Wallace Melvin Morgan.

History of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; online

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Online LibraryWallace Melvin MorganHistory of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; → online text (page 65 of 177)
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Rio Bravo country, where he has installed a pumping plant for irrigation of
the one hundred and ten acre tract. He has erected two bungalows, one of
which he sold, and the other (at No. 2021 Cedar street) he now occupies.
Fraternally he holds membership with the Knights of Pythias.

The marriage of Mr. Shively took place at Reck Rapids, Iowa, August
28, 1887, and united him with Miss Fannie Geiser, who was born at Normal,
McLean county. 111. Their only child. Vera, is the wife of R. C. Hackett of
Rakersfield. .\ graduate of the Rock Rapids high school, she was a teacher
prior to her marriage. She was the youngest among the three children form-
ing the family of Frederick and Fannie (Eicher) &eiser, the former a native
of Canton Bern, Switzerland, and the latter of France. Shortly after his
arrival in the new world Mr. Geiser enlisted in an Ohio regiment and served
in the Union army throughout the Civil war. After the death of his wife,
which occurred in Normal, 111., he removed to Iowa and embarked in business,
and later he resided at Colby, Kans., where occurred his death, .Xjiril 14, 18'^'9,
at the age of sixtv-eight vears.

J, ROBINSON.— The Revenue Oil Coniiiany (J. Robinson, superintend-
ent) was incorporated March 17, 1900, with a capital stock of $200,000, and
now has its head office at Nos. 404-406 Chamber of Commerce building.
Pasadena, Cal., its president, R. H. Pinney, and secretary, A. K. Nash, both


being citizens of that place. The board of directors consists of the two officials
named, in addition to C. B. Scoville, Isaac Bailey and J. C. Dalton. Five
men working under the direction of the superintendent care for the coinpany
holdings of forty acres on section 4, township 29, range 28, where since the
first work was started seventeen wells have been put down, six of these,
however, now out of commission, although by re-drilling the present super-
intendent has been able to secure twelve producing wells, six of which are
operated by a power jack. The net yield is six thousand barrels per month,
an amount largely in excess of former returns and therefore gratifying to those
financially interested in the concern.

All through his life Mr. Robinson has been identified with the oil industry.
Born in Fayette county. Pa., April 21, 1867. he was fifteen years of age when
he began to work in the Bradford field in Ohio and for twelve years he was
employed there by the Hazel wood Oil Company. Studying the industry with
assiduous attention, he became familiar with every department and is now
able to manage any responsibility, important or trivial. From the Bradford
field he went to the Clinton Rock fields near Toledo, Lima and Findley, and
acquired the sole ownership of eight wells, besides a one-fourth interest in
twenty-fom- others. When eventually he disposed of all these interests it
gave him financial independence, but the spell of the oil fields was upon him
and after "wild-catting" in Ohio and finding twelve dry holes, there was little
left of his former fortune. Later he prospected in West Virginia, drilled
wells in Guernsey county, Ohio, and Barboursville, Cabell county, W. Va.,
and then took charge of a property owned by J. W. Stone in Wood county,
Ohio, whence he changed his headquarters to Illinois, working first at Rob-
inson, Crawford county, and then spending one summer at Casey, Clark
county. Next he investigated conditions in Oklahoma and from there went to
Utah to meet Colonel Dunn with a view to drilling for him, but the two
failed to complete their negotiations.

Upon coming west to California and landing in the Whittier field near
Los Angeles, Mr. Robinson engaged with the Central Oil Company and later
with the Aturphy Oil Company as production man. After perhaps three years
m that field he came to the Kern river oil fields in 1910 and since has been
retained as superintendent with the well-known concern whose interests he
guards with extreme care. His sons, John and James, bright youths of nine-
teen and sixteen, are a source of pride to him and he is sparing no pains to
prepare them for whatever responsibilities the future may hold for them.
With his wife, formerly Miss Alice Elthringham of Ohio, he has estab-
lished a comfortable home on the company's holdings and such limited leisure
as his ver}' responsible position permits is spent in the society of his family
and friends, there being no inclination on his part to participate in politics (ir
identify himself with fraternal organizations.

E. H. WHITAKER.— The supply house of Fairbanks, Morse & Co.. at
Shale, over which Mr. Wliitaker has been manager since its establishment.
is one of the recent additions to the important list of business houses in Kern
county having for their object the filling of the needs of the oil operators in
this section of the country. Since the opening of the house there has been
kept in stock a full complement of oil well supplies of the guaranteed quality
for which the name of the firm stands sponsor. Throughout the oil fields near
Shale the manager of the house has an established reputation for energy,
reliability and sagacious judgment, and he is not only capable but also popular.

A native of this state, Mr. Whitaker was born in the city of Los Angeles
September 24, 1877, and at the age of thirteen first came to the Kern river
oil fields, since which time he has been more or less closely identified with
the business now engaging his attention. For a time he was employed in
the shipping department (if Fairbanks. Morse & Co., in Los .Angeles, but in

%jUi. (x^^T.4)Y^cuLJuci


July of 1909 the company transferred him to Bakersfield and during the fol-
lowing month sent him from that city to Taft, eventually transferring him
in August, 1911. to his present post at Shale, where he was the first and has
been the only manager of the supply house. The erection of the store build-
ing was carried forward under his personal supervision, the stocking of the
room with such equipment as must be carried by such a house also was given
over to his charge and the success of the business may be attributed wholly
to his oversight. With his wife, whom he married in Bakersfield and who
was formerlv Miss Josephine Dempsey, he makes his home at Shale. Fra-
ternallv lie is connected with the blue lodge of Masons at I'.akersfield and
the Improved Order of Red Men at Taft.

AUGUST PIERRE EYRAUD.— As far back as the genealogical records
of tile Kyraud family can be traced they were residents of that portion of

Online LibraryWallace Melvin MorganHistory of Kern County, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present; → online text (page 65 of 177)