Wallace Melvin Morgan.

History of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; online

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Online LibraryWallace Melvin MorganHistory of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; → online text (page 121 of 177)
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residence. In politics he votes with the Republican party. Fraternally he
holds membership with the Eagles. Druids. \Voodmen of the World and
Improved Order of Red Men.

CECIL H. HANNING.— A native of Maine. Mr. Hanning was born
in Littleton, Aroostook county, July 14, 1872, the son of Merrell B. and
Martha J. (Levitt) Hanning. farmers in Aroostook county. The father
served in a Maine regiment during the Civil war for four years and eight
months as a second lieutenant.

Cecil H. Hanning is the youngest of four children, all living. As a
boy he was sent to the public school near his home and studied in that New
England institution until he was eighteen years old. The ensuing year he
spent in labor on the family homestead and in 1891 he came to California,
arriving November 24 and settling on the South Fork of the Kern river
in Kern county. Being without capital with which to start in life on his
own account, he worked for wages eight years and in 1899 found himself
able to set up as a farmer in a modest way. Renting four hundred and
eighty acres of land, he engaged in general farming and stock-raising. At
this time he has three hundred and seventy-five acres under cultivation,
grows much grain and alfalfa and has two hundred and si.xtv head of cattle
and two hundred and fifty hogs. December 25. 1900, Mr. Hanning married
Miss Mav M. McCray. who was born at Kernville. October 26. 1880. and they
have three children, John C, Charles F. and Ruth.

H. P. JENSEN, O, D. — .\ patronymic indicative of Scandinavian ancestry
finds confirmation in the fact that Dr. Jensen is a native of the fine did king-


dom of Denmark and a descendant of a race identified with thai rugged coun-
try from a period when authentic history lapses into tradition. His father,
Mads, a man of exceptional expertness in the jewelry business, followed that
line of work for years in Odense, Denmark, and later in Scranton, Iowa,
where he still makes his home and carries on a prosperous trade. By his
marriage to Caroline Larsen he had two children, the second of whom, II. P.,
was bi.rn at Nyborg, on the east coast of the island of Fyen, Denmark, Octo-
ber 27, 1875. In addition to the usual public-school opportunities he had the
privilege of a polytechnic course. During vacations he assisted his father in
the store and thus gained a thorough knowledge of the jewelry business
while yet a mere lad. Accompanying his father to the United States in 1895
he remained with him in Iowa for a brief period and then drifted west to
Kansas, where he secured a position as manager of a jewelry business in
Great Bend, continuing in the same place for five years and then resigning in
order that he might enter upon a course of professional study.

From his young boyhood the study of diseases of the eye had interested
Dr. Jensen and as much of his work in the jewelry store had to do with the
fitting of eye-glasses and spectacles he began to specialize along this line,
the result being that in 1900 he matriculated in the Kansas City College of
Ophthalmology. At the completion of the regular course of study he was
graduated in 1902 with the degree of O. D. and with an exceptionally fine
record for successful work. Not content with the information thus acquired he
took a pi st-graduate course in Dr. Hamilton's School of Ophthalmology, a
department of the Columbia Medical College of Kansas City. After the com-
pletion of the second course he opened an office at St. Joseph, Mo., where he
built up a growing and valuable practice during the eighteen months of his
residence in the place. Desiring, however, to establish a home in the west
he came to California during 1907 and spent six months in a tour of inspection
through the state.

At the expiration of the time Dr. Jensen selected Bakersfield as his
future field of professional endeavor and at once opened an office at No. 1413
Nineteenth street, where he began the practice of ophthalmology. In 1912
he removed to his present quarters at No. 1513, where he has a suite equipped
with every modern appliance fur the successful prosecution of his work.
Possessing superior ability along inventive lines, he recently invented a
cylindrical grinding machine superior to an}' similar appliance now in the
market and it is his expectation to utilize this invention in his own grinding
establishment, which is operated by electricity. Recognized as a master of
all diseases of the eye, he is consulted in all such cases in the community,
not only by the patients themselves, but very frequently by physicians and
other opticians, and his recurd for prompt and successful diagnosis of eye
troubles entities him to a position among the leading men of his profession
in the state. To assist him in his practice he has his wife, whom he married
in Fresno and who was Miss Lena Weiser, a native of Texas. Being a grad-
uate of the California Optical College of San Francisco, she is thoroughly
competent to assist him in the most delicate and intricate operations. Along
the line of professicnal developments he finds pleasure and profit in asso-
ciation with members of the American and California Optical Associations
and further has served as vice-president of the Central California Optical
Association, in which he ranks as a leading member. In fraternal relations
he is connected with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, politically
votes the Republican ticket at all national elections and in religion adheres
to the Lutheran denomination, the church of his forefathers and the faith in
which he was reared in his early home in Denmark.

GUS ODEMAN. — A member of a family of eleven children and fifth
among the nine that attained maturity, Gus Odeman was born at Sayrsborg,


Norway, December lo, 187S. His parents sent him to schuul and brought
him up in the faith of the Methodist Church. Like many of the boys of
the community, he early went to sea. When only fifteen years of age
he earned his livelihood as a sailor on the North sea. About 1896, after
three years in brief voyages on that water, he shipped before the mast
of an English vessel that started from Frederikstad on a cruise around the
world, touching port at Australia and the Hawaiian Islands. At the time
of stopping at Honolulu the plague raged in that city. The vessel was then
turned toward America and cast anchor at Tacoma, where it was sold, over-
hauled and loaded with lumber for the Australian markets. Altogether he
made three voyages to Australia. In 1

Online LibraryWallace Melvin MorganHistory of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; → online text (page 121 of 177)