W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 4 of 20)
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grant of privileges by the Prior to the Corporation of Worcester 20 Jan.
1 46 1. Commission to George Duke of Clarence, Richard Earl of
Warwick, Sir W. Scull and 4 others to raise troops in co. Wore, against
the rebels, 7 March 1470. {Ry/ner's Foedera),

Thomas Rous son of Henry Rous of Ragley (by Maude dau. of
Sir John Throgmorton) and perhaps brother of John Rouse (who was
Escheator 1434, 1435), was M.P. 1436, Escheator 1445, m. Anne dau.
of Sir John Cheyney, and presented to Rouse Lench 17 Jan. 1448.


Return lost.


Jan. 17.

Hugh Cokesey
Walter Skulle.

Only son of Walter Cokesey who d. 1410, and grandson of the
M.P. 1337, sat tor co. Worcester 1442, presented to Witley 10 Dec. 1443,
and d. 1480.

Members for Worcestershire. 29

1445. Return lost.

1447. Feb. 8. Humphrey Stafford.
Walter Skull.

Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton, son of Sir Humphrey S. by
Elizabeth dau. and heir of Sir John Burdet to whose estates he succ.
i429,m. Eleanor dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Aylesbury of Blatherwicke
CO. Northants, presented to Doverdale 27 Jan. 1448, and being sent
with a small force to suppress Jack Cade's rebellion was defeated and
slain in an action near Sevenoaks, Kent, 145 1, and was buried at

1449. Feb. 5, Sir Humphrey Stafford (1447).
Thomas Throckmorton.

Sir John Throckmorton who d. 1445, (see 14 14), had two sons
(i) Sir Thomas of Coughton, co. Warwick, his heir ; and (2) Thomas
'junior' (so styled in the Visitation of Warwickshire), who m. the dau.
and heir of — - Bridge. Which of these two was the M. P. is difficult to
decide. If the elder then hem. Margaret dau. and heir of Robert Olney
of Weston, Bucks, and was buried at Fladbury 1472.

1449. Oct. 15. Humphrey Stafford.

Thomas Wynselawe.

Son of Sir Humphrey Stafford (see 1447), was M.P. 1449,
1450, 1453, app. Steward of the Duchy of Cornwall by Edw. IV. in
1461, but died s.p. the same year, when the Grafton estates devoted
upon his cousin Sir Humphrey Stafford who was created Earl of Devon,
but was killed 17 Aug. 1469.

1450. Oct. 14. Humphrey Stafford.

John Throkmerton.

Probably a younger son of the M.P. 1414.

1453. Feb. 28. Sir Walter Scull.

Humphrey Stafford.

1455. June ]8. Humphrey Stafford.
Fulke Stafford.

Fulke Stafford of Betecote in Old Swinford, was 3rd son of
Sir Ralph de S. (see 1383), and uncle to the M.P. 1447. He was
M.P. 1455, Sub Sheriff 1455, High Sheriff 1457.

1459. Return lost.

1460. Aug. John Stafford.

Fulke Stafford.

Two Brothers. John Stafford was 2nd son of Sir Ralph (see
1383), and was ancester of the Staffords of Frome, co. Hereford.

3© Members for Worcestershire.

1461, 1463. Returns lost.

1467. June 17. Sir Renfrid Arundell.
Thomas Lygon.

Sir Renefred Arundel of Tremordrat, Cornwall was Sub-Sheriff
1463. He wa? eldest son of Sir Reinfry A., of Tremordrat (who was
younger son of Sir John A. of Lanherne) by Joane widow of Sir \Vm.
Hungerford, and who afterwards m. John Nanfan. He died 6 June 1468.

Thomas Lygon of Madresfield, son of Wm. L., was Escheator
(?i427), 1441, M.P. 1467, 1472, J. P. 5 December 1483, presented to
Madersfield 8 April 1483, 28 June 1488, and m. Ann 2nd dau. and co-
heir of Sir Reginald Beauchamp, Lord Beauchamp of Powyck, with
whom he had Beauchamp Court.

1470. Return lost.

1472. Sept. 16. Richard Hyde.
Thomas Lygon.

Richard Hyde of Stoke Bliss, co. Hereford. His dau. and heir
Agnes m. Thomas Hmkley of Worcester, whose eventual heiress m.
a Pytts.

1477. Dec. 31. William Berkeley.
John Acton.

Wm. Berkeley was probably of Stoke, Somerset, son of Sir
Maurice B. of Stoke (who d. 1464). He was attainted 1485, but
restored 1495, ^"^ d. 1501. In 1495 ^^ petitioned to "adnulle the .'\ct
of Atteynder against him," and to have all his manors and property
(forfeited by attainder for treason) restored to him.

John Acton of Acton, i-on of Walter (or William) A., sat for co.
Wore. 1477, and d.s.p.

1483, 1484, 1485, 1487. Returns lost.

1491. John Savage.
Roger Harwell.

It is difficult to say for certain who this John Savage was.
Christopher, 7th son of Sir John Savage of Rocksavage, Cheshire (who
d. 1495), founded the Worct^stershirc branch. The M.V. might have
been his elder brother, Sir John, who placed the crown upon the head
of Henry VH at Bosworth 1485, and was slain at Boulogne 1492, but
it seems more probable that he was the son of that Sir John. If so, he
was knighted 1497, m. Anne, dau. of Ralph Bostock of liostock, was
Sherift'of CO. Wore. 24 years, and d. 2 March 1527. The Beauchamps
(Earls of Warwick) were hereditary Sheriff's of co. Wore, till Richard HI.,
when Sir Richard Nanfan was app. for life. On his resignation in 15S7,

Members for Worcestershire. 31

Sir Henry Savage and his son were granted the office for their lives.
SirWm. Compton succ. them in 1516, for 19 years, after which it became
an annual appointment.

Roger Harwell or Harewell was probably son of Roger H. of
Wotton Shottrey, co. Warwick, by Anne, dau. and co-heir of Sir Wm.
Clopton. He seems to have d. s.p.

1495) '497, 1510. i5'2, 1515, 1523. Returns lost.
1529. Oct. Sir Gilbert Talbot Knt.
Sir John Russell Knt.

Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton Park, in Bromsgrove, eldest son of
Sir Gilbert T., who d. 1517 (who was 3rd son of the 2nd Earl of Shrews-
bury) m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Sir Wm. Paston of Paston, was
knighted at Lisle 14 Oct. 15 13, M.P. co. Wore. 1529-1536, 1541-2, H.S.
1539, presented to Upton Warin 23 June 1537, to Pibleton 5 Dec. 1532,
19 March 1544, and d. s.p.m. 22 Oct. 1542.

Sir John Russell of Strensham, son and heir of Robert R. and
descended from the M.P. 1433, m. Edith, dau. of Sir Thomas Umpton,
was knighted 1529, M.P. co. Wore. 1529-36, H.S. 1541, 1546, presented
to Witley 12 Dec. 1 531, Strensham 17 Jan. 1549, Powick 18 Dec. 1550,
and d. 15 Aug. 1556.

1536. May, and 1539 April. No Returns found.

Possibly Sir Gilbert Talbot was one of the Members of both
these Parliaments.

1 54 1. Dec. Sir Gilbert Talbot Knt.


1542. Dec. 27. Thomas Russell, of Strensham, 7;/^^ Sir Gilbert
Talbot, deceased.

Sir Thomas Russell of Strensham, son and heir of the M.P. 1529,
m. ? 1569 (i) Frances dau. and heir of Sir Roger Chomley, (2) Margaret
dau. of Wm. Lygon, was knighted 1548, M.P. co. Wore. 1542-4, 1547-52,
Sept. to Dec. 1553, Jan. to May 1559, 1571, H.S. 1551, 1559, 1569,
presented to Pibleton i June 1562. On 20 March 1570 he wrote to the
Earl of Leicester touching the horse and foot sent out of co. Wore, into
the North. {Cal. State Papers). He died 1574.



Return lost.



Thomas Russell.
William Sheldon.

William Sheldon of Balford, in Beoley, son of Ralph S., m. (i)
Mary (who d. 25 Jan. 1553) 4th dau. and co-heir of Wm. VVillington of
Barcheston, co. Warwick, (2) Margaret, dau. of Sir Richard Brook, Lord

32 Members for Worcestershire.

Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1526-9 and widow of Sir William Whor-
wood, Attorney-General 1540-5, sat for co. Wore. 1547-52, March to
May 1554, Oct. to Dec. 1555, H.S. 1547, 1556, 1567, had a grant of a
portion of Evesham Abbey demesne land, situate in Higden, St.
Laurence, 1544, presented to Bishampton 10 Feb. 1557, and d. 23 Dec.
1570, bur. at Beolcy 15 Jan. 157 1. He first introduced the making of
tapestry into England. Nov. 1558, names of certain persons of the
County and City of Worcester, who lent money on Privy Seals to the
late Queen Mary ; received by William Sheldon, collector. (C.S.F.)

1553. Feb. 8. Walter Blount.
Francis Savage.

Walter Blount, son and heir of Thomas B. of Sodington, m. (i)
Katherine Grey of Enfeyld, co. Stafford, (2) Margaret, dau. of Sir John
Talbot of Grafton (half-brother to the M.P. 1529), sat for Stafford
1542-4. CO. Wore. Feb. to Dec. 1553, Oct. 1554-5 Jan., Newcaslle-under-
Lyme 1559, and d. 1564.

Francis Savage of Elmley Castle, son and heir of Christopher S.
(esquire of the body to the King, who received a grant of Elmley Castle
1544, and was a younger branch of the family of Savage, Earl Rivers).
He had livery of Aston Manor 1545, m. Anne Sheldon (who re-m. to
Anthony Daston of Wormington, co. Glouc), and d. before 29 Nov.
1565, as the Ca/. State Papers for that date mentions a copy of a court roll
of Anthony Daston and Anne his wife (" late wife of Francis Savage
deceased ") of the manor of Aston sub Edge.

1553. Sept. 20. Sir Thomas Russell Knt.

John Lyttleton.

John Lyttelton of Frankley, son of John L. who d. 1532, m.
Bridget dau. and co-heir of Sir John Pakington of Hampton Lovet, was
M.P. CO. Wore. Sept. to Dec. 1553, H.S. 1557, 1566, 1572, J. P. cos.
Wore, and Stafford, app. Constable of Dudley Castle with the Ranger-
ship of the old and new parks there 1553, knighted by Q. Elizabeth at
Kenilworth Castle 1566, and (although a Roman Catholic) app. by her
Dep. Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum of co. Wore, and one of the ""..ouncil
of the Marches of Wales, presented to Halesowen 27 Jan. 1581, and
dying at Frankley 15 Feb. 1590, aged 74, was buried at Halesowen.

1554. March 7. Sir John Bourne Knt.

William Sheldon.

Sir John Bourne of Holt and Battenhall, m. Dorothea

and was knighted 2 Oct. 1553, and licensed to keep 40 retainers. He
was one of the two principal Secretaries of State during Q. Mary's reign
1553-8, M.P. Worcester Sept. to Dec. 1553, co. Wore. March to May
1554, Nov. 1554-5 Jan., Oct. to Dec. 1555, 1558, had a grant of the
manor of Batenhale from the Crown 1544, and of Upton-on-Severn

Members for Worcestershire. 33

and other Crown manors 1557, and a lease of Ombersley, presented to
Oddingley 22 Oct. 1557, i Feb. 1573, and to Pershore St. Andrew's 6
Feb. 1573. On 4 Feb. 1560 he wrote from Batenhall to his friend
Francis Yaxley, giving an account of his rural occupations, and inviting
him to come and enliven them, and promised all manner of rural
delights. ( Cal. State Pafers). Sir John was a great enemy to the
Reformation, and had a bitter quarrel with Bishop Edwm .Sandys of
Worcester (father of the M.P. 1609), during which, in April 1563 "he
brought false charges against the Bishop of abuses in the administration
of the affairs of his See, but confessing afterwards that he had greatly
misbehaved himself to the Bishop, he was ultimately committed to the
Marshalsea." He d. 1563. His cousin Gilbert Bourne was Bishop of
Bath and Wells, and Lord President of Wales 1554-9.

1554. Oct. Sir John Bourne.

Walter Blount.

1555. Oct. 15. Sir John Bourne.

William Sheldon.

1558. Jan. Sir John Bourne Knt.

Sir Thomas Baskervile Knt.

Of Brinsop and Sapey Inferior, co. Hereford, and Wolves Hill,
CO. Wore, third son of Sir James B., of Eardisley, co. Hereford (see
Williams'. Herefordshire Members), m. Eleanor dau. and co-heir of Richard
Abington, of Brockhampton, co. Hereford, and relict of John Dansey,
of Brinsop. He was knighted 2 Oct. 1553, M.P. co. Wore. 1558, H.S.
CO. Wore. 1555, 1562, and of co. Hereford 1570, and as such on
10 May 1570, he and other Justices certified to the Privy Council their
proceedings in procuring returns of the sums collected and expended
for armour and munitions within co. Hereford. He died s.p.m.
15 April, 1572.

1559. Jan. 4. Sir Thomas Russell.

Thomas Blounte.

Thomas Blount, of Kidderminster, sat for co. Wore. Jan. to May
1559, and 1 562-7, and bought the Manor and advowson of Kiddermmster
for ^454 9s. od. from Queen Elizabeth, i Feb. 1560. His kinsman
Walter Blount, of Kidderminster, was H.S. 1579. This line was founded
by John, son of Sir John B., of Sodington, by his 2nd wife Isabella dau.
and heir of Sir Brian Cornewall, of Kinlet. The Member seems to
have been Sir Thomas Blount, of Kinlet, son of Sir Humphrey B. by
Elizabeth dau. of Robert Winnington, and m. Anne dau. of Sir Richard

1562. Dec. Thomas Blount.
Ralph Sheldon.

34 Members for Worcestershire.

Ralph Sheldon, of Beoley, eldest son of the M.P. 1554, was aged
33 at the Visitation in 1570, m. Anne dau. of Sir Robert Throckmorton,
of Coughton, CO. Warwick, was M.P. co. Wore. 1562-7, H.S. 1576,
built Weston, and purchased Steeple Barton, co. Oxford, presented to
St. Augustin's, Droitwich, 28 April 1572, and d. 30 March 161 1.

157 1. April. Sir Thomas Russell.

Gilbert Lyttelton, jun.

Of Frankley, eldest son of the M.P. 1553. m. Eliz. dau. of
Humphrey Coningsby, of Nyend Sollers, Salop, and Hampton Court,
CO. fiereford, (see Williams^ Herefordshire Members), was M.P. co.
Wore. 1571, 1572-83, H S. 1584, presented to Hagley 4 Dec. 1571, and
d. I June 1599, aged 59. As Sheriff he wrote the Council 11 Feb.
1585, that he had mustered and furnished with weapons and armour the
50 men required for service in Ireland, and sent them under the
command of Robert Acton to Chester; and on 24 Oct. 1585 he
informed them of "the answers of the Recusants required to furnish
light horses. John Talbot (see 1572) willingly assents to provide 3
light horses." {C.S.F.)

1572. April. Gilbert Lyttelton, jun.

John Talbot,

Of Longford, Salop, younger son of Sir John T., of Grafton,
(grandson of Sir John T., half-brother to the M.P. 1529), m. Eleanor
dau. and co-heir of Sir Thomas Baskerville, of Wolvershill (see 1558),
presented to Upton Warin 15 Sept. 1572, sat for co.' Wore. 1572-83,
knighted at Dublin 6 Sept. 1599, and d. 1607. Bur. in a Church near
Ludgate. His only son John succ. his uncle George as loth Earl of

1584. Nov. 5. John Russell.

John Lyttelton, jun.

John Russell of Strensham, son and heir of the M.P. 1553, m.
Eliz. dau. of l\al[)h Sheldon (see 1562), was M.P. Wycomb 1571,
Droitwich 1572-83, co. Wore. 1584-5, 1586-7, 1588-9, H.S. 1577,
knighted about 1587, presented to Strensham and also to Pibelton 5
Sept. 1578. Quaere if he held some office at Court, as he attended Q.
Elizabeth in 1591, in which year the Corporation of Worcester gave him
a gallon of claret wine and seek (sack) and a pound of sugar as a

John Lyttelton, jun , of Frankley, son and heir of the ^LP. 1571,
b. 1561, matric. Magdalen Coll., Oxon, 22 Dec. 1576, aged 15, ent.
Inner Temple Nov. 1579, but was not called to the bar, m. Muriel, dau.
of Sir Thomas Rromlcy, Lord Chancellor, and sister to the M.P. 1593,
and sat for co. Wore. 1584-5, 1586-7, 1597-8. This gentleman, said Sir
Francis Bacon, being much respected for his wit and value, and a

Members for Worcestershire. 35

Roman Catholic, was courted by the Earl of Essex and his friends, and
in some measure drawn in by Sir Charles Danvers to that conspiracy
which cost Essex his head and Lyttelton his estate, for he was tried and
convicted of high treason at the Queen's Bench bar 21 Feb. 1601, and
though his execution was averted through the interest of Sir Walter
Raleigh, he died in prison 25 July following. Upon the accession of
James I. in 1603, his widow threw herself at his feet at Doncaster, and
obtained a grant by letters patent of the whole of her husband's estate,
an Act of Parliament being passed to reverse his attainder. She was a
person of great prudence, and discharged debts, contracted by her
husband and his father, to the amount of ;^9,coo. although she was
remarkable for benevolence and hospitality. She survived her husband
28 years, and brought up her children in the reformed religion.

1586. Oct. 5. John Russell.

John Lyttelton, jun.

15S8. Oct. 30. Sir John Russell Knt.
William Lygon.

Of Madresfield, son of Richard L. who d. 1584, by Mary, dau. of
Sir Thomas Russell of Strensham (see 1553), and was therefore nephew
to his colleague. He m. Eliz. dau. of Edmund Knightley of Grand-
borough, CO. Warwick, was knighted ii May 1603, presented to Madres-
field 17 May 1595, 6 Dec. 1596, H.S. co. Wore. 1592, J. P. 1601, M.P.
1588-9 and 1604 till his death 1609.

i;93. Jan. Sir Henry Bromley Knt.
William Walshe.

Sir Henry Bromley of Holt Castle and Upton-on-Severn, eldest
son and heir of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord High Chancellor 1579-87,
born 1560. matric. Hart Hall. Oxon., 17 Dec. 1576, aged 16, ent.
Inner Temple Nov. 1579, m. (i) Eliz. dau. of Sir Wm. Pelham, (2) Eliz.
(bur. at Holt 17 March 1592), dau. of Hugh Verney of Somerset, (3) Anne
dau. of Sir Thomas Scott of Scott's Hall, Kent, and became lord of
Upton Manor, and (4) in 1602 or 1603 Anne dau. of Aid. Beswick of
London, and widow of — Offley, a London merchant. He purchased
Ham Castle from Sir Herbert Croft, was knighted 1592, M.P. Plymouth
1584-5, 1586-7, Salop 1597-8, CO. Wore. Jan. to April 1593, 1604-11,
H.S. 1503, 1606, and d. 15 May 16 15. Although he was a great
favourite of Q. Elizabeth's, and was app. a Commr. to examine cases of
Recusancy, he was concerned, like his brother-in-law John Lyttelton
(see 1584), in Essex's rebellion, for which he was a prisoner in the
Tower Feb. 1601-2 May, and his estates were forfeited, but were restored
on the accession of James I. in 1603, and the grateful Sir Henry being
Sheriff in 1606, exerted himself most actively in searching out and
arresting persons in the county implicated in the Gunpowder Plot.

36 Members for Worcestershire.

William Walsh, lord of the manor of Abberley, eldest son and
heir of Walter W. of Wresbury, Bucks., m. Eliz. dau. of George Board of
Cookfield, Sussex, was knighted July 1603, M.P. co. Wore. Jan. to April
1593, H.S , 1599, J-P. in i6or and 1620, and d.s.p. 18 April 1622. He
purchased the manor of Upton Snowdesbury (yearly value £2() 19s. 8d.)
for _;^839 IIS. 3id. in 1590. In 1610 he petitioned the Crown for a
lease of Alton Woods, being within his manor of Abberley.

1597. Sept. 21. John Lyttelton.
Edmond Colles,

Of Leigh Court, son of William C. by Margaret sister and co-heir
of John Hitch, ent. Inner Temple Nov. 1553, m. (i) the dau. of

— Somervile of Somerviie Aston, co. Glouc. (2) the dau. of

— Townsend, was J. P. co. Wore, in 1585 and 1601, Dep. Lieut., H.S.
'575' i59°i M.P. Sept. 1597-8 Feb., app. one of the Council of the
Marches of Wales 7 July 1602, d. 19 Dec. 1606 aged 76, and was bur.
in Leigh Church. He purchased the inheritance of the Manor of Leigh,
but " being loaded with debts (which like a snowball from the Malvern
Hills gathered increase), he sold Leigh Court to Sir Walter Devereux,"
(see 1624). The Commrs. of Musters for co. Wore, wrote the Earls of
Warwick and Leicester and Sir Christopher Hatton 2 June 1581,
desiring that the rate at which Edmund Colles was charged might be
abated, " being over burdenous for his estate and abilitie." Edmond
Colles J. P. CO. Wore, on 23 Oct. 1585, wrote the High Sheriff, Gilbert
Lyttelton (see 1571), reporting the doings of himself aad Mr. Knottes-
ford in the matters of recusancy, with regard to Mr. Hugh Lygon and
Thomas Wreynford. {CS.P.)

1 60 1. Oct. 14. Sir Thomas Leighton Knt.
Thomas Russell.

Sir Thomas Leighton, of Feckenham, co. Wore, younger son of
John Leighton, of Wattlesborough, Salop, by Joyce, dau. of Sutton
Lord Dudley, was Knighted May 1579, J. P. co. Wore, in 1601, M.P. co.
Wore. Oct. to Dec. 1601, (and probably Beverley 1571, and North-
umberland 1572-83), and m. Elizabeth (or Anne) Knolles (one of the
Queen's relations), dau. of Sir Francis Knollys, by Catherine, dau. of
Wm. Carey and Mary, sister to O. Anne Boleyn, and received from
the Queen a grant of Feckenham Park. He was Constable of the
Tower, and d. in 1611, his inquisition ])ost-mortem being held 2 Oct.
1611. Sir Thomas was a distinguished soldier, and held high military
ofifice the latter [)art of Queen Elizabeth's reign, and was one of the
general officers summoned to consult together in March 1588, to repel
the Spanish Armada. The Calendar of State Papers contain several
references to him : — " 6 Dec. 1587, Requests by Sir Thomas Leighton,
Sir John Smith, and Ralph Lane, of such things in their commissions
to better enable them to execute the service of viewing and ordering

Members for Worcestershire. 37

the trained forces. They desire to have the titles of Colonels,
and their subordinates to be called Seigeant Majors." "6 April
1588, Warrant to the Exchequer for allowance of 40s. per diem
to Sir John Norris and to Sir Thomas Leighton during their repair into
several counties on Her Majesty's special service." Leighton visited
Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, the Lord Lieutenants being ordered 6 April
to observe his instructions for defence of their coasts. The Council
ordered him 22 July 1588 to attend the Earl of Leicester's forces at
Tilbury and Gravesend. He was Colonel of a company in Essex in
June 1 59 1, and received a reward of ^200 from the Queen 9 Dec.
1 59 1. He was Captain of Guernsey in May 1593, and still held that
Government in 1602." Grant 10 Aug. 1595 "to him, his wife, and their
heirs, of timber in the woods of Hanbury manor, for building and
repairing the houses of the manor, with firebote, ploughbote, cartbote,
and hedgebote for the tenants and pasture for their cattle in Feckenham
forest." Letter 8 Feb. 1604 to the Bishop of Durham to confirm a grant
of certain fisheries in the Tweed to Sir T. Leighton. Grant 8 June
1604 to Elizabeth, his wife, Lady of the Bedchamber to the late Queen,
of the reversion of ^200 per annum for life. Among the "Captaines of
ye Footmen " in a list of the Officers commanding the Queen's Forces in
1569, appears the name of "Captain Leighton— 500 men."

Thomas Russell, of Strensham, son and heir of the M.P. 1586,
born 1577, matric. St. John's Coll., Oxon. 5 Nov. 1591, aged 14, m.
Eliz. dau. of Sir Wm. Spencer, was M.P. co. Wore. Oct. to Dec. 1601,
and Truro 1614, H.S. 1604, J. P. in 1620, Knighted 11 May 1603,
presented to Pibleton 22 March 1622, and d. 1632. In 1610 Sir
Thomas and his son William (see 1625), were granted the office of
Masters of the Game in Malvern Chase.

1604. Feb. 29. Sir Henry Bromley Knt.
Sir William Liggon Knt,

John Talbot, of Grafton (see 1572), wrote a letter to his brother,
Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, in 1604, complaining of an undue election
for CO. Worcester, Sir Edmond Harewell and Sir John Packington being
candidates, Sir William Walsh having retired in favour of Sir Henry
Bromley. He mentioned " Young Sir Thomas Russell " as being the
Sheriff and Returning officer. (See Nash's Worcestershire).

1609. Nov. I, Sir Samuel Sandys Knt., of Ombersley, vice
Lygon deceased. Eldest son of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York,
who d. 1588, leaving him the manor of Ombersley, born 28 Dec. 1560,
m. Mercy, dau. of Martin Culpeper, was Knighted 23 July 1603, H.S.
CO. Wore. 1618, J. P. in 1601 and 1620, M.P. Ripon 1586-7, co. Wore.
1609-11, March to June 16 14, 1620-2, one of the Council of the
Marches of Wales 30 June 1623, d. 18 Aug. 1623, bur. in the chancel
of Wickhamford Church (M.L) He was succ. by his eldest son, Sir
Edwin Sandys, M.P., who however died 6 Sept. following. (See 1661).

38 Members for Worcestershire.

1 614. March Sir Thomas Bromley Knt.
Sir Samuel Sandys Knt.

Sir Thomas Bromley, of Holt Castle, son and heir of the M.P.
1593, born 1585, matric. Oueen's Coll., 0-xon. 7 Nov. 1600, aged 15,
m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Sir Richard Walshe, was Knighted 23
July 1603, sat for co. Wore. March to June 16 14, 1628-9, ^^^ ^^''^s
buried 10 Sept. 1641.

1620. Dec. 13. Sir Thomas Littleton Knt. and Bart.
Sir Samuel Sandys Knt.

Sir Thomas Littleton, of Frankley, eldest son and heir of the
M.P. 1584, was born 1596, matric. Ball. Coll., Oxon, 22 June 1610,
aged 14, B.A. from Broadgates Hall 2 July 1614, ent. Inner Temple
1613, supplicated for the bar 2 July 1614, Knighted at Wiiitehall July
1 618, created a Baronet ib July 1618, m. Catherine, dau. and sole heir
of Sir Thomas Crompton, of Driffield, co. York, presented to Halesowen
12 Dec. 1620, and Hagley 18 June 1634, sat for co. Wore. 1620-2,
1624-5, 1625, 1626, March to May 1640, H.S. (?i623), 1640, offered in
1642 to raise a regt. of foot and a troop of horse for the King, and was
app. Colonel of the Worcestershire Horse and Foot, Sept. 1642, taken
prisoner at Bewdley 1644, and imprisoned in the Tower, released on
bail by Lord Essex, bnt re-committed by Pari. 29 Nov. 1644, fined
;^4ooo on 6 March 1645, ^'^^ still a prisoner in June 1646, and d. 22
Feb. 1650, aged 57, bur. in Worcester Cathedral. He and others were
commissioned 19 Aug. 1622 to end the differences between Sir Samuel
Sandys, lord of the manor of Ombersley (see 1609), and his tenants, or
to certify to the King where the fault lay. In 1642 his seat at Frankley
was burned to the ground by Prince Rupert's orders to save it being
occupied for Pari.

1624. Feb. Sir Walter Devereux Knt. and Bart.
Sir Thomas Littleton Knt. and Bart.

Sir Walter Devereux, of Leigh Court, which he purchased from

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