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made of mourning goods. All who have had business dealings with Miss Cobb have expressed themselves in the
highest teims of praise, and we can safely say that those who will call at her establishment will have no cause for
igret.i Miss Cobb has had 21 years' experience in the business.


Elm Street, Davis Square, WEST SOMERVILLE.


y Props.


SIMON CONNOR, Merchant Tailor, 38 Union Square, corner of Bow Street, Somerville, Mass. —
To maay people a suit of clothes is a suit of clothes, and that is all there is to it; they apparently believe that if a
certain quantity of material is used, it makes no difference how it is put together so long as it takes the shape of a
suit, and hence are easily imposed upon by such dealers as are disposed to work off their goods more by their
appearance when new tlian by their real merits. It may be taken as an axiom that the $5.00 spent for superior
workmanship and trimmings are invested to better advantage than any other portion of the purchase money, and
those who will accept and act on this hint will find their reward in improved appearance and superior durability of
their wearing apparel. To assure the best of material put together in the most skillful manner, an establishment of
repute must be patronized, and none better can be chosen than that conducted by Mr. Connor at 38 Union Square,
corner of Bow Street. This undertaking was established by its present proprietor in 1875 and his been steadily
prosecuted with constantly increasing success. Mr. Connor is very well known tiiroughout Somerville and vicinity
and has that thorough understanding of his business so essential to the highest success. A heavy stock is carried
of foreign and domestic cloths, and first-class clothing is made to order, a perfect fit and good workmanship being
guaranteed. Competent assistants are employed and equitable rates prevail, while every order is given prompt
and careful attention.

E. B. MORGAN, Real Estate and Mortgages, also Fire Insurance Agent, Houses built on easy
terms in all parts of the city, 317 Somerville Avenue (Union Square), Somerville, Mass. — A great deal of utterly
unnecessary work, worry and delay Is to be avoided by judicious use of existing facilities, and this is especially
the case as regards the purchase, sale, etc., of real estatf , for the value of the services that can be rendered by a
thoroughly well-informed and reliable real estate agent can scarcely be overestimated, and indeed is so obvious that
it is difficult to understand how any reasonable person can fall to appreciate it. Among Somerville business men
most prominently identified with the handling of real estate, Mr. E. B. Morgan holds a leading position, and such
of our readers as are well informed concerning the real estate interests of the city will endorse the statement that
he is prepared to oft'er unsurpassed facilities to ititeudiug investors and to owners wishing to dispose of their prop-
erty or to negotiate mortgages upon It. Mr. Morgan represents the German American, Providence and Washington
flre insurance companies and is prepared to place insurance for large or small amounts to the best possible advan-
tage, but this may be called a " side issue," for his main business is the buying and selling of real estate and the
negotiation of mortgages. He is connected with tlie well-known contracting aud building firm of S. '& C. H.
Williams, and will build houses in any part of the city on easy terms; full ioformatiou being given on application
at his office, No. 317 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Mass.

CHARLES A. HOLMES, Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces and Kitchen Furnishings, Repairs for
Ranges and Furnaces constantly on hand. Tin, Hollow Ware, &c., Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Jobbing, Tin Roofing
and Conductor work a specialty ; Union Square, junction Somerville Avenue and Washington Street, Somerville,
Mass. — Of late years there have been great improvements in certain lines of manufacture, and in no industry has
much greater progress been made than lu that relating to the production of Stoves and Ranges. Some of the parlor
stoves now on the market combine beauty and efficiency to a remarkable degree, but there are others which are of
but little use except for purely ornamental purposes, for their designers in attaining beauty of form and decoration
seriously Injured the heating qualities. However, there Is is no need of purchasing a stove defective in any respect
and the best way to avoid doing so is to buy of such a dealer as Mr. Ohas. A. Holmes, for he has had sufficient ex-
perience to be thoroughly familiar with the leading styles of Heating and Cooking Stoves, and he handles none which
he has reason to believe will not give satisfaction. This enterprise was founded many years ago by Mr. Chas. Holmes,
father of the present proprietor, who took its management In 1886, and the premises utilized by him and located on
Union Square are 50 x 50 feet in size, and a stock of Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces and Kitchen Furnishings, Tin Ware,
etc., is constantly carried. Sanitary house plumbing is the most important of Mr. Holmes' business, for Plumbing,
Gas Fitting and Jobbing, Tiu Roofing and Conductor work are a specialty. The lowest prices are quoted. Em-
ployment Is given to six competent and reliable workmen and all orders receive prompt attention.



Shop and Residence, No. 9 Loring Street, Somerville, Mass.

All Work Promptly and Satisfactorily Done.

Among the many firms in the city of Somerville doing house painting mention should be made in this review of
its business men of Mr. G. A. Walker, whose shop and residence are at No. 9 Loring street, for he has long been
known in Somerville, having been here for 23 years. He makes a specialty of house painting, giving all work
constant personal supervision, and employs only from 4 to 6 men, so that he can easily guarantee that his work
shall be done in first-class shape and strictly according to agreement.

HOTEL WARREN, Union Square, S. D. Carter, Proprietor, Somerville, Mass. — The term
" first class " is so loosely applied to hotels by guide books, newspaper correspondents, and writers in general,
that it has come to mean not much of anything, and therefore when we say the Hotel Warren is a strictly lirst-
class hotel we are aware that many of our readers will feel no wiser regarding its real rank than they were before.
But we use the term in its true sense, for this house is literally first-class in every respect, in its location, its size,
its arrangements, its furnishings, its service, its cuisine and its management. It is a three- story structure, located
on Union Square, and contains forty sleeping rooms. Hotel Warren has been carried on by its present proprietor,
Mr. S. D. Carter, since 1874, and is fairly entitled to a place in the front ranks of our hotels in this section of the
state. There is an excellent livery stable connected with the hotel and teams for business or pleasure purposes
may be obtained at very short notice and at reasonable rates. Mr. S. D. Carter is a native of Nova Scotia, and
gives close personal attention to the supervision of affairs, and as a sufficient number of competent assistants are
employed the service is uniformly prompt and efficient. The table is supplied with an abundant variety of the best
the market aftords, and the cooking is such as to satisfy the most fastidious. The terms of the Hotel Warren are
moderate, special accommodation being made for fainiiies arid permanent guests. Mr. Carter is also proprietor of
the confectionery and cigar store which adjoins the hotel, and where the public will find that all goods dealt in will
prove just as represented in every respect.

WILLIAM A. FRINK, Funeral Director, 17 Holland Street, 47 Chandler Street, West Somer-
ville. — The custom which has been introduced of late yeai-s, of entrusting the entire charge of all the many details
incidental to a funeral to a competent funeral director, has so much to recommend it that it is not surprising it
Bhould become the rule rather than the exception. The results attained depend of course entirely upon the skill,
thoughtfulness and tact of the director employed, and in this connection we may properly call attention to the
facilities at the command of Mr. William A. Frink, located at 17 Holland Street, near the depot at West Somerville.
Mr. Frink is prepared to take full charge of funerals, as Director. Undertaker and Embalmer, attending to every
detail and incident from the preparing of the body for burial until its interment. Funeral furnishings of every
description will be furnished at the very lowest cost. Mr. Frink enjoys such relations with the wholesale houses
that he can furnish anything desired, even to the most elaborate and costly furnishings, at an hour's notice, hence he
does not carry much iu stock and thus has no shopworn goods to dispose of. Mr. Frink is assisted when
necessary by Mrs. Frink, who is also a practical embalmer, and both are prepared to serve the public at any hour
desired, day or night, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

BAXTER D. KELLEY, Dining and Lunch Rooms, 1 Medina Building, West Somerville, Mass.
— The establishment whose card we print above was established in 1890 by the present proprietor, Mr. Baxter D.
Kelley, who is a native of Cape Cod and who has shown enterprise by the wav he has conducted this new enter-
prise in tills rapidly growing portion of Somerville. The Dining Boom i^* at No. 1 Medina Building, on the same
floor with the local Post Oflice and has seating capacity for forty guests, and is well lighted and attractive, and as
the food supplied here is of the best the market affords, excellent in quality, varied in kind, well cooked and well
served, it is not surprising that a good patronage is enjoyed, which requires the service ot three assistants. Mr.
Kelley gives close personal supervision to his business and looks sharp after the wishes and comfort of his guests,
hence it follows that No. 1 Medina Building is a good place to visit when a palatable and sati.-sfying meal or
lunch is desired. The prices are very low considering the excellence of the accommodations afforded. Regular
dinners are served for 25 cents; lunches at all hours; best brands of cigars and tobacco.

UNION SQUARE BAKERY, E. O. Varney, Proprietor, 41 Union Square, Somerville, Mass.—
Among the varied industries pursued in Somerville, the Union Square Bakery holds a prominent place in the trade
centre. This enterprise was started in 1888 by its present proprietor, Mr. Ernest O. Varney, who dnriug the time
since elapsed has mi>st ably managed his establishment. The Union Square Bakery is located at 41 Union Square,
and is ot. spacious dimensions, 'i'he energies of the house are devoted to the manufacture of bread, cake and
pastry of all kind.«, a specialty being made of filling orders for any quantity at short notice, the extensive busi-
ness transacted requiring the services of 16 thoroughlv capable assistants and five teams. Therefore we take
pleasure Id calling the attention of our many readers to this first-class and thoroughly reliable establishment. The
proprietor. Mi-. E. O. Varney, is very well known throughout Somerville, and we feeljustified in commending both
the establishment and its wide-awake proprietor to the favorable attention of all housekeepers and others desirous
of finding a first-class bakery, whose products can be implicitly relied upon.




Real Estate and Mortgages,

Connor's Block, Union Square, Somerville, and 28 State St., Boston,

Iiiti-iior \ i.M ,.l (Im. >i>ni.i V ille Oltice.

Is undoubtedly at the present time doing the largest REAL ESTATE business in Somerville. He devotes his entire
time to the selling of Real Estate of all kinds, and negotiating mortgages therefor. A list on his books, compris-
ing over one hundred estates, enables him to locate any one desiring a home. He also plans and builds many and
very desirable houses, of both medium and high grades, for sale, or to order, if desired ; rarely having less than
five or six in process of erection. Being fully up with the times, he is situated financially so that if easy terms are
desired, they can be arranged to suit, even sometimes selling with only $100 paid down, thus enabling every one to
procure a home. The larger pajt of Mr. r'olson's business, however, is dealing in high class property, ranging
from $4,000 to $10,000.

MB. I. F. SYMONDS, a graduate of Dartmouth College, and a thoroughly reliable and competent sales-
man, having been connected with this office over two years, devotes his time exclusively to selling, exchanging,
renting and negotiating mortgages. He can always be found at the Boston office from 12 to 2.

Mr. Colson has long been considered at the head of the Fire Insurance Agents having local offices, and this
sprhig, finding it impossible to attend to all the details, has transferred the larger part of his Insurance business to
MB. E. A. BINNEy, a former employee, who has proved himself capable and deserving the position he now
holds, as Agent for six of the largest Fire Insurance Companies, with combined assets of over $40,000,000. He is
also agent for the largest Life, Accident and Employers' Liability Insurance Companies in the world. He, or a rep-
resentative, can always be found at the Somerville Office; being the only Insurance Agent doing an exclusive
Insurance business, with his only office in Union Square, he deserves the large patronage he is receiving.


(Sanborn's Old Stand)


343 SOMERVILLE AVENUE. Telephone, 45-2.

Particular Attention given to Boarding Family Horses. Horses Bought and Sold.

The majority of those who patronize livery stables are not unreasonable and therefore do not expect to be fur-
nished with liorses that can trot in 2.30, or with carriages that look as though they had never been used; but even
the best natured customer may be excused for kicking when he is supplied with the lame apology for a horse and
the antediluvian vehicle which some public stable keepers seem to think ought to be entirely satisfactory. It is very
poor policy to force patrons to put up with such "accommodations," for it has a tendency to disgust them with
hiring teams and to cause them either to give up driving or to get a turnout of their own. We think that the
methods followed by Mr. James T. Fitzgerald might be properly imitated by some other stable keepers whom we
could name, for he spares no pains to keep a sufficiency of desirable teams on hand for livery purposes, and al-
though he makes no extravagant claims, still his rigs will compare favorably with the average private turnout in
this vicinity. Mr. Fitzgerald also conducts a hack stable, which furnishes ftrst-class services for all occasions,
public or private. A prominent feature of his business is the furnishing of a fine class of sale horses for both
driving or working purposes and at prices as low as can be named by any dealer for horses of equal value. The
premises utilized are spacious and well arranged at 343 Somerville Avenue, west of Union Square. A general
hack, boarding, livery and sale stable business is done. The charges are uniformly moderate and the service very

J. B. RUFER, Professional Horseshoer, in connection with Dr. A. J. Herrick's Horse Infirm-
ary ; Telephone 59-3 ; Cor. Elm and Russell Streets, West Somerville, Mass.— If every one who pretends to be a
competent horse- shoer were really what he claims to be, it would be an excellent thing for horses, to say nothing
of their owners, for it is a nolorious fact that many a valuable animal has been crippled and in some instances
ruined by improper shoeing. Too much care cannot be taken to entrust such work to thoroughly skillful and
reliable hands, and as first-class horse-shoers are by no means common, we take special pleasure in calling
attention to the shop carried on by Mr. J. B. Rufer, and located at the corner of Elm and Russell Streets, for
Mr. Rufer is a professional Hor.=e-Shoer in the full sense of the term, for he suits his work to the requirements of
the animal and spares no pains to attain the best results possible. He was born in Switzerland, where he served
three years' apprenticeship, and founded his present business in West Somerville in 1891. Mr. Rufer's shop is very
completely fitted up, and as employment is given to an ample force of assistants all orders are assured prompt and
careful attention. Horses will be cared for and safely taken home, and particular attention is given to shoeing
lame and interfering horses, the source of trouble being looked up and removed if possible. Mr. Rufer has
telephone connection 59-3 with Dr. A. J. Herrick's Horse Infirmary. All Horse-Shoeing entrusted to his care will
be done in a thoroughly satisfactory and workmanlike manner, and moderate charges are made in every instance.

PEOPLE'S CONFECTIONERY and Employment Office, Mrs. A. I. Meloom, Proprietress, 282
Elm Street, West Somerville, Mass.— There are many who seem to believe that the only way to get first-class
confectionery, etc., is to visit some large establishment and pay a fancy price for it, but there are others who know
better than that, and who will therefore appreciate the advantages oflTered by Mrs. A. I. Meloom at her store, 282
Elm Street, for although this is comparatively small it is well stocked, and the goods and prices are such as to
make it well worth while to call here when anything in the line of Confectionery, Stationery, Toys, etc., is
wanted. Mrs. Meloom also has a small Circulating Library, and deals in all the Weekly and Monthly Papers. An
important department of Mrs. Meloom's business, which we must make special mention of in this' article, is the
Employment Ofl[ice conducted by her, where the residents of West Somerville and vicinity can procure reliable
and competent help. Mrs. Meloom has made this dppartmeut of her business a great couvenience to the people of
this vicinity, as she earnestly tries to furnish first-class help, recommending none whose ability she has reason to
doubt. Mrs. Meloom has already built up trade enough to show that the residents of this vicinity are prompt to
apprf elate reliable goods, first-class methods and low prices, and there is every reason to believe that her business
will continue to increase as long as the present methods of management are followed. Mrs. Meloom gives personal
attention to every patron, thus ensuring prompt and courteous service to every caller. She makes a specialty of
home made candies, the old fashioned molasses candy being among the list, while a good trade in soda is enjoyed.

JOHN BRYANT & SONS, Funeral Directors; 280 Elm Street, West Somerville, Mass.; 15
Austin Street, Charlestown, Mass.— The business of Undertaking established about 40 years ago by Mr. John
Bryant, the senior member of the above firm, has made a wonderful transition from crude methods and small
begmnings to one of scientific development in the cnre and preservation of bodies and high artistic results in
everything that pertains to the undertakers' profession as practiced to day. The firm of John Bryant & Sons is
composed of John Bryant and his three sons. T. Wesley, Chas. F. and John E. Bryant. Their principal office and
busiiiess are at 15 Austin Street, Charlestown, Mas*., and are under the direct supervision of Mr. T. Wesley Bryant,
« ?.u ^"*'"'^**' ="^ ^'^O ^'o' Street, West Somerville, is conducted as a branch and is under the management of
Mr. Chas. F. Hryant. Mr. John E. Bryant resides at the corner of Grant and Sewall Streets, Winter Hill, and any
orders left at that adJress will be promptly attended to. These gentlemen are all practical and experienced under-
takers, embalmers and funeral directors and furnishers of everything pertaining to the profession. Their stock is
complete in all departments of furnishing undertaking, and they are prepared to take charge of the body and
properly prepare it for preservation and for interment, attending to every detail and supplying everything desired
by the fieinds, relievu g them of all care and anxiety regarding all the details required. Calls day or night at 280
Elm Street will receive prompt attention.



Harness, SaddlepyiHofse farDishiog Goods.


239 Somerville Avenue, SOMERVILLE, MASS.

p. H. RAFFERTY, Undertakers and Embalmers, 387 Somerville Avenue, Cor. Church Street,
Somerville, Mass. 4 Tiavers, cor. Merrimac Street, Boston. Mass. Telephone No. 142-3. — The business carried
on by Mr. P. H. Kafl'erty is one of the oldest established of its kind in this section of the state, it having been found-
ed more than thirty years ago. Operations were begun by Mr. Patrick Rifferty in ISIiO.the present proprietor, Mr.
P. H. Rafferty, assuming entire control in 1870, he being well and favorably known among Somerville"s business
men. Mr. Rafferty is an undertaker and embalmer, carrying a heavy and complete stock of funeral goods, and being
in a position to flU orders at very short notice. The premises made use of by Mr. Rafferty are located at 387 Somer-
ville Avenue, Somerville, and No. 4 Travers, corner of Merrimac Street, Boston, and the stock at both establish-
ments is so arranged as to make examination very easy. Coffins, caskets, robes, etc., will be supplied at the verv
lowest market rates, and the assortment is sufficiently varied to enable all tastes and all circumstances to be suited.
Mr. Rafferty can be consulted by telephone call No.142-3, and the entire charge of funerals will be undertaken if
desired, and every commission will be promptly, faithfully and intelligently executed.

MRS. H. W. BROWN, Cake and Pastry Shop, also Bakery and Lunch Room, 335 Somerville
Avenue, Somerville, Mass. — Judging from the number of cake and pastry shops to be found in Somerville. there
must be a large proportion of the population that is fond of sweets, and indeed this is not to be wondered at, for
there are really but few things more agreeable to the taste than fresh and well-made bread, cake and pastry. Un-
fortunately it is not all manufacturers and dealers in these goods that supply their patrons with goods that can be
described as "fresh" and well made, but there are a good many reliable establishments of this kind, and one of
them that is located in this viciuitv is that conducted by Mrs. H. W. Brown. This lady is very well known in
Somerville, and has been identified with her present undertaking since 1891. The premises are located at 335
Somerville Avenue, and comprise a cake and pastry shop and bakery, which contain a fresh and choice stock of
articles usually to be found in a first-class establishment of this kind. These goods can be furnished at short
notice, while the prices are sure to be satisfactory to all reasonable persons. Mrs. White has reason to congratu-
late herself on the present condition of her business. Not only is an extensive patronage enjoyed, but the trade
shows a rapid and constant increase that promise? the most brilliant results in the future. She has put in a good
soda fountain, and supplies the best syrups the market aflbrds. Also furnishes first class lunches at all hours and
at prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction.

J. E. HERRICK, Builder and Contractor; Jobbing at short notice and reasonable rates; 35
Hawley Street, Boston; 273 and 277 Elm street. West Somerville, Mass.— Of course in order to attain the best
possible results in building operations, it is necessary to secure the services of an experienced and skillful architect
and a reliable, responsible and experienced builder, but if circumstances are such as to ffjrce one to choose between
a first-class architect and a first-class builder, it is doubtless better to choose the latter; for a thoroughly competent
builder will so carry out his contract as to correct many minor errors and omissions on the part of the architect,
while an unreliable or unskillful builder will do unsatisfactory work in spite of the most skillfully and thoroughly
prepared plans and specifications. Happily, such a choice has very seldom to be made in this vicinity; good
architects and very good builders are many, and one of the most prominent and successful of the latter is

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