W. R. (William Retlaw) Williams.

The parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members online

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Online LibraryW. R. (William Retlaw) WilliamsThe parliamentary history of the county of Worcester : including the city of Worcester, and the boroughs of Bewdly, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Pershore, from the earliest times to the present day, 1213-1897 ; with biographical and genealogical notices of the members → online text (page 9 of 20)
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Frederic Impey. I. 3585.

vice Sir E. Lechmere dec. Lt.-Col. Charles Wigram Long, of Severn
Bank. Severn Stoke, son of Ven. Charles Maitland Long, Archdeacon
of E.R. Yorks, was b. 5 Oct. 1842, ent. Royal Artillery as Lieut. 19 Dec.
i860, Capt. 9 May 1874, Adjutant 6 Oct. 1875, Major 12 Oct. (i July)
1881, Lt.-Col. retired 1S86, m. Constance, dau. of Col. Robert Vansittart,
Coldstream Guards, was made J. P. co. Wore, and M.P. S. Wore, from
Jan. 1895.

1895. July 18. Col. C. W. Long.

South Worcestershire had 9522 reg. electors in 1887, 9586 in
1892, and 9914 in 1895.

•j6 Members for Worcestershire.


1885. Nov. 30. Sir E. Lechmere. C. 4525.

yb/in Fell. L. 3015.

See West Worcestershire 1876.

1886. July 2. Sir E. Lechmere. C.

1892. July 4. Alfred Baldwin. C.

Of Wilden House, Stourport, son of George B., was b. 4 June
1 84 1, educ. privately, m. 1866 Louisa, dau. of Rev. G. B. Macdonald,
of Wolverhampton, was made J. P. co. Were. 1879, and co. Stafford
1883, head of the firm of E. P. and W. Baldwin, ironmasters and
tin-plate makers, of Wilden Works, Stourport, Ch. Blackwell Galvanized
Iron Co., and of Alfred Baldwin and Co., director of several other
companies, and has sat for W. Worcestershire since 1892.

1895. July 13. Alfred Baldwin.

The Western Division had 9833 reg. electors in 1887, 10091 in
in 1892, and 10329 in 1895.


1295. Richard de Leebur.
Walter de Caleweton.

Nash^s Worcestershire gives Richard de la Bar. Probably one
of the Delabere family.

1298. William CoUe.

Walter Queynterel.

William Colle was one of the two Bailiffs of Worcester 1297,
1298, and M.P. 1298. He gave in 1310 to Worcester Priory all that
land called ChestuU, Oldcastle Edward's Church with common for six
beasts in Dudley after the hay had been carried off, as also a messuage
held then by Peter de Rougemente. The Bishop's license to alienate it
was granted 8 id. July 13 10.

1301. John Comyn.
Richard le Mercer.

John Comyn was M.P. Worcester 1301, 1311, co. Warwick 1329,
and app. a Commr. to assess, co. Wore, i Nov. 1301. ( Patefit Rolls).

1302. William de Apelton.
Roger le Barbur.

1305. Peter Colle.
Roger le Barbur.

Peter Colle was evidently son or brother of the M.P. 1298. He
sat for Worcester 1305, 1306, 1313. 1325, 1327.

1306. Peter Colle.
William de Salop.

1307. Jan. John Lony.

Walter de Northfeld.

Probably the same as John Lovi, Bailiff of Worcester 1272,
1297. Grant 12 Aug. 1328 at the instance of John de Wysham,
Steward of the Household, to the Bailiffs and good men of Worcester
of pontage for three years, to be taken by John 1-ony the younger and
Wm. de Martloye (see 1324), citizens of Worcester. (Patent Rolls).

78 Members for Worcester.

1309. William Roculf.

John de Hornyngwold.

William Roculph was BailifT of Worcester 1272, M.P. 1309, 131 1.
On 15 March 1308 commission of oyer and terminer issued to Justices
on complaint by Ralph son of Cicely de Bello Loco who had freighted
a vessel at Bewdley with brushwood merchandise and goods for Bristol,
that Wm. Roculf, of Worcester, Richard le Mercer (see 1301), Wm.
Colle (see 1298), and others, of Worcester seized his ship in the river
Severn near Worcester, imprisoned him, and carried away his goods.
Pardon 27 Dec. 1327 at the request of Roger de Mortuo Mari, to John
de Hornyngwold, Wm. le Carter (see 1327), Robert de Sevenhampton
(see 1332), Wm. Roculf the elder, John le Sheremon, Peter Colle (see
1305), John Lony (see 1307), John le Mercer (see 1335), ^^'m. de
Hodington (see 1322), Thomas Gros, Wm. Roculf jun. (see 1322),
Walter le Mercer, Hugh del Hill, and Richard Colz (see 1315), all of
Worcester, of ^^56 8s. 4d. remaining due on a fine. (Patent Rolls).

The family of F-Iorniyold existed in the county for many centuries.
The M.P. in 1309 is the first recorded ancestor. They were afterwards
seated at Blackmore Park, in the parish of Hanley Castle, the manor of
which they acquired in the reign of Elizabeth. They recorded their
descent at the visitations of 1533, 1634, and 1683, and became extinct
so recently as 1859.



John Comyn.
William Roculf.



The same.



Peter Colle.

Nicholas de Gloucestr'

Probably like other Members the latter derived his name from
the place of his birth, as did others like the next M.P. from their or
their father's employment. Peter Colle was doubtless an early member
of the family of Colles, afterwards seated at Suckley, Grimley, and Leigh

13 1 3. Sept. Nicholas de Gloucestr'.

Alan le Taylur.

1 3 1 4. Nicholas de Gloucestr'.
Simon Poche.

1315. Richard Coliz.
John atte Wode.

Richard Coliz, Culiz, or as Nash gives him, Colles, or Collcys,
was M.P. 1315, 1316, 1319, 1320, 1322, and of kin to the M.P. 1313.
The Mayor and Bailiffs were ordered 19 May 1322 to pay Win. Roculf

Members for Worcester. 79

jun. (see 1322) and Richard Coliz, Burgesses of Worcester, 20 d. a day
each for their expenses in attending the Parliament at York, including
the days spent in travelHng.

John atte Wode was perhaps father of Robert, M.P. for the
County 1327.

13 1 6. Richard Coh'z.
Peter Gerveyse.

Perhaps an ancestor of Thomas Jervoise, lord of trie manors of
Northfield and Weoley in the reign of Queen Mary — a family now
represented by Sir Arthur Clarke -Jervoise Bart.

1 3 18. Thomas de Dene Fighere.
Alan le Taylour.

On 12 June 1320 Walter de Cantilupo, parson of the Church of
Snytenfeld, and Thomas Betoun, parson of the Church of Avene
Derset, both in the diocese of Worcester, acknowledged that they
owed to Thomas de Dene of Worcester, corviser, jQi'] 6s. 8d. to be
levied, in default of payment, of their lands and chattels and
ecclesiastical goods in co. Warwick. {Close Rolls).

13 1 9. Richard Culiz.
John Bacon.

1320. Richard Coliz.
Peter de Grete.

As to the latter see the County 1328.

1322. May. William Rokulf junior.
Richard Coliz.

The former was son of the M.P. 1309, and sat for Worcester
1322, 1339-

1322. Nov. John de Donyton.

William de Hodyngton.

John de Donynton, of Leicester, received a general pardon 24
May 1327. Wm. de Hodyngton was probably son of Richard de H.
who held one hide of land in Hodington 27 Edw. I. His descendants
continued lords of Hodington until the time of Henry VI.

1324. Jan. Wilham de Marteleye.
Henry de Sallowe.

8o Members for Worcester.

1325. Peter Colle.
Ralph Brewes.

Brevves or Braose. The heiress of this family married into that
of Cooksey of Cooksey towards the close of the i4lh century.

1326. William le Cartere.
Peter de Groete.

The former was M.P. 1326, 1330, 133 1, 1332. Perhaps son of
Thomas Carter, citizen of Worcester, who about 1310 gave lands to
Worcester Priory.

r327. Peter Colle.

Walter de Wenlak.

The latter was of Worcester, and M.P 1327, 1328, 1336.

1328. Feb. Walter de Wenlak.
Hugh dil Holte.

1328. April. Peter de Grete.

William le Eyr.

Commission of oyer and terminer 20 Sept. 1327, to certain
Justices on complaint by Thomas Marcely that William le Eyr of
Trewelesit and many others broke his house at Lysarth, Cornwall,
assaulted him, and carried away his goods.

1329. Hugh de la Holte.
William le Webbe.

Probably an ancestor of the family of Wybbc of Hanbury and

1330. March. William de Coderugg.

William de Norton.

The former was M.P. 1330, 1348. As to the latter see the
County 1346.

Peter de Grete.
William le Cartere.

William le Cartere.
William le Benhale.

William le Cartere.
Robert de Sevenhampton.

Perhaps brother to John de Sevenham|non, M.P. co. Gloucester








1332. Sept. William Ic Goldsinyth.
William Ic I'eilyng.

Mfmrkrs for Wokcf.stkr. 8 1

1334. Feb. John le Belleyetere.

William de Petlyng.

License 28 Jan. 1334 for the alienation in mortmain to the
master and brethren of the Hospital of St. Wolstan, Worcester, by
Wni. de Petlyng and Walter Mayel, chaplain, of 2 tofts, 40 acres of
land, I acre of meadow, and 2 acres of wood in Northwyk by Worcester.

Appointment 20 July 1332 of Richard de Stafford and others to
arrest several persons appealed of divers felonies by Wm. le Belleyetere
of Warrewyk, a prisoner in Warwick gaol.

1335. John le Mercer.
Peter de Westbury.

The latter was probably the same as Peter de Grete of Worcester
and Westbury, (see County 1328). The former may have been son of
the M.P. 1 301. License 12 Jan. 1300 for the alienation in mortmain
by John le Mercer of Worcester to the Prior and Convent of St. Mary,
Worcester, of 4 knights' fees and three quarters in Batenhale, Whitynton,
&c., appurtenances ot the manor of Batenhale "which manor was lately
acquired by them in fee with the King's license." {Patent Rolls).

1336. March. Peter de Grete.

Richard de Leicester.

1336. Sept. Peter de Greote.

Walter de Wenlak.

1337- Sept, Peter de Greote.

Thomas le Cartere.

Appointment 26 July 1337 of Henry le Carter and Thomas le
Carter to buy for the King's use 400 sacks of grain at 9^ marks a sack,
in CO. Wore. They were perhaps brothers to the M.P. 1326.

1338. -Feb. William de Norton.
Peter de Greote.

1338. July. Peter de Eseburi.

William de Norton.

1339. Jan. John de Knyton.

John de Ston' (see County 1320).

John de Knyton also sat for Bridgnorth Feb. and Oct. 1328 (as
Kyngton), 1335, Jan. 1339 and March 1340 (as Knyton).

1339. Oct. William Roculf.
John de Esebury.

82 Members for Worcester.

1340. Jan. Simon

Nicholas de

Names illegible. Probably Simon Gros (see County 1338), and
Nicholas Rook (see 1354).

1340. March. Gilbert Hanehonte,

Roger de Boys.

1 34 1. Bernard de Staunforde.
Thomas de Hokynge.

1344. Walter Rauf.

John de Radeston.

Grant 3 Oct. 1377 to Walter Rauf of the office of Bailiff of
Dover to execute it personally or by deputy during good behaviour.
Grant i May 1380 for life rent free to Walter Rauf, the King's tailor, of
a house with chambers and stable at Barnard's Castle, London. Grant
for life 26 Jan. 1381 to Walter Rauf, the Kmg's servant, of a yearly
rent of ^7 in Bulwell, Notts., which escheated to the late King. Grant
for life 12 March 1381 to Walter Rauf, the King's tailor, in the event of
his surviving Mundina Danes of Aquitaine, the King's nurse, whom he
has married, of the manor of Willele, Surrey, on the same conditions on
which it was granted to her for life by letters patent 15 March 1378.
{Patent Rolls).

1346. John Aylewyn, ••

Hugh Shirman.

1348. Jan. Richard Gros.
William Lilye.

The former was perhaps brother or son of Simon Gros (see
County 1338). Wm. Lilye was perhaps ancestor of the family of Lilly,
of Bromsgrove and Stoke Prior, flourishing there in "the i6th and 17th

1348. March, Symon Gros.

William de Coderugge (1330).

1 35 1. Symon Gros.
John de Rydewale.

1352. Jan. John Spelly.

John Shelve.

John Spelly sat for Worcester 1352, 1354, 1355, and was perhaps
father of Elias Spelly M.P. Bristol 1385. John Shelve was M.P.
Worcester 1352, 1360.

Members for Worcester. 83

1353. John de Redewale.
Richard Lorbagg.

1354. Nicholas Rook (1340),
John Spelly.

1355. Nicholas de Rook.
John Spelly.

1358. Thomas de Tolwardyn.
Thomas Salvvarp.

1360. John de Waddesworth.
John de Shelve.

1361. Thomas de Tolwardyn.
John Croule.

Croule was M.P. 136 1, (? 1365), 1371. John de Growele
(? Crowle) and Wm. Swenerton gave a house and 20 acres of land in
Worcester and Northwich to White Ladies Convent.

1362. Philip de Kyngton.
Robert Hayle.

The former sat 1362, 1363, and was probably son of the M.P.
1339. Robert Hayle sat 1362, 1372. Appointment 2 July 1378 of
Richard de Norton (see 1414), John de Hereford (see 1393), the two
Bailiffs of Worcester, together with Thomas de Licchefeld, of Worcester,
(see 1369), and Laurence Groos, coroner, of Worcester (a relative of
Symon and Richard Gros, see 1348), to arrest and bring to London, for
delivery to the Flete prison, Robert Haile ' bocher,' outlawed for not
appearing before the Justices of the Bench to answer John Bedwardyn,
clerk, for a debt of ^200. Commission 3 Aug. 1378 to Richard de
Norton, of Worcester, Thomas de Brugge, escheator in co. Wore, and
others to arrest, bring to London and deliver to the Warden of the Flete,
Robert Hayle ' bocher,' who being sued in the late reign by John
Bedwardyn, clerk, touching a debt of ;^20o and outlawed in Middlesex
for non-appearance has withdrawn from Justice ; they are to enquire by
jury of the county of Worcester of all his lands, tenements, and goods,
seize them into the King's hands, and certify their proceedings without
delay. (Patent Rolls).

1363. Philip de Kyngton.
Other name torn off.

1365. Thomas de Clyfton.
John . . . . e.

The latter name torn off the Return, (perhaps John Croule),
Clyfton sat 1365, 1369.


Members for Worcestfr.

1368. John Goldsmyth.

Richard de Norton.

Goldsmyth was M.P. 1368, 1371, 1373, 1377, and probably son
of the M.P. 1332. Norton who was Bailiff of Worcester 1378, and
M.P. 1368, 1372, 1373, 1377, 1379, 1385, was probably son of the M.P.
1330. Letters 12 Nov. 1379 for James de Staundon staying in England
nominating Henry Conweye and Richard de Norton his attorneys in
Ireland for one year.









Thomas de Lychesfeld.
Thomas de Clyfton.

John Croule.
John Goldsmyth.

June. (One Member), John Croule.

Robert Haille.
Richard de Norton.

John Goldsmyth.
Richard de Norton.

Jan. Richard de Norton.
Walter Holbarwe.

Oct. Richard de Norton (1368).
John Goldsmyth.

Richard Couwerne.
Nicholas Dymars.

Couwerne was M.P. 1378, 1380, 1384; Dymars 1378, :38i.
Pardon was granted 26 July 1380 to Richard Knn\i for breaking with
others into a stable of Nicholas Dymarez at Wyrceslre, in the rectory of
St. Andrew's, Wyrcestre, on Saturday before St. Dunstan 1378, and
stealing his horse, value 20 marks. {Patent Rolls).

1379. Richard Mayesmor.
Richard Norton.

Mayesmore was M.P. Worcester 1379, 1380, 1382, 1384, 13S5,
1386, 1391.

1380. Jan. Richard Mayesmor.

John Coupere.

Couper sat 1380, 1395.

1380. Nov. Richard Couwerne.
Richard Mayesmore.

Members for Worcester. 85

1381. Nicholas Dyraars.
John Bredon.

Bredon was M.P. i38r, 1388, 1390, 1397, 1399, 1402.

1382. May. Roger de Lychfeld.

Richard de Gascoyne.

The former sat 1382, 1383, 1388, 1390, and was perhaps son of
the M.P. 1369. He is styled Roger Lichfield of Worcester, alias Roger
Swynfen in NicholPs Leicestershire^ iv., 311. Gascoyne was M.P. 1382,
1383, Bailiff of Worcester 1405, and presented with Thomas Belne (see
1390), to Holy Trinity Chantry, St. Nicholas, Worcester, 4 Jan. 1404
and 12 June 1405.

1382. Oct. Roger Lychesfeld.

Richard Meysmore.

1383. Feb. Roger Lichefeld.

Richard Gascoigne.



Roger de Lychefeld.
John Newemon.



Richard Mayesmor.
Hugh Stevenes.



Richard Mayesmore.
Richard Cowerne.


Richard Maysemor.
Richard de Norton.


Richard Maysemore.
Robert Stevens.



Roger Lichefeld.
John Breodon (1381),



John Cole.
John Somery.

The latter may have been grandson of Robert de Somery, (see
County 1309). John Cole should perhaps be spelt Colle, (see 1298).

1390. Jan. Roger Lychefeld.
Thomas Beolne.

Thomas Belne, Bolne, or Beolne, was M.P. 1390, 1391, 1393,
1394, 1395, 1397, 1399, 1402, 1407, 1410, Bailiff of Worcester 1405,
and presented with Richard de Gascoyne (see 1382) to Holy Trinity
Chantry, St. Nicholas, Worcester, 4 Jan 1404, and 12 June 1405. On

86 " Members for Worcester.

the death of his ancestor Hugh de Belne, of King's Norton, an inquisition
post mortem was held 131 7, which found his son WiUiam aged 23, his
heir. On WilHam's death 1348 the inq. p. m. proved his brother
Thomas aged 40 to be his heir to lands in cos. Warwick and Worcester.
In 1362 on the death of Thomas Behie, of King's Norton, the inq. p. m.
found his son WilUam aged 12, his heir. (Thomas Belne the M.P. was
probably a younger son).

1390. Nov. Richard Maismore.

John Bredon.

1 39 1. Richard Mayc^more.
Thomas Bolnc.

1393- Thomas Bolne.

John Herford.

The latter should be John de Hereford. (See 1362).

1394. John Barell.
Thomas Belne.

Barell again sat 1400.

1395. John Couper.
Thomas Belne.

1397. Jan. John Breodon.
Thomas Belne.

1399. Thomas Belne.
John Breodon.

1400. John Barell.
Richard Halle.

Hall was again M.P. 1403, 1406. Perhaps son of the M.P. 1362.

1402. Thomas Belne.
John Bredon.

1403. John Malley.
Richard Hall.

Malloy was M.P. 1403, 1407.

1406. Richard Aseney, or Osency.
Richard Halle.

1407. Oct. 19. Thomas Belne.

John Malley.

Members for Worcester. 87

1410. Jan. I. John Weston.
Thomas Belne.

Weston sat for Worcester 1410, 1413, 1414, 1415, 1417.

1413. April 19. John Weston.

John Wode, (see County, 1414).

1414. Oct. 31. John Weston.

Richard Norton.

Norton was M.P. and Bailiff of Worcester 14 14, and presented
to Holy Trinity Chantry, St. Nicholas, Worcester, 27 March 14 14. He
was probably son of the M.P. 1368, and not that Member himself.

1415. Oct. 30. John Weston.

John Wode.

1419. Sept. 27. John Weston.

William Boughton.

Boughton was Bailiff of Worcester 1432, 1437.

1420. Nov. 20. John Forthey.

William Warde.

J. Forthey was Escheator of co. Wore. 1433, and M.P. Worcester
1420, 1421, 1422, 1429, 1431.

1 42 1. April 9. John Forthey.

Robert Nelme.

Nelme presented to Holy Trinity Chantry, St. Nicholas,
Worcester, 16 Jan. 1420, 16 July 1438, and was M.P. 142 1, 1423,
1436. As Robert Nelvit he was one of the two Bailiffs of Worcester
1434, I439-

1421. Nov. 19. John Forthey.

Galfridus Frere.

Nash calls him Fryr. Evidently the same as Godfrey Fryer who
was Bailiff of Worcester 1431. He was again M.P. 1425. Godfrey (or
Jeffrey) Frere m. Elizabeth dau. and heir of John Lyttelton of Frankley,
and had a son Thomas Frere of Charlton Castle, whose son Humphrey
was of Charlton and The Blankets. The family seems to have become
extinct early in the 17th century.

1422. Oct. 21. Nicholas Stokes.

John Forthey.

1423. Sept. 22. Robert Nelme.

Ralph Merston.

88 Membeks for Worcfster.

1425. April 4. Richard Oseney.

Galfridus Fryr.

Oseney was probably the same as Richard Aseney M.P. 1406,
and was a citizen of Worcester. In the list of Bailiffs of Worcester
appear the names of Richard Oldney 1430, 1432, Richard Nolding
1435, ^437> i44'j 1444) and Richard Osney 1457. Oldney however
may have been a different person to the Alember, and one of the
Olneys, afterwards of co. Bucks.

1426. Feb. 6. John Sharpe.

Thomas Swyney.

Swyney was Bailiff of Worcester 1430, 1440, 1456, 1458.

1427. Sept. 17. John Sharp.

Richard Vely.

1429. Sept. 14. John Forthey.
William Miles.

William Mills was Bailiff 143 1.

1431. Jan. 3. William Poleyn.

John Forthey.

William Poleyn and John de Brugge presented to Birts Morton
I June 1420. He appears as W. Poolen on the list of Bailiffs 1433.

1432. March 26. William Pullesdon.

John Parker.

In 1409 Thomas Polton Bishop of Worcester demised to
W. Pullesden a meadow within his manor of Wyke near Worcester.
As W. Pilston he appears as one of the two Bailiffs of Worcester 1443.
He was again M.P. 1453.

1433. June 17. William Pullesdon.

Henry Newdyk.

As Henry Newdick he was Bailiff 1438. The family of
Newdicke, of Newdicke Court, Worcester, was of considerable account
for several generations. It failed cither late in the iCth or early in the
17th century.

1435. Oct. 5. Henry Newcdyk.

John Halle.

John Halle was a grocer, and served as Bailiff 1438. Trobably
a son of the M.P. 1400.

1436. Dec. 26. Robert Nclme.

Waller Uockyng,

Members for Worcester. 89

1442. Jan. 17. John Bykerstath.
Thomas Walsall,

Richard BickerstafF was Bailiff 1444.

1447. Feb. 6. Hugh Jolye.
John Porter.

The latter may have been father of John Porter one of the two
Bailififs 1485, and was probably an early member of the family long
seated at Tapenhall in the parish of Claynes. Hugh Jolye was
evidently the same as the Bailiff of 1449 (as Hugh Foley), 1457 (as
Hugh Folley), and 1464 (as Hugh ToUey).

1449. Feb. 5. William Wode.
Maurice Payn.

The former was perhaps son of the M.P, 1413. Payn was
Bailiff 1446, 1450, 1454, 1463, and M.P. 1449, 1467.

1449. Oct. 20. William Clyve.

John Neuton.

Newton again sat 1450, 1455.

1450. Oct. 14. John Newton.

William Cleve.

1453. Feb. 28. William PuUesdon.

Thomas Oseney.
Perhaps son of the M.P. 1425.

1455. June 18. John Pachet.
John Newton.

1460. Thomas Pachet.

John Broke.

Thomas Pagget (perhaps brother of the M.P. 1455), appears as
one of the two Bailiffs of Worcester 1462, and, as Thomas Pachet, was
Escheator of co. Wore. 1456.

John Brooke was Bailiff 1462, 1466, 1476, i486.

1467. June 19. William Stevenys.
Moris Payne.

Wm. Stevenys was Escheator of co. Wore. 1457; (see 1386).

1472. Sept. 28. Richard Howton.
John Grafton.

Howton (or Houghton) was Baihff 1473, 1482, i486. Hugh
and Robert Grafton were the two Bailiffs 1452, while Robert and

go Members for Worcester.

William Grafton were so 1465. John Grafton, of Grafton Flyford, son
of Richard G., was M.P. 1472, and Bailiff 1480. His descendants were
clothiers at Worcester.

1477. Dec. 22. Richard Dalton.
Ralph Jowkes.

Nash calls him Jewkes, probably ancestor of the Jewkes of
Wolverley residing there in the 1 7th century.

1483, 1484, 1485, 1487. Returns lost.

1 49 1. John Gyse.
John Broke.

John Guise, of Elmore, co. Gloucester, and of Churchill near
Bredicote, co. Wore, was son and heir of Sir John Guise, K.B. John
Broke was perhaps son of the M.P. 1460, unless he was the same

1495, 1497, 1510, 1512, 1515, 1523. Returns lost.

1529. Hugh Dee.

John Brennyng.

The word "mortuus" is written against both their names, so
that they both died before the dissolution 4 April 1536. In the list of

wills proved at Worcester appears Hugo 1536. H. Dee was Bailiff

of Worcester 1522, 1524. John Brangham was Bailiff 1532, 1534.

1536, 1539. Returns lost.

1 541. Dec 29. John Braughing.
Thomas Sheldon.

John Braughing (who may have been son of the M.P. 15.29), was
M.P. 1 541-4 and 1547 till his death about 1550. Thomas Sheldon was
brother to Wm. S. (see Co. 1554), and 2nd son of Ralph S., of Bcoley.
His descendants were seated at Child's Wycon, co. Glouc.



Return lost.




John Braughynge.
Robert Voulc.

Yowle was M.P. Worcester 1547-52, Nov. 1554-5 Jan., Oct. to
Dec. 1555, 1558, and one of the two BailifTs of the City ,1548,
1552. 1559-

1549-50. (circa). Thomas Wylde, vice Braughynge deceased.
Thomas VVilde, of The Commandery in Worcester, which he bought
for ;^498 in 1544, was the 2nd son of Simon W., of the Ford,
Droilvvich, and 111. (1) Alice dau. wi Rul)cri Sudington, of Worcester,

Members for Worcester. 91

and (2) Eleanor eldest dau. and co-heir of George Wall, of Droitwich.
He was a clothier at Worcester, Bailiff of the city 1547, M.P. (about)
1549-50 till 1552, and 1558, and made his will 19 Aug. 1558.

1553. Feb. 3. William Robynson.
Edward Brockeden.

Robinson was Bailiff 1536, 1538, M.P. 3 Feb. to 31 March 1553,
when the Pari, was dissolved. Brockeden, Bragden, or Braxden, was a
citizen of Worcester, and again M.P. 1554-5.

1553. Sept. 26. John Borne.

John Emery,

As to John Bourne see the County 1554. John Emery should
probably be Amery, of Codrington, co. Glou. Pari, was dissolved
5 Dec. 1553.

1554. March 9. J ohn Aynesworthe.

Thomas Hill.

Both styled armiger. The Pari, was dissolved May 1554.
Thomas Hill was M.P. Heytesbury Oct. to Dec. 1553. Perhaps
admitted to Gray's Inn 1531.

1554. Nov. 20. Robert Yowle.

Edward Bragda'.

Nash calls the latter Bragden, the same as the M.P. 1553.

1555. Oct. II. Robert Yowle.

William Adyes.

A William Adyes was admitted to Gray's Inn 1555. Wm. Addyes,
of Durance, co. Wore, was probably a son of Thomas A., of Great
Barr, co. Stafford, and if so died s.p.

1558. Jan. Robert Yowle.

Thomas Wylde.

1559. Jan. 3. Richard Bullyngham.

Guthlac Edwardes.

The former was M.P. Worcester Jan. to April 1559, 1571, Bailiff
1 56 1, 1563, and perhaps brother to Nicholas Bullingham, a native of
Worcestershire, who was Bishop of Lincoln 1560, and of Worcester 18
Jan. 1 57 1 till his death 18 April 1576.

Guthlac Edwards was a clothier, of Worcester, whose Will was
proved 1560. John Edwards who was Bailiff 1580 may have been his son.

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