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past nine years.

M. L. KING, Groceries and Provisions,!
No. 3.3 Central .S((uare, Somerville, Mass.— The busi-
ness of which Mr. M. L. King is proprietor was
founded by him in 1870, and has steadily developed
until it ha.s reached (juite extensive proportions. He
is a dealer in groceries and provisions of all descrip-
tions, being well prepared to furnish first-class goods
at reasonable prices. The premises utilized measun'
30x.50 feet in dimensions and a cellar, and are very
conveniently fitted up, enabling orders to be filled at
short notice and in a thoroughly accurate and satis-
factory manner. The stock is so uniformly good that
it is diflicult to single out certain articles for individ-
ual mention, but \Ir. King intends to cut the very best
meat to be found in the market, and we may at least
call attention to the assortment of teas, coffees anil
spices, these being of standard purity, of fine and de-
licious flavor and of comparatively low cost, ami
those who appreciate good butter and cheese should
certainly test the goods offered by Mr. King at No.
33 Central Square, who is a native of North Whitfield,
Maine, and has been in trade for -ICt years.

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JOSEPH J. GILES, Real Estate and Insurance, 34 Union Square, Somerville, Mass.— As the
country becomes older and more thickly settled, investments in real estate become more and more desirable, and this fact is appreciated is shown by the steadily increasing popularity of such investments, and particularly of
investments in real estate located in or adjacent to large cities. If ordinary care be exercised in the choice of
property so located, the chance of loss is so small as to be practically inconsiderable, while the chance of profit due
to the increase in values brought about by growth of population is so great as to be almost a surety. It goes with-
out saying that intending investors will best serve their own interests by making use of the services of a reliable
agent thoroughly familiar with local conditions, and in this connection it is fitting we should make mention of Mr.
Joseph .1. Giles, for he has carried on operations in Somerville since 1870 and ranks with the best-known real estate
agents in this section. Mr. Giles buys, sells and exchanges city and country property and is prepared to collect
claims and rents and to assume the entire charge of property if desired. He is a constable, notary public and
justice of the peace and is in a position to discharge any of the duties attaching to those offices promptly, carefully
and discreetly. Titles will be examined and mortgages negotiated at moderate rates, intelligent and faithful
service being assured and the interests of clients being fully protected. Mr. Giles is also prepared to place insur-
ance at short notice and at the lowest rates. He represents the following leading companies : Union of Philadel-
phia, \Vestchester of New York. .American of ISoston. Xiagara of Xew York. T'hat Mi. Giles is prominently and
favorably known is sullicien v evidenced by the fact that he served in the last session of the legislature, his
second term, where he was on itie committees on insurance, administrative boards, and conmiissions.



J. A. DURELL, Dealer in Stoves, Furnaces and
Ranges, Kitchen Furnishing Goods, Builders' Hardware, Stove
Linings and Castings, Lamps, Chimneys, Oil, Etc., Painters'
Supplies, Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Worker; Plumbing
Gas Fitting and Jobbing; 309 Broadway, Winter Hill, Somer-
ville. — The busiftess with which Mr. J. A. Durell Is now
identified with was founded a great many years ago by T. W.
Littlefield, and so conducted until 1876, when the present pro-
prietor took control. He is a native of Boston and extremely
well known throughout Somerville as an enterprising mer-
chant. He carries a large and varied stock, and it would be
difficult to name anything in the line of stoves, furnaces and
ranges or kitchen furnishiqg goods that is not to be had at
this establishment. The premises in use are one floor and base-
ment, with a part of the second floor, 25x85 feet in dimensions
and are very conveniently located at No. 309 Broadway, Win-
ter Hill. Employment is given to nine competent assistants,
and no trouble is spared to assure prompt service to all, so
that those who realize "that time is money" make it a point to
trade here whenever possible. As for the prices they are as
low as the lowest. Mr. Durell deals in all kinds of builders'
hardware, stove linings and castings, lamps, chimneys, oil,
etc., painters' supplies; tin, sheet iron and copper worker, and
gives his close personal attention to plumbing, gas fitting, and
jobbing of all kinds connected with his business, and guaran-
tees that all work entrusted to him shall be done in a most
satisfactory manner.

W. H. JARVIS, Crockery, Glass, Tin and Wood-
en ware at Boston Prices, 47 Cross Street, East Somerville.—
This enterprise was started in 1890 by the present proprietor
Mr. W. H. Jarvis, who is a native of Salem, Mass., and the
most significant evidence that can be given concerning the
character and popularity of this house is that afforded by the
fact that it is rapidly becoming known throughout this section
as the headquarters for tinware, crockery and glassware,
lamps and lamp goods, confectionery, cakes and pastry,
wooden ware, etc. Daily and weekly papers are sold here,
also a fine line of 5 and 10 cent goods. So pronounced a success is not to be gained without hard and
intelligent work, and Mr. Jarvis has certainly worked hard, but he has the satisfaction of knowing that his
efforts are appreciated by the general public, and is therefore encouraged to continue his efforts with
renewed vigor. The premises made use of at No. 47 Cross Street comprise one floor, 18x30 feet in dimensions.
The stock, which is extensive and varied, consists in part of glassware, crockery, etc., tinware and other kitchen
furnishings, including the latest novelties as well as a full line of those staple goods that are always in demand. A
large stock of choice confectionery, cakes and pastry, fresh and appetizing, are always to be found here while
courteous attention is given to all customers. Goods are delivered to all parts of the city. '

MRS. A. M. YOUNG, Millinery, 3 Medina Building, West Somerville, Mass.— One of the most
attractive stocks of Millinery Goods, Ribbons, Laces, French Flowers, trimmed and untrimmed Hats and Bonnets
to be found in this city is that displayed at the establiskment of Mrs. A. M. Young. This lady has had an extend-
ed experience in this line of business, having before coming here in 1889 given seven years to it in Yarmouth
Maine, some time in Lowell, Mass., and six years in Boston, and has acquired a high reputation for taste and skili
in selecting and adjusting the proper shape, "color and shade to the peculiarities of each patron, hence it is not to be
wondered at that she enjoys a large and select patronage and employs from 3 to 6 assistants, according to the
season. She established her business here in 1889 and occupies a store at No. 3 Medina Building, which is very
centrally located and tastefully arranged, and the stock is attractively displayed. Mrs. Young is a native of
Tennessee, and has a host of friends and patrons in this city.

FRED. E. MORRISON, House and Sign Painter, No. 45 Broadway, East Somerville. It is a

good policy to keep a house well painted, even aside from the question of appearances, for the severe climate of
this section will soon rot or otherwise injure woodwork not protected by several good coats of paint, and the
damage when once done is practically Impossible to repair. A good job of painting will wear for several years
even in the most exposed situations, and in this, as in many other things, the "bestisthe cheapest," for cheap paint-
ing is a delusion and a fraud. In order to secure first-class results a first-class painter must be patronized and
none is more deserving of being ranked as first-class in this vicinity than is Mr. Fred E. Morrison, doing business
at No. 45 Broadway. He only employs thoroughly skillful workmen and is well prepared to fill all orders for
house, sign and fresco painting in a prompt and thoroughly competent manner. Mr. Morrison is very moderate
in his prices, the rates being as low as are consistent with the use of carefully chosen stock and the employment of
skilled labor. House painting in all its branches, graining, glazing and paper hanging are most thoroughly under-
stood and artistically executed, and no firm in Somerville is better prepared to do a first-class job at''reasonable
rates than is Mr. Morrison. The shop and sales room occupied is well located at 45 Broadway street, where may be
found a good stock of paper hangings, borders and painters' stock, which are sold and laid at bottom prices.



WM. A. WHITNEY, DrngRist. 300 Broad-
way, Somciville.— The business conducted by Mr.
AVm. A. Whitney has held its present position for so
long a time tluitit is safe to say no one at all faniiliar
with Somerville can be unacquainted with it. Tliis
business was started by the present proprietor in
1S86. There is probably no other branch of trade
known to commerce in wiiich so great a responsibility
is incurred as there is in that carried on t>y tlie
druggist. Dealing as he does in drugs and chemicals
unfamiliar to the general public, many of wliicli
agents are deadly in their eftects when used in certain
quantities, or when combined improperly with other
materials, he must rely entirely tind absolutely on
the knowledge, care and skill of himself and em-
ployees, for the assurance that by no fault of his or
those for whom he is morally if not legally responsi-
ble shall tlie life or even the comfort of the hundreds
whom he daily serves be endangered. This store,
managed by Mr. Whitney, is an example of what a
prescription pharmacist should be. The premises,
located at No. .300 Broadway, are 20x40 feet in dimen-
sions, and contain a valuable stock of drugs and


F. E. CHENEY & CO., Gro-

ceires and Provisions, Choice Ver-
mont Butter a Specialty, No. 8
Marshall Street, Odd Fellows' Build-
ing, Somerville. — There is a familiar
old saying to the etTectthat a stream
cannot rise higher than its source,
and it is equally true that the retail
establishments devoted to any
special line of business cannot offer
first-class inducements if they are
obliged to depend upon second-class
houses to furnish them with their
supplies. It is therefore clear that
every resident of Somerville and
vicinity is directly interested in the
character of the local retail grocery
houses, for groceries rank with the
necessities of life, and it is of the
first importance to be able to buy
them to the best possible advantage.
The concern known as F. E. Cheney
&Co. may justly be regarded as the
representative grocery house of
this city, for the enterprise they eon-
duct is of long and honorable standing, having been carried on for many years by Messrs. E. A. Bailey & Co.
previous to the present firm assuming control. Extensive premises are occupied in Odd Fellows' Block at the corner
of Broadway and Marshall streets, covering the ground floor and cellar 25x50 feet in dimensions, where a large
stock is carried at all times, it being made up of staple and fancy groceries and provisions, choice Vermont butter
a specialt.y, and all being remarkablj' complete in every department. Mr. Cheney is a native of Nashua, N. H.,
and is in a position to quote bottom prices as well as for handling goods that will give the best satisfaction to the
most select trade.

E. SCHUEBELER, Dealer in Dry, Fancy and Housekeeping Goods, 46 Union Square, Somer-
ville, Mass. — It is very seldom that the average person stops to think why he or she prefers to patronize a certain
store, for the majority of us simply trade where we feel that we are " used the best " without analyzing the par-
ticular advantages offered, but if a regular customer of Mrs. E Schuebeler were to state why he or she dealt with
that lady in preference to others, one of the first reasons given would undoubtedly be '• because of the exceptional
quality and variety of the stock of dry and fancy goods, etc., for truly there are few houses in this section of the
state making a better showing in that important respect. The prices arc right, too, and a sufficient force of assist-
ants is employed to assure prompt and Ciireful attention to every caller, — another important factor in the sum-
total of popularity. This business was founded by Mr. John Anderson many years ago, wlio was succeeded by
Mr. W. Schuebeler 11 years ago, who continued it until his death in 1890, and is now under the control of Mrs.
Schuebeler, who is very well known throughout Somerville and vicinity. The store occupied is located at 46 Union
Square, covering an area of 1,000 square feet, and contains, in addition to a full assortment of dry and fancy goods,
a complete line of housekeeping goods. Bottom prices rule in every department of the business and we need
hardly add that every article is guaranteed to prove as represented.


MRS. J. C. NOURSE, Dealer in Dry and Fancy Goods, 10 and 11 Medina Building, West
Soraerville, Mass. — The estatjlishment aow carried on by Mrs. .T. C. Nourse wa? opened to the public by her in
1887. She is a native of Portland, Me. This lady is iudiVidnally well and favorably known in business and social
circles of West Somerville, but the establishment of which she is the proprietress is even better known and its
name has for years been synonymous with those enterprising but strictly legitimate and honorable method-* which
if long enough continued are sure to have the result they hive had in the present instance — the building up of a
patronage which is " select " in the true sense of that much abused word, insomuch as it Is accorded by careful and
discriminating buyers, who can see and appreciate sterling advantages and who are not to be deceived by loud pro-
fessions of " cheapness " and of wonderful bargains, but use the powers of observation and judgment, which are essen-
tial in really judicious and successful "'shopping." Mrs. Nourse occupies spacious and well egaipped premises, num-
bered 10 and 11 Medina Building, Davis S(iuare, and employs three competent assistants, so that despite the magnitude
of her business callers are assured immediate and intelligent attention. Among the mo5t prominent commodities dealt
in are Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Toys, and Fancy Goods of all kinds, also choice confectionery and station-
ery, in both of which a good trade is enjoyed. The stock carried must be seen to be appreciated, for it would be
quite impossible to give any adequate description of it in the limited space at our disposil. Suffice it to say that it
is exceptionally complete in every department ; that it embraces the leading fashionable novelties, and that the
prices quoted on the goods comprising it will bear the most searching comparison with those named elsewhere on
articles of similar grade. —

PHILIP EBERLE, Eetail Dealer in all kinds of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, Fine Repairing a
specialty, 24 Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — Such of our readers as are at all familiar with the origin and devel-
opment of the modern factory-made shoe need not be told that a man who has retailed Boots and Shoes for over
thirty years beg m operations when the average " sale shoe " was a coarse and rude affair, and has seen factory-
made footwear steadily improve until the finer grades compare favorably with good custom work. Such a man
obviously should be well acquainted with the peculiarities of each leading make of footwear and should be prepared
to render his customer valuable assistance in picking out goods to suit them, and as Mr. Philip Eberle has had the
experience referred to, it follows that those who trade with him have the benefit of expert advice if they wish it,
and at all events have the opportunity to choose from a stock selected with exceptional ability and care. Mr.
Eberle was born in Germany and began business in Somerville in 18.57. His store is located at 24 Union Square,
and contains a complete assortment cf Ladies', Gents', Misses', Boys' and Infants' Footwear. Fine repairing is
made a specialty, and as two well-informed assistants are employed callers are assured prompt and courteous
attention, also fully warranted goods at absolutely bottom prices.

G. M. FORTIN, House and Sign Painter, also Graining and Glazing, 310 Somerville Avenue,
Somerville, Mass. — The appearance of a house depends so greatly upon the manner in which it is painted that it
is well worth while to exercise careful discrimination in the placing of orders for such work, and in this connection
we take pleasure in calling attention to the facilities possessed by Mr. G. M. Fortin, located at .310 Somerville
Avenue, for he is prepared to do all kinds of House and Sign Painting in a thoroughly workmanlike and durable
manner, at short notice and at moderate rates. Mr. Fortin has had thorough and practical experience in every
detail of his present line of business. He is very generally and favorably known throughout Somerville and
vicinity, where he has gained an enviable reputation for faithfully carrying out every agreement, he hiving filled
various important contracts to the entire satisfaction of all parties "concerned. Employment is given to only
capable assistants, and orders for house and sign painting, graining and glazing are assured prompt and careful
attention, whether given in person or sent by mail.

HUGH GALLAGHER, Billiard and Pool Room, 341 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Mass. —
There is no difficulty in finding a place to play billiards or pool in, but the question is, where shall one be found
that will suit yon? "Well, of course, that depends largely upon your individual tastes, but assuming that you like
to play on flrst-class tables, amid luxurious surroundings and in a place where genial companionship may be had,
we can give you no better advice than to visit the fine billiard and pool room located at 341 Somerville Avenue.
This establishment was opened to the public in 1884, and has been conducted by its present proprietor, Mr. Hugh
Oallagher, since that date. The premises occupied cover an area of 1000 square feet and are nicely furnished and
arranged, containing two billiard and three pool tables. Employment is given to polite assistants, and everything
in and about the establishment— tables, cues, balls, racks, and all— are kept in good condition and rendered suitable
for the best class of trade catered to. Mr. Gallagher is ever striving to accommodate his friends and patrons, and
indeed there are few of his patrons but what are also his friends. He provides a fine line of cigars and tobacco and
good accommodations, and is very moderate in his charges.

W. E. PLUMER & CO., Successors to H. W. Raymond, Hardware, Cutlery and Tools, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes and Window Glass, Woodenware and Baskets; Electrical Appliances a specialty, connected by tel-
ephone; W. E. Plumer— Frank E. Fitts, 52 Union Square, Somerville, Mass.— There is probably no mercantile
enterprise in Somerville that holds a more unquestionably leading position in its special line than does that conduct-
•ed by Messrs. W. B. Plumer & Co., for since the inception of this undertaking it has steadily and rapidly developed
in all its departments, and long since attained very considerable magnitude. Operations were begun by H. W.
Raymond, who was succeeded by the present firm in 1889. Ttie individual members of the firm are W. E. Plumer
and Frank E. Fitts, both gentlemen being very generally known here in social and business circles. The premises
occupied are located at 52 Union Square, comprising one floor and basement, each 1,000 square feet in dimensions,
and contains an extremely large and complete stock, made up of Hardware, Cutlery and Tools of all kinds. Paints,
Oils, 'Garnishes, Window Glass, Woodenware and Baskets are also included in the stock handled, while a specialty
is made of Electrical Appliances. Messrs. W. E. Plumer & Co. are in a position to fill every order, large or small,
without delay and at the lo vest rates consistent with the handling of flrst-class goods. Employment is given to
three assistants and goods are promptly shipped to any address. Orders by mail or telephone are assured as
accurate and careful attention as those given in person.




26 Union Square, SOMERVILLE.


Stationery and Engraving.


Spoons are also for sale by


1 Greenville Street,



Tratle Mark,


Made in Sterling Silver only.

Orange Spoon, gold bowl, exact size of cut, - - $2. 50"
Orauge Spoon, all silver, $2.25. Coffee Spoon, gold bowl, $1.50.

Coffee Spoon, all silver, $1.25. Tea Spoon, in silver only, $2.00.

Sent by Mail on Eeceipt of Price.

See interesting history of Old Towder House, acoompanying each spoon.


SOMERVILLE HORSE INFIRMARY, Dr. A. J. Herrick, R. C. V. S., Proprietor; open^al
night; telephone, 59-3: corner Elm and Kussell Streets, West Somerville, Mass.— It is hard to get it through the
heads'of some men that a horse is not a kind of a machine that will stand any amount ot hard service and even
abuse without injury, and such persons are always very much surprised when a horse breaks down from
overwork, or contracts some disease which seriously impairs his value. Even with the best of care Horses are
liable to become more or less seriously ill, and therefore the services of an educated and experienced Veterinary
Surgeon are not only of great utility but are practically an absolute necessity in every community where horses
are largely used. It is neither humane nor economical to deny to a sick horse the speedy chance of recovery
aflorded by the treatment given by such a practitioner, and if some of those who pride themselves on their shrewd-
ness in never having paid a cent for medical advice for their animals were to figure out the loss they incurred by
having their horses lie idle longer than would otherwise have been necessary, they would change their opinion of
their own sagacity. Among Surgeons located in this city none occupy a higher position than Dr. A. J. Herrick,
Proprietor of the Somerville Horse Infirmary at the corner of Elm and Russell Streets, West Somerville. He has
had an extended and varied experience, covering a term of 20 years, and is a graduate of the Eoyal College of
Veterinary Surgery of England, and also is a thorough chemist, and hence brings to the duties of his profession a
thorough veterinary education enriched by years of practical experience. Horse owners would do well to note
these facts as well as his address, so as to be prepared to call upon him in case of need, as delay in some cases
means total loss of valuable animals.

MISS C. E. COBB, French Millinery, Ladies', Children's and Infants' Hats and Bonnets,
Flowers, Feathers, Ribbons, etc. ; Mourning Goods a Specialty. No. 35 1-2 Union Square, next door to St. Thomas'
Church, Somerville, Mass.— One of the most attractive establishments in this vicinity devoted to the sale of French
millinery goods is that of which Miss C. E. Cobb is the proprietress. This lady is a native of Foxboro, Mass.. and
is well adapted to manage the enterprise which she has undertaken. She began operations here at Somerville in
1875, ar,d has gained an enviable rej-utatiou for superior business methods and unsurpassed skill in her work. Her
millinery parlors are located at 35 1-2 Union Square (nest door to St. Thomas' Church). A well selected and va-
ried stock of French millinery goods of all kinds is to he obtained here, including ladies', children's and infants'
hats and bonnets, flowers, leathers, ribbons, etc., and are offered at prices that are surprisingly low when the
quality of the goods is takf n into consideration. Miss Cobb employs three experienced assistants, and assures all
customers prompt and polite attention. She guarantees all goods leaving her establishment to prove exactly as
represented. Her parlors contain a fine assortment of the latest styles in fashionable millinery, a specialty being

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