance Co. in 1813, (until his death), H.S. co. Glouc. 1814, Mayor
of Evesham 1810, 1833, and a Trustee of the Free School there in 1834.
He m. (i) II March 1789 Mary Tryphena (who d.s p. 8 Oct. 1789),
dau. of Sir Charles Wm. Blunt Bt.,and (2) 13 Feb. 1808 Hon. Harriet
Rushout, elder dau. of John ist Lord Northwick (see 1761). Sir
Charles sat for Tregoney 1802-6, Lostwithiel Jan. to April 1807,
Bletchingley Jan. 1809-12, Seaford Feb. 1816-18, Evesham (where he
was defeated 1818 but gained the seat on petition) Feb. 1819-37, and
was a Commr. of the Board of Control for the affairs of India April
1835 till his death 6 Jan. 1837, aged 82. His only dau. m. Viscount '
Deerhurst (see Worcester 1816).

1820. March 6. W. E. Rouse-Boughton.
Sir C. Cockerell.

William Edward Rouse-Boughton, of Downton Hall, Salop, and
Rouse Lench, only son of the M.P. 1780, whom he succ. as loth and
2nd Bart. 26 Feb. 1821, was b. in London 14 Sept. 1788, matric.
Ch. Ch. Oxon. 21 Jan. 1806, B.A. 1808, m. 24 March 1824 Charlotte,
yst. dau. of Thomas Andrew Knight, of Wormesley Grange, and
Maryknowle, co. Hereford, (Pres. Horticultural Society), and niece of
Richard Payne Knight M.P., of Downton Castle, (see Williains^
Herefordshire Ahtnbers)^ was M.P. Evesham 18 18 till uns. Feb. 18 19,
and 1820-6, F.R.S., patron of 3 livings, and d. 22 May 1856.

1826. June 16. Sir C. Cockerell. W. 231.
E. Protheroe jun. W. 137.
Patrick Grant. T. 87.

Poll open 4 days, when 311 voted. Sir Roger Gresley Bt.
canvassed as a candidate, but retired a few days before the election, to
contest Lichfield. Mr. Grant was afterwards editor of the "True Sun "

Edward Protheroe jun. of Newnham, co. Glouc, son of Edward
Protheroe M.P. (see Williams^ Gloucestershire Members), was b. 1798,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 3 Feb. 181 7, aged 18, was J. P. and D.L. co.
Glouc, D.L. Bristol, one of the Royal Commrs. on Public Records
1830-4, M.P. Evesham 1826-30, Bristol 1831-2, defeated there 1830,
1832, and at Halifax 1835, for which he sat 1837-47. He took the
prefix surname of Davis 21 Jan. 1845 '" compliance with the will of
Dame Mary Hill of Turnwood, Dorset (wife of Lt.-Gen. Sir Dudley St.
Leger Hill K.C.B., and previously wife of Mark Davis of Turnwood),
from whom he derived considerable property, and d.v.p. in London 18
Aug. 1852, aged 54.

i6o Members for Evesham.

1841. June 30. Lord Marcus Hill. W. 188.
Peter Borchwick. T. 161.
George Rushout. T. 137.

The plumpers were, for Hill 108. Borthwick 42, Rushout 37.
The colours were— Whig, Orange and Purple ; Rushout, Scarlet and
Blue ; Borthwick, Blue.

1846. July II. Lord Marcus Hill, re-el. on taking office.

1847. Ju^y 29. Lord Marcus Hill. L. 195.

Sir H. P. Willoughby L.C. 172.
Sir Ralph Howard. L. 131.

Col. Sir Ralph Howard Bart, of Bushey Park, was a grandson of
the ist Earl of Wicklow, and M.P. co. Wicklow 1829-47 and 1848-52.
He m. 1837 Charlotte Anne widow of Sir James John Eraser Bart, (see
Kidderminster 1874), and d.s.p. 1S73.

Sir Henry Pollard Willoughby of Baldon House, Oxon., 2nd son
of Sir Christopher W. 1st Bt., was b. 17 Nov. 1796, educ. at Eton,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 27 Oct. 1814, succ. his brother Sir Christopher
Wm. as 3rd Bart. 24 June 18 13, was D.L. Oxfordshire, patron of one
living, M.P. Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) 183 1-2, Newcastle-under-Lyme
1832-4, was defeated there 1835, and at Poole 1837, and Northampton
1 841, and sat for Evesham 1847 till his death unm. 23 March 1865.

1852. July 7.

Sir H. P. Willoughby.



G. C. L. Berkeley.



Charles Wilkins.



Serjeant Wilkins also unsucc. cont. York May 1848.

Grenville Charles Lennox Berkeley, younger son of Admiral the
Hon. Sir George Cranfield Berkeley G.C.B., M.P. (son of Augustus 4th
Earl of Berkeley), was b. in London 30 March 1806, and m. 15 May
1827 Augusta Elizabeth yst. dau. of James Henry Leigh of Stoneleigh
Abbey, co. Warwick, and sister of Chandos ist Lord Leigh. He
became Lieut. 28th foot 16 June 1825, Capt. 22 April 1826, but was
placed on half-pay 31 May 1827, unsucc cont. W. Gloucestershire 1847,
was M.P. Cheltenham Sept. 1848-52 and July 1 85 5-6, F.vesham 1852-5,
one of the Liberal "Whips" 1852-6, Sec. to the Poor Law Hoard Jan.
1853-6, a Commr. of the Customs May 1856 till he res. Nov. 1886, and
d. 25 Sept. 1896, aged 90.

1855. July II. Edward Holland of Dumbleton (see East
Worcestershire 1835), ince Berkeley who accepted the Chiltern Hundreds
in order to stand for Cheltenham.

Members for Evesham. i6i

1857. March 28. Sir H. P. Willoughby. C. 172.
Edward Holland. L. 170.

W. P. Addison. L. 61.

1859. April 30. Sir H, P. Willoughby. C. 188.
Edward Holland. L. 149.

Edwin Chadwick. L. 49,

Mr. Chadwick who was also defeated at Kilmarnock 1868, was
b. 1800, called to the bar at Inner Temple 1830, a Commr. of inquiry
into the administration of the Poor Laws 1833, Sec. of the Poor Law
Commission 1834-47, a Commr. of the first General Board of Health
1848, retired on a pension 1855, was created C.B. 27 April 1848, K.C.B,
about 1887, and d. 1890.

1865. April 4. Lt.-Col. James Bourne of Heathfield, Liverpool,
and Hackinsall, Lancashire, vice Willoughby dec. Eldest surviving son
of Peter B. of Hackinsall, was b. 8 Oct. 18 12, educ. at Shrewsbury School,
and m. 11 Oct. 1841 Sarah Harriot dau. of Thomas Fournis Dyson of
Everton, Lancashire. He was J. P. and D.L. Lancashire, Lt.-Col.
Commandant R. Lancashire Artillery Militia 13 April 1863-81, Hon.
Col. thereof 1881, Hon. Col. 4th Brigade Lancashire Artillery Volunteers
18 Sept. 1867 to Feb. 1874, unsucc. cont. Wexford 1841, and sat for
Evesham 1865-80. He was created a Baronet 10 May 1880, C.B. 24
May 1881, and d. 14 March 1882, aged 69. The title expired on the
death of his only son Lt.-Col. Sir James Dyson Bourne 2nd Bt. in 1883.

1865. July 12. James Bourne C. 175.
Edward Holland L. 124.
Josiah Harris. L. 29.

At the dissolution of this Parliament 11 Nov. 1868, Evesham
was deprived of one Member, by virtue of the Reform Act 1867.

1868. Nov. 17. James Bourne. C. 347.
L. Richardson. L. 303.

1874. Feb. 3. Col. J. Bourne. C. 346.
J. N. Higgins. L. 299.

Joseph Napier Higgins Q.C. who also unsucc. cont. Mid Surrey
1880, was b. 1826, bar. at law Lincolns Inn 185 1, Bencher 1872,
Treasurer 1891, Q.C. 1872, Vice Ch Council of Legal Education, and
m. 1 86 1 Sophia Elizabeth yst. dau. and co-heir of Sir Thomas Tyringham
Bernard 6th Bart, of Winchendon Priory, Bucks.

1880. April. Daniel Ratcliffe. L. 382.

Algernon Borthwick. C. 373.

On petition this election was declared void. The defeated
candidate Sir Algernon Borthwick of Heath House, Hampstead Heath,
son of the M.P. 1835, was b. 27 Dec. 1830, educ. at King's Colh,


1 62 Members for Evesham.

London, and m. 5 April 1870 Alice Beatrice 2nd dau. of Thomas
Henry Lister of Armitage Park, co. Stafford (the first Registrar General
1837-42). He is proprietor of the Morning Post, and J. P. Middlesex,
was Knighted 21 April 1880, and created a Baronet 12 July 1887.
Having unsucc. cont. Evesham 1880, Sir Algernon sat for South
Kensington 1885-95, and was raised to the Peerage as Lord Glenesk
16 Nov. 1895.

Daniel Rowlinson Ratclifif of London, son of Joseph R. of
Edgbaston, was b. 1839, m. Jane only child of Wm. Milner of Liverpool,
was M.P. Evesham April to June 1880 when uns., and is J. P. cos.
Worcester and Warwick, and Chairman of Milner's Safe Co. Ld.

1880. July 9. Frederick Lehmann. L. 378.

F. D. Dixon-Hartland. C. 376.

On petition and a scrutiny the seat was awarded to Mr. Dixon-
Hartland 16 Dec. 1880, the poll being altered to 375 votes for him, and
372 for Mr. Lehmann.

Frederick Lehmann F.R.G.S., son of L. Lehmann of Hamburg,
was b. 1826, m. Nina dau. of Dr. Robert Chambers of Edinburgh,
unsucc. cont. Middlesex 1874, and co. Waterford 1877, sat for Evesham
July to Dec. 1880, when uns., and d. 22 Aug. 1891, aged 65.

The last Member for Evesham, Frederick Dixon Dixon-Hartland
of Ashley Manor, Cheltenham, eldest son of Nathaniel Hartland of
Oaklands, Charlton Kings, by Eliza dau. and co-heir of Thomas Dixon
of King's Lynn, was b. i May 1832, educ. at Cheltenham College, and
Clapham Grammar School, and m. (1) 15 Oct. 1867 Grace Amy (who
d. 22 Dec. 1892) yst. dau. of Col. Nicholas Wilson K.H. of Sleda. co.
Wexford, and (2) 25 April 1895 Agnes Chichester dau. of William
Langham Christie M.P. of Glyndebourne, Sussex, (the last Member for
Lewes 1874-85). He was defeated at Hereford April 18S0, and unsucc.
cont. Evesham in July but was awarded the seat on petition in
Dec. 1880 and sat till 1885, since when he has represented
the Uxbridge division of Middlesex. He was created a Baronet
by patent dated 13 Oct. 1892, and confirmed by R.L. in Sept.
1892 the use of the prefix surname of Dixon. Sir Frederick
is a partner in Woodbridge, Lacy & Co., of the Uxbridge Old
Bank, a Governor (and formerly Almoner) of Christ's Hospital, one of
H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of London, a J. P. for cos. Gloucester,
Middlesex, and Worcester, (1884), was elected F.S.A. 4 May 1854,
F.R.G.S. May 1854, a County Alderman for Middlesex 7 Feb. 1889,
and Chairman of the Thames Conservancy Board 7 Jan. 1S95.

The Borough of Evesham had 359 registered voters in 1832,
750 in 1868, 748 in 1874, and 825 in 1884. The Mayor was the
Returning Officer. By the third Reform Act of 1885, Evesham was
deprived of its remaining Member, and the Borough became merged in
the County.


The Borough of Bewdley was the last constituency in Worcester-
shire to be enfranchised, the privilege being granted 4 James I. It is
the only one in the County whose representation has been limited to one
Member during 3 centuries. The Bailiff acted as the Returning Officer
till 1836, when, upon the reform of the Corporation, the Mayor took his
place. Mr. Roberts, an attorney, acquired the patronage of the Borough in
1806, which he exercised for several years. In 181 6 Bewdley possessed
13 voters — the Bailiff and Capital Burgesses.

1605. Richard Young. Possibly a younger son of Humphrey
Young, of Croome Dabitot, and d.s.p.

16 14. March. James Button. Probably a descendant of the
Buttons of Alton, Wilts, originally of co. Gloucester. Miles Button, of
Worlton, Glamorgan, {H.S. 1570), had four sons, the third of him,
James Button (brother to Sir Thomas Button, the Arctic navigator), had
a son James. On 13 Dec. 161 7 Sir John Dackombe wrote to Thomas
Pickering, Keeper of the Records at Knaresborough, to permit James
Button or any other deputed by the Bishop of Worcester to search and
copy such records as relate to the Nab, near Swindon, Yorks.

1620. Dec. 19. Sir Thomas Edmonds Knt.

He was the 5th son of Thomas E., of Fowey, Cornwall, (who was
Mayor of Plymouth 1582), and was b. at Plymouth (? in 1563).
Through the influence of his patron Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary
of State, he was app. 1592 English Agent to Henry IV. at Paris (salary
20s. a day), and was made Secretary to Queen Elizabeth for the French
tongue 17 May 1596, and recalled from Paris soon afterwards. He
resumed his post as Agent at Paris in Oct. 1597 ^ov a short time, and
again between July 1598 and June 1599, and was a Commr. to treat
with Spain at Boulogne 16 May to 28 July 1598. He was then app. a
Clerk of the Privy Council, which office he still enjoyed in May 1603.
He was knighted 20 May 1603, M.P. Liskeard Oct. to Dec. 1601,
Wilton 1 604-1 1, Bewdley and Dorchester 1620, when he preferred
Bewdley till 1622, Chichester 1624-5, Oxford Univ. 1625, and
Jan. to March 1626 when uns., and Penryn 1628-9, ^^d being

164 Members for Bewdley.

app. Ambassador to the Archduke at Brussels 1604, left England for
Brussels rg April 1605, after getting the reversion of the office of Clerk
of the Crown. He was recalled from Brussels 1609, and was Ambassador
to France May 1610-16, Comptroller of the King's Household 21 Dec.
16 16-18, Treasurer of the Household 19 Jan. 1618-39, sworn a Privy
Councillor 22 Dec. 1616, was again app. for a short time Ambassador to
France April 1617, and held that post a third time June to Sept. 1629.
He succeeded as Clerk of the Crown 1620, and was a Commr. for
managing the affairs of the Prince of Wales and the other Royal
Children in 1636. Sir Thomas m. (i) May 1601 Magdalen (who d. at
Paris 31 Dec. 16 14) dau. and co-heir of Sir John Wood, Clerk of the
Signet, and (2) was licensed 11 Sept. 1626 to marry Sara dau. of Sir
James Harington of Exton, and sister of the 1st Lord Harington, and
widow of George Lord Hastings, and of Edward nth Lord Zouche
(who d. 1625). His first wife brought him the manor of Albyns, Romford,
Essex, where Inigo Jones erected a mansion for him. Edmondes who
d. 28 Sept. 1639, aged about 76, was very short in stature, and was
known to his contemporaries as " the little man." His reputation as a
diplomatist was very great, and Sir Robert Cecil described him as " very
trusty and sufficient."

1624. Feb. Ralph Clare of Caldwell.

Eldest son and heir of Sir Francis Clare (who d. 8 June 1608,
inq. p.m. 6 Oct. 16 14), and was b. 1589, matric. Hart. Hall 12 May
1597, aged 10, B.A. from St. John's Coll. 17 Feb. i&oi, a student of
the Middle Temple 1602, and was a " servant" to Prince Henry from
about i6d6 till the Prince's death 6 Nov. 16 12, and afterwards (as a
Gentleman of the Privy Chamber) to Charles I. and H. He was made
K.B. 2 Feb. 1626, M.P. Droitwich March to June 1614, 162 1-2, Bewdley
1624-5, 1625, Jan. to June 1626, 1628-9, Oct. 1640, by Double Return
till election declared void, and failed and petitioned 1661. and was
Keeper of Bewdley Park and the deer at Twickenham temp. James L
(quaere granted that place 1606). John Acton of Elmley Lovett granted
him 30 April 16 19 the second presentation to the rectory of All Hallows,
Bristol. He was app. the first Steward of Kidderminster 4 Aug. 1636,
was Lord of the Manor of Bewdley in 1655, and till his death, having
received a lease of Bewdley from Charles H. On 19 Aug. 1646 Sir
Ralph Clare was "assessed at ;^i,ooo, and on 8 March 1648 was to
be sequestered lor non-payment, but on 10 July 1650 his assessment was

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