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who have to be watched, followed and generally " stirred up " on all possible occasions. It is owing to their de-
votion to their patrons' interests as well as their own that Messrs. Freeman & Harlow, of 69 Dover Street, have
gained the confidence and respect of the community to the degree which they have, and those who have done busi-
ness with them in the past are the ones most earnest in approval of their methods. They began operations in
West Somerville in 1891, and have already built up a large trade by close attention to duty and the superior advan-
tages they have been enabled to offer their customers. As carpenters ard builders they have executed many
commissions of varying character, and have established a name for filling orders promptly and satisfactorily that
is as high as it is deserved. Employment is given to ten thoroughly reliable and competent workmen, and those
wishing anything done in the building or jobbing line can do no better than to entrust Messrs. Freeman & Harlow
with the task, as their facilities are of the best and their charges very moderate and reasonable.

J. F. BERTON, House, Sign and Fresco Painting, aL«o Glazier and Paper Hanger, 65 Dover
Street, West Somerville, Mass. — Among the various painters and paper hangers doing business in AVest Somerville
and vicinity, Mr. J. F. Berton must be given a prominent position, for he is prepared to fill every order whether
large or small at short notice, and as he uses carefully selected stock and employs 12 to 15 skilled assistants, the
quality of his work is uniformly satisfactory. Air. Berton began operations in liis present business here in West
Scnierville about 1880. He is a practical painter, and gives close personal attention to the execution of all com-
missions, sparing no pains to maintain the high standard he has adopted from the first. An extensive business is
done, including house, sign and fresco painting, also glazing and paper hanging, the facilities being such that the
largest orders can be filled at short notice, while moderate charges are made in every instance, Mr. Berton being
prepared to figure very closely on all work coming within his line of business.

W. S. HANNA & CO., Practical Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers, Gas Fitting, 61 Day St., near
Davis Sq.,West Somerville, Mass. Special attention given to Drainage and Ventilation. A 11 jobbing promptly attended
to.— One of the youngest and at the same time one of the most enterprising and prosperous concerns in their line
in this city is the firm of Messrs. W. S. Hanna & Co., Rl Day ft., near Davis Square, West Somerville. They es-
tablished their business here in 1890, both having a thorough practical knowledge of the trade. Their specialty is
sanitary engineering in accordance with the most approved mcdern scientific principles, and their aim is to execute
only first-class work, both partners giving the details of all work their personal supervision. The firm is composed
of Mr. W. S. Hanna and W. J. Bobbins, both natives of Cambridge. Their work shop is at 61 Day St., where they
carry a carefully selected stock of plumbers' materials and are prepared to execute any work, either new or jobbing,
in a thoroughly satisfactory manner and at as low prices as are consistent with the use of good material and good





Real - Estate - and - Insurance - Agents, - Mortgages - Negotiated.


Care of Real Estate.


Collection of Rents.

'. Albion Brig^s cau by no means be unfamiliar to those at all interested in the real estate business
its vieinity, for this gentleman has been prominently co'inected with this class of property since

J. ALBION BRIGGS, Justice of Peace; Residence, 59 Vinal Ave.

The name of J.
of Somerville or „ , „ . ...

1885, when the firm of Davis & Briggs was formed; but the business is now under the sole control of Mr. J. Albion
Briggs, while the old firm name is retained. Mr. Briggs is an acknowledged leader in his special line and has
charge of a number of important estates in this line, and has conducted his business with such marked ability as to
win the confidence of the public, with whom he has come to be a prima favorite when any information in the line of
real estate or insurance is desired. He buys, sells, rents or exchanges real estate in Somerville or vicinity. All
kinds of business in this line are promptly attended to on commission. Property cared for, rents collected, residences
secured or rented. His facilities tor taking care of property for absent owners or those not caring to undertake
the work and responsibility are of the best, and his reputation is ample guarantee that in the future as in the past
he will carefully guard the interests of his patrons. Somerville is very rapidly developing and being built up, so
that the sale of real estate is very active, and desirable sites are being rapidly selected, and an extensive business
in this line is transacted through the office of Davis & Briggs, and thus constantly have o-n their books some very
desirable opportunities for investors or those looking for a home of their own or a desirable rent for a residence.
This firm also conducts a well equipped fire insurance office, and oflers an unsurpassed service to those who desire
insurance that insures. Among the companies represented are tlie following, all of which are too favorably known
to require more than mention: German American ot New York, Glens Falls of New York, Springfield Fire and
Marine of Springfield, Mass., Phenix of New York, Abington Mutual of Abington, Mass. Insurance will be
placed on application, eii her by mail to 17 Union Square, or in person, all communications being given equally
prompt attention. Mr. Briggs is also an auctioneer for real estate interests and a justice of the peace. He is
prominent in the secret societ J' orders and commanded the oth division in the grand semi-centennial parade .June
ITth, which, in point of numbers, was the largest of any of the divisions, including as it did the secret societies.

W. H. GAFFNEY, Dealer in Fresh, Smoked and Salt
Fish, Oysters, Claras, Lobsters, etc., 24 Holland Street, West Somer-
ville, Mass.— It is not always convenient for a housekeeper to visit a
market and choose her own supplies, in fact, more often than not she
has to order from her residence and so must depend upon the intelli-
gence and reliability of the dealer for assurance that the goods will
be satisfactory. It is hard enough to get satisfactory groceries in
this way, but it is still harder to get good meats, and harder yet to
get first-class fish, so we feel that we are doing our readers a genuine
service by calling to their attention the facilities offered by Mr. W.
H. Gaffney, doing business at 2-t Holland Street, for he is a dealer in
fresh, salt and smoked fish, making a specialty of filling orders
given at the residences of customers ; and his stock is so large and
complete and his prices so low that satisfaction may be safely guar-
The premises occupied by Mr. Gaft'aey cover an area of 800 square feet and
The extensive business transacted requires the services of two men and two
teams. Mr. Gaft'uey deals in both fresh water and salt water fish, and his assortment is always as large as the
condition of the market will allow. Lobsters, Clams and Oysters in the shell and opened are largely dealt in and
will be supplied in quantities to suit at positively bottom rates. ,

anteed to every reasonable patron,
comprise a well kept Fish Market.

S. F. PHIPPS, Apothecary, Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — "When purchasing: goods of any
kind it is of course well to use some discrimination in the placing ot the order, but wlien buying drugs, either
singly or in form of a prescription, careful discrimination becomes an absolute duty, for it is of the first importance
that the articles obtained shall be pure and reasonably fresh, and it is a notorious fact that by no means all the
drugs in the market are ot this character. Doubtless many ot our readers (and certainly many of those residing in
Somerville and vicinity) have satisfactorily solved the problem of where to get dependable drugs at fair prices by
placing all their orders with Mr. S. F. Phipps, doing business at 11 Bow St., for not only is he prepared to furnish
such commodities ot standard quality at reasonable rates, but he shows enterprise in acquainting the public with
the fact, and hence his facilities are as well known as they are reliable. Mr. Phipps was born in Hopkinton, Mass.,
where he carried on his Ime ot business for ten years prior to his locating in Somerville in 1884. The premises
occupied are 18 by .50 feet in dimensions and contain a carefully chosen stock, comprising drugs, medicines and
chemicals, together with toilet and fancy articles, and such other goods as are usually found in a well appointed
pharmacy. The compounding of prescriptions is of course given special attention.'and no trouble is spared to
insure absolute accuracy in every part of the work, while the charges made are uniformly moderate, and, as em-
ployment is given to thoroughly competent assistants, all orders are assured immediate and intelligent attention.


W. P. BLANCHARD, Dealer in Fine Groceries, Teas, Coffees, Spices, Canned Goods, Butter,
Ejrgs and Cheese. 11 Elm, Cor. Porter Street, West Soiiierville, Mass. — The advantage of dealing with a house
th It carries a large and varied stock, guarantees the quality of its goods, gives prouipt and polite attention to
customers and sells at the lowest market rates, are too evident to require explanation, and when we say that the
enterprise carried on by Mr. W. P. Blanchard at 11 Ehn, corner of Porter Street, is so managed as to combine all
these good points, we need not persuade our Somerville readers to give it their pationage, for their own self inter-
est will dictate that they do so. Mr. Blanchard opened his establishment to the public in 1887, and for the reasons
given above has built up a large and steadily increasing retail trade. Mr. Blanchard is a native of Stockton
Springs, Me., and is a gentleman well acquainted with the line of business he has chosen, and gives his close per-
sonal attention to every detail of the establishment. Employment is afl'orded to two etficient and courteous assist-
ants, and although the extent of the trade carried on renders the serving of many customers necessary, still, every
patron is assured prompt and polite attention. Fine groceries, teas, cottees, spices, canned goods, butter, eggs,
cheese, etc., of first-class grades are extensively handled, and the prices quoted on these goods are such as will
bear the severest examination.

H. S. GARCELON, Davis Square Pharmacy, West Somerville, Mass.— The "Davis Square
Pharmacy "' is known to but very few by that name, its popular title being " Garcelon's Drug Store," but its name
is, of course, of no special importance; the character of the service rendered being the standard by which it should
be judged, and the establishment stands the test nobly, it being a tirst-class " family drug store " in the full sense
of that much abused term. The proprietor, Mr. H. S. Garcelon, has been in charge since IS91, was formerly in the
drug business in Connecticut, and is an expi rienced, skillful and reliable dispensing chemist, having had 30 years'
practice. lie carries a complete assortment of drugs, medicines and chemicals, obtained from the most reliable
sources, and pure, fresh and reliable in every respect. Physicians' prescriptions are caref ull> , skillfully and
promptly compounded, and no fancv charges are made, the prices being as low as are consistent with the use of the
best materials. He has some specialties of his own in proprietary remedies. An attractive stock of fancy goods,
toilet articles, etc., is at hand to choose from, together with a choice line of confectionery and a large assortment
of cigars and tobacco. A fine soda fountain is utilized and a large trade in the cooling beverage is enjoyed, as Mr.
Garcelon makes his own syrups from the best of fruit juices and secures the best of results, which for fine delicacy
of flavor cannot be excelled. His store is provided with a night bell, so that night calls will be attended to.

DUNKING BROS., Jewelers, Diamonds, Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. 279 Elm St., West
Somerville. Special Attention Given to Kepairing of French Clocks and Fine Watches. Watches Cleaned and War-
ranted One Year, $1.00. — There are many who seem to gauge the reliability of a store by its size, and who think
therefore that the best way to buy any article of value, say for instance a watch, is to visit a big store, iu a big
city, and pay a big price. And yet the chances are that they will want a Waltham, or an Elgin, or some other
standard make of watch, and in such a case the guarantee of the manufacturer is amply sufficient to protect the
purchaser, no matter of whom he purchases. Messrs. Dunning Brothers, of No. 279 Elm St., West Somerville,
are prepared to sell reliable watches as cheaply as anybody, and a great deal more cheaply than many Boston firms
that have to pay enormous rent and whose other expenses are also large. The senior partner, Mr. John N. Dunning,
has been engaged in buying and selling jewelry for about VS years and he is iu a position to quote bottom prices
and, in short, to meet all honorable competition. The junior partner, Mr. F. H. Dunning, is in business in Boston,
and both he and his brother are generally and favorably known throughout this vicinity. The firm carries a care-
fully selected stock of diamonds, watches, clocks and jewelry, optical goods, etc., and every article is sold under a
positive guarantee that it will prove just as represented in every respect. A specialty is made of the repairing of
French clocks and fine watches ; watches will be cleaned and warranted for one year for $1.00, the work being
done at very short notice.

J. W. McARTHUR, Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, also Eepairinj? Neatly Done. 12 Elm
Street, West Somerville. — There are very few people but what are anxious to get shoes that both look well and
feel comfortable, and it is not to be wondered at that this is the case, for while an ill-fitting or shabby boot or shoe
will spoil tlie appearance of the finest costume, a neat and stylish article of footwear will do much to atone for any
defieiencies in the other details of the apparel. When Mr. McArthur opened his business in this city, in 1889, it
was evident that his stock had been very skillfully selected, with an eye to the requirements of all kinds of custom-
ers. There were goods for adults, goods for children, shoes for dress purposes and shoes for ordinary street and
business wear; and last, but by no means least, the prices were right. Of course a large retail trade was soon built
up, and this trade is steadily increasing, for so far from failing to keep up the methods he practiced in the beginning,
this gentleman has constantly striven to offer more and more decided inducements. Mr. McArthur has always pro-
ceeded on the safe and liberal policy that his customers' interests are his also. A store some three hundred square
feet in dimensions is occupied, where boots and shoes are extensively handled as well as a complete line of rubber
goods, and repairing of all kinds is neatly and promptly done. All grades of goods are sold strictly on their merits,
no misrepresentation being allowed in the slightest particular.

ALLEN & TYLER, Painting and Fresco Work, 306 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Mass. —
Among the most prominent Painters and Fresco Workers in Somerville is the firm of Allen & Tyler. These

.„., ,-„, prosecuti- . . . ,

only to thoroughly reliable workmen, and Messrs. Allen & Tyler use only the best stock and their work has firmly
established them in a large and growing patronage. They are prompt and reliable iu their engagements and enjoy
the full confidence of their customers and the public in generaL


n^. Biv


Groeepies and fpovisions, GPookerj], Glass and Wooden ^m, M and Grain.

Choice Brands of FLOUK a Specialty.

It is safe to say that uo other business enterprise at North Somerville is more generally and more favorably
known than is that conducted by Mr. R. T. Barr, for this was founded by Mr. Charles A. Small nearly a quarter of
a century ago, was carried on by him with marked ability and success until 1S91, when he was succeeded by the
present proprietor, who has fully maintained the enviable reputation of the undertaking. The premises made use
of are located at the corner of Broadway and Cedar street, near the North Somerville station of the B. & M. R. R.,
and are sufficiently spacious to accommodate a large stock not only of staple and fancy groceries and provisions,
crockery, glass and wooden ware, but also of such bulky commodities as hay, grain and flour, of the handling of
which Mr. Barr makes a leading specialty; and, as he employs four competent assistants and utilizes three teams, he
is prepared to deliver large or small orders to any point in this vicinity at short notice. As for prices, it may be
said that they are as low as the lowest, quality considered, for although Mr. Barr makes no pretensions to running
a -'cheap store," and in fact has not the least desire to establish a reputation for doing so, it is also a fact that he is
thoroughly prepared to meet all honorable competition, and does not allow himself to be undersold by any other
reputable dealer.

I. C. EARLE & SONS, Boots and Shoes, 6 Medina Building, West Somerville, Mass.— The
establishment now conducted by Messrs. I. C. Earle & Sons may justly be entitled the representative Boot and
Shoe Store of West Somerville, for the business is of six years' standing and of considerable magnitude, and has
steadily developed until it has become one of the acknowledged leaders in this section. Operations were begun in
18S6 by W. D. Noble, who was succeeded in 1S87 by Messrs. Boyce & Boyce, they giving place to I. C. Earle &
Sons in 1889. The individual members of the present firm are Mr. I. C. Earle and his two sons, Charles A.
and Louis B. Earle. These gentlemen are all well known throughout West Somerville and vicinity. Mr.
I. C. Earle served in the war of the late Rebellion in Co. G, 46th Mass. V. M., and has also been a member
of the City Council for two years and now spends the greater part of his time on the road as salesman of this
same line of goods, leaving the store to the able management of his two sons. This firm utilizes spacious and
well equipped premises, located at No. 6 Medina Building, West Somerville, and carries one of the most carefully
chosen and complete stocks of footwear to be found in this vicinity, it comprising Boots, Slioes and Rubbers,
etc., of all kinds. Messrs. Earle & Sons make a specialty of handling the Goodyear Glove Rubbers, also Baldwin
& Lamkin's Goods for both Ladies and Gentlemen's wear. A full assortment is constantly on hand and the variety
of styles, sizes and widths is so complete that all tastes and purses cam be suited, and all feet fitted. Those
particular as regards dressing correctly may trade here to advantage, as the latest novelties are always in stock,
while those who place comfort before all other considerations may also find goods here exactly suited to their
needs; while even the closest buyers cannot reasonably complain of the prices quoted, they being as low as the
lowest in every instance, quality considered.

YOUNG & MAYNARD, Plnmbeis and Gas Fitters, Oilman Square, Somerville, Mass. —
" Modern conveniences" would certainly not willingly be dispensed with, and their advantages far outweigh their
disadvantages, but nevertheless it is undoubtedly a fact that the plumbing arrangements of a house must be proper-
ly put in, duly cared for, and kept in perfect repair, or they are apt to breed sickness, especially in thickly settled
communities. Everything depends upon having the plumbing work of a house properly done to begin with, for
alterations are often difiicult and expensive to make, and even when made the result is liable to be less satisfactory
than would have been the case had the work been originally done correctly. Among those engaged in the plumb-
ing and gas titting business in this vicinity, none are better known than Messrs. Young & Maynard, for these
gentlemen have for a long time held a leading position in their branch of industry. The individual members of the
firm are Mr. F. S. Young and Mr. G. H. Maynard. They occupy premises at Oilman Square and employ only
thoroughly competent assistants, and .as they themselves are practical plumbers and gas fitters are in a position to
execute every kind of work in the plumbing and gas fitting line, faithfully and promptly, at very moderate prices.
Messrs. Young & Maynard began business here in Somerville in 1889 and have spared no pains to attain the high
reputation now held by the enterprise with which they are identified.

CUTTER'S NEWS DEPOT, No. 50 Union Square, Somerville, Mass. Periodicals, Stationery,
Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco, Ten Cent Music a Specialty. — An enterprise of special interest to the people of
Somerville, and one that will be of value to learn something about in this volume, is Cutter's News Depot, which
has been under the management of its present proprietor since 1889, it having been started in 1880 by E. J. Bent.
The business of this house is steadily increasing, and its resources are ample to meet all demands. Its policy is
worthy the consideration of the public, who will find many advantages by dealing here. Customers are assured
immediate and courteous attention, and that all inquiries will be answered politely. The premises, which are
located at .50 Union Square, are well filled with a large and varied stock of goods, comprising periodicals, station-
ery, confectionery, cigars and tobacco, also ten-cent music, of which a specialty is made. Mr. Cutter is thoroughly
conversant with the mitjutest details concerning the business to which he gives his close personal supervision, and
the residents of Somerville are sure of obtaining here all the daily, weekly and Sunday papers as well as the latest
and most popular publications of the day. Orders for single copies, or subscriptions, of any publication, will re-
ceive prompt and accurate attention and back numbers will be supplied .at short notice if desired. We can there-
fore commend Cutter's News Depot and its able and efficient manager to all interested readers.



House, Sign and Fresco Painting,


Near Davis Square. WEJST SOIVJISICVirvrvB;, A.X.A.SS.

F. H. MIXON & CO., New and Second Hand Furnitare, Eepairing of all kinds, Stoves and
Eauges a specialty, 236 Washington Street, Somerville, Mass.— There are many careful housekeepers to be found in
Somerville and vicinity and not a few of them have discovered that the establishment conducted by F. H. Mixon &
Co., at No. 236 Washington Street, is a most excellent one to visit when anything in the shape of Crockery Ware,
Stoves or Ranges or other house furnishing goods is wanted, new or second hand. This business was established
by J. E. Taylor & Son during the current year, they being succeeded by the present proprietors, who compose
Mr. F. H. Mixon, a native of Nova Scotia, and J. E. Taylor. Both are thoroughly familiar with every detail of
the business. Mr. Mixon conducts a Jobbing, piano and furniture business outside of the company business, which
he gives his personal attention to. -His residence is at 148 Washington Street. Mr. Taylor attend's to the details of
the furniture business. The premises made use of are 30x50 feet in dimensions, and a large trade is done in new
and second hand Furniture, and repairings. Crockery, China and Glass Ware, Cutlery, etc.; Lawn Chairs reseated;
together with a complete assortment of the latest fashionable novelties, so that all tastes and purses can be suited.
All orders for either branch of the business will be promptly attended to.

H. A. GANNETT, Dealer in Canned Goods, Groceries and Provisions, Cigars and Tobacco, Teas

and Coflfees, Confectionery, 624 and 626 Broadway, No. .Somerville, Mass. — As the plan of this review of

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