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character of the work is such that we hjive no hesitation in guaranteeing entire satisfaction to every reasonable
customer. The New England Academy of Dress-cutting has opened a branch at 434 Somerville Avenue. We teach
a perfect system of cutting (both plain" and French bias), fitting and draping at a moderate price. Learning this
system will enable you to do your own dressmaking. Why not save money? Please call and investigate.

JAMES C. TAYLOR, Merchant Tailor : particular attention given to Dyeing, Cleansing and
Kepairing Clothes, 297 Broadway, Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass.— The idea that economy consists of paying as
low a price as possible for everything that is purchiised is a very mistiken one, and there are few who have had
any experience in buying who "entertain it. There are many other things to be taken into consideration besides
the first cost, especially in the buying of Clothing, for in the selection of Garments, style, neatness and durability
should all be provided "for. There are some few who can get a good fit in ready made clothing and are perfectly
satisfied with such garments, but the large majority would have their clothing made to order if they thought they
could afford it, and we are convinced that more can afford it than now believe they can, for as a call at the store of
Mr. James 0. Taylor will prove first-class custom Clothing can now be obtained at but little more than is asked for
dependable ready made garments, and the superior wearing qualities of the former more than compensate for the
slight difference in price. Mr. Taylor has carried on his present business since 1890, having succeeded to that con-
ducted by Mr. Jas. H. Flaws, and should be in a position to satisfy the most critical both as regards price and
workmanship. He carries a fine and varied stock of Fabrics, and a visit to his establishment, No. -297 Broadway,
Winter Hill, will show that all tastes and ages can be suited, while five competent assistants are employed and
orders are assured immediate attention.



-^•Pltiraber and Gas Kitter.-»>-


143 Pearl Street, SOMERVILLE, MASS.

S. H. LIBBY, Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker, Justice of Peace, Notary Public and Insurance
Agent, Masonic Building, 2S Union Square, Somerville, Mass. — The causes which have led to the existing activity
in Somerville real estate need not he discussed in these columns ; the fact is evident, and the reasons ifor it are
foreign to our present purpose, which is simply to aid our readers in operating in such prosperity. No more
valuable and efficient aid can be given than to call attention to the facilities offered by Mr. S. H. Libby, for this
gentleman is extensively engaged in the handling of desirable property throughout Somerville and vicinity, having
many estates, representing a wide range of value, for sale, to let, and for exchange. Mr. Libby is a native of
Maine, but is an old and well-known resident of Somerville, and is thoroughly identified with the advancement of
its best interests, and the development of local and suburban resources. Mr. Libby "s office is located in Masonic
Building, 28 Union Square, and no one should Invest a dollar in real estate in that section without giving him a
call. He is also an auctioneer, justice of peace, and notary public, and does a general insurance business, and is
prepared to effect insurance to any desired amount in standard companies at the most favorable rates. Mr. Libby
has had an experierce in public aflairs in Somerville that especially qualifies him for the business in which he is
engaged, for he was for 11 years chairman of the investing committee and director of the Co-operative Bunk, and
9 years principal assessor of the city, and has servei in both branches of the city government, and was the second
president of the common council.

JOHN A. NAUGLER, 252 Pearl St., Citizen Building, Somerville. Fresh and Salt Water Fish,
Oysters, Clams, Etc. — Fish is one of the most popular articles of food we have, and it is well that it is so, for it is
both cheap and healthful. The only disadvantage connected with the use of it is that it must be perfectly fresh in
order to be palatable and nutritious, and there is no difficulty in obtaining perfectly fresh fish if you only know
■where to look for it. For instance, make a call on Mr. John A. Naugler, doing business at No. 252 Pearl Street,
and j'ou will find that his stock of fresh and salt water fish, oysters and clams is full and complete, and that every
article sold by him is guaranteed to be satisfactory and to prove as represented. The business was inaugurated in
1890. A very large and growing business has been built up and he is now better prepared than ever before to
supply anything in his line at the lowest market rates and to give prompt and careful attention to orders. Employ-
ment is given to only competent assistants, and all customers are assured prompt and courteous service. Mr.
Naugler is a native of Provincetown. Mass.

JOHN J. KEARNEY, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, 163 Somerville Avenue, Somerville,
Mass.— The undertaking carried on by Mr. John J. Kearney was founded by him in 1886, and now ranks with the
most popular of its kind in this vicinity. He has so extended and varied experience in connection with his present
line of business as to be able to ofl'er his customers special advantages, as indeed may be guessed from the popu-
larity of his establishment, it being one of the most liberally patronized stores of its kind in this vicinity. The
premises made use of are located at No. 163 Somerville Avenue, being 2.5x25 feet in dimensions, and contain a
large and particularly varied stock, comprising groceries and provisions, confectionery and pastry, etc., all of which
are oflered at the lowest market rates. Mr. Kearney caters to all classes of trade and endeavors to fully satisfy
every customer, his goods being warranted to prove as represented, and prompt and polite attention being assured
to all. Employment is given to two assistants, and orders will be carefully filled and delivered at short notice.

RAMSAY CLARKE, Painter, 534 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, Mass.— Mr. Ramsay Clarke
ie widely known throughout Somerville and vicinity, for he has built up an extensive business in painting of all
kinds. His shop is located at 534 Somerville Avenue and is supplied with all necessary facilities for the filling of
orders in a thoroughly satisfactory manner and at very short notice. House and sign painting is an art, and as in
order to obtain the best results it is necessary not only to use carefully chosen stock, but to employ skilled and
careful labor, the advantages to be gained by dealing with such a man as Mr. Clarke become obvious. We have
no hesitation in guaranteeing complete satisfaction to all who may favor him with their orders, these being filled
at short notice, and at the lowest rates consistent with the use of standard stock and the employment of skilled
labor. There is one thing that should be always borne in mind, and that is that the kind of stock used and the
manner in which it is applied liave everything to do with the economy of the process.



t^oom Ho. 2, EbePlc Building, Union Square,


W. N. McCRILLIS, Painter, Paper Hanger, Etc., No. 246 Pearl Street, Somerville, Mass.—
One of the well managed and thoroughly reliable painting and paper hanging establishments in Somerville is that
conducted by Mr. W. Jf. McCrillis. It was founded by its present proprietor, and since its inception he has won a
wide custom and reputation for fine work as the fitting reward of business enterprise and careful attention to the
wants of patrons. The proprietor by long experience and a thorough knowledge of every department of his busi-
ness is admirably fitted to superintend the finest class of work and is enabled to do this" at unusually reasonable
rates. He employs a sufiieient force of thoroughly skilled assistants, and the large number of houses and signs
which he has painted and decorated in the most approved and beautiful styles bear ample testimony to the high
character of his skill and workmanship. He is prepared to fill orders for house and sign painting, fresco and
decorating, paper hanging and glazing ; and wagons and carriages are also painted and ornamented in first-class
manner, and all patrons may place the most perfect confidence in his honorable dealings and skilled and satisfac-
tory work, as Mr. McCrillis is very well-known throughout this vicinity.

L. H. BROWN, Hack, Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable, cor. Somerville Avenue and Prospect
Street, Somerville, Mass. Particular Attention Given to Boarding Horses. Carriages and Harnesses for Sale. —
Some livery stables are conducted on such unbusiness-like principles that a man who is accustomed to do business
in a business way is sure to be profoundly disgusted whenever he has anything to do with them. When a man
wants a team, is willing to use it properly and pay a fair price for the use of it, he is justified in expecting that his
application for a turnout at a public stable will receive prompt attention, and that it a team is available it will be
handed over to him after reasonable precautions have been taken to find out who he is, what he is and where he
proposes to go. But some stable keepers act as if they were doing their customers a personal favor in giving them
a team at all, and seem to consider every caller a horse thief in disguise. The successful stable proprietor can
" size a man up '" without learning his entire family historj', and one prominent feature for the popularity enjoyed
by the establishment conducted by Mr. L. H. Brown, is to be found in his possession of this faculty. This business
was founded by him in 1876. The stable is located on Somerville Avenue and Prospect Street, and contains fifty
stalls and some fine horses and carriages for livery service, while particular attention is given to boarding horses
at reasonable prices. Mr. Brown is a native of New York, and served in the army.

H. D. BROWN (Successor to Brown & Call), Carriage and Wagon Builder, 288 Somerville
Ave., Somerville, Mass. Repairing Neatly Done at Reasonable Prices. — The enterprise carried on by Mr. H. D.
Brown has been conducted for a good many years and has been carefully managed from the very first, the result
being that the business has steadily increased, for he is prepared to give honest value in buggies and business
wagons, or to give prompt and careful attention to orders for repair work. Operations were begun by Messrs.
Brown & Call in 1887, and they were succeeded by the present proprietor in 1890, who is a native of Vermont,
and occupies premises at No. 288 Somerville Ave., 40 x 48 feet in size. Mr. Brown manufactures carriages and
wagons of every description, and is in a position to fill orders at short notice, his factory being fitted up with
improved facilities, while employment is given to three experienced assistants. Every detail of the work is care-
fully supervised, and as selected material is used and no imperfect work allowed to leave the shop it is but natural
that the work produced here should wear well as well as look well. Moderate prices are quoted on all work.
Those seeking a business wagon combining style, comfort and durability can do no better than to make choice of
one of Mr. Brown's productions. A specialty is made of repairs.

A. J. STEVENS, Newsdealer, Confectioner and Dealer in Bakers' Goods, Corner Summer and
School Streets, Somerville, Mass. — This enterprise was formerly conducted by Messrs. Miller & Son, but passed
into the hands of the present proprietor in May, 1802. Mr. Stevens is a native of Fitchburg, Mass., and has
been connected with this enterprise but a few "months, but long enough to inaugurate many improvements in the
business which are rapidly aiding in its successful development. The daily and weekly papers are kept for sale,
as also the monthlies; subscriptions for any magazines and periodicals or weeklies are received at publishers'
rates. Choice confections and bon-bons, together with bread, cake, pastry and temperance drinks, are a specialty.
Holid.ay goods and school supplies are also a feature of the trade enjoyed. The store is located on the corner of
Summer and School streets, which is in a portion of the city that is rapidly being developed. Mr. Stevens is
devoting considerable attention to general real estate business, a specialty being made of selling building lots on
the instalment plan.



R. W. KNOX, House and DecoFative Painting, Glazing, etc., 28 Park Street, Somerville, Mass.

Xot a few people seem to think that so long as a surface is smeared over with some substance resembling paint

more or less, that is all that is necessary, and that the nature of the material used and the manner iu which it is
applied are of no practical consequence. Now, nothing could be further from the truth, for the fact is that the best
painter cannot do a satisfactory job with poor stock, while on the other hand a building on which the very finest
paint is lavishly used may be neither ornamental nor protected by the operation if the work has been improperly
done. The moral of course is obvious. Entrust your painting to one who is capable of doing good work and is
known to use reliable stock. Mr. 11. W. Knox, doing business in Somerville, has carried on his present line of
business since 1889, and the impression his methods have made on the public is seen in the fact that he does an
extensive business in all kinds of House and Decorative Painting, Glazing, etc. The business premises occupied
by him are located at 28 Park Street. Mr. Knox, who is a native of Nova Scotia, is thoroughly conversant with
every detail of his trade. He has excellent facilities at his command, and as he employs only competent assistants,
is consequently enabled to fill all orders at short notice and at reasonable rates, satisfaction being fully guaranteed
as regards first-class work and materials used.

E. E. KELSEY, Teacher of Piano, Singing, Harmony and
Theory, 96 Summer Street, Somerville, Mass.— There is no royal road
to knowledge, and students must expect to have to work faithfully and
l)ersistently in order to attain even a respectable degree of success, but to
say that the path cannot be made very much easier by a competent and
painstaking instructor is equivalent to asserting that one may find his
way through a trackless forest by means of a compass as easily and swiftly
as though accompanied by a well-informed guide. It is necessary not only
to know what direction to go but also how to avoid the dangers and
mistakes which have checked the career of so many traveling in the same
direction. It is reall}' not worth while for a pupil to struggle along
unassisted when competent aid may be obtained at such comparatively
nominal expense. Mr. E. E. Kelsey is prepared to give instruction in
vocal and instrumental music at very reasonable prices, and we take
especial pleasure iu calling attention to the fact, because we know him to
be an energetic and thoroughly well informed teacher, who is remarka-
bly successful in imbuing pupils with his own enthusiasm. The best
indication of what may be expected by those profiting by his services is
that aflbrded by the record of what he has done in the past, and to this
we respectfully refer such of our readers as may desire to look into the
matter. The Somerville Citizen Semi-Centennial Souvenir Issue has quite
a sketch of Prof. Kelsey, the material of which was drawn mainly from an
:irticle accompanied by portrait in the Key Mote^ a leading musical journal
of New York city, for November, 1891. Mr. Kelsey is a native ot Ohio.
Was educated at Oberlin College ; enlisted in February, 1862, and served
lor three years and six months, first as a private in Co. C, 7th Ohio
Infantry, and then as hospital steward United States Army. He was in
the battles of Cedar Mountain and Antietam. He is a member of Willard
C. Kingley Post 139, G. A. R., and has a very large circle of friends
throughout this vicinity and in other states, as was shown by the
flattering endorsement he received for the U. S. Consulate at Munich, Germany. After the war he graduated "from
the old Boston Music School, and has subsequently taken a course of five years of continuous study in the College
of Music of Boston Tuiversity. He has also studied with such teachers "as Sherwood, Eugene Thayer, Lavallee,
Chelius, Geo. H. Howard, ,T."C. D. Parker, Myron W. Whitney, Miss Clara Smart, John Howard of New York,
Dunham, F. B. Kice, Musical Doctor, A. K. Virgil and others. He gives instructions on Virgil, Prentice, the
Clavier, and also Technique and Harmony, at the Training School of Mu^ic at Boston, of which he is one of the
board of managers. Mr. Kelsey may be consulted at Room 20, Music Hall Building, Boston, or at his residence
In Somerville. and callers will be given such further information concerning terms, hours, etc., as may be desired,
on application. Wm. H. Sherwood, the greatest American pianist, siiys: "Mr. E. E. Kelsey is a thorough student
of music, theoretical and practical, and of piano music according to modern progressive methods. I gladly recom-
mend him to those desiring a competent teacher where so many are unfit to teach in accordance with the improve-
ments ot the day." Signed, Wm. H. Sherwood, Chicago, Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art, Auditorium
Building, March 28, 1S9).















MRS. THOMPSON and MRS. MORANG, Dry and Fancy Goods, Toys, Etc., Summer and Cedar

Streets, Somerville. — .V commendable enterprise conducted by two ladies is about as short a description as can be
given of the undertaking with which Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Moraug are identified, but despite its brevity no one
acquainted with the facts will question its correctness, forcertainlv a business which has been honorably and suc-
cessfully conducted for this pt^riod in one community is proof that it is commendable. These ladies are natives ot
this city, and have carried on their present business since 1890. The premises made use of and located on Summer
and Cedar streets comprise one floor, 20x35 feet in dimensions. They contain a varied stock, not large, but carefully
selected for family trade and consists of dry and fancy goods, toys, confectionery, notions, etc. A respectable retail
business is done; all orders are assured iininediate aVwell as caieful attention. Mrs. E. Thompson and Mrs. E. G.
Morang comprise this firm; they quote the lowest market rates on all the commodities they handle, and we need
hardly say that articles bought here will prove just as represented.





Beef, Pork, lamb, Mutton, Hiiins,

Butter, Eggs, Poultry, Fruits and


Specialty of Best Grades of FLOUR and BUTTER.

Elm, Corner Porter Street, and 29 Union Square,


Notwithstanding the large number of meat and grocery stores to be found in Somerville and vicinity, there are
none too many of them where strictly dependable goods are sold at fair rates, for it is notorious that at some es-
tablishments of this kind it is practically impossible to obtain firsf-class food supplies at any price. There is an
extensive and constantly increasing deujand for the better grades of both meats and groceries, and we can give no
better advice to such of our readers as may want anything in these lines than to call at the stores conducted by
Mr. Charles S. Butters and located at No. 29 Union Square, Somerville, and on Elm, corner of Porter Street, West
Somerville. Mr. Butters is a native of Massachusetts, and has been located in Union Square for aliout ten years.
He is thoroughly acquainted with his business in every detail, and gives close personal attention to it. The
premises occupied are well fitted up, and the stock constantly dealt comprises beef, pork, lamb, mutton, hams,
butter, eggs, poultry, fruits and vegetables ; also first-class groceries of all kinds. Mr. Butters caters to all classes
of trade, and quotes bottom prices on all the goods he handles. Employment is aftbrded to eleven competent assist-
ants, who are courteous and attentive to customers at all times, orders of all kinds being promptly and accurately

WM. A. FLAHERTY, Undertaker, 263 Washington Street, Somerville, Mass.— Of late years
there has been a growing tendency to entrust the entire charge of funerals to undertakers known to have both the
experience and the facililies necessary to the attainment of satisfactory results, and this practice is very commend-
able, insomuch as it relieves the afflicted of all responsibility at a time when all duties of whatever nature are sure
to be irksome and wearing. Without making any invidious comparisons, we still feel perfectly at liberty to call
attention to the excellence and reliability of the service which Mr. Wm. A. Flaherty is prepared to render, for it is
highly important that orders for undertaking goods, etc., should be placed in thoroughly competent and dependable
hands, and there is no person in this town better prepared to execute both large and small commissions than the
gentleman mentioned. Mr. Flaherty is a native of Massachusetts, and has been identified with his present business
here in Somerville since 1879. His business premises are located at 263 Washington street, wliere all orders left
for funeral undertaking will receive prompt and intelligent attention. The funeral goods furnished are of the
best materials, and the prices quoted on these, as well as in every department of the business, will be found to be
very moderate.

JOHN H. GRAY, Bakery; Cakes and Pastry; No. 6 Marshall Street, Somerville.— There can
be no possible doubt of the usefulness of such an estabfishment as that carried on by Mr. John H. Gray, for in a
town like Somerville there are many families that find it much more economical and convenient to purchase bread,
cake, pastrv, etc., etc., than to make it at home, and tlie goods furnished at this popular bakery are carefully man-
ufactured from the best obtainable materials, and are consequently palatable, healthful and satisfying to the most
fastidious tastes. The business was founded by the present proprietor in 1889, who is a native of New Hampshire,
and thoroughly familiar with his business, and" gives its many details close personal supervision. Well equipped
premises, located at No. 6 Marshall street, one floor and basement, 20x.30 feet in size, are utilized, and a very com-
plete and attractive stock Is constantlv carried, the goods comprising it being renewed at frequent intervals and
consequently being always fresh and desirable. Bread, cake and pastry, etc., are largely dealt In, while all orders
are filled at short notice and at uniformly reasonable rates.

L. A. WRIGHT, Carriage Repairing and Jobbing, Xo. 192 Broadway, Somerville, Mass.— The
business carried on bv Mr. L. A. Wright was founded in 1886. He is a native of Canada, and his liberal and enter-
prising methods have" received favorable comment from all with whom he has had business dealings. His shop,
which is located at 192 Broadway, is well fitted up with all the necessary facilities for the execution of carriage
work In general, and special attention is given carriage repairing and general jobbing of every description. No
■ - - ■ ■ ... -, - -. __j .1 — : „ „.,j„ K„ Mr. Wright

^^ ^^ ^ can be

filled at Very short notice when necessary.

e M



Provisions, plour, pruit, Tea, &c.


CU. H. SfJOUi, manage!'. Butter Direct from the Creameries every week, by the lb. or 5 lb. boxus.

The management of a retail store, and especially of a retail market, is what makes the difference between success
and failure; and plain as this would seem to be it "is very often lost sight of, and the result is that some dealers who
handle satisfactory goods and quote moderate prices utterly fail in establishing or in holding a business. What we
mean bv good raanagemeut may be seen by a visit to Snow's market, at the corner of Pearl and Walnut Streets.
Here you will find an attractive new store and an attractive new stock, but you will not find " a new man," or at

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