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A Quarterly I\Tagazine of Genealogical,

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IIera[J)I(j I{k,sJ':ar(!H.




Oj the Middle Temple, Barrister-at^Lmv.







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l-r„nli,ijyi,xc In I'lll! r.l!,ls r (W,'., Sijrics). Vul. .Will.

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. V. •. -/^J!^ , •'

^ ^^Jsej


I am always <^lad of the opportunity which this annual
Preface gives mo to express my sense of obligation to those
who have so kindly enabled me to preserve the twofold
character of The Genealogist. The ably written articles
by Mr. Cokayne, the Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, Mr. Keith W.
Murray, Mr. Kcnshaw, K.C., Mrs. Suckling, and Colonel
\Voll)y, together with Mr. Henry Wagner's always welcome
Huguenot pedigrees, illustrate what may be termed the
literary side of our work, while the transcript of the
Marriages at Fort St. George, which has in this volume
been brought to a satisfactory conclusion, may be taken
as a good example of our labours in printing records of
genealogical interest which cannot easily find an appropriate
home elsewhere. A new departure has been taken in the
publication of Mr. Gerald Fothergill's " Licences to pass
from England beyond the Seas," and it is hoped that these
will prove a special attraction to our American subscribers. I
am glad also to be able to ainiounce that in the next volume
of the Magazine will be commenced a transcript by the Rev.
Edmund Nevill of the " Marriage Licences of Salisbury," which
are all the more valuable as they relate to more than one
county. At the request of several subscribers, it has been


0.' ' i-. :

decided shortly to resume the jmbHcation of the " Inquisitions
Post Mortem, Henry VIII — Charles I," which have for un-
avoidable reasons, been for some time suspended.

Our frontispiece this year is a charter by Theobald de
Verdon, Constable of Ireland, now in the possession of His
Grace the Duke of Norfolk, by whose kind permission it
has been reproduced. Theobald de Verdon, the grantor,
was the third, but the eldest son that left issue, of
John de Verdon, by ]\Iar<;ery dau<^hter of Gilbert de Lacy
(sec Mr. G. W. Watson's learned paper on " The Families
of Lacy, Geneva, Joinville and La Marclie," Genealogist,
New Series, vol. xxi, pp. 2, 3). By this charter he conveyed
to his son Theobald and the heirs of his body, for their
homage, the manors of 8toke and Wyuelesford (Wilsford), co.
Wilts, to be held of the grantor and his lieirs by the
service of one-fourth of a knight's fee.


i' i ' VI ■ i ,i-yn<l



'I'lio Hyiuvs of Howdcll in Wiisliiiii^loii, co. Sussrx. 15y Waltkii 0.

JvKNSllAW, K.C. . . . . . . . . . . 1

Some Notes un Harsliam jiixta Boccles, co. Suflolk. By F. H.
Suckling . . . . . . . . . . 11, 73

Pedigrees from tlie Do Banco Rolls, temp. Henry VII. By H. J. T.

Wood .. .. .. .. .. 18,88,140,239

Licences to pass from England hoyond the Seas. Conti'ihntod by

G'erald Fothkrgill .. .. .. 32, 115,107,235

Diigdale's Visitation of Yorksliire with Additions. Edited by J. W. Clay.
E.S.A. . . . . . . . . . . 38. 'JS, 155, 220

W'iWh of Colonel Blood and his Sons. Contributed by J. Paul Rylands,
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..51

Marriages at Fort St. Ceorge, Madras .. .. .. 54, 128, 179

The Huguenot Refugee Family of De Varenne. By Henry Wagner,
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..02

Grants and Certificates of Anns (Nicoll to Perrott). Contributed by
Arthur J Jewers .. .. .. ..04,120,189,200

The Family of Clayton of Great Grimbsy, eo. Lincoln. By tlio Rev.
W. G. D. Fletcher, M.A., F.S.A. .. .. ..80

A Fifti'(Milh Ccntiiry Abduction. Hy Coi.oNici, Ai.EitEn C. E. Weluy.. S3

Some Noirs on the Li'c l''nmilv <'f liawslinll, in the. County of Sullolk.
By F. 11. SucicLiNU .. " .. .. .. 137,271

The Novills of E.ssex : A Genealogical Puzzle. By the Rev. Edmund
Nevill . . . . . . . . . . . . 143

The Huguenot Refugee Family of La Primaudaye. By Henry Wagner,
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..171

A Roll of Arms, 1713. Contribqted by Arthur Schomberg .. J74

Bland of Carleton, co. York, as connected with the Families of Cary.
Willoughl)y and Bertie. F?y G. E. ('okavnk, ("lareneeux King of
Arms . . . . . . . . . . . . 201

(JeM(<alogy of (he I'amily of ('ottin, settli'd in l']nglaTid, from St. (^uontin,
in Franco. By Keith W. Murray, F.S.V. .. .. .. 207

The Bynes of Carshalton, Co. Surrey. By Waiter C. Ren.SHAW, K.C... 213

Pedigree of the Huguenot Refugee Families of l?erchere and Baril. By
Henry Wa<!NEr, F.S.A. .. .. .. .. ..248

Copies of tlio Monumentiil Inscription.s in the Parish Church of Kirkby-
in-Ashfield, in the County of Nottingham, made in June, 1901, by
J. Paul Ryiands, FS.A. .. ,, .. .. 252

Notices of Books: — page

Tlie Ancestry and Posterity of John Lea, 1503-1906. By James
Henry Lea and Georce Henry Lea . . . . . . 70

Tlie Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany. Second Series. Part I. Etlited
by Walter Rye . . . . . . . . . . 70

Allegations for Jlarriage Licences issued by the Commissary Court
of Surrey between 1673 and 1770. Transcribed from the original
records, and edited by Alfred Ridley Bax, F.S.A. Part I. .. 71

The Spurgeon Family, being an Account of the Descent and Family
of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, with Notes on the Family in General,
])articularly the Essex branch, from 1465- 1905. By W. Miller
HlQGS .. .. .. .. .. ..71

The Sc ts Peerage. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord
Lyon King of Arms. Vol. iii (Crawford to Falkland) .. ..130

The Knights of England. By William A. Shaw, Litt.D. 2 vols. .. 131

Collections for a History of Staffordshire, edited by the William

Salt Archajological Society. Vol. ix. New Series . . . . 133

The Rcadcs of Blackwood Hill, in tlic Parisii of Horton, Stafford-
shire. A Record of their ilescendants, with a full account of
l)r. Johnson's Ancestry, his Kinsfolk and Family Connexions. By
Alkv.n LvKi.L Kkade .. .. .. .. 134

The Clifford Family. By J. W. Clay, F.S.A. Reprinted from tiio

Archaeological Journal . . . . . . . . 135

A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great
Britain. By Sir Bernard Bitrke, Ulster King of Arms, and
AsiiwoRTii P. Burke. Eleventh Edition. . . . . . . 191

The Origin and Early History of the Family of Poc or Poe, with
full Pe<Ugre(is of the Iiish Branch of the I'^amily, and a discu.ssion
of the true ancestry of i'ldgar Allan Poo, tlu< .\morican Poet. By
Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley', IjL.D. .. .. .. 193

A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns, and its Connections.

By H. C. Lawlor .. .. .. .. ..194

lIcinKlic MiKJgos. I?y Autmuh I'\)X-1)avies .. .. .. 195

Piuisli Uegisler Society of Dublin. Vol. i. The Kegislers of St. John
the Evangelist, Duljin, 1619-1699. Edited by James Mills .. 196

Haddon : The Manor, the Hall, its Lords and Traditions. By G. Le
Blanc Smith . . . . . . . . . . 197

The Inscriptions in the Old British Cemetery of Leghorn, tran-
scriljed by Gery Milnkr-Gibson-Cullum, F.S.A., and the late
Francis Camphell Macauley. With an Introduction by Mont-
gomery Carmioiael.. .. .. .. .. 198

Tlie Plautagenet Boll of the Blood Royal, being a Couiplcte Table
of all the Descendants now living of Edward III, King of England.
By the Marquis of Ruviony and Raineval. The Anne of
Exeter V^olume . . . . . . . • 266

Visitation of England and Wales. Edited by Frederick Arthur

('iMsr. \'ol. xiii. .. .. .. .. .. 267

A Trciitisc nu llic Law Concerning Nanu's anil Cluinges of Name.
By Aurni K Cii Fox-Davikh and P. W. P. CiARLYON-BiurroN,
F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. ..268

,!!. I

Notices of Books — continued. page

Association for the Preservation of the Tnemorials of the Dead,
Ireliuid. .Journal for the Year 190G. Vol. vi. No. 3. Parts I
and 11 .. .. .. .. .. ..268

Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society. Second

Scries. Vol. xii. No. 72., IflOti .. . . 2G9

NoTKS AND Queries : —

Trapatid Pedigree

Descendants of Sir CeofTrey Pole . .

Bridger Family

Redfern and Redfearne. . ...

The Echinghani Tomb at Barsham

Jennings Fajnily

Goorgo ]\rarsli (Martyr)..

Lawrence of llpper Stondon, Beilfordshire

Parry and Halley Families

Wright Family

Index to Burke's " Commoners " . .

The Nevills of Essex . .

Lee of Lawshall

Pyke Family of Greenwich

Woldon Family



Illustrations : —

A Charter of Theobald doVerdon..

Arms of Creyke of Marton

,, ,, Kylher of Scan loft

,, „ West of Aston

,, ,, Saltmarsho of North Kilvington

„ ,, Clapham of Beamsley

„ ,, Foxcroft of Wcetwood

„ „ Sykes of Spofiorth

„ ,, Meryton of Castle Leventon

,, „ Shuttleworth of Forcet . .

,, ,, Tiiompson of Kingston-supcr-IIuU

„ ,, Ingleby of Lawkland

„ Talbot of Thornton le Street

,, ,, Tiiulall of Brothcrton

,, ,, Payler of Thoraldby

JVliU-iiage |Cireucc0 in the ^ioceec of |3.ilh aub Sllells.
Kdited by AirniUR J. Jkweus.

Index of Persons
Index of Places


















Cfjr (!5fnrnlo0i5t.


The house ami e>(tate of Rowdell are situate in the parish of Washing-
ton. CO. Sussex, the house lying some little distance to the west of the
Clmivli. Thi^ fiiniilv of Rynde or Byue was connected with this property
for iii.un' i^ciiciations. About 1225 Wilkelin de Ryne, son of .lames
de Hvne, with the consent of his mother Matilda, granted certain lands
at Strete, in Shipley, co. Sussex, forming part of the dower of Matilda,
to his sister Amy, in consideration of which, Matilda released to Wilkelin
the whole court of Rudelle, which she held in dower, except the granary
on the north side with free access thereto.' From the record of two
tines levied 25 Henrv III (1241) it appears that William de Bine was
then entitled, subject to. the estate in tlowcr of his mother Matilda
in one-lhird thereof, to lands in Rueilcll and elsewhere.- In the docu-
ments ((iMiicctcd with the dispute as to tithes between the Prior of
Sele and tlie Abbey of Fecamp in 1285, mention is made of the demesne
lands of James de Byne at Roudelle.' Although many references
to members of the family occur in various records of later date, shewing
their holdings of land in Wa.shington and its neighbourhood, no further
express mention of Kowdell it.self has Ix-en lonnd till Icik/i. Henry VIII.

Thomas Hvnok, ok IUnim, bv his will " gcveii at Kowdell the xii
dii\ of .lul\- in \' \i \-ere of y rcignc of K\ iig Henry \' viii''' " (15N),
and proved bv his widow and executrix Joan, in the Consistory Court
of Chichester, 15 September, 1519 (vols, i, fol. 9 and ii, fol. -1), among
other dispositions thus devised " I wyll that tlie rent issues and profittes
of m\' place and landes called Kowdell la' taken and resyevfnl by the
space of \ij \'ere nex after mv dethe ami that my executrice siial J'esyeve
y' to i^av my tlettys and fynd a prieste one yere and then all the same
landes to returne to my son Wylliam and the heyrs of hys body Pro-
vvdcd all weve and also I wyll y' Jone my wyff hau y' said landes and
tenementes called Rowdell durying hyr hfe so y' she and other persons
seasid to hyr use i-el'\ise and geve as moche landes in value as Rowdell
vs now being paivell of hyr joyntur unto Wyllyam my son and to hys
he\rs of hys body." Resides his son William, who was stated to be
under age, the testator named in his will his daughters Elizabeth and
Mary, the latter of whom appears from the will of her brother, William,
to have been married to one Williams. From the arms carved on the
monunu^nt tt> John Byne (A) hereinafter mentioned it seems that, the wile of Thomas Ryne, was a Threele, of Loxwood.

' .MimimciitN nl M.-i-dnlcii Cull., ()\oii, Bo.\, Miiiclaiuls & (Jiinslcad, No. !:;.

- I'"(i-t of I'^itu-, Sn>scx, -irt Henry III, l"'ile It, No. Ki.

=' .Mniiiiiieiil> ol \Ih|.'<ImIcii Coll., O.xoii, liox, Soul liwick. No. II.


1 I'liK l;^•^M':s ok uowdI'Ili.

William I5vnk, wlio was of llowtloll iuid Anliiiifly, co. Sussex,
lUiiriicd with Alice, tliird (l;ui<fhter of Richard C'ulpepcr of Wakcluirst,
ill Aj'diii^h', 1)\' .loan, (hiuii,liti'r of llichard Navloi, Ahh'nuan of London,
and Khzidtetli, his wife. WiUiam Bync, in liis will, dated 8 ()et<jber
1058 and proved 25 Febrnary 155" by his widow and executrix Alice
Byne, in P.C.C. (45 Welles), in wliich he is desciibed as of " Erdyng-
leijfh," esquire, named his four dauyliters, Katharine, Eiunie, Cecyle,
and Maryc, and his youn<ier sons, Edward, Thomas, and James, and
therel)y as concerning all his manors and lauds " in the Shire of Sussex
that 1 mav lawfull\- w)ll, 1 wyll that Alice liyiie my wyef (whom I malce
inyn excculrix to execute th}'s my testa mente) r(>cei\'(! the revenues
and then to be to my eldeste sonne accordyiifr to the ryyhte coorse
of inhertance hys mothers joynture excepted and my coopehold lands
which ] caimot becjuethe." The widow, Alice Jiyne, by lier nuncupative
will, dated 5 June 1578, in whi(h she is described as of Wasliin<iton,
ga\'e her lease in lands called Monthes to her yonnoest son Januis Byne,
and legacies to her <laughters, " Emme and Sicilye," and appointed
her eldest son John Byne executor, wIk) pioveil such will L'2 June
1578, in the (Vjusistory Court of Chichester [\o\. xii, fol. 47).

The children of William Byne were four sons and four daut/hters : —

I. John Byni-: (A), of whom subse(|uentlv.

11. I^jDWAIU) Bvni:, who died a bachelor and was burieil at Cam-
berwell, 4 January, 159';.

ITI. Thomas Bynm:, who tlied a bachelor and was buried at Cam-
berwell, '1\) October 1>)13, having by his will, dated I February
Ki'i'u, in which he is describe<l as of Camberwell, gent.,
diiect(>(| that he should be biu'ied in the chancel of the
Church tlu're, near to his sister, the Lady Bowyer, and n>ade
bi'iiiiests to Sir John Byne and his chiUlren, to his iiiei'es,
Mis. Harden, the Lad\ .\lbenye, and the Lady Conjitiuest,'
to his cousin, Catherine Byne, her sister and her brother,'
and to his nephews William Byne, James Byne and Edward
Byne,'' aiid bequeathed the rest of his goods at London
and Camberwell to his brother James Byne, and his sister,
Emme liowyer, whom he appointed executors, and who
proved the will 9 November 1613 in P.C.C. (105 Capell).

IV. Jamks Bvnk manied 21 l*\'biiiary 15!ju at Camberwell, with
Saiictia, or Sence, dau;j;hter of John Eromonde, of Cars-
halton. She was baptized at Carshalton, Mi January J5();,

' 'I'lic three chiklrcii of Edward Snow and Einiiie, his wifo, of whom Ehzaliotli,
bapli/.d! at ranit)cr\\i41, 24 Aimust 1581, was iiuuried to HL-iiry Harden ; Alice
was 111 inicd al WaiidswDitli, 2 Fehniary MlO^, to Sir I'ohert Alhaiiy, Kiii;j;ht ;
and Sarah \\as iiiairi(il ,it Waiidswoi th. 10 August lti07, to Sir Hichaid ('()M(|\K'st,

■' (!liilih-en of JuiiK's Byne.

" Childivii of John Wyw (\).

IN \\'A,SIIIN(;T()N, (!(). SUSSEX. 3

and thrc)u<;h lier, as otie of tlie three sisters and coheiresses
of John Fronionde of Carshalton, who was buried there
12 April 1597, James Bync became entitled to the impro-
priate rectory and an estate at Carshalton. James Byne
was buried there 5 January 162", and his widow, Sence,
was buried there, 2 Oct. 1629. Their children were : —

(1). Kdtharinc, married at Carshalton, 27 Nov. 1610, to
Robert liauMce, of Wy^'ombe, co. liucks, and
buried at (Carshalton, 30 May 1623, leaving issue.

(2), Eiit)na, baptized at (Uniberwcll, 21 Jainiary ir)9G,
who died early a spinster.

(.'?). Kdmuno Byne, baptized at (Carshalton, 22 January
159^, and buried there, 21 March 159^.

(I). Elizidnih, bai)tized at Carshalton, 17 Juiui 1602, and
married to Thomas Thompson of Streatham,
Houue Di'a^on I'ursuivant of .\rnis, 1)\' whom she
had issue.

(5). Hknry Bvnk, baptized at Carshalton, 15 February
160b, who married with Anne, daughter of Owen
Bray, of Chobham, and was buried at Carshalton,
23 September 1654, leaving a will dated 19 Sep-
tend)er and proved 10 November 1654 (P.C.C. 226
Alcliin). Henry Byne had fourteen children,
and his descendants renuiined in j)ossession of
the (^arshalton ])roperty until early in the nine-
teenth century. Tliey are now represented by
the Rev. Mordaunt Henry Martin Byne, clerk,
M.A., of Satterleigh, co. Devon, who was born
20 September 1862, and married, 29 April 1903,
with Constance Balfour Bethune.

V. Kathitriiu' was married at Camberwell, 25 May 1573, to Edmond
Bowver, of Camberwell, who was Sheriff of Surrey and
Sussex, 24 Nov. 1600 to 2 December 1601, M.P. for Surrey
1603, and was knighted 11 May 1603. She died without
issue and was buried at (-amberwell, 12 July 1609. Sir
h^dniond Bowyer die<l 18 Kebi'uary 162','.

VT. Emnic was married twice, (irst at (^amberwell, 17 May 1580,
to Edward Snow, of Alfarthing Manor in Wandsworth,
and Checksands, co. lieds., who died in 1587, and secondly,
also at Camberwell, 2 July 1588, to John Bowyer, of Cam-
berwell, where she was buried 26 December ir)24.

VII. Cicc/i/. who died ;i spiusler and was biiriccl at Washington,
27 Scplcnihcr I5i)0.

VIII. !\hii//, wlio apparently predeceased her mother.


John Bynr (A) w;is of Rowdell and was born 1537. He married
25 Mav 1573 at ranibcrwoll with FJizal)(>th, born 10 June 1553, daughter
of John Bo\v\er, of Lincobrs Inn and Cainberwell, by liis sef'ond wife,
Elizabotl), dangliter of Rol)ert Draper, of ('aniberweU. He was buried
at AVasliington, 2-i July KKK). A monument to his memory was erected
against the south wall of the rhancel of Washington ehui'ch, but it has
now been relegated to an obscure situation under the tower. It bears
this inscription : " Hie jacet corpus Johannis Byne armig : qui uxorem
duxit P]lizabetham Bowyor liliam Johannis Bowyer de Camerwell armig :
et suscepit ex ea filios (|uinque filiasque duas et obiit vicesimo prinio
die Julii HiOO anno a-tatis suae 63," and also four shields of arms. In
the centre over the entablature are the Arms of Byne : — Argent two bars
Gules, eacli charged with three martlets Or— and in a row" below tliem are
firstly, Byne, impalinti Paly of ten for Threele ; secondly, Byne, impaling
a bend engrailed Cules for Culpeper ; and thirdly the arms of Bowyer,
impaling those of Draper. No will of or letters of administration to
John Bvne (A) can be discovered, but his Inq. post mortem was taken
at Horsham, IG December IfiOO, and thereby it was found that he was
seised of the manors of Byne and Coodham, alids Storrington, and of
one capital messuage, one windmill, one dovehouse and 120 acres of
land in Washington, and so seised died 22 {sic) July 1600, and that John
Byne, gentleman, was his son and heir, and at the time of his father's
death was aged 23 years and was married.' In 1604 on the 24th of
some month, being, or later than, June, but which is blank in the Register,
liis widow, Elizabeth, was re-married at Pulborough to Richard Stanley,
of Fittleworth, who died 24 February 1629. She left a nuncupative
will, dated 28 April 1629, and administration of her effects, with such
willamu-xed, was 6 February 16',;; granted to her stepson, John Stanley,
out of the Consistoiy Court of Chichester (vol. xvii, fol. 247).

The children'' of John Byne (A) were : —

I. SiH John Bynk, of whom sul)se(|uently.

II. Wii.Li.ViM BvNK, wilt) died a bachelor and was buried at C'tunber-
well, 30 July l()25.

III. James Bynk, who, 24 April 1622, married at Camberwell with

Ehzabeth Temple, gentlewoman.

IV. Edward Byne, who, 2 May 1618, married at St. Dunstan's,

Stepney, with Joyce, daughter of one Edney, of London,
and widow successively of one Mayhew, of John Cownden,
of Southwaik, and of Benjamin Bowyer.' Edwai'd Bvne
died befoi-e lA'bruary I625, and .lt>yce, his widow, died in
1643, having by her will, dated 17 May 1613, and proved at, 14 August 16-b3 bv (li(> cxcciitor, Richnrd Kilvert

^ CiiaiuiTy In(|ui - ilioiR-.-i iio.^t niortoin, Si-ries ii, \ol. 2ti4, No. 108, 4,'J FA'v/..
"* No cliild of .Inliii Hyiif (A) was hapti/.ecl at Washington, Anliiiiily or
Cunilx I'well.

'■' Uync V. DaUoii, Cliaiut'iy l'roc'C(Hlings, H. nnd A.. Jaiiios I, U. 8, No. 47..

V j.d'i /••■ 7< ijA \ ■> f- ;■-. f . .



(P.C(/'., fik'd, not legkstofed), in wliirli «he is described an
(if S(. IVIuit ill's ill tlie I'^ieliis, widow, disposcnl ol pr()[)erty
ill the parisli ol NewiiiL'loii, co. Surrey, in lavour ol Iut son,
Eilwtird liyne, and of property in Southwark in favour
of lier son, John Byne. Edward Byne had two children : —

(I). EiJWAHU Bynk, baptized at Washington, 8 October
1618, who ajjpears to be tiie l^jdward Bine buried
at St. Alban's Abbey, 17 Octcjber KiGl, and

(2). John Byne (B), who by his will, dated 15 May 1689,
ilirected his body to be buried in the church of
St. Magnus, by London Bridge, and among
numerous l)ei[iu'sts gave three score pounds,
to buy two silver llagoiis to be used at the Com-
munion in the church of Camberwell, and appoin-
ted Richard Parr, D.l)., vit'ar of Camberwell,
and his kinsman, Anthony Bowyer, Es([., his
executors. The will makes no reference to the
testator's brother, i^jilward, or to any issue of his.
Richard Parr having died 2 October 1691, this
will was jiroved by Anthony Bowyer,'" 22 Sep-
tember 1692 in P.C.C. (162 Fane). The two
Hagons are still at the parish church of Camber-
well, and bear the hall mark of 1691, and the
inscription, " Tin; Gift of John Byne Gent, to
the Church of Camerwell A.D. 1691," with the
crest and arms of Bvne.

v. I'lDMUNn l?VNi;, who a[)pcars to have married with Frances,
daughter of Gregorv Bowver, a brother of the wife of John
Byne (A).

VI. FJizdlnih married, 3 June 1599, at Washington, to Thomas
N'ditun, afterwards Sir Thomas Norton, Knight, and

Vli. Another daugiitt^'.

Sir John Byne, born about 1576, was of Rowdell. He was admitted
of Lincoln's Inn, 1 August 1597. He probably rebuilt the house of
Rowdell, which was of the style of James 1." He married with Audrey,
daughter ol llichard Weaver, of Lingliehl, co. Surrey,'' He was

'" Anthony liowycr, who was Trea.siirer of the Inner Temple, 1097, and M.P.
for Southwailc, KiSo — 1()".)8, was son of Sir Ivlumnd Bowyer, Knight, a son of
Joyce Byne, by lienjainin Bowyer.

" There are a view and description of it in " Oeiit. Mag.," vol. ci, pt. i, p. 305.

'- 'I'liin i.s shewn by Ihe phuiding.s in Byne v. ( ilovei' (t^hancery Broc'cedings,
B and A, .lames I, B. 21, No. I!)), and by l.lie will of i/idy Uyri'.-'s brother,
l^iiiiard \\'ea\(r, of Jle.xled, in Linglield, datc'd il .lune i.'j'.l!), and proved 5 Nov.
15'l'.i by his sislei' .luane Weaver, and 12 Feljriiary IGU^, by Audry, Lady Byne
(I'.C.a, 81 Kidd).

I ;>-'l!i.-,\ ■/ ;::i

.} ! . ,!/i

f : - .'


knijilitod, 23 July IGO!}. By his will, dated 25 Jamiary 1G3 ;;, he directed
that his body should be burietl in the chancel of the chuich of Washing-
ton, appointed his eldest son and heir Kdmnnd Byne sole execntor,
and mentioned his grandson, Edmund Muschamp, whose wardship
had been committed to him by the Master of the Court of Wards, and
who was then being educated at Oxford, his grandchild Mary Mus-
champ, his daughter Kli/abeth Byne, his son John Byne to wlioin he
bequeathed " the scale gold ring which I weare," and the wife and
children of his son John Byne, and gave the residue of his goods to his
son Edmund Byne, and nominated Dr. Pay, Archdeacon of (Ihichester,
Henry Goring, Esq., Henry Bridger, gent., and William Hkiner, yeoman,

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