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the past.

Ladies ! Your watchword should be — when we can get suited as well, we
will patronize and foster American industries every time. By so doing,
you benefit yourself and add to the general prosperity of the country.

The Royal Worcester Corset Company makes all grades from nOc. to .$5.00
per pair, of which we carry 17 different styles in stock, and we guarantee
satisfaction with every pair sold.

F^. WT. K:iVIC]V^\.IV «S5 CO.,

Dry Goods and Gents' Furnishings,

Nos. I, 3 and 7 Bow St., Union Sq., SOMERVILLE.

Ciiatnmers iiientioDinK this advertisement
will receive one best quality elastic corset
lacing; io addition to the cotton lacing which
is put in with evt-ry pair of corsets purchased
of R. VV. Kainan & Co.

STURTEVANT BROS., Dealers in Provisions, Groceries, Butter, Cheese, Fruit, Vegetables,
Etc.. Hill liiiikiiug. Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — The average housekeeper will surely agree with us when we
say that an immense amount of trouble, bother and time may be saved by dealing with a provision and grocery firm
that fills orders just as they are given, and furnishes goods which prove as satisfactory as if picked out in person, for
it is an open i-ecret that the reason why so many persons take the trouble to do their marketing in person is
because they fear that otherwise they will be supplied with goods that other people leave, or in other words, that
no experienced buyer would accept of his own choice. Without stating whether or not that fear is well grounded
in the majority of cases, we can assure our readers that there is no foundation for it so far as the firm of Sturte-
vant Brothers is concerned, for it makes a specialty of taking orders and delivering goods in any part of
Somerville, free of charge, and it spares no pains to furnish goods that it believes will fully suit the customer
ordering them. It is comparatively easy to do this, as it carries a very large and very varied stock, including Provi-
sions, Groceries, Butter, Cheese, Fruit, Vegetables, etc., and keeps it constantly complete in every department.
Spacious premises are utilized, located in the Hill Building, Union Square, comprising one floor and a cellar, each
1750 square feet in tiimensions. Messrs. Hazen and Ralph M. Sturtevant, who constitute the firm, are both natives
of Centre Harbor, New Hampshire, and have been connected with their present business since 1860. They employ
seven competent assistants, and as the store has telephone connection, orders can easily be sent from any point,
while the delivery facilities are such as to ensure their being promptly and accurately "filled. Messrs. Sturtevant
Bros, are also proprietors of the local express between Boston and Stonehiim, the business being done by railroad
between the two places, with teams at each end of the route. They also do an extensive business in the sale of
horses, handling about oCiO horses per year in their sale stables. This firm has gained a reputation for reliability
and fair dealing and their representations can be relied on. Of course they are in the business for the purpose of
making a dollar, but they are satisfied with a fair profit and sell all their stock for just what they believe it to be.
There is no better place in the city at which to obtain a first-class animal, either for work or driving.

C. W. CAHALAN, Sanitary Plumber, Gas Fitting and Jobbing, 7 Marshall Street, Somerville,
Mtss. — Within the past ten years or so the public has become alive to the importance of having Plumbing work
thoroughly and skillfully done and are well aware that a "cheap" job of Plumbing is apt to cost dearlv in more
respects than one, for doctor's bills count up heavily, and after all the chances are that the work will have to be
done over again. Mr. C. W. Cahalan is universally known throughout this section of the state as a reliable Sani-
tary Plumber and Gas Fitter. He began business here in 18S8, and utilizes premises at No. 7 Marshall Street
15x27 feet in dimensions. Particular attention is given to fitting up dwellings, stores, etc., and estimates will be
cheerfully furnished on application. Another very important department of the business is contracting for Water
Works, Sewers, etc., Mr. Cahalan being in a position to figure very closely on work of this kind, and what is still
more to the point, to faithfully carry out every agreement, and parties contemplating such improvements would do
well to notify him, and all communications by mail or otherwise are assured immediate and careful attention. Mr.
Cahalan is a native of this town.



Davis Square, opposite the Depot, West Someeville.

F. E. STUDLEY, Pharmacist, Clareudon Block, Davis Square, West Somerville, Mass.— " Ex-
perience is the best teaclier," says the familiar old proverb, and as the experience of years has taught the people
of Davis Square, West Somerville, and the vicinity that prescriptions are compounded accurately and promptly
from the best and purest ingredients at the pharmacy conducted by Mr. F. E. Studley, in Clarendon Block, Davis
Square, it is not at all surprising that his prescription trade is extensive, especially as he is moderate in his charges
as well as accurate and accommodating in his metiiods. Mr. Studley was born in Cambridge and has been identi-
fied with his present enterprise for fifteen years, he having begun operations in 1877. His store has an area of
1500 square feet and is finely fitted up, among the furnishings being an elaborate soda fountain. A large and
varied stock of toilet articles, fancy goods and druggists' sundries is constantly carried, together with an attractive
assortment of confectionery and the leading brands of cigars, tobacco, etc. Adequate assistance is employed, and
callers are sure of receiving prompt and courteous attention at all times.

R. W. W. KIMBALL, Dealer in Shades, Curtains, Etc.; also all kinds of Upholstery and House
Jobbing Work ; 65 Dover Street, West Somerville, Mass. — There are many much more pretentious enterprises to be
found in West Somerville than that carried on by Mr. R. W. W. Kimball, but there is none more useful or more
faithfully and satisfactorily carried out, and not one that is more worthy of support from those who appreciate
reliability and fair dealing. This enterprise is of especial interest to housekeepers, for Mr. Kimball is prepared to
give them most valuable aid in one of the most disagreeable of their duties — that of " house-cleaning " — for in
addition to dealing in Shades, Curtains, Poles, etc., he is prepared to take up Carpets, also to clean and make over
the same, and to repair furniture in a thoroughly first-class manner, and to do reupholstering and house jobbing ot
all kinds. Mr. Kimball may be relied upon to do all work entrusted to him in a most careful and skillful manner
and at very reasonable rates. Mr. Kimball has done a great deal of work in West Somerville and vicinity and has
built up an enviable reputation for ability, promptness and trustworthiness. All orders addressed to 65 Dover
Street will be given immediate and intelligent attention.


D. W. CROCKER, Carriage Manufacturer, Day Street, West Somerville, Mass. — Mr. D. W.

Crocker announces tliat he is the manufacturer of flue Carriages, Wagons, etc., and this announcement is eviaently
strictly true, for all whom we have interviewed on the subject agree that Mr. D. VV. Crocker's Carriages and
Wagons are superior as a whole to any other that they have ever seen or tried, and they say that they are " built
for business " and will stand more hard usage than any other teams in the market. The Milk Wagons and heavy
wagons of all kinds built by Mr. Crocker are also highly commended as being skillfully and honestly made of
selected material, and sold at moderate prices, which put them within the means of all. Mr. Crocker is a native of
Cape Cod and has been identified with his present business here in Somerville for many years, and now occupies a
three-story factory ou Day Street, where he has every facility to do jobbing and repairing, as well as making new
veiucles. He employs seven assistants and is thus in a position to execute all work in a neat and thoroughly
workmanlike luanuer at reasonable rates, personal attention being given to every order and no defective work is
knowingly allowed to leave his shop.

J. A. LITCHFIELD, Grocer, cor. Pearl and Marshall Streets, Somerv^ille (Telephone 167-2).—
After visiting tlie store carried on by Mr. J. A. Litchfield, cor. Pearl and Marshall Streets, it is easy to see why
the establishment is very popular among all classes of purchasers, for it becomes evident on examination that the
stock on hand is very carefully selected and comprises a full line of choice family groceries, and the prices
quoted confirm the favorable impression previously made. Mr. Litchfield certainly ought to know pretty well
what the Somerville public wants, for he has been connected with his present business here since 188.5, and having
carried on the same line of trade before coming here, in Boston, for upwards of 20 years makes him thoroughly
conversant with all the detail of the grocery business. The premises utilized is one floor 50 x GO feet in dimensions
and are supplied with all necessary facilities for tlie accommodation of the stock and the serving of customers
promptly and accurately. Teas, cofl'ees and spices are given particular attention and are offered in a variety of
choice grades at exceptionally low rates, while all the many articles dealt in are fully guaranteed to prove as
represented, and are supplied at prices as low as the lowest. Mr. Litchfield is ex-president of Boston Retail
Grocers' Association. Under his administration the great Food and Health Exposition in Mechanics' Hall was
held. In the semi-centennial celebration last June, Mr. Litchfield was commander of the trades division in the
great parade. He is a veteran of the late war, having served three years, and is a member of W. C. Kinsley Post,
G. A. K., also a member of various orders — Free Masons, Royal Arcanum, and Order of Workmen.

J. KENNEDY, Plain and Ornamental Plasterer, Wliitencr, Whitewasher and Stucco Worker,
310 .Somerville Avenue; residence, 31 Ciiurch Street, Somerville, Mass. — In a large and enterprising communitj"
such as Somerville there is of course quite an extensive demand for plain and ornamental plastering, etc., and it is
safe to say that no individual or firm takes a more prominent part in supplying this demand than does Mr. J.
Kennedy, doing business at 310 Somerville Avenue. He has had a long and varied experience In his business and
has carried on operations in Somerville for many years. He employs a sufficiently large force of competent
assistants and is prepared to fill all orders in the line of plain and ornameatal Plastering, Whitening, White-
washing, Coloring, Kalsomining and Stucco Work, also repairing at short notice and in a thoroughly workmanlike
manner and at reasonable rates. A fine assortment of centerpieces, brackets, etc., is constantly on hand, and any
pattern not in stock will be made to order without undue delay. Mr. Kennedy is prepared to figure very closely
on contr.-.cts for any work in his line, and those who are thinking of building new houses or of renovating their
old ones would do well to communicate with him.

GEORGE C. FOSS, Practical Horseshoer, 126 Broadway, East Somerville, Mass. — A poor
horse well shod can sometimes do more work than a good horse poorly shod, so it is worth the while of every horse
owner to see that such work is done as it should be. Mr. George C. Foss of No. 126 Broadway has an excellent
reputation in connection with this line of work, being a practical horseshoer, and as he employs only experienced and
careful assistants, can fill all orders at very short notice. He is a native of New Hampshire, and'h is been identified with
his present establishment since 1880, he having succeeded to the business founded many years previously by Jno.
Harmon. The premises occupied on the ground floor of the above address measure 30 x 41) feet in dimensions,
where a specialty is made of horseshoeing and general jobbing, such work being done in the best manner at
moderate prices. Mr. Foss means to turn out strong as well as neat work and allows no work to leave his shop
that will not give satisfaction. He has had an extensive experience in horseshoeing and blacksmithing work of all
kinds, and those who have had orders filled at his establishment speak in the highest terms of the work, and the
reasonable and low prices charged by him. <

DUNCAN C. GREENE, Sanitary Plumbing and Ventilating. Davis Square. West Somerville.—
It is just as essential for the residents of a city or town to know the whereabouts of a skillful and reliable pluaaber
as it is to know the location of the nearest fire alarm station, for nobody knows how soon there may be oi!casion for
the services of such a man, and when one is wanted at all he is generally wanted immediately. Too much care
cannot be exercised in the placing of orders for Sanitary Plumbing and Ventilating Work, as the ignorant or care-
less carrying out of such cojumisaions might involve veiy serious consequences— -ewer gas being a very dangerous
enemy to take chances with. There are enough competent and reliable plumbers in West Somerville to do all the
work required, if you only know where to find them, and we may say right here that not on'? is more worthy of
confidence and patronage than Mr. Duncan C. Greene, doing business on Davis Square. Mr. Greene is prepared to
do Plumbing in all its branches, and does the work in accordance with the most improved methods. He gives per-
sonal attention to every onh^r. and employs two eflicient assistants, thus being en ibled to execute commissiins at
short notice. Sanitary Plumbing and Ventilating are done in all their branches, at very moJarate prices, satisfac-
tion being guaranteed to every customer.




II, iiBii**;

i lii*^^^^^^^^^

H W COVELL, Sanitary Plumbing and Cxas Fitting, Orders Promptly Attended to, and all

"TT ■ ARCHIBALD, Caroenter and Builder, Broadway, Sonierville.-Mr. E. E. A.rcliibald has

for filliDK orders at short notice, at moderate rates, anf* '"^.'^'*^°"8"J^p "'^^^ There is one decided

to figure^ery closely <>r^V^''-' !,l' i^^^'ll^^'^ill^^:^^^^^ concerniBg the work

advantage in placing orders with h>m and that is Ijl^jf ^^^^°7„p'°''e'„ti,eiy obviates the anxiety which is sure to
will be carefully respected and fully carried 0"^-,,„j,^;? *,^'"'^°^^^^^ and even if Mr. Archibald were not pre-

;re'd\'oTaLe\X™ P?ic: i't Z^^^'JimM ;^^r"wTi?e"trtlu'e"'i'dvantage of the facilities he offers. BeUable
hel?is employed when^demanded, but the results attained are sure to be satisfactory.







East Somerville.

^^Custom Work and Repairing
a Specialty.

Among the many enterprising concerns engaged in the retailing of boots, shoes and rubbers in East Somerville
and vicinity we know of none which is more active, more reliable or more popular than that of W. J. Emerson,
doing business at No. 148 Perliins street, and the universal popularity of this house is all the more significant from
the fact that he has carried on operations for so many j-ears, long enough for the residents of this section to become
thoroughly familiar with his facilities and his methods. Tlie business was founded in 1881, and is one of the old
established enterprises of the kind in this vicinity. Mr. Emerson gives his close personal attention to customers,
and callers will find that the phrase "light expenses, low prices" as used by this concern means something, for no
lower prices are quoted in this portion of the state on dependable footwear than Mr. Emerson is prepared to name.
His stock is "clean" in every department, and comprises full lines of staple goods in addition to the latest novel-
ties in fashionable footwear. A specialty is made of fine custom work and repairing.

GEO. F. HURN, Carpenter and Builder and Carpet Cleaning Works, 75 and 77 Broadway, East
Somerville, Mass. — One of the active and progressive of our Somerville business men is Mr. Geo. F. Burn, who
succeeded Mr. W. O. Morgan early in 1802. He is a native of New Hampshire and is a practical carpenter and
jobber, and is prepared to do all kinds of plain and fancy wood work, and to make window and door screens,
crickets, stands, work tables, etc., to order at short notice and at reasonable rates. He is also prepared to do carpet
cleaning in tiie most etticient and thorf>ugh manner, and to execute even tiie most extensive commissions very
promptly, for he is proprietor of the Electric Carpet Cleaning Works, having succeeded Mr. VV. O. Morgan in
April, 1892. The works are located at No. TH and 77 Broadway street, Somerville, and are equipped witli machin-
ery capable of cleaning carpets and rugs perfectly free from dust, dirt and moths or carpet bugs without injury to
the finest fabric. The machinery is driven by electricity, thus doing away with the heat, steam, coal dust, grease
and odor inseparable from the use of a steam engine, and also doing away with practically the danger of loss from
fire — a fact worthy of consideration in the case of valuable carpets, for they are entirely unprotected by insurance
while being cleaned, as more than one patron of a "steam carpet cleansing establishment" has discovered to his
sorrow. There is a popular belief that carpets are cleaned by steam at such establishments, but it is not so. Car-
pets will be called for and delivered the same day if desired. A liberal discount will be made on large orders, the
regular price list being as follows : 2 cents per running yard for taldng up ; 4 cents per running yard for beating
wool, Brussels or tapestry carpets : 5 cents per running yard for beating Wilton, velvet or Axminster carpets ; 8
cents per square yard for beating Turkey rugs or carpets ; 12 cents per yard for naphtha cleansing; 4 cents per
running yard for laying rooms and halls; $1.00 per flight, and upwards, for laying stair carpets; .50 cents per flight
for laying stair covers ; .50 cents per hour for fitting ; sewing, .$2.50 per day ; less than one-half day, 30 cents per hour.

HGEO. F. HORTON, Optician. Jeweler and Newsdealer, .115 Perkins Street, East Somerville. — Mr.
Geo. F. Horton, successor to Mr. Geo. W. Bartlett, is very favorably known in East Somerville and vicinity, both
in social and business circles, he having made many friends by his enterprising and straightforward methods during
the many years that he has been identified with his present enterprise. He deals in jewelry, watches, optical
goods, stationery, base ball goods, cigars, tobacco, confectionery, trunks, small ware's, etc. A very carefully
chosen stock is always on hand to choose from, it being so frequently renewed as to always contain many of the
latest novelties, besides full lines of staple goods and styles which are in permanent demand. The leading makes
of watches are well represented, and one may buy a good reliable time keeper here at a very low figure and have
the satisfaction of knowing that it is fully guaranteed to prove as represented. Excellent value is offered in
jewelry of all kinds, a large variety of attractive styles being shown. A specialty is made of optical goods and
eye-glasses and spectacles suited to all defects of vision are furnished at bottom prices. Repairing and engraving
will be done in a superior manner at short notice, while all callers will receive prompt attention. A specialty is
made also of daily and weekly papers, periodicals, magazines, etc. Subscriptions are received for any of the
above. Mr. Horton does a thriving business during the summer months at his soda fountain, as he furnishes the
best syrups found in the market. He is agent for flrst-class laundry work at popular rates.

MISS ALENA TUCKER, Teacher of Landscape and Flower Painting:, also Water Colors, China
Decorating, etc., 107 Highland Avenue, Somerville, Mass.— Nothing is more unsatisfactory than a verbal descrip-
tion of pictures of any kind, and, therefore, we will not try to describe the work done by Miss Alena Tucker of
Somerville. She has been well represented in many of our leading art exhibitions and has' many fine specimens of
her work on exhibition at her studio, 107 Highland Avenue, where commissions for painting on almost any material
will be executed, a specialty being made of Wall Hangings, Portieres. Draperies, Screens, etc. Miss Tucker also
gives instructions in Landscape and Flower Painting, China Decorations and Tapestry Dye Painting, and is pre-
pared to receive pupils privately or in classes, and to give them the full benefit of her artistic ability. Her terms
are extremely moderate, and we can assure those who are desirous of taking lessons in any of the branches named
that Miss Tucker is the artist thev ought to interview before a final decision is arrived at. All callers are cour-
teously received at her studio, 107 Highland Avenue, Somerville, Mass.


L. STOCKBRIDGE, Dealer in Groceries aud Provisions, Cor. Franklin and Pearl Streets, East
Somerville, Mass. — In preparing this review of Somerville's industries it soon became apparent that the trade in
Groceries and Provisions was one of the most important of the many brandies of commerce pursued here. We
thinli that the facts justify the assertion that in no communit}' of equal size in the state is there to be found more
well equipped and skillfully managed Grocery establishments than those located in Somerville, and hence it is no
small praise to say that the establishment conducted by Mr. L. Stockbridge on the corner of Franklin and Pearl
Streets ranks high among the enterprises of the kind in this vicinity. This business was originally founded by
him in 1870 and carried on till 1888, when he took a partner and the firm name was L. Stockbridge & Co., Mr.
Stockbridge assuming sole control again in 1891. Mr. L. Stockbridge is a native of Charlestown, but long
identified with Somerville's prosperity and has served in the city government. The premises utilized are 1.5x30
feet in dimensions and the stock constantly handled is complete, comprising Groceries and Provisions of all kinds,
Teas, Coflees, Spices, etc. These goods are carefully selected, a specialty being made of high grade goods fop
local trade, and being offered at bottom prices, they meet a quick and ready sale. Hence it is not surprising that
he has customers of many years' standing.

MRS. WM. M. HANSON, Bakery, No. 3 Bonair Street, East Somerville, Mass.— One of those
homely old sayings which seem at first hearing to be almost foolish in their simplicity is, " You can't make some-
thing out of nothing." Now of course everybody knows that, and yet frequently we come across a person trying
to make first-class goods out of second or tliird class materials, which is only trying to make "something out of
nothing." It is hardly necessary to say that such is not the policy pursued by Mrs. VVm. SI. Hanson, for she
never could have built up so large and desirable a business as she has since beginning operations in 1889 were not
her goods first-class in material as well as in making. Mrs. Hanson is the proprietress of the Bakery and Cake
Shop located at No. 3 Bonair Street aud comprising a store 40x07 feet in dimensions, and is very completely fitted
up, while the employment of three thoroughly experienced assistants enables every order to be given immediate
aud careful attention. She also has a branch store at 1.53 Perkins Street and another at 236 Main Street, Charles-
town. An extensive retail trade is done and the various commodities dealt in can be supplied in any desired
quantity at short notice, while Mrs. Hanson gives her personal supervision to all details and employs nine assist-
ants in all.

MISS M. T. DWYER, Milliner, 316 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Mass.— It is so true that
different people have different tastes that it is diflicult to get any considerable number to agree as to the merits of
a single article, to say nothing of agreeing as to the stauding of a business house, but the latter agreement, although
quite rare, is by no means unknown, as is proved by the fact that the ladies of Somerville and vicinity are almost a
unit in declaring that the millinery establishment carried on by Miss M. T. Dwyer ranks among the leading estab-

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