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New Series.





i ■ LOXI)-''''X






J . \ .

On the couipk-tion of tlie ru->,t volume c-f the New Series

"':^of TllK Ol':NP:ALO(iIsT, I liave, before all thiiic^s, t.) oli'er my

- * sincere thanks to tliose kiu<l friend.s who have so promptly

■'% come forward to assist me in my endeavour to maintain the

•. ^'j higli standard of excellence which this magazine had reached

\ under the careful superintendence of its late Editor. Without

1 such aid a publication of this kind must inevitably C'.)Uapse ;

"■•V.but, so far from material failing, my only trouble has been

"\,that the space at my disposal was altogether insufficient to

<,;;iaeet the demands made upon it. I can only assure those

^ who have, so good-naturedly, allowed their Communications

.\i'^ remain in my hands, that they shall all be dealt with iu

\ ^ due course.

*> And whilst on the subject of Communications, 1 am

■;■ reminded that, perhaps, a word or two should be said with

\,\', reference to what, it is to be wished, their nature shoidd be.

\ As has already been stated elsewhere, it is proposed in the

future to widen somewhat the scope of the magazine hy the

admission of original articles of an anti(|uarian or topographical

cha\'actor ; but, as a general guide to contributors, I v>-oul4

say, that the contents of Nichols's CuUedanea Ti.^iKjraphica

ct Gene'dogicii. or Bentley's Excerpta Illstortca, m.iy be taken

as indicating the class of material which is most suited to

those pages. As it was remarked by the Editors of the

GuUcdanca so may I repeat. : The Genealogist " is intended
to be, not a mere temporavy vehicle of amuseuaent, but a
permanent storeiiouse of authentic infurmation, to which
reference may heieafter confidently be made."

With this aim the Proprietors of The Genealogist decided
on the publication of the laborious and exhaustive ^^Uto ^Jccrugr,
now making steady progress under the careful and paiiistakmg
editorship of " G.E.C." ; which, .without laying- claim to infalli-
bility, is a work that, when completed, must certainly prove
of enduring value for referential purposes. With this object,
too, in view, I stated at the outset of my editorship, that the
Public Records — which all will acknowledge to be the lai-gest
producers of irrefutable evidence — would receive special atten-
tion in the Kew Series ; and, in succeeding volumes, it is
hoped that even more space may be allotted to this subject
than Avas possible in the present issue. Beyond this, anything
which tends to enlighten our ignorance with regard to original
records or manuscript collections in public or private reposi-
tories, will at all times be sure of obtaining publicity in the
pages of The Genealogist.

Walford D. Selby.

September, 18S4.



The Visitatii.ii of Berkshire in 15ti6. Edited by W.\lti;k C. MtrcALVE,- F.S.A. ... 1
Sacraniuiitul Token-books at St. Savioui's, Southwaik. l)y W. Uk^DLJ:, AiUhur

of " Old f'outh'i-.iy?.- and itj Pco^-Jc" 15

The Ii;u-i.sumeut of Sir Joan F.liot'.-! son. By Gkougk J. MonPis 21

Marriage Licences in the Diocesan Registry at Worcester 27, 102

Fiisliion Family 32

The Black Prince 33

"Monumental luscrii.tiun.s at Norwich 33

The Banbury Feerage. By the liew. M. T. Pk\i:m^.\ 42

Notes on tlie Family of Playter, or Playters, of co. Sufi'olk. By the Rev. T. I'.

Wadley, M.A 45, 169, 243

A Peerage Directory, 1727. By J. J. CAitTwisi'iHT, :^r.A., F.S.A 40

The Boron ghbridge Poll of Anns. Edited by .Tamfs Giief.nsti'.eet 51, 117

A Writ of ttummon.s by Richard Cromwell 55

Extrati.-< from the Parish Registers of Be.xley, co. Kent. P.y Granville Llveso.v

GowEB, F.S.A 5S, 112,224

Are thers two Earls of Mar .' 60, 122

The Scutiige ami Marshal's Rolls. By S. R. Bikd, F.S.A 65

The Ormonde Attaindei-s— 1461 and 1715. By Hubekt Hall 76 of IjArnbeth Administrations 80

Queen Elizabeth at Helmingliam. By John A. C. Vincent 82

Noble Family 91

Field, of Uloebr and Laoeby, co. Lincoln. By W. G. Dimock Fletcher, M.A. ... 92
Remai'ks on Mr. Pym Yeatman's Notice of the Barony of Roger Arundel in his

" History of the Houie of Arur. del." By T. EoND 97, 1 57

A yacrameni Certificate. Goaimuruoated by MAJon-GKNEKiL W. H. Siilin lOS



Harvard Uuivcisity, U.S., and tlie Haivards of Soutliwark. By W. Rendle,

F.R.C.S 107

Wanley'3 Harleian Jourua!. By Joiix A. C. Vixcknt 114, 178, 256

Pedigree of the Family of Le Fuucouer, Falconer, and Fawkeiier. With Chart

Pedigree 129

Sir FrancLs Kuolly.^. By the Rev. M. T. Pkaumax 139

A Diary of Travel in 1647-8 145

Note on the Es.^ex Yl-itition of lo-Ti. By J. H. Round 149

Oliver Cromwell's Descent from the Steward Family. Ci'niiniinicateil by Wai.tkii

Rte 150

Harvard Family 182

Sir Berni-rd Buike on " Queen Eiiiialiuth at Hehiiiiiyham" 183

Funeral Certificates. Edited by G. Vr. MAn.siiALr, LL D 184

Dukes, Earls, aud Maormar.-, 1S7

Caleudariur.T Geucalogicum : or Calendar of Heir,-, extracted from the Inquisi-
tions, ^fm;j. Edw. II. Cy Jonx A. C. Vincent lOr, 206

Notes on the Heralds' Visit.itiou.'^. By Geoit.e W. Makshall, LL.D 201

The Chiefs of Gri;nt. By Canon Giunt 214

Marvodia : Being an Account of the List Ilhiess of .James I. and of the Post-
mortem Examination of his Body, from a MS. long in the pos.-^e.-sion of the
Marwoods of Honiton ; to which are appended some Notes in Illu.stration of
the Marwoods and of their Descendants. By Wjlliaji Munk, M.D., F.S.A. 223

Le Fauconer and Falkeuer Pedigree -•. 241

Pedigree of Wren. By H. Stinton Smith 260

Some Wills in the Public Record Office 266

Notices of Books : —

Historic Notices with Topogi-ai)hical and other Gleanings descriptive of the

Borough and County-Town of Flint. By Henry Tayi.ou 62

A Register of the Scholars admitted into Merchant Taylors School. By the

Rev. Chables J. Robinson, M.A. Vol.11 04

Someraetehire Arclncological and Natural Hi.story Society's Proceedings. 1SS2. 125
Pedigrees of Sir Nigel Loryng, K.G., and Hylle of Spaxton, with References,

Wills, &c. By B. W. Grelnhki.d '. ^ 126

Collections for a Hi.-tory of StalTivddiiie. By Major-Gf ncrnl Hon. George



The Forty-Fourth Auniial Ue;iort of the D_'i>iity Keeper of the Public Hecoids 12"
Ninth Report of the Royal Cotnmi-sion o'\ Hi.s*onc;iI Mn.nuscripts. Part I. 12S
The Gentleman's Magazine Libniry. " Manners <ind Customs.' EiiiteJ by

O. L. GoMME, F.S.A 128

The Aunals of Chepstow Castle. By Juhu Fitchett Marsh, deceased. Edited

by Sir John Maclean, F.S.A 195

The Order of the Coif. By Alexander Prj.uxo, Serjeant-at-law : 196

Hume Rough Materials for a History of the Humbed of North Erpinghatn,

CO. Norfolk. Collected by W'Af.TKR Rvi;. Parti 198

Index to English SpcKkiug Students whj liave graduated at Leyden Univer-
sity, By Edwaud Peacock, F.S.A 199

The Gentleman's Magazine Lilrary. "Dialect, Proverb?, and Word-Lore."

Edited by G. L. Gomme, F.S A 199

Pedigree of the Conant Family. Complied by F. O. Conant, of Portland,

Maine 199

Pedigree of the Family of Bayntou. By A. S. Ellis 200

Fac-ftiniile of the original Charter gi-anted by King Richard III. to the

Wori^hipful Company of Wax-Chandlers of the City of London. Chromo-

lithographed by W. Guiggs 200

The Early Ancestors of the Prince of Wales of tlie House of Wettin. By

S. T. T.VYLOK 200

Cowdi-ay : The History of a Great P]uglish House. By Mrs. Charles


•Pedigree of Haig of Bemersyde, co. Berwick. By Charles Edw7X Haig. ... 269
A History of the Towni and Parish of Nimtwich, or Wich-Malbank, co.

Chester. By James Hall. 270

A True Report of certain wonderful Overflowings of Waters in Somerset,

Norfolk, and other part.s of England, a.d. 1607. Edited by Ebnkst E.

Baker .. o^j

The Noifolk Anti(iuariau itiscellany. ^'ol. II. Piu-t II. Edited by

Walter Rye 272

History and Descrii-tion of Corfe Castle in the Isk of Purbeck, Doi-set.

By Tho.m.*^s Bond 272


Jl 4lelU ^.Iccragc: including all the Z:j-t,';,ri and Dormant as v:e\] ^is E.dc.nt
Peerages of England, CJi-ent Bricuin, the United KiD.qdoai, Scotland, and
Ireland. Edited bv G. E. C.

Preface i xx.

AbLeyliex — Antrim 1 — 108.

Index of Persons 273

Index of Places 292


Page 23, line 2, for " " irad " lufonari-"

58, „ 8, for " E. W. Walker" raid " Sir W. W.ilkcr."
„ 63, „ 2 from bottimi, /or " Pain " 7Ya.'.' '"i'ldd."
,, 86, „ 2 „ „ for •' Dr. Pavy "' re'.td " Mr. Da'-y."

„ 106, last line, /or " councotion " rend "cjUectloa."
„ 190, line 27,foi- " made " read " t.ikea."
„ 197, „ 4, /<;/•" choiiulogical " iVd'i "chvouologioal."
„ 262, nndtT '' Chnstonher Wren," for " CastlotLoyro • yad " Ca.stk-thorpe.'

New Series.

With the present numLev of this magazine a NEW SERIES is
commenced. From tlio Preface to the seventh volume our readers
will have learnt, with sincere regret, that The Genealogist,
after a most successful career, extending- over more than eight
years, has at length lost tiie guiding hand of its founder and first
editor. Dr. ilarslialJ, having devoted the hest portion of his life
to the promotion of genealogies,! and heraldic studies, now linds
that " more pressing claims than literary work " on his time and
attention must be yielded to, and, as a result, the editorship he
has so long and ably occupied has been reluctantly resigned.

This is neither the time nor place to rex-iew the labours of our
learned predecessor ; it may, however, not be inopportune to
take at the present moment a rapid survey of some of the good
work that has already been carried out in our pages under L)r.
Marshall's editorial care. Our new subscribers will, at least, find
the following classified list of the principal contents of The
Genealogist worthy of attentive perusal ; the first seven volumes
include : —

Rolls of Arms.— Atkin,on's Roll. Guillim's Roll. The Cainden Roll. The Segar Roll.
Reference List of Rolls of Arms.

Heralds* Visitations.— Visitation of Northumberland, in 1613. Visitation of Derbyshire,
io 1662-3. Visit.-xtion of Cambridg-.shire, in 1684. Visitation of Lincolnshire, in 1562.
Visitation of Berk*, in 1664-6. Visitation of Lincolnshire, ir, X592. Visitation of Biickin<j-
ham, in 1566.

MoNLMKNTAL I NSCRii- 1 IONS. — YVe\furd. Sampford lliett. East Quanto.xhead . Wollaton.
Kyre Wyard. Hanley-William. Swindon. Trentham. LilieshulT Prestbury. Owthorpe-
Shelsley Walsh. Neen Sollers. Great Witconibe. Cookhill. Cubberlcy. Shelledey
Beauchamp. Longney. S:. Peter's, Secnd. .Acrise. Cathedral Cloisters,
Oxford. Bickleiijh. Ko.-id. Shire New ton; Criccieth. Roii-hioii. Screveton. Marden.
Sutton St. Mioh.iel: North Bradley. Idysleigh. Dowland.

Gra^ct"; AND CnNFiR.MATio.Nsor AsMs.-Penyston. Fox. Town^end. Rohinson. Lane.
Valpole. Lynn. Smiihson. Richardson. Ames. Drake. Drown. LolTt. LrtTi-
Moseley. Ellerker. Rokeby. Tudor. Farmer. Xcrthey. Foley. Fursman. Clarke.
Cater. Graves. Fletchers' Comp.-iny. Sirelley Stulihs. SmalUhaw. Sanderson.
Rylands. Parker. Grecnhall. Don.inick. Le-h. Lln^aid. \Vo<k1. Leylaiid. Orford-
Holte. Davanport. Norcliffe. Davenport-Handley. Heyworth. Pearson. Hales-Lisle.

Extracts jkj.m Fanish Registeks.— Newtown Linford. .Swithland. Dodington. Little
Castertcn. F>arcumbe. Middleton. Exhall with Wixford. All S.-iint,. Eve.-ham. O'"
the Rev. T. Norris. Wclsbourne. Ditchin^ham. Ludlow, .\llertoii .%L-mleverer. Edith
Weston. St. Peter'<i, Wolverhampton. Ki^ton. West Quantoxhead. Darshain. ILitby.
Trenthani. Colston Il.issett. Great Dunliain. Colljwoton. Randwick. Winterinshain.
Whitby. Holme on tipalding Moor. Harswell. Owthoipe. Hanley William. Renisins.
Burford. St. Giles-in-the- Fields. Rcmford. Owsdon. linwell. Inkberrow., Kastham.
Troston. Kinlet. Radford. Lindon. Seend. Melksham. Werrington. ;<l!ariiston.
Seaton. White Walthan:. Shottesbrooke. Sutton St. Morden. Whissendine.
Idyslcigh. Criccieth. Vayscynhairii. Cornwood. Little Ouseburn.

Pedigrees.— Walpole of Pinchl eck. Dodington of iJcdington, &c. Twells. Mynnes.
Pitfield. Haslewood. Green of Dr.iisby. Rye of N\.rth Walsham. Marriott- Dodinsrtun
. of Horsington. Shank of Castlerig. R.asby. John.-on of Ascoughfee Hall. Wulley.
SJaiidit. Elwes. Hawley. Eeeston of Ueeston. Lee. Toller of r.illingsboroi'gh. Wykes.
Newport of Hanley. Samborne. Urown. Xicholetts of Eastham. Oldlield of Spaldmg.
Siicklethwait. Cooper of 0\erUiry. Kowdlcr. Hatch. Ogle of Pinchbeck.
Cottcll. Lynne of Southwick. Tyndalp. Vounghusbnnd. Talbois. Udney of that Ilk.
Willoughby. Rainsford. Kerr of Redden. Trafford of Dunton. Clarke. Diniork.
Kent. Wood. Evington of Spaldii.g. Ames. Keir ol Ferniherst. Pigot of Mclniorby.
Gouldsmith. Ashton of Spalding. Howard. Field of Laceby. Gamlyn of Spalding.
Bruce of Newtoune. Browne of Horbling. Townshend. Wulpole. SaiidciNon. Colbeck.
Lyttelton of Naunton. Carre of Cavers-Carre. Wv.dchouse. WiUesbye of Spalding.
Burden of .■Vuchingarrich. Marsh.ill of F:nchin,.:licld. Cirre of Sleaford. KerrofGate-
shaw. Robinson. Orby of Croyland Abbey. Cole of Co. Coik. Clere of I^lickling.
Wrighlson. Wymberley of Pinchbeck. M.arshall of Exeter. Willoughby of P.irham.
Methven of that Ilk. .Maudit. Is-iac of Westdowne. Codrington. Dalkis of lliid/et.
De P.raose. Wliitefoord. F.ennett of Hexworthy. Canning. Rylands of the Rylands.
Rookc. Pelham. Sulyard of Wetherden. Wray. Davys. Thimbleby. Oldlield.
Marshall of L'rswick. I.ingen. Douglas of Tilquhilly. .Anderson. Macdonald. Brad-
ford. Roberts of Willesden. Julian. Castelion. P.oissier. William Smith, R.mge
Dragon Pursuivant. (Irevis of Moseley Hall. Lisle-Taylor. Goodridge.

Miscellanea.— Will of Edward Hall the Chronicler. Additions to Le Neve's Pedigrees of
Knights. Notes on the Family of I!ox. Fu.aeral Certificate of J. JIarshall. N.>tes on
Exhall with Wixf.jrd. Funeral Precessions in Scotland. Wollaton and the \\'illonghl.y
Monuments. The Thirlestanf; Murder. The Princess of Cr.aon. Sir Thomas Northcliffe.
Changes of Name. Fuller Wilis. Funeral Certificates of I.fveson Family. History of
Elizabeth Bloimt. The EaHdoni of 3Lnr. Book Plate of Anthony Stewart. Sbenstone
and Spencer. Additions to Le Ntve's Knights. Lsham Family .Memoranda. Owthirpe
and the Hutchinson Monuments. Milton. Minshull, and douldsmith. Doubtful Nrrfilk
Pedigrees. Contest for Precedency. Margaret, Widow of Richard Gray, Earl of Kent.
BuriaU of Soldiers at York in the Civil War. Sir Kenneth William Cummini', l;.-,it.
Register Transcripts at Worcester. Henry Vaughan the Silurist. Goodday F.imilx
The Traflic in Baronetcies in the 17th Century. Court Rolls ot the Manor of -Mossbury.
Kerr and Carr. Fortescue of Cookhill. Sir .\nthony Keck. A List of Printed (Jrants
of Arms. Disclaimers at Visitation of Kent. 1663. 1 he B.trons of Burford. Pedigrees
from Visitation of Cambridgeshire, 16S4. The Bucklcsof Banster.d. Thomas tie Scalers.
Sir Richard Browne. Sir James Wilford, Knt. B!ar..:he Audley. Dimock Family.
William dc Wr.iham. Pope's Maternal .Vncestry. Will of a Scottish Herald. The
Cannings of Foxcott. Family of AVhitetoord. The M.-'ckays of .Melness. Houston of
that Ilk. Barony ot Fitzwarine. De Br.acse Family. A Page of Clerical History. Sir
CharUs Howard ot Merrow. Registers of Shoreham aiid Arms cf Poole. Pescendants of
Jean Oesaguliers. Family ot .\llen. Campbell of Lawers. co. Perth. Family of !iur>t of
Hurst. Field of Laceby .and Ulceby- Descendants of Alice Lisle. Cale.odar of Lam.
belh Wills. Waif- and Strays from York. Xot^s from Chancrry Suits. Sir Alexander
JJalliol of Caver.. Family of KekewiJi. Family of Twells. Canterbury Wills. Pyper

of Launceston. Origin of the Foley Family. Prime of Huiitmsd''>n. Braces cf Cultma-
lundie. Man ;age Licences at Worcester. Joseph Lemuel Lhesf;r, U.C.L. The Runaway
Hatch of Elizabeth Conrtenay. Mr. J. Foster on the Return of Jlemt.ers of Parliament.
Feet of Finei. Mr. J. Foster anJ the Lyon OlTice. 'ihe Case of Ilu.uer. Ancestry of
George Washington. The Fo\>lers of Kami.-leton. Vhirrays of Dollerie Mordaunt
Family. Smart Pedigree. Cradjck of Lou^hboiou^h. The Name of Moutray. Mr.
Hewlett on Scottish Peerages. The House of Arandel. Pedigrees of Uerivati.'e Coats
of Arms. Sir. Foster as a Scottish Genealogist. The Scottish Nobility. St. Patrick's
Cross. Bruce of Karlshall. Family of Twells. Calendar of Lambeth Administrations.
General Wolfe at Culloden. Family of Newcomen. Faschin Family.

Such, tlien, liaviiii^f been the work of the past, wo have now
only to speak of the future. In the main, the Unas laid down hf Dr.
Marshall will be strictly adhered to. It is proposed, however, to
widen somewhat the scope of tlie magazine by throwing its pages
open to original contributions of an antiquarian oi- topographical
charactei'. By this change it is hoped to add the cliariii of variety
to the contents, and to increase th.ereby the number of our readers.

We sh?dl also pay especial attention to the wide field of
research offered by the Public Records. To the present day the repository in Fetter Lane, known as the Public Record
Oflice, remains a realm of my.stery even to the majority of those
who should be most interested in the ]natter. It will, therefore,
be one of our aims to show to those who care to study our pages
that there is no real difficulty for any one to gain a fairly com-
prehensive view of the national archives. With this object, we
shall furnish from time to time distinct articles on those classes
of recoi-ds which aiford the best materials for the genealogist,
topographer, and historical student. Specimens, too, of the
nimierous tine gentry and retinue roils, ancient wills, deeds,
inquisitions, surveys, rentals, inventories, state papei-s, and other
interesting and out-of-the-vv'ay manuscripts to be found in the
public collections will appear in our pages in extenso.

But the most important feature in the NEW ISSUE, and the
one which many of our subscribers will doubtless esteem the
most advantageous to their interests, is that the proprietors of
The have decided to increase its size, and to
give thirty-two extra pages with the present and each future
number, to be devoted to our ^cto iDrcragc (which will include all
the extinct and donnant as well as extant Peeiages, and be
compiled on a plan similar to the well-known S>jiWj)>:is of the

Peerage edited by the late Sir Han-is Nicolas); and as our sub-
scription remains the same as formerly, it follows, that this most
important and useful work will in reality be ])resented rj rails to
all our subscribers.

We venture to hope, therefore, that with this enlai'ged pro-
gramme a liberal public will continue to support us, as in the
past, in our earnest endeavour to maintain The Genealogist as
a leading authority on all matters appertaining to genealogical,
antiquarian, topographical, and heraldic research.


Cljt (ienealogist.



Milltam 5i?arbf2, (Clavrucrux Iting of ^rms,

Anno 8 Eliz., A.D. 15G6.
(Ilail. MS., 5867.)


Note. — To facilitate reference, the psdigreea are arranged aliihabetically, matches are
printed iu italics, and uotea are given iu parentheses.

Arms: Vcrt, a cws-<i patunce hdwiinifour cru.-^ses pattce Or.

These are the Arnies appevteynynge and belongiuge to the I'llayor,
Bayllylls and Burgesses of the Toune and Boroughe of Abendon in tlie
Countie of Berks, and at tliis my p'soiit vysytac'on, was Jeanies Fysher,
Mai/(>i; Robert, Erie of Leycoter, Kaiglite of the most honorable order of
the Garter, ^NP of her maiesties horse and one of her highnes' p'vye
Councell, Ili'jh SteiXLXrde of the saide Towne and Boroughe of A-bendon ;
John Yate, Esquire, Recorder ; Rychardc ilayott, Rycharde Smythe,
Humfrey Bostoke, Thomas Orpwode and William Braunche, Bnrrje><ses
and late ^Mayors ; John Fyshcr and Leonell Bostocke, BatjlJiiffs ; John
Mayo, ChaniUleuw, and Jolm Pudsey, Town Clarke. In wytnes whereof,

ANNESLEY of Maidenhead.
Arms : Pa?// of six Argent and Azure, over all a heiul Gules, a mullet for
dijference ; impaling : Anjent two bars Azure, over all an eagle
xcith two heads dls^damd Gulcs (Speke).

Crest : A moor's head in jjrofile couped Sable, wreathed about the temples
Argent and Azure.

Thomas Annesley of Annesley, co. Xott., Esq., mar. ..., da. to ViilUuni,
Peclc of Maydenhed, co, Berks., and by her had issue, — IIexry, his eldest



Hexky Anxesley of Maydcuhud, Esq., eldest son and heir to Thomas,
mar. Dorotho, da. to Jolni Krmpe of T?v,-ykn;im, co. Midd., and by her
hath issue, — Edmoxde, his eldest son; Johau, mar. to ... Atkynson ;
Murycll ; and Cescellie.

Edmonde Axxesley of Maydenlied, Gent., eldest son and heir to Henry,
mar. Margardt, da. to Sir Thomas Spele of AVitt Lakinton, co. Som't,
Kt., and by her hath issue, — Heuryc, his eldest son ; Francis, second
son ; Elizabeth ; and Anne.

BERIXGTOX of Strcatley.
Arms: Sahle, three hoiiiv^s courcjit in irtle Argpnt, roUarcil :il uh - ^ ; a
viuJld for difference.

Robert Leiuxgtox of Hereford Este, co. Heref., Geut, mar. ..., da.
to ... Barf on of "Wcbeley, co. Ileref., Gent., and by her had issue, —
Thomas, his eldest son and heir ; John, second son ; and "William, tliird

WiLLiA7.r Berixgton of Readinge, cp. Berks., Gent., third sou to
Robert, mar. Elizrxhetli, da. to Richard LciU'' of Chowlseye, co. Berks.,
and by her hath issue, — Thomas, his eldest son and heir ; "vValter, second
son ; and Christopher, tliird soil ; Alyce, mar. to Ryeluirde Bullock of
Arberfeldo, co. Berks., Esq. ; Alary e, mar. to Tliomas Bucklande of
Readinge, Yeoman.

Thomas Berixgton of Streteley, co. Berks., Gent., eldest son and heir
to "William, mar. Johan, da. to liichrtrd Wi/er of Readinge, Yeoman, and
by her hath issue, — Thomas, his eldest son and heir apparant ; Margarett ;
Alyce ; Elizabeth ; Jane ; Anne ; Ivatherin ; Marye ; and Jiridgett, all

BLAGRAVE of Bulmarsh Court in Sunning.

Rauffe Blagrave of ..., CO. Staff., Gent., mar. ..., da. of ..., and by
her had issue, — Rycharde, liis eldest son ; and RonEUT, second son.

Robert Blagrave of London, Gent., second son to Raufe, mar. Anue,
da. to ... Fi/ke oi ..., co. Sowthcrie (Surrey), Gent., and by her hath
issue, — Joux, his eldest son and heir.

John Blagrave of Bulm'sh Courte in Soiinynge, co. Berks., Gent.,
eldest son ami heir to Robert, mar. Anne, da. to Sij- Anthonije lIiuKjcrfirde
of Downe Amncy, co. "Wilts, (Glouc), Kt., and by her hath issue, —
Anthony (sec the Visitation of 1664-6, p. M), liis eldest son and heir
apparant ; John, second son ; Edwarde, third son ; and -Vlfxander (see
the same Visitation, p. 14), fourth son ; and Dorothe, unmar.

BOOTH of Reading. - -

Arms: Arqcnf, a tun Gides heficecn three hoar.i' heads era-ted and er<'ct
Sahle ; impaling the quarterly coat of Bullock.
Robert Bowtue of Sa-wL^wferrye, co. Derby, Esq., mar. the da. of ...,
and by her had issue, — John, his eldest .son, died sans issue ; and Rogki:,
second son.

Roger Bowtue of Sawlowferryc, Esq., second son to Robert and huir


to Jolm, mar." MargaMf, da. of ..., and by her had issue, —John', his
eldest son and lieir ; Royer and Charle>, died both sans issue.

Joiix ]Jo\VTHE of Sawlowferrye, Es^^., eldest son and heir to Roger,
Grome Porter to Queen Elizabeth, mar. ..., da. and one of the heirs of
Thomas Fawsbye of Readinge, eo. Lerks., and by her hath issue, —
Charles, his eldest son and heir.

Charles Ecwthe of Ikrkham, co. Berks., Esq., eldest son and heir to
John, mar. Ari/ce, da. to Rnhert WoqiUoI-p. of Shynyngfeide (Shinfield),
CO. Wilts, Esq., and by her hatli issue, — Francis, his eldest sou and
lieir ; Jane, mar. to William Norhonie of Wyudesore ; Agues, mar. to

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