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The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 17 of 20)
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discharged, as he has compounded and paid his fine." He "compounded
for delinquency 20 Aug. 1646. Having been 40 years a servant in
ordinary to the late King and Prince Henry was subject to the greater
obligations of attendance on His Majesty, yet never bore arms nor any
office, and never executed the Commission of Array nor any other, save
that for paying the soldiers of Worcester garrison. His goods, furniture,
deeds &c. left at his house in St. James's, where he lived, have been

Members for Bewdley. 165

seized and disposed of by the Sequestrators. 22 May 1649, fi"^ ^^ o"^
sixth, ;!^448. 9 July, Having paid a moiety thereof begs a review and
leave to enjoy his Keepership of Bewdley Park, according to his grant,
the same not being an office of trust. 17 July, fine reduced by /, 150
as he has paid half the ^448, he is to be discharged on paying ^74
more. 25 Nov. 1651, Begs a copy of the charge against him of having
assisted the Scots at Worcester. Complains that his estate has been
seized notwithstanding his former discharge." He and Sir John
Packington (see the County 1640) took up arms for Charles H.
in 165 1, but were defeated at the disastrous Battle of Worcester
3 Sept. and taken prisoners. In June 1655 Col. Sandys (see
Co. i66t), Major Wilde, and Sir Ralph Clare were committed
to Worcester gaol, but were released by General Berry (see Co.
1654). He served Charles H. in exile, and after his return
was a Gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber 1660 till his death unm.
21 April 1670, aged 82, bur. 23 April in All Saints' Church Kidder-
minster. (M.I.) He was made J. P. co. Wore. 10 July 1660, and signed
the County address to the King expressing peaceful sentiments towards
the Roundheads 8 May 1660. A Warrant was granted 30 Aug. 1660
to pay him ^3000 for services rendered to the King, and on 9 Aug.
1664 an order was made for a " Warrant to pay him ^^3000 for services
rendered to the two last Kings, and for his loyalty and sufferings in the
rebellion." Sir Ralph was "a man of eminent civility," and a devoted
Royalist, who spent his fortune in the royal cause. He wielded great
influence at Bewdley and Kidderminster, where he was a great opponent
of the pious Richard Baxter, rector of Kidderminster. He sold Croome
D'Abitot to Sir Thomas Coventry, (see Droitwich 1620). By his will he
left Charities to Kidderminster, consisting of 6 Almshouses, and ^^^o
to be lent to poor tradesmen. " 1624, Paid to Mr. Ralph Clare his
servt. for his paynes in bringing the Bucke which he bestowed upon the
Bayleif and Burgesses — 5s. od." {Bewdley Wardens' Accounts).

1625. May 5. The same, re-el. 22 Jan. 1626, 5 March 1628.

1640. March. Sir Henry Herbert Knt.

A petition was presented against his return, probably by Sir
Ralph Clare, which was ordered i6 April 1640 to be proceeded with in
order with other petitions, but the Parliament itself was dissolved
5 May following.

Sir Henry Herbert, the distinguished courtier, was the 6th son of
Richard Herbert, of Montgomery Castle, (see Williams' Pari. Hist, of
Wales), where he was b. about 1595. His eldest brother Edward was
created Lord Herbert of Chirbury 1629, while George Herbert, the
gentle and pious poet, was another brother. Henry Herbert spent some
time in France, and was in 16 19 second to his brother Edward n his

1 66 Members for Bewdley.

duel with Sir Robert Vaughan, and also fought several duels himself.
He was sworn in ''King James' servant" 20 March 1621, Knighted
7 Aug. 1623, and carried a bannerol at the King's funeral 1625 He
acted as Deputy to Sir John Ashley the Master of the Revels, probably
from 22 May 1622 when Ashley was granted the post, but was
practically in unchallenged possession of the office and certainly
performed its duties from 7 Aug. 1623, when the King "received him
as Master of the Revels," until June 1642. He and Simon Thehvall
were granted the reversion of the office 13-23 Aug. 1629 after the death
of Ben Jonson (who d. 20 Nov. 1635), and Ashley (who d. 13 Jan.
1641), but Herbert perhaps bought their interests in the same before
their deaths. Richard Baxter visited him in 1633, when he introduced
that eminent divine at Court, He was app. a Gentleman of the Privy
Chamber to the King 20 March 1621 (and perhaps held the office until
his death in 1673), and joined the expedition at Berwick against the
Scots May 1639, and was M.P. Montgomery Jan. to June 1^26, Bewdley
March to May 1640, Oct. 1640 till disabled to sit 20 Aug. 1642, for
joining the King, and executing the Commission of Array, and signed the
loyal letter sent by the King's Parliament at Oxford to the Earl of Essex
27 Jan. 1644. Being brought before the Commrs. of Sequestration, Sir
Wm. Brereton the Parliamentary General put in a good word for Herbert,
and on 6 Jan. 1646 " begged favour of (for) him as being respectful to
prisoners, and having done other good offices. Sat at Oxford. 3 Sept.,
Fine at one third ^^1,330, at two thirds p^2,66i." Sir Henry bought
Ribbesford manor for ;!^5,ooo from Sir Henry Mildmay of Wanstead,
Essex, 3 Aug. 1627, and was H.S. co. Wore. 1648. He was married
twice, his 2nd wife whom he m. about 1650 being Elizabeth dau. of
Sir Robert Offley of Dalby, co. Leicester. At the Restoration in 1660
Herbert became again Master of the Revels, for life, and on i Oct. 1660
a Warrant was granted " to pay him ;^2oo, and to advance him yearly
such sums as are needful for his office." ( Cal. State Papers). He
again sat for Bewdley 1661 until his death 27 April 1673, and was
buried in St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden. Walton said of him,
"he became a menial servant to the Crown in the days of King James,
and hath continued to be so for 50 years, during all which lime he hath
been Master of the Revels, a place that recjuires a diligent wisdom,
which he possessed." In the Bewdley Wardens' Accounts appear the
following items: "1632, Paid for two gallons of wine when the
Townsmen went to Sir Hen: herbert to Ribbesford— 4s. od. " ; " 1637,
Paid Sr. Hen: Harbt. which he disbursed at london for the Towne —
£l 3S. 8d."

1640. Oct. 23. Sir Henry Herbert Knt.
Sir Ralph Clare K.B.

A Double Return, but on petition Sir Ralph's election was

Members for Bewdley. 167

1647. J^"- 6. Daniel Dobyns.

William Hopkins.

Another Double Return vice Herbert disabled to sit, but the
whole election was declared void. Daniel Dobyns of Kidderminster,
son of Randell Dobyns of Newent, co. Gloucester, by Ursula dau. of
Robert Kirle of Walford, co. Hereford, was H.S. co. Wore. 1641, a
Sequestration Commr. in 1643, and one of the Pari. Committee for co.
Wore, in 1646. On 6 Sept. 1641 he gave his certificate as Sheriff, that,
being app. by x\ct of Pari, to receive the poll money for co. Wore, he
had received ;^6oo poll money from the Commrs. for Worcester limit
which was a third part of the hundred of Oswaldslow. Mr. Dobbins
who m. Ursula dau. of Robert Waller, was a London merchant, who
bought the Old Hall, Kidderminster, 1635, from Edmund Waller M.P.
the poet, and lived there for some years, but afterwards sold the
capital mansion house and lands for ;^i2oo to Sir Thomas Rouse,
(see Co. 1654). "Final Concord" between W. Bund gent, and Daniel
Dobbyns arm. 165 1.

William Hopkins, of Bewdley, m. 30 Oct. i6og Helen Vickaris,
and d. 19 and was bur. 21 July 1647, (M.I. Ribbesford), "a gracious
and able Christian, then Burgesse elected for Parliament for Burrough
of Bewdley." {Church Register 0/ Ribbesford). Richard Baxter
mentioned him as " the most eminent and truly religious magistrate of
Bewdley, at last Member of the Long Parliament." 1647, " paid
Mr. Hopkins his charges in going to London to get allowance for our
Minister — £2.'" {Bewdley lVarde?is' Accounts). His son George
Hopkins M.A., New Inn Hall, Oxon, 1648, aged 27, was Minister of
All Saints', Evesham, until ejected for nonconformity 1662.

1648. July 4. Nicholas Letchmer (see Co. 1654), vice Herbert
disabled to sit, the last double election having been declared void.

1653. July. No Member appointed for Bewdley.
z-^^' "a f No Member summoned from Bewdley.

1659. Jan. Edward Pitts, (see Co. 1654).

1660. April 13. Thomas Foley of Great Witley. (see Co. 1659).

1661. April 15. Sir Henry Herbert. —

Sir Ralph Clare. —

The latter petitioned, but the House declared Sir Henry Herbert
duly elected, and resolved 28 April 1662 "that the right of election is
in the Bailiff and 1 2 capital burgesses of Bewdley app. by Charter 3
James I. exclusive of all others."

1 68 Members for Bewdley.

1673. Nov. 7. Philip Foley. —
Henry Herbert. —

wV^ Sir Henry Herbert dec. Mr. Herbert however pet. 15 Jan. 1674,
and was declared duly elected by order of the House and Mr. Foley's
name was erased from the Return 10 March 1677. Henry Herbert, of
Ribbesford, elder son of the M.P. 1G40 (by his 2nd wife), was b. in
King street, Covent Garden 2 July 1654, matric. Trin. Coll. Oxon. 8
Feb. 1670, ent. Inner Temple 1671, and Lincolns Inn 1672, and by his
father's dying wish contested Bewdley 1673 (when aged 19), was seated
on petition 1677 and sat till Jan. 1679 when he failed and petitioned.
He m. (by licence dated 8 Feb.) 1678 .Ann dau. and co-heir of Aid.
Ramsay of London, and bought Dowles manor with part of her dowry
^^5000. He took up arms in co. Wore, for William Prince of Orange
at the Revolution in 1688, was M.P. Worcester Feb. to March 1681, and
again sat for Bewdley 1689 till 28 April 1694 when he was created Lord
Herbert of Chirbury, having previously succ. his uncle Henry 4th (and
last) Lord Herbert of Chirbury (of ihe 1st creation) in his estates upon
his death April 1691. His Lordship presented to Ribbesford 7 March
1688, TO July 1695, 18 Feb. 1706, and to Dowles 1683, 7 June 1694,
27 Jan. 1701, 1707, and in 1695 as patron and lord of the manor was
called upon to arbitrate concerning the right to certain kneelings in
Dowles Church. He petitioned the King 18 July 1691 for the office of
Auditor of Wales, on the ground of his former services, but does not
seem to have obtained the post His Lordship is said to have been
always in pecuniary difficulties. He frequently acted as Chairman of
Committees in the House of Lords, and was a Commr. of Trade and
Foreign Plantations (;,^iooo a year) from 1706 till his death of a fever
22 Jan. 1709, bur, in St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden,.

1679. Feb, 14. Philip Foley. —
Henry Herbert, —

Mr. Herbert petitioned, but the House resolved that Mr. Foley
was duly elected, and that " all the inhabitants of Bewdley have not a
a right to vote," Philip Foley, of Prestwood, co. Stafford, 3rd surviving
son of Thomas Foley (see Co. 1659), was aged 30 at the Visitation in
1683, m. Hon. Penelope Paget, dau. of Wm. 5th Lord Paget, sat for
Bewdley 1673-7 when uns , 1679-81, Stafford 1689-90, 16951700,
Droitwich 1690-5, and Feb. to Nov. 1701, and d. 7 Dec, 1735.

1679, Aug. 22. Philip Foley.

1681. Feb. 14. The same.

1685. May 12, Sir Charles Littleton Km.

Of Frankley, younger son of Sir Thomas L., 1st Bart, (see Co.
1620), b. 1629, was a subaltern in the Royal forces at the defence of
Colchester June to Aug 1648, sent prisoner to the 'lower by Cromwell,

Members for Bewdley. 169

then escaped to France, and was made Cupbearer to Charles II. in
exile 25 Oct. 1650, and was given a company of horse. He returned to
England in 1659, and took part in Sir George Booth's rising, but
surrendered at Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, was carried to London and
committed to the Gatehouse, but was soon released. He was employed
on various secret missions between the King and his friends in prepara-
tion for the Restoration in 1660, and received a free gift of ;!^5oo from
the King Dec. 166 1, was knighted 1662, app. Lt.-Gov. of Jamaica under
Lord Windsor 1662, arrived there 11 Aug., and succ. his Lordship
as Governor, till 7 May 1664, when he sailed for England. Sir Charles
was made Major (and Capt. of a company) in the Lord High Admiral's
regt. 5 Nov. 1664, Lieut.-Col. (and Capt. of a company) thereof 18 July
1665, Colonel of that regt. 15 Feb. 1668, Gov. of Harwich and
Landguard Fort in 1667-72, Gov. of Sheerness 31 Jan. 1680,
commission renewed as such 13 Feb. 1685, Col. (and Capt. of a
company) of the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime regt. of Foot Oct.
1684, (reduced in the spring of 1689), Col. of Prince George of
Denmark's regt of Foot 11 Feb. 1685, which was disbanded 28 Feb.
1689. {Daltoii's Ar7ny Lists). Warrant to pay to Charles Littleton,
Cup Bearer to the King, ;^5oo as a free gift 13 Dec. 1661. i^Cal. State
Papers). He m. (i) Catherine (who d. in Jamaica about 1663) dau. of
Sir Wm. Fairfax, of Seton, Yorks, and (2) Anne dau. and co-heir of
Thomas Temple, of Frankton, co. Warwick, sat for Bewdley 1685-7,
succ. his brother Sir Henry as 3rd Bart. 1693, was Lord of the Manor
of Hagley, presented to Halesowen 8 Aug. 1696, and to Hagley 5 May
1702, 17 April 1706, and d. at Hagley 2 May 17 16, aged 87, and was
bur. at Areley. (M.I).

1689. Jan. II. Henry Herbert. W.

1690. Mar. 3. The same.

1694. Nov. 19. Salwey Winnington. T.

vice Sir Henry Herbert Knt, called to the Upper House. Salwey
Winnington, of Stanford Court, eldest son of Sir Francis W. (see
Worcester 1679), m. 1690 Anne 2nd dau. of Thomas Foley (see Co.
1659), sat for Bewdley 1694-1708, and 1710-15, failed and petitioned
1708, 17 1 5, was a Commr. for stating the Public Accounts in March 17 13,
presented to the Herefordshire livings of Wolfrelow 1705, 1727, and
Sapey 1725, 1727, and to Stanford 4 Oct. 1718, and d. 6 Nov. 1736.
(M.I. Stanford). He built a stone tower to Bewdley Chapel about 1696.

1695. Oct. 25. The same re-el. 29 July 1698, 13 Jan. 1701,
25 Nov. 1701, 21 Aug. 1702.

lyo Members for Bewdley.

1705. May II. Salwey Winnington. T. 12.
Hon. Henry Herbert. W. 11.
— Soley. 2.

Mr. Herbert unsucc. pet. John Soley was Recorder of Bewdley
1688 to 1710.

1708. May 13. Hon. Henry Herbert. W. —

Salwey Winnington. T. —

The latter unsuccessfully petitioned. Hon. Henry Herbert was
the only son of the M.P. 1677, b. 1660, educ. at Westminster, adm. an
Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1705, unsucc. cont. and pet. at Bewdley
1705, but rep. it 1708 till he succ. his father as 2nd Lord Herbert of
Chirbury 22 Jan. 1709, m. 12 Dec. 1709 Mary dau. of John Wallop, of
Farley, Hants, and sister to John ist Earl of Portsmouth, presented to
Dowles 16 Dec. 1710, 1728, and to Ribbesford 20 April 1725,
10 March 1730, was chosen Steward of Bewdley 1709, and Recorder
thereof 1720, and held both offices till his death s.p. suddenly (it is said
by his own hand), at Ribbesford 19 April 1738, when the title again ■
expired. " Lord Herbert committed suicide by hanging in one of the
turrets of Ribbesford House. It is said that his valet came into the
room while Lord Herbert was still living, but not daring to thwart so
great a man, he ran off to Bewdley to ask the Bailiff what was to be
done." {Burton's Kidderminster).

1709. March 2. Charles Cornwall. T.

vice Herbert called to the Upper House. This gallant sailor was the
son of Robert Cornewall M.P., of Berrington, co. Hereford, (see
Williams' Herefordshire Members), and was baptized 9 Aug. 1669, and
married twice, his 2nd wife being Dorothy dau. of Job Hanmer of
Hanmer, co. Fhnt. Entering the Royal Navy 1083, he was app. to
command the "Portsmouth" sloop 19 Sept. 1692, and the "Adventure"
of 44 guns 1693, in which he served under Admiral Russell in the
Mediterranean till 1696. He saw much service under Sir Cloudesly
Shovel in the Mediterranean 1705-7, was Commodore of a detached
squadron off the coast of Norfolk 1707, and commanded in the Downs
and off Dunkirk Dec. 1709. He was a Commr. of the Navy and
Comptroller of the Storekeeper's Accounts (;^soo a year) Nov. 17 14-16,
made Rear Admiral 16 June 17 16, Vice Admiral March 171 7, and was
app. Commander in Chief in the Mediterranean Oct. 1716. Admiral
Cornewall gave ^10 toward re-building Leominster Parish Church 17 18.
He sat for Bewdley March 1709-10, and was defeated and pet. at
Weobley 1701, but rep. that place 1715, till his death at Lisbon 7 Nov.
171S, aged 48, on his way home from the Mediterranean, and was bur.
in Westminster Abbey 27 Nov. Will dated 22 Dec. 17 16, proved in
Canterbury Prerogative Court 26 Jan. 1719.

Members for Bewdley. 171

1710. Oct. II. Salwey Winnington. T. —
Anthony Lechmere. W. —

This was a Double Return, but on Mr. Winnington's petition,
the House resolved 20 Dec. 17 10 "that the Charter of 1708 is void,
and that Mr. Winnington is duly elected, and that Mr. Lechmere's
name be erased from the Return."

Anthony Lechmere, elder son of Edmund L., of Hanley Castle,
was b. 1675, and called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1700. He m.
Anne dau. of Thomas Foley M.P., of Stoke Edith, co. Hereford, (see
IVilliatns^ Herefordshire Members), was adm. an Hon. Freeman of
Worcester 1719, sat for Bewdley Oct. to Dec. 1710 when uns., and for
Tewkesbury 1715 till app. Joint Receiver General of the Customs
June 1 717, and held that office till his death 5 Feb. 1720. His brother
Nicholas w^as Attorney General 1718-20, and created Lord Lechmere
1 72 1, (see Williams' Gloucestershire Members).

17 13. Sept. I. Salwey Winnington.

1 7 15. Jan. 28. Grey James Grove. W. —
Salwey Winnington. T. —

The latter unsucc. pet. Mr. Grey was of Pool Hall, co. Stafford,
the son of James Grove, Serjeant at law (who d. 18 July 1734, by
Anne youngest sister and co-heir of Thomas 2nd Earl of Stamford).
He was a Commr. for stating the Debts due to the Army in 1715, H.S.
Salop Jan. 1731, M.P. Bewdley 1715-22, and Bridgnorth 1734-41. In
his father's issue, by the heiress of Grey, centred the co-heirship to the
Barony of Fitzwarine and several other Peerages. His male line failed
in 1775, (? with the M.P.'s son), and his female heirs about 1857.

1722. March 27. William Crew Offley. W.

Of Wichnor, co. Stafford, M.P. Bewdley 1722-34, voted for the
Excise Bill 1733, was a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber in 1716 (? app.
1 7 14), and until his death 28 June 1739, and also Deputy Ranger of
Needwood Forest till 1739. He was younger son of John Offley of
Madeley, co. Stafford, by Anne, eldest dau. and eventually sole heir of
John, son of Sir Clippesby Crewe of Crewe Hall, Cheshire. His elder
brother John took the surname of Crewe by Act of Pari. 1704 on
inheriting the Crewe estates, and his elder son John was created
Lord Crewe 1806.

1727. Aug. 21. The same.

1734. April 30. William Bowles. W.

Of Burford, Salop, son of Major Gen. Phineas Bowles (who was
Col. 1 2th Light Dragoons 17 15-19, and of the 8th R. Irish Light
Dragoons 23 March 17 19 till his death Nov. 1722). He m. (i) 29 Jan.

172 Members for Bewdley.

1736 Mrs. Cook, a widow (and ? 2ndly 17 Aug. 1740 Miss Crookenden
with ;/^5,ooo), was a Director of the South Sea Company, gave ;^ 1,300
in 1745 towards building the new Bewdley Chapel which cost ^2,200,
was one of the famous Committee of Secresy of the House of Commons
chosen by ballot 26 March 1742 to inquire into the conduct of the Earl
of Oxford's ministry since 1732, sat for Bridport 1727-41. and for
Bewdley 1741 till his death 14 May 1748, being also chosen for Bewdley
1734, and for Bridport 1741. He was Recorder of Bewdley 1738-45,
and Steward thereof 1738-48.

1735. Feb. 2G. Col. Phineas Bowles. \V.

vice his brother William Bowles, who elected to serve for Bridport. Son
of Major General Phineas Bowles, and following like him the profession
of arms, served long in the 3rd Foot Guards of which he became Captain
of a company with the rank of Lt.-Col. in the army 1712. He made the
campaign of 1 7 1 o- 1 1 under the Duke of Marlborough, and was employed
in Scotland during Mar's rebellion, 171 5 (? served in the 7th Horse), and
being Lt.-Col. 12th Dragoons succ. his father as Colonel of that regt.
23 May 17 19, and commanded it in Ireland till Dec. 1740. He was
made Brigadier General 2 Dec. 1735, placed as Brigadier on the Irish
Establishment July 1737, Major Genl. 29 July 1739, Lt. Genl. 27 May
1745, was M.P. Bewdley 1735-41, voted for the Convention 1739, Gov.
of Limerick Sept. 1739, Gov. of Londonderry and Culmoie Fort
(? 1744) to 1746 or 1749, and Col. of the King's Carabineers (6th
Dragoon Guards late 7th Horse), 20 Dec. 1740 till his death (not on 12
Dec. 1746. as stated in Gent. Mag., but) in Oct. 1749. "'5 March 1744,
Genl. Bowles' Regiment of Horse landed at Park-gate from Dublin ; they
had so bad a passage in the late storm, that upwards of 50 of the horses
died." (Gent. Mag.)

1 741. May 13. William Bowles.

1747. June 30, The same.

1748. Dec. 9. William Henry Lyttelton. T.

vice Bowles dec. Of Hagley, 6th son of Sir Thomas Lyttelton 4th Bart,
(see Co. 1 721), b. 24 Dec. 1724, educ. at Eton, matric. St. Mary Hall,
Oxon. 22 June 1742, created D.C.L. 23 Nov. 17S1, bar. at law Inner
Temple 1748, m. (i) 2 June 1761 Mary (who d. 28 May 1765) dau. and
co-heir of James Macartney of Longford, and (2) 13 Feb. 1774 Caroline
dau. of John Bristow of (^)uiddenham, Norfolk. He was Deputy Cofferer
of the Household 1754-5, Gov. of S. Carolina Jan. 1755-9, Ciov. of
Jamaica Nov. 1759-66, luivoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
to Portugal Oct. 1766 to June 1771, a Lord of the Treasury June 1777,
to March 1782, M.P. Bewdley 1748-55, and 1774-90. He succ. his
nephew Thomas 2nd Lord Lyttelton (see 1768) as 7th Bart. 27 Nov.

Members for Bewdley. 173

1779, and was created Lord Westcote in the Peerage of Ireland 21 July
1776, and Lord Lyttelton of G.B. 13 Aug. 1794. His Lordship was
High Steward of Bewdley from 1779 and Recorder thereof from 1780
till his death 14 Sept. 1808. He advanced ;^25o towards rebuilding
Bewdley Bridge 1801, and was a friend of Dr. Samuel Johnson.

1754. April 18. The same.

1755. Feb, 5. Rt. Hon. William Finch.

vice Lyttelton app. Gov. of S. Carolina. Second son of Daniel 2nd Earl
of Nottingham and (6th Earl of) Winchilsea, m. (i) 25 Jan. 1733 Lady
Anne Douglas "with a fortune of ;!^ 15,000" (who d. s.p. 26 Oct. 1741),
sister of Charles Duke of Queensberry and Dover, and (2) 26 Aug. 1746
Lady Charlotte Fermor (who was governess to George TH.'s children),
2nd dau. of Thomas ist Earl of Pomfret. He was M.P. Cockermouth
Jan. 1727-47, and Dec. 1747-54, Bewdley 1755-61, a Groom of the
Bedchamber 172- to July 1727, Envoy Extraordinary to Sweden
March 1720-4, and to the States General of Holland July 1724 to April
1728, Ambassador at the Hague March 173 1-2, Envoy to Spain Aug.
1732 to Feb. 1734, Minister Plenipotentiary to the States of Holland
Dec. 1732, Ambassador Extraordinary to Madrid April 1738, P.C.
13 July 1742, Vice-Chamberlain of the King's Household July 1742 to
July 1765, and d. 25 Dec. 1766. His only son George became 8th
Earl of Winchilsea 1769.

1 761. March 30. Sir Edward Winnington Bart. W.

Of Stanford Court, son of Edward W., of Wantage, Berks,
(grandson of Sir Francis W., see Worcester 1679), matric. Trin. Coll.
Oxon, 15 May 1746, aged 18, and m. Mary dau. of John Ingram, of
Ticknell, Bewdley. He was made a Bart. 15 Feb. 1755, M.P. Bewdley
1 76 1-8, when defeated, but seated on petition 1769 and sat till 1774,
held office as Storekeeper of the Ordnance Dec. 1762-5, and as
Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, (William Dowdeswell, see
Co. 1761), July 1765 to Aug. 1766, presented to the Herefordshire
livings of Wolfrelow and Sapey 1769, and to Stanford, and Clifton, co.
Wore. 31 Aug. 1771, and d. 9 Dec. 1791.

1762. Dec. 27. The same, re-el. on taking office.

1768. Mar. 21. Hon Thomas Lyttelton. T. 24.
Sir E. Wi?inington. W. 21.

On petition the Return was amended by order of the House
25 Jan. 1769, by erasing Mr. Lyttelton's name and substituting that of
Sir E. Winnington.

Hon. Thomas Lyttelton was only son of George ist Lord
Lyttelton (see Co. 1741), whom he succ. as 2nd Lord 25 Aug. 1773, b.

174 Members for Bewdley.

at Hagley 30 Jan. 1744, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 7 Nov. 1761, m. 26 June
1772 Apphia 2nd dau. of Broome Wilts, of Chipping Norton, Oxon.,
and relict of Joseph Peach, Gov. of Calcutta, was M.P. Bewdley 1768
till uns. Jan. 1769, and High Steward of Bewdley 1773 till his death
s.p. 27 Nov. 1779, when the title expired. He was called " the wicked
Lord Lyttelton."

1774. Oct. 14. W. H. Lyttelton. T.

1777. June 18. W. H. (Lyttelton now) Lord Westcote, re-el.
on being made a Lord of the Treasury.

1780. Sept. 15. Lord Westcote, re-el. 5 April 1784.

1790. June 21. Hon. George Fulke Lyttelton. T.

Of Hagley, elder son of the M.P. 1754, b. in Jamaica 27 Oct.
1763, matric. Ball. Coll. Oxon. 24 April 1781, sat for Bewdley 1790-6,

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