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Scale of Doses. By Elias Longley. Cloth, $1.00; Tucks and Pocket, $1.25

MACNAMAEA. On the Eye. A Manual. By C. Macnamara, m.d. Fifth
Edition, Carefully Revised ; with Additions and Numerous Colored Plates, Dia-
grams of Eye, Wood-cuts, and Test Types. Demi 8vo. Cloth, $4.00

MACALISTER'S Human Anatomy. 800 Illustrations. A New Text-book for
Students and Practitioners. Systematic and Topographical, including the
Embryology, Histology and Morphology of Man. With special reference to the
requirements of Practical Surgery and Medicine. By Alex. Macalister, m.d.,
f.r.s., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge, England ; Examiner
in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, University of London ; formerly Professor
of Anatomy and Surgery, University of Dublin. With 816 Illustrations, 400 of
which are original. Octavo. Cloth, $7.50; Leather, $8.50

MACDONALD'S Microscopical Examinations of Water and Air. With an Ap-
pendix on the Microscopical Examination of Air. By J. D. MAcdonald, m.d.
25 Lithographic Plates, Reference Tables, etc. Second Ed. 8vo. Cloth, $2.75


MACREADY. A Treatise on Ruptures. By Jonathan F. C. H. Macready,
f.r.c.s., Surgeon to the Great Northern Central Hospital ; to the City of London
Hospital for Diseases of the Chest ; to the City of London Truss Society, etc.
With 24 full-page Lithographed Plates and numerous Wood-Engravings. Octavo.

Cloth, Net, $6.00

MANN. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. A Text-Book by J. Dixon Mann,
m d , f.r.c.p., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology in Owens Col-
lege, Manchester ; Examiner in Forensic Medicine in University of London, etc.
Octavo. Cloth, Net, $6.50

MANN'S Manual of Psychological Medicine and Allied Nervous Diseases. Their
Diagnosis, Pathology, Prognosis and Treatment, including their Medico-Legal
Aspects ; with chapter on Expert Testimony, and an abstract of the laws relating
to the Insane in all the States of the Union. By Edward C. Mann, m.d.,
member of the New York County Medical Society. With Illustrations of Typical
Faces of the Insane, Handwriting of the Insane, and Micro-photographic Sec-
• tions of the Brain and Spinal Cord. Octavo. Cloth, $5-°°

MARSHALL'S Physiological Diagrams, Life Size, Colored. Eleven Life-size
Diagrams (each 7 feet by 3 feet 7 inches). Designed for Demonstration before
the Class. By John Marshall, f.r.s., f.r.c.s., Professor of Anatomy to the
Royal Academy ; Professor of Surgery, University College, London, etc.

In Sheets Unmounted, Net, $40.00
Backed with Muslin and Mounted on Rollers, Net, $60.00
Ditto, Spring Rollers, in Handsome Walnut Wall Map Case (Send for

Special Circular) Net, $100.00

Single Plates, Sheets, Net, $5.00; Mounted, $7.50; Explanatory Key, 50 cents.
No. 1 — The Skeleton and Ligaments. No. 2 — The Muscles and Joints, with
Animal Mechanics. No. 3 — The Viscera in Position. The Structure of the Lungs.
No. 4 — The Heart and Principal Blood-vessels. No. 5 — The Lymphatics or Absorb-
ents. No. 6 — The Digestive Organs. No. 7 — The Brain and Nerves. Nos. 8 and 9 —
The Organs of the Senses. Nos. 10 and 11 — The Microscopic Structure of the
Textures and Organs. {Send for Special Circular.}

MARSHALL & SMITH. On the Urine. The Chemical Analysis of the Urine.
By John Marshall, m.d., and Prof. Edgar F. Smith, of the Chemical Labora-
tories, University of Pennsylvania. Phototype Plates. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

MASON'S Compend of Electricity, and its Medical and Surgical Uses. By
Charles F. Mason, m.d., Assistant Surgeon U. S. Army. With an Intro-
duction by Charles H. May, m.d., Instructor in the New York Polyclinic.
Numerous Illustrations. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

McBRIDE. Diseases of the Throat, Nose and Ear. A Clinical Manual for Stu-
dents and Practitioners. By P. McBride, m. d., f. r. c. p. Edin., Surgeon to the
Ear and Throat Department of the Royal Infirmary; Lecturer on Diseases of
Throat and Ear, Edinburgh School of Medicine, etc. With Colored Illustrations
from Original Drawings. Octavo. Handsome Cloth, Gilt top, $7.00

MAXWELL. Terminologia Medica Polyglotta. By Dr. Theodore Maxwell,
assisted by others in various countries. 8vo. Cloth, $4.00

The object of this work is to assist the medical men of any nationality in reading medical literature written
in a language not their own. Each term is usually given in seven languages, viz. : English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin.

MAYS' Therapeutic Forces ; or, The Action of Medicine in the Light of the Doc-
trine of Conservation of Force. By Thomas J. Mays, m.d. Cloth, $1.25
Theine in the Treatment of Neuralgia. i6mo. y 2 bound, .50

MEDICAL Directory of Philadelphia and Camden, 1889. Containing lists of
Physicians of all Schools of Practice, Dentists, Vetennarians, Druggists and
Chemists, with information concerning Medical Societies, Colleges and Associa-
tions, Hospitals, Asylums, Charities, etc. Morocco, Gilt edges, $2.50


MEIGS. Milk Analysis and Infant Feeding 1 . A Treatise on the Examination of
Human and Cows' Milk, Cream, Condensed Milk, etc., and Directions as to the
Diet of Young Infants. By Arthur V. Meigs, m.d. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

MEMMLNGER. Diagnosis by the Urine. The Practical Examination of Urine,
with Special Reference to Diagnosis. By Allard Memminger, m.d., Professor
of Chemistry and of Hygiene in the Medical College of the State of S. C. ; Visiting
Physician in the City Hospital of Charleston, etc. 23 Illus. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

MERRELL'S Digest of Materia Medica. Forming a Complete Pharmacopoeia for
the use of Physicians, Pharmacists and Students. By Albert Merrell, m.d.
Octavo. Half dark Calf, $4.00

MEYER. Ophthalmology. A Manual of Diseases of the Eye. By Dr. Edouard
Meyer. Translated from the Third French Edition by A. Freedland Fer-
gus, m.b., Assistant Surgeon, Glasgow Eye Infirmary. With 270 Illustrations
and two Colored Plates. 8vo. Cloth, $4.50; Leather, $5.50

MILLS. Fuel and Its Applications. By E. J. Mills,, f.r.s., and E. J.
Rowan, c.e. (See Groves and Thorp Technology.) 8vo. Clo., $7.50 ; Half Mor. $9.00

MONEY. On Children. Treatment of Disease in Children, including the Outlines
of Diagnosis and the Chief Pathological Differences between Children and
Adults. By Angel Money, m.d., m.r.c.p., Ass't Physician to the Hospital for
Sick Children, Great Ormond St., and to the Victoria Park Chest Hospital, Lon-
don. 2d Edition. i2mo. 560 pages. Cloth, $3.00

MORRIS. Text-Book of Anatomy. 791 Illustrations, many in Colors A com-
plete Text-book. Edited by Henry Morris, f.r.c S., Surg, to, and Lect. on
Anatomy at, Middlesex Hospital, assisted by J. Bland Sutton, f.r c.s., J. h.
Davies-Colley, f.r.c.s., Wm. J. Walsham, f.r. c.s., H. St. John Brooks, m.d.,
R. Marcus Gunn, f.r.c.s., Arthur Hensman, f.r.c.s., Frederick Treves,
f.r.c.s., William Anderson, f.r.c.s., and Prof. W. H. A. Jacobson. One
Handsome Octavo Volume, with 791 Illustrations, 214 of which are printed in
colors. Cloth, $7.50; Leather, $8.50; Half Russia, $9.50

MOTJLLIN. Surgery. Second Edition, by Hamilton. A Complete Text-book.
By C. W. Mansell Moullin, m.a., m.d. oxon., f.r.c.s., Surgeon and Lec-
turer on Physiology to the London Hospital ; formerly Radcliffe Traveling
Fellow and Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford. Second American Edition.
Revised and edited by John B. Hamilton, m.d., ll.d., Professor of the Principles
of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Rush Medical College, Chicago ; Professor of
Surgery, Chicago Polyclinic ; Surgeon, formerly Supervising Surgeon-General,
U. S. Marine Hospital Service; Surgeon to Presbyterian Hospital; Consulting
Surgeon to St. Joseph's Hospital and Central Free Dispensary, Chicago, etc.
With colored Frontispiece. 600 Illustrations, over 200 of which are original,
and many of which are printed in Colors. Royal Octavo. 1200 pages. Hand-
somely bound in Cloth, Net, $7.00 ; Leather, Net, $8.00

Just Ready. Half Russia Crushed, Marbled edges and linings, Net, 9.00

" The aim to make this valuable treatise practical by giving special attention to questions of
ireatment has been admirably carried out. Many a reader will consult the work with a feeling
3f satisfaction that his wants have been understood, and that they have been intelligently met.
He will not look in vain for detail-:, without proper attention to which he well knows that the
bighest success is impossible." — The American Journal of Medical Sciences.

MURRELL. Massotherapeutics. Massage as a Mode of Treatment. By Wm.
Murrell, m.d., f.r.c.p., Lecturer on Pharmacology and Therapeutics at West-
minster Hospital. 5th Edition. Revised. i2mo. Cloth, $1.50
Chronic Bronchitis and its Treatment. {Authorized Edition?) A Clinical
Study. i2mo. 176 pages. Cloth, $1.50
What To Do in Cases of Poisoning. Seventh Edition, Enlarged and Re-
vised. 64mo. Cloth, $1.25


MUSKETT. Prescribing and Treatment in the Diseases of Infants and Child-
ren. By Philip E. Muskett, Late Surgeon to the Sydney Hospital, Formerly
Senior Resident Medical Officer, Sydney Hospital. 321110. Cloth, $1.75

MORTON on Refraction of the Eye. Its Diagnosis and the Correction of its Errors.
With Chapter on Keratoscopy, and Test Types. By A. Morton, m.b. Fourth
Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Cloth, $1.00

MUTER. Practical and Analytical Chemistry. By John Muter, f.r.s., f.c.s.,
etc. Fourth Edition. Revised, to meet the requirements of American Medical
Colleges, by Claude C. Hamilton, m.d., Professor of Analytical Chemistry
in University Med. Col. and Kansas City Col. of Pharmacy. 51 Illus. Cloth, $1.25

" Muter's Manual of Analytical Chemistry, several previous editions of which we have
noticed, now appears, revised in an American edition by Dr. Claude C. Hamilton. This
revision is based upon the fourth English edition. The editor has made only such changes as
were required to adapt the book to the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, except in the chapter on urine
analysis, which has been enlarged and to which cuts of microscopic sediments and other illus-
trations have been added. The chapter on water analysis has been altered to correspond with
Wanklyn's methods, as they are most generally used in America. Several other processes have
been added, such as estimation of chloral hydrate, of fat in milk, etc., and various minor changes
in arrangement have been made in the interest of convenience in using the treatise." — The
Popular Science Monthly.

NAPHEYS' Modern Therapeutics. Ninth Revised Edition, Enlarged and Im-
proved. In Two Handsome Volumes. Edited by Allen J. Smith, m.d., Pro-
fessor of Pathology, University of Texas, Galveston, late Ass't Demonstrator of
Morbid Anatomy and Pathological Histology, Lecturer on Urinology, University
of Pennsylvania; and J. Aubrey Davis, m.d., Ass't Demonstrator of Obstetrics,
University of Pennsylvania; Ass't Physician to Home for Crippled Children, etc.

Vol. I. — General Medicine and Diseases of Children.

Handsome Cloth binding, Net, $400

Vol. II. — General Surgery, Obstetrics, and Diseases of Women.

Handsome Cloth binding, Net, $4.00

NEW SYDENHAM SOCIETY Publications. Three to Six Volumes published
each year. List of Volumes upon application. Per annum, $8.00

OBERSTEINER. The Anatomy of the Central Nervous Organs. A Guide to the
study of their structure in Health and Disease. By Professor H. Obersteiner,
of the University of Vienna. Translated and Edited by Alex. Hill, m.a., m.d.,
Master of Downing College, Cambridge. 198 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $6.00

OPHTHALMIC REVIEW. A Monthly Record of Ophthalmic Science. Published
in London. Sample Numbers, 25 cents. Per annum, $3.00

ORMEROD. Diseases of Nervous System, Student's Guide to. By J. A. Ormerod,
m.d., Oxon., f.r.c.p. (Lond.), Mem. Path., Clin., Ophth., and Neurol. Societies,
Physician to National Hospital for Paralyzed and Epileptic and to City of London
Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Dem. of Morbid Anatomy, St. Bartholo
mew's Hospital, etc. With 75 wood engravings. i2mo. Cloth, $2.00

OSGOOD. The Winter and Its Dangers. By Hamilton Osgood, m.d. Cloth, .50

OSLER. Cerebral Palsies of Children. A Clinical Study. By William Osler,
m.d., f.r.c.p., London, etc. 8vo. Cloth, $2.00


•STROM. Massage and the Original Swedish Movements. Their Application
to Various Diseases of the Body. A Manual for Students, Nurses and Physician's.
By Kurre W. Ostrom, from the Royal University of Upsala, Sweden; Instructor
in Massage and Swedish Movements in the Hospital of the University ot
Pennsylvania, and in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in
Medicine, etc. Second Edition. Enlarged. Illustrated by 87 Wood Engrav-
ings, many of which were drawn especially for this purpose. 121110. Cloth, $1 00

OVERMAN'S Practical Mineralogy, Assaying and Mining, with a Description of
the Useful Minerals, etc. By Frederick Overman, Mining Engineer. Elev-
enth Edition. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

'ACKARD'S Sea Air and Sea Bathing. By John H. Packard, m.d. Cloth, .50

'AGE. Railroad Injuries. With Special Reference to those of the Back and

Nervous System. By Herbert Page, f.r.c.s., Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital,

and Lecturer on Surgery at its Medical School. Octavo. Cloth, $2.25

Injuries of the Spine and Spinal Cord. In their Surgical and Medico-Legal

Aspects. Third Edition. Revised. Octavo. Preparing.

'ARKES' Practical Hygiene. By Edward A. Parkes, m.d. The Eighth Re-
vised and Enlarged Edition. Edited by J. Lane Notter, m.a., m.d., f.c.s.,
Professor of Hygiene, Army Medical School, Netley, England. With 10 Litho-
graphic Plates and over 100 other Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $5x0

»ARKES. Hygiene and Public Health. A Practical Manual. By Louis C.
Parkes, m.d., d.p.h. London Hospital; Assistant Professor of Hygiene and
Public Health at University College, etc. i2mo. Third Edition, Enlarged and
Revised. Cloth, $2.75

PARRISH'S Alcoholic Inebriety. From a Medical Standpoint, with Illustrative
Cases from the Clinical Records of the Author. By Joseph Parrish, m.d.,
President of the Amer. Assoc, for Cure of Inebriates. Paper, .75 ; Cloth, $1.25

PARVIN'S Winckel's Diseases of Women. (See Winckel, page 28.)

PARVIN. Lectures on Obstetric Nursing. Delivered at the Training School for
Nurses of the Philadelphia Hospital. By Theophilus Parvin, m.d., Professor
of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children at Jefferson Medical College ;
Obstetrician to Philadelphia Hospital. i2mo. Cloth, .75

PHILLIPS. Spectacles and Eyeglasses, Their Prescription and Adjustment. By
R. J. Phillips, m.d., Instructor on Diseases of the Eye, Philadelphia Polyclinic,
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Presbyterian Hospital. 47 Illustrations. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

PHYSICIAN'S VISITING LIST. Published Annually. Forty-First Year of its


"or 25 Patients weekly. Tucks, pocket and pencil, Gilt Edges, . . $1.00

50 " " " " " " 1.25

75 " " " " " " " . 1.50

100 " " " " " " " . 2.00

<< i f Jan. to June ) „ „ „ _ rrs

50 "2 vols. |} ulyto J Dec .} . • 2.50

a 1 f Jan. to June ) «<.«<« „ ~~

100 "2 vols. {j ulytoDec .} • . 3-00


For 25 Patients weekly, interleaved, tucks, pocket, etc., Gilt Edges, . . 1.25

5 o " " " " " " ?'".. 1.50

i f Jan. to June ) ,, ,, ,, „ , „

5° 2vols - J July to Dec. J ' * J -°°


Perpetual Edition, without Dates and with Special Memorandum Pages.
For 25 Patients, interleaved, tucks, pocket and pencil, .... $1.25

50 " •; «« " " • " .... 1.50

Monthly Edition, without Dates. Can be commenced at any time and used

until full. Requires only one writing of patient's name for the whole month.

Plain binding, without Flap or Pencil, .75. Leather cover, Pocket and Pencil, $1.00

EXTRA Pencils will be sent, postpaid, for 25 cents per half dozen.
8®~ This List combines the several essential qualities of strength, compactness,
durability and convenience. It is made in all sizes and styles to meet the wants of all
physicians. It is not an elaborate, complicated system of keeping accounts, but a
plain, simple record, that may be kept with the least expenditure of time and trouble —
hence its popularity. A special circular, descriptive of contents and improvements,
will be sent upon application.

PEREIRA'S Prescription Book. Containing Lists of Terms, Phrases, Contrac-
tions and Abbreviations used in Prescriptions, Explanatory Notes, Grammatical
Construction of Prescriptions, Rules for the Pronunciation of Pharmaceutical
Terms. By Jonathan Pereira, m.d. Sixteenth Edition. Cloth, $1.00; Tucks $1.25
PORTER'S Surgeon's Pocket-Book. By Surgeon-Major J. H. Porter, late Pro-
fessor of Military Surgery in the Army Medical School, Netley, England. Revised,
and partly Rewritten. Third Edition. Small i2mo. Leather Covers, $2.25

POTTER. A Handbook of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, in-
cluding the Action of Medicines, Special Therapeutics, Pharmacology, etc In-
cluding over 600 Prescriptions and Formulae. By Samuel O. L. Potter, m.a.,
m.d., m.r.c.p. (Lond.), Professor of the Practice of Medicine, Cooper Medical Col-
lege, San Francisco ; late A. A. Surgeun U. S. Army. Fourth Edition, Revised and
Enlarged. 8vo. With Thumb Index in each copy. Cloth, $4.00 ; Leather, $5.00
Compend of Anatomy, including Visceral Anatomy. Based upon Gray.
Fifth Edition. Revised, and greatly Enlarged. With 16 Lithographed
Plates and 117 other Illustrations. Being No. 1 ? Quiz- Compend? Series.

Cloth, $1.00; Interleaved for taking Notes, $1.25
Compend of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing,
with special reference to the Physiological Action of Drugs. Fifth Revised
and Improved Edition, with Index. Being No. 6 ? Quiz- Compend? Series.
Cloth, $1.00. Interleaved for taking Notes, $1.25
Speech and Its Defects. Considered Physiologically, Pathologically and
Remedially ; being the Lea Prize Thesis of Jefferson Medical College, 1882.
Revised and Corrected. i2mo. Cloth, #1.00

POWELL. Diseases of the Lungs and Pleurae, Including Consumption. By
R. Douglas Powell, m.d., f.r.c.p., Physician to the Middlesex Hospital, and
Consulting Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest
at Brompton. Fourth Edition. With Colored Plates and Wood Engravings.
8vo. Cloth, $5.00

PRITCHARD on the Ear. Handbook of Diseases of the Ear. By Urban
Pritchard, m.d., f.r.c.s., Professor of Aural Surgery, King's College, London,
Aural Surgeon to King's College Hospital, Senior Surgeon to the Royal Ear Hos-
pital, etc. Second Edition. Many Illustrations and Formulae. i2mo. Cloth, $1.50
" The book as it stands is an excellent illustration of sound aural practice, and may be read
with advantage by anyone interested in the subject, whether surgeon, practitioner, or student."
— The London Practitioner.

PROCTOR'S Practical Pharmacy. Lectures on Practical Pharmacy. With Wood
Engravings and 32 Lithographic Fac-simile Prescriptions. By Barnard S.
Proctor. Third Edition. Revised and with elaborate Tables of Chemical
Solubilities, etc. Cloth, $4.50


RALFE. Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary Derangements. By C. H. Ralfe,
m.d., f.r.c. P., Ass't Physician to the London Hospital. Illus. i2mo. Cloth, $2.75

RAMSAY. A System of Inorganic Chemistry. By William Ramsay, ph.d.,
f.r.s., Prof, ot Chem. in University College, London. Illus. 8vo. Cloth, $4.50

REESE'S Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. A Text-book for Medical and
Legal Practitioners and Students. By John J. Reese, m.d., Editor of Taylor's
Jurisprudence, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence,
including Toxicology, in the University of Pennsylvania Medical Department.
Third Edition. Enlarged. Crown Octavo. 666 pages. Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50

" The third edition of this well-known book needs scarcely any comment at our hands. It
has been so fully and favorably dwelt upon in the Journal at its former appearances that but little
more can be added now. That it is a standard work of American medical literature is not say-
ing too much for it, also that it is a thoroughly reliable guide for the practitioner if called upon
to define his position in the judicial forum. To the student of medical jurisprudence and toxi-
cology it is invaluable, as it is concise, clear, and thorough in every respect. The absence ot
cumbersome quotations enhances its value. The additions especially valuable in the present
revision are the chapter on the Ptomaines and Formad's investigation and technique for the
restoration and measurement of blood corpuscles." — The American Journal of the Medical

REEVES. Bodily Deformities and their Treatment. A Handbook of Practical
Orthopaedics. By H. A. Reeves, m.d., Senior Ass't Surgeon to the London Hos-
pital, Surgeon to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. 228 Illustrations. Cloth, $2.25

RICHARDSON. Long Life, and How to Reach It. By J. G. Richardson, Prof,
of Hygiene, University of Penna. Cloth, .50

RICHARDSON'S Mechanical Dentistry. A Practical Treatise on Mechanical
Dentistry. By Joseph Richardson, d.d.s. Sixth Edition. Thoroughly Revised
by Geo. W. Warren, Chief of the Clinical Staff, Pennsylvania College of Den-
tal Surgery, Phila. With 600 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $4.50; Leather, $5.50

RICHTER'S Inorganic Chemistry. A Text-book for Students. By Prof. Victor
von Richter, University of Breslau. Fourth American, from Sixth German
Edition. Authorized Translation by Edgar F. Smith, m.a., ph.d., Prof, of
Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Member of the Chemical Societies of
Berlin and Paris. 89 Illustrations and a Colored Plate. i2mo. Cloth, $2.00

Organic Chemistry. The Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds. Second
American Edition, translated from the Sixth German by Edgar F. Smith,
m. a., ph. d., Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania. Illustrated.
1040 pages. i2mo. Cloth, $4.50

ROBERTS. Practice of Medicine. The Theory and Practice of Medicine. By
Frederick Roberts, m.d., Professor of Therapeutics at University College,
London. Eighth Edition, with Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $5.50; Leather, $6.50

ROBINSON. Latin Grammar of Pharmacy and Medicine By D. H. Robinson,
ph.d., Professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of Kansas. Intro-
duction by L. E. Sayre, ph.g., Professor of Pharmacy in, and Dean of the Dept.
of Pharmacy, University of Kansas. i2mo. Second Edition. Cloth, $2.00

SANDERSON'S Physiological Laboratory. A Handbook of the Physiological
Laboratory. Being Practical Exercises for Students in Physiology and Histology.
By J. Burdon Sanderson, m.d., E. Klein, m.d., Michael Foster, m.d., f.r.s.,
and T. Lauder Brunton, m.d. With over 350 Illustrations and Appropriate
Letter-press Explanations and References. One Volume. Cloth, $5.00


SANSOM. Diseases of The Heart. The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Heart and
Thoracic Aorta, and the Pathology which serves for the recognition of Morbid
States of the Organs of Circulation. By A. Ernest Sansom, m.d., f.r.c.p.,
Physician to the London Hospital, Examiner in Medicine Royal College of
Physicians, etc. With Plates and other Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $7.50

SCHULTZE. Obstetrical Diagrams. Being a Series of 20 Colored Lithograph
Charts, imperial map size, of Pregnancy and Midwifery, with accompanying
explanatory (German) text, illustrated by wood-cuts. By Dr. B. S. Schultze,
Professor of Obstetrics, University of Jena. Second Revised Edition.

Price, in Sheets, Net, $26.00 ; Mounted on Rollers, Muslin Backs, Net, $36.00

SEWELL. Dental Surgery, including Special Anatomy and Surgery. By Henry
Sewell, m.r.c.s., l.d.s., President Odontological Society of Great Britain. 3d
Edition, greatly enlarged, with about 200 Illustrations. Cloth, $3.00

SHAWE. Notes for Visiting Nurses, and all those interested in the working and
organization of District, Visiting, or Parochial Nurse Societies. By Rosilind
Gillette Shawe, District Nurse for the Brooklyn Red Cross Society. With an
Appendix explaining the organization and working of various Visiting and Dis-
trict Nurse Societies, by Helen C. Jenks, of Philadelphia. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00

SMITH. Abdominal Surgery. Being a Systematic Description of all the Princi-
pal Operation-s. By J. Greig Smith, m.a., f.r.s.e., Surg, to British Royal In-
firmary ; Lecturer on Surgery, Bristol Medical School ; Late Examiner in Surgery,
University of Aberdeen, etc. Over 80 Illustrations. Fourth Edition. Cloth, $7.00

SMITH. Electro-Chemical Analysis. By Edgar F. Smith, Professor of Chem-

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