W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 7 of 20)
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and d.v.p. 1699, aged 40. He was father of Lord Sandys (see Worcester

1698, Aug. 10. Sir John Packington. T.
William Walsh. W.

Elder son of Joseph Walsh, of Abberley, (grandson of William
W., brother to the M.P. 1593), matric. Wadham Coll. Oxon. 14 May
1678, aged 15, ent. Middle Temple 1679, was an author, poet, and
critic, and a great friend of Pope. He was Gentleman of the Horse to
O. Anne 1702-8. ALP. co. Wore 1698-1700 Dec, Jan. to Oct. 1701
(defeated and petitioned Nov. 1701), 1702-5 (when defeated), and
Richmond 1705 till his death s. p. at Marlborough, Wilts, 15 March 1708.

1701. Jan. 22. The same.

1 70 1. Nov. 26. William Bromley. T. —

Sir John Packington. T, —
William Walsh. IV. —

Mr. W^alsh petitioned against Pakington 3 Jan. 1702. William
Bromley, of Holt Castle, only surviving son of the M.P. 1660, b. 26
June 1656, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 7 July 1673, ^iged 17, ent. Middle
Temple 1674, m. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Sir Rowland Berkeley,
of Cotheridge. (see Worcester 1661), presented to JNLilvern Magna 15
April 1692, 5 Oct. 1698, 17 Feb. 1701, sat for Worcester 1685-7, 1689-
1700, and for co. Wore, i 701-2, and 1705 until his death in 1707, aged
50. (M.I. Holt). His grandson, Henry Bromley ALP. was created Lord
Montfort 1741.

56 Members for Worcestershire.

1702. Aug. 5. Sir J. Packington. T,
William Walsh. W.

1705. May 23. William Bromley. T. 2125.

Sir J. Packington. T. 1814.

William Walsh. W. 1692.

1707. Dec. 3. Sir Thomas Cookes Winford Bt. of Glashamplon
and Norgrove, vice Bromley dec. Eldest son of Henry W., of Glasham-
ton, who d. 1685, by Mercy, sister and heir of Sir Thomas Cookes 2nd
Bart, of Bentley and Norgrove, founder of Worcester Coll. Oxon., m.
(i) Beata, yst. dau. of Sir Henry Parker 2nd Bt. (see Evesham 1679),
and (2) Eliz , dau. of Rev. Thomas Wilmot, of Bromsgrove. He succ.
his Uncle Sir Thomas Winford (who was made a Baronet 3 July 1702),
as 2nd Bart. 22 Sept. 1702, sat for co. Wore. 1707-10, adm. an Hon.
Freeman of Worcester 1710, and d.s.p. 19 Jan. 1744, when the title

1708. May 19. Sir J. Packington. T.

Sir T. C. Winford. W.

1 7 10. Oct. 18. Sir J. Pakington. T.
Samuel Pytts. T.

Of Kyre, son of James Pytts, of Wick and Cotheridge, matric.
New Coll. Oxon. 17 April 1689, aged 15, m. (i) Frances, dau. of
Samuel Sandys, of Ombersley (see Droitwich 1660), and (2) Catherine
(who d. 18 Dec. 1702, aged 28), dau. of Sir James Rushout Bt.
(see 1689), and (3) Catherine, dau. and heir of Bridges Nanfan
of Birtsmorton (see 16S1), and widow of the ist Earl of Bella-
mont (see Droitwich 1689). He succ. his cousin James Pytt M.P.
(see Williams' Herefordshire Members') in the Kyre estates, was H.S. co.
Wore. 1705, M.P. Hereford Dec. 1699-1700 Dec, co. Wore. 1710-15,
when defeated, a Lord Commr. of Trade and Foreign Plantations Sept.
1713-14 Sept., was lord of the manor of Kyre, bought the manor of
Stoke Bliss about 1^)90, presented to Kyre (? 17 Nov. 1690, and) 18 Nov.
1704, and to the Herefordshire livings of 'I'hornbury 1697, 1708, and
Collington 1703, was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 17 14, and
d. 29 Jan. 1729. There are pictures of him by Vandcrbank at
Kinlet and Kyre. Samuel Pytts left an only son (sec i740> ^"d
an only dau. Catherine, whose great grandson William Lacon Childe
M.P. of Kinlet succeeded to the Kyre estates in 1832.

Letter from G. Pauncefort, Esq. (sealed with the arms of
Pauncefort) endorsed, "These to Samuel Pytt Esq. att Kier in

" 8 July 1710.

Sir, — I must owne that when by yr present Parliament and the
supplies they gave wee were so successful against our enemies 1 could
not imagine there was any reason to dissolve them presently. And
therefore I did not doc iiiyselfe the honor of answering yours until this

Members for Worcestershire. 57

time. But seeing there are endeavours in see many places for members
I think it proper to stirr for a person I have an opinion will act for the
good of this country. A gentleman that stood for Worcestershire was so
very uneasy under a solemn promise hee made as to his prejudice to
break it. But when I consider that you have an ample fortune, a family
and soe much compasse of mind as to be for preserving the constitution
and transmitting it to posterity and that you had rather be esteemed a
person of iionor and sincerity than among those that are .... for all
that believe them I think my vote and small interest is very safe in
serving you and shall be heartily employed in it, and I am with great
respect your reall friend & servant." G. PAUNCEFORT.

I return you many thanks for your kindnesse to my tenant
Maullin & I will write to & any otherwise engage Mr. Blackmore and
Mr. Spilsbury & any others that I think may serve you.

1713. Sept. 16, The same.

1715. Fef). 2. Sir J. Pakington T.

Thomas Vernon W. 1802.

Samuel Pytts T. 1676.


Pakington and Vernon though of different politics stood jointly
against Pytts. 3424 voted at this election, the Plumpers being, for
Pakington 56, Vernon 1313, Pytts 31. Thomas Vernon of Hanbury,
lord of the manor of Feckenham, was eldest son and heir of Rev.
Richard V. of Hanbury Hall, born 25 Nov. 1654, called to the bar at the
Middle Temple 167-, and m. 1679 Mary dau. of Sir Anthony
Keck Knt. (a Commr. of the Great Seal 1690). He practised
in the Court of Chancery for 40 years, and considered the ablest
man in his profession. He built Hanbury Hall about 17 10, presented
to Shrawley 7 Sept. 171 1, was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester
1 7 15, (being then a Commr. for building the bridge across the Thames
from Fulham to Putney), and sat for co. Wore. 17 15 till his death s.p.
6 Feb. 1 72 1, aged 67. (M.I, Hanbury Church). Mr. Vernon who
made a good deal of money in the law, lived in Lincoln's Inn Fields.
By his will, (which was made 17 Jan. 1711, and proved March 1721),
he left a charity of ^18 to the poor of Shrawley. His Reports of Cases
in Chancery 1 681-1718, were printed by order of the Court of Chancery
1726, 1728. In the poem Coro7ia Ctvlca, addressed to the Lord
Keeper 1706, appeared these lines : —

" Experienced Vernon joy'd your worths success,
Polite his manner, winning his Address,
Strong to confute, and easie to express,
Causes unnumbered, no Fatigue create.
To his vers'd mind, nor has the Burden weight.
A look serene his clear Discernment shows,
Law has no puzzling doubt to knit his Brows ;
Secure of fame he flies a loftier Fate,
Content with riches in a Safer State."

58 Members for Worcestershire.

A Banner, (still preserved at Hanbury Hall), with a portrait of
King George I. and a view of the Cathedral of Worcester, and the river
Severn with ships, (painted by Sir James Thornhiil MP.), evidently for
electioneering purposes, is inscribed with " For his most excellent
Majesty King George, For Peace and the Church of England as by
law Established. For trade, and the good of our Country.


The statement (in Noble's Biographical Dictionary) that this
Mr. Vernon was Secretary to the unfortunate Duke of Monmouth, is
believed to be incorrect.

1 72 1. March 6. Sir Thomas Lyttelton Bt. of Frankley, vice
Vernon dec. Only son of Sir Charles L. (see Bewdley 1685), whom he
succ. as 4th Bart. 2 May 17 16, m. Christian (a Maid of Honour to
Queen Anne), dau. of Sir Richard Temple Bart of Stowe, Bucks, and
sister and co.-heir of Richard Viscount Cobham, was M.P. co. Wore.
1721-34, Camelford 1734-41, a Lord of the Admiralty (;£"i,3oo a year,
with lodging fire and candle). May 1727-41, adm. an Hon. Freeman of
Worcester 17 17, presented to Hales Owen i Feb. 17 19, 2 Jan.
1731, Sept. 1 731, to Hagley 11 Sept. 1732, and to Churchill 26 Oct.
1719, and 5 Jan. 1728, and d. 14 Sept. 1751, when he bequeathed p^ioo
fo the Foundling Hospital. His 3rd son Charles was Bishop of
Carlisle 1762-9.

1722. April 6. Sir T. Lyttelton. W.

Sir J. Pakington. T.

1727. June 7. Sir T. Lyttelton, re-el. on taking office.

1727. Aug. 30. Sir T. Lyttelton, W.

Sir H. P. Pakington T.

Sir Herbert Perrott Pakington of Westwood, only son of the M.P.
1690, whom he succ. as 5th Bart. 13 Aug. 1727, m. 1721 Eliz. dau. of
John Conyers of Walthamstow, Essex, and widow of Herbert Wylde of
Ludlow, was adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1721, sat force.
Wore. 1727-41, voted against Walpole, and d. at Leyden 24 Sept. 1748,
The title became extinct on the death of his grandson Sir John P,
8th Bt. 6 Jan. 1830.

1734. May I. Sir H. P. Pakington. T.
Edmund Lechmere. W.

Of Hanley Castle, son of Anthony L. (see Bewdley 1710), and
nephew to Nicholas Lord Leclunere, (see Williams' Gloucestershire
Members). B. April 1710, m. (i) ICli/. dau. of Sir Blundcll Charlton
3rd Bt. of Ludford, co. Hereford, by I\Liry sister of the 1st Lord Foley
(see Droitwich 1698), and (2) Eliz. dau. of Rev. John Whitmore of
Fenny Compton, co. Warwick, sat for co. Wore. 1734-47, voted

Members for Worcestershire. 59

(though a Whig) against Walpole and the Convention 1739, came into
a considerable fortune on Lady Lechmere's death, April 1739, ^^'^^ J. P.
CO. Wore, H.S. Jan. 1733, nom a Dep Lieut. 3 Feb. 1763, presented to
Hanley Castle 10 Feb. 1725, 17 Oct. 1767, and to Eldersfield 22 June
1732, and d. 29 March 1805, within a few days of completing his 95th

1 741. May 20. Edmund Lechmere W. 2309.

Edmund Pytts T. 2120.

Vicoiint Deerhurst T. 1930.

George Lyttelton W. 141 2.

Edmund Pytts of Kyre, only surviving son of the M.P. 1710, by
his 2nd wife, was b. 1695, and m. (i) 1726 Susanna (who d. 2 April 1742)
only dau. and heir of Admiral Jonathan Collett, of Upton, Sussex (who
bequeathed his large fortune to her 2nd son Jonathan). He m. (2) 1 2 Dec.
1752 (though the marriage settlement is dated 1750) Anne dau. of Sir
Streynsham Master Knt. of Codnor Castle, co. Derby, and widow of
Gilbert 4th Earl of Coventry. She made an excellent stepmother to his
numerous children, and d. at Holt Castle 1788, aged 96, enjoying
perfect memory and good health to the last. Mr. Pytts was adm. an
Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1724, succ. his father in the Kyre estates
1728, presented to Kyre 23 December 1746, and sat for co. Wore. 1741
till his death 24 Nov. 1753. (The MSS. list of freeholders and Poll
Books of the election of 1741, are still preserved at Kyre).

Thomas Henry Coventry, commonly called Lord Viscount
Deerhurst, eldest son of Wm. 5th Earl of Coventry, unsucc. co.
Wore. 1 741, but sat for Bridport April 1742 till his death 20 May
1744, aged 23.

George Lyttelton, eldest son of the M.P. 1721, was born 1709,
Secretary to the Prince of Wales Oct. 1737-44, a Lord of the Treasury-
Dec. 1744-54, P.C. 1754, Cofferer of the Household March 1754-5, Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer Nov. 1755-6 Nov., sat for Oakhampton March
1735-56, also elected for Old Sarum 1741, and Downton 1747, created
Lord Lyttelton 19 Nov. 1757, F.R.S. Feb. 1754, and d. 25 Aug. 1773.

1747, July 8. Viscount Deerhurst. T.
Edmund Pytts. T.

George William (Coventry) Viscount Deerhurst, 2nd son of Wm.
5th Earl Coventry, b. 26 April 1722, educ. at Winchester School, matric.
Univ. Coll. Oxon. 6 July 1737, cr. M.A. 20 Nov. 1739, succ. his eldest
brother Thomas (see 1741), in the courtesy title of Viscount Deerhurst
20 May 1744, at for Bridport Dec. 1744-7, and co. Wore. 1747 till he
succ. his father as 6th Earl of Coventry 18 March 1751. He m. (i) 5
March 1752 Maria (who d. 30 Sept. 1760), one of "the beautiful Miss
Gunnings," eldest dau. of John Gunning, of Castle Coote, co. Ros-

6o Members for Worcestershire.

common, and sister to the Duchess of Hamilton, and (2) 27 Sept. 1764,
Hon. Barbara St. John, dau. of Lord St. John of Bletsoe. His Lord-
ship was a Lord of the Bedchamber to the King Nov. 1752-70, Lord
Lieut, and Cus. Rot. of co. Wore. 17 June 1 751-1808, adm. an Hon.
Freeman of Worcester 1746, Recorder of Coventry 1774, and of Wor-
cester (in 1796), presented to Perton 1762, Grafton 18 Feb. 1754, 25
Sept. 1774, and Severn Stoke 22 Aug. 1775, and d. 3 Sept. 1809, being
bur. in New Church, Croome, which had been built at his expense.

1751. April 10. Hon. John Bulkeley Coventry, vice his brother
Viscount Deerhurst, called to the House of Lords. Third and yst. son
of Wra. 5th Earl of Coventry, b. 21 March 1724, matric. L^niv. Coll. O.xon.
23 April 1740, aged 16, adm. an Hon. Freeman of Worcester 1746,
M.P. CO. Wore. 175 1-6 1, assumed the additional surname of Bulkeley
by Act of Parliament, and d. 16 March 1801.

1753. Dec. 26. Edmund Pytts of Kyre, vice his father dec.
Eldest son of the M.P. 1741, was born 1729, adm. an Hon. Freeman of
Worcester 1746, M.P. co. Wore. 1753-61, H.S. 1 771, presented to Thorn-
bury,co. Hereford 1760, and to Kyre 31 Aug. 1759, 24 Feb. 1761, 10 June
1776, was lord of the manor of Kyre, and d. unm. 13 Dec. 1781, aged 52.
He greatly altered Kyre House, and laid out the extensive shrubberies
with large sheets of water, and ornamental and rare trees. There are
two pictures of him at Kyre, and also very fine ones of his brothers
Jonathan and Samuel. He was succ. at Kyre by his brother Jonathan
who m. Anna Bella dau. of Edmund Chamberlayne of Maugersbury, co.
Glouc. (by Elizabeth dau. and co-heir of Sir Robert Atkyns, author of
the History of Gloucestershire). He was H.S. co. Wore. 1 7.83, sold the
Ivington estate 1802, and d. 1807, leaving the Kyre estates to his
widow who survived him till 1832, for her life, and afterwards strictly
settled upon his cousin, William Lacon Childe, M.P. of Kinlet, his
nearest relative, (his two brothers and three sisters having died without
surviving issue). On the death of Mr. Lacon Childe in 1881, the
Kyre estates devolved upon his son, the Rev. Prebendary Edward
George Balwyn Childe, the present owner.

1754. April 17. Hon. J. B. Coventry. T.

Edmund Pytts T.

1 76 1. April 8. Hon. John Ward. T.
William Dowdeswcll. W.

The former was the son of John (6lh Lord Ward, created
23 April 1763) Viscount Dudley and Ward, b. at Wolverhampton
22 Feb. 1724, matric. Oriel Coll. Oxon. 7 Feb. 1743, aged 18, cr. M..\.,
10 Dec. 1745, Hon. D.C.L. Camb. 3 July 17C9, iiom. D.L. co. Wore.
3 Feb. 1763, M.P. Marlborough 1754-61, co. Wore. 1761 till he succ.
his father as 2nd Viscount Dudley and Ward 6 May 1774, voted against

Members for Worcestershire. 6i

Wilkes 1769, Recorder of Kidderminster 1774-8S, m. Mrs. Baker by
special license 12 July 1788, and d.s p. 20 Oct. following.

William Dowdeswell of Pull Court, eldest son (by his 2nd wife)
of William D. who d. 1728, b. 1720, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 2 April
1737, aged 16, educ. at Westminster School (of which he was a Busby
Trustee 1769-75), ent. Leyden Univ. 1745, made the usual tour through
France, Germany, and Italy, m. 15 Nov. 1747 Bridget dau. of Sir
William Codrington ist Bt. of Dodington, co. Glouc, was Chancellor
and Under Treasurer of the Exchequer, and a Lord of the Treasury
July 1765 to Aug. 1766, P.C. 10 July 1765, voted for Wilkes 1769,
M.P. Tewkesbury 1747-54, and co. Wore. 1761 till his death at Nice
3 March 1775, bur. in Bushley Church 9 April. Mr. Dowdeswell was
the leader of the Whigs in the House of Commons 1765-75.

1766. Jan. 8. Rt. Hon. W. Dowdeswell, re-el. on taking

1768. March 30. Hon. John Ward.

Rt. Hon. W. Dowdeswell.


1774. May. 30. Edward Foley, of Whitley Court, vice Ward,
called to the Upper House. Second son of Thomas ist Lord Foley
(see Droitwich 1741), b. 16 March 1747, matric. Bras. Coll. Oxon. 27
Oct. 1764, cr. M.A. 3 Feb. 1768, became Honourable by courtesy 20
May 1776, m. (i) 19 Oct. 1778 Lady Anne Margaret Coventry, 2nd
dau. of George 6th Earl of Coventry (see 1747), and (2) 21 March
1790 Eliza Mary Foley, dau. aud heir of John Hodgetts, of Prestwood,
sat for Droitwich 1768-74, when he res. to stand for co. Wore, which he
rep. till his death at Stoke Edith 22 June 1803. He was Lord of the
Manor of Kidderminster in 1781, High Steward of Kidderminster
1793-1802, Recorder of Droitwich May 1793-1803, and presented to the
Herefordshire livings of Dormington 1782, and Mordiford 1801.

1774. Oct. 17. Rt. Hon. W. Dowdeswell. W.

Edward Foley. W.

1775. March 22. William Lygon, of Madresfield, vice Dowdes-
well dec. Only son of Reginald Pyndar, who d. 1788, having taken the
name of Lygon by Act of Pari, on becoming heir to the Madresfield
property, through his mother Margaret Lygon, great grand-daughter of
the M.P. 1588. He was b. 25 July 1747, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 2 May
1764, m. I Nov. 1780 Catherine, only dau. of James Denn, sat for co.
Wore. 1775 till created Lord Beauchamp 26 Feb. 1806, further created
Earl Beauchamp i Dec. 1815, and d. 21 Oct. 1816. He and his
colleague Edward Foley advanced ;!^25o each towards building Bewdley
Bridge 1801.

1780. Sept. 27. Hon. Edward Foley. W.
William Lygon. W.

02 Members for Worcestershire.

1784. April 7. The same, re-el. 24 June 1790 3: May 1796,
12 July 1802. Mr. Lygon supported Pitt in 1784, and afterwards
became a Tory. As is well-known a considerable change took place in
political opinions at the time of the French Revolution.

1803. July 18. Hon. John William Ward, vice Foley dec.
Only son of Wm. 3rd Viscount Dudley and Ward (see Worcester 1780),
and nephew of the M.P. 1761, b. 9 Aug. 1781, matric. Oriel Coll. Oxon.
17 Oct. 1799, B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 1802, M.A. 1813, com-
manded the Dudley Volunteers in 1806, M.P. Downton 1802-3 J'J'}')
when he res. to stand for co. Wore, which he rep. 1803-6, Wareham,
1807-12, Ilchester 1812-18, when defeated, and Bossiney 1820 till he
succ. his father as 4th Viscount Dudley and Ward 25 April 1823. His
Lordship declined the office of Under Secretary to Mr. Canning the
Foreign Secretary in 1822, but succ. him as Sec. of State for Foreign
Affairs April 1827 to May 1828, when he resigned, was sworn a Privy
Councillor 30 April 1827, Recorder of Kidderminster 1823-33, F.R.S.,
created Earl of Dudley 5 Oct. 1827, and d. unm. 6 March 1833, when
the Earldom and Viscountcy expired, but the Barony of Ward devolved
upon his 2nd cousin as lolh Lord Ward, whose son was created Earl of
Dudley i860.

1806. March 3. Hon. W. B. Lygon. T. 1502.
Hon. W. H. Lytlelt07t. W. 1145.

vice his father, William Lygon, created a Peer. The poll was kej)!
open 7 days. The Hon William Beauchamp Lygon, of Madresfield,
eldest son of the M.P. 1775, b. 1782, educ. at Westminster, matric. Ch.
Ch. Oxon. 28 Jan. 1801, aged 18, B.A. 1804, M.A. 1808, became
Viscount Elmley by courtesy i Dec. 18 15, was a Commr. for the issue of
Exchequer Bills in the City in 1813 and 1816, sat for co. Wore. 1806
till he succ. his father as 2nd Earl Beauchamp 21 Oct. 1S16, and d.
unm. 12 May 1823, aged 41.

1806. Nov. 7. Hon. W. B. Lygon.

Hon. William Henry Lyttelton.

Only son by his 2nd wife of the ist Lord Lyttelton (see Bewdley
1748), b. 3 April 1782, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 24 Oct 1798, R.A. 1802,
M.A. 1805, student till 1812, cr. D.C.L. 5 July 1810, m. 4 March 1813
Lady Sarah Spencer (Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen), dau. of
George John 2nd Earl Spencer, and sister to the M.P. 1831. He unsucc.
cont. CO. Wore. March 1806, but rep. it Nov. 1806-20, succ. his half
brother George Fulkc (see licwdlcy 1790), as 3rd Lord Lyttelton 12 Nov.
1828, and was Lord Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum of co. Wore, from
May 1S33, and High Steward of Bcwdlcy from 182S, till his death 30
April 1837.

Members for Worcestershire. 63

1807. May 12. The same, re-el. 12 Oct. 181 2.

1816. Dec. 5. Hon. Henry Beauchamp Lygon, of Springfield,

vice his eldest brother Viscount Elmley become a Peer. Third son of
the M.P. 1775, b. 5. Jan. 1784, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 27 Jan. 1803,
and m. 8 July 1824 Lady Susan Caroline Eliot, dau. of Wm. 2nd Earl
of St. Germans. He ent. the Army as Cornet 13th Light Dragoons 12
July 1803, and became Lieut, thereof 24 May 1804, Capt. i6th Light
Dragoons 12 Feb. 1807, Major thereof 7 May 181 2, and served with that
regiment in the Peninsula 1809-10, and Feb. 1814 till the close of the
war, including the capture of Oporto, the battle of Talavera, and the
passage of Coa, was severely wounded in Massena's advance to the
battle of Busaco, and Lord Wellington in his despatch dated Celorico
29 Aug. 1810, writes, " The enemy attacked our picquets twice
yesterday in the morning, but feebly, and they were repulsed. Capt.
Lygon of the i6th Light Dragoons, was wounded in the morning." He
became 2nd Major (with rank of Lt.-Col.) in the ist Life Guards
18 June 1815, Lt.-Col. thereof 17 July 1821-37, Col. in the army
24 March 1822, Major Gen. 10 Jan. 1837, Lt.-Gen. 9 Nov 1846,
Gen. 20 June 1854, Col. of the loth Hussars 23 June 1843, Col. of the
2nd Life Guards and Gold Stick in Waiting to the Queen t8 April
1863, M.P. CO. Wore. 1816-31, when he lost his seat, and W.
Worcestershire 1832 till 22 Jan. 1853, when he succ. his brother John
as 4th Earl Beauchamp. His Lordship was made D.L. co. Wore.
I Feb. 1832, received the silver war medal with one clasp 1849, was
app. a Member of the Court of Inquiry into the Administration of
the British Army in the Crimea 25 Feb. 1856, was patron of 4 livings,
and d. 8 Sept. 1863.

1818 June 22. Hon. W. H. Lyttelton. W.

Hon. H, B. Lygon. T.

1820. March. 13. Hon. H. B. Lygon. T.

Sir T. E. Winnington Bt. W.

Sir Thomas Edward Winnington of Stanford Court, eldest son
Sir Edward W. (see Droitwich 1777), whom he succ. as 3rd Bart.
9 Jan. 1805, b. 1780, educ. at Eton, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 6 Feb.
1798, aged 18, m. 11 Nov. 1810 Joanna 2nd dau. of John Taylor of
Moseley Hall, was H.S. co. Wore. 1806, M.P. Droitwich 1807-16 when
he res. and 1831-2, co. Wor, 1820-30, Bewdley 1832-7, and d. 22
Sept. 1839.

1826. June 15. The same.

1830. Aug. 5. Hon. H. B. Lygon. T.

Hon. Thomas Henry Foley. W.

Of Whitley Court, eldest son of Thomas 3rd Lord Foley, b. in
London ii Dec. 1808, sat for co. Wore. 1830-2, and W. Worcestershire
1832 till he succ. his father as 4th Lord Foley 16 April 1833. He m.

64 Members for Worcestershire.

1 6 July 1849, Lady Mary Charlotte Fitzalan-Howard, eldest dau. of
Henry i6th Duke of Norfolk, was patron of 7 livings, Lord Lieut, of co.
Wore. May 1837-9, Recorder of Droitwich 1833-36, High Steward of
Kidderminster 1833-69, sworn P.C. 29 May 1833, and was Captain of
the Gentlemen at Arms May 1833-4 Dec., May 1835-41 Sept., July
1846-52 Feb., Dec. 1852-8 Feb., June 1859-66 June, and Dec. 1868 till
his death 20 Nov. 1869.

1831. May 6. Hon. T. H. Foley. W. 2034.

Hon. Frederick Spencer. W. 1765.
Hon. H. B. Lygon. T. 1335.

Seven days' poll. Hon. Frederick Spencer of Althorp Park,
CO. Northampton, 2nd son of 2nd Earl Spencer, b. at the Admiralty,
Whitehall, 14 April 1798, m (i) 23 Feb. 1830 Eliz. Georgiana
(who died 7 April 185 1), 2nd dau. and co-heir of Wm. Spencer Foyntz
of Cowdray Park, Sussex, and (2) 9 Aug. 1854 Adelaide Horatia Eliz.
dau. of Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour. He became Capt. R.N.
1822, Rear Admiral on the reserved list 8 Oct. 1852, Vice Admiral 28
April 1857, commanded the Talbot, and bore a conspicuous part at the
battle of Navarino 1827, assisted at the reduction of Morea Castle 1828,
received the cross of St. Louis of France, made a Knight of St. Ann of
Russia (2nd class), and of the Redeemer of Greece, sat for co. Wore.
1831-2, Midhurst 1832-4, and Dec. 1837-41, C B. 1827, succ. his
brother John Charles (better known as Viscount Althorp, Chancellor of
the Exchequer 1830-4), as 4th Earl Spencer 10 Oct 1845, sworn P.C.
8 July 1846, one of the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster 1847,
made K.G. 23 March 1849, was patron of 12 livings. Equerry to H.R.H,
the Duchess of Kent 1836-46, Lord Chamberlain of the Queen's
Household July 1846-8 July, and Lord Steward Jan. 1854 till his death
27 Dec. 1857.

Upon the dissolution of Parliament 3 Dec. 1832, the provisions
of the celebrated Reform Act came into operation, by which Worcester-
shire was divided into two Divisions, the Eastern and Western, each
returning two Members.


1832. Dec. 21. W.C.Russell. W. 2570.

T. H. Cookes. W. 2517.

y. S. Pakhigto7i. T. 1 9 16.

4348 voted out of 5161 registered electors. Plumpers, Russell 22,
Cookes 25, Pakington 1640. Split votes, Russell and Cookes 2385,
Russell and Pakington 169, Cookes and Pakington 107.

William Congreve Russell of King's Heath, only son of Thomas
R. of that place, b. 15 April 1778, m. 19 July 1820 Eliz. Mary 3rd dau.
of John Thomas Hendry Hopper of Wilton Castle, Durham, sat for E.
Wore. 1832-4, J, P. and D.L. co. Wore, J. P. co. Warwick, and d. at
Leamington 30 Nov. 1850, aged 72.

Members for Worcestershire. 65

Thomas Henry Cookes of Bentley, eldest son of Rev. Denham

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