W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 2 of 20)
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Blound, Richard Bertram (see 1328), and others broke his park at
Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, entered his chace at Wyre, hunted there and
carried away deer. Sir Walter le Blount, of the Rock, co. Wore, was
2nd son but eventually heir of Sir William le B., by Isabel, dau. of
Wm. de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. He m. Johanna. 3rd sister and
co-heir of Sir Wm. de Sodington (see Evesham, 1295), and thereby
acquired the Manor of Sodington, and d. 1322. He was ancestor of
the long line of Blounts of Sodington.

13 19. Roger Mael.

John, son of Simon le Brun.

As to the latter see 1336.

1320. John de Everleye.
John de Stone.

John de Everley, Lord of Spechesley, presented to Spetchley
1298, 17 kal. Oct. 1325, and 15 kal. June 1338, as did Wm. de Everley
20 April 1345. The Sheriff of Worcester was ordered i July 1316, to
cause two coroners for that county to be elected in place of John de
Everleye and Robert de Staunton, who resided in the farthest limits
of the county, so that they could not conveniently execute their
office. (Close Rolls).

John de Stone was M.P. co. Wore. 1320, 1322, 1324, 1327,
1328, 1330, 1334, 1337, 1339, 1342, and also for the city 1339. He
and Hugh de Cokeseye (see 1337), were commissioned 29 Aug. 1336,
on information that the bridge of Wyk by Worcester was in a dangerous
state, and that those who were bound to repair it refused to contribute
to its repair, to survey the bridge and to distrain on those, who by
reason of their lands in those parts, had to support the bridge for the
necessary repairs Wm. de Stone was Lord of the Manor of Stone
1285, as was Thomas de Stone 1300.

132 1. Walter le Blount.
Henry de \Venlont.

On 12 June 1320 Walter de Cantilupo, parson of the Church of
Snytenfeld, and Thomas Betoun, parson of the Church of Avene Derset,
both in the Diocese of Worcester, acknowledged that they owed Henry
de Wenlond forty shillings, to be levied, in default of payment, of their
lands and chattels and ecclesiastical goods in co. Warwick. (Close
Rolls). On 27 May 1330, Giles de Belio Campo, going to Gascony on
the King's service, had letters nominating Wm. de Bradewell (see 1322)
and Henry de Wenlond his attorneys for one year.

8 Members for Worcestershire.

1322. May. William de Bradewell.

Richard de Hauekeslowe.

The former was M.P. co. Wore. 1322, 1324, 1332, and co.
Glouc. 1324, 1331, 1332.

Commission of oyer and terminer to Wm. de Bradewelle and
others 23 March 1327 on complaint by Nicholas de Aston of trespasses
within his closes at Pupplinton and Clifton, co. Wore. The same to
him and others 24 Dec. 1327 on complaint by the Prior of Llanthony
by Gloucester that John Besemaunsel and others carried away his gcods
at Gloucester and Berneton. The same to him, John Golaffre (see
1337) and Robert de Prestbury i Jan. 1328 on complaint by Nicholas de
Somery that Henry atte Hurst and others assaulted him at Kyngton, co.
Wore, and carried away his goods.

Sir Richard de Haukeslowe was Keeper of Hanley Castle 1329,
Sub Sheriff of co. Wore. 1330, and M.P. 1322, r324, 1327, 1328, 1331,
1332, 1342. He was app. 30 Jan. 1327 Chirographer of the Bench
during pleasure, and on 6 Feb. 1328 received, at the request of Roger
de Mortuo Mari a grant of that ofifice for life. A commission of oyer
and terminer issued to him, Wm. Corbet, and John Peyto, 4 May 1327,
and he also served on several other similar commissions, among them
being one to him, Thomas Bacoun, and Robert de Aston, 21 June 1333
on complaint by Wm. la Zouche of Mortymer, that Robert Bracy, knight,
Richard his brother (see 1330), and others hunted in his chase at
Malverne, carried away deer, and assaulted his servants. On 16 Feb.
1331 Rich. Haukeslow and Wm. Corbet were app. Commrs. of the
Peace for co. Wore.

1322. Nov. John de Ocleye.
John de Stone.

The word Valettus is placed against John de Stone's name in the
Writ de Expensis.

1324. Jan. Richard de Haukeslowe.
John de Stone.

1324. Oct. William de Bradewelle.

Alexander de Besford.

1325. Robert de Somery.
Henry de Wenlonde.

1326. Richard de Hauekeslowe.
Robert atte Wode.

Robert Attwode (perhaps son of John atte Wode, M.P. Worcester
City, 131 5,) was M.P. co. Wore. 1327, 1344, and father or brother to
Thomas de Attewode, of Attewode in Wolverley, who was Sub-Sheriff
1342. The family possessed estates at Trimpley and Wolverley at a very

Members for Worcestershire. 9

early period. The direct'line failed with Abel Attwood in 1726, called
on his tombstone " the last heir male of that elder house."

1327. John de Ston'.
Robert atte Wode.

1328. Feb. Richard de Hauekeslowe.

John de Stone.

1328. April. Richard de Haukeslowe.
Peter de Greote.

Peter de Crete of Worcester and Westbury was M.P. County and
City of Worcester April T328, Sept. 1336, 1338, for the County Oct.
1328, 1332, 1334. 1335, 1338, and for the City, 1320, 1326, 1330, 1335.
March 1336, 1337. John de Grafton and Peter Greete were app.
Commrs. in 1335 to levy 100 marks in co. Wore, to provide 40 light
horsemen and 200 archers, and were app. 24 June 1335 to assess and
levy 100 marks in co. Wore, for relief from 40 hobelers and 40 archers
requisitioned from the said county for service against the Scots.

1328. July. Return lost.

1328. Oct. Peter de Greote, or de Crete.
Richard Bertram.

1330. March. John de Stone.

Edmund de Dunclent.

This family took their naiie from the Manor of Dunclent so early
as 1 2 10, and held it from the Beauchamps. Edmund de Dunclent was
app. Collector of the royal subsidies in co. Wore. 1351, and presented
to the parsonage of Churchill 16 March 1361. {Records 0/ the Tower).

1330. Nov. Henry de Hambury.
Richard Braas.

Henry de Hambury was son of Geoifrey de H. (and perhaps
brother to Philip de Hambury who was xM.P. Scarborough 1330). The
family was of Hanbury from the 12th century. Lord Sudeley and Lord
Bateman now represent this ancient house. Commission of oyer and
terminer to Richard de Harle and another 26 June 131 1 on complaint
by John de Borewalle that Henry son of Geoffrey de Hambury, with
others, assaulted him at Hyndelepe. Commissions of oyer, &c., issued
to Henry de Hambury and others in co. Stafford 22 Oct. 1327, and in
CO. Wore. 26 Feb. 1328, and 8 May 1329, and many others in various
counties, to inquire into certain disputes. Appointment 8 Dec. 1336 of
Wra. de Bello Campo, Wm. le Blount 'le uncle,' John Golape, Sheriff of
Worcester (see 1337), and Henry de Hambury, to arrest John de
Rudyng, his two brothers, and two sons, who had many times broken
the park of Queen Phillipa at Fekenham, hunted in that park and in her
forest there, fished her stews, carried away deer and fish, and assaulted

lo Members for Worcestershire.

her men and servants. Henry de Hambury was app. Chief Justice for
the Pleas following the King's Justiciary in Ireland, during pleasure,
i8 March 1327, and d. about 1353. Richard Bracy was probably 2nd son
of the M.P. 1301. Grant 28 April 1335 to the Bailiffs and good men
of the town of Wich ot pavage for 3 years to be taken by Thomas Cassy
(see 135 1), Robert Aleyn, and Richard Braz the elder.

133 1. William le Blound.
Richard de Haukeslowe.

Sir William le Blount, of Sodington, eldest son of Sir Walter by
the heiress of Sodington (see Evesham, 1395) had a charter of warren
in Hampton Lovet 1328. He m. Margery, dau. and co-heir of Lord
Verdun, but d.s.p. leaving his estates to his brother John. On 1 1 Feb.
1328, he obtained a grant of the Manor of Stoke upon Time, and rents
and profits in Lodelawe (Ludlow), late of Theobald de Verdon deceased,
to hold until partition be made of the inheritance among the persons
entitled thereto. Simple protection 12 Sept. 1329, until Xmas, for
Sir Wm. le Blount going with Henry, Earl of Lancaster, beyond seas.
Pardon, with assent of Parliament, 14 Dec. 1330, to Wm. le Blount, of
a recognisance in ^500 wherein he became bound in the Chancery by
order of the Council, on submitting himself to the King's will after the
rebellion at Bedford. He was made a Commr. of the Peace for co.
Stafford, 16 Feb. 1331. On 16 July 1334, Wm. le Blount staying in
England had letters nominating Wm. de Purton and Henry de
Lodegersale his attorneys in Ireland for one year. Appointment
12 Aug. 1336, of Wm. le Blount, Hugh de Cokeseye (see 1337), and
others, pursuant to the ordinance of the last Pari, at Westminster for
arrest of suspected persons, to follow and arrest Baldwyne de Frevill
(see 1340), John le Belyetere (see Worcester, 1334), and other persons
notoriously suspected, and bring them to the Tower of London. This
commission was supplemented by a fresh one 26 Aug. 1336, which
ordered them to arrest (in addition) Richard de Estham (see 1341),
John de Dene, and Thomas his brother (see Worcester, 13 18),
notoriously suspected of felony, and to take them to the gaol of
Worcester, and then to the Tower of London. Appointment 15 March
1337, of Wm. de Chiltenham for certain causes in place of John de Lee
to act with Wm. le Blount "le uncle," and Hugh de Cokeseye lately
(16 Oct. 1336), app. to arrest and try all persons openly suspected of
breaches of the peace in co. Wore. Wm. le Blount and Hugh de
Cokeseye were app. Commrs. of array in co. Wore. 26 Jan. 1335.

1332. March. Richard de Haukeslowe.

William de Bradwell.

1332. Sept. Robert Soniery.

John le Rous.

Sir John le Rous was M.P. co. Wore, 1332, co. Glouc. (as Knt.)
1315, and CO. Hereford 1330, 1336, 1337, 1340, 1343, and was the son

Members for Worcestershire. i i

of Sir Roger le Rous {see Williams^ Herefordshire Members). He was
made Knt. of the Bath 20 Jan. 1327 and was app. a Commr. of the
Peace for co. Hereford 18 May 1329. Commission of oyer and term-
iner issued to certain Justices 21 Nov. 1327 on complamt of Nicholas
de Lavynton, that John le Rous and others had carried away his goods
at Caumpedene, co. Gloucester ; and numerous other similar charges
were brought against him. He had Protection with clause nolumus for
one year 18 Oct. 1328. He was father of Sir Baldwin Rous of Ragley,
CO. Warwick. It is somewhat doubtful, however, whether all these
particulars relate to the. same person.

1332. Dec. WiUiam de Bradewell.
Peter de Grete.

1334. Feb. Peter de Grete.
John de la More.

The latter was M.P. 1334, 1335. and probably one of the Moores
of Alvechurch, a family said by Nash to have flourished there from the
time of Edw. I.

1334. Sept. Peter de Grete.

John de Stone.

1335. Peter de Greote.
John de la More.

1336. Mar. John le Bruyn.

John Aleyn.

John le Bruyn (possibly the same as the M.P. 13 19) was M.P.
1336, 1343, 1344, T348. John Aleyn was perhaps the same as, or the
father of, the M.P, 1371.

1336. Sept. Walter de Newynton.

Peter de Greote, or atte Greote.

Exemption for life 18 July 1331 of Walter de Newynton from
being put on assizes, juries or recognisances, unless his oath be necessary
under the statute, and from appointment as mayor, escheator, sheriff,
coroner, or other bailiff or minister of the King, against his will. He
was M.P. 1336, 1340.

1337. Jan. John Golafre.

William Dabecot.

John Golafre, of Golafers in Nafford, was M.P. co. Wore. 1337,
1338, CO. Gloucester 1337, and co. Oxford 1334, 1340, and received
commissions of oyer and terminer 24 May 1337, and 10 Sept. 1338. He
and others were app. 21 March 1332 Keepers of co. Oxford to arrest all
disturbers of the peace therein and to hear and determine the trespasses
whereof they were indicted. Probably son of Thomas Golafre who was
M.P. for Northampton 1313, and co. Oxford 1315. Margaret dau. and

12 Members for Worcestershire.

heir of Sir John Golafre m. John Hodington (see 1395). William
d'Abetot was lord of the manor of Rydmerley, and presented to its
Church II non. Oct. 1305, 6 kal. April 1306, 18 kal. May 13 19, and
kal. Nov. 1320. He witnessed the charter of a Chantry given to Ripple
by John Salemon 1320.

1337- Sept. William Corbet.
John de Stone.

By Writ dated at Westminster 18 Aug. 1337, William Corbet
de Chaddesle, John Sapy, and Hugh de Cokeseye were summoned to
attend this Pari., but they were not actually Members thereof The
three of them were app. Commrs. to keep the peace in co. Wore, during
the absence of Edward HI. at Antwerp, 1338.

Sir Wm. Corbet presented to Chaddesley 17 Oct. 1 317, and had
lands in that parish 1346, and a warren there in 1305. Early in the
century Edw. II. gave the custody of all Castles in co. Wore, to
Wm. de Beauchamp, Wm. de Bradewell (see 1322), Alex, de Besseford
(see 13 1 3), and Wm. Corbet. He was M.P. co. Wore. 1337, 1340, and
son of Roger C, of Chaddesley, who d. 1289. His family seems to
have terminated in co-heiresses temp. Hen. VII. Pardon 19 Sept.
1 33°) to Hugh de Cokeseye for acquiring in fee from John Biset a
messuage, 10 acres of meadow, a moiety of a virgate of land, and a rent,
and the services of John Smalbrok, a bondman within the Manor of
Kydeaminstre, held in chief, and entering thereon without licence ; and
licence for him to re'ain the same. He had exemption tor life from
assizes, &c., 2 Oct. 1329, and received with John de Stone (see 1320), a
commission of oyer and terminer 2 Nov. 1337. Hugh Cockesey,
Thomas Slaughtre (see 1339), and others, as executors of Ade le
Herwinton, presented to Pershore Cliauntrie about 1346. Hugh
Cockseye, whose wife's name was Dionysia, eldest dau. of Wm. le
Boteler, Baron of Wem, Salop, and co-heir to her brother Edmund, and
who was the son and heir of Sir Walter Cockseye (who was Sub-sheriff
1327, and presented to Witley Jan. 1287, and 19 April 1328), presented
to Witley 5 July 1349, 10 Oct. 1350, and i Dec. 135 1 ; to Kington
24 July 1344; and to St. Mary's, Kidderminster 22 Nov. 1349, and

13 Oct. 1350. He was buried at Kidderminster 1356, the inq. p.m.
1356 shewing that he held one messuage, half a yard-land, and 10 acres
of meadow in the Manor of Kidderminster. He left a son and heir,
Walter (see 1378).

1338. Feb. Peter de Grete.
John Golafre.

1338. July. John Golafre.

Peter de Greote.

By Writ of Summons dated at Ipswich, 16 July 1338, the
Sheriff of co. Wore, was directed to send four merchants to this Pari.

Members for Worcestershire. 13

from his bailiwick, and Galfridus le Spencer, Simon Gros, John son of
Richard le Clerk, and John de Guytyng were accordingly returned.
They, of course, were not strictly speaking Members of Parliament, but
were merely summoned to advise with the King upon special matters in
Parliament. Geoffrey de Spencer, of Upton, had pardon 27 Dec. 1327,
of ^''329 6s. 8d. for a trespass, &c., and on 12 June 1333, was granted
exemption for life from assizes, &c. Simon Gros, M.P. Worcester City
1340, 1348, 135 1, was one of those app. 26 July 1337. to buy for the
King's use 400 sacks of grain at gh marks a sack in co. Wore.

1339. Jan. John de Sapy.

John de Ston'.

Sir John Sapy, who came of a knightly family that took the
name from Sapy on Teme, held in 1346 seven hides of land in
Rydmarley D'Abitot, and two and a half hides in Pendoc, (which
Geoffrey D'Abitot formerly held). He was lord of Redmarleye,
presented to Pendoc 15 June 1328, and to Rydmerley about 1358, and
21 Oct. 1 36 1, and on 3 June 1333 had exemption for life from being
put on assize juries or recognisances, unless his oath should be necessary
under the statute, and from appointment as mayor, escheator, sheriff,
coroner, or other bailiff or minister of the King, against his will. It
is somewhat doubtful whether he was the M.P. in 1377, or his father.
The Sapeys held lands in Sapey till Henry VI., when the line ended
with Isolda dau. and heir of Thomas de Sapie, who m. Sir Roger Pichard.

1339- Oct. Walter de Shekenhurst, junior.
Thomas de Sleughtre.

Walter de Shekenhurst of Sheykenhurst in Bayton was M.P. co.
Wore. 1339, 1351, 1354) 1360, Sub-Sheriff 1339 (the Beauchamps at this
time being hereditary Sheriffs), and in 1359 was commissioned with John
de Herley and others to send 30 mounted archers to France. On
24 June 1335 he and two others were app. Commrs. to assess and
levy 200 marks in co. Glouc , (Gloucester and Bristol cities excepted)
for relief from 100 hobelers and 200 archers requisitioned from the said
county for service against the Scots.

John de Harleye (see 1353), Thomas de Littleton (son of the
M.P. 1 3 16), Thomas de Stoghtree, and Edmund de Brugge were app.
Commrs. of Array in co. Wore. 1359. Thomas de Sloughtre was
M.P. 1339, 1343, 1346. The family of Slaughter was seated in co.
Gloucester from early times, and acquired lands in co. Wore, in the 17th

1340. Jan. William Corbet.

Robert de Bracy.

The latter was seemingly son or nephew of the M.P. 1330,
and grandson of the M.P. 1301. He was M.P. co. Wore. 1340, 1357,
1358, 1361 (as Knt.), 1365, 1366, and presented to Warmedon 23 Jan.

14 Members for Worcestershire.

1339. The Lygons afterwards become possessed of the lands in
Madresfield anciently held by the Bracys. Robert de Bracy and John
de Hall (see 1340) were commissioned in 1338 to take 80 archers
from Norwich to Portsmouth and from the county and city of Worcester.

1340. March. Baldewin de Frivill.
John de Hull.

Sir Baldwin de Frivill of Tamworth Castle was son of Alexander
de Freville by Joan 2nd dau. and co-heir of Sir Philip Marmion,
Champion of England, and died 1343, 17 Edw. II. His line ended in
the reign of Henry V. in 3 co-heiresses, through the eldest of whom
Tamworth Castle passed to Sir Thomas Ferrers.

John de Hull may have been the same as John fuitz Nichol
de Hull, M.P. CO. Glouc. 1341. He sat for co. Wore. 1340, 1341, 1348.

1340. July. John de Lee.

Walter de Newynton.

John du Lee (or de la Lee), miles, of Norden, Salop, sat for Salop
1327, and was son and heir of Reginald de Lee. He m. Matilda dau. of
Henry de Erdington. His son of the same name was living in 1359.
Ancestor of the Lees of Langley, Baronets. Commission of oyer and
terminer to John de Lee 4 Feb. 1335, touching all felonies, robberies,
and trespasses, and all oppressions by the King's ministers and their
clerks in co. Derby.

1341. John de Hull.
Richard de Estham.

Order 18 Aug. 1337 for Richard, son of Roger de Estham, and
William Rokolf (see Worcester 1322) to be arrested as suspected per-
sons, by Roger Corbet of Caus, knight, and Stephen de Buterley, King's
sergeant-at-arms, and to be delivered to the custody of the Constable of
the Tower.

1342. Richard de Hawkeslowe.
John de Stone.

These names are taken from Nash's Worcestershire, the Return
being lost.

1343. John le Bruyn.
Thomas de Sloughtre.

1344. Robert atte Wode.
John le Bruyn.

1346. Thomas de Sloughtre.
William de Norton.

The latter was M.P. Worcester, 1330, 1338, and co. Worcester
1346, 1348, and seems to have been app. a Justice o( the King's Bench

Membkrs for Worcestershire. 15

12 Oct. 1356. Perhaps son of John de Norton who was Attorney-
General 1 31 2-15.

1348. Jan. John de Hull.
John de Bruyn.

1348. March. John de Lokyngton.
William de Norton.

The former was M.P. 1348, 1357. Commission of oyer and
terminer issued to Justices i April 1335, because John de Lokyngton
and others had entered Ralph Daubeneye's free warren at Saxelby, co.
Lincoln, hunted there, mowed the grass, carried away the grass hares
and rabbits, and assaulted his men and servants. Whether he was the
John de Loketon app. a Justice of the King's Bench 25 Oct. 1388 is

135 1. Walter de Shekenhurst.
Thomas Gassy.

The enrolment ot the Writ de Expensis gives Edmund de
Brugge (who was probably returned before the meeting of Pari.) instead
of Gassy. Thomas Gassy of Wych, was lord of the manor of
Haddesore, and presented to St. Mary Witton in Aug. 1349, and to
Hadsor 12 June 1349. On 12 March 1337 Wm. Tracy and Thomas
Gassy of Wych were app. to arrest and imprison in Worcester Gastle,
Gilbert de Northwyk, chaplain, and Walter Devoten of Blokley, clerk,
as suspected persons. Thomas Gassey's line ended in the nexc century
with Thomas who m. Gecily eldest sister and co-heir of Hugh Gooksey
(see 1442), and had two daughters and co-heirs, through the elder of
whom the representation of this family eventually centred in the
Russels of Strensham.

Sir Edmund de Brugge, of Over-letton, co. Hereford, son of
Walter Brugge, was born about 13 18, m. (i) Joanna dau. of Thomas
Pichard, who d. 1352, when he had his lands, and (2) the dau. of
De la Hay of Irchenfield. He had lands in Standune, Pyon Regis,
and Wormesly, presented to Standun 1579 (all in co. Hereford), was
M.P. CO. Wore. 1351, and 1373, co. Hereford 1377, and died 1386.
He was granted exemption from serving on juries and in offices,
against his will, 2 May 1 380, and was made a Commr. of the Peace
in CO. Hereford 20 June 1380.

1352. Jan. John de Beauchamp.

John de Harley.

Sir John de Beauchamp of Holt, son of Richard B. of Holt, a
younger branch of the Beauchamps of Elmley, was aged 8 when he suc-
ceeded his father in 1327, and was a favourite of Richard H.. He
served in the French wars, was an Esquire of the King's chamber,
received Knighthood in Scotland, was Justice of North Wales, and was

i6 Members for Worcestershire.

M.P. CO. Wore. 1352, 1355, 1377, T380. He was created Baron
Beauchamp of Kiddermimster by patent 10 Oct. 1387, being the first
dignity conferred by patent in England but was attainted and beheaded
on Tower Hill for high treason a few months afterwards. He was buried
in Worcester Cathedral 1388. Sir John m. Joane dau. and heir of Robert
le Fitzwith, and in 1385 and 1386 became possessed of Sir Walter
Romsey's Estate in Kidderminster. He was Captain of Calais in 1348
and again app. so i Jan. and 13 July 1349. He was appointed Admiral
of the Fleet for protecting the passage to Calais 17 Aug. 1349. On 4 Dec.
1 35 1 the King promises that John de Beauchamp, prisoner in France
about to be released to obtain his ransome shall not be prevented from
returning to prison. {Rymet^s Fcedera). Inspeximus and confirmation
4 March 1378, in favour of John de Beauchamp, the late King's esquire
retained, of letters patent dated 12 Aug. 49, Edw. IH. (1375), being a
grant to him for life of ;^2o yearly out of the farm of the city of
Worcester. Commission 20 June 1378 to John Beauchamp, Edmund
de Brugge (see 1351)) '''^id Richard Rugbale junior (see 1397), to enquire
touching divers trespasses committed in co. Wore. Exemption 18 Feb.
1379 for life of John de Beauchamp, King's Esquire, for being put on
assizes, juries, attaints, recognisances, or inquisitions, and from being
made a Knight, mayor, sheriff, escheator, coroner,- justice of assizes,
of the peace, of labourers, or other justice, steward, constable, collector of
tenths, fifteenths, or subsidies, arrayer, leader or trier of men at arms,
hobelers, archers, or other officer, bailiff, or minister of the King against
his will. {Patent Rolls). He was made a Commr. of Array for co.
Wore. I July 1377 and 20 March 1380, and a Commr. of the Peace 2
July 1377 and 26 May 1380. He was Steward of the Household to
Richard II. 1387 till just before his execution. On 7 Aug. 1386 the King
granted to Sir John and his wife free chace as well in vert and venison
as in all matter of other things which appertain to such a free chace
within the manor demesne and fee of Kedermestre, and infangthief and
outfangthief and the chattels of felons and fugitives, &c., and let all
his tenants and residents therein be quit of toll, passage and murage
throughout the whole of our realm, &c.

The Sheriff of co. Wore, and John de Harle were ordered in
1366 to send 50 archers to the succour of Edward Prince of Wales (the
Black Prince) at Bordeaux. John de Harleye was made a Commr. of
Array in co. Wore 1359, H S. 1366, sat for co. Wore. 1352, 1366, 1369,
and for CO. Warwick 1360. He was seemingly a younger son of Sir
Richard Harley, of Salop.

1352. Aug., (One Member). Sir Gilbert Chasteleyn, Knt.

On 3 June 1346 Protection for Gilbert Chastellein going abroad
in the retinue of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. {A'ymer's
Foedera). Commission of oyer, cSic, 8 July 1336 kOn'^^complaintj by
Richard son of Ralph de Nowers, that Ralph Chastiloun, Gilbert and

Members for Worcestershire. 17

Roger his sons, and several others, at ChurchehuU, assaulted him, carried
away his goods, and assaulted his men and servants. Appointment 20
Aug. 1336 of John de Broui-hton and Gilbert de Chasteleyn to take
Roger de Nowers, knight, Richard and Roger his sons, and other
suspected persons and imprison them in the Tower of London. On
15 Mar. 1380 grant in fee simple to Wm. de Wyndesore who had
married Alice de Ferrers, of the manor of Keyngham, and other lands

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