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From 1719 to 1871.












CSJaltyam College,



IN the year 1884 I undertook to prepare for publication
the records of men who had belonged to Wadham College ;
and in 1889 I was able to produce the first Part of this work,
containing the names of all men who had been attached to
the College from its foundation in 1613 to 1719. To this I
am now able to add in Part II. the records of Wadham men
from 1719 to 1871. I would gladly have carried the work on
to the Second University Commission (1881), or even to the
present day, but it would have proved too large ; yet, perhaps,
at some future time, I may be able to continue the publica-
tion of the College Eegisters together with those appendices
on the Buildings, the Endowments and Estates, Benefactors,
Servants, Library, Plate, and Pictures, which, though contem-
plated from the beginning of the work, I have been unable
to include in the present volume.

I have appended to this Part such additional information
about the Members of the College from 1613 to 1719 as I
have been able to discover in the last five years. The
publication of Foster's Alumni, Oxonienses (1500 to 1714)
has supplied the matriculations of numerous men who
migrated to Wadham from elsewhere : and many facts have
been gathered from the works of Jackson (Wadham), Boase
(Exeter), Shadwell (Oriel), Fowler (Corpus), and the publi-
cations of the Oxford Historical Society, especially Wood's
Life and Times.

I have tried to acknowledge carefully the sources of my


information : and especially in the case of Mr Foster, wherever
I have used such items, as he alone could supply, I have
placed them in inverted commas, followed by the letter F.

Besides the gratitude which is due to the Authorities of
the College for placing all records at my disposal, I would
express my thanks to the officers of the College of Arms, and
to the Clergy who had so kindly searched their Eegisters for
me ; and further, to the many living Members of the College
who have supplied information about themselves and their


November 1, 1894.



Introduction .......... ix

Fasti for Wadham College xiii

Abbreviations and Notes xix

The Wardenship of

William Baker ... 1

Robert Thistlethwayte 16

Samuel Lisle 58

George Wyndham 72

James Gerard ... 151

John Wills .... .... 170

William Tournay 238

Benjamin Parsons Symons . 346

Additions to Part 1 571

Additions and Corrections, Part II 598

Index of Names 603

List of Subscribers, Part 1., 1889 623

List of Subscribers, Part II., 1894 625


IN continuation of the Introduction to Part I. it is neces-
sary to add that as to


they remained during this period (as they still remain) almost
unaltered from the clay of the Foundation. The Buildings
now known as 10 and 11 in the Back Quadrangle were
adapted for the use of Students in 1828. The arrangements
of the College Garden underwent several changes, and finally
the extent of the College Ground was largely increased by
the generosity of Warden Wills, and the subsequent purchase
of the Warden's Garden.


continued in force from the time of the Foundation till the
University Commission of 1856-7, though they were on some
points interpreted by the Visitor in accordance with modern
wants. No members of the Foundation except the Warden
and the Chaplains were required to be in orders ; a Fellowship
was tenable for 18 years from Regency; Scholars were elected
from among the members of the College, a theory which
prevailed to such an extent that if an election was made from
outside, the successful candidate was admitted Commoner,
before he was admitted Scholar. The condition of celibacy
attached to the Wardenship was abrogated by Act of Parlia-
ment in 1806. Among the changes introduced by the Com-
missioners was one enabling men to hold Fellowships for their
life, and under certain conditions after marriage : the emolu-
ments of one Fellowship were attached to the Professorship
of Experimental Philosophy, but the Professor was not
necessarily a Fellow,



The College officers continued to be elected annually on
St Nicholas Day (6th of December) : but it was a matter of
form, the resident Fellows dividing the work among them-
selves, either as holding the offices or as deputies for non-
resident Fellows.


During this period, in addition to John Goodridge's four
Exhibitions for Commoners, and three for Scholars, many
Exhibitions were founded. Dr Hody's six Exhibitions
for the study of Greek were generally held by Scholars :
besides these there were four Hody Exhibitions for the study
of Hebrew. There were also Pigott, Maddox, Gerard, Somer-
scales, and Warner (for Botany) Exhibitions. The Pigott
Exhibition was generally divided between the two clerks, who
also held two of Goodridge's Exhibitions for Commoners.
Warden Wills, in addition to many other benefactions,
endowed a Divinity Lectureship and a Beading Pri/e, and left
Exhibitions both for Scholars and Fellows in Law and
Medicine. He also left two bequests for Superannuated


In the introduction to Part I. I divided the History of the
College, as far as its records were considered, into Six Periods :
of these the first three and part of the fourth were there dis-
posed of, bringing the history down to 1719.

The present volume includes the remainder of the
Fourth Period, 1719 to 1739 (Wardens Baker, and Thistle-
thwaite); the Fifth Period, 1739 to 1806 (Wardens Lisle,
Wyndham, Gerard, and Wills); and so much of the Sixth
Period, 1806 to 1871, as is covered by the Wardenships of
Tournay and Symons.

I have already (in the Introduction to Part I) mentioned
that in the scarcity of College Ptecords for the Fourth Period
I am thrown back upon the University Matriculation Piegister,
supplemented by the College Caution Books.

The Register of Foundationers (A) is blank, except that in


1739 Warden Lisle, on resuming the entries, prefixed a list of
Scholars elected since 1720.

The Register of Fellow Commoners, Commoners, and Servi-
tors () is fairly complete from 1719 to 17^7.

The Caution Books are complete.

The Convention Book (M) begins to be kept again, 6th
December 1719, after a gap of thirty years.

For the Fifth Period, while the Register of Foundationers
(A) is complete, the Register of Commoners (B) ceases alto-
gether, and I am obliged to take the University Matriculations
as my text, supplemented by the Caution Books. For this
period the Convention Book is complete.

For the Sixth Period, while the above mentioned sources
of information remain available, there is also a most admirable
record of all persons who entered the College, commenced by
Warden Tournay and continued by his successor; indeed,
when Wardan Tournay began his record (apparently in 1810),
he not only recorded all admissions, but also as far as he
could discover it, the history of every man whose name was
at that time on the College Books.

This liegister, then, of Wardens Tournay and Symons
forms the backbone of the work from 1806. It is supple-
mented, firstly, with additional information on University
matters which they had not registered, and secondly, with a
note as to men's subsequent career, where such information
could be obtained, about which the Wardens rarely made an

In conclusion, let me point out that our Founders anticipated
what is now considered the wisest arrangement for a College :
no Fellow was obliged to take orders and Fellowships were
terminable. This worked in two ways: the succession to
Fellowships was rapid, and the management of the College
was generally in the hands of men under 40 years of age,
with the exception of the Warden. On the other hand, non-
residence became common, because the Fellows were anxious
to secure a position before their Fellowships expired. During
the last century most of the Fellows did take orders but the
College had only five livings in its gift, which did not supply
a sufficiently rapid succession. The College supplied but few
University Officers and Professors; for its members were
generally launched in the world before the age at which
University dignities used to be attained but if its influence


on the University is not so distinct as that of some other
Colleges, it can claim that it has twice, in its corporate capacity,
imprinted its mark upon English thought, first through the
remarkable group of men who, by no fortuitous concourse,
gathered in its chambers as the nucleus of the Koyal Society,
and secondly, by another group of teachers and scholars who
went forth from its walls to be the first and most earnest
exponents in England of the Philosophy of Comte : a system
which, whether accepted or rejected, has profoundly, and in
many cases unsuspectedly, modified the direction of English
Philosophy. In thus closing the work of ten years I will only
add that it has been to me a labour of love, and I am very
thankful if by my toil I can show piety towards our Founders,
to whose wisdom and liberality all Wadham men, and especially
members of the Foundation, are infinitely indebted.


170f. 14 March. George Hooper, Bishop of Bath and


1714. 1 Aug. Accession of King George I.
1719. 23 May. Admission of fatten tSafeet.

6 Dec. Entries in the Convention Book resumed.
1723. Dec. Resignation of S2Uar&en iSafeet (Bishop of


22 Dec. Election of barton
1727. 11 June. Accession of King George II.

19 Sept. John Wynne, Bishop of Bath and Wells.
1732. 9 Dec. It was ordered "that all the trees in 'The

Grove ' be cut down."

1736. 28 Nov. Death of Edith, widow of Dr Hody (Bene-
factor), whereby his benefaction accrued to
the College.

1738. June. Exhibitioners first appointed under Dr

Body's Will.
173-f. 20 March. Resignation of ftSJattott Cfjistletttoagt?.

(Letter dated 17 Eeb. 173f.)
22 March. Election of ftHatfcen EtSle.

1739. 28 March. Entries in the Register of Foundationers



1739. 3 April. First Election to Sir Benjamin Maddox'

1741. 15 July. First Election to the Pigott Exhibition.

1743. September. Edward Willes, Bishop of Bath and


1744. 9 May. Eesignation of TOattten EtSlC (Bishop of

St Asaph).

11 May. Election of 2Mattrnt S&tgnWjam.

1745 6 Dec. Prince Charles Edward Stewart retreated
from Derby.

1746. 1 6 April. Battle of Culloden.

7 May. Lord Wyndham's bequest to the College.

1747. 30 June. Foundation Deed of the Somerscales Ex-


1754. April. A severely contested election for Oxford-
shire, which leads to the removal of a
Scholar (Pester) from the Foundation.

1760. 25 Oct. Accession of King George III.

6 Dec. The Estate of Wambrook (bequeathed by

Robert Smyth, D.M., in 1 746) comes into the
possession of the College.

1773. 8 July. The twelve garrets in the great Quadrangle,

which had never been repaired since the
foundation of the College, are ordered to
be made habitable.

1774. 23 April. Charles Moss, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

1775. 20 April. Mr Warner's bequest of 4400 Books ; and

foundation of the Warner Exhibition for

1777. 3 May. Death of

5 May. Election of <2iiattJm

1779. From this time there were two Pigott Ex-

1781. Christmas. Battlements blown down by a high


1782. 19 Nov. OTatfcm etartl resigns.

21 Nov. Re-election of <*l&tartiCtt (Sfrat'tJ.

1783. 11 Feb. Will of Samuel Bush, Vicar of Wadhurst,

leaving his Books, Plate, and other property
to the College.
5 July. Eesignation of

7 July. Election of


1783. 29 Oct. Admission of

1789. From this time till 1836 there were generally two

Somerscales Exhibitioners.

1790. G March. Foundation of the Gerard Exhibition.
1795. 9 April. Warden Wills, by Deed of Gift, bestows on

the College the lease of Harness' Garden
adjoining the Warden and the Fellows' Gar-
dens on the north, in trust for the use of
the Warden for ever.
First mention of an Election to the Warner


1802. 8 May. Richard Beadon, Bishop of Bath and

1805. 1 Nov. The wall in front of the College was taken

down and a palisade put up.

1806. 16 June. Death of TOartlftt MttllS.

19 June. Election of SSJartoftt Coumaj).
6 Dec. The Office of Divinity Lecturer and Preacher,

endowed by Warden Wills, was first filled

up; and his other Exhibitions, Benefactions,

and Prizes, distributed.
1807 14 May. Arrangements for the employment of Warden

Wills' bequest for the purchase of livings.
1820. 20 Jan. Accession of King George IV.
1824. 27 May. George Henry Law, Bishop of Bath and

1828. The University Stereotype Foundry and the College

Brew-house were converted into chambers

(10 and 11).
1 July. The Fee Farm Rent of six shillings per

annum, which had been payable to the

Crown since the foundation of the College,

was purchased.

1830. 26 June. Accession of King William IV.

1831. 14 June. Resignation of ft&artm STournaj).
16 June. Election of ftSJacfccn i>mons.

1832. 26 Jan. Repair of the Chapel under the direction of

Mr Blore.

1835. 20 Nov. The fee-simple of the garden on the north of
the College, of which the lease had been
given by Warden Wills (see 1795), was
purchased by the College.


1836. 6 April. Two painted windows placed in the Chapel.

(The Nativity and Pentecost.)

1837. 20 June. Accession of Queen Victoria.

1845. 6 Nov. Richard Bagot, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

1850. 6 Dec. Trinity College purchases the rails, wall, and

plantation opposite to the College.

1851. 23 April. The questions of the University Com-

missioners were " acknowledged."

1854. Robert John Eden, Lord Auckland, Bishop

of Bath and Wells.

1855. 30 June. The Convention Book records the failure of

Messrs Paul, Strahan, & Bates (Bankers),
whereby the College loses over 2000.
1857. 29 April. The College acquiesces in the scheme of the

University Commissioners.

The Maddox and Gerard Exhibitions and Good-
ridge's three Exhibitions for Scholars were
consolidated by the University Commis-
sioners, and added to the Scholarships.

1867. 17 June. First Election to an open Fellowship.

1868. A new bell hung in the Chapel.

1869. 21 Dec. Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, Bishop of

Bath and Wells.

1871. 18 Oct. Eesignation of 2Martim SjgtmmB,
4 Nov. Election of raatfcen rtffrtfjs.








IN a work of this kind it is unnecessary to explain the
ordinary contractions of University records, but the following
observations must be noted.

The letters Wi., Jf., and >. must be read Warden or
Wardenship, Fellow or Fellowship, Scholar or Scholarship.

$. Jp. Probationer Fellow.

jf. (ft. or . (ft. Fellow or Gentleman Commoner.

C. Commoner.

Jtt. Matriculated.

s.p. sine prole ; s.p.m. sine prole mascula.

v.p. vita patris.

Caution Money (&.JE.), which varied in amount according
to status, was either " restored " to its owner or " taken up
for battels." Many men after graduating allowed it to be
exhausted in College and University dues, when their names
were removed from the College Books, either by their own
action or by the stoppage of further payments. Some after-
wards " replaced " their names and Caution Money. In the
year 1855, it was arranged that on payment of a sum down,
any M.A. might " compound for both College and University
dues, whereby his name would remain on the Books for life."

The Old Style continued in use in England till 1751 ; after
that the year was reckoned to begin on 1st January instead of
25th of March.

As to authorities, Wood and Hearne are quoted passim ;
County or College histories are referred to by the name of
the author ; notes borrowed from Foster's Alumni are printed
in inverted commas with the addition (F.) ; and O.H.S. refers
to the publications of the Oxford Historical Society.

Wabbam College.

Marten Bafcer,


Samuel Danvers. jf.ilL 12 March, 17-if. JE. (D'Anvers)
2-4 March, I7i^ (fil. Johannis D. deCulworth, Northampton :
Baronetti, aet. 19). CJE. received 12 March, 17^-g, re-
stored Michaelmas 1721.

He was eldest son. His mother (Meriel Leicester) died at his
birth. He died unmarried 5 Feb. 175f (Baker I. 603). His
father died in 1744, and the dignity became extinct in his half-
brother, Sir Michael, who died in 1776.

John Hunt. JfM. 21 March, 17-H' (Somerset). JE. 24

March, 17-^ (fil. Johannis H. de Compton Pauncefort,
Somerset: arm. a?t. 17). (H.JE. received 21 March, 17fg,
restored Christmas 1720.

Subsequently of Sanford Orcas, died 1740 (Phelp.) Father of
Dodinyton H. 1753.

Robert Choppin. <. 29 Aug. 1719. |E. (Chopping) 23
Oct. 1719 (fil. Johannis C. de Nevis Ins., gen. set. 18).
&.JE. received 1 Sept. 1719, restored Christmas 1720.

James Vernon. <. 15 Sept. 1719. JE. 23 Oct. 1719 (fil.
Johannis V. de St. ^Egidii, Londin : arm. ;et. 17). dT.|tt.
received 21 Sept. 1719, restored l;5 July, 1720.

Possibly John V. B.A. (Worcester), 7 May, 1723. M.A., 21
March, 1725. .f . Bursar 1728-1731. .f. void Dec. 173G.


2 WARDEN BAKER. [1719.

Walter Dovey. <. 12 Jan. 17if. |E. 8 March, 1719 (fil.
Johannis D. de Sancti Clem. Danes, Londin: gen. aet. 15).
<.JE. received 12 Jan. 17-H, restored 2 April, 1724.

"Barrister at Law, Inner Temple, 1727" (F). Brother of
Richard D : 1723.

Giles Thisthlethwayte. <. 29 Jan. 17-1-g- (Oxon). JE.
(fil. ^Egidii T. de St. Magd. Oxon : gen. set. 21) the College
is not entered, but he was evidently of Wadham. (H.JE.
received 23 March, 17-51, restored ? 24 May, 1726.
Goodridge Exhibitioner, 1720, 1721, 1722.

He was evidently son of Giles T. of New College, and first
cousin once removed of Alexander T., 1735, and his brothers.

Uvedale Jones. 4L 15 Feb. 17-^f. 61. 19 Feb. 17* (fil.
Thonue J. de Sancti ^Egidii, Londin : equitis. a:t. 17).
CLJE. received 23 March, 17^, increased to
16 Nov. 1720, restored Christmas 1720.

? " Lincoln's Inn, 3 March 17^ " (F).

Francis Smith. <. 9 March, 17#. JE. 21 March,

(fil. Johannis S. de Fast Harptry, Somerset : gen. aet. 20).
C.JE. received (Samuel S.), 18 March, 17-i$-, restored
25 Oct. 1724. 11 A. 19 March, 1723.

Samuel Watson. (. 15 March, 17#. |E. 16 March,
17-J1 (fil. Johannis W. de Chesham, Buck : gen. yet. 15).
.|tt. received 23 March, 17^, restored 25 March, 1729.
Goodridge Exhibitioner, 1721. Elected . 1722; and
took the Oaths, 23 Oct. 1722. B.A 11 Dec. 1723.
M.A. 26 June, 1728.

One of this name was Vicar of Great Missenden, Bucks, from
7 Feb. 1746 to 1 Aug. 1747.

Thomas Leir. OL 17 March, 17 H (Somerset). JE. 18
March, 17^-g (fil. Thomas L. de Ditchet, Somerset: cler.
a>t. 17). C.JTft. received 2:5 March, 17*1, restored 13
July, 1726. r,.A. 31 Oct. 1723. M.A. 4 July 1726.

1719.] WARDEN BAKER. 3

Rector of Ditclieat, Somerset, 27 Oct. 1730. Eector of Charltou
Musgrove, 1730, till his death in 1781. Buried at Ditclieat
with this epitaph


Rev di Thomoe Leir, M.A.,

Hujus Ecclesia3 necnon parochise de Charlton Musgrove,

per quinquaginta annos Recto 3 .

Placida morte senex requievit

xxiii die Aug u 1781.

^Etat s siue 79.

Father of Thomas L., 1756; William L., 1757; and Paul
Methuen L., 1772.

Richard Watkins. <. 24 March, 17i#. JE. 4 April, 1720
(fil. Carol! W. de Ano, i.c,., Aynhoe, Northampton : gen.
set. 18). OT.JE. received 8 April, 1720, restored 21 Dec.
1727. Elected . 1719. B.A. 11 Dec. 1723. M.A.
5 July, 1726. Jf. 1727 to 1739. Elected Humanity
Lecturer 1731, 1732, 1733, 1734, and Dean 1735, 1738,
1737 ; Catechist 1738.

Father of Charles, 1761 ; Richard, 1763 ; John, 1769 ; and
Grandfather of Charles S. W., 1800. Rector of Clifton
Campvill, Stafford, 1739, till his death 18 Nov. 1776 (Shaw).

John Ansell. Serviens, 10 Oct. 1719. |tt. (Ancell) same
day (fil. Ludovici A. de Hanslopp, i.e., Hanslape, Buck :
pleb. net. 18). (JT.pt. received as Servitor Sept. 1719,
restored Feb. 18, 1723. B.A. 13 June 1723.

John Swinton. Serviens, 12 Oct. 1719. JE. 10 Oct. 1719
(fil. Johannis S. de Bexton, Cestr: gen. net. 16). (.JE.
received as Servitor Sept. 1719, taken up for Battels by
Bursar Nash. Apparently Clerk, 1722. Elected .
1723. B.A. 1 Dec. 1723. M.A. 1 Dec, 1726. B.I).
(Ch. Ch.) 9 Nov. 1759. Goodridge Exhibitioner 1726,
1727, and probably till 1729 (the lists are missing).
$MF. 30 June 1729. Elected Sub-Dean 1727, 1728;
Dean 1729; Moderator of Philosophy 1730; Catechist
1731: Sub- Warden 1734; Humanity Lecturer 1735,

4 WARDEN BAKER. [1719-20.

1736, 1737. In July 1745 he migrated to Ch. Ch. as
M.A. In 1767, he was elected Keeper of the Archives,
which office he held till 1777. On the floor of the
ante-chapel of Wadhain is a lozenge with this inscription
J. Swinton, B.D., oliin hujus Coll : Soc : obiit April
4, 1777. M.S. 1784.

Brother of Thomas S. 1735.

John Owen. Servians, 11 Nov. 1719. JE, same day (fil.
Johannis 0. de Sancti Michaelis, Coventrize: gen. set. 18).
(H.JE. received as Servitor Sept. 1719, restored Christinas

Samuel Dally. Serviens, 26 Feb. 17f >. JE. 29 Feb. 17fg-
(fil. Edvardi D. de Swillets, Dorcestr: pleb. ret. 19).
C.JE. received as Servitor 16 March, 17^{y, increased 6
July 1726, restored 13 July, 1727. B.A." 21 Feb. 1723.
M.A. 10 July 1727.


Richard Chandler. jfF.Ctf. 27 April, 1720. JE. same day
(fil. Edvardi C. de Lichfield, Stafford : Episcopi. ret. 16).

Gl.JE. received same day, restored 3 July, .

" Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1726." (F.)

Edward Hill. ,-ff.OT. 20 Oct. 1720 (Devon). JE. 22 Oct.
1720 (fil. Richard! H. de Broad Hembury, #ic Devon :
arm. ret. 19). (JT.pl. received 20 July, 1720, restored
December 1721.

Thomas Bedford. 4T. 31 March, 1720. JE. 2 April,
1720 (fil. Thomae B. de Uffington, Bercher: gen. ret. 16).
(H.JE. received 6 April, 1720, restored Christmas, 1723.
Goodridge Exhibitioner 1721 and 1722, and possibly in
1723 (the list is missing). B.A. 18 Nov. 1723.

Edward Tart. 4T. 31 March, 1720. JE. 2 April, 1720
(fil. Edvardi T. de Birmingham, Warwic: gen. ret. 16).
(JT.JE. received 20 April, 1720, restored 2 May 1732.
Goodridge Exhibitioner 1724; B.A. 18 Nov. 1723.

Out; of this name was D.D. Vicar of St Mary's, and Master
of Leicester's Hospital, Warwick, died 15 June, 1750.


Theophilus Lessey. <. 6 April, 1720. |E. 9 April, 1720
(fil. Gulielmi L. de Stocklinch, Somerset: pleb. set. 18).
CJK. received 8 April, 1720, restored 15 May, 1727.
Goodridge Exhibitioner 1721, 1722; B.A. 11 Nov. 1723.

Stephen Blizard. <. 1 June, 1720. Jfc. 2 June, 1720
(fil. Jeremite B. de Antegoa, St John : gen. at. 16). (.|tt.
received 7 June, 1720, restored Christmas, 1720.

Edward Stone. <. 28 June, 1720. JE. 29 June, 1720
(fil. Edvardi S. de Risborough Principis, Buck : gen. at.
18). (JT.jE. received 1 July, 1720, restored 1 July, by
Bursar Thomas. Elected *. 1724, of Buckingham-
shire; B.A. 4 Nov. 1724; M.A. 3 June, 1727; elected
,-fF. 1730 ; elected Humanity Lecturer 1730 ; Librarian
1731, 1735, 1737; Bursar 1732, 1733, 1738, 1740 (in
which year, he was appointed Senior Bursar at
Wyndham's request; Convention Book}\ Dean 1734:
Sub-Warden 1739. On the 30th June, 1741, he was
presented to the Vicarage of Southrop, but he resigned
it on 6th Deer. 1741.

Rector of Horsenden 10 March 1737, and of Drayton, Oxon,
died 1768, aged 66. (LipscomL). Father of Edward S. 1758,
and first-cousin once removed of Richard Meade 1801.

John Huxley. <. 14 July, 1720. JE. 7 Nov. 1720 (fil.
Johannis H. de Astley Abbotts, Salop : gen. at. 18).
(JLJE. received 20 July, 1720, restored 28 Dec. by
Bursar Hunt.

Francis Huxley. <. 14 July, 1720. (C.JE. received 20
July, 1720, restored by Bursar Nash.

William Hart. OT. 11 Oct. 1720 (Stafford). JE. 12 Oct.
1720 (fil. Guliehni H. de Overly, ? Wolverly, Vigorn :

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