W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 8 of 20)
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James Joseph Cookes, rector of Stanford, (great-great grandson of Henry
C. who d. 1678, brother to Sir Wm. Cookes ist Bt , see 1707), was b. 25
Oct. 1804, m. (i) at St. George's, Hanover Square, 8 Aug. 1844 EHza
(who d. 1891) yst. dau of John Wm. Law of London, and (2) 5 Sept.
1 89 1 Gertrude eldest dau. of Robert Green of Astley, co. Wore. He
was app. Capt. of the Worcestershire Yeomanry (which he assisted in
raising) 1830 or 1831, was made J. P. co. Wore. 1831, D.L. 1832, and
sat for East Worcestershire 1832-7.

1835. Jan. 19. Edward Holland. W. 2254.
T. H. Cookes. W. 2192.
Horace St. Paul. T. 2145.

Edward Holland of Dumbleton Hall, eldest son of Swinton
Colthurst H. of Peover, Cheshire, b. 1805, educ. at Eton, B.A. Trin.
Coll. Camb. 1829, M.A. 1850, m. (i) 1832 Sophia (who d. 1851) dau.
of Elias Isaac of Boughton, Worcester, banker, (2) 1857 Frances Maria
dau. of Samuel Christian of Malta, and widow of J. Hunter, was one of
the Council of R. Agricultural Society in 1868, J.P. and D.L. cos.
Gloucester and Wore, lord of the manor and patron of Dumbleton,
H.S. CO. Worcester 1842, M.P. E. Wore. 1835-7, when defeated; also
unsucc. cont. E Gloucestershire 1854, but sat for Evesham July 1855-
68, and d. 4 Jan. 1875, aged 70. His son George Flenry m. 1844 the
dau. of the ist Lord Gifford, Master of the Rolls 1824-6.

1837. Aug. 4. Horace St. Paul. T. 2595.

John Barneby. T. 2528.

Edwa rd Holla nd IV. 2x75.

/ H. H. Foley W. 2168.

4771 voted out of 5995. Tory Colour — Red. Whig Colour —
Blue. Horace St. Paul of Ewart Park, Northumberland, and The
Ellowes, Dudley, only son of Col. Sir Horace David Cholwell St. Paul
ist Bart. M.P. (see Dudley 1832), by Anna Maria dau. of John Viscount
Dudley and Ward (see 1761), was b. at St. Ninians, Wooler, 29 Dec.
1 81 2, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 4 June 1831, was defeated for E. Wore.
1835, but its Member 1837-41, J.P. and Dep. Lieut. Northumberland,
H.S. 185 1, succ. his father as 2nd Bart, and as a Count of the Holy
Roman Empire 1840, m. 24 April 1867 Jane Eliza dau. of George Annett
Grey of Milfield, Northumberland, and d. 29 May 1891, when the title

John Barneby of Brockhampton, eldest son of John B. of that
place, was b. 20 Nov. 1799, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 10 Dec. 181 7, B.A.
1821, M.A. 1830, and m. 24 July 183S Susan eldest dau. of John
Henry Elwes of Colesbourne, co. Glouc. Mr. Barneby's name was

66 Members for Worcestershire.

included in the new Commission of the Peace for co. Hereford 26 June
1830, and he was elected Chairman of its Quarter Sessions 6 Apr. 1835,
and presided in that Court for ten years, taking a leading part in County
affairs. He was a Metropolitan Commr. in Lunacy 1839-46, MP. for
Droitwich 1835-7, and for E. Worcestershire 1837 till his death 30 Nov.
1846, aged 47. He appointed and maintained a Chaplain for the
private Chapel standing in the grounds of Brockhampton. Mr. Barneby's
descent, for many centuries, is recorded in Burke^s Landed Gentry.
His second son Mr. William Henry Barneby of Bredenbury Court, near
Bromyard, and Longworth, near Hereford, unsuccessfully contested
Hereford in 1885. (See Williams' Htre/otdshire Members).

1 84 1. July 12. John Barneby. T.

James Arthur Taylor. T.

Of Strensham Court, elder son of James T., of Moseley Hall,
and Moor Green (H.S. 1826), b. 18 June 181 7, m. June 1843 Maria
Theresa, dau. of George Rush of Elsenham Hall and Farthinghoe
Lodge, CO. Northants, was J. P. and D.L. co. Wore, M.P. E. Wore.
1841-7, and d. 14 June 1889.

1847. Jan. II. Capt. George Rushout, of Burford Hall,
Tenbury, (Protectionist), vice Barneby dec. Only son of Hon. and Rev.
George Rushout-Bowles, Rector of Burford, Salop, (who took the
additional name and arms of Howies by R.L. 20 June 1817, younger son
of the ist Lord Northwick, see Evesham 1761), was b. ^o.Aug. 181 1,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 16 Dec. 1829, B.A. 1833, M.A. 1836, Lieut, ist
Life Guards 10 Feb. 1837, Capt. iS March 1842, Lt.-Col. Herefordshire
Militia 1853-62, J. P. 1841, and D.L. co. Wore, D.L. Salop, M.P.
Evesham 1837-41, wlien defeated, E. Wore. 1847 till he succ. his uncle
as 3rd Lord Northwick 20 Jan. 1859, m. 15 April 1869 Hon. Eliz.
Augusta dau. of Wm. ist Lord Bateman, and widow of Major George
Drought Warburton R.A., and d. 18 Nov. 1887, when the titles

1847. Aug. 7. Capt. G. Rushout. P.

John Hodgetts Hodgetts-Foley. L.

Of Prestwood Park, younger son of Hon. Edward Foley (see
1774), b. 17 July 1797, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon 27 Oct. 1815, took the
name of Hodgetts before that of Foley by R.L. 4 Apiil 1821, and m.
20 Oct. 1825, Charlotte Margaret dau. of John Gage, of Rogate Lodge.
He was J. P. co. Wore, and sat for Droitwich Feb. 1822-34, (where
defeated Jan. 1835), and for E. Wore. 1847 till his death, suddenly, at
Prestwood 13 Nov. 1861.

1852. July 13. The same, re-elected 31 March 1857.

Members for Worcestershire. 67

1859. Feb. 24. Hon. F. W. Calthorpe. L. 2304.
Sir J. S. Pakington. C. 1965.

vice Col. George Rushout become Lord Northwick. Hon. Frederick
Henry William Gough-Calthorpe, of Perry Hall, Birmingham, eldest son
of Frederick 4th Lord Calthorpe, b. in London 24 July 1826, educ. at Eton,
and Trin, Coll. Camb , app. D.L. co. Warwick 1852, and co. Stafford
1S59, Lieut. Gloucestershire Yeomanry Cavalry 1853-9, M.P. E. Wore.
1S59 till he succ. his faciier as 5th Lord Calthorpe 2 May 1868,
was made J.P. cos. Warwick i860, Stafford 1848, and Hants 1858,
F.R.G.S., patron of 7 livings, and d. unm. 25 June 1893.

1859. May 3. J. H. H. Foley. L.

Hon. F. Calthorpe. L.

1861. Dec. 20. Harry Foley Vernon, of Hanbury Hall, vice
Foley dec. Younger son of Thomas Taylor Vernon, b. 11 April 1834,
educ. at Harrow, matric. Magd. Coll. Oxon. 28 April 1853, ^-A- 1858,
MA. i860, and m. 17 Oct. 1861 Lady Georgina Sophia Baillie-
Hamilton yst. dau. of the loth Earl of Haddington. He was M.P. E.
Wore. 1861-8, made J.P. co. Wore, i860, D.L. i Feb. i860, HS. 1873,
County Alderman 7 Feb. 1889, re-el. March 1895, Capt. 2nd Worcester-
shire R. Vol. 23 June i860, Major i May 1862, Lt.-Col. (rank of Hon.
Col. 1885) thereof 16 July 1873-87, Cornet in the Queen's Own
Worcestershire Hussars (Yeomanry) 3 April 1861, Lieut. 17 July 1863,
Capt. 5 Sept. 187 1, (with rank of Hon. Major 1885), Major 5 July 1893,
Hon. Col. thereof 1893, was created a Baronet 23 July 1885, and is
patron of Hanbury and Shrawley.

1865. July 14. Hon. F. Calthorpe.
H. F. Vernon.

1868. June I. Hon. C. G. Lyttelton,
William Laslett.

vice Hon. F. Calthorpe become a Peer. Hon. Charles George Lyttelton
of Hagley Park, b. 27 Oct. 1842, eldest son of George 4th Lord
Lyttelton, whom he succ. in the title 19 April 1876, was Fellow of Eton
College, B.A. Trin, Coll. Camb. 1864, M.A. 1867, and m. 19 Oct. 1878
Hon. Mary Susan Caroline Cavendish 2nd dau. of Wm. 2nd Lord
Chesham. He became Lieut. Worcestershire Yeomanry 12 May 1863,
Lt.-Col. thereof (rank of Hon. Col.) 29 May 1878-93, J.P. 1865, and
D.L. CO. Wore, County Councillor (Bewdley div.) from 1889, M.P. E.
Wore. 1868-74 when defeated, High Steward of Bewdley from 1876, a
Land Commr. for England 188 1-9, a Railway Commr. from 1891, and
a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery from 1893. His Lordship






68 Members for Worcestersthre.

succ. the 3rd and last Duke of Buckingham and Chandos as 8th
Viscount Cobham 26 March 1889. He is patron of 4 Hvings.

1868. Nov. 25. R. P. Amphlett. C. 4108.

Hon. C. G. Lyttelton. L. 4093.
T. Martin. L. 3780.

Richard Paul Amphlett, of Wychbold Hall. Droitwich, eldest
son of Rev. Richard Holmden Amphlett, rector of Hadzor, was b. 24
May 1809, B.A. St. Peter's Coll. Camb. 1831, M.A. 1834, bar. at law
Lincoln's Inn 10 June 1834, Bencher Hilary term 1858, left the Society
13 Feb. 1874, Q.C. 1858, m. (i) 2 Dec. 1840 Frances (who d. 22 Aug.
1879) only dau. and heir of Edward Ferrand, of St. Ives, Yorkshire,
and (2) 22 April 1880 Sarah Amelia, yst. dau. of Charles Wykeham
Martin, M.P., of Latimers, Hants. He was J. P. and D.L. co. Wore.
Vice Ch. Quarter Sessions, unsucc. cont. Lewes 1859, M.P. E. Wore.
1868 till raised to the Bench as a Baron of the Exchequer Jan. 1874,
was Knighted 1874, sworn a Privy Councillor 28 Nov. 1876, and was
Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal Oct. 1876 till he resigned Oct.
1877, and d. 7 Dec. 1883.

1874. Jan. Mr. Amphlett vacated his seat on becoming a
Judge, but no fresh writ was issued, as Parliament was dissolved 26 Jan.

1874. Feb, 16.

Henry Allsopp.



T. E. Walker.



Hon. C. G. Lyttelton.



A. Albright.



W. Laslett.



Henry Allsopp, of Hindlip Hall, 3rd and yst. son of Samuel A.,
of Burton-on-Trent, was b. 19 Feb. 181 1, m. 21 Aug. 1839 Eliz. 2nd
dau. of Wm. Tongue, of Comberford Hall, Tamworth, was J. P. and
D.L. CO. Stafford, J. P. co. Wore. 1862, J. P. co. Derby, and head of tbe
firm of Allsopp and Sons, brewers, Burton-on-Trent. He sat for E.
Wore, 1874-80, when he lost his seat, was created a Baronet 7 May
1880, raised to the Peerage as L.ord Hindlip 16 Feb. 1886, and d. 3 April
1887, aged 76.

Thomas Fades Walker, of Studley Castle, co. Warwick, eldest
son of Thomas W., of Wednesbury, co. Stafford, and Berkswell Hall,
CO. Warwick, who d. 1887, born 24 Feb. 1843, cduc. at Harrow, matric.
Ch. Ch. Oxon. 16 Oct. 1863, m. 7 July 1874 Eliz. Sydney, 2nd dau. of
his colleague Henry Allsopp, 1st Lord Hindlip, unsucc. cont. Wednes-
bury 1868, sat for L Wore, 1874-80, and wa.s made J. P. co. Wore.

Members for Worcestershire. 69

1880. April. W. H. Gladstone. L. 4879.

G. W. Hastings. L. 4873.

Sir R. Tetiiple. C. 4417.

Sir Henry Alhopp. C. 4258.

William Henry Gladstone, of Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, eldest
son of Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, M.P., Prime Minister 1868-
74, 1880-5, Feb. to July 1886, and 1892-4, was b. 3 June 1840, educ.
at Eton, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 26 May 1858, a junior student 1859-64,
B.A. 186^, M.A. 1865, ent. Lincoln's Inn 1864, m. 29 Sept. 1875 Hon.
Gertrude Stuart, 4th dau. of Charles 12th Lord Blantyre, was made J. P.
1866, and D.L. co. Flint, Lieut. 2nd Flintshire Rifle Vol., M.P. Chester
1865-8, Whitby 1868-80, E. Wore. 1880-5, a Lord of the Treasury Oct.
1869 to Feb. 1874, and d. 4 July 1891, aged 51.

George Woodyatt Hastings, of Barnard's Green House, Malvern,
only son of Sir Charles Hastings M.D., of Worcester, b. 28 Sept. 1825,
L.L.B. Ch. Coll. Camb. i852,L.L.M. 1870, ent. ^Middle Temple 4 Nov.
1846, called to the bar 3 May 1850, and went the Oxford circuit, m. (i)
10 Aug. 1858 Catherine Anna (who d. 1870), dau. of Rev. Samuel
Mence B.D., rector of Ulcombe, Kent, and (2) 1877 Frances Anna,
only child of Rev. Win. Huntington Pillans, rector of Himley. He was
J. P. and D.L. co. Hereford, J. P. 1870, and Vice Ch. Quarter Sessions
CO. Wore, Ch. Worcester School Board 1871, Sec. to Law Amendment
Society, Hon. Sec. to Nat. Reformatory Union, Gen. Sec, to Nat.
Association for Promotion of Social Science 1857-68, Ch. of the Council
1868-73, V. Pres. till 1886, unsucc. cont. Beverley July 1854, W. Wore.
1874, M.P. E. Wore. 1880 till Jan. 1892, when he was expelled the

1885. Dec. The County was further divided into five electoral
Divisions. East Worcestershire had 5,161 reg. electors in 1832, 10,313
in 1868, and 12,455 i"^ 1884.


1832. Dec. 14. Hon. T. H. Foley. W.

Hon. H. B. Lygon. T.

1833. May 16- H. J. Winnington. W. 1369.

/. S. Fakingtoti. T. 1278.

vice Hon. T. H. Foley become a Peer. Mr. Pakington (see Droitwich
1837), was absent in America during the Election. Henry JefTreys-
Winnington, ot Stanford Court, was 5th and yst. son of Sir Edward W.
(see Droitwich 1777). was Capt. 39th foot, M.P. W. Wore. May 1833-41,
and d. 25 Aug. 1S73, aged 79.

yo Members for Worcestershire.

1835. Jan. 13.


H. B. Lygon.



H. J.




/. 5.




3617 voted out of 4126. Plumpers, Lygon 42, Winnington
1501, Pakington 35. Si)lit votes, Lygon and Winnington 301, Lygon
and Pakington 1602, Winnington and Pakington 136. Tiie colours
were, Tory — Purple and Oak. Whig— Light Blue and Laurel.
Pakington's — Scarlet.

1837. July 31. Hon. H. B. Lygon.
H. J. Winnington.

1 84 1. July 6. Hon. H. B. Lygon. T.

Frederick Winn Knight. T.

Of Wolverley House, Kidderminster, b. 18 12, eldest son of John
K. of Wolverley who d. 1850, by Hon. Jane Eliz. Winn dau. of the 1st
Lord Headley, educ. at the Charterhouse, m. 1850 Maria Louisa
Couling dau. of F. Gibbs, was M.P. W. W^orc. 1841-85, Pari. Sec. to the
Poor Law Board Feb. to Dec. 1852, and Feb. 1858 to June 1859,
Lt.-Col. I St Worcestershire R. Vol. 24 April 1860-91, Hon. Col. thereof
1 89 1, (Volunteer Decoration), Lt.-Col. Queen's Own Worcestershire
Hussars (Yeomanry) 16 July 1866 to May 1878, a Family Trustee of
the British Museum as representative of R. Payne Knight MP., of
Downton, (see Williams' Pari. History oj Herefordshire), J. P. 1842,
and D.L. co. Wore, J. P. Devon 1883, and Somerset, patron of the
living of Brendon, Devonshire, and was made C.B. 1881, and K.C.B.
5 Feb. 1886.

1847. Aug. 3. The same, re-elected 12 July 1852.

1853. Feb. 28. Henry I-ygon, commonly called Viscount
Elmley, of Madresfield Court, vice his father Hon. H. B. Lygon called
to the Upper House as Earl Bcauchamp. Elder son of the M.P. 1816, b.
13 Feb. 1829, became Cornet ist Life Guards 5 May 1848, Lieut. 13
Dec. 1850, Capt. i Dec. 1854, retired 1863, Dep. Lieut, co. Wore. 24
June 1859, NLP. W. Wore. 1853 till he succ. his father as 5lh Earl
Beauchamp 8 Sept. 1863, was patron of 4 livings, and d. unm. 4 ^L1rch

1857. March 30. F. W. Knight. C.

Viscount Elmley. C.

1859. May 2. The same.

1863. Oct. 26. Hon. Frederick Lygon of Madresfield Court,
vice his brother Viscount Elmley called to the Upper House. Younger

Members for Worcestershire. 71

son of the M.P. 1816, b. 10 Nov. 1830, educ. at Eton, matric. Ch. Ch.
Oxon. 15 Dec. 1848, B.A. 1852, Fellow of All Souls Coll. 1852-66,
M.A. 1856, Hon. D.C.L. 22 June 1870, one of the Council of Keble
Coll. 1871-82, ent. Inner Temple i860, m. (i) 18 Feb. 1868 Lady Mary
Catherine Stanhope (who d. 30 June 1876), only dau. of Philip 5th
Earl Stanhope, and (2) 24 Sept. 1878 Lady Emily Annora Charlotte
Pierrepont elder dau. of Sydney 3rd Earl Manvers. He was Civil Lord
of the Admiralty March to June 1859, M.P. Tewkesbury 1857-63 when
he res. to stand foi W. Wore, which he rep. till he succ. his brother as
6th Earl Beauchamp 4 March 1866, D.L. co. Wore. 24 Jan. 1854, J.P.
1857, Lord Lieut, and Cus. Rot. 13 May 1876, Capt. Worcestershire
Yeomanry 7 July 1854 to Aug. 1S59, Hon. Col. 2 Vol. Batt. Worcester-
shire Regt. 21 Aug 1880, patron of 4 livings, an official trustee of the
British Museum, F.S.A., sworn a P.C 2 March 1874, Lord Steward
of the Household Feb. 1874 to May 1880, Paymaster General June
1885-6 Feb., and Aug. 1886-7 June, and d. 19 Feb. 1891.

1865. July 13. F. W. Knight. C.

Hon. F. Lygon. C.

1866. March 24. William Edward Dowdeswell, of Pull Court,
vice Hon. F. Lygon become a Peer. Eldest son of Wm. Dowdeswell,
M.P., who d. Feb. 1877, b. 13 June 1841, educ. at Westminster School,
matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 16 June 1859, m. 2 Feb. 1869 Emily 2nd dau.
of Sir Thomas George Augustus Parkyns 6th Bt. of Ruddington Manor,
Notts, was M.P. Tewkesbury 1865-6, when he res. to stand for W.
Wore, which he rep. till May 1876, when he retired from Pari., was
made J.P. 1863, and D.L. co. Wore, Capt. Worcestershire Yeomanry
21 June 1867, and d. 12 July 1893.

1868. Nov. 18. F. W. Knight. C.

W. E. Dowdeswell. C.

1874. Feb. 16. W. E. Dowdeswell. C. 2919,

F. W. Knight. C 2554.

G. IV. If as tings. L. 1540.

1876. June 8. Sir Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere Bt.,
of Rhydd Court, vice Dowdeswell res. Only son of Sir Edmund
Hungerford L. whom he succ. as 3rd Bt. 2 April 1856, b. 8 Dec 1826,
educ. at the Charterhouse, matric. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 15 May 1845, B.A.
from St. Mary Hall 1849, M.A. 1852, and m. 30 Sept. 185S Louisa
Rosamund, only surviving child of John Haigh, of Whitwell Hall,
Yorks. He was senior partner in Worcester Old Bank, Knt.
Commander of the Servian Order of the Takova (for service in the
Turko-Servian War), Knt. of the Holy Sepulchre, received the Grand
Cordon of the Medjidie, Knt. Commander of the Order of St. John of

72 Members for Worcestershire.

Jerusalem, of which he was Secretary and Receiver (and in 1893
Chancellor of the English branch), Knt. of Malta (2nd class), J. P. co.
Wore. 1851, D.L. 1852, H.S. 1862, Capt. 19th Worcestershire R. Vol.,
patron of 4 livings, unsucc. cont. Tewkesbury 1868 and 1874, but rep.
it March 1866-8, and sat for W. Wore. 1876-92, and S. Wore. 1892 till
his death 18 Dec. 1894.

1880. April. Sir E. Lechmere. C 2975.
F. W. Knight. C. 2913.
H. R. Willis. L. 123 1.

West Worcestershire had 3122 registered electors in 1832, 6311
in 1868, and 6557 in 18S4.

Upon the Dissolution of Parliament 18 Nov. 1885, the provisions
of the Redistribution of Seals Act 1885 came into effect, by which the
County of Worcester was divided into five electoral divisions, the
Eastern, Mid or Droitvvich, Northern, Southern or Evesham, and
Western or Bewdley Divisions, each returning one Member. The
Sheriff of the County is the Returniig Officer.


1885. Dec. 2. George W. Hastings. L. 3685.

Fred. Albert Bosatujiiet, Q.C. C. -3194.

1886. July 6. G. W. Hastings. L.U.

1892. March 30. Joseph Austen Chamberlain, of Highbury,
Moor Green, Birmingham, vice Hastin^^s expelled the House. Eldest
son of Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain M.P. (Sec. of State for the
Colonies 1895), b. 16 Oct. 1863, educ. at Rugby, B A. Trin. Coll.
Camb. 1885, M.A. 1889, spent some time at the licolcs des Sciences
Politiques, Paris, and at Berlin, was some time Private Secretary to his
father, M.P. E. Wore, from March 1892, Civil Lord of the Admiralty
from July 1895.

1892. July 8. J. A. Chamberlain. L.U. 5111.
Oscar Browning. G.L. 2517.

1895. July J. A. Chamberlain, reelected on accepting ofVice.

1895. July 15. J. A. Chambcrlam. L.U.

The Division had 8187 reg. electors in 1887, 9287 in 1892, and
10,998 in 1895.

Members for Worcestershire. 73


1885. Nov. 28. John Corbett. Ind. L.
See Droitwich 1874.

1886. July 13. John Corbett. L.U. 4031.

Arthur James Dadson G.L. 2761.

1892. July 13. Richard Eiddulph Martin. L.U- 39'So.
Thomas English Stephens. G.L. 3410.

Mr. Martin, of Chislehurst, Kent, elder son of Robert M., of
Overbury Court, by Mary Anne dau. of John Biddulph, of Ledbury
(see Willianis Herefordshire Members), \^2& b. 12 May 1838, educ. at
Harrow, matric. Exeter Coll. Oxon. 13 May 1856, B.A. 1859, M.A.

1863, and m. 25 Aug. 1864 Mary Frances only dau of Admiral Richard
Crozier of West Hill, Isle of Wight. He unsucc. cont. E. Wore. 1868,
the city of London April 1880, and Mid Devon 1886, sat for Tewkesbury
July 18S0-5, and for Mid Worcestershire from 1892, was a founder and
sometime Pres. of the Institute of Bankers, is Ch. of Martin's Bank,
London, a Commr. of Lieutenancy for the City of London, J. P. Kent,
F.R.G.S., and Treasurer of the Royal Statistical Society.

1895. July 17. R. B. Martin. L.U.

Mid Worcestershire had 9484 reg. electors in 1887, 9786 in
1892, and 9779 in 1895.


1885. Dec. 5. Benjamin Hingley. L. 5774.
/. W. Willis-Bimd. C. 2155.

The defeated candidate, John William Bund Willis-Bund, F.S.A.
and F.L.S., of Wick Episcopi, Worcester, 2nd son of John Walpole
Willis D.L., by Ann dau. of Col. Thomas Henry Bund D.L., of Wick
Episcopi, was b. 8 Aug. 1843, educ. at Eton, B.A. Gonville and Caius.
Coll. Camb. 1864, L.L.B. 1865, M.i\. 1868, first in ist class law tripos

1864, Chancellor's legal medallist, and m. 2 April 1872 Harriette
Penelope sister of Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Temple Bart., (see S.
Worcestershire 1885). He assumed the additional surname of Bund in
1864, ent. Lincoln's Inn 26 April 1866, and was called to the bar 26
Jan. 1869, "^^'^s Professor of constitutional law London Univ. 1869-82,
examiner law tripos Camb. Univ. 1875-8, in history tripos Camb.
1878-80, and lecturer in law Univ. Coll. Bristol 1877-9. Mr. WiUis-Bund

74 Members for Worcestershire.

who has edited Oke^s Handybook of the Game Laws, and Oke^s Fishery
LaicfS, is author of The Law of Salmon Fisheries^ The Agriculiural
Holdings Act, ^nd. Selections from State Trials. He was in 1885 Vice-
Chairman, and is now Chairman of the Severn Fishery Board, J. P. and
D.L. CO. Wore., J. P. co. Cardigan, Chairman of Quarter Sessions for
COS. Worcester and Cardigan, Chairman of Worcestershire County
Council since 1892 (Vice-Chairman 1S89-92, County Councillor for
Powick division since March 1889), and Chairman of the Standing
Joint Committee.

Benjamin Hingley, of Hatherton Lodge, Cradley, yst. son of
Noah H., of that place, who unsucc. cont. Dudley May 1874, b. 11
Sept. 1830, educ. at King Edward's School, Halesowen, was Mayor
of Dudley 1887-9, J. P. Dudley and co. Worcester, J. P. co. Stafford
1877, Chairman and Aid. of Dudley County Council, County Aid. for
CO. Stafford 1889-92, head of the firms of N. Hingley and Sons, Limited,
and Hingley and Smith, colliery proprietors and ironmasters, Ch. S.
Staffordshire Ironmasters Association, of Lloyds Staffordshire Proving
Co., and of Cradley Heath Gas Co. He was M.P. North Worcestershire
1885-95, ^"^ ^'^s created a Baronet 8 Aug. 1893, ^"^ is unmarried.
His nephew Mr. George Benjamin Hingley, of High Park, Droitwich, is
a J. P. and County Councillor for co. Wore.

1886. July 7. Benjamin Hingley. L.

1892. July. Benjamin Hingley. L. 5329.

Wm. Clive Bridgeman. C. 31 71.

Mr, Bridgeman also unsucc. cont. Mid Derbyshire 1895.

1895. July 23. J. W. Wilson. L.U. 5012;

R. W. Waite. R. 4024.

John William Wilson, of Rransford, Edgbaston, eldest son of
John Edward Wilson, of Edgbaston, was b. 22 Oct. 1858, educ. at
Grove House, Tottenham, and London Univ., m. 1883 Florence Jane,
dau. of Smith Harrison, of Woodford, Essex, is J. P. eo. Wore., member
of the firm of Albright and Wilson, chemical manufacturers, Oldbury,
and has sat for N. Wore, since 1895.

North Worcestershire had 10573 reg. electors in 1887, 10744 in
1892, and 1 1 209 in 1895.


1885. Dec. 3. Sir Richard Temple. C. 4080.
Arthur Chamberlain L. 3848.

Sir Richard Temple, of The Nash, Kempsey, eldest son of
Richard T, of that place, was b. 8 March 1828, educ. at Rugby and
Haileybury College, cut. Bengal Civil Service 1847, was Chief Cominr.

Members for Worcestershire. 75

of Central Provinces and British Resident at the Court of the Nizam of
the Deccan at Hyderabad, Foreign Sec. to Govt, of India, Sec. to Order
of Star of India, Finance Minister of India 1868-74, Lt. Gov. of Bengal
1874-7, Gov. of Bombay Jan. 1877-80 March, created a Bart. 16 Aug.
1876, C.S.I. 1867, K.C.S.I. 1868, G.C.S.I. 1878, CLE. i Jan. 1878,
D.C.L. Oxford 9 June 1880, L L.D. Camb. 1883, and McGill Univ.
Montreal 1884. He m. (i) 27 Dec. 1849 Charlotte Frances (who d. 2
March 1855), dau. of Benjamin Martindale, of London, (2) 28 Jan.
1 87 1 Mary Augusta (C.I.), dau. of Charles Robert Lindsay B.C.S.,
was Pres. Nat. Assoc, for Promotion of Social Science, unsucc. cont.
E. Wore. 18S0, M.P. S. Wore. 1885-92, Kingston div. of Surrey
1892-5, a member of the London School Board (for the City) 1885-94,
Vice-Chairman 1885-8, and LP. co. Wore. 1881. He was app. to
direct relief operations in Bengal during the famine 1874, and is author
of Men and Events of my time in India.

1886. July 9. Sir R. Temple. C. 4127-

Daniel Fidgeou, C.E. G.L. 2391.

1892. July 13. Sir E. Lechmere. C. 4170.

Frederic Impey. L. 3590.

As to Sir Edmund Lechmere see West Worcestershire 1876.
The defeated candidate, Frederic Impey, of Longbridge Place, North-
field, Worcestershire, was b. 18 Sept. 1847, the eldest son of Bedford
and Priscilla Impey, of Feering, Essex, and m. in June 1871 Eleanor
5th dau. of James Clark, of Street, Somerset. He was the author of
the leaflet. Three Acres and a Cow, describing the provision of grass
land Allotments of three acres on Lord Tollemache's estate in Cheshire,
1885, and is Chairman of the Allotment and Small Holdings Associ-
ation. He unsucc. cont. the Evesham division 1892 and Jan. 1895, was
made J. P. co. Warwick 1892, and has been a County Councillor for
Worcestershire (Fladbury division) since Aug. 1892. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Impey are descended from a Quaker ancestry of over 200 years.

1895. J^"' 22. Col. C. W. Long. C. 4760.

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