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Somerville's business enterprises Includes mention not only of the old established and confessedly representative
houses, but also of such comparatively recently established undertakings as give promise of long and steadily
increasing usefulness, we take pleasure in calling attention to that conducted by Mr. H. A. Gannett at Nos. 624 and
626 Broadway, for although this was not founded until 1892 it has already given many proofs of having " come to
stay," and it will stay if the public continue to appreciate energy, fair dealing and accommodating methods. Mr.
Gannett deals in staple and fancy groceries and provisions, including canned goods, cigars and tobacco, confection-
ery and seasonable fruits and vegetables. His stock is new, fresh and " clean " in every department, hts prices are
"right" every time, and his goods are fully warranted to prove as represented. He makes a specialty of Spurr's
Revere Java Coflee, and carries a full assortment of other brands of coffees and of choice teas, together with pure
spices, select flavoring extracts, etc. Ample assistance is employed, and orders ar® called for and accurately
delivered free of expense.

J. H. MONGAN, Dealer in Fine Boots, Shoes and Rubbers ; neat repairing given prompt atten-
tion; Charlestown ears stop at door; No. 17 Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — If there be one line of expenditure
in which extravagance is excusable, it is in the purchase of footwear, for one's appearance and comfort are so
largely dependent upon the character of the foot coverings worn that it is always advisable to " get the best "
when the choice of boots and shoes is in question. Happily there is no need of spending large sums of money in
order to get shoes that will fit well, look well and wear well, for improved manufacturing methods have reduced
prices to a minimum, and put comfortable and stylish goods within the means of all. Of course there are some
retailers who quote lower figures than others, but the residents of Somerville need not search far to find a store
where desirable goods .are oflered at bottom figures, for Mr. J. H. Mongan has established a widespread reputation
for that very practice, and his establishment is consequently very popular among discriminating buyers. Business
was established by Mr. Mongan in Somerville about 1886. The store now utilized by him is located at 17 Union
Square, and is stocked with boots, shoes and rubbers of every description, while the assortment is so complete in
every department that all tastes can be suited at very reasonable rates. Special attention also is given to all kinds
of repairing, every order being executed in a neat, prompt and thoroughly satisfactory manner.

J. H. BROOKS, Dealer in Dry Goods, 22 Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — A review of the
leading business men of Somerville which contained no mention of Mr. J. H. Brooks would justly be considered as
strangely incomplete, for this gentleman is one of the best known business men in this vicinity, and during his
long career has gained a most enviable reputation for constant attendance to business and strict integrity. The
establishment under question was originally founded before the war by John Harrington & Co. Several changes
were made in 1867 by E. K. Foster & Co., who were succeeded by the present proprietor in 1871. Mr. J. H. Brooks
is a native of Elliot. Maine, and is very well known throughout Somerville and vicinity, where he is engaged in
handling Dry Goods of all kinds at retail. The premises occupied are located at 22 Union Square, comprising
one floor and basement, each covering an area of some 1,260 square feet, which contain a well chosen and complete
assortment of goods. Employment is given to five well-informed assistants, and we need hardly say that a
merchant having Mr. Brooks' long experience and ability should be in a position to quote the lowest market rates
on dependable goods and that he does so is well known to our Somerville readers. Orders are promptly filled
and the high reputation of the enterprise is fully maintained in every respect.


Billiard and Pool Hoom, _s^^,

No. 9 Bow Street, SOMERVILLE, Mass. ^(^

All kinds of Foreign and Domestic Cigars, Tobacco and
Smokers' Materials.
In connection with my Billiard and Pool Tables I have a first class


Hot Coffee. Oysters, Sandwiches and Pies, Pigs' Pickled Feet, Etc. Positively no Liquors Sold.

Your Patronage is Solicited.

H. W. SMITH & CO., Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware and Optical Goods ; local agents
for leading liigli and medium grade Safety Bicycles; special attention given to all kinds of repairing, and satisfac-
tion guaranteed; clocks called for and delivered; bicycle sundries and electric work, 91 Marshall Street, Somerville,
Mass., near Winter Hill Depot. — We will not pay our readers the doubtful compliment of calling their attention to
the importance of buying \Vatches, Jewelry, etc., from reliable houses, for every person of average intelligence
knows that in no other way can satisfactory results be obtained, so we will simply say that Mr. H. W. Smith has
gained an enviable reputation for reliability since the inception of his establishment in 1892, and that his stock of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware and Optical Goods is one of the most carefully chosen and desirable to be
found in this section, while the prices are "right" in every particular, so that the closest bujer will find it to his
advantage to give him a call before placing an order for anj thing in his line. Mr. H. W. Smith, doing business
under the style of H. W. Smith & Co., is a native of Manchester, N. H., and was at one time with C. A. W. Crosby,
jeweler at 474 Washington Street, Boston; also Lewis Wyman, dealer in diamonds, corner of Winter and Washing-
ton Streets, Boston; and F. R. Cutter, 314 Broadway, Somerville; also with W. W. Stall, dealer in bicycles, 509
Tremont Street, Boston. The premises made use of by Mr. Smith are located at 91 Jtarshall Street, where in
addition to Jewelry, Silverware, etc., he deals in Bicycles and Bicycle Sundries, being the local agent for the
leading high and medium grades of Safety Bicycles. Mr. Smith does a thriving retail business and employs one
Watchmaker and Bicycle repairer. Such commissions are promptly executed at reasonable rates, all work being
fully guaranteed. His stock should be examined by all desirous of obtaining the newest and most correct goods
the market affords.

J. A. MERRIFIELD, Dealer in Hot- Air Furnaces, Ranges, Cooking and Parlor Stoves, Hard-
ware, Glass, Japanned Britannia, Wooden and Willow Ware; Plumbing, Roofs Tinned, Tin and Sheet Iron Work
done in all its branches; No. 486 Somerville Avenue, near Bleacher}', Somerville, Mass.^tt is sometimes very hard
to discriminate between true and false economy, and many persons think they are saving money by a certain course
of conduct when in reality they are wasting it. An example of this may be found in the experience of those who
persist in using an old style or worn out cooking or heating stove in order to save the expense of a new one. If
fuel cost nothing, perhaps there might be a saving by this course of action, but as a matter of fact it costs consid-
erable, and the difference in the amount consumed in a single year will often amount to enough to buy a new stove,
for it should be remembered that the latest styles are much more economical of fuel than the older ones, besides
being much more convenient and more easily managed. Mr. J. A. Merrifield deals largely in the most improved Hot-
Alr Furnaces, Ranges, Cooking and Parlor Stoves, and those wishing to see the latest novelties in this line should call
at his store. No. 48C Somerville Avenue. He quotes bottom prices too, aud can fill all orders at short notice. Mr.
Merrifield deals also in Registers, Grates, Mantels, Ventilators, Hardware, Glass, Japanned Britannia, Wooden
and Willow Ware, and is prepared to do all kinds of Plumbing and Tin Roofing, as well as Tin and Sheet Iron
Work in all its branches, in a superior manner without delay, as he employs thoroughly skilled workmen. Mr.
Merrifield is very generally known in the business circles of Somerville and vicinity, he having carried on his
present enterprise since 1856, the first Stove Hardware Store started in Somerville.

H. A. CHICK & CO., Practical Upholsterers and Furniture Repairers, Bed Lounges wholesale
and retail, 155 Washington Street, Hadley Block, Somerville, Mass.— While there is much work about a house that
a careful housekeeper can do herself or have done under her own direction in the way of cleaning and renovating,
there is also considerable that requires special facilities and experience to do successfully and here is where the
services of a competent upholsterer become of value. We are aware that there are some claiming to be practical
upholsterers who are utterly unworthy of the name, while there are others who may be trusted to perform all the
work allotted to them with fidelity and discretion. Prominent among such are Messrs. H. A. Chick & Co., located
at No. 155 Washington Street, Somerville, where they removed their business in 1880 from Central Square, having
established it in 1877. Every facility is at hand to perform all the work which may be received at short notice, and
in the same thoroughly first-class manner that has ever characterized the operation of this concern. Mr. Chick is
a'.tboroughly practical Upholsterer and Furniture repairer, and deals in Bed Lounges, wholesale and retail. Hair
mattressses are made over and to order ; Carpets, the best make in market, sold, made, fitted and put down, and
save you money every time. Feather Beds cleaned. Parlor Suits, Student Chairs and Bed Lounges to order.
Chairs reseated. Skilled assistants are employed and we can assure our readers that they will find it to their
advantage to avail themselves of the inducements presented by this firm, which is composed of Messrs. H. A. and
0. H. Chick, both natives of Livingstone, Maine. Orders are solicited and promptly attended to.



Funeral Director.

Office, 42 Lincoln Street, EAST SOMKRVILLE.

Besldence, 24 Lincoln Street.

M. LAIGHTON, Carpeater aud Builder, 'No. 50 Broadway, Somerville.— One of the first
questions to be settled by those coatemplatiiig building is whether an architect shall be employed or not, and the
answer depends so greatly upon the circumstances in the case that no general rule can be given, but there is one
rule without exception and that is, the choice of a builder is of more importance than anything else. The most
skillful and conscientious architect cannot force a dishonest or an incompetent builder to do uniformly good work
and on the other hand, a builder who has the desire and the means to do what is right will try his best to satisfy
his customers, architect or no architect. There you have the whole situation in a nutshell, the skill, enterprise
and faithfulness with which Mr. M. Laighton has carried oat his contracts aud genera! business since beginning
operations in Somerville in 1865 has excited much favorable comment and proves him worthy of every confldence.
He is a native of New Hampshire and has had long and varied experience in the carpentering and building business'.
Estimates will be cheerfully given on application, and job carpentering of all kinds will be done in a thoroughly
workmanlike manner at moderate rates and at short notice. The office and shop are located at No. 50 Broadway
and callers will find Mr. Laighton prepared to figure very closely on plans and specifications. '

MIDDLESEX FELLS FARM BAKERY and Home Dining Room, Stickney Building, Winter
Hill, opposite the depot, Somerville, Mass.— The wide popularity of Somerville as a vacation resort is largely due
to the fact that one may live here as cheaply or as expensively as he wishes. You may spend $50 a week or $o
a, week for board and lodging, and in either event you will not lack company, for those to whom " money is no
object" and those to whom it is a very considerable object both visit Somerville in very large numbers, and enjoy
themselves immensely, too. Excellent accommodations may be obtained at very low rates if you only know how
and one very popular and satisfactory way is to hire a room in some conveniently located private house and eat at
the Home Dining Room of the Middlesex Fells Farm Bakery. This enterprise was started in 1890, intending to
furnish only the choicest Bread and Pastry, but the oopularity in this line was so pronounced that further demands
by patrons led to furnishing well-cooked meals. The trade in Pastry, Bread, Cakes, etc., is rapidly iucreasino-.
Boarders are accommodated with meals by the day or week, a varied bill of fare and excellent food and good
cooking and at very reasonable prices, while the service is prompt and obliging. This Dining Room is located in
the Stickney Building, Winter Hill, opposite the depot, and the hour for meals is 5 to 8, Breakfast; 12 to 2, Dinner-
5 to 7, Supper; and on Sundays 6 to 9 for Breakfast, 12 to 2, Dinner, and 5 to 6, Supper. ' '

AUSTIN CROWELL, Merchant Tailor, No. 323 Somervrille Avenue, Somerville, Mass.— It is as
true now as in Shakespeare's day "that the apparel oft proclaims the man," but in some cases it does not, for the
simple reason that many experience difiiuulty in getting clothing that suits them, and, of course, clothin<'' that Is
unsatisfactory to its wearer cannot be regarded as representative. In this connection we may properly call atten-
tion to the facilities offered by Mr. Austin Crowell, who carries on business as a merchant tailor at No. 323 Somer-
ville Avenue, for since he began operations here in 18SS he his been very successful in suiting the individual tastes
of his patrons, and we risk nothing in guaranteeing satisfaction to everyone appreciative of artistic clothiu'^ who
may place an order with him, especially as his charges are very reasonable, when the uniformly excellent quality
of the work is considered. The premises occupied are roomy and well arranged, and one is always sure to find
hare many late and attractive novelties in foreign and domjstio fabrics for gentlemen's wear. Employment is
given to from eight to ten assistants, and orders can generally be filled at short notice.

ERNEST PAON, Dealer in Boobs, Shoes and Rubbars, Odd Fellows Block, Cor. Broadway and
Marshall Street, Winter Hill.— This store will certainly prove a '-bonanza" to all who wish to procure fashionable
and well made boots, shoes and rubbers at the very lowest market rates. A heavy and varied stock of the above
named goods is constantly on hand. The proprietor is Mr. Ernest Paon, who inaugurated his present enterprise
In 1887, and has fairly won the success he has gained by his energetic and intelligent efi'arts to serve the public to
the best advantage. Mr. Paou has no old stock to '-work off," no superannuated goods to offer as "astounding
bargains," but he has a most skillfully selected assortment of fresh and desirable goods which he warrants to prove
just as represented, and sells at positively bottom prices at all times. The premises, which are locited in Odd
Fellows Block, corner Broadway and Mirshill streets. Winter Hill, are 30xt0 feet in dimensions. Sufficient help
is employed to assure prompt and polite attention to all customers, and it is the intention of Mr. Paon to deserve
and retain the name of a cheap and reliable shoe store, r.'istom work and repairing are also made a specialty.


Carpenters and Builders,

323 Broadway, Winter Hill,

FRANK A. FULLER. Residence 10 Sargent Ave. SOMKl? VIT.T.F MA.^^

GEO. F. MATTHEWS, Residence 27 Conwell St. OV/lTXl-,xv V ii^J-,1^, ±\fi/1.00.

W. F. MARBLE, Dealer ia Fish and Oysters, Manufacturer of Standard Salad Dressing, No. 5
Temple Street, Someiville, Mass. — In buying Fish, even more than in buying Meat, it is very important to have
dealings with a reliable house, for although fresh Fish is one of the most healthful foods known, it becomes quite
the opposite of this after it has been out of the water too long. But, however, there is no trouble in obtaining the
best of Fish in prime condition if you only know where to look for it. and we can assure our readers that one of
the best places to look for it in Soiiierville is at the establishment conducted by Mr. W. F. Marble and located at
No. 5 Temple Street. This enterprise was inaugurated by him in 1S85. A well selected stock is always on hand to
choose from, the proprietor being careful to handle only the best goods to be found in the market. Fresh Fish of
all descriptions may be obtained at this store and the prices quoted are very low, notwithstanding the superiority
of the goods. Oysters are largely dealt in and as one reliable assistant is employed all. orders are assured of being
promptly filled. Mr. Marble is a native of Gloucester, and very well known in this vicinity. He is also the manu-
facturer of the " Standard Salad Dressing."

JAMES HARTLEY, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in First-Class Groceries, Teas, Coffees and
Flour, Best Grades Creamery and Dairy Butter a Specialty, Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — Mr. James Bartley
handles first-class groceries at both wholesale and retail, and makes special efl^brts to accommodate retail buyers.
The preroifes occupied are located in I'nion Square, and are 20s.50 feet in dimensions, and as they comprise one
floor and a basement, there are 2,000 square feet available and a storehouse in the rear of about equal space, making^
about 4,000 square feet, — all this large amount of space being required to accommodate the heavy and varied stock
which is constantly carried. It includes first-class staples and fancy groceries of all kinds; and as they are
selected with an especial consideration of the requirements of family trade, it contains no goods that cannot con-
fidently be guaranteed to prove precisely as represented. Choice teas, coffees and flour are also included in the
stock dealt in, and a specialty is made of the best grades of creamery and dairy butter, so that the most fastidious
tastes can be suited. This business may be said to have been fouuded eighteen years ago, operations having been
begun in 1873 by the present proprietor. Mr. James Bartley is a native of New Hampshire and is well known
throughout Somerville and vicinity, where he has gained a high position among the progressive business men, both
as a wholesale and retail dealer.

J. E. B. LOVERING, Registered Pharmacist, Pearl, corner Franklin Street, Somerville, Mass. —
It is safe to say that no establishment in .Somerville is more deserving of hearty and generous patronage than that
conducted by Mr. J. E. B. Lovering, for no establishment is of more genuine utility or more liberally managed.
Mr. I.overing has carried on his present business since 1888, it having been founded in 1859. He is a registered
pharmacist and a member of the Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association, and carries a complete stock of pure
drugs, medicines and chemicals, obtaining them from the most reliable sources and sparing no pains to handle as
high a grade of goods as the market affords. Special attention is given to the compounding of physicians' prescrip-
tions, every facility being provided to ensure absolute accuracy in the smallest details of the work, and to enable
orders to be filled at very short notice. The charges are uniformly moderate, as low, in fact, as is consistent with
the use of materials of standard quality. The premises made use of and located on Pearl, corner of Franklin St.,
comprise the ground floor, 30 x 40 feet in dimensions, and contain besides the articles already mentioned a full line
of druggist sundries, etc., which are sold at bottom prices. Mr. Lovering employs only registered pharmacists for

A. L. PROCTOR, Dealer in Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Poultry, Etc. Fruits and Vegetables of
all Kinds in their Season. Somerville Avenue, cor. Park Street. — The importance of the meat and provision trade
cannot be over-estimated, for it is truly one of the most prominent industries, engaging the attention of a large
number of firms and individuals, and employing labor and capital to a marked degree. Though thousands
of tons of these commodities are sold each year, there is no perceptible diminution in the demand for first-class
goods. Among the houses devoted to the above named line of business in Somerville, that of Mr. A. L. Proctor
occupies an honorable position. Mr. Proctor is very well known throughout this vicinity, and succeeded Mr. C.
H. Carter in the control of his present enterprise in 1890. The premises occupied are located on Somerville Ave.,
cor. of Park St., and are filled with a well selected stock of choice meats, poultry, game, etc., and a large variety of
fruits and vegetables of all kinds in their season. The large retail trade enjoyed requires the services of com-
petent assistants, and its details are most ably managed. All the goods of this house are above comment, and all
purchasers are too well aware of their extra quality to oblige us to call special attention to them.







order with him, and th

Beautiful View given with every purchase of Brown Bread.

15 and 17 Washington Street, SOMERVILLE, MASS.

DANIEL CROCKER, Watchmaker, Etc., 50 Union Square,
Somerville, Mass. — This is a "free country," we are otten told, and indeed
it is, if anything, too free in some respects, for there is nothine: to hinder a
man who doesn't linow the difterence between a hair spring and a mineral
spring from hanging out a sign, "Expert VVatchmaljer and Repairer," and
running his chances of " making a spoon or spoiling a horn " when he
is given a watch to repair. The law against obtaining goods under false
pietence doesn't apply to his case, so you can't prosecute him criminally
even if he ruins your watch, your only remedy being a civil suit for
damages and that, of course, would cost more than you could prob-
ably recover. In short, your only protection against loss is to satisfy your-
self of the competencj- and reliability of a watchmaker before placing an
be done in the case of Mr. Daniel Crocker, for he has carried on operations
here in Somerville for the past eight years and has long held his present leading position among the most skillful
watchmakers and repairers in this part of the state. He is a native of Barnstable, Mass., and began his present
business in Somerville in 1SS3. Mr. Crocker utilizes a part of the store located at 50 Union Square, which has
facilities which enable him to successfully undertake the most difficult and delicate work, and to execute commis-
sions at short notice as well as at uniformly moderate rates. Mr. Crocker is agent for Somerville for the Lovell
Diamond Safety Bicycle. Be sure to obtain a catalogue of Mr. Crocker before purchasing a machine, for he can
save you money, and furnish you as good a machine as is sold anywhere.

MISS N. C. SHANNON, Dry and Fancy Goods, also Dressmaking, 434 Somerville Avenue,
Somerville, Mass. — Many a lady has learned from experience that it is the truest economy to obtain the services of
an experienced and skillful dressmaker when her wardrobe is to be replenished, for time, trouble and money may
be saved by so doing, and the results attained will be far more satisfactory in every way than would be the case
were skilled assistance dispensed with. Of course there are some dressmakers, particularly in large cities, who are
so exorbitant in their demands that uoue but the rich can aflord to employ them, but high charges are by no
means a sure proof of high merit, and those who have done business with Miss N. C. Shannon know that reason-
able prices and first-class work sometimes go together. This lady is very well known throughout Somerville, and
has been identified with her present line of business since 1891. The premises occupied by her are conveniently
located at 434 Somerville Avenue, and are most conveniently fitted up for the proper conduct of the business
carried on. Miss Shannon handles a well chosen stock of dry and fancy goods, stationery, etc., retailing the
articles contained therein at very moderate rates. She also does an extensive business in dressmaking, and in
teaching the system of dress cutting. Miss Shannon gives close personal attention to all branches of her business,
and spares no pains to satisfy every customer. Orders are promptly delivered at the time promised, while the

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