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lishments of the kind in this section. It niav not be so pretentious as some, but it is merit and not pretence that
wins in the Ion"- run, and the public (more particularly the feminine portion of it) has discovered that at this
store a laro-e and complete stock of Millinerv Goods, comprising the latest fashionable novelties, is constantly
carried thai; the prices are as low as the lowest, and that the service is uniformly prompt and reliable; also that the
work done here is executed in a tasteful and artistic manner. This establishment was opened to the public by the
present proprietress in 1890, and has steadily gained in popularity and fully deserves its present prominent position.

D. J. BENNETT, Harness Manufacturer, and Dealer in all kinds of Stable Goods ; Repairing
and Carriage Trimming neatly aud promptly done. Good work at low prices. No. 5 Union Square, Somerville.—
Mr D J Bennett, who is a native of Somerville, has been engaged in his present enterprise since 1883. He is a
manufacturer of Harnesses and is also extensively engaged in repairing and trimming carnages as well as dealing
in all kinds of Stable Goods. His business premises are located at 5 Union Square, comprising two floors, each
coverino' an area of 600 square feet, and are fitted up with the most improved facilities. Mr. Bennett warrants all
his work and goods to give satisfaction, and Is not only ready but anxious to make matters right in case of any
imperfections in material or workmanship, for ho has built up his present high reputation at the expense of a good,
deal of hard and skillful work and careful supervision, and he can't aff^ord to lose it as he soon would do it he know-
inelv allowed defective work to leave his premises. His Harnesses are correct in style as well as perfect in design
and workmanship, and are offered at prices that will compare favorably with those quoted on any other hrst-
class goods in the market, while the prices quoted by Mr. Bennett on Horse Furnishings are away down to the
lowest notch in every case.

"WM. W. FISH, Auctioneer, Real Estate and Insurance, Justice of the Peace. Care of Property
and Collections a Specialty, Mortgages and Loans Negotiated. Davis Square, opposite R. R. Station, West
Somerville Mass. 6 Herald Building, Boston, Mass. Fire and Life Insurance in Good Companies.- Ine rapid
growth of Somerville, and West Somerville in particular, of late years has of course been accompanied by a brisk
demand for real estate situated in that section, and one of the most active, prominent and popular of the real estate

niorto-ao-fs and loans are also negotiited on most favorable terms. Mr. Fish also gives attention to the insurance
businesi, placing risks in both fire and life insurance, in first class companies and upon as tavorable terms as can
be named elsewhere. Persons seeking a home or an investment would do well to call uj.uu Mr. Fish, as he has a
fine list of properties on his books for sale and to rent and some very fine bargains in building lots, in which there
is a brisk demand in this vicinity. Inquiries in person or by mail will receive prompt attention.



Telephone Connection.

Established 1869.


(Formerly Charles Holmes & Son)

Sanitary Plumber and Heating Engineer,

Agent for ZANE'S Celebrated Water Closet.

g Furnaces, Eanges, Builders' Hardware and Painters' Supplies. Gas fitting,
Roofing and Conductor Work. Estimates given and all
kinds of Jobbing solicited.

A.11 Orders t>\' Nltiil Promptly Attended to.

Winter Mill, <SO]VIEjI«^^irvr^K, JVIass.

MISS M. L. EUSTIS, Dry and Fancy Goods Store, 366 Medford Street, Somerville, Mass.—
Experienced " shoppers " do not need to be told that it is by no means always the stores which make the greatest
pretensions that are most worthy of patronage, and if additional proof of this be needed it may be found in the
quality of the service offered at the establishment conducted by Miss M. L. Eustis at No. 368 Medford Street, as
compared with that extended at various other dry and fancy goods stores that could be named. A varied and very
Ekillfully chosen stock, embracing such goods as will meet the waiits of general family trade, may always be found
here; the prices are uniformly moderate and callers are attended to with promptness, courtesy" and intelligence,
which are unfortunately as rare as they are gratifying to retail buyers. This business was established during the
early part of the current year by Miss Eustis. It would be strange if an establishment so conducted were not
popular among the ladies of Somerville, and we are happy to say that no store in this section of the city is more
deserving of their favorable attention or more successful iu catering to the most discriminating trade. Miss Eustis
is a native of Charlestown, and the store occupied is not large in size nor the stock large, but a desirable stock of
dry and fancy goods is always to be found.

JAMES GAVIN, Groceries, Provisions and Pastry, No. 149 Somerville Ave., Somerville, Mass
— The retail grocery business is not one to be chosen by a man who dislikes exertion, for if there is a business out-
side of sawing wood or shoveling dirt that demands hard work and plenty of it from those carrying it on, it is just
that which we have mentioned. This may seem an extreme statement to those who have not " been there," but we
have no fear that any one who has had any personal experience in the trade will contradict us in the slightest
degree. Grocers who really try to accommodate their patrons earn every cent they make, and it is therefore with
pleasure that we note the prosperity of Mr. Jas. Gavin, who established his present business in 1863. Mr. Gavin
has conscientiously endeavored to render an adequate equivalent for every cent paid to him, and fully deserves the
large measure of success he has attained. His store is located at No. 149 Somerville Ave., and is 30 x 30 feet in
dimensions. A large stock is carried, including groceries, provisions and pastry of all descriptions, flour, tea and
cofiee. With a well equipped and well stocked store, with every facility for handling goods economically and
expeditiously, customers can rely on having their orders promptly filled. Mr. Gavin is one of our most energetic
and public spirited local dealers, and one who has the respect and confidence of the people in general, having

resided in this city for 47 years.

W A. BENTON, Successor to W. E. Salie, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, and Optical Goods.
Clarendon Block, Cor. Dover and Elm Sts., West Somerville, Mass. Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Spectacles and Eye Glasses Repaired. — It would be hard to find a jewelry
store in West Somerville at which more genuine advantages are offered to the public
than are extended at the establishment carried on by Mr. W. A. Benton, at the corner
of Dover and Elm Streets (Clarendon Block), and this statement is made with a full
understanding of the fact that the stock here carried is small in comparison with some
stores carrying a large and expensive stock. Mr. Benton occupies part of the store with
F. E. Studley, Druggist, and although his stock is rather small, it is extremely varied,
as it contains very tew duplicates, and hence affords more latitude for choice than
would at first sight be supposed. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Optical Goods— these
make up quite a list, and it is worthy of mention that these articles are personally
selected by Mr. Benton with special reference to the requirements of his trade, and
each and every one of them is fully guaranteed to prove as represented. He is on such
intimate terms with manufacturers and wholesalers that he can furnish anything
desired in his line of goods not found in his stock. The prices are low enough to suit
the most economically disposed, and no matter how Ignorant one may be of watches
and jewelry, he may Ijuy here iu the full assurance of getting full value for every dollar
expended. Mr. Benton is a native of Cambridge, and succeeded Mr. W. E. Salie in
1891. He is a skillful repairer of Watches, clocks, jewelry, spectacles and eye-glasses,
all such work being done at short notice and at uniformly moderate rates. Mr. Benton
also represents H. W. Smith & Co. as Somerville Agent for the Victor Safety and other high grade wheels.



WHITNEY & SNOW, Hardware, Painters' Supplies,
Woodenware. 21 Union Square, Somerville, Mass. Agents for
Davis, Chambers Lead Company. Comparisons are proverbially
odious, and we have no idea of drawing a comparison between
the hardware and painters' supply store conducted by Messrs.
Whitney & Snow and similar establishments carried on by other
parties, further than to say that this is a model store of the kind
and is carried on by one of the representative firms of the city,
composed of Messrs. VV. E. Whitney and G. W. Snow, both of
whom are Massachusetts men by birth, and have been associated
in their present enterprise since 1S85. The store is located at No.
21 Union Square, and occupies premises comprising one floor and
a basement, each of which measures 20 x 50 feet. The stock is
very complete in its various departments, and includes all kinds
of builders' and general hardware, a fine line of table and pocket
cutlery and edge tools, a comprehensive assortment of painters'
supplies including a full stock of reliable -'ready-mixed " paints,
a large variety of wooden ware, together with the almost in-
numerable miscellaneous articles to be found in every first-class
city hardware store. The productions of the leading manufactur-
ers are handled by Messrs. Whitney & Snow, and they sell ex-
tensively at both wholesale and retail ; being prepared to quote
positively bottom rates on really dependable goods, and to fill all orders at short notice.

JOHN KELLOGG, Shoer and Jobber, 192 Broadway, East Somerville, Mass. Special
Attention Given to Interfering Horses. — Mr. John Kellogg founded his present business in 1888, since which date
he has very largely developed it in every department, and has won an enviable reputation among the resident.s of
this section for enterprise, fair dealing and intimate knowledge of every detail of his branch of trade. He is a
blacksmith, horseshoer and jobber. The premises made use of comprise one shop measuring 20 x 40 feet and
located at No. 192 Broadway. All necessary facilities are at hand for the prompt and accurate filling of orders in
the line of blacksmithing and horseshoeing, special attention being given to interfering horses. Experienced and
careful assistants are employed. Mr. Kellogg gives afl'airs close personal supervision, and no defective work leaves
his shop if he can help it, his invariable policy being to thoroughly satisfy every reasonable customer.

FRANK H. TURNER & CO., Grocers and Oil Dealers, 40 Broadway, East Somerville, Mass.
—The business conducted by Messrs. Frank H. Turner & Co., at No. 40 Broadway, was founded by them in 1884,
Mr. Turner having had an experience of 37 years in this line of business. Mr. Turner is a native of Charlestown,
and has a very large circle of friends throughout East Somerville and vicinity. The business has develo|ied greatly
since its inception, and now requires the employment of three competent assistants and the carrying of a heavy and
varied stock, comprising fine groceries of all kinds and oils, etc., etc. Premises of the dimensions of 20 x 75 feet
are occupied, and the goods are displayed to excellent advantage, the store being neat and trim, and supplied with
all necessary facilities for the storage and handling of the commodities dealt in. Messrs. Turner are in a position
to meet all honorable competition, and their prices will be found to bear the closest comparison with those quoted
elsewhere on goods of equal merit. Making a specialty of family trade, they spare no pains to handle reliable
articles only, and customers appreciate this fact and know that all goods coming from their store are sure to prove
precisely as represented.

H. W. TARBELL, Furniture Repairing and Upholstering, 36 Lincoln Street, East Somerville,
Mass. All Orders Promptly Attended to.— When having your furniture repaired and re-upholstered it is well to
remember that the first cost is but one of a number of things that should be considered, for thoroughly well made
furniture will last and look well for many years, while that composed of inferior material carelessly put together
will become shabby and broken down in a very short tiuje. And after all the diflerence in the first cost, is by no
means great, and in proof of this assertion we would refer our readers to the establishment conducted by Mr. H.
W. Tarbell, for he affords a thoroughly reliable service and yet quotes prices low enough to suit the most economi-
cally disposed. He is a man of large experience in this line, and furniture repairing and upholstering are done m all
their branches in a workmanlike manner and at reasonable lates. Carpets made over and laid. Mattresses made
over and to order. Window shades, drapery poles and brackets furnished, (tc, etc., while an assortment of shade
fixtures, brass rods, nails, carnet thread and lining is always on hand. Mr. Tarbell gives his personal attention to
the supervision of affairs, and"makes it a lule to allow no defective work to leave his store.

MRS. G. W. BLAISDELL, Dressmaking and Fancy Goods, 21 Cross St., East Somerville, Mass-
— This store is conceded to be one of the most tasty and attractive establishments of Its kind in this neighborhood.
The goods displaved are always fashionable, seasonable and most desirable. A steady and increasing business is
done by the popular manager who has conducted it for so many years. The most sanguine expectations have been
lealized, as the public was quick to appreciate the many inducements offered, and have given evidence of the fact
by their liberal patronage. Fancy goods are exhibited in many styles, and those who are interested in the latest
fiishionable novelties should not fail to inspect the stock, as it contains many of the newest productions in this line.
Dressmaking is also carried on, and some of the most unique and fashionable garments are turned out of this
establishment by Mrs. G. W. Blai-dell, the proprietress, and whose store is located at No. 21 Cross Street, fcast
Somerville, and only capable assistants are employed, the number varying with the dematds of the season ; and
Mrs. Blaisdell has attained a reputation for exceptional taste in the selection of the goods dealt in that is as high as
it is deserved, while the prices will compare favorably with any similar store in town.



able, a

aud his store is on the ground floor 20x30 feet in dimensions.

nd as one competent assistant is employed, customers are treated with courtesy and respect

E. F. CHAFFEE, Druggist,
48 Cross Street, East Somerville,
Mass. — It would be difficult to find
an establishment of more genuine
value to the community than that
carried on by Mr. E. F. (Jhaflee at
No. 48 Cross street. This undertak-
ing was founded in 1S80, since when
the business has largely developed,
as its influence to the public became
more plainly manifest. Drugs, med-
icines and chemicals are supplied at
the lowest rates that can be nannd
on first-class goods. Daily and
weekly papers are supplied, while he
also lias a fine soda fountain at which
a brisk trade is done, as is also in fine
cigars aud tobacco and confectioneiy.
The filling of prescriptions is the maiu
business and is giveu rspenal atten-
tion, so customers may feel assured
of their favors beiug appreciated and
of their orders being handled with
that skill and accuracy so desirable
in this connection. Every precaution
is observed that will tend to reduce
the liability of error to the smallest
possible amount, aud every facility
is at h^nd that can aid in attaining
this result. Mr. Chaffee is moderate
in his charges and certainly has
solved the ijroblem of combining re-
liable service with popular prices.
Mr. Chaft'ee is a native of Worcester,
The stock carried is fresh, varied and aceept-

F. DeWITT LAPHAM, Auctioneer, Eeal Estate, Insurance, etc., etc., etc., Broadway and
Franklin Street, East Somerville. — Mr. F. DeVVitt Lapham is an auctioneer, real estate agent, mortgages negotiai-
«d, fire insurance agent, and collector of rents, etc., etc. His ottice is on Broadway, cor. of Franklin Street; aud
is prepared to buy, sell, exchange or rent real estate for non-resident owners, and promptly return all collections.
He always has some desirable houses, stores and tenements on his books, aud much time and trouble may be saved
by paying him a visit when •' house hunting." Money will be loaned and mortgages negotiated in sums to suit,
and at the lowest market rates, all such business being promptly transacted without undue publicity, and withdut
the excessive " red tape " which is so exasperating and so useless. P'ire insurance risks are also placed in the best
companies, Mr. Lapham being the agent for the German American, Niagara Fire Ins. Co. and Continental Ins.
Co. of New York.

G. W. CLARK, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Fruits in their Season, also a Full Line of
Canued Goods, 140 Broadway. — Some genius or other has remarked that "some proprietors run their stores, while
gome stores run their proprietors," and whoever he was, no intelligent person can question his soundness on that
subject at least. System and order will accomplish a great deal, and when these are joined to experience, as is the
case at the establishraen conducted by Mr. G. W. Clark, success is assured. The grocery and provision business
was founded here by S. D. Sawin, and so continued until he was succeeded in ISS.t by the present propri tor. The
premises occupied comprise one floor 20 x 40 feet in dimensions. As this gentleman has been engaged for many
years in the retail grocery trade, it would indeed be strange if he was not able to ofler his customers special ad-
vantages in many directions by this time. The store is located at No. 140 Broadway, and the stock carried consists
of choice family groceries and provisions, fruits in their season, also a full line of canned goods, etc. Compe tent and
polite assistants are employed, and particular effort is made to serve all customers with promptness and cordiality.
While all the goods are first class, his prices will be found moderate.

S. T. KIRK, Carpenter and Builder, 83 Cross St., East Somerville. — People are very apt to
under-estimate the importance of the work done by builders, for the large majority of those engaged in this line of
business have no idea of claiming credit for what they accomplish, but simply carry out the enterprise entrusted to
them to the best of their ability and let their work speak for itself. But, nevertheless, credit should be given where
credit is due, and in this connection let us call attention to the record made by Mr. S. T. Kirk since operations were
begun by him some years since. Many contracts of more or less importance have been filled by him during the time
mentioned. Mr. Kirk possesses excellent facilities for giving prompt and careful attention to all orders, and em-
ploys only eflicient assistants. Being a practical builder, he is in a position to offer valuable advice to those con-
templating building operations, and is ready to give his couusel to patrons. Carpentering and jobbing orders will
be attended to when received at his office on Cross street. Mr. Kirk is instructor in carpentry at Tufts College,
and is also prominent in local military circles, having recently been captain of Co. M, 8th Regt., M. V. M., having
been promoted from second lieutenant. He is drill master of Somerville High School Battalion.



No. 25 Union Square, SOMERVILLE, Mass.

MISS MARIE W. HUNT, Teacher of Piauoforte Playing, 69 Rush St., East Somerville, Mass.
— " There is no royal road to learning," and the attainment of skill as a musician is not possible without faithful
and persistent study and practice, no matter how competent, earnest and experienced a teacher o e may have; but
it is none the less a fact that an almost inflnite amount of time and trouble may be saved by having the aid of such
an instructor, and the expense involved is much more than compensated for by the benefit gained. One of the
most thoroughly equipped and successful teachers of the piano in Somerville is Miss Marie W. Hunt, of 69 Rush
St., East Somerville, and the success this lady has met with is due not less to her enthusiastic devotion to her pro-
fession than to her intimate acquaintance with its practical details. A really enthusiastic teacher inspires like
enthusiasm in her pupils, and her example robs daily practice of much of the monotony and irksomeness it would
otherwise possess. Miss Hunt is a graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music, and gives references
if desired that certainly are very select and must satisfy the most critical. Iler terras are moderate and it is not
surprising that the tuition of this trained and careful teacher is appreciated by very mauj' pupils.




Residence, 3 Washington Ave.

Rooms, 4 Warren Ave.


HORACE E. OSGOOD, Dealer in Provisions, Staple and Fancy Groceries; Telephone l/(-3;
Cor. Perkins and Franklin Streets, East Somerville, Mass.-Among those Grocery and Provision houses which
both on account of the character and extent of the stock carried and the low prices named on the articles compris-
ing the same are worthy of especially prominent and favorable m..-ntion must be classed that conducted by Mr.
Horace E. Osgood, corner of Perkins and Franklin Streets, for this gentleman caters to the most fastidious trade,
while his prices are as low as the lowest in every department, quality of course being considered, fhe premises
are of spacious dimensions and afford ample accommodatiotis for the heavy assortment of Pro^ »'0' ^ .^Ii/h In
Groceries, Teas, Coffees and Spices which is constantly carried. A ful selection of everything usually eaitied in
a first-class Grocery Store is always to be found here. Employment is given to five experienced assistants and
orders will be promptly filled at all times. Mr. Osgood is a native of Newcastle, Maine. He has had the
experience that should amply qualify him to conduct his business in the "est manner for the interest o his
patrons as well as for himself, for he was formerly with Cobb, Bates & lerxa and also 0. D. Cobb & Bros, of


SnVTfCr^es and is prepared to do such work in a manner that will suit customers, no rigid rules being
fSfd but the ind°vidua'^ needs of each horse being carefully considered. The prices quoted in the various de-
narrments of thrbusiness^^^^^ as low as are consistent with the use of selected material and ttie employment of
L-m"d ?abor,and we may say in dossing that all work done at this establishment is fully warranted in every respect.





The Davis Patent Water Coolers,



having received the most eminent medi-
cal and sanitary approval.

Elegant in style and finish. Made of
all kinds of natural woods and richly
mounted to match the most elaborately
furnished room or furniture.


or metal. No excessive coldness, being
graduated to the temperature of a nat-
ural cold spring.

Unsurpassed for milk, lemonade, and
all temperance beverages.

Moderate in cost and requires about
half the ice of the common ice tank.


The DAVIS COOLERS are becomjrg
great favorites with the public, and sales
rapidly increasing.

Patented lebi

Davis Patent Refrigerator

has] several advantages over [others in
use, since it will do better service 'and
save in expense at least one-third for
ice. We regret not having space for cut
or description. This will be sent on ap-
plication. Like the Cooler, the Refrig-
erator has equal merits, — both rendering
'• better service at a less cost."


CHAS. M. HEADLEY, Druggist, cor. Cross and Allston Sts.,East Somerville, Mass.— It is well
for any coiumunily to have such an enterprise as that conducted by Mr. Chas. M. Headley within its borders, for
this undertaking has been carried on for some years, and its management has been such as to fully justify the un-

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