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bcuiid(d confidence rt posed in it by the public. No intelligent person needs to be told how important it is that
physicians' prescriptions should be compounded of materials of stard.'trd strength, in the most careful and accurate
manner, and as Mr. Headley has everything at hand for the proper filling of such orders and is in a position to
guarantee the quality of the agents employed, it is but natural that many residents of this section should make it a
practice to have all their prescriptions compounded at this well equipped establishment, especially as all undue
delay is avoided and moderate charges are uniformly made. Mr Htadley is a native of this town, and the store
occupied is located cor. of Cross and Allston Streets. A full line of fine cigars, tobacco and confectionery is carried,
and from his fountain he furnishes as nice soda as is found in this city.

C. F. SCOTT, Winter Hill Shoeing Forge, Hand-made Shoes a Specialty. All Work Guaran-
teed. Horses Called for and Returned. 2.33 Pearl St., Winter Bill.— There is no need of telling the residents of
Winter Hill and vicinity that Mr. C. F. Scott is an experienced and skillful horseshoer and general blacksmith,
for they have had ample time and opportunity to find that out for themselves during the many jears that he ha&
carried on operations here, but as the most of the circulation of this book will be out of town, and as it will be read
by many of the summer tourists who travel through and who frequently have occasion for the services of a horse-
shoer, we feel that we are doing many of our readers a service in calling their attention to Mr. Scotfs facilities,
for he does first class w ork at short notice and at low rates. He is a native of England, and began business here in
18S9. His shop occupies the ground floor at No. 233 Pearl Street, and is 20 x 40 feet in dimensions and known as
the "Winter Hill Shoeing Forge," being fitted up with all necessary tools and appliances, while sufficient help is
employed to insure the prompt filling of all orders. All work is guaranteed, and handmade shoes a specialty.
Horses are called for and returned.

Mrs. E. & H. N. STUART, Dealers in Dry and Fancy Goods, Cake and Pastry, Confectionery and
Toys, Men's Furnishings, etc., Nos. 38 and 40 Cross Street, East Somerville, Mass. — 'Jhe premises oc^'upied by
Mrs. E. & H. N. Stuart are very spacious, but none too much so to accommodate the heavy stock carried, lor they
deal in Dry and Fancy Goods, Men's Furnishings, Cakes, Pastry, Confectionery, Tojs, etc., etc., and ofl'er a
complete assortment in every department. The premises are located at Nos. 38 and 40 Cross Street, East Somer-
ville. and is 30x30 feet in dimensions. To attempt to describe such a stock as this in detail within the narrow
limits of our space, is out of the question, but we may at least state that the assortment comprises the latest
novelties as well as a full stock of staple goods in its various lines, and that every article is sold under a guarantee
that it will prove just as represented. A full line of Butterick's patterns is carried in stock. Ihis fiim quotes
bottom prices in every department and does a large and glowing retail business, while courteous and polite atten-
tion is shown every caller.


VEl^Xfl'S BOSTOfl BnAflCH,
Fine Groceries.

East Somerville Agents foF Cobb, Bates & Yerxa's



A. M. PRESCOTT, Dealer in Hay, Straw, Grain and Feed, 297 Somerville Ave., Somerville,
Mass. — The price of grain, hay and straw is subject to frequent and sudden changes on account of causes quite
beyond the control of local dealers, and indeed, in some cases, beyond the control of producers and heavy whole-
sale dealers also, as was recently shown by a rise in grain caused by the railroads not having cars available to
transport the crop from the interior to the centers of distribution. These changes in price are so many and so
sudden that it is quite impossible for the average consumer to keep track of them, and hence the only surety he has
that he is getting goods of standard quality at the lowest market rates is the integrity of the dealer of whom he
buys, so it pays to take pains to place your orders with one wiio has both the disposition and the ability to furnish
goods at the lowest prevailing rates, and such of our readers as have done business with Mr. A. M. Prescott of 21)7
Somerville Ave. (Hill's Building), will agree that he " fills the bill " in every particular. He has built up a desir-
able trade in hay, straw, grain and feed, and all orders are filled at short notice, the goods being guaranteed to be
of the grade and quality represented, and the prices being as low as the lowest. He can be reached by telephone
No. 130-2 (Sturtevant Bros.). Furniture moving and general express business are also promptly attended to at
reasonable rates.

WILLIAM B. OSGOOD, Successor to Jerome S. Daniels, Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgages,
119 Perkins, corner of Lincoln Street, East Somerville, Mass.— The benefits of insurance are so generally availed
of nowadays by all classes of people that it seems superfluous to point out the wisdom of securing such protection.
The real estate owners having thousands of dollars" worth of property to insure, and the mechanic having only his
strength and skill for capital, both profit by the operations of the various excellent Fire, Life and Accident
Companies doing business in this country, aud the work of taking out policies in these organizations is much
simplified by the existence of such agencies as that conducted by Mr. William B. Osgood, with which many of our
readers are already familiar. This agency was established 2.5 years ago by Allen & Daniels, who were succeeded by
Jerome S. Daniels, aud after various changes came into sole possession of Mr. William B. Osgood in 1891. The
office is located at No. 119 Perkins Street. He is a Real Estate, Fire, Life and Casualty Insurance Agent and is
prepared to issue any of the different kinds of policies and in only the best Insurance Companies. Among the flre
insurance companies represented are the following : Norwich Union Insurance Society of England, Springfield
Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Springfield, Mass., American Insurance Company of Boston, North
American Insurance Company of Boston, Spring Garden Insurance Company of Philadelphia, and Caledonian
Insurance Company of Scotland; also the State Mutual Life Insurance Company of Worcester and the New
England Mutual Accident Insurance Company of Boston. Special attention is given to all Real Estate interests,
either in buying, selling, renting, collecting rent and supervision of estates. Any information desired will be
cheerfully given.

CHAS. H. CRANE, Pharmacist, Perkins, Cor. Franklin Street, Bast Somerville, Mass.— This
store is located on Perkins, corner of Franklin street, East Somerville, and in size is 20x.30 feet. Mr. Chas. H.
Crane is the proprietor. The stock consists of pure drugs, medicines and chemicals. It was established many
years ago, and Mr. Crane spares no pains to guard against the possibility of even the slightest error, and has pro-
vided the most elaborate and improved facilities for the measuring and general handling of the drugs and chemicals
dealt in. The preparation of physicians' prescriptions is recognized as the most important feature of the business,
and the many orders daily filled show that the public is appreciative of the advantages here offered. Mr. Crane
employs competent aud polite assistants, so that despite the magnitude of the business every caller is sure of re-
ceiving immediate and careful attention. The stock includes not only drugs, medicines and chemicals of every
description, but also tobacco, cigars and soda water, toilet and fancy articles, etc.. the latest novelties being repre-
sented and moderate charges being made in connection with all the various articles handled. Mr. Crane is the
East Somerville agent for the Somerville post office for the sale of money orders, postal notes, stamps, cards and
envelopes, but does not receive or deliver mail or sell foreign money orders.


H. W. BURGESS, Dealer in G[Oceries and Provisions, Flour.


It is comparatively easy to get first-class Groceries in East Somerville and vicinity, but first-class meats are
by no means so common, it being notorious indeed that many who pay for such products are in fact supplied
with second rate articles. There are some dealers, however, who appreciate the large demand for choice
meats and are excellently well prepared to cater to it, and among them a leading position is held by Mr.
H. W. Burgess, who carries on a well-equipped Grocery and Provision business on the corner of Glen and
Webster streets and does a first-class retail trade. Mr. Burgess established the Grocery and Provision busi-
ness in this city in 1877. The store occupied is 30x40 feet in dimensions and contains a heavy stock of the above
named food supplies, while no trouble is sparedto keep it as complete in every department, that all tastes and
purses can be suited. Four eflicient assistants are employed and much of the popularity of this establishment is
due to the prompt and courteous attention assured to every caller. Mr. Burgess is well and favorably known
throughout East Somerville, having been a resident for so many years.

MISSES SHERMAN, Dry, Fancy and Millinery Goods, Gents' Furnishings, 126 Beacon Street,
Somerville, Mmss. — Such of our readers as are interested in fine artistic millinery work and choice millinery goods
will certainly be interested in the enterprise conducted at No. 126 Beacon Street, near the corner of Washington
Street, uuder the firm name of " Misses Sherman," the partners being Miss H. E. Sherman and Miss A. I,. Sherman,
both natives of Newton Mass., for they carry a very attractive and carefully selected stock of Millinery Goods, as
also Dry and Fancy Goods, Gents" Furnishings, Ladies' and Gents' Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, and small wares,
a description of which we will not attempt, as their stock is constantly changing. A specialty is made of order
work and these ladies keep thoroughly well informed concerning the latest dictates of fashion, and the very latest
fashionable novelties in millinery goods are obtained as they appear in the market. The excellent taste displayed
in selecting the proper shape, shades and combinations best suited to the individuality of each patron is very
rapidly establishing a fine reputation among those who appreciate really artistic milliner)' eflfect. And that the
public is ()uick to discover this ability is shown by the rapidly increasing trade both in character and volume
since they began business here in 1891. The fact that first-class goods and first-class work can be obtained here
as certaiiily as in Boston, and at a much less price and at quite a saving of time and expense, is a combination that
the public is fast appreciating. In making a specialty of millinery, other departments of the trade are not
neglected, but an effort is made to keep pace with the demands of the trade in each line and give the purchasing
public a service both prompt and satisfactory in every way. The firm is agent for the Waltham Steam Laundry
and is developing a good line of business in this department, as first-class work is guaranteed, as also a prompt
filling of orders.

A. J. SMITH & CO., Plumbing and Gas Fitter, 35 Washington Street, East Somerville, Mass.
— '-Modern conveniences" would certainly not willingly be dispensed with, and Iheir advantages far outweigh
their disadvantHges, but nevertheless it is undoubtedly a fact that the plumbing arrangements of a house must be
properly put in, duly cared for and kept in perfect repair or tliey are apt to breed sickness, especially in thickly
settled communities. Everything depends upon having the plumbing work of a house properly done to begin with,
for alterations are often difficult and expensive to make, and even when made the result is liable to be less satis-
factory than would have been the case had the work been originally done correctly. Among those engaged in the

competent men, and plumbing, gas fitting and general jobbing will be done at very short notice and at moderate
charges, while all work is done in a superior manner.

MISS S. LOUISE CHANDLER, Dry Goods and Fancy Goods, Small Wares and Candy, Station-
ery, Etc., 146 Perkins Street, East Somerville. — Among the leading dry goods and fancy goods houses in this
section, prominent mention must be made of Miss S. Louise Chandler, for although her business is of comparatively
recent origin, having been established in 1885, it has since ranked with the representative enterprises of the kind
in this vicinity. The premises occupied are located at No. 140 Perkins Street, and is 15 x 30 feet in size. A large
stock of dry and fancy goods, stationery, small wares and candy is carried, and as Miss Chandler makes a specialty
of these articles, she offers particular inducements, her store being, in fact, looked upon as the headquarters for
dress goods so far as East Somerville is concerned. Employment is given to two competent and courteous assist-
ants, and prompt and careful attention is the rule to all. Miss Chandler quotes bottom prices, and every article
sold is guaranteed to prove as represented.

J. E. PARSONS, Sanitary Plumber and Engineer, 71 Pearl Street, cor. of Franklin Street, East
Somerville, Mass.— The business carried on by Mr. J. E. Parsons at No. 71 Pearl Street, East Somerville, was
established by him in 1876, and has never been more worthy of rapid and steady development than at the present
time. He is a native of Maine, and is a sanitary plumber and engineer, besides being a gas fitter and dealer in
builders' hardware, table cutlery, etc., and carrying a full stock of plumbers' supplies, water closets and wash
bowls, bath tubs, etc., which he offers at the lowest market rates, and which, with the aid of competent assistants,
enable him to fill all jobbing orders at very short notice. The premises utilized comprise a shop 25 x 35 feet,
together with a workshop in the same flat 20 x 20 feet in dimensions, which enables Mr. Parsons to fill all orders
with the least possible delaj', having every facility at hand to aid him in turning out the best of work. He gives
close personal attention to the many details of his business, being a practical plumber himself, and the result of
his endeavors to please his customers is to be seen in the trade carried on, which is already extensive and is steadily


MOULTON C. LIBBEY, Jeweler; Eepairing of all Kinds a Specialty, 3 Studio Building, Davis
Squaie, West Somerville, Mass.— The man who has once carried a really accurate watch will never be satisfied
afterwards with a tiuie-keeper that is not to be entirely depended upon. There is a peculiar satisfaction in owning
a watch that you can "swear b\ ," known only to those who have experienced it ; and if any of our readers should
be about to purchase a watch or any article of jewelry we would advise theui to secure full" value for their money
by buying of a trustworthy dealer and paying a fair price. Those living in West Somerville and vicinity cannot do
better, we believe, than to place their orders with Mr. Moulton C. Libbev, located at No. 3 Studio Building, Davis
Square, for, while he does not carry a large stock of goods, he enjoys such rela.ions with the wholesale houses that
any orders that may call for any articles not held in stock can be'furnished on an hour or two notice and at prices
that save to ihe purchaser the per cent, usually charged to cover interest, insurance, etc., on stock if carried. Mr.
Libbey is a thoroughly practical watch maker and jeweler, and has had ample experience, having been for nine
years with the well known house of C. W. Baldwin and his successors at 40 Bedford street, Boston. He makes a
specialty of repair work on watches, French clocks, jewelry, etc., to which he gives close personal attention and
warrants his work equal in excellence to any done in the city, satisfaction being always guaranteed.

JAMES F. DAVLIN, Sanitary Plumber, 185 Somerville Avenue, Somerville; Residence 15
Kingman ( "ourt.— llie business carried on by Mr. James F. Davlin may be »aid to have been founded in 1857, for it
was then that he began operations in Somerville as a sanitary plumber, but it has not been steadily continued by
him since that lime, tor he served three years in the navy during the war, and as signal quarter master was a
member of Admiral Dahlgreu's stafl", and in this capacity on the flagship of the South Atlantic Squadron took part
in all the eugagenieiits incidental to the siege of Charleston. Mr. Davlin is prominently identified with the G. A.
R., and was commander of Willard E. Kinsley f ost 139 the year that that most famous of modern soldiers. General
Grant, died; he was ciuimissary general on the staflT of General T. S. Wentworth at the semi-centennial celebra-
tion of Somerville. Kesumiug operations as a plumber at the close of the war, Mr. Davlin soon built up quite an
extensive business, and some idea of his standing in his chosen trade may be gained from the fact that he has been
president of the Master Plumbers' Association of Boston and vicinity, and has served as delegaie to many of the
national conventions of the organization. But he has not allowed his private business interests to monopolize his
attention since the return of peace, on the contrary he has been active in public aft'airs, has served two years in the
City ( ouDcil. and as a member ot the State Legislarure in 1SS7 was one of the members of the committee on towns,
and advocated and signed the minority report of that committee against the Beverly division. What was thought
by the citizens of Somerville of his action in this case is shown by their giving a banquet in his honor and present-
ing him with hu elegant gold headed cane. It is unnecessary for us to go into details concerning the advantages
gained by placing plumbing orders with Mr. Davlin. for thesimple reason that the more important of these ad-
vantages are obvious 10 all who realize the wisdom of having plumbing done in accordance with the most improved
methods, in strictly first class style, and by one who is an acknowledged leader in the trade and is known to be
absolutely reliable, and to be in a position to execute commissions promptly and at moderate rates. Mr. Davlin
makes a specialty of sanitary plumbing and ventilation, and although employing ample and competent assistants
gives personal attention to the filling of every important order. His shop is at Xo. 185 Somerville Ave., and his
residence is at No. 15 Kingman Court, communications to either address being responded to promptly, carefully
and satisfactorily.

P. FORG, Manufacturer of Specialties in Cabinet and Builders' Hardware, Bolts, Door Catches
and Springs, Friction Mirror and Transom Light Hinges, Bedstead Irons, etc., &c.. Die Work, Punching and Press
Work a Specialty. 53 Bow Street, Somerville, Mass. — Furniture manufacturing, cabinet making and house build-
ing are all very important and extensive industries in Somerville and vicinity, so it is perfectly natural that there
should be a large demand for the productions of Mr. P. Forg, manufacturer of specialties in cabinet and builders'
hardware, particularly as his goods are unsurpassed as regards honesty of material and perfection of workmanship,
while in efficiency of design some of them are simply unapproachable in their special line, as for instance in the
case of Forg"s patent self-adjusting door catch, a small and simple article, but still one that needs only to be seen to
be appreciated and used. The business has recently been increased by the erection of a new factory, which afl'ords
much more floor space and is fitted up with an elaborate plant of improved machinery for the manufacture of bolts,
door catches and springs, friction mirror and transom light hinges, bedstead irons, etc., and for the doing of die
work, punching and press work in general, a specialty being macle of jobbing in these lines. The establishment is
located at Bow Street Place, and all orders are assured immediate and careful attention, and can generally be filled
at short notice, as the mechanical plant is very extensive and efficient, and employment is given to about 50

EDGAR J. HOWLAND, Apothecary and Chemist, Post Office Block, P. O. Square, Somerville,
jjass. — A first-class drug store is certainly one of the most useful and deserving establishments which can be
maintained in a community, for the most skillful physician can do but comparatively little unless there is a supply
of fresh drugs, medicines and chemicals close at hand. It is generally conceded that Mr. Edgar J. Howland, who
is a thoroughly educated apothecary and chemist, being a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association,
also of the Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association, spares no pains to aflbrd the best possible service to the
public, and a visit to the drug store of which he is proprietor will prove this concession to be justified by facts, for
the stock on hand is certainly complete in every department, and one cannot help noting the extreme care which is
taken in the compounding of prescriptions. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing is taken for granted, and the
fact that prescriptions can be filled here at all hours is of the greatest importance. Mr. How land is a native of
New Bedford, Mass., and founded his present business here in Somerville in 1888. The premises, which are located
in Post Office Block, Post Office Square, contain in addition to drugs, etc., already referred to, a full assortment of
fancy toilet articles and druggists" sundries of all kinds. Employment is given to thoroughly competent assistants,
and callers are sure of receiving prompt and courteous attention. The prices quoted are moderate in every de-
partment, and all articles purchased here are sure to prove as represented.



Andrews, J. A 63

Barstow, W. N •13

Browu, Mrs. H. W ... 41

Gray, John H 67

Hanson, Mrs. W. M 71

Horrell, James 60

May nard, E. A 68

Middlesex Fells Farm Bakery 51

Varney, E. 38

Williamson & Korg 64

Billiards and Lunch.

Gallaeher, Hugh 35

Jameson, Robert 60

Boots and Slioes.

Earle. I. C. & Sons 48

Eberle, Philip 35

Emerson, \V. J 70

Mc.\rthur. J. W 47

Mongan, J. H 49

Paon, Ernest 61

Carriage Makers.

Brown, H.D 65

Crocker, D. W 68

Wright, L. A 57

Contractors and Builders.

Archibald. R. E 69

Freeman & Harlow 15

Fuller* Mat'hews 62

Herrick. J. E 41

Hurn, Geo. F 70

Kirk. S. T 74

Lai^hton, M 51

Miller, J 62

Crockery and Glassware.

arr, E. T 48

arvis, W. H 33

Dry and Fancy Goods.

Bronks.J.H 49

Chandler, Miss S. Louise 78

Eustis. MissM. L. 72

Karnan, R. W. & Co 66

Eillam & Fitzmaurice 63

Nourse, Mrs- J. C 35

Riker, Mrs. S. A 62

Sohuebeler. E 34

Shannon, Miss N. C 63

Sherman. Misses 78

Small, Chas. A 42

Stuart, Mrs. E. & H. N 76

Tattan, M. H 64

Thompson & Morang, .Mrs 56


Bradbury, Chas. H 45

Chsffee.E. F 74

Cowden, Geo. H 75

Crane, Chas. H 77

Garcelon, H. S 47

Headley, Chas. M 76

Holmes, W.B. 72

Howland, Edear J 79

Lovering, J E. B , 62

Phipps, S. F 46

Pollard, A. Millar 42

Putney, F. W 60

Studley, F. E 67

Whitney, W. A 34

Fish and Oysters.

Anderson, J. H 42

Gaftney, W. H 46

Marble. W. F 52

Naugler, John A 54

Funeral Directors.

Bryant, John"& Sons 40

Flah-rtv. W. A 67

Frink, W A XS

Mann, Alfred A 75

Marsh, E. H 51

Raeferty, P. H 41

Groceries and Provisions.

Barr, R, T ''8

Hartley, James 6:i

Blanchard, vv. P 47

Burgess, H. W 78

Butters, Chas. S 57

Card, F. L. 8!

Cheney, F. E. & Co; 34

Christopher Bros 69

Clark, G. W 74

Gannett. H. A 49

Gavin, James . 72

Harrington, F. Q 62

Kearney, John J 64

King, M.L 32

Koowles, A. L 64

Litchfield, J. A 68

Maguire, Jas H 65

MoDonough. J. S 60

North Packing and Provision Co 31

O-igond, Horace E 75

Palmer, B. ct Sou 43

Procter, A. L 62

Snow, W. H 63

Stockbridge. L 71

Sturtevant Bros 66

Turner, Frank H. & Co 73

Yerxa's Boston Branch 77


Plumer, W. E. & Co 35

Whitney & Snow 73

Forg, P. {cabinet and builders' hardware).. 79

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