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loved me?

Rose. Madly, passionately!
Rob. But when I became a bad baronet, you very properly loved

Richard instead?
Rose. Passionately, madly!
Rob. But if I should turn out not to be a bad baronet after all,

how would you love me then?
Rose. Madly, passionately!
Rob. As before?
Rose. Why, of course!

Rob. My darling! [They embrace.

Rich. Here, I say, belay.

Rose. Oh sir, belay, if it 's absolutely necessary.
Rob. Belay? Certainly not!


Rob. Having been a wicked baronet a week,

Once again a modest livelihood I seek,
Agricultural employment
Is to me a keen enjoyment,
For I'm naturally diffident and meek!


Rose. When a man has been a naughty baronet,

And expresses his repentance and regret,
You should help him, if you're able,
Like the mousie in the fable,
That 's the teaching of my Book of Etiquette.

Rich. If you ask me why I do not pipe my eye,

Like an honest British sailor, I reply,
That with Zorah for my missis,
There'll be bread and cheese and kisses,
Which is just the sort of ration I enjye !

Des. 6 Mar. Prompted by a keen desire to evoke,

All the blessed calm of matrimony's yoke,
We shall toddle off to-morrow,
From this scene of sin and sorrow,
For to settle in the town of Basingstoke!

All. For happy the lily

That 's kissed by the bee ;
And, sipping tranquilly,

Quite happy is he ;
And happy the filly

That neighs in her pride ;
But happier than any,
A pound to a penny,
A lover is, when he

Embraces his bride !


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Online LibraryW. S. (William Schwenck) GilbertRuddigore : or, The witch's curse → online text (page 4 of 4)