W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 3 of 20)
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rents and services in Keyngham, late of Gilbert Chastelyn, knight.

1353. (One Member). Gilbert Chasteleyn.

1355. Gilbert de Chasteleyn.
Walter de Shakenhurst.

1355. John de Beauchamp.
John Musard.

The Musards were a very great family. Malcolm Musard was
lord of Morton in 1306. Sir John Musard m. Katherine Thromwin,
perhaps dau. of Wm. Trumwyn M.P. co. Stafford 1316, and widow of
John Washborn (probably son of the M. P. 1311). His dau. Joan m.
John Washborne (see 1403). On 2 July 1356 commission to John
Musard, King's valet, to select 120 archers for the King's body-guard.
(Rymer ). He was M.P. co. Wore. 1355, and as John Musard, 'chivaler'
(a higher honour than 'miles') sat for co. Stafford 1361.

1357. Robert de Bracy.
John de Lokyntpn.

1358. Robert Bracy.
William le Spenser.

The latter was probably a younger son of William le Despencer
of Defford, co. Wore, (who d. 1328), and brother to John le Spencer
of Defford, ancestor of Earl Spencer and Dukes of Marlborough.

T360. Walter de Shakenhurst.

Roger de Brugge.
The latter was evidently closely related to the M.P. 1351, brother
or son probably.

1361. Sir Robert Bracy, Knt.
Roger de Brugg.

1362. Leo de Perton.
Edward de Keyrdef.

Leo or Lionel de Perton (perhaps brother to Sir John de Perton

who was M.P. CO. Stafford 1360), Edmund de Brugge (see 1351), Wm.

Tracy, and Thomas de Hull witnessed a presentation to the Chantry of

St. Mary of Trympley, 1370.

— ; Edward de Keyrdeff, or Kerdiffe, aged 30 in 1350, 2nd son of

fc Wm. de K. of Bristol, whose inquisition post mortem was held 1329,

1 8 Members for Worcestershire.

succ. his brother William in 1331, m. Joanna (who re-m. to Henry

Grendour), was M.P. co. Gloucester 1352, and died seised of Queenhull
in Ripple in 1370.

1363. Thomas Foliot.

Reginald de Hanbury.

" The Folliotts were the most ancient family in this County,"
{Nash) and date at least as early as Henry I. Gilbert Foliot who was
Bishop of Hereford 1149, and of London 1161, was probably of the
same family. Thomas Foliot, who had lands in Stone 1346, was son
of Roger F. by Margaret dau. of Wm. le Blount, and m. Kliz. dau. of
Wm. Stone. Their seat was at Morton FoUiott, but they acquired lands
at Ferton temp. Edw. IH. The Lords Folliott (Ireland) 1619-1716
descended from this family. Robert Folgot or Foliot was Sub-Sheriff
of CO. Wore. 1451.

Reginald Hanbury was son of the M.P. 1330, and sat for co.Worc.
1363, ^383-

1365. Robert Bracy
Robert Russell.

Robert Russell (son of Nicholas R.) was lord of the manor of
Strensham, and presented to the living 29 Nov. 1361, and to Pibleton

12 Feb, 1363, and 20 Oct. 1376. He m. Catherine dau. of John
Vampage. On 12 Aug. 1377 nomination as a crown right after
coronation, and mandate for admission, of Elizabeth' dau. of Robert
Russell, as a nun of the abbey of Godestowe.

1366. Robert Bracy.
John de Harleye.

1368, Roger Corbet.
Henry Bruyn.

Henry Bruyn, probably son of the M.P. 1336 was M.P. co. Wore.
1368, 1383, 1385, 1386, 1391, 1404, and Escheator 1369. In 1374
Henry de Arderne (see 1381), John atte Wood (see 1372), Henry de
Bruyn and others were app. Commrs. for co. Wore, for the array of men
at arms, hobbelars and bowmen for defence of the kingdom. He was
again made a Commr. of array for co. Wore, i July 1377, and 20 March
1380, and a Commr. of the Peace 2 July 1377 and 26 May 1380. On

13 April 1380 he was granted exemption for life from being put on assizes
or into ofiices, &c. against his will.

Roger Corbet, son of the M.P. 1337, was M.P. co. Wore. 1368,
and Salop (as chivaler) 1383, 1391.

1369. John de Harleye.
Nicholas Morhall,

Members for Worcestershire. ig

1 37 1. Feb. Richard Fyton.

John Aleyn (see 1336).

Sir Richard Fyton, Knt. was Escheator of co. Woic. 1369, M.P.
i37i> 1372. 1376, 1377, 1382, and made a Commr. of the Peace 22
Feb. 1379. Protection for Sir R. Fyton and four others in the retinue
of Waller Huwet in Brittany 12 April 1364.

Pardon 18 Nov. 1379 to Philip atte Grove of Haggeley for felony
in entering with others the house of John Aleyn atte Wiche at Astwood,
CO. Wore, on Sunday before Michaelmas 1378 and taking away silver
vessels and other goods.

1 37 1. June, (One Member) Richard Fyton.

1372. John atte Wode, chivaler.
Richard Fyton, chivaler.

Sir John atte Wode, or Attwood, son of the M.P. 1327, presented
to St. Mary, Kidderminster, 10 Feb. 1381 and 7 Feb. 1385, and was M.P.
1372, 1373, 1376, 1380. He and the Archdeacon of Winchester were
empowered to treat with Wenceslaus Duke of Brabant 18 May 1570.
{Ry flier's Foedera). He and Walter Kokeseye (see 1378) were made
Commrs. of the Peace for co. Wore. 2 July 1377, 22 Feb. 1379, and
26 May 1380, and Commrs. of Array there i July 1377 and 20 March
1380. Commission 14 May 1378 to John atte Wood and Thomas de
Brugge, escheator in co. Wore, to enquire whether John Sapy (see
1377), to whom the late King committed the custody of the lands in that
county late of John Snede, tenant in chief, committed waste and estrep
ment therein. Grant for life 20 Nov. 1377 to Wm. de Bello Campo of
Feckenham Manor with the custody of the forest and park there at the
farm oi £n 14s, 4jd. as John atte Wode, Knt. (who had a grant of it
24 May 1365) has surrendered it. On i Feb. 1378 Inspeximus and
confirmation of letters patent dated 18 Oct. J351 being a grant for life
to John atte Wode of the custody of the hundreds of Kistegate and
Ge'yston, co. Gloucester free of rent. On 25 Oct. 1379 inspeximus and
contirmation in favour of John atte Wode, Yeoman of the late King
(Edw ni ) whom the King (Richard H.) has retamed, of letters patent
dated 8 Dec. 1373, being a grant to him for life oi jE^ll 14s- 4id. a year
from the issues of the manor and forest of Fekenham in lieu of previous
grants surrendered. He obtained exemption for Hfe from serving on
juries and in offices, &c., agamst his will, 3 Feb. 1380. His wife's name
was Alice.

•373- John atte Wode.

Edmund de Brugge.

1376. John atte Wode, chivaler.

Richard Fyton, chivaler.

20 Members for Worcestershire.

1377. Jan. John de Sapy, chivaler.
John Beauchamp.

Sir John de Sapy who was M.P. 1377, 1381, 1382, 1385, was
probably the son of the M.P. 1339.

1377. Oct. Richard Fyton, chivaler.

John Beauchamp.

1378. Walter Cokesey, chivaler.
John Russell, miles.

Sir Walter Cokeseye of Cokeseye in Upton Warin (under age
in 1357) was son and heir of the M.P 1337, had livery of his inheritance
1365, was a Knight in 1375, when he m. Isabel or Maud dau. and heir
of Sir Urian St. Pierre presented to Witley 14 Dec. 1386 and 29 July
1392, was M.P. 1378, 1384, and died 1405, seised of lands named
Partleys or Perchers, and of the manor of Caldwell. He was buried at
Kidderminster. On 17 Dec. 1404 Sir Walter Cokesey, Sir John
Beauchamp of Holt (see 1401), Richard Ruyhall (see 1397), Henry
Bruine (see 1368), and Thomas Throgmorton (see 1402), witnessed a
grant by John Poer of his right in the nianor of Batenhale to the Priory
of Worcester.

Sir John Russell, lord of the manor of Strensham, son and heir
of Robert R. (see 1365), m. Agnes Planches, was Master of the Horse
to Richard n., M.P. co. Wore. 1378, 1379, 1398, 1401, presented to
Strensham 20 Oct. 1376, 20 July 1388, 10 June 1394, .19 Feb. 1402,
and to Pibleton 13 Feb. 1401, and died near Letheringham, Suffolk,
31 Jan. 1405. On 10 March 1378 grant to John Russell, King's servant,
of the custody of lands in Sussex during the minority of the heir, of the
yearly value of 66s. 8d.

1379. John Russell.
William Wasteneys.

Sir William Wasteneys was son of Sir William (who was living
1336). His line fell with his grand-dau., but a younger bran^zh continued
from whom derived the Baronets of Headon, Notts (1622 to 1742, when
the title expired). Inspeximus and confirmation in favour of William
Wasteneys, of letters patent 28 Feb. 1377, inspecting and confirming an
indenture dated Carnarvon 5 Oct. 1371 whereby the Kings father
granted him for life ;i{^4o yearly at his Kxchequcr of Carnarvon on con-
dition of his serving the Prince of Wales with one esquire in time of war
without other fee. Cancelled and surrendered because the King granted
him for life_^3o yearly from the fee farm of Worcester City, and ;;^io
from the issues of the county of Worcester, 1 July 1389.

Members for Worcestershire. 21

1380. Jan. John atte Wode, chivaler.
John Beauchamp, de Holt.

1380. Nov. John atte Wode.

John Beauchamp.

1381. Henry de Arderne, chivaler.
John de Sapy, chivaler.

Sir Henry de Arderne was M.P. co. Warwick 1380, co. Wore
1 38 1, made a Commr. ot the Peace for co. Warwick 2 July 1377 and 26
May 1380. a Commr. of oyer and terminer there 12 Nov. 1377, and
received exemption for life from servinji on juries and in offices against
his will 13 Feb. 1380. He was son of Ralph de Arderne of Cardworth,
CO. Warwick, by Isabel de Bromwich, was knighted 1375, and seated at
Park Hall, co. Warwick, where his descendants long continued.

1382. May. Richard Fyton, chivaler.

John de Sapy, chivaler.

1382. Oct. John de Sapy, chivaler.

Alexander de Refford.

The latter was Alexander de Besford, probably grandson of the
M.P. 1313 (Alexander de Besford or Befford). He was again M.P. 1388,
1391, 1395. His dau. and heir Margaret m. John Dikleston (who died
1423), and his dau and heir m. Wm. Harewell. Alex. Besford, Henry
Bruyn(see 1 368), Richard Thurgrym (see 1394), and John Hambury were
witnesses to the marriage of Wm. Golafre and Margaret de la Barewe

1383. Feb. Ralph Stafford.

Reginald Hambury.

Sir Ralph Stafford of Grafton jure uxoris 1375, was 2nd son of
Sir John de S. (a branch of the Baronial House of Stafford), and ra.
Maud, eldest dau. and co-heir of Sir John de Hastang of Grafton. He
was M.P. CO. Wore. 1383, 1384, 140 1, and Salop 1403.

1383. Oct. Nicholas Lyllyng, chivaler.

Henry Bruyn.

Sir Nicholas Lyllyng of co. Northants was granted exemption from
being obliged to serve on juries or in offices 7 April 1380, and sat for
CO. Northants, 1381, 1382, 1391, co. Wore. 1383, 1386, 1388, 1390,

1384. April. John Herle, chivaler.

Ralph de Staff'ord.

Sir John Herle was M.P. Salop 1378, 1379, Oxfordshire 1380,
1381, 1382, CO. Wore. 1384. Commission 20 Oct. 1366 to John Herle
and others to provide ships for the passage of John Duke of Lancaster

22 Members for Worckstershire.

to Gascony. On ii May 1402 the King ordered Sir John Herle and
others to contradict the reports that the King did not intend to keep
his promise to observe the laws and to prevent the circulation of such
a report. {Eytner).

1384. Nov. Walter Cokesey, chivaler.

John Herle, chivaler.

1385. John de Sapy, chivaler.

Henry Bruyn.

1386. Nicholas Lyllyng, chivaler.
Henry Bruyn.

1388. Feb. Nicholas Lyllyng, chivaler.
Hugh Cheyne, chivaler.

Sir Hugh Cheyne held lands in Westmancote, and was M.P.
Salop 1378, 1379, Sept 1388, 1391, 1401, Wilts 1383, 1385, co. Wore.
Feb. 1388, 1390. Commission 10 May 1370 to Sir Hugh Cheyne and
others to arrest ships from Weymouth to Moushole, and bring them to
Dartmouth. {Rymer). Inspeximus and confirmation 6 May 1378 in
favour of Hugli Cheyne, Yeoman of the late King, retained, of (i)
letters patent dated 25 Nov. 1372 being an exemplification of others
dated i Sept. 1358 being a grant to him for life of 10 marks, yearly at
the Exchequer ; and (2) letters patent dated 27 Dec. 1365 being a like
grant to him, then the King's esquire, of the custody of Shrewsbury
Castle. Confirmed by the Great Council, with this addition that he
have 72d. daily for the custody. {Patent Rolls). The earlier branches
of this influential family are very difficult to discover. It seems to have
ended in the next century by th^ marriage of Anne dau. of Sir John
Cheyney of Westmancote with Thomas Rous of Rouse Lench.

1388. Sept. Nicholas Lyllyng, chivaler.

Alexander de Besford (see 1382).

1390. Jan. Nicholas Lyllyng, chivaler.
Hugh Cheyne, chivaler.

1390. Nov. Nicholas Lyllyng.

Hugh Cheyne.

1 39 1. Alexander Besseforde.
Henry Bruyn.

1393. Nicholas Lyllyng.

William Spernore.

The latter sat for co. Warwick 1384, 1395, and co. Wore. 1393,
1394. 1397. 1399-

Members for Worcestershire. 23

1394. William de Spernore.
Richard Thurgryni.

Three members of the Thurgrym family sat for Hereford. (See
Wtlliams' Herefordshire Members). 12 Dec. 1377 Pardon, on payment
of half a mark by Richard Tliurgrym, to whom Henry Bishop of Wor-
cester granted for life at the yearly rent of 6s. 8d., a messuage, 70 acres
of land, 3 acres of meadow, and 12s. rent in Wyke Episcopi, and who
after the Prior and Chapter of Worcester had ratified and confirmed the
said grant, entered on the premises without obtaining the King's licence,
of the said trespasses, and licence for him to retain the premises
according to the form of the grant. {Patetit Rolls). Richard Thurgrym
was of Batsford, co. Glouc, and Dormston, co. Wore. The family
failed in the next century with Henry T., whose dau. and heir Joan m.
Thomas Hodington (see 1406), and was afterwards represented by the
Russells of Strensham.

1395. Alexander de Besford.
Robert Russell.

Son of Wm. Russell of Strensham, by Agnes dau. and co-heir of
Thomas Hodington, and grandson of Sir John R. (see 1378). He m.
Eliz. dau. of John Throckmorton (and probably sister to the M.P. 1402),
was Escheator of co. Wore. 1398, Sub-Sheriff 1399, M.P. 1395.

1397. William Spernore.
Richard Ruyhale.

Richard de Ryhale was M.P. co. Wore. 1397, 1407, and
Escheator 1375, and again (as Richard Rihale senior) 1379. He was
seemingly grandson of Richard de Ruyhale, lord of Morton Brut, who
presented to Birts Morton 15 kal. April 1300, 5 id. April 1305, 7 kal.
Nov. 1325, and probably himself presented to that living 3 Jan. 1361.
Birts Morton was acquired by John Ruyhall through his marriage with
the dau. of Walter Brute. According to Nash the family failed before
Hen. VI., when the Harewells were found heirs to John Ruyhall of
Pershore. The manor of Birts Morton afterwards passed to the
Nanfans (see 1656).

1398. John Russell, chivaler (1378).
Richard Ruyhale.

1399. John Blount.
William Spernore.

In 1345 Thomas de Hugford, parson of Hampton Lovet con-
veyed the manor to Sir John la Blount and Eliz. his wife. His 2nd son
Sir John Blount of Sodington was M.P. co. Wore. 1399, and Escheator
1402, and presented to Hampton Lovet 27 Feb. 1415. His brother was
the heroic Sir Walter Blount immortalised by Shakespeare.

24 Members for Worcestershire

1401. John Beauchamp, cbivaler.
Ralph Stafford.

Sir John Beauchamp of Holt was M.P. co. Wore. 1401, 1404, 1414
and Escheator 1406. He was only son of the M.P. 1352, was aged 10 in
1388, attended Richard II. to Ireland 1399, and was summoned to the
House of Lords as 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Kidderminster by the
reversal of hi- father's attainder 1398, but this reversal was itself repealed
by Henry IV. 1400. He died s.p.m. 1420, when his line failed. His
only dau. Margaret m. (i) John Pauncefort, and (2) John Wysham.

1402. Jan, Return lost. JVask's IVorcesfers/u're gives Thoma.s
Throckmerton and John Bracy.

1402. Sept. Thomas Throckmerton.

John Bras.

Thomas Throckmerton son of John T., m. 1591 Agnes or Anne
dau. and heir of Sir Richard Aberbury or Adderbury of Oxon. He was
one of the retinue of Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, and M.P. co Wore.
1402, Escheator 1401, Constable of Elmley Castle 1404. He was
ancestor of the Knightly family of Throckmorton of Coughton, co.

John Bracy, Brace, Bras, or Braas, of Wych, son of the M.P.
1358, was Escheator of co. Wore. 1397, 1403. 1408, 1426, 1431, J. P.
1428, Sub-Sheriff 1400, and M.P. co. AVorc. 1402, T415, 1419, Leo-
minster 1417, 1421, 1425. He presented to Doverdale 14 Dec. 1386,
and Feb. 141 5, and held 2^ hides of land in Doverdale.

1403. John Blount, chivaler.
John Wasseburn.

Sir John Washbourn of Little Washbourne in Overbury, grandson
of the M.P. 131 1, was Sub-Sheriff 1397, Escheator 1399, 1420, m. (1)
Joan dau. of Sir John Musard (see 1355), and (2) Margaret dau. and
co-heiress of John Poker, lord of Wichenford. His family resided at
Wichenford until 17 12, when William Washbourne the last male of the
line sold that estate. He left a dau. and heir Elizabeth wife of Frances
Morey, and ancestress of Money-Kyrle of Much Marcle, co. Hereford.

1404. John Beauchamp, chivaler.
Henry Bruyn.

1406. Ralph Ardern.

Thomas Hodyngton.

Ralph Ardern, son of the M.P., 1381, sat for co. Wore. 1406.
His inq. p.m. was held 1420. wlu^n he left a widow Sibilla and his son
and heir Robert aged 8. His family had Pedmore till 1643.

Members for Worcestershire. 25

Thomas Hodyngton of Hoddington was Sub-SherifT 1401, and
M.P. 1406. He was son of Walter H. by Agnes dau. and heir of Thomas
Cassey (see 135 1), and m. Joane dau. and heir of Henry Thurgrim
(see 1394).

1407. Oct. 19. William Beauchamp, chivaler.
Richard Ruyhale,

Sir William Beauchamp of Powick, son of John de B., was M.P.
1407, 1413, 1414, 1416, Constable of Gloucester Caslle 1382, Sheriff of
CO. Worcester 1402, and of co. Glouc. 1423. He m. Catherine dau. and
co-heir of Sir Gerard de Ufflete, and died before 1438. He was father
of the first Baron Beauchamp of Powick. Grant for life to Sir William
B. of the custody of Feckenham Forest and Park 15 Nov. 1377. On
3rd April 141 9 the King approved of the appointment by the Duke of
Gloucester of Sir Wm. Beauchamp his Chamberlain, and John Stokes,
to go as Ambassadors to negotiate a marriage with Blanche, Queen of
Sicily, daughter of Charles King of Navarre. ( Rymer's Foedera.)

1410. Jan. I. Names torn off the Return.

1411 and Feb. 1413. Returns lost.

1413. April 19. William Beauchamp, chivaler.

John Phelipp, chivaler.

Sir John Phelipp, Lord of Denington, Suffolk, m. (i) Juliana,
who d. 1383, dau. of Sir Thomas Erpingham, and (3) Alice, dau. of
Sir Thomas Chaucer, son of Sir Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous poet.
She re-m. (2) Thomas Montacute, Earl of Salisbury, and (3) William
de la Pole, Duke of Norfolk. He m. (2) in or before 1409 Maud
Harmanville, widow of Walter Cokesey, of Kidderminster (who d. 1407,
son of the M.P. 137S), as Sir John P., as Lord of Witley, presented to
Witley in 1409. Sir John Phelipp was a valiant soldier under Henry V.,
and fought at the siege of Harfieur, and d. ten days afterwards, 2 Oct.
1415. He probably lived at Caldwell, and was buried in Kidderminster
Church. He was a benefactor to Worcester Cathedral. Henry V.
loved him as a friend and gave him the Manor of Aiichelhampton, co.
Glos., the Lordship of Grovebury or Leighton Buzzard, Beds, and the
Manors of Nedding and Ketchbarston, Suffolk. He was father of
Sir Wm. Phelipp, K.G., said to have been created Lord Bardolph
by Henry VI.

1 41 4. Jan. William Beauchamp, de Powyck, chivaler.

John Beauchamp, de Holt, chivaler.

1414. Oct. 31. John Throkmarton.
John atte Wode.

Sir John Throckmorton, son of the M.P. 1402, was decended
from John de T. who was Lord of the Manor of Throckmorton about
60 years after the Conquest. He was a very eminent person in the

26 Members for Worcestershire.

reigns of Henry V. and Henry VI., and was Under Treasurer of
England and Chamberlain of the Exchequer under the latter Kiug. He
m. Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of Sir Guy de la Spineto, Lord of
Coughton, CO Warwick, sat for co. Wore. 1414, 1420, 1422, 1432,
1433, presented (with Thomas Hewster, see 1431) to Warmedon,
I Dec. 1438, and d. 12 April 1445. His descendant was created a
Baronet 1642. Final Concord of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick,
with Thomas Longeley, Bishop of Durham, John Throkemorton, and
John Barton, about the Manors of Ribbesford, Rook, Lyndon, 14 salt
works, 37 buUaries, and the advowson of the Church of Ribbesford,
I Hen. VL

Sir John atte Wode, Atwode, or Wode, of Wolverley, son of the
M.P. 1372, sat for co. Wore. 1414, 1421, 1423. 1429, 1433, 1435, ^^^
Worcester City 1413, 1415, and for Newcastle-under-Lynie 1425, 1427,
1431, 1432, 1433 ; was Escheator co. Wore. 14 16, 1432, and presented
to the Chantry of St. Mary of Trympley, Kidderminster, 3 Aug. 1450.

1415, Oct. 30. Humfry Stafford.

John Bray.

Humphrey Stafford, of Grafton, elder son of Sir Humphrey S ,
who d. 141 3, by Eliz. Cheyney, m. Eliz. dau. and eventually heir of
Sir John Maltravers, of Hooke, Dorset, and had livery of her lands 1406,
was M.P. CO. Wore. 1415, 1423, 1426, and d. 1429. His eldest son
Sir John m. Anne, dau. of Wm. Lord Botreaux, and d.v.p. leaving a son
the M.P. 1447.

Nash correctly gives the other member as John Bracy, of Wych,
who was the same as the M.P. 1402.

1 41 6. March. William Russell.

William Beauchamp.

No Return has been found, but Nash gives these names.

14 1 6. Oct. Return lost.

141 7. William Wollashull.
John Morant.

Nash supplies these names. Wm. Wollashull, WoUashill, or
Walshale, of Wollashull, was M.P. 1417, 1421, 1425, 1429, 1432, J. P.
Escheator 1404, 1424, 1429, and presented to Birlingham 5 Oct. 1414.

1419. Sept. 27. Thomas Morant.

John Braas (Bracy).

Thomas Moraunt M.P. 14 19, son of John Moraunt (who was
Escheator of co. Wore. 1395 ^"^ M06-7, and on the authority of Nash^
was also M.P. 1417)-

Members for Worcestershire. 27

1420. Nov. 20. John Throkmarton.

John Weston.

1421. April 9. William Wolashull.

John Wode (1414).

1421. Nov. 19. Walter Corbet.

John Braas.

1422. Oct. 21. John Throkmarton.

John Vampage.

Sir John Vampage of Pershore and Ruyhall in Ripple, son ot
John V. the Escheator 1397, by Eliz. Walker, was M.P. 1422, 1426,
1427, Escheator 1422, 1441, Sub-Sheriff 1428, 1443. He and others
presented to Salwarp 12 Feb. 1443. He m. the only dau. and heir of
Wm. WollashuU (see 14x7), and was Attorney-General 28 October
1429 to June 1451.

1423. Sept. 22. Humfry Staffard.

John Wode.

1425. April 4. William Wolasshull.

John Braaz.

1426. Feb. 6. Humfry Staffard.

John Vampage.

1427. Sept. 17. John Vampage.

John Huband.

John Huband was M.P. 1427 and Escheator 1430. Probably a
younger son of the Hubands of co. Warwick. A century later Anthony.
4th son of Nicholas Huband of Ipsley. co. Warwick, acquired the estate
of Egioke, co. Wore, and founded a line ; but there must have been a
prior connection with the county.

1429. Sept. 14. William WollashuU.
John Wode.

143 1. Jan. 3. William Lichefeld, chivaler.
Thomas Hewster.

Sir Wm. Lichfield was perhaps son of Thomas de Licchefeld of
Worcester, (see that City, 1369). He bore the same arms as the
Swynfens of Swynfen, co. Stafford. In 13 13 Wm. de Lycheffeld and
Richard de Lycchefeld were Members for Lichfield. In 141 1 Wm.
Lichfield alias Wm. Taverner, esq., granted certain lands to Thomas de
Swynfen, which deed was sealed with the coat of Swynfen, but circum-
scribed — 'Sig. Wills de Lichfield.' The last Abbot but one of Evesham
was Clement Lichfield, buried in All Saints, Evesham, 9 Oct. 1546.

Thomas Hewster was M.P. 1431, and presented (with John
Throckmorton, see 1414,) to Warmedon i Dec. 1438. Final Concord

28 Members for Worcestershire.

of Thomas Heuster with Robert Nehne of Worcester 8 Hen. V., about
2 messuages, i carucate of land, 7 acres of meadow, and 1 1 marks of
rent, in LeykhuU, Nethermytton, and Kyderminster.

1432. March 26. John Throckmarton.

William Wollashill.

1433. June 17. John Throkmarton.

John Wode.

1435. Oct. 5. John Wode.

Robert Russell.

Sir Robert Russell of Strensham son of the M.P. 1395, m.
Johanna dau. of Sir Kynard Delabere, presented to Pibleton 20 March
1433, and to Strensham 21 Oct. 1434, was M.P. co. Wore. 1435, Es-
cheator 1435, and perhaps the same as Robert Russell, merchant, M.P,
Bristol, 1419, 1433, who with the Mayor and Sheriff of Bristol were
ordered 5 Aug 1430 to " arrest all rebellious Friars Minors attending the
approaching chapter general."

1436. Dec. 26. Walter SkoUe.

Thomas Rous.

Sir Walter Skull, a famous man of Holt, and descended from
Sir John Skull to whom Bernard Newmarch assigned the manors of
Bolgoed and Cray on the conquest of Breconshire about 1100, was
M.P. CO. Wor. 1436, 1442, 1447, 1453, and presented to Churchill
31 July 1442, 12 Nov. 1449, to Great Sheldersley 23 Sept. 1445, to
the Chantry of St. Mary of Trympley, Kidderminster, 18 Dec. 1456,
31 March 1467, and to Holt 19 Aug. 1469, 25 Jan. 1472. He m. the
dau. and co-heir of Sir John Beauchamp of Holt (see 1401), was
Sub-Sheriff of co. Wore. 1464, 1470, 1479, and app. in 1471 Sheritf
for eight years. His dau. and heir, Joice, or Joan, m. Sir Edward Croft
of Croft Castle, co. Hereford. He and Thomas Throgmorton witnessed a

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